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Enjoy Yourself

By Hal

Penny for your thoughts

Penny Robinson twirled around, her tight silver spacesuit hugging her every curve.

"Mom,” she said, "what do you think?"

Maureen Robinson looked at her 15 year old daughter and frowned.

"Oh Penny, that spacesuit is much to tight!! (and the lines of your panties are visible, she added to herself) - we'll have to get you a larger one from ship stores"

Penny's pretty face took on a petulant expression and she said, "Mother!!! I'm not a baby anymore!! I'm a grown up girl!! stop treating me as a child...Judy gets to wear what she wants!"

Maureen Robinson listened to her youngest daughter and sighed. Well, this was expected. Penny was indeed growing up. All her children were. They had left Earth almost 3 years ago and since then, it had been one adventure after another. It was easy to
forget under the circumstances that the children would have average, normal everyday growing pains.

Sighing heavily, she said, "Judy is 18 and the oldest, so she has more privileges than
you...however, you can wear the suit"

Penny beamed a happy smile and hugged her mother.

"Oh mom, your the best!!" she said.

Maureen smiled back, and
giving her a sharp swat on her space suited ass, said, “Alright, off with you!...why don't you go see if your father and Don want some coffee?"

Penny let out a yelp and laughing, ran for the elevator that would take her to the flight deck. Maureen watched the departing girl and smiled again as she noted the lines of her panties -- somehow, it reminded her of when Penny was small and she wore those darling short sailor outfits with the white cotton panties and black Mary Jane shoes. You certainty couldn't conceal your panties in that type of dress, Maureen thought.

On the flight deck, John Robinson was getting some bad news.

"I'm afraid that portside stabilizer is acting up again John," said Don West, chief pilot of the Jupiter 2. "We'll have to set down somewhere and make repairs. We can't do it in flight.”

John Robinson nodded his head and looked thoughtful. Space was clear of any planet as far as they could scan. Finding a place to set down was going to be a problem.

"How long do we have before total failure?," he asked.

Don did some quick calculations and said, "Well, it's not to bad right now. I can compensate with the starboard stabilizer... say about 12 hours..."

At that moment, 13 year old Will Robinson emerged from the Space pod with Dr. Smith
and the Robot, having just completed a routine inventory.

"Oh my delicate back!", exclaimed Dr. Smith. "A man of my
talents forced to do menial labor...oh the pain, the pain!"

Don West, hearing this, said, "The only talents you have, Smith, is for sleeping and gold-
bricking!!" The robot let loose with the sound of mechanical laughter, and Will grinned broadly.

"Silence ninny!, said Dr. Smith to the robot. "or I'll rewire your sensors...as for you Major, you're a cold, cruel man. Yes... cold and cruel is what you are, insulting a man in utter agony!!"

Don West shook his head and said, "The only thing you're in agony about Smith, is missing lunch..."

Dr. Smith took this in and said, "BAAH!!, go away Major, you irk me!!!" turning to the robot, he continued, "Come along, you clanking clod, I simply must have a rubdown!!"

Dr. Smith left for the elevator, closely followed by the robot.

They met Penny just stepping off, who said, "Hi Dr. Smith!!!"

Dr. Smith mumbled "hi indeed"

Still muttering, descended to the lower deck with the robot in tow. Penney just shrugged. Dr. Smith was in one of his moods again, it seemed.

As Don and her father hunched over the controls, talking quietly, Will came over to her. His eyes bulged as he took in his sister in her tight suit. Her breasts strained at the material, and he could see the indentation of her vulva.

Her hips were well curved, and the material of the suit hugged her shapely ass. Will also noticed the lines of her panties, clearly visible. From the lines, Will guessed that they were silken briefs. He felt a stirring, knowing it was wrong but unable to help himself. As a 13 old boy with a developing sexuality, the only females around were his two sisters and mother.

Penny, for her part, enjoyed teasing her younger brother, though only in an innocent way.

Looking at Will, she said, "What do think, a real beauty, right?"

She was turned away from him, looking back over her shoulder, one hand on her firm

Will gulped, recovered his voice, and said, "Mom is going to kill you... and the lines of your underpants show..."

Penny's brown eyes flashed. "They do not!!! and Mom said it was ok!!"

She turned her head around, looking over her shoulder, trying to see her ass to see if what Will had said was true. She hated panty lines! She was wearing white silken briefs and suntan pantyhose under her tight spacesuit -- that should have given her a grown-up smooth look like Judy had.

Will came around behind her and traced the outlines of her underpants with his index fingers. Even the half moon seam at the crotch of her panties showed through.

"OH!!!" said Penny, "Will Robinson, you stop that!!!"

She felt a brief shudder of pleasure run through her as Will touched her. Will leaned his crotch into her tightly packed bottom and felt himself grow firm. Penny, protected by layers of taunt, silky material, turned and tousled his hair.

"You're such a child," she said teasingly.

She went forward to talk to her Father and Don. Will looked after her and smiled.

The Jupiter 2 was in luck. John Robinson had followed up on a long range contact and it had turned out to be a small, habitable planet with a oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. Gravity was lower than Earth standard, but that would not be a major problem.

"Don,” Professor Robinson said, "plot a course for that small world in sector 7"

He stood up and folded his arms, looking out the view port windows.

Don, looking up from his seat, said, "Plotting new course...coming to heading 345, mark
6...should we prepare for crash landing?"

John Robinson just glared at him, not amused by the joke. He had to admit that the
Jupiter 2's batting average of "soft" landings was not very high.

Turning to his daughter and Will, he said, "Will, Penny.... go below and tell the others to strap in. We should be firing our retro's within a half hour. Prepare for soft landing".

The children did as they were bid, and as they left the flight deck, Dr. Robinson noted his daughter's tight spacesuit. He would have to talk to Maureen about that when he had the time. He was not the only to notice Penny's curves. From his seat in front of the controls, Don stared after the departing girl. Judy was going to have some competition around here, he thought. He smiled inwardly at the thought of the two nubile young women kneeling down naked in front of him. Shaking his head of such pleasant thoughts, he turned his attention back to the controls.

The planet slowly grew in the view port. It was a small world, and as they approached the terminator to its night side, they could see no artificial light. This confirmed the computers' read out that there were no higher life forms on the planet. There were minimal power readings and indications of buildings, however, but it seemed the planet had been deserted.

Entering the atmosphere, the Jupiter 2 spiraled down quickly, and extended her
landing struts to one quarter deployed. They would make use of the main hatch while on the planet. The touchdown was soft, and the family joined Don and John on the flight deck.

"I want everyone to stay close to the ship", Professor Robinson said, "The planet appears deserted, but we must take precautions".

"And how long do we expect to be on this dreary ball of mud?" asked Dr. Smith.
Professor Robinson looked at Don and smiled,

"Major, with Dr. Smith's help, how long will repairs take?"

Don looked up and grinned. "With his help, a month. Without, about 10 days".

The family broke up in laughter.

Dr. Smith said, "BAAAAH!!! I must have a nap!" he then retreated to his

Maureen also left for the lower deck to prepare the campsite and get the things they would need while on the planet.

Judy was looking at Will and Penny, and frowning at Penny's clingy spacesuit. She was used to having all the attention, and she didn't relish Don looking at anyone else’s curves but her own.

Her own spacesuit was snug, as were her everyday planetary clothes. She fumed silently.

"Will, Penny, she said, "listen to what dad said-- don't you children get into any trouble".

Penny bristled at Judy's words -- she wasn't a child! Judy would learn that there was another grown-up women along on this trip.

Will asked, “Can we all go outside and explore some? We’ve been in the ship for weeks.”

John Robinson said, "Robot, what do your sensors say?"

The robot reported that there were no life forms in the immediate area and that it was
safe to dis-embark.

Dr. Robinson said, "All right, Will. But you and Penny go together, and take
the robot with you"

He and Don went below to gather the equipment they would need for the repairs, and Judy went along to help.

Once outside the ship, Will and Penny breathed the fresh air.

"Smell's good"!!, said Will.

The planet was rocky, and there looked to be several caves in the near distance from where the ship had touched down. Will suggested they go exploring, to which
Penny readily agreed. There didn't seem to be any danger, and besides, the robot was along and could handle just about any emergency.

After a brief, 15 minute hike, they came to the mouth of the cave. Entering, they found themselves in a long hallway. It appeared to be a complex carved out of the side of the hill. They continued down the hall until being brought up short of a glass partition with a sealed door.

"Robot, is there any danger?" asked Penny.

"Negative," replied the robot. "There is a solar power source in operation 30 meters above our heads, but my sensors indicate no life forms and no functioning equipment".

"What is this place,?" asked Will.

As they peered into the huge room through the glass, they could see numerous androids,
deactivated, who lined the walls. There was a large, box like machine in the center of the room. A metal hood was over the front, from which extended a large conveyer belt. The belt was some 30 yards in length. At evenly spaced intervals, androids stood on either side.

Beside each, were bins that held items that could not yet be seen. At the end of the conveyer belt waited what looked to be baby's crib. At the front of the machine, where
the conveyer belt started, a control panel stood off to the left.

Behind the machine, Will and Penny could see little, as the room was dimly lit.

"It looks like some kind of nursery!", said Penny, placing her hands on her slim thighs.

She touched a panel on the door to the side and it slid open -- antiseptic smells greeted them and the air was cool and sweet -- the room had been hermetically sealed and everything was as fresh as when it had last been used, possibly ages ago.

Lights came on and Will and Penny could see that behind the machine was indeed a large nursery, containing cribs, playpens, washing stations, and everything else an infant
would need.

"This is an automated nursery", said the robot. "My sensors tell me that this facility was a primary care center for the children of this planets' former inhabitants-- touch nothing!"

Will and Penney walked into the room, noticing the polished floor that showed no dust. Upon closer inspection, the androids were humanoid in appearance, with blank plastic faces.

Penny approached the conveyer belt machine and looked into the one of the bins -- it seemed empty at first, but when she looked again she had to smile. The bin contained what looked like disposable diapers of various sizes and plastic pants. She bent down and
picked up a pair of plastic pants.

"See," she said, "nothing here but diapers and plastic pants!" She held the plastic pants up to her trim waist. "Geez,” she continued, “these look like they would almost fit!"

Will looked at her and said, "Come on Penny, cut out the clowning!... we've got to go
back and tell dad about this place..."

Penny could see Will was becoming uncomfortable, and her teasing streak came to the
surface. Smiling at him and the robot, Penny stepped into the plastic pants she was holding and drew them up on her legs and onto her hips. The plastic pants crackled, and were bunched out away from her. They were also tight, and Penny could feel the leg
openings cut sharply into the taunt material of her spacesuit where her legs met her buttocks. Penny looked at sight ... a beautiful girl in plastic pants over a tight silver space suit.

She touched her bottom and felt only the plastic. Will gulped, and felt himself grow huge. Seeing his sister posing in plastic pants was a turn on! Penny turned this way and that, bending over and looking at him over her shoulder. Penny smiled and went to
where the control panel was.

"Danger Danger!!!" said the robot, waving his arms "Do not touch the panel. The power source is still in operation!"

Penny looked at the robot and said, "Silly, I wasn't going to touch anything...OK Will, she continued, "Just let me take off these plastic pants and we'll get out of here ... besides, I need to use the bathroom"

She tugged the waistband of her plastic pants down and bent to step out of them.
She was facing away from the control panel, with her head to the front of the conveyer belt. As she bent down to step out of the plastic pants, the curve of her space suited ass made contact with a large button on the control panel.

With a grinding crash, the machine started and the conveyer belt was set in motion. Startled by the noise, Penny fell forward, her legs still confined by her plastic pants. She fell on to the conveyer belt!! Before Will or the robot could make a move, the squirming girl was drawn by the belt under the metal hood.

Will ran to the other side to see Penny emerge. The androids came to life and removed her small silver space boots. Penny screamed and struggled, to no avail. Will reached over to pull his sister off but was stopped by the robot.

"I understand you concern, Will Robinson,” he said, "but do not interfere.. Penny is in no immediate danger. The androids are programmed to help, not harm. If you impede them with the device not properly set, serious injury could result!"

Will stopped in mid stride. He watched, fascinated, as Penny was lotioned and powdered, with her space suit still on!!! She kicked her stockinged feet uselessly. She was then on her stomach, with an android rubbing baby oil onto her tight panted ass. The conveyer
belt continued with slow, patient progress.

At the next station, Penny was turned over on her back. Her legs were spread and a
dusting of baby powder applied to her crotch. Her hips were raised and a disposable diaper placed under her.

The diaper was fastened shut and plastic pants were then drawn up her legs over the thick diaper. Penny felt like a pillow had been strapped between her legs!! At the next station, her long, dark hair was put into childish ponytails, and her make-up washed off. A baby
bonnet was tied under her chin. At the final station, a pink flannel sleeper was zippered on her, encasing her in her diaper prison.

At the end of the conveyer belt, she was guided into the waiting crib. The crib top was lowered, locking her in. It was then wheeled to the nursery by an android.

All motion then stopped. The androids returned to their places, and the machine
went silent and still. Will hurried over to the crib and looked down upon his diapered sister.

"Penny!!" he cried, "are you all right?"

Penny blushed beet red in the crib. Underneath her baby clothes, she was still fully
dressed in her tight spacesuit and big girl underwear. She could feel the disposable diaper clinging to her, as if looking for a way to penetrate her grown up clothes and grip their intended target -- her trim hips and firm bottom. It was if the diaper was seeking out her bare flesh!!! Her hair felt pulled by the tight ponytails, and she started to sweat in the pink footed sleeper.

She squirmed in the confined space of the crib. She touched her thickly diapered and encased ass, as if she could not believe what had been put on her.

"Will!! she cried, "I'm ok...let me out of this baby crib!!"

Will fumbled with the lock as Penny tried to unzip her sleeper. Neither had any success.

"I can seem to turn the locking mechanism", Will said.

"And I can't take this sleeper off!!!" Penny cried.

The robot then came up and said, "The start-up of the nursery has activated a magnetic
locking field. You will not, by yourself, be able to undo anything while you are in here"

Penny gasped in shock, "But I'm in diapers!!!"

she struggled even harder with the zipper but it moved not one inch.

"Robot,” said Will "if we leave the nursery, will Penny be able to remove her diapers?"

"Affirmative, said the Robot, "provided the androids let you leave. My computers are attempting to analyze the workings of the nursery. I compute the task will take 48 hours"

Hearing this, Penny said, "But I can't stay here 48 hours in diapers, trapped in a nursery. What could be more humiliating?"

The answer to her question was not long in coming. Penny's bladder felt full, and
her recent ordeal had not helped matters. She started to squirm in the crib.

"OH Will, she cried, "I've got to pee!! you have to get me out of here!!"

Will and the Robot tried, but after half an hour, had to admit defeat. Penny was becoming desperate!!! She tried to hold it, but was losing the battle. She rolled this way and that,
screaming in the crib. Finally, she could hold it no more. Laying on her stomach, her hands gripping the bars of the crib, 15 year old Penny Robinson wet herself.

In utter humiliation, she felt her urine stream out of her. Her white silken briefs became
soaked, and her pantyhose did little to contain the flow. She felt urine dripping down her panty hosed legs, forming a pool in the bottom of her footed sleeper. Her nylon encased feet became extremely wet. All this went on invisible to the outside world.

The diaper over her clothes seemed to press tighter against her crotch. Penny moaned in utter shame, her tears falling like rain. She had wet her self like a little baby!!! She was supposed to be becoming a young women, learning about love and life -- she was
not supposed to lying in a crib with wet underwear hugging her loins and a tight diaper only inches away from her raw flesh!!!

Alarm bells were ringing. Before anyone could say anything, they heard the diaper machine turn on. Androids were wheeling the crib to the front of the conveyer belt, and the top was opened.

"Will, Penny cried, "do something!!!"

The wet girl was unzipped by an android out her sleeper. Her baby bonnet was taken
off and her plastic pants removed. Her diaper was then undone.

Will and the Robot stood by, helpless to do anything. They looked
at Penny being lifted out of the crib. Her tight spacesuit was
urine stained at the crotch and seat. Her stockinged feet were

She was placed on the conveyer belt and no amount of struggling helped. She disappeared under the metal hood.

Will and the Robot watched as she came out the other side. Her space suit
had been unzipped, and her bare shoulders and lace bra were displayed. Penny was mortified. She was going to be completely undressed by these androids -- Will was going to see her naked!!!

As she blushed beat red, her space suit was peeled off her, leaving the girl clad only in her wet underwear. She kicked her shapely nyloned legs, but they were quickly seized and held immobile. Will watched with growing excitement as Penny's lace bra was removed. Penny tried to cover her budding breasts from view, but her hands were pinned at her side.

This can't be happening to me, her mind screamed.

She continued down the conveyer belt on her back, passed from one iron grip to another.
Her hands were then free, and an android started to pull off her wet pantyhose. Penny gripped the waistband of her hose, and a brief tug of war ensued. She noticed that the conveyer belt slowed almost to a stop as this went on.

It was not a battle she could win, however, and she felt her hands once again gripped.
Her pantyhose was then removed, quickly followed by her silken underpants. Will watched this last with grim satisfaction, his earlier supposition about the nature of his sister's underpants confirmed.

"Hang on Penny, he cried, "it's almost over!!!"

Penny barely heard his shout. She was naked!!! Stark naked in this crazy nursery!!! She was lifted up and placed in a basin filled with warm water. She was then scrubbed from head to toe, even her hair. She was lifted up, and the basin slid out from underneath her.

She continued helplessly down the conveyer belt and knew what was coming. She struggled harder, desperately trying to get off the conveyer belt. She was not going to let herself be really diapered!!!

Will watched his naked sister struggle, her small firm breasts and ass nicely displayed as she twisted about. He had a raging hard-on, and despite feeling sympathy and concern for his sister, he also felt incredibly turned on!!

Penny turned her head and saw him and she again flushed beat red, seen nude by her
younger brother. She was rolled over, and lotion was now being applied to her bare ass. She felt the baby powder being sprinkled and then was turned over on her back. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the disposable diaper come into view.

"No No No, she cried "get it away from me!!!!"

Penny couldn't imagine such a horrible garment touching her skin. A diaper next to her ass? never!!!! However, she couldn't stop the androids as they lifted her hips and slid the hideous disposable diaper under her. Her ass came down on the thirsty pads and she
felt almost an electric shock-- the diaper was touching her sensitive flesh!!! the tapes were fastened and Penny Robinson found herself wearing only a disposable diaper.

The diaper was kissing her, claiming her ass as if in revenge for being denied earlier. It was so uncomfortable!!! Penny squirmed. She was used to tight nylon and silk underpants caressing her flesh, not a diaper made of plastic!! Plastic pants were drawn up her legs and over her diaper. The waist band sawed into her sensitive middle, and the leg openings cut deeply into her legs where they met her bottom.

She tried to reach around and ease the soreness, but was not allowed to!! A see through babydoll top was placed on her, the hem not even reaching the waistband of her plastic pants. Her wet hair was combed back and braided into pigtails. A fresh crib awaited her journey's end, and once again she was deposited in it. The crib was wheeled back to the nursery, and once again everything fell silent. Only the sound of the sobbing girl could
be heard in the nursery.

Will came over and looked down at this diapered sister, helpless to do anything. He noticed with interest the tantalizing way her breasts pressed against the wispy babydoll top.

Penny sat up in the crib, her hands going to the waistband of her plastic pants. She tried to pull them down ... they didn't budge one inch!!! In fury, she struggled harder, desperately tying to remove the hated baby clothes. Although the garments moved on her, when she tried to remove them they seemed to freeze.

"Spare your efforts Miss Penny, said the Robot "you will not be able to remove your diapers or plastic pants. A sophisticated computer is in operation projecting a magnetic lock field to prevent such action. Until I can re-program the nursery computer, you must remain it's prisoner"

"But I don't want to wear diapers!!!!" yelled Penny.

She was sitting up in the crib, her legs straight out in front of her. Her plastic pants had created an airtight seal, and her confined flesh could not breath. Her ass was rubbed sore from the friction of the disposable diaper -- her struggles making the plastic bite deeply.

As her confined flesh broke out into a sweat, the perspiration could find no release. The diaper inside the pretty girls plastic pants become hot and clammy, and Penny could do
nothing about it -- her diapers were on to stay!

Penny began to have a tantrum in the crib, rolling on her stomach, kicking her legs, and pounding her fists into the plastic covered mattress of the crib. Will looked down upon her and remembered that only hours ago, she was posing for him in her tight space suit, every delicious curve hugged by the sleek nylon of her pantyhose.

Now that same girl was nearly unrecognizable, diapered and in plastic pants, her hair in pig tails. As Penny lay crying in her crib, Will heard a noise and looked up to see Judy coming through the nursery door.

She had changed out of her sleek silver space suit and was wearing an extremely tight pair of yellow pants with a red and yellow pull over blouse. Her feet were tucked into yellow boots with low cut sides. Her long blond hair spilled down her back, and she looked every inch the curvy, vivacious, and sexy 18 year old girl that she was.

"Will, she cried, "what is this place? and where is Penny -- Mom and Dad are looking for you and you two are in hot water!!"

Just then she spied Penny confined to the crib.

"Oh...my.....God....., she said. "This is absolutely precious. My grown up little sister, so refined, so sure of herself... I find her diapered in a crib, wearing plastic pants, her hair in pig tails!! This is rich!!!"

Penny was mortified to be seen in diapers by her big sister. She was helpless to do

"Please Judy, don't make fun off me, it's just too unbearable!!!"

Judy reached down into the crib to pat the baby girl on the head,

"Watts the matter, wittle girl, Judy said in baby talk, "can't you sleep? maybe we should get you a bottle..."

Penny hung her head in utter shame. Suddenly, an android sprang to life and began to wheel the crib towards the glass partition. The others followed the confined girl. Judy saw with delight that the rest of the family had arrived and were coming down the hallway.

They stopped short in shock, seeing Penny in diapers. The crib was set directly in front of the partition. Judy, Will, and the Robot went through the door to meet the family.

"Will, shouted John Robinson, "what the devil is going on? what's happened to Penny?

He stared in total disbelief at his nubile daughter, diapered in the crib. He remembered her in her tight space suit, and had trouble reconciling the two images. Maureen was beside herself -- Whatever was going on, that was her baby in there!!! She tried the door and found it locked!!!

"I compute that the door will not open until after the visitation is over", said the Robot.

The others turned to stare at him.

"The computer than runs this nursery has deducted that the baby's family has come to see her, and so she is now on display. When the number outside the viewing gallery is decreased, the door will then open"

John Robinson had had enough and exploded in his Calm but severe manner, "Will someone tell me what's going on and explain why my 15 year old daughter is in diapers and plastic pants, confined to a nursery!!!??"

Will and the Robot quickly explained what had happened, and the family then turned shocked towards the glass partition.

Inside the nursery, Penny looked through the bars of her crib and saw her family looking in at her. Her hot diapers had become almost unbearable, but the humiliation she felt now was even more so. She felt like a newborn, being viewed for the first time by her proud parents!!! Her entire family was witnessing her shame.

She noted with a stab of hatred that Judy was enjoying herself immensely. She was secure in her tight pants and adulthood, while Penny was diapered. Will, the Robot, and Dr. Smith turned away and went down the hallway. The others were then able to enter the nursery.

"Penny, said her mother "are you all right???"

Penny could do nothing but bury her head in her baby blanket.

Her father looked down and said, "Don't worry darling, Don and I will figure out a way to get you out of here"

He reached in a gave her shoulder a squeeze. He and Don went to the control panel to try to puzzle out the diaper machines' secrets. Maureen went to the crib, and found that she
could open the barred top. She helped a grateful Penny out of the crib, who collapsed sobbing into her mother's arms.

"Mommy, she wailed, "these diapers are so uncomfortable...! that machine took away my clothes!!"

Maureen hugged the crying girl and tried to sooth her. Almost by instinct, her hands went
to the waistband of Penny's diapers. She put her fingers inside the plastic pants, feeling for wetness. Penny blushed beat red. Her mother was checking her diapers!!!

"Mother!!!! cried Penny, "I'm not a baby!!!!"

Maureen felt her anger rise. Now that she knew her daughter was safe, she
could turn her attention elsewhere.

"Oh no? she said. "that diaper and plastic panty tell me

Penny whirled away, her babydoll nightie flying, her diapered ass on full display. Judy walked over and grabbed her arm. She was led protesting to a high chair, where Judy made her sit. The locking tray was put in place.

Penny looked up at her smug sister and said, "You can't do this to me, you bitch!!!"

Her mother came over and said, "You watch your language young lady, or I'll wash your mouth out with soap!!!" Turning towards Judy, Maureen said, "And as for you, don't think I don't know what's going on...stop tormenting your sister or face the consequences!"

Judy looked at Penny with a glare, and walked over to where her father and Don were. At this point, Will came back into the nursery and joined his father at the control panel. His father looked down at him and smiled, tousling his hair.

"The machine and computer are most sophisticated, Don was saying "It seems that this planets' inhabitants had some form of telepathy and machine intelligence. Notice Penny's diapers, for instance. What are the chances that an alien culture, however humanoid, would develop the same garments for babies that we have on Earth? No, I think this computer can somehow tap into minds and then manufacture the proper garments for the race using it. Some sort of teleportation or matter transmitter must be used to deliver the needed garments. Remember, this culture had space travel and most likely had contact with other life forms. God knows what other automated facilities this planet has in tucked
away places -- it was just Penny's misfortune to find a nursery"

Professor Robinson took all this in and said, "That's all well and good Don, but how do we proceed? – the Robot said it would take 48 hours to figure this thing out".

Don smiled and said, "Well, the Robot may be smart, but he's not human. These
settings here, -- he indicated a bank of dials -- "seem to deal with setting the age of the....customer..." he finished lamely.

Professor Robinson looked at the panel and said, "If we can increase the settings for age, maybe the nursery will let Penny go with us ... right now, it seems to think she's a

"My thoughts exactly, said Don, flipping several switches. "I think that will do it -- We can over ride all androids except those on the line. We start up the machine on manual, let Penny go through, and see what happens -- they'll be no danger, I'm sure of that. The worse that will happen is she'll get her diapers changed".

Judy had stood by, taking all this in. She had taken notice where the settings had been, and where they had been moved to. Her father had led Penny to the front of the conveyer belt. Penny could not look her sister in the eye. Her diapers itched her ass terribly, but it would do no good to scratch. She was forced to waddle, because the diapers would not let her close her legs.

The machine was started up and before she got in, she asked her father, Will and Don to turn their backs. They obliged and Penny was on her way.

The machine took Penny in and after several moments, the men heard Maureen exclaim,
"Oh my goodness!!"

They turned to see Penny dressed like a six year old!!! she was wearing a short blue sailor dress, white cotton tights, and childish white cotton underpants. The hem of
the dress came barely to the waistband of her tights. Her underpants were on full display! On her feet were black Mary Jane shoes. Her long dark hair was still in pig tails, held in place by blue ribbons.

Under other circumstances, Penny would have died of shame. However, anything was better than diapers!!! She placed her hands on her ass, feeling her cotton panties under the
childish tights. She whirled around, giving everybody more than a generous view of her panties.

Will was almost beside himself. He felt almost dizzy. Seeing his sister dressed as a little girl with her grown up proportions was almost as exciting as seeing her in diapers. He enjoyed seeing her panties.

While the family gathered around Penny, complimenting her on her dress, Judy stood
by and stewed. Penny was still the center of attention!! In a flush of anger, she changed the dials back to the previous setting. With a wicked gleam in her eye, she pushed a large blue button on the bottom of the panel, the one Don had said was the "reset" button. If Penny wanted to be the center of attention, so be it.

She jumped back as the machine whirled to life again and exclaimed, "Dad, the machine came on again by itself!!!"

Penny looked over and felt a stab of fear. Androids from the wall started to move towards her. Her father, Will, and Don tried to intervene but were held immobile by other androids. Penny, showing a great deal of cotton panty, turned to the side as if to hide. Her hands nervously played with them hem of her short dress, raising it even higher.

However, the androids went past her, paying her no attention. They advanced towards Judy, who tried to run. She was quickly caught and conducted to the front of the machine.

"Oh no you don't, exclaimed the girl in the tight yellow pants, "I'm not being reduced to diapers!!"

Despite her words, Judy was placed screaming on the belt. She went under the metal
hood, and when she came out, her tight pants were down around her
knees. She was on her stomach, and the gathered family members had a good view of her shapely, nyloned encased ass.

Judy squirmed and tried to kick her legs, but because of her lowered pants, found this impossible. Her yellow boots were removed and then her pull over blouse. Her lace bra followed, and her shapely breasts spilled out. Don, held in place, was impressed. Judy now wore only suntan pantyhose.

"Naughty, Naughty, Judy, said Penny, watching with glee. "You're not wearing any panties!!"

So that's how she maintains her smooth look Penny thought. Judy kicked her nyloned legs, still on her stomach. The conveyer belt stopped and Judy was pulled off by an android. A chair materialized, seemingly out of nowhere, and the android was then seated. It took the struggling Judy over it's knee and began spanking her shapely, pantyhosed ass with a wooden spoon.

Whack! Whack! Whack Whack! Whack! again and again, the spoon came down, and the nyloned girl could only lay there and squirm, kicking her shapely, pantyhosed legs.

Judy yelled, "Owwwwwwwwww!!!!! I'm sorry! I'll be good!! please don't
spank me anymore!!!.

Her composure was gone, and her hair a mess. Her make-up was running and she didn't look like a young, beautiful women who was in control. Rather, she looked like a
wayward child, getting her just deserts! Judy blushed deep red over her predicament.

The android let her up and she tried to make a run for it. In just her pantyhose, the crying girl ran for the nursery door. However, her nyloned feet slipped on the smooth, polished floor, and Judy felt her legs go out from under her.

She was then sliding on her pantyhosed ass over the slippery surface, coming to rest in a tangle of slick, sleek nylon.

Androids were at once upon her, and she was brought back to the place where she had originally left the conveyer belt. The waistband of her hose was then grabbed, and the girl soon found herself naked.

An android with clipping shears began shaving her long blond locks off.

"My beautiful hair, Judy exclaimed, "oh no!!!

With a new crew cut, looking awful, Judy proceeded naked down the belt. The rest of the family could only look on. An enema bag was hooked up and Judy felt her ass penetrated. Fluid gushed into her taunt stomach, swelling it to three times its normal size!!!

Judy looked and felt like she 9 months pregnant!!! she felt bloated, like a beached whale. With a start, she realized that even if they were returned to her, her tight pants would no longer fit! Disposable diapers were now being placed under her hips and taped shut around her swollen middle. A confining rubber bra encased her breasts. Plastic pants were pulled up her legs and over her diapers. Finally, white cotton tights were yanked up over her ass. White baby shoes were placed on her feet. A blue sailors dress, identical to Penny's, completed the outfit. Judy was wearing the baby version of Penny's little girl outfit!!

A baby bonnet to cover her almost bald head was the final touch. The conveyer belt stopped. Judy rolled off the belt and onto her feet. Her eyes were glazed. She had to waddle and the thick diaper hugged her shapely ass like it was never going to let go.
Her swollen stomach felt the pressure of its contents.

"I've been diapered!!! she cried, "Where are my clothes? I'm bald!!! Ohh!! what was done to me!!! she sobbed. "I've been made into a baby!!!".

Her stomach rumbled, and unable to help herself, the girl filled her diapers, right in front of her mother, father, brother, sister, and boyfriend!!!

Judy fell to the floor and began kicking and sobbing wildly. Her mother, a practical
women, sighed and began the age old ritual of changing her baby's diaper.

Epilogue, two weeks later

The Jupiter 2 was still under repair, John and Don taking the opportunity to do a full overhaul. Camp had been set up, and the family was prepared to stay for several weeks.

Don was talking to Maureen, Penny, and Will on the lower deck.

"What I think happened was that the machine was picking up our thoughts, translating our feelings into actions. We all suspected that Judy had turned on the machine again, and we all felt angry. The nursery computer just put those feelings into a context that it understood".

Don left to join the rest of the adults on the flight deck. Penny jumped down from the table where she had been sitting. As she did so, Will were treated to the sight of the girls' white cotton vest, tucked snugly into a matching pair of panties. She was wearing an extremely short yellow dress with black Mary Jane shoes.

The constant exposure of her white cotton underpants were a source of delight for Will,
who looked on. After Judy's diaper had been changed, The nursery had conjured up a virtual wardrobe of little girl clothes. Penny, upon returning to the ship, had found to her dismay that all her adult clothes had been missing, replaced by a new wardrobe. Her
silken panties, her pantyhose, her dresses, her tight space suits -- everything was gone.

The nursery computer was far more powerful than even Don had suspected. Penny had found her drawers filled with cotton panties of every variety, color, and style. The rumba panties were the cutest and the ones she wore most now.

There were also tights and cotton vests. Her closet was filled with all sorts of little girl dresses and a wide variety of children's shoes. There were even frilly party dresses. Her
lingerie drawer, formerly filled by racy nightys, was now filled with a large assortment of short babydoll nightgowns.

Judy had found much the same thing, only her grown-up clothes had been
replaced by diapers, plastic pants, bibs, and sleepers. Maureen had decided to teach the girls a lesson, and each wore what was in their closets. Penny missed her grown up clothes, her silken panties and pantyhose, but compared to Judy she knew she was

Penny skipped over to the playpen in which Judy was sitting in. Judy wore a disposable diaper, plastic pants, and plain cotton tee-shirt. Scattered about the playpen were various
baby toys and a reminder of her predicament.

The adult clothes that had been taken from her that day in the nursery. They now littered the playpen floor. Judy shifted her weight in the pen, tugging at her uncomfortable disposable diapers. She had developed a good case of diaper rash. Freedom and comfort were only inches away in the form of her tight pants and pantyhose, but she knew they were off limits.

As Will looked on at Pennys white cotton panties, Penny got a bottle from the galley and went to feed the baby. Judy looked up dully from the playpen. It wasn't fair!! she was not a baby!!!

"Come on Judy, said Penny, "it's time you were fed"

Penny smiled down upon her diapered older sister. Judy angrily snatched
the bottle from Penny, twisted off the lid and threw the contents all over the front of Penny's dress.

"Oh! I'm soaked!! cried Penny. "That's it, bedtime for you, naughty girl!!"

Judy moaned inwardly. Her flash of temper had only earned her the punishment of being put to bed early!! Penny stepped out of her soaked dress and stood there in her childish
underwear, presenting a charming sight. Her short white socks nicely complimented her Mary Jane shoes. Her white cotton underpants were tight, and stretched tautly across her shapely ass and curvy hips. The white cotton vest tended to flatten her chest, and was tucked in to the waistband of the juvenile panties.

Will looked on with delight. Penny's modesty had seemed to slip a notch since the incident on the planet. There was no doubt that the experience had changed them all. The little girl panty clad Penny walked over to the playpen, her Mary Jane shoes tapping loudly on the polished deck.

She then led Judy to her cabin by the hand, where the wayward girl was put into a pink sleeper. A crib had replaced her bunk, and the small cabin was decorated as a nursery. Judy moaned in shame as she was placed on her stomach in the crib. Penny fastened the blanket pins, and tuned out the light. She then set the intercom so that any noise Judy madewould be instantly heard.

"Good night, little girl," said Penny, closing the door and plunging the small room into almost total darkness.

Judy squirmed in her hot diapers, sweat breaking out on the top of her nearly bald head. She looked at the cabin's familiar surroundings, now transformed into a new reality. She was diapered, in a sleeper, and confined to her crib in the nursery. Her younger sister was
her babysitter!! The diapered and miserable girl closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, wondering how long this humiliation would last.

Penny joined Will by the galley. He was intensely excited by Penny's current state of undress.

Penny turned to him and smiled teasingly, "Will, would you read me a story?"

Will could only nod and followed Penny to her cabin. Smiling, she pulled off her cotton
vest, exposing her small, shapely breasts. Will gulped, feeling himself grow huge. He took a seat and Penny came over in just her panties with shoes and socks. She sat on his lap and put her arms around his neck, snuggling her head against his chest.

Will was almost besides himself, feeling her softness and warmth. He opened the book "Swiss Family Robinson" and began to read aloud, reflecting that there were indeed interesting times ahead.

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