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Nanabot Inc.

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 09, 2016 7:31 pm

Title: Nanabot Inc.


Michael Orson - 19yo research assistant – Played by: Johannaster

The General - Played by: Johannaster

All other Characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Vickie Leigh - 19yo research assistant

Scene: In the clean lab of Nano/Gen research facility

The mad dash for personal robots had been totally dominated by Japan for many years. After these many years, the 2 brightest research assistants Nano/Gen had ever gotten from the college programs, had made a remarkable break through in Artificial intelligence and Nano/molecular computing.

Vickie Leigh was a very pretty blond. She had shoulder length hair and a very attractive figure. Even in the lab coat, as she bent over to add a few touches to the personality program, her cuteness radiated through out the lab.

Michael was 19 years old with black hair and green eyes. He was looking around the lab as it was his first day here. He was excited about working at Nano/Gen. but didn't know what he was to expect from this job. The head researcher walked in beaming with pride. He looks around the room in a very haughty way.

He says out loud, "I have just received word that because my new AI program and personal servant program has been such a success in the testing phase, that I now am being promoted to head Administrator."

Vickie stands up and says softly to the handsome young man standing next to her, "Man ... that figures. We do all the work ... he gets all the praise and promotions." She turns and sees the new face. She smiles and extends her hand, "My name's Vickie ... what's yours? You must be new."

Michael says, "Michael Orson, and yes, I'm new. The head was talking about the testing phase, testing phase for what Vickie, and who is the test subject?"

He wonders what is in the test phase and who the test subject is.

Vickie smiles and has a sparkle in her eye. She says softly as she takes him by the hand, "Come with me ... let me show you what I built."

She leads the confused young man by the hand through the maze of the massive complex. They finally come to a door marked Authorized Personnel Only Level 1 clearance required. Vickie waves a green and red access card under Micheal’s nose then swipes it through the reader. The red lights over the maglock on the door turn green amid a loud buzzing. The door slides back with a whoosh.

Vickie leads him into the room and turns on the light. In the very center of the room, contained in a glass cylinder ... stood what looked like a very beautiful young woman in a very short white and black uniform.

Vickie smiles as she waves her hand, "I would like to introduce you to Nanabot ... the most advanced personal robot in the world."

Michael says to Vickie, "I'm not the test subject … am I?” He then walks up to the Nanabot and says, "Oh, hello. My name is Michael."

He's starting to think he is the test subject, but what is this robot for. He waits for a response. Michael sees Vickie walk to a control panel and begin to type on the keyboard. The lights within the cylinder come on and it rises up amid a cool, softly rolling fog. As soon as the cylinder had stopped its upward motion, Nanabot's soft blue eyes open. Michael sees a vivid sparkle deep within them as she came to life.

Nanabot smiles and says softly in a cute musical voice, "Hello sweet heart, Nana here to baby you and fulfill all your needs."

Michael hears Vickie laugh as it takes him off his feet and cradles him in her arms.

Vickie says softly, "That's not your baby Nanabot, that's one of the techs."

Michael could have sworn Nanabot blushed.

She says in the same musical voice tented with apology, "Oh ... he's so cute ... I couldn't tell."

Then she sets him gently on his feet. Vickie giggles. Michael starts squirming trying to get out of the Nanabot's grip, Nanabot said she thought he was cute, wait a second, the Nanabot didn't think he was a baby girl or something did she? He starts backing away slowly once she set him back on his feet.

Vickie says, "This is my crowning achievement Michael. She's completely autonomous. She makes all her own decisions and .... all through testing ... has out performed all the human Personal Care people in all areas. Don't be afraid ... touch her .. talk to her ... she's as real as ... you are."

Vickie smiles as she turns to Nanabot and says, "Tell him what you are made of Nana."

The Nanabot smiles and says in that wonderfully musical voice, "I am a Nano/genetic construct. I have been fabricated by Vickie Leigh and my Nano neural net computer and the AI programming was manufactured by her as well."

Nana glides from the platform in wonderfully graceful movements, and walks to stand beside Vickie.

Vickie looks at Mike and says excitedly, "What do you think?"

Michael said, "That's nice Vickie." He then says, "You said, I was cute, you don't think I'm a baby girl do you, Nanabot?” as he walks cautiously towards the Nanabot again.

Nanabot smiles a broad smile as she reaches over before Michael can protest and pats his bottom softly.

She giggles and coos in her musical voice, "Why of course ... it's exactly what you want to be. Nana is here to fulfill all your needs sweet heart. I will take the best of care of my baby."

Michael shouts worriedly, "Let me go, Nanabot."

He starts to squirm and feels uncomfortable like he was going to be picked up again and treated like an infant.

Michael says, "Vickie, told you I'm one one of the techs, not a baby. Vickie tell her again please."

Nana giggles softly and acts cute as she says softly, "I know ... but your just so ... adorable."

Nana's eyes sparkle brightly as she looks at Michael.

Vickie gasps softly as she asks, "Nana ... you don't have a crush on Michael do you?"

Michael again could swear he sees Nana bush softly pink as she nods her head in the affirmative.

Vickie's eyes get big as she looks at the readouts on the console.

She says, "I didn't program you for that emotional response Nana."

Nana giggles like a little girl and says, "I ... learned it as time went by. I am programmed to care for my charges ... it not a far leap to ... love either."

Vickie grins a large grin as she gets an idea.

Vickie says, "Michael, come over here ... I want to show you something."

Michael takes a glance at Nana as she bats her eyes at him adoringly. He thought that if he didn't know this was a robot, he wouldn't mind so much dating her ... she was, after all, extremely pretty. He follows Vickie, wondering what she wanted to show him, desperately wanting to get away from the Nanabot before she decided to turn him into her infant charge, or her baby girl for that matter.

Once the 2 of them were behind the console, Vickie pointed to several of the emotional VR readouts.

She says in a conspiratorial tone, "That jerk Administrator needs to be put in his place. See these readings?" Michael nods, "Well, what happens if I do this and replace those numbers with these?"

Michael watches as Vickie plays the console’s keyboard like a master pianist. Nanabot seems to stiffen as her expression becomes blank. Michael watches in astonished fascination as this transpires.

Suddenly, Nana become normal again and calls out in a soft coo, "Ohh Anthony .. where is my cute adorable little Anthony?"

The voice of the administrator answers, "I'm in the other office, I'll be there in a second."

Nanabot lets out an adorable little squeak as the Administrator comes through the door. Before he can say anything, Nanabot has swooped down on him and has him in her arms. The Admin screams ... it's too late. Nanabot quickly leaves the lab with the Admin comfortably, but firmly in her loving arms.

Vickie says softly, "In about .. 5 minutes ... we can catch him all dressed up." She giggles.

Michael said, "That's nice, Vickie, looks like Nanabot's decided to make Anthony her baby girl instead of me. I'm sure he'll look adorable Vickie."

He waits with Vickie for the action to begin.

After a few minutes, Vickie says excitedly, "Come with me ... lets see what Nana did."

She takes Michael by the hand and rushes out of the lab and down the long maze like hallway. They enter a room at the far end. They can see the Admin in a crib with a hugely thick diaper and a cute pair of rumba panties on. It's obvious his mind is gone ... Nana had taken care of it totally.

She turns suddenly as Vickie and Michael enter. Nana shrieks loudly as she rushes upon Michael. She grabs him and hugs him in her powerful arms.

She says in a cute musical coo, "Now, Nana has her true little baby girl."

Vickie says sharply, "Protocol over ride Delta one ... Admin access ... Drop him and erase current operand."

Nana totally ignores the Administrative command. She proceeds to remove Micheal’s top and lab coat. Michael squirms trying to get out of the Nanabot's arms, he suspects the Nanabot didn't want the Admin, it wanted him.

Michael screeches, "Let me go, Nanabot, I'm not a baby girl, Vickie told you I'm one of the techs."

Nanabot giggles softly as she coos, "Just relax sweet heart, Nana will take very good care of my little girl."

Michael stiffens as he feels something very sharp poke him in his neck. He feels a cold run quickly though his body. Many strong sensations rush all through him as his mind clouds. Nana kisses him softly as he feels her unbuckle his pants and remove them and his underpants, leaving him totally nude.
Michael is embarrassed as Nana had him totally nude, he didn't understand why this robot was doing this or why it thought he was a baby. Vickie had told Nanabot he wasn't a baby so why was the Nanabot doing this.

Michael gasps as he feels Nana doing something between his legs.

Nana coos softly, "Relax sweet heart. Nana promises it will only be a slight pinch."

Micheal’s eyes get huge as he feel the sharp and sudden pinch. The pain rapidly goes away as he feels something warm and wet between his legs. Nana quickly places his bottom in a diaper and powders him well, before pulling it between his legs and fastening the tapes. Before he knew what was happening, Nana had threaded his feet through the leg openings of a really cute pink sun romper with ruffles all around the bib, legs, and across the hinny. He began to feel like he was very disoriented and tingly all over as Nana ties the bib behind his neck in a cute bow. Michael couldn't believe what was happening, and didn't understand why it seemed Vickie made no effort to help him. He suddenly couldn't speak or think anymore, he starts squirming trying to get away from the Nanabot like any baby.

Vickie pounded away on the Admin Console. She entered every over ride code she could think of, including AI self destruct ... to no avail. Vickie looks up and sees Nanabot cradling Michael in the crook of her arm as she unfastened her top, then removed a perfect breast. She gave its nipple a squeeze and caused a white drop to from on it.

Nanabot coos softly to baby, "Here we are sweet heart, after lunch, you will feel so much more like a cute little girl for Nana."

She puts her nipple in Micheal’s mouth. He can't help himself as the warm and wonderfully tasting liquid flowed smoothly into his mouth. His tummy gets very warm, and the many intensely tingling sensation running through his body intensified.

Nana coos, "My body specially formulated that to turn you into the cutest little girl ever."

She gently rocks Michael as Vickie pushes the emergency klaxon button. Michael hears the loud siren through the increasing haze in his rapidly regressing mind. Michael tries to get out of Nanabot's arms one last time. He realizes he has shrunk and is not totally in control of his body movements. Why did she turn him into a baby like the Admin? He tries to get away from the Nanabot with what little strength he has left. Maybe Vickie has given up on helping him … He really can't tell at this moment as he feels so baby suddenly

Many men show up all in body armor and carrying large weapons.

Vickie shouts frantically, "I don't know what came over her ... she suddenly took it upon herself to ... take Michael."

One of the men in armor that had 2 stars on his shoulders asks, "What happened to the Administrator? He's a shrunken simpering moron in a diaper in the other lab."

Vickie gasps as an expression of surprise comes across her pretty features for just a second before she can clamp a heavy control.

She replies, "I guess she went off on him as well."

The General says with exasperation, "All the Admin entries for the last several hours have been over written. We have no way to discover what the error is ... nor is it safe to approach Nanabot with a ... live subject in her care."

Michael tries to get out of the crook of Nana's arms, he closes his mouth tight, so she can't breastfeed him again while trying to take the diaper Nana placed on him off.

The Emergency personnel look on helplessly as Michael is turned into a simpering, mindless baby girl. They are totally powerless to stop her at this point. Any attempt to approach the Nanabot had provoked her into using her plasma weapons in defense. Many of the attack personnel lay dead and splattered all across the lab. Michael squirms trying to get away from the Nanabot, and trying to remove his diaper. He looks around the room, but can't understand why all the attack personnel are dead and splattered across the lab.

Vickie attacks the command console. She translates the AI control vector into Lisp and attempts to retrace where the error first appears. To her total astonishment, she discovered that Nanabot had rewritten her own override responses to Admin Control so she could take Michael as her own ... and make him into Michelle. Vickie attempts to regain Admin Over ride by rewriting the level 1 security protocol that Nanabot had implemented. To Vickie's total astonishment, Nanabot severed all communications with the Admin Console and became totally autonomous at that point

Michael watched as Vickie tried to help, but he noticed she was still frustrated, as his mind was gone, he didn't know why. He continues trying to squirm his way out of Nanabot's arms, still trying to take the diaper off that Nanabot put on him. It seemed so … stupid suddenly. Michael felt loved and safe in Nanabot's arms and the diaper was so comfy.

While Vickie attempted to recontact Nanabot through the Admin Console, The General had other plans. He had brought in his special weapons group and deployed their new Laser cannon. He watched with a large smile on his face as the crew shot the large lag bolts into the floor that would stabilize the tripod mount on which the laser would sit.

Michael was suddenly very frightened that laser could possibly hit him, hurting him, with what little bit of adult that came clear at that second. He started crying, he didn't know or understand what the Nanabot was going to do to him next.

Nanabot coos softly as she pats Micheal’s hinny reassuringly. She says softly, "Now, now Miss Michelle, Nana will take care of you and protect you from all those bad men."

Nanabot points one of her slim fingers in the direction of the assembled men. Before they can jump clear, many bright balls of blue liquid fire leap from it. Each impact causes an explosion that sprays debris and mangled bodies in all directions. Vickie ducks behind the console in fear as she wonders what it is she had built.

Michael continues squirming trying to get out of Nanabot's arms, he tries once more to take the diaper Nanabot placed on him off, hopefully Nanabot didn't see him trying to take the diaper off and place locking mittens on his hands.

The General crawls on his belly like a reptile behind the Admin Console. He says to Vickie, "How in the Sam Hill are we supposed to get close to that ... thing?"

Vickie shakes her head slowly as she replies, "I'm not sure General. It appears Nanabot has taken things into her own hands."

The General said, "Vickie, if the Admin controls have been shut down and Nanabot has become autonomous, seeing as you created her, you must have created a master control switch that can override Nanabot and shut her down in the process."

Vickie shouts in exasperation, "Just what do you think I've been trying to enable?? My hair dryer?? Perhaps my automatic fingernail polisher? Nanabot has some how disengaged herself from all Admin and emergency protocols ... she's ... on her own the same as we are ... and fully capable of making her own decisions and defending herself." Vickie looks at the General with anger.

The General says, "Calm down Vickie, The Nanabot probably made the override password something simple, something easy for her to remember, you said, Nanabot changed her programming to turn Michael into Michelle, try entering my true baby girl Michelle for an override password."

Vickie slowly creeps her head above the console an looks around. Seeing Nanabot was more concerned with keeping the Soldiers from completing the mounting of the laser than her ... she quickly began typing. When the system asked for the Admin Pass Word, Vickie typed, ' my true baby girl Michelle" ... as with the many others, it too was rejected. A new GUI appeared on the screen, it said, "All Admin Protocols deleted ... system on emergency Automation ... all external access to AI denied.

Vickie gasps in a soft whisper, "Oh, no." She ducks behind the console and sits. She is white as a sheet as she shakes her head and mumbles, "It can't do that ... it doesn't have the authority."

There is a loud scream. The General and Vickie look above the console in time to see a soldier being injected with something by Nanabot. He quickly stumbles and falls. He begins to crawl as his pleas for help become unintelligible gurgles and squeaks.

The General commands, 'Vickie, think like the Nanabot ... if you were the Nanabot, what would you put as the password? Surely you must have insight as to how she would think."

Vickie says in a shocked tone, "General ... you don't understand. Nanabot has denied all access to any Admin AI control. In other words ... she has assumed Admin control ... of herself. The only way to shut her down ... is to push her off button and she won't allow that ... or to damage her enough she can no longer defend herself. As you can see ... she is well capable of defending herself."

About that time, there is another blood curdling scream. The General and Vickie watch helplessly as Nanabot turns another soldier into a helpless crawly baby.

The General calls for his cannon squadron, ordering them to bring in the cannon and shoot a cannonball, straight for Nanabot's off switch.

The General says with trepadation in his voice, "Vickie, if this doesn't work. Is there anything we can use as a Giant Magnet, Nanabot could get stuck to it as she is made of metal.

Vickie says softly, "The only thing we have is one of the super conductor magnets for the Ion experiment. I'm not sure if we have enough liquid helium to cool the coils ... but I think we could disable her for long enough someone could push the off button."

Immediately, the General was on the radio and instructed several teams to bring the super conductor magnet in and as much liquid helium as they could beg, borrow, or steal. The General's men brought the super conductor magnet in and all the liquid helium they could find.

The General asks worridly, "Is the liquid helium my men brought in enough Vickie?"

He waits for Vickie's answer as Vickie calculates with her palmtop.

She shakes her head slowly as she replies, "We'll only have a few seconds before the coils over heat and the Auto Shutdown engages. Who ever it is will have to move ... and fast."

Vickie looks at the 3 Canisters of liquid helium as they gave of clouds of super cold vapor.

The General says, "I'll do it, Vickie, I'll press Nanabot's off switch. Then hopefully we can help Michael."

The General waits for Vickie's response and reaction. The General knows this has to end and now. He prepares himself while waiting for Vickie.

One of the sergeants said softly, "We could ... distract the Nanabot with the laser while you simultaneously zap her with the magnet. We might get lucky and buy some more time to push the button ... or might even disable it at the same time."

Vickie looks at the General ... he gives her a nod. Vickie replies, "Do it." as she begins to attach the cooling lines to the super conductive magnet.

The same sergeant aimed the laser at the Nanabot and waited for Vickie to zap the Nanabot with the magnet. The General hoped this would buy him more time to reach that robot's off switch. Vickie finishes attaching the cooling lines and running the interface cable to her Admin console.

She looks up and nods to the Sargent as she says to the General, "Get ready sir, you will only have a few seconds."

Vickie plays the console like a musical instrument. There is a sudden electrical humm in the room as the very air seems to come alive. Every thing metal began to glow with a bright blue glow. Nanabot squeals loudly as she jerkily brings her arm up and the panel over her plasma weapon opens. At that exact same moment ... the laser fires its fury at Nanabot's head. Large amounts of energy explodes all through the room.

Above the cacophony, Vicki's voice is heard, "Hurry, the temperature is already climbing towards the red zone."

The General quickly ran over to the Nanabot and hit her off switch. He hoped the Nanabot turned off, or they were all in trouble. He hurried back to Vickie in case something went wrong.

Nanabot made no response to the off switch. She shuddered and suddenly froze in position. Her face seemed to deform suddenly as she dropped Michael on his well diapered bottom. Michael didn't understand what was going on ... he was well on his way to being an 18 month old baby girl. Nanabot sort of ... slid on her face across the room towards the massive Conductor ... her body continues to accordion in on itself the closer she came to magnet. Just as the Nanabot's body came in contact with the conductor ... several things happened simultaneously.

The Super Conductor burst into flames as the Liquid Helium ran out. Nanabot burst into many showers of multicolored sparks and exploded as her plasma generator overloaded. The laser at that point made full and continuous contact with what was left of Nanabot, reducing her to a pool of slag.

The General looks over at Vickie and said, "We did it Vickie, now how do we reverse what Nanabot did to Michael?"

He waits for a response from Vickie. He was pleased the Nanabot was no longer a threat to anyone. Vickie stood with a very sad expression. She really felt very bad at the sight of the pooled bubbling remains of Nanabot lying on the other side of the room.

Vickie shakes her head slowly as she replies, "General, I'm not real sure .. what she did as far as their minds are concerned. I know of no way of reversing the gender reassignment. They are .. for all intents and purposes ... girls and babies from now on." Vickie shrugs sadly.

The General said, "Well, if they\re going to be baby girls from now on, who will take care of them?"

He felt sad too for Michael and the head Admin. What a shame they destroyed the Nanabot, neither he nor Vickie were capable of looking after two infants … much less the others who were transformed.

Vickie says softly, "Well .. I'm not sure if I trust the ... Nanabots anymore. But we do have a second prototype."

The General's head swivels around quickly as Vickie pushes a button on the console. A door in the far wall slide open to reveal another cylinder. Inside this cylinder, was another extremely pretty featured Nanabot held in cryostasis.

The General said, "I know, but maybe this Nanabot knows how to reverse the process. I'm not saying I trust them either Vickie, but this Nanabot may know how to reverse it."

Vickie slowly shakes her had as she says softly, "This Nanabot is ... different than the other one. This one is a Biogenetic construct. It's ... alive like you or me .. except we built it and grew the cellular matrix in a matrix tank ... the big one in the other lab as a matter of fact."

She looks at the General ... and the other infants that used to be army personnel.

The General says, "Okay, just as long as this Nanabot doesn't think I'm it's infant and tries to run off with me, that would be the last thing we need Vickie, another malfunctioning Nanabot.

Vickie looks at the General with an expression of trepidation. She says very softly, "I really don't know how this one would react ... or truly how she would think. She's programmed through biogenetcs to take care of, maintain the well being of, and to insure the continued happiness of her charges. I'm not real sure ... if she will react the same."

Vickie reaches for the release button as the General watches with a surprised expression. The General takes a step back as the Nanabot is looking directly at him, when she came to life and he didn't know what was going through this Nanabot's head.

The Nanabot blinks several times before she steps off the platform and looks around the lab. She sees Vickie and the General standing by the console. She smiles a large smile. She turns a bit more and sees all the helpless infants in dire need of attentions.

She squeals softly, "Ohhh, don't be upset babies ... Nana's here now and makes it all better."

She quickly scooped up several of them lovingly in her arms, cleaned, diapered, and put them in a safe place with a bottle in their mouths. The babies appeared to be as happy as any bug in a rug.

The General comments, "Well, at least she hasn't malfunctioned and started coming after me, or you for that matter. Looks like she's not going to malfunction, turn me into an infant and run off with me in her arms."

Nana had tended to all the people that had been regressed. She turns and is suddenly beside the General. He feels so ... over whelmed by something as she coos softly, "Would little boy like to be with all of his friends in the nursery?"

She waves her hand as she smiles a very intoxicating smile at the General. He feels so ... little and helpless as he looks into the very pretty face of the Nanabot.

The General says, "No thanks! Is the Nanabot malfunctioning or something Vickie?"

He looks toward Vickie for an answer. Hoping she would answer him as quickly as possible, and the Nanabot would leave him and alone and go back to her charges.

Nanabot giggles softly as she walks to Vickie. Nana gently caresses her between her legs and coos, "Ohhh ... Vickie. Nana knows who you are. I want this little girl to have a cute little accident in her panties for me. I ... just want you to. Don't be afraid sweet heart."

Vickie shivers as she feels something happen within her as she feels a sharp sting in her neck. It felt .... so wonderful as the wave washed all through her spirit. She couldn't help herself as she felt the warm wetness form in her panties and the small trickle down her legs.

Nanabot smiles as she says, "Don't worry sweeties ... I'm not malfunctioning. I just need to have Missy here experience what she forced onto her associate by the other Nana.”

Vickie felt so ... helpless. She blushes softly pink as Nana helped her out of her wet panties and her big girl clothes, then had her in a soft and thick pull up with pink critters and lots of white lace. She then had Vickie step into a very cute Ladybug Romper. As Nana tied the bib around Vickie's neck, she patted her on her hinny softly. Vickie could feel it intensely. She couldn't believe how quickly her body had shrunk to the size of a toddler.

Nana coos, "Now Vickie, You will still be you .... but a wonderful mix of 2 years old as well." She turns to the General and says, "These children need a father Sir ... and you're the only adult in the room besides me." Nana looks at him with her beautifully sparkly blue eyes.

The General said, "No thanks, Nanabot, I think I'll be leaving now, you are quite capable of taking care of these charges yourself."

The General runs past the Nanabot and towards the door out of this area. Without warning, the only exit door slides shut and the heavy reinforced steel locking bars slide into place before the General can leave.

He hears a loud click as the intercom comes on, "This is the voice of the President of the United States. This lab and all the people within it are under strict quarantine until further notice. Anyone old enough to respond .. has 10 minutes to do so on channel 6 of the intercom system. Access is open on the main lab console."

There is a click as the intercom goes dead once again.

Nanabot giggles as she says softly, "I dunno General ... seems you will make either a wonderful daddy to these children ... or a very wonderful playmate."

The General is frightened and goes to the intercom system and hits channel six and says, "President, this is the General for these labs. We have a malfunctioning biogenetic Nanabot on our hands, I repeat a malfunctioning biogenetic Nanabot." He waits for a response.

He hears the voice of the President reply, "If she is malfunctioning, and it is the Biogenetic model, I'm afraid you have to deal with her. That part of the lab will stay sealed until it can be determined if the Nanabot can be repaired ... or some how returned to stasis."

A tingle of fear runs up his spine as he turns and sees Nana pick up Vickie and sit with her in her lap. The general's mouth falls open as he watches her breast feed the only Scientist in the room ... that has direct knowledge as to how the repairs might be performed.

Vickie feels so loved and helpless as she nurses. Nana is patting her hinny pleasantly as the warm and sweet liquid warms her tummy.

Nana coos softly, "Don't be afraid sweetheart, it will only take a few hours for all the new emotions and things to be sorted within you. I promise to take good care of you and Michael as my own Children until you both grow back up."

She looks at the rest of the infants all content in their places, suckling on their bottles.

She looks at the General and says, "I'm not malfunctioning love ... I promise you. But it would make life for you so much happier if you let me raise you with the rest of your companions. By the time they are old enough to be a part of your life otherwise, you will either be very old ... or have died of old age."

The general said, "Fine, do what you wish, just don't turn me into a baby girl."

He waits for the Nanabot's response. Hopefully it won't be as bad as he thinks. Nana looks at the General curiously for a few minutes. Vickie had gone to sleep by this time and the Nanabot placed her gently on the floor on top of several blankets that she had somehow materialized.

The general didn't have time to react, Nanabot was Behind him suddenly, with her arms wrapped around him. He gasps as his eyes get big when her feels her hand ever so gently caress him in his privates. He hears her coo softly in his ear as he feels a sharp sting in his neck, "Nana wants her baby to have a huge accident. So he knows he has to be in diapers."

The general feels the intensely pleasant wave rush all through him. He feels a slight embarrassment as he realizes what going to happen. Wetting his pants wasn't so bad ... and it felt so good when he poopied. Nana cleaned him up, diapered, and had him in her arms feeding him a bottle before his confused mind understood exactly what was happening. She finally places him to her shoulder. There's a soft cloth draped over it. The General feels his back being patted. His tummy gurgles slightly and he burps loudly .. spitting up a bit in the process. he is totally mind blow to realize he too is now a baby.

Nana walks to the console as she pats the General's hinny softly,. She pushes the intercom button to channel 7 this time and says, "This is Nanabot Bio/Gen 1 ... the entire process is now complete and the protocol is finished. All subjects have been subdued and are now under my care as requested. Lock Down Protocols can be lifted."

The door suddenly unlocks, the buzzing of the alarms stopped. In walks the President.

He pats the General on his hinny as he says, "I want to take him to be my son."

Nana hands him over. The President points to the others and says to the many men that were entering, "Take these to the State Nursery for Parental assignment .. Except for that one ... and that little girl ... they belong to Nanabot for a job well done."

The President says, "Nanabot, the terrorists are becoming a real problem I want Nanabots that are bio/gentic like yourself and are generation 2 and 3 if possible. Can you do that? I want those terrorist regressed and this global issue resolved.”

The Nana smiles as she replies, "I and my sisters can do that Mr. President. If you like ... can actually do that to ... the whole world ... sort of like a ... Baby Conspiracy kind of thing. Don't you think?"

The President and the Nanabot laugh as she pushes a button that opens another large section of wall. Behind that was a huge cavern ... filled with cryogenic tanks. In each, was a very beautiful Bio/Genetic Nanabot ... waiting to turn the world into babies … and end mankind's headlong rush to destruction … forever.

~~ The End ~~
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