The Nanabot - Do Electronic Nanas dream of Electric Sheep

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The Nanabot - Do Electronic Nanas dream of Electric Sheep

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:43 am

Title: The Nanabot - Do Electronic Nanas dream of Electric Sheep

Characters :

Tammy - 24 year old Electronics Technician – Played By: Miki Yamuri

Nanabot - The Genetic AI – Played By: Miki Yamuri

Daniel - 18 year old College student - unemployed and not currently in school Played By: Elladan Kenet

Scene: Laboratory ... Gen / Sci Electronics R&D Department


The excitement had run high ... The Genetic AI brain had performed well above expectations. The new Cyber Electronic Nanabot had performed all her functions well beyond any safety standards for infant care.

It was hard to distinguish Nanabot from a real human. Especially with the temperature controlled nano-skin that felt almost human to the touch.

The Scientists had Nanabot out in a field test. Her duties were to identify the infant that was her charge and to care for it as a Good Mothering Nana should. She had performed her duties well above the human test group performing the exact same tasks.

A sudden summer storm ... Lightning crashes across the sky. Nanabot takes her charge and attempts to leave the area and seeks shelter in the sciences building.

Lightning strikes the Oak tree in the middle of the location of the test. Nanbot dives into the bolt to protect her charge and is struck and goes off line. She collapses in a heap ... her charge was completely safe ... Nanabot had sacrificed herself to save the Charge. This was unheard of anywhere in the Cyber-Robotics Field.

There was damage to the Genetic AI. The old program had been rewritten by the massive electrical overload. Nanabot's new program ... identify the first subject she sees as her infant charge and to perform the nursing duties accordingly. None are allowed to take the charge from her. She will defend her charge with all her resources.

The Techs are devastated. They hope they can repair this ... They have extreme difficulty
disabling the Nanabot ... when they finally manage to, Nanabot is put in storage in the basement to await the hoped for repairs.

Daniel had been dating Tammy for a few months now, so it wasn't surprising when she
finally insisted they go on another date. He was young, with shoulder-length black hair and grey eyes. Skinny, he often wore clothes that were too big on him, but he still looked handsome.

Tammy had called him last night, asking if she could take him to her workplace and show
him her latest project. He was a bit hesitant at first, but when she offered him dinner after, he couldn't possibly resist. At 7 PM, he showed up on her doorstep and rang her doorbell.

Tammy was sitting at her vanity applying the last of her lipstick. It was strawberry and tasted really nice. She heard the door bell and rises. She goes to the door and opens it.

She sees Daniel and screeches pleasantly as she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him.

She says, "So nice to see you."

She is wearing tight hip hugger jeans and a baby T top. Daniel thinks Tammy is extremely beautiful. He blushes, hugging her back. He'd been a bit worried if she'd ask him out again, following the last date where he spilled water on her jeans ... she seemed to be over that.

He asks, "How are you?"

Tammy replies in a happy voice, "I'm doing wonderful. I want to take you to the Lab Museum and show you the Break through in Artificial Intelligence. It's really cool. Almost can't tell it's a robot."

Tammy Remembers the water glass all over her new jeans. She thinks it would be funny to see Daniel diapered and pampered by Nanabot.

He nods a bit. "Are you sure you can take me there? Your boss won't get mad, will she?"

Tammy takes out an ID Badge. It gave her top clearance to the Cybernetic Sciences Center

She says sweetly, "I can go anywhere in that building."

He sighs and nods again. "Alright then. Want to go now?"

Tammy says softly, "Umm humm. Then we can go to dinner at the Sliding Door. Heard the food there is wonderful. I made reservations for the 2 of us."

She picks up her purse, closes and locks the house door. She takes Daniel by the hand and begins to leave. He blushes some as she takes his hand, following after her as she leads the way.

She leads him to the driveway where her Mini Copper was parked. She unlocks it and they both get in. She turns on the radio and Rock n Roll begins to play

She says softly with a gleam in her eyes, "Better fasten your seatbelt love, my sports car ain't slow."

With this, she fastens her seatbelt and cranks the car. He smiles, fastening his seatbelt, and relaxing while she drives.

The tuned exhaust makes a wonderful sound as she back out of the driveway. She shoves it in First, the car jumps forward amid squealing tires and they are off.

The drive to Gen / Sci was fast and exciting.

She pulls to the gate and shows the guard her ID badge. He snaps to attention and opens the gate with a sharp salute. She drives up to the front of the Lab and parks. There are a good many cars in the lot. She gets out and rounds the car and opens Daniel's door.

She asks sweetly, "How do you like my toy love?"

He nods some. "It's a nice car. I'm guessing you get paid pretty well to be able to afford it."

Tammy giggles softly and replies, "It pays the bills I suppose."

She takes him by the hand and leads him to the front door. She slides her card through a reader under a large plate. She places her hand flat on the plate. The red light above the plate turns green and her name appears on the LCD screen with the words ID Positive.

The door slides quietly open and she leads them in. The guard sitting at the console looks up and scrutinizes Daniel with narrowed eyes.

Tammy says, "Hi, Tony, This is Daniel. I'm going to show him the Lab."

Tony picks up a tablet and makes a notation in it. He pushes another button and the elevator door opens. Tammy Escorts Daniel in and the door closes.

3 buttons ... Basement, Lobby, Labs ... She pushes the one marked Basement. Daniel notices.

He raises an eyebrow and looks at her. "The basement? I thought we were heading to the labs?"

Tammy hugs Daniel around the neck and snuggles close.

She says cooingly She kisses his cheek softly, "I said I was going to show you the Museum sweetie. It's in the basement."

The door opens. One of the arrows points off to the left and says "Museum and storage."
Tammy Pulls Daniel softly along by the hand towards the Museum / Storage.

He, sighs a bit as she kisses and cuddles him, leading him in. "Okay, Tammy...."

Tammy knows Nanabot is in the storage tube in the Museum. She doesn't quite understand the extent of the glitch in Nanabot's AI. She thinks it would be really cute to see Daniel diapered and bottle fed.

Tammy comes to the door marked Museum and slide her ID badge through the reader. It turns from Red to Green and makes a buzzing clack noise as the door unlocks ... then slides open to reveal the technological wonders of the 23rd century.

In the middle of it all stood a clear tube on a small base ... Nanabot.

He walks inside, looking around at the various inventions, then the Nanabot. His eyes are
full of wonder as he looks around at everything.

"Wow...." he gasps softly.

Tammy smiles and says, "It’s pretty amazing isn't it? Go over there by Nanabot and let me introduce you to her."

She turns and begins to type things into a keypad on a large control panel.

He nods and walks over curiously to the droid. "Mmkay..."

Lights come on inside the tube. Nanabot is a very beautiful Female Droid. Daniel can hear sounds of pressure escaping from some location close by.

Nana's eyes open suddenly and focus on Daniel in a most loving way. The tube rises quickly and silently ... only Daniel is standing in front of Nanabot. He looks up at the robot, confused a bit. Nervous, he looks around, but can't see too well because of the bright lights.

He looks back up at the android and stutters out, "Um.... hi?"

Nana puts her hands together and says cooingly sweet, "Hello baby, Nana will make you feel so nice. I promise to watch over and keep baby at all times."

Nanabot’s AI has positively IDed her new baby charge.

He blushes, looking shy and nervous and says shyly, "Oh.... um... okay. My name's Daniel."

Nana says sweetly, “A baby girl named Danielle. Such a sweet little baby girl."

He blushes, backing up some. "I'm not a baby girl."

With this, Nana was off the pedestal and had Daniel in her arms. She hugs and kisses him as lovingly as his mother ever did.

She tickles him softly in his ribs as she coos breathily, "Of course you're a baby girl."

She takes a large square flat purse looking thing from a rack behind her. It pops open into a table with several pockets. Each pocket was well stocked with all the necessary items to tend to a baby girl of 3.

Daniel finds himself on this table with his pants sliding gently over his ankles. He squeaks some, squirming in the robotic woman's grasp as she hugs and kisses him.

"Lemme go!" He fights desperately, trying to pull his pants back up as she slides them down.

Nana treats Daniel as any baby that is being fussy. She pats him on his bottom with just enough force to let baby know she means business. He squeaks more, flushing as she pats his bottom. His pants slip out of his grasp as he reacts to the bottom pat. He realizes his underwear is gone too as he feels the coolness of the lab air around his squeaky places.

He feels Nana gently wiping him with something cool and wet that smells like jasmine.

She says cooingly, "Nana has something to get rid of all this dirty hair too."

Daniel feels something very wet and tingly being poured on him. He feels Nana's hands softly and very pleasantly caressing him all over from his neck down.

She again wipes him with something cool and tingly. He has no body hair except his eyebrows, eye lashes, and on his head.

Nana says cooingly in a breathy voice like she's talking to a baby, "Now baby girl is so cute."

She turns and picks out a pink colored oil in a bottle and opens it. The smell of Strawberries fills the air. She pours a thin line from Daniel's tummy to his privates and begins to lovingly caress it in.

Nana Blows in his tummy making a large raspberry sound. He blushes deeply pink, squirming a lot and fussing as she wipes him down and removes his hair. By the time she lifts his shirt to rub the oil in, he's fighting back the sensation to coo and giggle as Nanabot massages him all over with it and blows into his tummy.

Nana has completely stripped Daniel. She takes him by his ankles and lifts. She places a soft and very thick diaper under his bottom and sets him on it.

Nana says in a breathy cooing voice, "Oohh ... baby gots piggies."

She begins to tickle his feet and toes lovingly as she coos, “This little piggy ...”

Tammy could be heard giggling off in the distance. She thinks this is the funniest cutest thing she has ever seen ... Daniel being diapered and played with like a baby.

Daniel is beside himself at what's happening. In less than two minutes, he's been stripped
and oiled, and is being tickled by some silly robot that thinks he is a baby. So many thoughts are going through his head, he can't begin to sort through them all as he is set on the diaper and tickled. He giggles, unable to muddle through his confusion with all the loving attention he is getting.

Nana takes another bottle and opens it. The heavenly aroma of baby powder fills the air.
She powders him generously and pulls the very thick diaper up between his legs. He is still squirming and fighting as she powders him and begins to pull the diaper up.

Nana says softly in a breathy cooing voice, "Nana gonna make sure diddum can't open her pins and hurt herself. I'm gonna use locking diaper pins. Baby will have to use her diaper before Nana will change her."

With this, she pins he diaper snugly on and locks the pins. He fusses more at the prospect of being locked into a diaper and forced to wet it. He feels ridiculous at this treatment and realizes he is near tears.

Daniel could hear Tammy laughing as he is diapered.

Nana turns and sees Tammy. A sparkle in her electronic eye flashes. She has Positively IDed ... another baby charge.

Nana says cooingly, "Aww, another sweet baby girl. Now jus be patient for a few more minutes, Nana will have you all diapered n dressed too."

Tammy pushes the recall button. Nana stands suddenly and stiffens for a moment ... there is some electronic noise emanating from her. She then resumes what she was doing. Tammy Pushes the emergency shut down ... same reaction from Nanabot. All the lights in the cylinder and most of the ones in the Lab go out as the emergency protocol does it's job. Nana is no longer under anyone's control. She is completely autonomous.

Tammy yell's, "I'm going to get help!"

Tammy quickly leaves. Nana notes the second charge is no longer there and forgets about her so she can devote full attention to Danielle ... this most precious baby girl..

Nana produces a cute pair of white, plastic panties with cute little clowns and balloons in pink and blue. There are even 3 rows of pink and blue ruffles on the bottom and around the waste and legs.

Daniel suddenly realizes Nana has slipped them over his ankles and is hold him by them as she slips the panties on over the diaper with gentle ease.

She sets him back on the table and helps him sit up. He fusses more, squirming and crying as Tammy leaves him with the Nanny. The mere thought of being alone with Nana is nearly overwhelming his sense of security as she panties him and sets him up.

From one of the pockets, Nana brings out a very short and beautiful Peter pan baby dress. It had adorable puffy sleeves and a cute white cotton pinafore. A very stiff Crinoline was sewn into it.

Nana says in her cute breathy voice, "Lift your arms baby so Nana can put your dress on."

Daniel refused, folding his arms, he scoots back. "No!"

Nana pops Daniel smartly on his bare thigh and says in a scolding voice, "Nana spank baby if she's naughty."

A red welt rises on his thigh. He yelps some, whining and crying as she pops him, feeling small as his complaints are punished by the droid.

Nana takes one of his arms and fits his hands into the sleeve. She takes the other and quickly repeats the maneuver. Daniel can feel the dress as it slides pleasantly over his body. Nana zips it up in back and ties the pinafore onto a cute bow.

She then gets a brush from one of the many pockets in the table and brushes Daniel's hair until it shines. She produces 2 white ribbons and ties his hair into cute ponytails. Daniel watches as Nana completes dressing her baby girl charge by placing soft locking booties on his feet and locking mittens on his hands.

He is totally helpless and in Nana's complete control

He whines some more, fussing a bit as she finishes dressing him. He couldn't get away
from her even if he wanted to.

Nana bends down and softly kisses him on his nose as she tickles his ribs lovingly. Daniel can’t help it, he suddenly starts giggling as she kisses and tickles him.
Nana says in her sweet cooing voice, "Aww now ... baby girl so pretty."

He blushes hotly pink, looking up at her. "Baby girl?"

She helps Daniel off of the table and leads him by his hand towards a chair against one wall. He can clearly see himself in the reflections from the mirrored observation windows. He looks at his adorable reflection in the window. Ponytails, dress, diaper... he is the epitome of baby girl.

Nana sits in the chair and softly and effortlessly picks Daniel up and sits him in her lap.
He watches in a dazed way as she unfastened the strap across her shoulder and lowered the flap in the front of her uniform.

Nana has a very firm and beautiful breast. She gently squeezes the nipple and a drop of white liquid forms on it. Before he knew what was happening, the nipple was in his mouth and Nana gave her breast a squeeze.

A very rich and watery, very nice tasting liquid filled his mouth. It made his mouth tingle pleasantly as it went down his throat.

Nana says in her cooing voice, "This will make baby girl feel so much more baby.'

Confused , Daniel instinctively began suckling, whining a bit as she held him on her lap, the wonderfully nice tasting fluid flowing into his mouth. Daniel feels it as it hits his stomach gently.

A very warm and tingly infantile contentedness begins to fill him. Nana hums a soft lullaby as she rocks her body slowly back and forth with the baby girl she holds most special in her cybernetic heart.

Daniel helplessly drifts slowly and contentedly off into a pleasant baby dream as the special 'milk' Nanabot has formulated for her charge regresses him and makes him into the cute infant she sees him as.

Tammy has run to the nearest guard station. She picks up the emergency phone and calls the

crash team. She explains about Daniel and the Nanabot. What she hears from them is not pleasant. The possibility that Daniel may be regressed permanently to a baby is very high. If the emergency recall failed ... they are not real sure how to turn her off.

Tammy is horrified. There are even vague thoughts of surrendering herself to Nanabot for
permanent regression if that's what happens to Daniel. She loves him and would willingly be his baby playmate since this was all her fault.

There is more strength to doing it ... than there is not to do it ... she very slowly begins to walk back to the Museum/Storage area in turmoil as the Emergency claxons begin to sound loudly

Daniel is still suckling on the teat when he is awakened b the claxons. Confused he looks
up, instinctively trying to pull out of the teat that is just finished feeding him the liquid regression drugs and diuretics. He struggles on Nana's lap. Going through his mind, he's wondering why on God's green earth he is on this thing's lap, suckling from a teat, wearing a dress, hair ribbons, and a diaper.Slowly his regressing mind reminds him that he's been captured by this nanny bot, and that he is her charge.

Nana reaches into Daniel's panties and diaper and checks to see if baby needs to be changed.

Baby is barely damp and doesn’t need it yet. Nana knows baby will need changing soon as the 'milk’ he has just been given will make him totally diaper dependant.

Nana removes the nipple from Daniel's mouth and tucks her breast back into the top of her uniform. She then fastens it back in place.

She stands up with Daniel on her shoulder, patting him gently on the back.

She coos to baby, "ok sweetums. Nana will find a playpen for you so baby can play with her toys."

Nanabot carries Daniel with her to the far side of the lab. There is a door she opens. He burps as he is patted, blushing and squirming some as he is held and carried into the next
room: the nursery.

Inside, is all the things a nursery would need to properly care for and pamper a baby.

Nana says softly, "You are such a good baby."

She kisses Daniel lovingly on the cheek and sit him in the playpen. Nana walks to a large toy chest and opens it. She takes out several large dolls and a tea set and brings it to the playpen and sits it in for Daniel.

He flushes, folding his arms grumpily as she sits these in the playpen. "You MUST be
joking. I refuse to be treated this way."

Nana leans over and gently takes Daniel's chin in her hand and says so softly, "Is baby being naughty?"

She lifts his head gently and looks him square in the eye. Daniel is startled to realize how real Nana's eyes appear

He flushes some, briefly mesmerized by her eyes, but shake his head. "No. I'm not a baby, and I refuse to be treated like one. My name is Daniel!"

Nana suddenly has Daniel standing. Her hand smacks him on the back of his bare legs 3 times sharply ... hard enough so the he knew he was getting a spanking.

Nana says in a chastising voice, "Danielle, you will be a good baby or Nana will punish you."

She takes him out of the play pen and stands him in a corner with his nose to the wall. He feels a small chair behind him as it buckles his knees and he sits.

Nana says, “Baby will be in time out till she decides to quit being naughty."

He pouts and simpers some as he is spanked then put into the corner for timeout. He still
doesn't want to be a baby, but it cant be helped, since she is in charge, and wants him to be baby. Right at the end of the session, he squeaks and fidgets. When she looks over to him, she can see him wetting his diaper.

Nana lets Danielle sit in her wet diaper for about 5 minutes. She then comes over and pulls open Danielle's panties and diaper and makes a big deal out of checking to see if she was wet.

Nana say, "Aww sweetums aww wet?? Nana fix that right away."

He is humiliated and begins squirming some as she checks him. "no I'm not..." he insists.

Nana picks Danielle out of the chair and walks to the Museum/storage. She then lays Danielle on her back on the changing table.

Danielle can see the window in the door has Tammie and several other important people
looking in and taking many pictures

The boy is fussing once again as he is laid on the changing table for his diaper to be
removed. He looks over to the window, and gasps when he sees Tammy and the others taking pictures. He starts crying.

Nana bends over and kisses Danielle on the nose as she tickles her gently.

Nana says lovingly, "Aww baby, Nana will have you changed and all comfy in a jiffy ... no need to cry."

With this she softly tickles Danielle's feet.
[11:55 AM] amyyamuri: She takes her by the ankles, lifts, and pulls off Danielle’s plastic panties. She drops them into the trash can sitting by the wall. She unlocks the diaper pins and removes Danielle's diaper.

She takes several sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans all of Danielle's squeaky places.
She picks up a bottle of special baby oil from one of the pouches in the table. When she opens it, the heavenly aroma of honeysuckle fills the air

Danielle blushes, squeaking and cooing a bit as the droid expertly stops his crying, undiapers him and wipes him down.

As Nana rubs the oil in and caresses Danielle with it, Nana says lovingly, "This is a special oil sweetie. I promise it will make you feel so much like a sweet baby girl."

He squeaks, cooing a bit as he's rubbed all over with the oil. Nana turns and presses a button on the wall. A panel slides open and what appears to be a rather large wash basin locks into place. She turns on the water and makes it warm and comfortably steamy.

Nana adds a sweet honeysuckle smelling oil to the water and picks Danielle up and places her into the soft tingly water. He sees this and immediately thinks bath. He starts squirming as he is lifted and set into it.

Nana takes a very soft cloth and lathers it up well with a bar of soap. She washes Danielle in all her squeaky places. She rinses out the cloth and begins to wash behind Danielle's ears too.

Nana says in an breathy cooing voice, "Ohh, baby gots potatoes behind her ears."

He blushes, squirming more, and stifling giggles as Nana rubs and cleans him all over
in every place, including his groins and bum. Nana rinses him completely from head to foot. She then pours some very nice smelling shampoo on his head and begins to wash his shoulder length hair. She removes the old ribbons and throws them in a trash can as
she washes his hair.

He fusses and squirms even more as Nana washes and perfumes his hair. She rinses Danielle's hear completely and stands him on his feet on the floor.

Suddenly, Danielle finds a super thick and soft towel drying him briskly from his head to his feet. He wiggles a bit, shivering when the cool air hits his flesh as she starts drying him off.

Nana coos softly, "Baby all nice and squeaky clean."

She rubs noses with him and tickles him in his ribs. He giggles a bit, trying to squinch up his body in an effort to stave off the tickling and giggling it cased.

Suddenly, Nana whisks Danielle off his feet and he finds himself lying on his back on the
changing table again. He is lifted by his ankles and Nana places a super thick cloth diaper under Danielle and sits her on it. Nana powders her generously with sweet smelling baby powder. He blushes, squeaking and cooing more as she rubs it in, caressing his thin body as she babies him. He is then set on the diaper and powdered.

Nana bends over and blows in his bellybutton making a very loud noise.

She coos, "Such a sweet baby girl."

She begins tickling baby's feet softly. He squeals, wiggling and cooing as she does this. He is absolute putty in her hands, just as her programming wants him to be.

Nana opens Danielle's legs and pulls the diaper between them. she pins it on and the sound of the locks snapping closed is heard. He cannot get out of the diaper at this point.

Nana suddenly has a pair of plastic panties in her hands. They have many colored kittens on them. She Slips them over his feet and pulls them up to his knees. She stands him on his feet and finishes pulling up them up.

She picks Danielle up and carries him back to the chair against the wall. She sits with him in her lap. Daniel squirms for a bit at this, trying to get off of her lap as she sits down with him.A large bottle is sitting by the chair ... Nana picks it up and puts the nipple to Danielle's lips. Even with him trying to squeeze his lips together, the nipple found its way into his mouth.

Nana gives the bottle a squeeze and a large swallow of formula is suddenly in his mouth.
Blushing, he squawks, trying to spit it out, but is unable to do so as the formula violates his mouth, flowing into his stomach.

Nana coos to baby, "It's aww right sweetie. This will make you such a sweet little girl."

Nana give the bottle another squeeze. Another large swallow goes into his mouth and to his stomach.

In Nana's mind, she knows this will make Danielle go potty in her diaper and let her have
wonderful sweet baby girl dreams.

Daniel feels violated and ridiculous. He is amazed and scared at how easily this droid
managed to catch and baby him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, as the milk begins putting him to sleep, he knows that there's no escape from being Nana's baby girl.

Nana rocks slowly back and forth with her body as she hums a sweet little tune and watches her most precious charge go contentedly to sleep.
The sounds of the rest of the Rescue team can be heard outside the main lab door

They have no clue as to how to rescue Daniel from Nanabot.
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