Summer at Auntie's

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Summer at Auntie's

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:13 pm

Title: Summer at Auntie's


Elladan Kenet, 18, male, nephew

Beth Blake - 26yo - Elladan's mom's baby sister

Jane Blake Kenet - Elladan's mom

Scene: Beth's Living Room, afternoon


Jane and Elladan arrive at Beth's house, and it's revealed Elladan has to live with his aunt Beth’s for the summer. Beth had always made Elladan nervous because she always seemed to treat him as a baby. Elladan groaned, as the blue sedan pulled into the driveway of the suburban house. He was 18, and just graduated from high school. The 5'8" had plans of going tour various colleges, but his mom had other plans, involving a trip to Europe, and him staying at her sister's for the summer.

Grumbling, the he climbed out, his shoulder length black hair a bit messy, and matching his jeans and black tee. "Mom, do I have to stay? Why can't I come?"

Jane sighs and replies, "I told you, I'm going more on a vacation than business. I'm not footing the bill so I can't very easily bring you with me. Besides, my sister has always loved to have you. She has lots of fun things for you to do I'm sure. I know she has some very pleasant surprises for you." She bends and kisses Elladan on his cheek, takes him by his hand and leads him to the door and rings the bell.

Blushing as she kisses his cheek, the boy fusses a bit, trying to pull his hand back as she grabs and holds it, while his mom is ringing the bell. "I don't see why I have to even stay. I'm 18, not 8..."

Jane giggles and replies, "Well, that is sort of up for debate and remain to be seen. Besides, sis really wants to have you stay with her. I know she'll make it fun."

The door opens and a very pretty woman in shorts and a smock top is standing there. Both women let out a shriek as they hug and kiss each other.

Beth says joyfully, "Hi Jane, long time no see. And this has to be baby Elladan!" She hugs and kisses Elladan.

Surprised at the greetings, the poor lad blushes and fusses a bit as Beth hugs and kisses him. "I'm not a Baby anymore, Aunt Beth... I'm 18 now.."

Beth and Jane giggle again. Beth coos, "Sweetie, you'll always be a baby to me." Jane hugs Elladan and says, "Be good and mind Beth. I'll be back in a few months. Have fun." She waves and gets back in the car. Beth and Elladan watch as it disappears in the distance.

Beth takes Elladan by the hand and leads him in the house to the living room. She says, "Sit, would you like something to eat or drink? I was watching a Horror movie on the SciFi channel."

The b rated horror flick was on ... several scientists were arguing over the zombie infestation. Sitting down on the couch, he nodded a bit, still unsure of why he was here, and what he was going to do. "Sure... I guess. Do you have coke?"

Beth says, "Sure, I'll be right back." She leaves Elladan in the den and walks into the kitchen. She gets down a large tumbler and places it on the counter next to the Coke. She opens the freezer, gets a hand full of ice from the tray, and puts it in the glass. She takes a small vial from her shorts pocket and looks at it. She has always loved to baby sit her nephew ... and now Jane has dropped the perfect opportunity right in her lap.

She smiles as she adds several large drops to the glass ... it sort of melts the cubes where it touches them. She fills the glass with Coke ... the chemical disappears within. Beth returns to the den and hands the glass to Elladan.

She says softly, "Here sweetie, I hope baby not hungry too ...?"

He rolls his eyes. Instead of retorting again that he's not a baby, he takes the glass, drinks some, then sets it on the table nearby.

He replies with a tinge of exasperation in his voice, "No, I'm not, but thank you anyway."

Already, the drug is at work. In a few minutes, his undies will be damp. A few doses later, and it'll be diapers all month and a cute baby experience. A few more after that ... would mean diaper dependence and a wonderful new baby in the house. Beth just shivered with excitement. She was so glad her sister agreed to have her baby sit Elladan.

She walked to the sofa and sat down to watch the TV. By that time, all the people were running around yelling about the Zombies sucking souls or something. Beth wasn't really interested now. She was more interested in how quickly she could begin babying her nephew and other fun stuff she had planned.

She says softly amid all the bangs and explosions on the TV, "How was school this year? Are you glad it's finally over?"

Beth knew it wouldn't take long for the babying to begin. He'd be wet in a few short minutes, by which case all she needed to do was check his undies to confirm. At that point, she could insist he go clean up, while going to fetch some pull ups. If he fought, then a spanking and time out would surely set him straight.

When asked about school, he turned and shrugged. "I guess. Kinda boring the last few years. Nothing really exciting happened."

Beth leans close to Elladan and says softly as she runs her fingers through his hair, "I hope you know you're my favorite nephew ... besides being my ... only one." She giggles the continues, "I have always loved it when you came to visit me. I have a pool and a hot tub out in the back. We can swim sometime if you want to."

He blushed a bit, looking up to find her cuddling him and petting his hair. Expertly he moves a bit out of her reach, as she makes her offer. "I'd love to, but I don't have a bathing suit."

Elladan didn’t have any other clothes for that matter. For whatever reason, his Mom insisted that Beth had plenty of clothes for him. Elladan thought this Odd.

Beth noticed ... a small dark spot beginning to spread slowly on the front of Elladan's jeans. She gasps softly and says as she points, "Sweet heart, are you ... really having an accident?"

Elladan gasps, “Huh? An accident?” Confused, he looks down at his crotch and gasps more, "Crap, how did that happen?!"

He is very embarrassed and confused. This is just what he needed to happen right in front of Aunt Beth ... especially the way she wants to always baby him.

Beth puts her hands on her hips and throws her breast out and says with a snort, "Now sweetie, Auntie doesn't mind if you have accidents, but I must insist that you be in a diaper and plastic panties. I don't want you making a mess in places."

He paled eyes wide. That’s the last thing he want to happen as he replies, "I'm not a baby. I don't need those stuff. It was an accident, I swear. It won't happen again."

She looks sternly at him, shaking her head slowly. She is tickled pink inside because she knows ... it’s not going to happen that way. Finally she says in a stern voice, "All right baby boy, I'll let it slide this time, but if it happens again..."

She takes Elladan by the hand and pulls him to his feet. She escorts him into the bathroom.

Before she shuts the door, she says sternly, "I will want you to at least wear these." She hands over a cute pair of thick pull up panties. We already know you had one accident."

Yelping as she pulled him up and to the bathroom, Elladan stood helplessly as she showed him the padded underwear. On it, he could see flowers and pictures of dolls and pink rattles; obviously for a girl. "You can't be serious..."

Beth nods curtly and says, "Sweet heart, I really don't mind that you have accidents ... or even wet the bed. But I insist you at least take that little precaution. She points to the now huge wet spot in the front of his jeans.

Arguing with her is obviously pointless. Sighing, he rolls his eyes and takes the pull up. "Fine, I'll wear it. Mind getting out so I can change?"

She says softly as she leaves, "Now I expect you to be properly dressed when I come back."

Once she left, he quickly removed his shoes and jeans, followed by the wet underwear. He threw these two aside, before shyly pulling on the pull ups. They were just his size, fit snuggly, and gave him the tiniest of waddles. Unnerved, he peeked the door open some. "Do you have any pants I can wear?"

Beth's happy voice could be heard, "Of course sweet heart."

Elladan could hear a drawer open and shut ... then Beth's foot falls approaching the door.

There is one soft knock, "Is everything ok sweetie? I have some bottoms for you." She walks in and hands Elladan a pair of really cute ruffled bloomer panties with lots of cute ruffles. Beth continues, "I'm sorry I don't have anything else ... but these will do just fine under the circumstances. I'll take baby's wet things and wash them and have them all clean for you in the morning."

Beth picks up Elladan’s wet things and leaves him with the bottoms in his hand. The door to the bathroom shuts with a soft click. Elladan can't believe what she has given him. A really cute pair of pink, ruffled bloomers, ideal to go with a little girl's party dress.

Incredulous, he grabs them and follows her out, concerned. "What? I can't wear this; are you sure there's nothing else?"

Beth walks to a closet door and slides it back. Within were many cute and adorable outfits, all for a baby girl ... and apparently his size. Beth walks to a cute chest that had lambs and bunnies all over it and opened all the drawers where the contents could be plainly seen.

She looks at Elladan and coos, "Nopes sweetie ... I don't." then leaves the room with Elladan’s wet things in arm.

Luckily, he hadn't yet seen inside his future nursery. That would have scared him plenty. As it was, when she said no, and showed him there were no other clothes, he was a bit disappointed, to say the least.

"But... I can't wear this. They're ridiculous." He wines.

Beth smiles and says softly as she shuts the door, "Then sweetie, Auntie supposes baby will just have to come down in her panties."

She carries his wet clothes to the laundry room. There she starts the load to clean his big boy clothes ... she knows he won't be needing them. She giggles happily. Beth returns to the living room and sits on the sofa to wait.

Sighing and rolling his eyes, he admits defeat. Not wanting to wear the bloomer panties, he sets them on the floor, then walks back to the couch, sits and watches TV.

Beth leans over and wraps an arm around Elladan. She coo softly, "Now that's not so bad, is it sweet heart?" She kisses him softly on the top of his head as she tickles him slightly.

He blushes, feeling the kiss, and surprised at the attention, giggles as she tickles him. "H-hey, st-stop it! That t-tickles!"

She continues, "I like wandering around in just my panties too. Feels nice." She hugs Elladan again.

Beth notices Elladan was still in his sox. She reaches down and takes an ankle. She begins to tickle his feet and play with his toes. Through all of that ... she managed to get the sock off and start playing piggies as Elladan giggles , squirms and kicks.

She coos softly as she tickles his feet, "This little piggy ...”

Surprised at what she's doing, Elladan blushes and fusses, trying to keep from giggling (and failing) as she tickles him and starts playing with his toes. He can’t help himself ... he truly and helplessly enjoys all the tickling. Beth starts on the other foot. She skillfully removed Elladan’s other sock and had begun doing piggies before he could even react.

Suddenly, just as the super intense tickles and piggies reached their peak, Beth quickly before he could recover, put a pair of softsox booties on his feet. They were mostly pink with blue critters on them. Elladan is helpless under her expert work. While being tickled, Elladan is too distracted to prevent her from sliding the booties on his feet.

Noticing the pause, he looks down and sees the fuzzy things. "Huh? baby booties?"

Beth leans over and kisses Elladan on his nose and coos, "Yes sweet heart, to keep your toesies warm. It's supposed to be in the single digits tonight and there are a lot of hardwood floors in my house."

She suddenly lifts Elladan's shirt and gave him a wonderful raspberry right in his tummy. Whether he realizes it or not, she is slowly (and effectively) redressing him, and babying him. In combination with the powerful drugs, he is regressing nicely and is accepting what is happening to him. Surprised by the raspberry, he gasps and collapses on his back, giggling and wetting himself again as she blows in his Tummy.

Beth sees a small yellow stain thru the Pull Up appear. She smiles. She is so proud of Elladan and the progress he's making. She will start introducing girl into the training now.

She coos in a sing song way, "Ooohhhh ... cuties bee bee girl so pretty." She bends over and blows another huge raspberry into Elladan’s tummy.

Not realizing what she said, or how now she's trying to treat him like a female, he giggles more, pull up now damp, as he squirms against the intense tickling raspberry. Beth has him on his back now. Elladan is totally helpless at this point.

Beth kisses him on his nose and coos softly, "Now Allie, baby, Auntie insists her baby girl be in a diaper when she in bed tonight. I don't want you ruining an expensive mattress. Ok Sweet heart?" She blows another huge raspberry as she begins to softly tickle Elladan’s ribs.

Wait what? Ally baby? Who's Ally? And what does she mean about diapers? Concerned, he tries to comment, but is totally helpless as she blows yet another raspberry, silencing him.

Beth sits back up and coos softly to the quickly regressing Elladan, "Would baby like some more pop?" She reaches around and picks up the glass. She produces a top that snaps on giving the glass 2 handles and a mouth place to drink from. She hands this to him.

Now given a chance to fight back, he looked up at her, sitting up. Seeing the new cup she's offering him, he frowns. "You're kidding. That's a toddler cup. I'm not using that."

The sound of The Attack of the Alien Killer Squash was just starting to come on the SciFi channel.

Beth smiles and coos softly, "You can always take the top off ... since you're such a big boy."

She had a point. Shrugging, but not completely trusting her, he accepted the cup, ripping off the top. It was difficult, being that it was child proof, but he managed, removed it, and then drank more of the coke consuming more of the drug. Each gulp he took, sent another intense and very pleasant infantile surge through him. By the time he had finished the drink, he was as good as a baby and there was nothing he would be able to do about it. It was just a matter of time as the powerful drug took effect.

Beth was overjoyed to see how much he had drank. She knew he would be completely incontinent for at least 3 months, not to mention how infantile he was about to suddenly become. She also knew ... after the next several large doses she was going to give him, he would never see adulthood again. She would, soon as she could, give her new Allie several suppositories that would make him completely diaper dependant. She couldn't believe her sister had left Allie for an entire summer. By the time she got back, She would have a baby daughter and never see her son again. Beth giggles to herself. He will be a very pretty and adorable little girl.

Beth snuggles Elladan close and whispers softly in his ear, tickling it with her breath, "Now, it's not so bad staying with Aunt Beth is it sweet heart?"

Blushing a bit as she pulled him into a hug, he set the cup down and averted his eyes. "Ah... I guess. I'm just not used to it. It's been years since someone..." he'd been about to say babysat, but instead said, "stayed with me."

Beth giggles softly. She had caught the stumble and knew what he was going to say. She kisses him softly on his cheek and coos, "What time does your mommy normally put baby girl to bed? It's getting late."

The clock on the mantle displayed 8:30pm.

Elladan thinks to himself, She was kidding right? Blushing as she kissed his cheek again, and then attempting to rub it off, he shakes his head. "My mom hasn't put me to bed in years. I normally stay up as late as I want, which is usually about midnight."

Beth hugs Elladan again and coos, "Well baby, for tonight, Auntie will let you stay up until 9:30. We have a huge day tomorrow and I don't want baby to be cranky."

She pats him reassuringly on his bottom. She now knew beyond any doubt ... he had had another accident. He was a tad miffed when she declared he was going to bed at 9:30. Of course, when she patted his bottom, he could feel the urine squish around.

He paled a he gasps softly in amazement, "What's that sound?" He already knew, he could feel the wet stickiness of the urine in his panties.

Beth gasps again in mock surpriseas she coos softly, "Now Allie baby, You can't argue with Auntie anymore. I know you're a good girl, but you have wet your panties again. I need to get you properly in diapers before silly baby has another accident."

Blushing and ashamed, he squirms and fusses sounding every bit like a very small toddler, "No, I don't want to wear diapers. I'm not a baby, and you can't make me.."

Beth reaches over and pulls open Elladan’s panties. She shows him how wet he is.

Beth says softly, "I'm sorry baby, but it's obvious you can't help it." She stands and gently pulls Elladan to his feet. She escorts him back to the bathroom.

Beth says softly, "I will get your jammies silly, Auntie will let you take a bath by yourself if you promise not to fuss. We don't want baby wetting the bed."

He glowered a bit, grumbling as she took him by the hand and led him away. "Good, because I don't want to be bathed either."

She turns and leaves him ... the potty room door closes softly leaving Elladan alone with his confused and regressing thoughts. Elladan is confused, to put it mildly. What's going on? Why is she insisting on him wearing pull ups and diapers and baby booties? He puts his hand to his thick pull up. It was getting to be very wet by this time. He couldn't understand why he was unable to stop wetting his pants. In his regressing mind, he knew babies wore diapers because they couldn't help it ... he tried to shake off the thought, but he knew if he couldn’t help himself, he should be in diapers like Aunt Beth said.

Shaking his head, the boy runs the shower, pulling off his clothes and booties and throwing them aside, before climbing in and starting to get cleaned. He didn't understand why, but it seemed so hard to keep his mind on washing, and not on splashing and making a huge mess on the bathroom floor.

Beth hears the commotion in the bathroom and opens the door. She walks in and puts her hands on her hips and smiles. Elladan is having the time of his life splashing and frolicking in the water. The floor is wet and covered in soap suds.

Beth coos softly, "And is baby having fun?"

Flushed, he looked up at her, staring. "What? Aunt, I'm in the shower, do you mind?!"

Beth says, "Sorry." then turns and leaves

Disgruntled that she had come in, and ashamed that she had seen his naked self, and caught him playing in the shower like a little kid, the boy stepped out and locked the door, before returning to the shower.

The way she was treating him was just inexcusable. He liked her and all, but he wasn't a baby. She had to be convinced of this. So, as he soaped and rinsed off, he decided to have a talk with her when he was done.

Beth went into the nursery she had prepared for Elladan. It was a very cute little girl's nursery based on all the Looney Tunes Characters. The wall paper were soft pastel pinks with soft earth tones mixed in for effect. Beth wound the mobile hanging in the crib and made sure the play time busy toy was hung properly. She turned on the baby monitoring camera and intercom so she could watch and make sure baby was happy. She opened the top drawer in the chest of drawers with baby Bugs Bunny and Sylvester on the front and removed a cute onesie and a pair of cute little plastic lined panties. Beth held them up and smiled, she loved the way his cute bottom would look in these ruffles. She picked up a diaper and the pins, then returned to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Is everything all right sweetheart?" She coos to her baby.

By that time, Elladan had rinsed off completely, turned the shower off, climbed out, and was drying off with a white towel.

When he heard the knock and her voice, he sighed, rolled his eyes and answered. "Yeah. We need to talk, Aunt Beth."

Beth rattles the door knob as she says, "Unless you're intending to wear the wet things again, I have some new clothes for you. As soon as you're dressed, I'll be waiting in the den."

Beth leaves the clothes in a neat pile by the door and walks to the den. Elladan can hear her footsteps as she leaves. She had a point. Finishing drying off, Elladan opened the door, looking down at the clothes. He was shocked to be sure. He was staring down at a cloth diaper, some plastics with ruffles, and a pink sleeper. Surely this was some kind of joke.

He calls, "Um... Aunt Beth? Can you come back here?"

Beth returned to the bathroom door. She smiles at the nude Elladan and says softly, "Wouldn't baby rather be in her jammies?"

At that, he shakes his head. "I'm not a baby, Aunt Beth, and no, I would not. At least not those. Those are baby clothes. I'd rather wear my wet ones."

Beth smiles and replies, "I won't have you wetting the mattress in the bed. That's final. I told you I would let it slide the first time, but you wet those pull ups too. It was a good thing you were in them, I would really be upset if you peed on my sofa."

Beth stands with a scowl on her face and a real threatening edge in her voice.

He holds his ground, again shaking his head. "I refuse to be treated this way. I'm not a baby!" he insisted loudly.

Beth gathers up all of the soiled clothes. She says with an edge in her voice, "Fine, you can be nude then."

She turns and leaves Elladan there with the baby clothes on the floor, and nothing else. She had even taken the only towel in the room.
Elladan had been expecting that, but he wasn't willing to give in. Huffing, he turned and walked back into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him, content to stay in there all night if he had to.

An hour passed. Elladan was naked, sitting on the toilet. He was getting a bit tired, but he was adamant in staying up, and refusing to wear those clothes.

There was a knock on the bathroom door. Beth's cooing voice says, "Is baby all dressed and ready for bed? It's 9:30 and time for sandman to come."

Hearing the knock and stifling a yawn, he shook his head, answering back. "No, I'm not wearing that stuff, and that's final."

Suddenly, Elladan hears a key being inserted in the door. It opens. Aunt Beth is obviously not happy. Her scowl brings a chill of fear to Elladan as he feels it creep up his spine.

Beth says with anger in her voice, "All right baby, enough of this temper tantrum."

She walks over and grabs him and holds him with his bottom in the air before he can protest. He feels each time her hand smacks his bare bottom ... smack, smack, smack, smack!! She lets him go.

As Elladan holds his sore bottom, Beth says sternly, you will dress appropriately and be obedient, or I will punish you." She stands menacingly over him with her hands on her hips.

Red and sore from the spanking, the boy stands there, blushing and sobered a bit with tears running down his cheeks, his anger held down by embarrassment and abashment.
He whimpers in a small voice, "But.. I don't even know how."

Beth walks over to the counter that had a soft pad on top and pats it. She says softly, "Then come over here and get on this counter."

Elladan realizes it's obviously a changing counter she's patting, built into and beside the sink. Looking further, he can even see a stack of changing supplies, in case of emergencies. Reluctantly, he walks over and climbs up onto it.

He says in a dejected tone, "Happy?"

Without warning, Beth takes Elladan by his ankles and lifts. It's a weird sensation for him as he feels something soft and slightly warm placed under his bottom and is gently set in it. Beth powders him generously with baby powder. Its wonderful aroma filling the air. Beth pulls the diaper between his legs and pins it on quickly. She then blows a huge raspberry in his tummy as she tickles him softly in his ribs.

Beth coos, "Is baby's toesies n feets still ticklish?" She begins to tickle his feet and toes.

Elladan is surprised at her quick moves, as she quickly powders and diapers him. Before he can respond, a raspberry and tickling, which causes him to giggle quite explosively.

Beth helps Elladan to his feet. She holds out the cute plastic lined panties and coos softly, "All right baby, step in like a good girl."

Baby? Girl? Why is she insisting on referring to him as such? Confused, but shy, he blushes and obeys, lifting one leg then the other so she can fit the panties on. Beth pulls Elladan's panties up over the thick diaper and insures it fits properly. She knows he is going to have many more accidents.

She reaches over to the counter and picks up several suppositories. Elladan didn't see her do this as he leans against Beth for support as she pulled up his panties. Suddenly, Beth reaches inside Elladan's panties and diaper, and pushes one of the suppositories deeply in his bottom. She tingles with excitement ... she knows he will have his first involuntary poopie really soon. She pats his bottom reassuringly after she inserts the 2nd one.

Elladan was shocked, having been holding onto her as she pulled the panties up, only for her to stick her hand down there. Feeling the penetration, he yelps and wriggles as she quickly removes her hand.

He gasp out in a shocked and fearful voice, "What was that?!"

Beth bends slightly and kisses him on his cheek as She says softly, "Just some thing to make you feel better baby."

As quickly as she could, she repeated the action. Now, Elladan had 3 of the suppositories in his bottom melting slowly and filling him with pleasant chills as they destroyed the nerves that allowed him to go voluntarily. Beth knew, she had only to give him one more ... and it would be complete ... Elladan would be diaper dependant. She would wait until he needed his next change ... he would be so much more baby by then.

Yelping and squirming again as she continued, he fussed a bit. "No... not suppositories.." he blushes as she kisses him.

Beth coos softly, "Aww sweet heart," she hugs and kisses him on his nose as she pat his hinny reassuringly, "Those will make you feel , Oh so much better. Now, come with Auntie, it's time for you to be in beddy bye. You and Mr. sandman have a date."

She takes Elladan by his hand and escorts him out of the potty, down the hall and into the spare bedroom. This room was decorated for a young girl. It had many posters of boys from TV and movies. There were several large dolls sitting on top of a cute wooden chest with pink bows painted on it.

Beth says, "Now get into bed so Auntie can tuck you in."

Blushing as she leads him to the room, Elladan can't help but waddle due to the thickness of the diaper as she shows him in. The room is decorated ideally for a teenaged girl, and he feels disconcerted a bit as she directs him to the bed and helps him climb in.

Beth bends over and tucks him in. She kisses him in the middle of his forehead and says softly, "That's a good girl. Now you're going to get very sleepy and have very nice dreams. Auntie will wake you in the morning. Sleep well."

He murmurs and wiggles as Beth kisses him and tucks him in. No sooner does she bid him goodnight, then he finds himself drifting off, and finally asleep. Elladan finds his dreams filled with very pleasant scenes of him playing with his Teddy Bear ... and eyes all big in wonder at a butterfly sitting on a flower ... The night passes slowly and pleasantly for Elladan as he has many little girl dreams for the first time in his life.

In the morning, Beth walks into Elladan's room. She sees him sleeping peacefully. She walks over to the bed and kisses him on his cheek as she coos, "Good morning sweetheart. Auntie hopes you slept well.” She removes the covers and checks his diaper ... he is very wet and messy. Beth continues, "Is Auntie's little girl aww messy and wet? Let's get her into the tub right away and fix it. You know that a clean little girl is a pretty little girl."

Elladan had been sleeping soundly when she came in and woke him up. Yawning, he wiggled and blushed as she pulled back the blanket and checked his diaper. He could still feel the softness of the dress and bottoms he had on in the dream and the feel of his curls about his shoulders.

In a sleepy daze he mumbles, "Hmm?..."

Beth takes Elladan by the hand and helps him to his feet. She escorts him to the bathroom. In his sleepy dazed condition, he didn't realize what was going on until she had removed his onesie and diaper and plastic panties.

Beth asks softly, "would my little girl like me bather her? Or would she like to take a bath by herself?"

Elladan see Beth hanging a cute dress up on a hook and stacking a thick and soft diaper with some really cute pink and white rumba panties on the counter.

Elladan is having problems over coming the drugs as he slowly wakes up. By the time he's fully there, she's already taken him to the bathroom and stripped him.

He gasps out in a cute voice, "Huh? But I can bathe myself..." he is shocked at the sound of his voice as he tries unsuccessfully to clear his throat.

Beth runs her fingers through Elladan's long hair. It had begun to curl adorably as she knew it would. She is overjoyed at the way his voice sounds too.

Beth says softly, "Hurry with your bath sweet heart, breakfast is ready when you are done. We are having pancakes and strawberries."

Beth turns and leaves Elladan there with no other clothes but the ones she had brought. He nods, blushing as she leaves him. Soon, he climbs into the bath and starts cleaning himself, while she goes to make breakfast.

As Beth is putting the food on the table, she giggles to herself. She hopes Elladan is enjoying the 'Special Soaps she had left in the tub. They were designed to remove all the hair from his body except his scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. It would also make his skin silky smooth and soft. Beth intended for him to be a very pretty little girl for Jane when she returned. Elladan wouldn’t be getting into any more trouble.

When Beth was done, she went back to the bath room and knocked on the door. She wondered what his reaction was going to be ... especially to the one about his manhood shrinking. She giggles a bit more. Of course, that wouldn't come quite yet. She had to apply the ointment first, after all, he had to be the perfect little girl.

He'd used the soap, without realizing what it did to his body. When he heard the knock, and the door was opening, only then did he realize all his hair had fallen off.

He gasps out in his really adorable voice, "Oh no!"

Beth walks in and coos softly, "How's my little girl this morning?"

Beth walks to the changing counter and picks up a large tube of ointment as she waits for him to finish drying off. Embarrassed, Elladan reaches for the towel, holding it tightly.

He cries in his cute voice, "My hair! It fell off!"

Beth giggles softly and replies, "A girl doesn't need hair on their body. You look so much nicer with out it." Beth pats the padded changing counter and continues, "If you get up here darling, Auntie will put your diaper on."

He blushes, trying to pull the towel back up, as it had fallen a bit.

He whines adorably, "But I don't want to wear a diaper, Auntie. I'm a big gir- boy." He'd almost said girl.

Beth smiles at the stumble. She knows it will only be another little while before he begins to feel more like the girl she is wanting him to be.

Beth says softly, "Sweet heart, we have already been through this. The only compromise I will make, is that you wear these pull ups. I already know you wet and poopie. I changed you the last couple of times."

Beth reaches into a small cabinet at the head of the counter and removes an adorable pair of Pink and white little girl pull ups in the baby Tweety and friends theme.

He has no choice. Sighing, he nods, and walks up to her, reluctantly lowering the towel as requested. "Fine..."

Beth opens the large tube of ointment. She squeezes a large amount onto her palm and quickly begins to rub it into Elladan's squeaky place before he can protest. She has it thickly applied all over his bottom and privates before he can react. She then holds out the pull ups and coos softly, "Step in sweet heart."

Beth knows that the shrinking should begin immediately and be very pleasant for him. Elladan is surprised as she quickly pulls out the ointment and rubs it on him. It's very cold, and immediately begins shrinking his member, which will be quite small by the time he needs a change.

Intensely pleasant feelings run through his crotch causing large chill bumps to rise all over his boday making the sensation feel even better.

He gasps adorably, "Agh!"

Stumbling, he accidentally steps into the pull up. Beth quickly pulls up Elladan's pull up and pats him softly on his hinny.

She says softly as she takes the dress from the hanger and unzips it, "Would you like to have some of these soft boobies? They will make you look a lot more attractive."

Beth points to a pair of soft maiden form breast forms. They were about a B cup and had nipple bumps.

He blushes and shakes his head, wiggling as she pats his bottom. "No... I don't want boobies.."

Beth giggles softly and says, "Ok, sweetie. They will come on their own soon enough. Now hold up your arms so I can get you into your dress. I have a friend coming over soon, and we are all going out for lunch and a trip to the mall."

He blushes and fusses, not wanting to comply. In the end, Beth wins, and she gets the dress on him. Beth zips the dress up and she ties the belt in back in a large bow. She picks up a brush from the counter and begins to brush his hair.

Beth whispers softly, "I think a good nick name for you would be Allie. It's a cute name for a cute little girl."

Beth then gathers a hand full of his hair and ties a ribbon in it. She repeats the process on the other side making cute ponytails. She takes the new Allie to the mirror and shows the newest girl on the block .... just how pretty she was. Elladan can't believe what he sees in the mirror looking back

Indeed he can't. Beth's work was expert, and though he feels silly, he can't help but realize he looks exactly like a little girl, somewhere between 11 and 13.

He blushes and repeats in his adorable voice, "Allie?"

Beth hugs Allie lovingly and says, "Yes sweet heart, Allie. Every boy for miles will want to date you."

She giggles softly again as she pats Allie on her bottom. Beth produces some soft red/pink lip gloss. She has applied a nice swipe on his lips before he can react. It tastes very pleasantly of strawberries. He blushes and wiggles, closing his eyes as she pats him and applies the make up.

He whines out adorably, "But I don't want to date boys!"

Beth finishes applying the lips gloss and hands Allie a tissue.

Beth says, "Now, do this to get rid of the excess." She shows Allie how to kiss the tissue, which he does and leaves a cute kiss mark. Beth continues, "It's ok sweetie. You don't have to date anyone. I was just warning you ... the boys are going to ask ... be prepared, and don't be nasty or mean about it."

He blushes, not happy about this at all, as she finishes with him. Beth again takes Elladan to the mirror and lets him view the results. Seeing himself, he can't help but blush. Diapered bottom covered by panties, large frilly dress, pigtails, light make up. He looks like an 11 year old girl going to a party.

He blushes, turning back to her and whines, "Do we have to go out? I don't want to."

The doorbell rings. Beth smiles and says, "That must be Terry. Yes sweet heart, We do have to go out. It's time the world got to see what a pretty little girl you are. Now be a good girl and come meet Terry, she'll love meeting you I'm sure."

Beth takes Elladan by the hand and leads her to the Door. He blushed, whining a bit as she took his hand, leading his toddling self to the front door so she can show "Allie" off to her girlfriend. Beth fusses with Elladan's hair for a bit, making a very cute curl in the middle of his forehead. She then open the door.

A very beautiful woman in jeans and a spaghetti strap top stood there. She had shoulder length brown hair and smiled dazzlingly. They both hug each other and give each other a kiss on the cheek.

Terry says, "This must be Allie! She's a lot prettier than you said." She walks to Allie and hugs her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She continues, "It's nice to meet you. Beth and I have been friends for a long time, it's nice to meet her niece at last."

Still a bit fussy from the ordeal, Elladan blushes and squirms as the woman hugs and kisses him, holding him in her arms. "I..." He wiggles a bit, squirming in her arms.

Terry kneels down and says softly, "Well, Allie, I hope you like dolls, cuz I brought you this ..." She reaches into her large hand bag and produces a very cute cloth cabbage patch doll and hands it to Allie. Terry continues, "You can give her a name and send in this birth certificate. They will register it and she will officially have that name."

Elladan is surprised, to say the least. A doll? He's never owned a doll before, realizing that having a doll really establishes him as a young girl. Reluctantly, he takes it, his feet cold a bit from the lack of socks and shoes.

HE says shyly in his adorable voice, "Th-thanks... I guess."

Terry says softly, "I have something else for you." She removes a cute pair of soft black flats from her bag and puts them on the floor. She continues, "And those should be very comfortable. Just perfect for going to the mall."

Yet another present. If Beth had the role of 'Mommy Dearest', then surely Terry was the 'Doting Aunt.' Blushing, he looked down at the flats, before timidly slipping his feet into them. He was surprised they fit perfectly and were more comfortable than any shoes he had ever owned.

Beth says happily, "Thanks Terry, I'm sure Allie loves them ... even though she's being rude and not thanking you."

Beth pats Allie slightly firmly on her bottom. The plastic panties making loud crinkling noises. Beth continues, "Since it's such a nice day, and the mall is only 3 blocks away, I thought we might walk there."

Terry replies, "That's a good idea, I would love to walk."

Each woman took one of Allie's hands and they left the house. Beth stopped only momentarily to Locke the house, before the 3 of them made their way up the street. Blushing as Beth chastised and patted him, the boy squirmed unable to escape as each woman then took his hand, leading him out the house, and down the street.

Beth and Terry chattered a mile a minute as they walked down the street with Allie in tow. They, of course, took the long way around so all the neighborhood could see the new little girl on the block.

When they got to the Mall, it was crowded. Many people stopped and told Beth and Terry they had a beautiful daughter. Both women ate it up.

Terry bends and asks quietly, "Would Allie like me to buy her a new jammie for tonight? That way we girls can have a jammie party."

Beth giggles and says, "That sounds like fun ... guess we can go to HV Dimes and look around."

Elladan blushes the entire time, fussing a bit as the people look at him, and more so when Terry suggested some new pajamas.

Allie whines, sounding just like a young girl, "A pajama party? But I don't want to..." he stops abruptly as he realizes his voice had completely changed.

Beth bends slightly and whispers in Allie's ear softly, "Remember sweet heart. We are the adults and you are the child." She pats him on his hinny to remind him she can and will spank him. Beth continues, "We are here to reinforce the fact, you are now a girl and we are going to shop like it. I think the jammie party is a good and fun idea anyway."

He blushes, squirming and fussing as she whispers the threat into his ear. He's powerless to do anything now. All he can do is delay the inevitable.

"Fine..." he pouts adorably and pokes out his bottom lip.

Beth and Terry more or less drag Allie into HV Dimes to the lingerie department.

Terry says in a cooing sweet voice, "Ohh, Beth!, this babydoll is soo cute. I think Allie will look adorable in it." She walks to him and holds it up to his body.

Beth replies, "I think that looks sweet, but ... this short Princess Jasmine nighty is precious." She too holds it up to Allie.

A sales clerk walks up and says happily, "Can I be of assistance?"

Beth turns and says, "Why, yes ... We are getting some cute jammies for my niece so we can have a jammie party." Terry and Beth giggle.

The sales clerk turns to Allie and asks, "What kind of jammies do you think you would like?"

A question. Not wanting to talk, he turns crimson, averting his eyes, and throwing his finger out. Randomly, he ends up pointing to a set of pink Sleeping Beauty jammies and a cute shorty top jammies with boy shorts bottoms.

The clerk coos softly, "Those are so adorable."

She takes the nightys from the rack and holds them up to Allie. It is a perfect fit and looks very sexy.

Beth says, "Now, that's a good choice Allie. I think I like this Fairy Princess babydoll too. It would look good on me. Then we can be a mother daughter pair."

The 3 women giggle. Elladan blushes, averting his eyes. He simply cannot believe he is in this situation, and with his own aunt no less.

Beth walks to the panty isle and selects a dozen pair of cute little girl panties for Allie.

She returns and hands them to Allie and asks softly, "Don't you think these are just perfect? I have them in size 5." She holds them up to his waist then continues, "I think maybe a size 7 if you're in a diaper."

How embarrassing. Shopping for panties, and holding them up against him, while commenting he needs a larger pair because of him being in diapers. More than anything, Elladan wants to be swallowed into a hole.

The Clerk asks Beth, "Is she old enough to wear a training bra? We have many cute and soft ones that will complement her as she grows."

Beth replies, "I don't think she will be needing a training bra. She's going to be a lot younger sooner than she thinks."

Cryptic words. Confused, he looks up at Beth, wondering what she meant. He had thought the diaper thing was just temporary ... it seems there’s more to come. He shivers slightly in fear and humiliation.

Beth bends down when she sees the worried look on Allie's face. She pats him on his hinny reassuringly and coos softly, "Now baby no worry about that. Mommy promise to take very good care of you."

She then kisses Allie on her cheek and says to the Clerk, "I think we need several pairs of shorts and some cute tops for her. She will need them for the next week until ... she needs other clothes."

Terry and Beth giggle as the clerk goes off to gather some of the requested Items.

When she returns, she hands Allie several cute tops and bottoms and says, "Now, go in the changing room and try these on. Let's see how they look on you."

Elladan blinks, registering the giggle as they hand him the clothes. He's just realized, that Terry is in on the plot Beth has. Worried, he walks into the changing room. He can’t believe he’s on a girl’s shopping trip and actually trying on girl clothes. He thinks he’s about to die from humiliation.

One by one, he changes into each outfit, coming out to blush and show them, before going back in. He looks just like a very pretty girl in each outfit he tries on. Beth and Terry are most impressed. An hour later, every possible combination had been shown, and he was getting irritated and in need of a bathroom. He suddenly realizes ... he had wet himself again as he feels the warm wetness spread around his legs and bottom.. He truly wants to crawl into the nearest black hole and disappear.

Beth says to the Clerk, "Those will be fine. Ring them up so we can go to the food court and get lunch."

Terry adds, "I think Chinese would be good. Don't want something heavy though ... we girl's have to watch our figures."

The women take Allie to the cash register and stand as the Clerk rings up the purchases. Loaded down with all the bags, Terry and Beth lead Allie to the food court where they stand in line awaiting their turn.

A cute little boy of about 11 approaches Allie and says shyly, "Hi, my names John ... what's yours?"

Elladan realizes a boy was talking to him. Shy and highly embarrassed, he blushes a bright crimson, scooting closer to Beth and trying to hide. Beth turns slightly and looks down to see what was happening. She sees the little boy standing there and Allie being shy.

Beth says softly, "Don't be shy Allie, at least tell the boy your name and say hello." Terry turns and watches with great interest.

Elladan is in shock. Shy and embarrassed, he mutters the name "Allie", before returning to his hiding, burying his face into Beth's jeans.

A woman from across the court calls, "Johnny!! Come here, we are about to leave!"

He blushes slightly and says softly, "It's nice to meet you Allie ... Hope we meet again an be friends." He then turns and runs off to his mother.

Beth hugs Allie softly and coos, "Now see sweet heart? You're a very pretty little girl."
Terry giggles and says, "I think she's perfect to be a baby. She’s that adorable." Both women giggle as Terry orders lunch for the 3 of them. Elladan can't help but blush and squirm. He doesn't want to be a girl or baby, but it seems no matter what he does, his fate is sealed. As they fetch the food, he shyly follows Terry and Beth to a table to eat.

The women lead Allie to the table. Before Beth seats Allie, She pulls up the front of Allie's dress and pulls open her pull ups and check her to see if she's wet or messy. Beth discovers Allie had wet her pull up and was in need of a change.

Beth makes a big deal of it as she says loud enough for other to hear, but not loud enough to be obvious, "Ohh, sweetie, Baby needs to be changed. Terry, you stay here and guard everything while I take baby to the potty and change her.”

Terry giggles and says, " Sure, we don't want our little girl to be uncomfortable."

Beth leads Allie off to the lady’s room by the hand. Elladan is shocked that he's wet again, and in public no less. Fussing, he squirms as Beth checks him, then grabs him by the hand and leads him away to the women's restroom.

When they arrive, Beth pulls down Allies cute lacy pull up and coos softly, "See sweetie? Becoming a little girl doesn't hurt at all ... now does it? Now, be a good girl and step out of these wet and messy things so I can clean and change you."

Elladan wiggles, squirming and trying to pull his pull up back up. His privacy is very small, and just about completely pulled back inside of his crotch. Elladan almost passes out.

He whines in his adorable little girl’s voice, "But I don't want to..." as he crawls onto the table, fearing another spanking from Beth.

Beth says softly, "What you want at this point is irrelevant. As you can plainly see, you need to be in diapers. Since you're a big girl, I have allowed you to be in pull ups."

Beth removes the wet pull ups and cleans Allie's squeaky places softly. Elladan’s privacy is looking just like a girl’s.

She then has her stand up as she holds out another very cute and lacy pair of pull ups and coos softly, "Be a good girl and step in."

Elladan fusses as she removes the pull ups and cleans him. He whines, on the verge of tears as he sees his member is almost completely drawn inside. Beth pulls the panty up and insures it fits snugly between his legs in a cute little girl V. Elladan is in tears now, wiggling and squirming as Beth pulls the cute and lacy pull up on.

When Beth had finished, She took Allie by the hand and led her back to the Table where Terry had set up lunch. Terry pulls the chair out for Allie.

Terry coos softly, "Now, does baby feel better all dry and clean?"

Elladan blushes, as Terry pulls out the highchair. The road to regression is coming fast now, as he walks over, shyly holding Beth's hand. By night, he'll be in diapers, and tomorrow, it'll be all over, he knows. When posed the question, he whimpers and averts his eyes.

Beth helps Allie into the high chair and closes the tray. She places the plate of food in front of her and hands her a spoon. She ties a large bib around his neck.

Beth asks, "Do you want me to feed you, or are you a big girl and can do it yourself?"

Stuck in the highchair, he squirms. Instead of answering whether to bed fed or not, he complains, "but I'm a big gir- boy! Not a baby girl!"

The women giggle as Beth replies, "Ok, I guess that means you can feed yourself."

She sits and begins to chatter away with Terry about all the cute things they are going to do with baby Allie as they eat their lunch. Disgruntled, Elladan glares at them, pouting beginning to eat his food while the two girls talk and chatter about his pending transformation. He was unaware of how much food was missing his mouth and getting all over his face and hands. It was a fortunate thing Beth had put a bib around Allie’s neck or she would have ruined the new dress.

Beth and Terry finish eating. Beth takes a large wipe from her purse and cleans Allie's face and hands amid her protests.

Terry says, "Allie is even sounding like a baby now. Listen to her fuss about getting her hands and face cleaned."

Several of the near by women were doing awwws and commenting on how cute Allie was.

Terry says to Allie, "Seems lots of people think your just precious."

She leans over and give Allie a kiss on her cheek as Beth opens the high Chair tray and helps Allie to her feet.

Allie fusses more as he gets cleaned by Beth. He is very shy and annoyed by the cooing and awwing, and when Terry kisses him as Beth helps him out, he murmurs, averting his eyes.

"This is so unfair," he complains in his cute little girl voice.

Beth coos softly to Allie, "How is it unfair sweet heart? Think of all the trouble you got into these last 2 years ... and think of how fun it will be to be a baby girl and not be in trouble."

Allie had to admit, he had been in lots of trouble these last 2 years. As a baby, he knew he would be unable to get into anything because the adults would be supervising him too closely. Beth takes one of Allie's hands as Terry takes the other. They escort Allie out of the food court like the little girl she so adorably appears to be. Elladan blushes, realizing that they're dead serious about him being a baby girl. He can't help but pale, as they take his arm, leading him out of the mall. He is worriedly contemplating his fate.

As the trio left the Mall, the little boy and his mom were standing on the edge of the sidewalk.

The little boy waves and calls out, "Hi, Allie! Hope we get to play in the park soon."

His mom waves at all and then gets into the cab that had pulled up with the boy.

Beth bends and coos softly, "Seems someone likes you sweet heart."

Both women giggle as they slowly escort Allie homeward with the new purchases.

Elladan is ashamed and blushing. Though it's rude, he is so embarrassed, and humiliated, he hopes he never sees the boy again. He can't believe he's becoming a baby girl, he muses bashfully, as they escort back down the street, and back into the house.

On the porch, Beth bends and pulls open the front of Allie's panties and checks to make sure she's not wet again. Beth makes a huge deal out of doing it and insures everyone within reasonable earshot knows Allie's a little girl that has accidents.

They escort her into the house. While Terry is taking the tags off of all the new outfits, Beth had taken Allie to the nursery and removed all of her clothes but her panties. She then put her in the crib with the rails up, trapping Allie in.

Beth coos softly, "I'll be back in a flash with a nice soothing bottle for you to help you sleep. Auntie knows baby is tired and needs a nap."

Beth turns and leaves the nursery. The door closes with a soft click and her footsteps can be heard going down stairs. Elladan was surprised at this, and he did fuss as she checked him, then escorted him to the back. He fussed more as she stripped him, but in no time at all, he was naked save for the pull ups , and secure in the crib as she left.

He couldn't do anything now, because the drugs were kicking in very strongly. Already, his thoughts were becoming drowsy and babyish. He quickly wet his pull up, and it was evident he would be fully regressed quite shortly.

Beth walks into the kitchen and opens the refrigerator. She removes one of the prepared bottles of special formula and removes the top. She puts it in the microwave for about a minute to warm. She knows, this bottle has enough chemical in it to make Allie feel more like a young girl. She will wake up refreshed and realize something has changed about her, but not be really sure what it is.

The buzzer sounds and Beth removes the bottle form the microwave and tests the liquid within on her forearm. It is nice and pleasantly warm ... just right for baby.

She returns to the nursery. She opens the door and walks to the crib. Beth turns Allie onto her tummy and pulls open her pull up as if she’s checking. Beth quickly pushes the last suppository deep into Allie’s bottom, insuring she will be diaper dependent. Allie’s eyes get huge s she gasps in a squeaky way. HE can feel it melting and spreading wonderful chills all through his body. Beth turns him back onto his back and places a small pillow beside Allie's head and props the bottle in her mouth. The warm sweet taste of the formula fills Allie's mouth.

Beth bends and kisses her softly on the nose and coos, "Now, sweetie, when you wake up, you'll feel so much better about this whole thing. Auntie promises."

Beth pats Allie softly on her thigh and again leaves ... the door closes softly leaving Allie with many confused thoughts and emotions.

He realizes It's over, and they all know it. He can feel his mind becoming more and more infantile with each heartbeat. He feels the suppository melting deep inside him. He shivers with the pleasant chills all through him as goose bumps rise.

As he nurses the very wonderful tasting bottle, Allie can feel his mind fail on him, becoming blissfully enamored with everything, and most importantly his bottle. It's game over, he realizes, and as he falls asleep, the last hinge tweaks. There is nothing left ...

She is Allie.

~~ The End ~~
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