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Nanny 3000

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Nov 14, 2016 9:18 am

I did not write this story nor do I take any credit for it or its content. I offer it for the enjoyment of all as another wonderfully talented author tells his story.

Nanny 3000
By Manning Castle

Chapter 1 (Ty’s big catch)

It was cold night outside as I sat with Joe in the bar. This last year for me has been a big change and how I now own my grandfather’s business of making computers. I had broken up with Amy just about a year ago and have met a new beautiful girlfriend. We both share the same interests as well as fetishes. Joe has been a good friend of mine since we were kids.

“So what do you think of that new A.I. chip I made?” He asked me.

“I like it a lot and many of my customers want to participate in its demo show.”

Joe had that smile of well being on his face. He was always great with computers.

“If this does well, you’re going to be a multimillionaire Joe.” I said.

“Your grandfather would have been proud Ty.” He replied.

“Well anyway, I need to get going; I have a trip to go see this girl I met online out in Houston tomorrow morning.” Joe said as he grabbed his coat. “Oh one more thing man!” he said as we did our buddy handshake. “I hear your ex is coming back to town to visit her family. No telling what that may be like. Be careful.”

‘No prob man.” I said. “Molly is dying to get her hands on Amy if she comes near me. Now that will be a nice show to get front row tickets to.” I said with chuckle.

Joe laughed as he left. Then I began to think. I recalled how Amy threaten she was going to get me back for letting her go. She put me though so much hell. Knowing her, she’ll try to pull another stunt like last time. However, I think I’ll be ready for her, and I think she’ll learn a lesson she won’t forget.

“Well.” I said. “It’s late and I should be going.”

I found out the following day, Amy was going to sneak in to the mansion this evening. I had finished my top secret A.I. Project what was meant for me and Molly. I had it installed as well. I sat in the main room with the lights dim and waited.

“Now, for the guinea pig to arrive, all I do now is wait. Molly I hope you come back tonight to see this I think you’ll love it.” I said to myself.

The house was ready. I made everything look like nobody was home.

Around 11:30 pm I heard a window slide open followed by a familiar voice.
“What a stupid jerk off! He has all this money and won’t install an alarm system.”

I grinned in realizing Amy was allowing herself in my home. I stood up in waiting. She closed the window and turned on a flash light she was caring.

“I’m going to get that bastard. “She said to herself. I’ll make him look like he’s been cheating on that ugly dog he’s with.”

She walked in to the main living with a duffel bag on her side. I clapped my hands to activate the lights.

“Hello Amy, it’s been awhile.” I said as I looked into her eyes.

“Son of a….!? Oh shoot! I’m so screwed; I thought you were….. Why are you here!?!” She said in a panic.

I just smiled. “Amy, I’ve been expecting you. I knew you were coming here to try to screw with mine and Molly’s relationship. Why do you still hold a grudge?” I asked.

She screamed, “I knew you were cheating on me Ty and don’t lie!”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. “You knew I had to be gone all the time because my grandfather was sick. He had to teach me how to take over his business and how to be successful in running the family company, so we could have a wonderful life together. Still, accused me of sleeping with every woman in his office! What’s worse you told everybody and once they found out you were wrong, you were so embarrassed you ran away by leaving town.”

We were both quiet for a sec. The hard lonely past stood between us.
I came to my scenes. She broke into my home, to try to destroy what I had built. Now was the time.

“Well, since you want to act like a bad girl, I have the thing that just might fix that.” I said.

“Call the cops I’ll be gone before they show up.” She replied.

“I don’t plan on calling the cops. I knew you were going to be here so I prepared a little something for you, well not really but you’ll make a great test subject. Nanny 3000! The baby needs to be dressed!” I ordered.

Before Amy could react two huge robotic arms have grabbed her and pulled her though a hole in the ceiling. Her screams could be heard all though the walls around me. I walked down the hall to a room that I had built for me and Molly. It was an adult baby nursery. The Nanny 3000 is my newest A.I. Project designed to take care of adult babies in threes ways. One by motherly instinct, second though someone giving Nanny 3000 orders on what to do and, three the baby itself can makes requests. I had Nanny 3000 following my orders.

As Nanny 3000 undressed the squirming Amy she was sizing what garments to put on Amy. I’m a vintage diaper collector and have found different types of diapers. My personal favorites are Pampers Phrases diapers made for boys in blue and girls in pink and quite thick too.

The Nanny 3000 can take any baby garment or toy and clone it to fit on adults. I placed a size 3 pink crawler diaper into Nanny’s Size-O-Matic. As the diaper was being prepared Amy was held down in the baby bath and washed from head to toe.

“No please don’t do this to me! I’m sorry please no I’m sorry.” She screamed.

A hand containing a razor drew close to Amy’s legs. The hands that held Amy’s legs forced them opened. Her squirming and hard breathing from loosing the battle could be heard while she tried to wiggle away form the razor. A lavender scented shaving cream was rubbed on her crotch causing her to release a slight giggle and grunt.

“Be a good girl and let Nanny get rid of that icky hair on your baby spots.” Nanny 3000 commanded.

I watched with a satisfying grin on my face. Amy began to whine then followed by tears one her face as she was forced to watch her womanhood be stripped away from her. As the hair on her crotch was shaved away Nanny 3000 would have a hand tickling Amy’s tummy while making googley sounds like mother playing games with her baby during changing time.

“Let me GO!!” Amy shouted while crying. “Let me go you bastard!!” She screamed while looking at me.

I entered the master control area of Nanny 3000 which stood in the middle of the room. The Nursery took two months to build and was kept a secret from Molly until it was ready. The room contained a large bathing area, three cribs, dual changing tables and a playing area designed for babies that like to crawl, climb, and play. Beside the control area is where a large storage bin where baby food of all kinds were kept. The last part of the nursery was hidden behind a curtain where sexual activities were performed. The area matches the rest of the nursery but had special play toys.

By this time Nanny 3000 had finished bathing Amy and had her bound to the changing table. I watch as Amy struggled hard to escape her bonds. There she laid, arms placed above her head and ankles held down. Only her mid area could move freely. The Size-O-Matic had copied the Pampers diaper more than 18 times and was sized to fit Amy. I held one in my hand for a sec. The diaper was huge, thick and could barely stay closed due to its bulk. I placed it back with the rest. Nanny 3000 already had the diapers stored at the changing area where they belonged.

Wide eyed, Amy began to breathe harder.

“OH HELL NO!” She shouted.

As a diaper was opened and placed beside her. Amy tried to knock the diaper off the table with her body but was quickly bonded down by Nanny 3000. She released a screaming cry as her ankles were lifted up over her head.

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOO!!!!” She yelled as baby powder was sprinkled on her bottom.

“You still have a real cute bottom Amy I’ll admit that.” I said with a snicker.

The diaper was placed under her bottom followed by her coming down on it. Amy moaned as the diaper came up between her legs and was taped shut. I had picked out a pink lined t-shirt that matched her diaper. Nanny 3000 sat Amy up holding her by her legs and wrists. Amy looked so cute sitting there with a bulky diaper on and one that looked really good on her.

“Hmm….. Molly would look better in Luvs.” I said to myself.

Amy’s diaper hugged her tummy well as the bulk around her crotch stuck out. Nanny 3000 then dressed Amy in the T-shirt laid her back down the followed by putting pink bloomer socks on her feet. Amy was the picked up and placed in a crib.

“Uh! I can’t stand right!’ She stated as she tried to use her legs to hold herself up.

The bulky diaper made it hard to Amy to stand on her own and shortly after she fell on her padded ass in the crib.

“That’s a crawler diaper, it’s not meant for girls that can ‘walk’ just yet.” I said to her.

Amy attempted to undo the tapes that held her in her diaper but had no luck.

“Why can’t I get these freaking things off?!” She yelled.

“The tapes on your diaper are strong enough to resist your handling. I can’t even remove them myself if I need to. Only Nanny can take them off. Ripping, or tearing your diaper off is also of no use. “I said to her as she tried to pull and tug it away from her.

At this time I came out of the control room and walked up to her.

“What have you done to me!?!” She shouted.
Again, she tried to get up using the bars on her crib, this time being able to stand but had to keep her legs open due to her diaper. She reached down in the crib and grabbed a rattle that was in there and threw it in my direction.

“You bastard!!” She shouted as I caught it.

I put my hands to my sides.

“Naughty, naughty Amy. That’s not being a good girl. I think you need a spanking.” I said.

“Yea right! Like your going to hold me down and spank me.” She replied.

I smiled, “You have no idea what’s in store for you. This is Nanny 3000’s nursery and she does most of the punishing. Nanny 3000! The baby is misbehaving, and needs a spanking please?”

In response Amy placed her hands behind her to cover her diapered butt, but fell down again. Nanny 3000 picked her up by her arms, held them over her head and proceeded to spank her as she stood.

Ow! Ow! Ouch!! She yelled then towards the end was crying as the diaper could be heard pounding away at her skin the ten times she was spanked.

Once Nanny 3000 was done spanking Amy she let her go and again Amy fell on her diapered ass.

Amy threw her head into a pillow and sobbed from embarrassment and pain of being spanked. I sat down in a Blue’s Clues playing chair and waited for her to finish. After about five minutes passed she sat up and wiped her eyes.

“How long do you plan on keeping me here?” She asked.

“I figured for most of the night until early tomorrow morning. This room your in was designed for adult babies. As you know, and you stated how weird my diaper fetish was I used some of the money inherited to me to build this big house. This was a plan I had going on for some time. Then the Nanny 3000 I.A. system was created by me and a fellow alt. worker. Everything from wall-to-wall is monitored by the Nanny 3000. She will follow most orders given to her but is programmed not perform any lethal actions.”

Amy felt a little at ease after knowing what her fate would be like.

“Well, it’s better than going to jail I guess. Now I feel bad.” She said.

“Oh, why’s that” I asked.

“As you know, I came here to try and get revenge on you. I figured if I snuck in I could do something to try to make it look like you were cheating on Molly. You have pictures of her all over the house just like me when we were together. She’s lucky and I see that now. I bet you two have all sorts of fun in here.”

I interrupted. “To be honest with you Amy, you’re the first person to try out the Nanny 3000 away from the lab. I figured with you coming here I could have you be my test subject for her.”

Amy took in a breath, “Again I’ll say it beats jail. Thanks for not calling the cops.”

Chapter 2 (Lets meet Molly!)

“Someone has entered the premises.” Nanny 3000 reported.

“That must be Molly now. Amy, behave till I return. I need to explain to her what’s going on and show her our new toy. I’ll be back soon, if you need a diaper change, Nanny 3000 will be alerted once you’ve finished using your diaper. If you need a bottle, just ask her, she’ll give you one. Ok?”

Amy gasped at the thought of Molly seeing her here. She felt her heart beat faster and harder. She responded with a whine.

“Hi baby!” I said as I picked up Molly and held her close to me.

“How’s my baby boy?” She asked followed by a kiss.

“The surprise I had in store for you is ready. Thank you for being so patient about letting me finish it. Believe me it was well worth the wait.”

Molly’s face lit up. “Oh I wanna see it so bad! The hints you gave me makes me think it’s a place for me to have fun in my diapers. Is it a nursery?”

“More than that, it’s got some other things in it too. I just finished my last test on it.”

“What was that? Finding a placed to put toys?” She asked.

“Not really. Allow me to explain.” I told her.

I explained to her about the break in and how Amy was involved. I explained how I was able to get her in a crib and how she’s not able to escape. I left the Nanny 3000 out of it. I wanted her to see her for myself.

Molly walked into the nursery wide eyed like a kid in a candy store.

“Oh, Ty it’s a dream!” Followed by noticing Amy locked in the crib.

“Well, look at this. A brat locked where she belongs, behind bars. Cute diaper by the way.” Molly said with a smile.

Amy gave her the middle finger and, her best angry stare possible forgetting the situation she was in.

“I have half a mind to pull you out of the crib and spank you!” Molly stated.

I interrupted., “Hey Molly, do you remember that cute school girl outfit you saw at the store the other day?” You know the one that you saw in the baby section?”

She turned toward me, “Oh I wish I could I could find something like that my size to ware. Why what about it? Did you find one my size or something? I doubt it will be the same.”

Oh, I think different; I said as I went back to the control area while Amy and Molly stared down and cruised one another.

I ask, “Molly, you trust me right?”

“You know I do. Why? What’s up?” She asked.

I smiled., “Nanny 3000, the second baby needs to be clothed as well. Dress her for school please?”

Molly looked up and saw the hands come for her. Quickly she was undressed.

She asks, “Ty, what is this!? What’s going on!?”

At this time she was being stripped of her clothes.

“Amy’s going to see me naked!!” Molly screamed.

Amy began to laugh.

“Amy, do you want a second heaping of those spankings?” I asked sternly.

“No! Please NO!!” She replied then quietly watched.

At this time Molly was bathed. I had placed the school girl outfit and a Luvs step 3 crawler diaper into the Size-O-Matic.

“Ty what the hell is this and what’s going on?” Molly asked nervously.

“You’ll see, and I think you will like it. It’s ok. You’re not going to get hurt I promise.”

Molly looked great. She was a natural redhead. She had that real dark red hair. It made her blue eyes sparkle and that red on her crotch drove me crazy when she was naked in front of me. Her diapers and outfit were done. The Luvs diapers were sent to her changing table and stacked beside Amy’s Pampers.

“I see you shaved again, that’s good.” I told Molly noticing her hairless crotch. Clean as ever.

However, that was quickly covered by the whiteness of baby powder then covered by a Luvs diaper. She was sat up by Nanny 3000 dress in the white t-shirt followed by the plaid skirt. She was then laid back down and dressed in knee high socks followed by Mary Jane Osh Kosh shoes followed by her hair being put into pig tails. Nanny 3000 picked up the freshly dressed girl and placed her on the ground beside me. Molly looked down at what she was wearing.

Mouth opened and wide eyed. “Oh! I….!”

She waddled up to her feet and in the process exposed the back side of her thick Luvs diaper towards me. It made her cute ass look big. A mirror stood across the room and she admired what she was wearing.

“Where did you get this!?!?! I looks just like the one from the store!”

The dress featured a picture of baby Buggs Bunny on it. Molly’s a big fan of the Loony Toons. After looking over her outfit she examined her fresh diaper. It had bunnies and pink bows on its taping area. The diaper itself had patters of pink and green flowers on it.

She gasps, “Is this…..? No, it can’t be a..”

“Luvs diaper.” I interrupted.

“But, how!? How, did you make a copy of such an old diaper?!” she asked excitedly.

“Molly, I’d like you to meet your surprise. The Nanny 3000!” I said with pride.

Looking over at Amy’s diaper she said. “I take it you did the same with her diaper as well. No wonder it looks so cute on her.”

Amy let with a sigh. “Yea, yea. Can I go now? She’s here, I’m embarrassed and you two have each other. Trust me; I’m not saying shit to nobody. So, please can I go now?”

Molly waddled over to Amy’s crib and shortly after fell on her bottom with a diapered ‘thud’.
“What’s a matter? Baby can’t walk in her diapers!?” Amy said with laughter.

“Like you have much room to talk Amy. Go ahead, stand up without the bars.” I said with a laugh, “I’ll be right back. Play nicely.”

Then I left the nursery to use the restroom.

Molly stared at Amy with anger. She then stood up and waddled over to Amy’s crib. Amy met her as far as her bars would let her. Both looked at one another with anger. Molly quickly grabbed Amy by her shirt. Amy, in response was trying to release the grip with her own hands.

“Let go of me you tramp!” Amy shouted.

“Shut up and listen to me!” Molly responded.

“I know why you’re here. I’ve known before you even came back into town. I knew you were plotting revenge. I’m not stupid and believe me! Before this night is out I’m going to make you wish you never came here. I love Ty and I’m not going to allow you to ruin him again. You put him though so much grief that to this day he cries out your name in his nightmares. You’ve been a naughty girl Amy and Mommy is going to have to punish you.” She finished.

Molly released her grip then was shoved away by Amy.

“I’m not scared of you!” Amy said in an angry response.

“I’m glad he suffers! I’m glad he still hurts. What’s worse is you’re with him! He’s a stupid jerk! You must have been desperate to get with him.”

Molly closed her eyes and smiled.

“For a stupid jerk, he sure has great skills. He caught, diapered, and even shaved you bald where it counts missy!” Molly said with a smile.

“How do you know that? For all you know that could be a second chick’s hair.” She sneered.

“He told me.” Molly Snickered.

Amy knew she was right and said nothing.

She decided to change the subject. “So how did you meet him? I’ve known Ty since I was in school and have never seen you before.”

Molly waddled over to the bag she brought in with her. She began floundering though its contents.

“Though collage.” Molly answered. “We met for the first time though math class.”

Molly quickly secured a small object into her diaper than looked over at Amy. By this time, I had come back in.

“Ty, could I have control of what Nanny 3000 does?” she asked sweetly.

It seemed Molly was enjoying her new toy.

“Sure sweetie.” I said with a smile. “Nanny 3000, Molly is now in control. Please follow her commands.”

“Affirmative Ty” Nanny responded.

Molly walked over to the bassinette that sat beside the crib Amy was in.

“Ty, what’s the capacity of this cute bassinette?” Molly asked.

I responded, “About 500 lbs. Why?”

“Come here a sec.” She beckoned.

Doing so, I walked over to Molly, still amazed at how she looked.

“Baby, your sure turning me on, you look hot!” I said.

“Kiss me Ty.” She demanded.

Doing so she wrapped her left leg around me and forced her tongue into my mouth. I placed one hand behind her head and the other on the backside of her diaper.
Molly took her other hand and began to rub my crotch making it hard, then rubbed my chest. While in the process she pulled an object out of her diaper, then I felt a sharp object go into my neck.

“AH!! What the!?! Molly!? What the heck are you doing?!” Before I could react she pulled the syringe out of my neck.

“Don’t worry baby. Momma has some business to take care of and I need my baby boy to be safe.” She said.

I felt light headed and began to get light on my feet.

“Nanny 3000, please place my sweet infant on the changing table?”
“Yes Molly.” Nanny responded.

Wide eyed Amy watched in horror.

“Why did you do that for Molly? You sick freak!”

Molly looked over at Amy and ordered, “Nanny, please place the baby on the second changing table?”

Quickly Amy was lifted from the crib and placed beside me.

“Oh god no, Ty wake up! Amy shouted.

I was out cold.

Chapter 3 (Molly’s Revenge)

Molly walked beside me and Amy. She looked over at me and placed her lips on mine and kissed me.

“I’m sorry baby. This is for your own good. I know you still love Amy, but she needs to be taught a lesson. Nanny, please dress my baby Ty in an infant sleeper for bed.”

Yes Miss Molly.” Nanny responded.

Quickly I was stripped of my robe and pants then diapered, followed with a thick baby blue sleeper that would disallow me to remove it. Molly licked her lips in response to what I was wearing.

“Oh Ty your so cute! I just wanna ohh! Nanny Please place my baby Ty in his bassinette for a nap.”

Upon doing so Nanny 3000 picked me up and placed me in the bed, then put a blanket over me. Molly walked over to see how I looked. She caressed my head then kissed my cheek.

“Sleep soundly sweetie. Mommy needs to take care of business.” She said then walked back over to Amy.

Amy struggled to escape but was held down by clamps on the table.

“You crazy bitch, get away from me!” She screamed as Molly walked over to her.

“Such a cute diaper lets see if we can get you to fill it.” Molly said calmly.

“I don’t need to use the bathroom, and I’m quite potty trained. I can use the bathroom like any regular person Molly, so piss off!” Amy screamed.

“Who said anything about you going to the bathroom in your diaper?” Molly said as went over to her bag.

“What’re you talking about Molly?!” Amy questioned.

“This!” Molly said while pulling a dildo out of the bag.

“OH HELL NO!!! Amy shouted.

“Nanny, please undo the baby’s diaper.” Molly commanded.

“Yes Miss Molly.” Nanny 3000 responded, while undoing Amy’s diaper.

Having the diaper off Amy was able to close her legs a little. Molly placed her hand over Amy’s crotch and felt the inside of Amy’s diaper.

“Oh, look. The baby is dry and her diaper looks thirsty. Let’s quench its thirst.

“Molly, please no! Please, I’m sorry! I’ll leave you guys alone. I wont say anything about what I’ve seen here please don’t do this!!” Amy begged.

Molly wiped the tears from Amy’s face then began to play with her hairless crotch. Amy moaned and groaned, and felt pleasure from Molly stroking her. By this time Amy’s pussy was wet. Molly gently placed the dildo in Amy then taped the diaper shut over it. The diaper did well in concealing the dildo making it look like nothing was there.

Amy, however felt different. Not only could she not close her legs but the diaper made sure the dildo could not escape. Amy could not speak but could only moan. Her breasts were hard and the dildo penetrated her deeper when the diaper closed over it.

“Now, how’s that Amy? Feel nice?” Molly said with an evil grin on her face.

Poor Amy could do nothing. Her hands still restrained over her. All she could do is moan in pleasure. She was beginning to enjoy this.

“Molly, please, ohh! Please don’t!” Amy moaned.

“Please don’t what? Get you turned on by this? Too late Amy I can see it in your face. You really enjoying this, here let me help.” Molly said with a smile on her face.

Molly began to stroke Amy’s diaper causing the dildo to masturbate Amy. With each moan Molly would lick her lips. While playing with Amy’s diaper Molly looked around the room to see what she had at her disposal. She turned her eye over to the curtain the hid the special room.

“Hmm, wonder what’s back there? Nanny please continue playing with the baby while I step away for a sec?” Molly requested.

“Yes Miss Molly” Nanny responded.

As Molly stepped away from Amy, the Nanny 3000 took over rubbing Amy’s diaper. Tears ran down Amy’s face as a result from the penetration. She’s never felt this type of pleasure before. The dildo continued to rub in her crotch while the diaper crinkled away as if it was making it easier for the dildo to stay in place.
Molly walked past Ty to see how he was doing.

“Sleeping like a baby, your so cute Ty you have no idea how much I love you! I’m sorry I had to do this, but it’s for your own good.” Molly said as she kissed Ty’s head.

Ty slept peacefully as if nothing was happening.

“Hmm let’s see what’s behind the magic door.” Molly said as she pulled the curtain.

As quickly was she seen everything her eyes widened. She saw what looked like a changing table but had a strange object connected to the crotch area.

“This looks like it’s meant to contain cum.” Molly said as she examined it.

There was a bouncy swing for adults that had restraints for the legs and arms. The crotch also had an easy opening for access.

“Nice, but not what I’m looking for. Ah! What’s this!?” Molly said looking over at the giant rocking horse.

The rocking horse had restraints for hands and feet with some buttons on its side.

“Rock, sing and bounce.” Molly said as she had an idea.

Molly pressed the bounce button and watch in amusement as the horse began to bounce in an up and down movement. Molly looked over at the moaning Amy.

“I think it’s time for baby Amy to play horsy.” Molly said with an evil grin.

Nanny 3000, please bring the rocking horse out to the floor?” Molly continued.

Just then the rocking horse was moved over the play area of the nursery.

“Nanny please place the baby on the rocking horse.” Molly requested.

Quickly Amy was released from her bounds of the changing table then placed on the rocking horse. Her legs were restrained followed by her hands to the rocking horse.

“What are you doing to me!? Molly?!” Amy shouted still trying to regain from the table.

Molly adjusted the seating to where Amy’s diaper was laying up against the horse. Amy looked down in wondering what was going to happen the looked up at what she was on.

“A rocking horse!?!? Oh no! It’s gonna….. NO MOLLY PLEASE NO!!!” Amy cried.

Amy now looked like a toddler that was ready to finish playing and take a nap. Molly placed her hand over Amy’s diaper.

“Hmm, not wet enough sweetie. Mommy wants her pumpkin wet before a change ok?” Molly said as she patted Amy’s diaper ass.

As a last effort Amy desperately tried to move but was restrained by the rocking horse.

“Time to bounce the baby!” Molly said as she pressed the bounce button on the rocking horse.

The horse bounced Amy causing the crotch of her diaper to press the dildo into Amy with harder force. Amy screamed with pleasure as the horse bounced her. Her diaper crinkled with each bump as well. Amy looked like a toddler playing horsy as she bounced being raped by her diaper. She began to sweat and cry from the force she was receiving.

“Here’s the heartbreaking Amy Angelsen being treated like a baby and even enjoying it! From sweats to pampers easy and simple! How do you like them apples Amy?”

All Amy could do is moan before she could get a word out before the penetration took over.

“Ok, lets feel that diaper of yours sweetie.” Molly said as she turned the rocking horse off.

Amy was breathing hard. Her breasts stuck out wadding up her shirt. Molly took notice and felt them.

“Firm and hard, thata girl!” Molly said with a smile.

Molly began to feel Amy’s diaper noticing how wet she was.

“Now, that’s what I call wet. Let’s get you changed.

Nanny picked up the still panting Amy and placed her on the table.
Amy was too tired to move.

“Oh my crotch hurts!” Oh that felt good!” She sighed.

Molly smiled as she removed the wet diaper from Amy and pulled the very wet dildo out of her. The dildo was so wet that it was dripping with Amy’s cum. Her pussy was well gapped. Amy watched as Molly cleaned her then placed a fresh diaper on her.

“Nanny please return the baby back to her crib?” Molly said as she rolled up Amy’s very wet diaper then placed it in the diaper pail.

Amy was placed gently into the crib followed by a pink blanket that covered her. Molly walked over to Amy and gently rubbed her head.

“Molly, I……. that was nice. Thank you!” I think I like this fetish. If I came back could I stay with you guys?” Could I play with you?”

Molly smiled then placed a pacifier in Amy’s mouth.

“Of course sweetie and, I’m sure Ty would like that too.” She said as she watches Amy fall fast asleep.

Chapter 4 (Ty’s Awaking)

“Oh….what the...…Amy……….Molly!”

I awoke and found myself lying in my bed. I sat up and saw a note sitting on my dresser.

It Said:

Good morning Ty!
Sorry about yesterday, please don’t be mad but I had to do something and turns out it worked for the better. You’ll have to come to the nursery to see for yourself. I think you’ll like what you see….
You’re Baby girl;
Molly S.

“Well, guess the only thing I could do is go look for myself.” I said as I got up and headed for the nursery.

I opened the door and heard laughing. I walked over to the play area and saw Molly and Amy playing. Both were wearing the diapers I made for them with cute shirts that matched. Molly had a pacifier in her mouth and Amy was wearing a cute bib. Amy turned around and saw me. She tapped Molly’s shoulder. Molly looked over at Amy then at me.

“Wow! How cute and sexy!!” I said as they crawled towards me.

Molly smiled with the pacifier still in her mouth in response to what I said.
I kneed down to them.

“We have a new baby girl” Molly said.

“I can see!” I said as I looked over at the diapered Amy.

“I’m so happy! Thank You!” I said as Molly and Amy both kissed my cheeks.

“Nanny. Please dress the baby for play I asked.”

Shortly after we played in our diapers for the rest of the day with Nanny 3000 watching over us and playing, till it was night night time.

The End!!
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Re: Nanny 3000

Postby TiresiasRex » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:29 pm

Ah! I fondly remember this story from years ago. The diapered dildo scene was exceptionally erotic and well-done (not too explicit, but just enough to get the readers - and Amy - excited).

Of course, I was always partial to the story based on the names of two of the characters: Ty and Amy.... :)

Thank you for posting this, Baby Miki!
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