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The Room Mate

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The Room Mate


Steve Layton - 18yo college student looking for an apartment - Played by: Andreea

Kimberly Degee - 28yo Nurse - owns huge house - Played by: Miki Yamuri


Front door of Kimberly's house


Steve was in his first year of college and he needed a place where he could find quiet away from all the uproar that the college dorm has proven to be. Not that he didn't mind the parties and all ... just he wanted to be able to study too.

After an exhaustive search, the only place he could find he could afford or would accept him ... was this huge old manor house with a room for rent and kitchen privileges. His mom had told him of it and given him the address and name of the owner ... Miss Kimberly Degee. She was a Doctor of Genetic Sciences at the very university he was attending. This made it more than convenient.

He was on the porch and looks around before he knocks. He admires the elegant grandeur of the house and all the expansive grounds. He feels lucky to have found something this nice as inexpensively as he did ... just help around the house with the chores and pay his lights and phone bill ... a wonderful price.

He knocks upon the door. The sound of faint foot falls can be heard growing louder.

The door opens ... a very beautiful woman in her late 20's opens the door and says softly, "Yes? May I help you?"

Steve feels instantly shy and awkward, but rallies and manages to blurt out, "I ... err ... heard you have a room free."

She smiles a beautiful smile and replies , "Why, yes ... as a matter of fact I have a room. You must be Mr. Layton?"

She invites him in

She continues, "Come with me and I'll show you the room."

Nervously, he follows, pausing occasionally to admire the fine old interior designs.

The foyer is huge and very well decorated. They walk through a short hall and she opens a door. They enter a huge apartment that has at least 7 other rooms that belong to it. They are very well decorated ... except it looks like it might have been a girl's apartment.

She turns and says softly, "My name is Kimberly. This used to be the apartment of my last border. She has grown up and gotten herself a job in medical research. I do hope the decor isn't too offensive."

Floral wallpaper, pink sheets, lace trim ... It isn't to his usual taste, but he doesn't find it offensive ... In fact, he finds it all strangely alluring.

Kimberly walks over to the closet and opens the door. It is a huge walk in closet. Hung neatly on the racks and arranged on the shelves were very cute little girl clothes. Even with all the clothes and things in the closet, there was plenty of room for Steve's things even still. The closet was large enough to be used as a bedroom all of itself.

"Hey. I thought this room was free? Will I be sharing?" he asks, very confused.

Kim laughs sweetly and replies, "No sharing sweetie."

He replies, "Then ... whose clothes are those?"

Kimberly giggles softly and says, “This is the whole apartment. I just haven't moved any of the clothes from the closet. They belonged to the last border. She had many things and only took part of them. She left the rest."

Steve said musingly, "I see. But I thought your last boarder was a medical student. Those look like a little girl's clothes."

The clothes in the closet are short, frilly, flouncy, and certainly not what you would expect a medical student to wear.

Kimberly says softly, "She was a little girl when she came to board here. Her parents had sent her to school here to become a Doctor. She was very gifted and grew up to be a most talented and imaginative Research physician."

He replies in a surprised tone, "She came to board here as a little girl? That's a strange sort of arrangement."

Kim looks at him with a sparkle in her eye and replies, "There are some very gifted children. I'm sure your very gifted too ... or you wouldn't have been accepted at the college."

He blushes at her compliment.

She turns and says, "Come, you must be hungry and thirsty? I have lunch prepared."

She walks into the hall and turns back toward the Foyer.

He follows, "Thank you. That's very kind of you."

Half way down the hall she turns into another huge room. This is most obviously the formal dining room.

Kim asks, "What is your major?"

"Literature," he answers, shyly.

Kim pulls a heavy velvet covered chair from the table and gestures for Steve to be seated. She pulls the one next to it and stands behind it.

She says, "Are you studying to be a teacher then?"

She sits gracefully and rings a tiny silver bell.

Steve replies, "I guess. Haven't really thought about what to do after college."

2 cute female servants dressed in very cute short frilly maid's outfits enter the room with heavy platters. They serve Hamburgers and chips. Steve is given a Pepsi as the girls giggles and flirt all around him..

Steve eats, feeling very awkward ... especially with all the female attention he’s getting.

Kim asks quietly, "Have you ever thought of going into home making? I hear there is a demand for that in this area."

Kimberly eats her food daintily as she looks at Steve with the most wonderful sparkly green eyes.

He manages to get himself to reply in a lilting awkward voice, "I never thought about it. How do you get started in that?"

Kim replies, "I would suppose you have to follow a course in Home Economics. Then follow training in Domestic Service. The pay is wonderful."

Kim had finished her lunch and rings the bell twice. The soft tinkle fills the room. A young woman enters and quickly cleans the dishes as she giggles to Steve and bats her eyes softly.

He notices the servants: beautiful young women in ludicrously short and frilly dresses, one of whom gives him a weird, knowing sort of smile as this Mistress advises him. He knows young women has something to tell him ... but is too shy.

Another young woman enters with a small platter. She serves Steve a Pink Ice cream with strawberries and whipped cream. Kim begins to daintily eat hers.

Steve feels many eyes upon him ... and eats mainly out of a sense of pressing expectation. He sees all the maid’s watching him with a very expectant and strange expression.

The ice cream tastes peculiarly acrid ... but he somehow feels it would be very impolite not to finish it.

Kimberly and the servant girls watch him intently as he finishes his ice cream. There is a shy knowing look in the maidservant's eyes and a sparkle of delight in Kim's.

As Steve finishes his meal and dessert, he sits back and has that very contented drowsy feeling come over him. He yawns suddenly and unexpectedly.

Kim asks in a sweet cooing voice, "Would you like to take a nap before we begin settling you in, Sweet heart?"

He feels strange ... Under pressure ... Almost like a headache, yet painless. He is rapidly becoming light headed and high. He tries to stand, but staggers and has to hold the table for support as the drowsy contented high become more intense.

Kim tells one of the maid servants to pull down the bed in the girl's room ... the other to clean up lunch as Kim takes hold of Steve's arm and leads him gently out of the Dining room.

"What's happening?" he manages to slur. "Was there something in the ice cream?"

He suddenly feels a cold stab of fear through the haze. He tries to struggle, but his efforts are feeble, Nor would he have the strength to even crawl for the door.

Kimberly says softly, "I train many domestics here too. All girls. I usually start them at about 12 years old. By the time they are grown up ... they are very good. Their parent usually recommend their incorrigible Teenaged children."

Steve stutters, “M ... m mom told me .. t .. to come here!”

Kimberly kisses him softly on the top of his head and replies soothingly, “You are quite special. You will be very happy here.”

She supports and leads him down the hall into the little girl's bedroom, then She sets him gently on the turned down bed and walks to the closet.

He stammers in a confused way, "Domestics ... train ... what ...?"

He has a fear that he is about to become a chamber maid.

Kimberly giggles, then continues, "There are some special cases mind you. Like the last girl. She was very talented."

Kim opens a door in the closet to what looks like a small lab refrigerator and removes a large syringe ... in it was a bluish liquid that seemed to glow in the dim light.

"No ... keep away," he mumbles, barely audibly.

Kimberly turns and has this strange look on her face as she continues again, "You see, I love having a little girl around the house to train. They are always so challenging at first. But when they realize they really are girls and they have no choice ... it is so much fun for both of us."

Kimberly walks to the bed and undoes Steve's sleeve and rolls it up past his elbow. Steve tries to resist, but cannot move a muscle.

She explains, "This works rather quickly. I am sure it will feel most unusual too. I can say it will be most pleasant as you loose all of your dirty manhood and become a sweet little girl."

Her voice is strangely soothing though the mist, and makes his fear diminish, in spite of himself. Part of him is even looking forward to it ... although another part is horrified even at that.

With this, Kimberly wraps a rubber tube around Steve's arm. She pats it softly until a large vein appears. She pushes the needle into this vein and pushes the plunger. Steve watches as the huge syringe empties into his vein. Kim removes the needle and then the rubber strap.

The shot is seriously hot and cold at the same time as he feels it move up his arm. Mostly, he feels an intense tingling that spreads throughout, but then there is a dull aching ... in his head, his chest ... and then between his legs. It builds, and threatens to become agonizing ... but stops all of a sudden. His head is buzzing and his body feels so ... different.

Kimberly says so sweetly, "Ohh, you are going to be so adorable."

Now, Steve just feels warm, and tingly, but his sense of the outside world gradually returns.

Kimberly has returned to the closet and gotten some of the little girl clothes. She returns and helps Steve to sit up. His hands feel strange, but then he realizes that is because his sleeves have ... grown over them? His shoes also are loose, he realizes. His mind clears as the effects of the ice cream and the shot wear off at the same time.

Kimberly takes Steve’s way too large shoes off and drops them into a trash pail by the bed.
She unbuttons the way too large shirt and helps him out of it and tosses it into the pail with the shoes.

Kim gently caresses Steve’s new budding breasts in a very nice tender way. He ... she gives a little gasp at the intensity of the caress. His voice sounds adorable even to him. He cannot fathom what it is that she had done to him.

Kimberly says cooingly, "You will come to love me very much. Your name ... Steve ... just won't do any more. I think you'll be Stephanie from now on."

Stephanie begins to shed tears, of mixed emotion. She doesn't know what to think ... what she ought to think ... but it all feels so good. There is this ... really strange feeling running all through her.

Kimberly hugs Stephanie softly and says, "Ok sweetie, hold your arms up for a bit so I can get your dress on. It's made of the finest silk and should feel very nice."

Obediently, she raises her arms, Kimberly slips a very soft silk lavender Baby Princess Dress over Stephanie’s arms. With a tug, the puffy sleeves settle over her hands and the dress settles over her body raising goose bumps.

Kimberly lays Stephanie gently on her back and pulls off the over large slacks and men's underwear. These she also tosses in the pail with the rest of the now worthless men's clothing. She caresses Stephanie lovingly in her new privacy. Kimberly smiles adoringly as she does this.

Thrills of joy shoot through Stephanie's young body, and she draws her breath in an intake of pure, girlish delight making the cutest squeaking sound. Kimberly kisses Stephanie at the peak of the sensation. Stephanie returns the kiss, lovingly. She is lost to Kimberly as she realizes she is totally in love.

Kimberly says softly, "You will enjoy growing up here. You are very special to me and I can see that ... you will be my daughter and not a servant. I want you not to know that kind of manual labor. I will insure you are well cared for and pampered for the rest of your very, very long childhood."

Stephanie feels the honor of this deeply, and feels affection growing in her for this strange yet wonderful young woman. There is more to her blossoming emotions than daughterly affections.

Kimberly holds out a pair of rumba panties with many ruffles.

Kimberly says cooingly, "Step in sweet heart."

Stephanie steps into the panties, finding herself eager to please her ... mother?

Kimberly makes pulling up Stephanie’s panties a loving caress. She wanted Kimberly to really enjoy her first moments as a girl.

As the silky ruffles caress her legs and snugly enclose her hips, she gives another little moaning squeak of delight. Stephanie reaches her hands to her crotch ... she can't believe her male parts are missing. Kimberly pats her softly on her bottom when she is finished helping pull up her panties.

Kim picks up a large brush from the vanity and begins to brush Stephanie's hair until it shines. It had grown to shoulder length as Stephanie was dressed. Kimberly takes 2 ribbons and ties Stephanie's hair into 2 adorable pony tails.

Gently, Kimberly leads Stephanie by her shoulders to the very ornate gold framed mirror by the dresser. Stephanie can hardly believe she’s the pretty girl who stares back in wonder from the mirror.

Kimberly bends and kisses Stephanie on her blushing cheek and says softly, “Welcome to my family sweetheart. You are allowed to stay as long as you like. You will be a little girl for a very long time."

"Thank you ... mummy ... Thank you so much," she first mutters, then cries aloud, lovingly embracing the strange lady.

Kimberly hugs Stephanie back lovingly, "You are most welcome daughter."

Kim kisses her softly on the lips. Stephanie returns this kiss with much love in her heart.

What had seemed a nightmare has become a beautiful dream for Stephanie, and now her only fear is of waking up.

Kimberly says softly, "Sweetie, you have turned out so much better than I ever hoped. You are a very adorable little girl. I'm going to love dressing you a my babydoll too. We'll have so much fun together."

She again kisses Kimberly on her cheek and gives her a most loving embrace. Stephanie blushes, giggles, and returns the embrace.

Kimberly Takes Stephanie by the hand and leads her out of the bedroom down the hall to the den.

A thought occurs to Stephanie, disturbing her joy: She asks in a worried voice, "What about my family, and friends? What will they think?"

As Kimberly has Stephanie sit on the sofa beside her, Kimberly replies, "No one will ever recognize you now sweet heart. Not even genetics testing. I would think they would say you are an extremely adorable little girl ... wouldn't you?"

Kimberly has Stephanie snuggle close as she runs her hand caressingly over Stephanie's cheek.

"I guess," she replies, blushing again. "But if I just disappear like that ... makes me so sad for them."

Kimberly blows softly into Stephanie's ear and coos, "Well ... we could arrange an Alien Abduction ya know," she giggles softly then continues, "or some kind of accident. I don't think they would believe you are who you say you are."

"I guess," Stephanie replies, guiltily. "At least that might let them get over it, in time."

Kimberly kisses Stephanie lovingly on her nose and says in a very soft voice, "What happens ... if your family arranged the whole thing? What would you say to that?"

"Arranged? But Why?" she asks, astounded.

Kimberly giggles softly and caresses Stephanie gently in a very nice way, then replies in a cooing voice, "I don't suppose the tights with the ruffles in the bottom drawer of your chest of drawers means anything ... does it?"

Stephanie's blush deepens, then it begins to dawn on her ...

"They know? But how ... ? I found this place just by sheer luck ... didn't I?"

Kimberly whispers softly into Stephanie's ear, teasing it with her breath, "No sweetie, they contacted me about 6 months ago and made the arrangements. Remember I said the last girl that was in this room became a special research Doctor?"

Stephanie sees Kimberly's eyes sparkle. Stephanie nods, while feeling very stimulated to feel her Mistress's breath on her sensitive skin, and the sound of her sweet voice in her ear.

Kimberly continues, "Well I am that Doctor ... this used to be my room many long years ago. Usually parents send their wayward and incorrigible Teenagers to me. I genetically reassign them and make cute little maids of them."

Kimberly kisses Stephanie again ... Stephanie returns the kiss, with heightened passion.

She continues, "Your family loves you a whole lot. They wanted you to be the little girl you have always wanted. They told me you are very special. They gave this to you for your Birthday ... which is today. You are now the little girl you have always fantasized you were ... and I love you so much ... you are just adorable. I and they all wish you a Very Happy Birthday."

She hugs Stephanie lovingly again with much passion. Stephanie hugs and kisses her, reassured by the wonderful, intense feelings flowing through her that this is no mere dream.

Stephanie can’t believe her family knew and arranged to have him become .. a girl.
She is astounded and overjoyed at the same time. This is the most wonderful birthday present anyone could have given. Stephanie is deliriously happy.

Kimberly says softly, "You will be this adorable little girl for many years. Part of the side effects of the transformation is that it arrests the aging process at a given point. Mine was at this age ... the perfect age to be a Doctor. You will be the love of my heart for a very long time. I do so hope this makes you happy."

"It does. It makes me so happy I can hardly believe it's true," she replies, tears in her eyes.

Kimberly kisses Stephanie passionately on her lips one last time, She stands gracefully and helps her to her feet.

Kimberly says softly, "Well , sweet heart, time for me to show the world my new sweetheart. I'm taking you to the mall and then to dinner. We can go shopping for cute little dolls if you want."

"I love you," whispers Stephanie. "You've made me so happy. This is the Best Birthday ever!! I promise to be the best little girl I can be, so you can all be proud of me."

Kimberly picks up a purse and leads Stephanie by the hand out into the world. The Mall was very crowded. Many people noticed Kimberly and Stephanie. Many made nice comments about the short dress she had on and how adorable a daughter Kimberly had.

At dinner, Kimberly says softly in a cooing whisper in Stephanie's ear, "I love you baby and I promise we will have many years to show it."

With this she kisses Stephanie on her lips.

"I love you too, mummy," she replies, just before being lost in the sheer bliss of the moment.

The world dissolves in sweetness as their lips lock, and she feels a wonderful tingling all over. Stephanie realizes that she is now her real self, at long last.

Many long years pass. All the neighbors love and adore Miss Kimberly and her extremely beautiful young daughter Stephanie. There are questions as to why Stephanie never seems to grow up ... but she is so adorable and cute ... no one really cares to ask or notices.
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