The Treatment - Complete

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The Treatment - Complete

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Sep 27, 2016 1:30 pm

Title: The Treatment


Aurren Liana, male, 18 yo accountant

Tawny Brook, female - 19yo Transformation Specialist

Lisa Hardwick - Aurren's Mistress

Scene: Tawny is being helped with her many packages by Aurren

Tawny Brook was a very pretty and shapely young woman of 19. Today found her out in a lone parking lot with many heavy packages and no one to help load them into her sports car. After gasping in exasperation and putting her hands on her hips, Aurren came up and surveyed the problem.

He asks politely, "Do you need some help miss?"

Tawny looks up in surprise, she hadn't heard his approach and was caught slightly off guard. Aurren looked her over. She had long blond hair tied off to one side in a ponytail, a tight yellow pullover, and hip hugger Jordash jeans.

Tawny takes a breath and says softly, "I would love a hand if you would please."

Aurren helped her load the many packages into the sports car.

Tawny says, "Thank you oh so very much for your help. To reward you, I'm giving you a free membership to the most exclusive spa in the city ... The Pink Button."

Aurren's eyebrows go up. This was one of the hideaways for the profanely rich and famous ... perhaps this would work to his advantage.

He replies, "Sure, as long as I get to see you there now and then."

Tawny giggles, "Absolutely." as she handed him several cards with her signature on it.

Aurren looks them over. He had been handed the Premier Gold Membership reserved for only the elite. The 2 of them say bye as he watches her drive away.

Several days later, Tawny says to one of her coworkers, "You need to prepare room 7 for a new client. His name is Aurren Liana and he should be arriving very shortly."


Aurren had decided to finally visit this salon his new friend had gotten him into. On a Friday, after getting off work early, the young accountant shows up at the posh salon. He was very boringly dressed: a white tee, tie, and black pants, matching his unruly black hair. He was thin, and a tad short. Shyly, he approaches the front desk. "Hello?"

A very pretty young woman looks up and says in a cooing sexy voice, "Well, hello. How may I be of service to you? Are you here to open a new membership with us?"

"I'm a new member," he answers shyly, pulling out his gold card. "Tawny gave this to me.

The woman looks at it for a split second before she walks from behind the counter. Aurren's eyes get big as he sees she's wearing only a very skimpy black tie on string bikini. She takes him buy the hand and leads him towards the back.

She says in a sexy cooing voice, "We have room 7 all ready for you. I know you're going to have a wonderful time ... that is a beautiful fantasy for a guy … and it's so unusual that one would select it.”

She giggles as she opens the door to room 7 and leaves. Aurren looks in ... he sees cabinets and a water fountain ... and this strange reclining chair in the very center of the otherwise plain room.

Aurren is all blush and fidgety as she leads him into the room. Soon he was alone, wondering what would happen to him today. He'd never been to a spa before.

Tawny Brook wiggles her way into the room and snuggles her cute body close to Aurren's. She too had on nothing but a skimpy tie on string bikini, only this one was powder blue. Aurren almost couldn't contain himself as his member began to become uncomfortably … unruly.

She hands him a clipboard and says in a soft cooing voice, "Now, love, you have to pick the program you want to follow. If I were you ... I would pick ... The Works." She winks at him an gives him a small kiss on his cheek.

The boy nearly shrieks in surprise as Tawny surprises him with a cuddle and kiss. Blushing more, he checks off The Works Supreme, their latest and best package as he hands it back.

He manages to stumble out over his super thick tongue, “Oh, hello Tawny! I didn't see you."

She hugs Aurren around his neck and French kisses him as she skillfully guides his helpless body into the soft embrace of the reclining chair. It is soft and conforms to his body so wonderfully. Tawny climbs onto his lap and kisses him softly on his lips as she wiggle and squirms sexily. With Aurren's attention totally on Tawny, many black tentacles came unnoticed from a large compartment in the back of the chair. Several wrapped around his arms and ankles ... anchoring him to the chair.

The boy was distracted by her kiss, shyly returning it as the tentacles sprout from the chair, binding him down. Surprised, he sequels out. "Eep!"

Tawny French kisses him one more time before sliding off of his lap. She says in a soft coo, "I do so hope you enjoy this. Many of our clients continue on to the end result."

With this, Tawny walks to a control panel at the side of the chair and types in many commands rapidly. Aurren is helpless as his clothes are bodily removed in shreds leaving him totally nude in the chair. A large tentacle began to tickle his lips ... with more and more force to enter his mouth. Aurren struggles. He gasps loudly as another tentacle gives him a wonderfully warm gooey squirt at his bottom and began to penetrate him there.

With his mouth open in a gasp, the tentacle quickly enters and penetrates his throat. Aurren feared strangling ... but to his surprise .. he could breath normally with the tentacle in his throat. The chair conforms in shape. He finds himself with his knees bent, legs spread, and his sphincter totally exposed to the tentacle penetrating him there.

The boy is totally shocked at what's happening to him, nude, with a tentacle lubing and penetrating his butt, and another forcing its way into his mouth. he tries to cry out, but all that could be heard was a cute 'Mmph!" sound.

Tawny comes over and smiles, "I do hope you don't mind too much ... but there is a new penetration point I have so wanted to try out on a guy."

With this, she types several more commands into the chair. Another tentacle slithers from the back and around between Aurren's legs. He feels it as it gives him a large wet squirt of gooshy stuff, then begins to push into him in an impossible way just below his penis and just above his scrotum. He gasps, feeling the tentacle push into that impossible place. He writhes more, in mixed discomfort and pleasure.

Aurren's eyes get large. He ... didn't have an opening there!! How is this possi ... he no longer could think coherently as the tentacle began to move in and out. Wonderfully intense sensations shot all through his body with each thrust, intermingled every now and again with a sharp pinching pain of his new place opening more and many gooshy hot squirts.

He feels the tentacles work on him, thrusting into his butt and crotch, keeping him lubed. He felt himself getting a very good workout, to the point where he was also becoming both hungry and thirsty.

Tawny coos softly, "Now, that's a good little girl. It's time to eat ... I'm sure your getting hungry."

Tawny types several more commands into the chair. Aurren could feel the tentacle in his throat begin to throb. He realizes in his sex hazed and scattered mind, that it was squirting into his tummy.

Tawny giggles softly, "That, is some of the highest quality cum on the planet. Only the extremely rich even donate."

Not just cum he realized, but milk. He could taste it: a very rich solution, equal parts seed and milk, probably from a variety of creatures. He groans more, sucking on the feeding tentacle as the others continue their work. Tawny bounces on her toes as she watches Aureen wiggle and squirm helplessly in the chair.

She says, "You also need to know, there are massive amounts of female hormones being introduced into your body along with other transformation chemicals. I promise to make you into the prettiest Sissy boy / girl ever." and begins to type furiously into the control panel.

Aurren's eyes widen as he hears this, and yet he can do nothing. He feels his hips hike up more as the tentacle raping him reaches it's highest pace. Aurren thinks he's loosing his mind. The sensations are so intensely pleasant he can't handle it. Something within him is changing and he knows it ... but is totally helpless to stop it. He feels each exquisite thrust into that impossible place in his crotch. He feels each magnificent hot squirt deep within his bottom. He knows it's time ... he can't help it ... he cums wonderfully. He realizes that Tawny was there with some kind of beaker and collected all of his squirts.
He helplessly watches as she takes it to a slot, and places the beaker into it.

The boy is drained soon. The tentacles have done their job. Sucking more on the one in his mouth, he feels one last squirt in his tush, quickly absorbed, before the session is finally over. What feels like hours was only fifteen minutes.

Tawny came up in her bouncy way and placed a very cold object next to Aurren's neck. There was a hissing pop, a sharp sting, and he felt something cold enter his system and spread all though his body bringing goose flesh. Tawny helps the dazed young man out of the chair and leads him slowly over to a door he had not noticed before. When they entered this new room, there were several other pretty young women there dressed in just skimpy string bikini's too.

The brunet says, "Oh ... she's gonna be so cute." The other girls agreed as each girl opened a large bottle of sweet smelling oil of some kind. Aurren shivered as they very pleasantly rubbed him down with the oil and massaged every conceivable place on his body except his scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows. The boy shivers as the women massaged him. He croons and wriggles, unaware that as they were massaging him, his skin was being buffed, all body hair being removed, leaving silky soft skin behind that would be the envy of any young woman.

By the time they had done, and finished wiping him down with the thick towels. His skin tingled very pleasantly. Tawny came up then and held out a very adorable pair of little girls pink rumba panties with large ruffles on the hinny.

She coos softly, "Be a good little girl sissy and let Miss Tawny dress you.

Seeing the panties, Aurren blushes, fussing slightly as Tawny shows them to him. "Do I have to? Those are little girl panties..."

Tawny smiles as she replies in a soft cooing voice like she was talking to a very small child, "Why, surely you have to. It's ... what you opted for ... to become this beautiful little sissy boy / girl Babydoll you are becoming now. Now step in or we'll ... go to a lot younger little girl. That's your option." Tawny looks at Aurren as her cute smile staled a tad bit.

He blushes and fidgets more. Aurren wasn't sure what she was talking about, but he couldn't stay naked. He remembered all of his other clothes had been torn to shreds by those awful tentacles. Shyly, he steps into the panties. Tawny pulls the panties up and insures they fit properly around his crotch. Tawny did a very quick tuck and push ... and Aurren's shrinking manhood vanished away ... and Aureen looked like any other girl in panties. Several other women in string bikinis came back into the room and began fussing with Aurren's hair while he saw Tawny walk to a large closet.

When Tawny came out, she was carrying a soft peach-pink and white, very short, Little Princess Babydoll Dress with puffy sleeves, a white lace Peter Pan collar, and a matching lace pinafore that was untied, but draped around the adorable little dress.

Tawny unbuttons it down the back and coos once again, "Hold your arms up so I can put your new dress on. You will be so precious." All the girls twitter with giggles.

Aurren fusses a bit more. This was a most unusual spa, he decides. He wasn't sure he'd be coming back, after he steps into the Babydoll toddler dress Tawny got for him. Tawny buttons the dress up the back. Aurren shivers as the wonderful feel of the dress's silk caressed his skin. Tawny tied the pinafore in the back into a large bow before patting his bottom softly several times.

Tawny says softly and reassuringly, "Now, sweet heart, there's a few days it will take for you to reorient to your ... new body." The girls giggle, "But ... you will be one of the cutest little sissy Babydollgirls in the state in about 3 months. There's no stopping it, there's no ignoring what you are, and you are very pretty now."

Tawny takes Aurren by the hand and walks him to the large closet. On the wall just inside the door, was a very large floor to ceiling mirror. Aurren didn't see himself being led to the mirror by Tawny ... he saw ... a girl ... a very pretty little girl at that, standing there with her mouth open and eyes popping out in surprise. He couldn't believe it! What had they done to him! Aurren barely recognizes himself, seeing himself in the mirror. And this was just the very beginning. There were probably still weeks of training, not to mention all kinds of other therapies to transform him further. By signing up for the Works Supreme, he had unwittingly agreed to pay for a $20,000 non-refundable ordeal that would turn him into a marvelous and very adorable finished Companion babydoll product. "Eeeeeep!"

Tawny took Aurren by his shoulders as she bent over and whispered softly in his ear, "You are good enough to eat sweet heart. I think, just for fun, we'll add the Love Pet Treatment to your Babydoll protocol. I know a woman looking for someone just like you." Tawny pats his bottom one more time as another girl brings a glass of red liquid to her.

Tawny hands the glass to Aurren as she coos softly, "I know you're probably very thirsty. The chemicals do that. That is Red Berry HI C .... just be careful sweet heart .... little girls do have accidents some times."

The girls giggle as they begin to clean up the room and straighten things out. Aurren looks at the glass in his hand. Aurren pouts but accepts it, drinking the punch as it was offered to him.

Aurren says out loud in his changing voice, "What the heck is a Babydoll Love Pet? Doesn't sound like anything I want."

Aurren feels the cold liquid as it enters his tummy ... where suddenly it seems to explode and spread warmth all though him once again.

Tawny smiles as she coos to Aurren like he was a very little child, "Snuggle Bug ... you have to realize you aren't choosing anymore ... I am. That HiC is even a vector ... it's the Love Pet Protocol."

Aurren felt the warmth as it spread and seeped into his mind. He knew things were changing about him ... and rapidly ... although he couldn't exactly tell what those things were.

A very cute redhead with freckles come in the room and claps her hands together and says in an excited voice, "Has she had one yet? I wanna change her."

Aurren shakes his head. Why did he feel dizzy? Seeing the red haired girl, he noted she wore a nurses' uniform. He grips between his legs, feeling a slight pressure in a way he never had before. He realized immediately as well … he couldn't feel his genitalia ... "Ohhhh..."

Aurren had no recollection of ever feeling this way in his bladder. It was the strangest sensation he could think of as it grew in intensity. He felt a really pleasant pressure building inside his crotch ... and then he felt a tingly surge of relief spread though him a his hinny became warm and wet for some reason. The woman in the nurse's outfit shrieks with joy causing Aurren to turn and look at her.

He had just wet himself, he realizes. Looking down, he groans a bit, unable to believe he had done that in front of no less than five women. "Oh dear.."

All the women shriek with joy and start giggling and cooing to Aurren at the same time. The woman in the nurse's uniform came over to Aurren and knelt ... he thought this a bit strange. He then realizes he is some how smaller ... or everything around him is a lot larger.

The woman says softly and reassuringly, "You can call me Nana ... it's ok. I'm here to help you finish this transition properly." She takes Aurren by the hand and leads him through the door she had entered, "Nana is going to have to put you in pullups. Don't be upset, they sort of look like panties ... but are also diapers so you won't have any embarrassing moments."

Something about her was reassuring, but Aurren was far too embarrassed at the moment. "But I don't need pull ups.." He says, his voice noticeably softer, cuter, and more female.

Nana laughs the tinkling laugh a mother gives to an adored child, "Aww Cutie Pie ... if little girls like you didn't need to be in pullups ... why did you wet your panties? can you tell me that? Aren't you ..." Nana bends and whispers conspiratorially in Aurren's ear, "Trained to use the Potty Monster?"

Aurren blushes very deeply. He feels a strange tingle of fear over this Potty Monster thing he couldn't explain. Fussing, he puts his hands on his hips. 'Of course I am! I'm 18!"

Nana giggles again, "Then why is your bottom wet little girl?"

She pats Aurren's wet hinny softly causing him to squeak like a little girl. Aurren didn't know what to say. It was true ... he had been unable to help it. It had felt so good though ... he knew somewhere within himself that he was going to have many more accidents.

Nana pulls down his soaked rumba panties and cleans him gently with a warm cloth. Aurren is flabbergasted when he sees how small his male genitalia had become. It was like ... it shriveled up and had become vestigial and what was left was being drawn back inside a cute little slit that had formed where they used to be. Nana held out a very thick pair of ruffled peach colored pullups with Baby Looney Toons Characters depicted all over it. She coos softly, "Step in sweetie."

Aurren fusses a bit more, not wanting to simply obey. In the end, Nana got what she wanted though, and he stepped in. Nana pulls them up and pats his hinny once again.

She says softly, "Now sweetiekens, lets see how well the protocol worked on you. Nana's going to show you the Potty Monster ... and lets see if you know how to use it."

She takes Aurren by the hand and leads him out of the room through yet another door. They went a short ways down a hall and entered another room. Sitting there in plain site ... was a Potty Monster ... Aurren knew it on site as a real tingle of fear softly crept up his spine. It was a normal enough potty, except the staff had put a cute little big eyed face on it and long floppy ears. From the front of it came a long red tongue shaped ribbon of felt. Across the back between the floppy ears ... was thick faux fur to complete that critter look.

That was a toilet? He recoiled a bit, making a face as she held his hand. "I'm not using that! Isn't there another toilet I can use instead?"

Nana bends and wraps an arm reassuringly around Aurren. She coos softly and sweetly, "Don't be afraid sugar ... we have to make sure you know how to use the potty before you can be a big Babydoll. Right now ... you are a very little Babydoll." Nana gives Aurren a very gentle push in the direction of the potty.

An unreasonable fear began to rise even stronger within Aurren. He couldn't figure why either ... it was something ... about ... a potty. He felt a shiver run involuntarily though him as Nana gently pushed him once again for emphasis.

Nana coos softly, "Go ahead little girl .... if you're potty trained ... lets see you use it."

"But I don't want to use -that- one!" He exclaims, digging his heels into the carpet. "I wanna use a normal one!"

Nana giggles, "It is a normal one love. It's a normal one for a little girl in potty training like yourself to use. Now be a good girl and show Nana what a big girl you are."

Nana stands and smiles. The Babydoll protocol was working amazingly well on this person. He must have had a deep seated inclination for this all along. Nana bends and pulls Aurren's pullups down and gives him another gentle push towards the intimidating potty.

He yelps, trying to pull them back up. "No! I'm not going on that thing! I want a normal one, with no ears or fur or eyes!" Aurren glances sideways in fear at that horrible thing.

Nana takes Aurren by the arm ... he's no longer able to stop himself from approaching the potty. Fear rises in him as he squeaks, "It ... it's going to bite me on my hinny!"

Aurren was shocked ... he had no idea why he said that or why he felt this fear of a stupid looking potty. He began to screech and squirm as Nana brought him closer to the potty. Nana released him right next to it. Aurren stood and shivered in fear of the horror of being so close to this ... this monster!

Nana coos softly, "Ok, sugar bumps ... if you aren't big enough to use a potty, I guess Nana has to keep you in pullups and diapers. We wouldn't want you wetting your crib at night ... now would we?" She smiles a broad smile as Aurren looks up at her.

Crib? He blinks, coming out of his fear. Why was he suddenly so afraid of a toilet? It was just a very odd looking one. "So I have to use diapers or go on this thing?.."

Nana giggles softly, "Well, little girls still have .... accidents. But you will be in potty training. That's the position you are filling ... a Babydoll Love Pet that is too old to be in diapers, but too young to be in panties." Nana hugs Aurren lovingly as she gives him a kiss on his cheek, then pulls up his pullups. Nana continues softly, "Then again, you don't have to use a potty ever again if you don't want to …" Nana points to the potty, "Time to choose how old a Babydoll you are going to be."

He blushes, wriggling as she pulls his pull ups up. "I don't want to ever use that toilet." A statement that could easily be contrived to mean he should be in diapers permanently.

Nana coos softly as if she were speaking to a very young child, "Very well sweet heart. That is your choice." Aurren feels another cold something touch his neck. He hears an all too familiar hissing pop. This time, it was so warm ... and made him feel so good inside. He could feel it as the fingers spread rapidly into his mind.

The sissy squirms some, not even seeing the hypo as it was quickly taken away by one of the assistants. He wriggles, feeling a growing intensely pleasant tingly pressure in his bladder and bowels.

Nana coos softly, "Ok sweetie. In a little while, you will loose the ability to control yourself permanently. I have a special kind of diaper just for you too. It's a custom made Babykins crawly diaper. It's 12 layers thick. It will be so comfy for a little baby like you and give you an adorable poofy butt all of us owners love so much."

She takes Aurren by his hand and leads him slowly from the potty room. They traveled a short way down a hall and into another room. This one, looked like a very push conference room. Sitting at the table, were Tawny, and several of the other young women Aureen recognized from before ... still in their skimpy tie on string bikinis.

Sitting in the middle of the group, was one large woman dressed in a very tight, form fitting body suit. She wore black shiny 6 inch stiletto heeled knee boots and cut a very strikingly sexy figure. Aurren noticed the body suit's cleavage was cut super low to show off the maximum amount of boobs possible ... and still be said to cover.

Tawny says softly, "Aurren ... I want you to meet your new Mistress. Her name's Lisa Hardwick .... as you probably already know ... she's the 4th richest woman in the world ... and she wants a Babydoll just like you."

He gapes a bit as an expression of total shock crosses his cute little girl face. Lisa Hardwick! The woman he worked for! He had been hired by Lisa's company to help with taxes this year. That she had arranged this all blew his mind. He just stands there in amazement."I...I..."

Lisa smiles pleasantly as she coos softly to Aurren like he's a very small child, "Hello there sweet heart. I specially chose you from all those others ... because I just knew you are perfect." All the women at the table nod. Lisa shuffles through several stacks of papers before speaking again, "These papers identify you as mine."

She pushes a copy of a court order in front of Aurren. To his horror, it was a ruling giving Lisa total control over him and all of his assets since he was deemed incompetent and Lisa was now his appointed guardian for life.

Lisa coos softly and reassuringly, "This ... is your new birth certificate ... showing you are a girl Companion Babydoll from now on. There will be no one looking for you ... ever. All the trails have been covered."

She pushes a copy of the new certificate in front of him. Tawny stands and rounds the table. In her hands are an ink pad, a roller, and several official embossing seals. The inks Aurren's hands and makes the proper finger prints in the proper places. She repeats this action with his feet. Now he understood why they didn't put shoes on him yet.

Aurren squirms. he doesn't want this. He suddenly realizes that his entire life was being robbed from him. He fusses and flails like a baby as his palms and soles were inked, his life taken away from him and a new one being given.

Tawny coos to Aurren as she finishes cleaning the ink from his hands and feet and putting a cute pair of softsox booties on him, "See? This was the best course for you. Your body has made a remarkable transition. Most Sissies don't change this fast."

Tawny caresses Aurren's chest. He feels an intense rush all through him to his crotch. He looks down with big surprised eyes ... to see cute little boobie bumps had already sprouted. As Tawny stamps the embossed official seals on the certificate, she returned to her seat and gave the birth certificate to Lisa.

Aurren still fussed as his birth certificate was legalized. He wasn't happy at all about this seemingly adoption that he reilized he had agreed to by signing the origional form. He didn't want to be a Babydoll. "This isn't fair!" he says in an adorable pouty voice as he stamps his foot.

Lisa looks at Aurren for a second with narrowed eyes before she says softly, "Dear heart, you have to understand something right now. You belong to me. Not just as a daughter, but as legal chattel. You ... under the new legislation set forth by Congress and approved by a 2/3ds Constitutional vote, are a Babydoll. It means, you are living property ... like a dog or a cat .... or a pig."

There are giggles around the table as Lisa slides a document in front of Aurren. His eyes almost pop out as he sees it is a legal Title of Ownership, granting Lisa legal title to him, his life, and all that portends.
Aurren couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing! This was just too much! He begins to fuss, throwing a tantrum. He wasn't going to abide by this. He wanted his life back, and no one could take it away from him! He thought he had legal rights! Picking up a nearby coffee mug, he hurls it at the wall, watching it shatter spectacularly.

Lisa's beautiful blue eyes sparkle brightly as she watches her new Babydoll throw a tantrum. She stands gracefully, and as far as Aurren was concerned, glided like she was on a cloud over beside him and took hold of him. The only sound, the soft clicking of Lisa's boot heels as she gracefully walked over.

Immediately, Aurren knew how much smaller his body had become, and how awesomely strong Lisa was as she snatched him from his chair and held him under one arm as she swatted his bare thigh very hard with the other hand. Smack, smack, smack, smack, the sounds of the hits sounded through the room as the other young women in the string bikinis winced with each strike.

Aurren whines and cries in surprise at the spanking. He squirms, but was soon reduced to tears as his bottom became red, all in front of the all female board of directors for the salon.

Lisa takes the crying Aurren lovingly into her arms and gives him a soft smooch on his cheek. She coos softly, "Now, snuggle bug, Mistress will not tolerate that kind of behavior from her Babydoll. You are very lucky ... you have been chosen specially to fill this role. From now on, you will live out the rest of your extremely long life as my little girl Companion Babydoll. I do expect you to be a good Babydoll, however and will punish you if you're naughty." Aureen could do nothing but whimper softly as Lisa slowly rocked him in her arms.

One of the pretty young women at the table asks softly, "Miss Hardwick? is it possible ... that I might ... ummm ... get selected ta be Tony Farrington's Babydoll Love Pet?"

The other girls gasp softly as they begin to twitter joyously.

Lisa smiles, "As you wish sweetie. Report to Treatment room 12 and it will begin."

The young woman screeches with joy as she hurries out of the room and the other women watch after her with longing eyes.

Lisa looks down at Aureen and softly says, "See? It's a real honor and a big deal to become someone's Babydoll. Now relax and enjoy your new life. It's a fun and pampered life full of lots of toys, clothes, and excitement."

Resistance was futile. Aurren blushes as he realizes this, his bottom still sore as Lisa stands over him.

"What's going to happen to me now? What about my job, my apartment, all my stuff?" he whimpers in a now obviously little girl voice.

Lisa says softly, "You ... have been working for me for over a year. Your new job now, is to be my Babydoll. All the rest of the things are being taken care of as we speak. Your .... stuff ... has been delivered to my house. I think you will find much of it will no longer be to your taste. I know you don't think so now ... but wait. You are who you are now .... and there's no going back."

Lisa gives Aurren a large smooch on his cheek before she sets him back on his feet and returns to her chair. Aurren watches her as she fills out many documents and hands them to the young woman sitting next to her. It Seems he had no choice in this at all. Sighing and disappointed, he plops down in a seat next to Lisa, watching her finalize the paperwork. Soon he begins fidgeting: he needed to pee.

Lisa watches Aurren from the corner of her eye. A small smile tugs at the edges of her lips. She knows as soon has he wets his panties that first time as a Babydoll, the rest of the protocol would slowly begin to take effect. Lisa knew she had chosen well as she looks Aurren over. His body had shrunken properly and even started sprouting cute little boobie bumps already. His hair and face had change to where he looked just like a very pretty little girl. Lisa took Aurren by the hand and began to lead him from the room.

Lisa says, "It's time for me to introduce my Babydoll to the people at my office." Lisa nods to the other women as she leaves the room with Aurren in tow.

Aurren fussed slightly as she took his hand, leading him away. Unable to clench his thighs, the sissy wet his pull up, feeling bright shame at his deed. Lisa knew instinctually that Aurren had wet his panties.

She stops and looks down at him and smiles understandingly as she says loud enough for everyone to hear, "Did my little girl have a potty accident?"

Lisa bends over and pulls open the back of Aurren's pullup and checks him ... right there in the middle of the crowded hall. All the many customers at the spa ... the many bikini clad women ... just everyone stopped and took notice that Aurren had wet his pullups. He was totally humiliated. To make matters worse, Lisa pulled the wet pullup down and made him step into a fresh one while every one watched and made soft cooing noises.

Aurren fusses and blushes as the woman deftly has a fresh pair of pull ups ready. The very first babydoll wriggles as the woman threads them up his feet and onto his tush and crotch, as the old pair was thrown away.

Lisa pulls up the fresh pullup and pats Aurren on his hinny as she coos softly in his ear, "Now, sweet heart, you will begin to feel more and more like a little girl .... and act like a Babydoll. If you like ... try and resist with all your might ... it makes it feel so much better when it takes you over."

Lisa then stands and takes Aurren from the building, and climbs into the back of the waiting Limousine. The driver shuts the door, then enters the driver's seat.

Lisa says, "To the office Henry. I want to show off my newest acquisition."

Henery looks at Aurren in the mirror as he says in his wonderfully deep baritone voice, "Yes Miss Hardwick."

And so they were in the limo. Aurren sits next to his new mistress, watching out the window as they arrived at the tower. The trip was only a few short minutes. He knew he'd be introduced to his coworkers very soon.

Lisa steps from the Limo as soon as Henry opened the door. She helped the now toddler sized Babydoll from the back of the Limo and took him by the hand. Lisa chattered on about all the people Aurren was to meet. Aurren felt strange as he knew most of those people and had worked with quite a few of them for a long time.

The Doorman opened the front door and said jovially, "Good morning Miss Hardwick, I see you have finally taken possession of your new Babydoll." He bends and tweaks Aurren's cheek as he smiles, "Would the Babydoll like a nice big lollypop? It's Cherry!" From his waistcoat he brought out a huge Red Lollypop with a big white smiley face on it and holds it out for Aurren."

Aurren was disgusted. He hated being treated like a child, but it was one thing when a pretty lady did it, and quite another when it was a man. Instantly, he recoiled away from the man, quickly leading Lisa into the building. Lisa takes the lollypop from the door man and mouths a silent"Thank you." He smiles and nods. The door closes and Lisa pulls Aurren up short. She swats him softly on his bottom, but hard enough to remind him he can still get spankings.

Lisa says with sternness in her voice, "Babydolls will act polite, cute, loveable, and adorable. If you choose to treat someone rudely again, Mistress will wear your pullups out ... with your soft hinny in them ... is that clear?" She looks sternly at Aurren for a few seconds, before leading him up to the eagerly awaiting young woman at the receptionists counter.

Aurren blushes as she leads him up to the receptionist. He would also meet Lisa's PA, his new nanny.

"He creeped me out," Aurren admitted in his adorably cute little girl voice.

Lisa says to the young woman, "I want you to meet my new Babydoll, her name is Allie ... isn't she just precious?"

Lisa lifts the toddler sized Aurren to the counter and sits her on it. The young woman giggles with joy as she tickles Aurren softly under his arms in his most tender place.

The woman coos softly, "Such a wonderful little Babydoll. Miss Hardwick? Can I have one too?"

Lisa smiles as she picks Aurren into her arms and says, "Sure, you just need to pick out someone willing to fill the position."

The woman pouts in an adorable manner, "Wish it could be Johnny Trevor ... he was my boyfriend till I scovered him n Tina in bed."

Lisa smiles, "Be in my office in the morning ... well see about how soon you can take delivery."

The woman giggles happily as Lisa carries Aurren to the elevator and enters. A crowd of people enter and begin making a huge deal of Aurren. He hadn't had this many hinny pats or soft smooches on his cheek in his life. He even had many cheek tweaks. One young woman offered him a neat, sparkly pacifier with a nipple that squeaked adorably if it was bitten.

~~ End Pt1 ~~


~~The Treatment Pt2 - Babydoll Meets the Board of Directors ~~


Lisa thanked the young woman as they left the elevator and she carried Ally down a long hall, then into a set of large dark wood doors. Ally's eyes get big as he sees the large conference table with all the men and women he had been working with for the last year, sitting expectantly as Lisa walked slowly to the large arm chair at the head of the table and sat. She places Ally on the desk next to her in a seated position.

Lisa says with satisfaction, "Everyone, I would like for you to meet my new Babydoll."

There is a few moments of murmurs and giggles as the people all looked at Ally. Ally didn't know exactly what to do. The powerful chemicals that had been introduced into his system were still taking effect. He knew that his mind was transforming ... he also knew .. there was nothing he could do about it. He felt intense tendrils of shyness come over him as an infantile thought crossed his mind. Ally wasn't real sure what it was ... cuz Babydoll's are too young to have really serious thoughts. Ally looked around at all the people who were cooing and making cute comments to him. It tickled him pink to have them giving him this much attention as his former adult self rapidly faded to be replaced by the Babydoll persona chosen for him.

Lisa says, "I wanted all of you to meet Ally. She's my Companion Babydoll under the legislation passed by our government a year ago. The protocols are now perfected, and the individual has no choice but to become this adorable product you see before you." Lisa waves her hand at Ally in a grand flourish.

As the board cheers, Ally feels a strange sense of embarrassment come over him. He knows something is terribly wrong .. but doesn't have a clue at this point ... as to what it might be. He puts the cute, sparkly pacifier in his mouth and bites it once. It makes a cute squeaky noise. Lisa and the rest of the board begin discussing the marketing and distribution of Companion Babydolls and where they might obtain the ... volunteers.

Lisa remarks, "There is a volunteer named Johnny Trevor. He used to be the boyfriend of our receptionist ... Debbie." The board all nod in remembrance. Lisa continues, "In the morning, I intend to have him transformed and presented to Debbie as a gift. He acted in a most rash way and was very mean to Debbie. In this way ... he will pay for what he has done to Debbie, and to other women with whom he has played these sex games."

Lisa then lifts Ally to a standing position on the conference table. By this time, Ally was only three and a half feet tall. His body had reached the maximum shrinkage required to be a Babydoll. Lisa tugs on the hem of Ally's short jumper and removed some wrinkles from it.

Lisa continues, "I want you to take a good look at our newest product ... The Companion Babydoll Love Pet. She is cute, adorable, too young to be in panties and too old to be in diapers or pullups. She's young enough to be super adorable, but old enough to be lots of fun."

Ally stood bashfully and looked at all the board member as they in turn looked her over. Ally wasn't real sure what was expected of her at this moment, so she fidgeted nervously and began to suck her thumb.

Lisa says in a very musically sweet coo, "Ally Babydoll ... can you hear me?"

A massively wonderful tingle ran electrically all through Ally's body at the sound of mommy's voice. It was so super intense, she became ... aroused ... and even very slightly wet her pullup ... she couldn't help herself.

Lisa continued in that same voice, "Mommy wants her Babydoll to walk down the table to the far end and back. I want you to allow anyone of the board members that want to touch and examine you to do so. Do you understand sweet heart?"

GASP!! Ally's breath catches in her chest as she hears mommy tell her to do something. She couldn't resist ... she has to answer and to obey! Ally nods her head ... then slowly begins to toddle down the table in a most adorable way. The board members began to clap and coo wonderfully to Ally as she approached. One young woman reaches out and takes hold of the hem of Ally's jumper. Ally stops and moves closer to her as she looked at her with big eyes. The woman lifts Ally's hem, revealing the lacy pullups she had on ... and could see the small wet spot. The Young woman smiles as she shivers in delight. This was one of her fantasies come true. The young woman released Ally and allowed her to continue her walk.

The young woman stood and asked in an embarrassed tone of voice, "And ... is this treatment open to ... any who asks for it? Or is it reserved for judicial punishment under the new Federal Mandate?"

Lisa looked the young woman over. She was very pretty and shapely. Even in the grey business suit, she cut a remarkably sexy figure.

Lisa replied in a soft tone, "We have only released the treatment to the Pink Spot Spa at this time and have it set up so that only certain people are allowed access to it." Lisa smiles and leans forward ... her tone changes to a sexy coo, "But for special little girls that really want it ... I think arrangements can be made to accommodate them."

The woman blushes very pink in her pretty cheeks as her nipples begin to show her arousal through her white blouse. As the young woman quickly seats herself and began to squirm ever so slightly in her seat, Lisa smiles, she now has yet another volunteer to become a Babydoll Love Pet. It appeared that being a Babydoll was many a young woman’s fantasy, and would be super for business. Finding suitable Stock material was becoming less and less of a problem all the time.

As Ally reached the end of the very long table and slowly began her return toddle, a very immaculately dressed young man stood and cleared his throat. He held in front of him an opened e-tablet and began to speak in a deep and sexy Base voice, "I have here an affidavit and a contract from the DOJ in Washington D.C." he held up several pieces of paper, "They have guaranteed us all the life sentence and death row convicts within the US Penal system to use as Stock for the new Babydoll project. There is a stipulation, that all subjects must be rendered totally helpless by the procedure."

Lisa smiles as she replies, "I can guarantee ... that all of the subjects will be cute, adorable, and very loving Babydolls for many, many, many long years to come."

The man looks at Lisa, "Are there any Male Babydolls? Or is this an exclusively female product?"

Lisa replies, "There are Male Babydolls as well. They have to be as demand requires. There is a much more overiding demand for female Babydolls than males at this time however ... so it will have to be on a case by case basis."

The man makes a notation in the tablet before continuing, "And what is normal production going to be? We have ... 450,000 subjects arriving by Judicial bus in the morning ... and ummm ... " He punches several buttons on the tablet ... "Several million over the course of the next 6 months."

Lisa replies, "It only takes a few hours to convert a male subject into a beautiful female Companion Babydoll Love Pet ... even less if the subject is to remain a male. It takes the same amount of time to convert a female into a male Babydoll as it does the other way around. Our current orders list to 3 million within the next two months. Since each Babydoll can be custom programmed to suit whatever a client's needs ... I think we will run out of subject material long before we run out of orders."

The man makes several more notations in the pad before he continues, "I see that there are many orders for Babydoll maids, babysitter playmates," he punches several more buttons and brings up more data on the pad's LED screen, "I see there is a new exclusive restaurant ... The Babydoll's Hideaway, that will employ no workers, but will have Babydolls ... both male and female, as the employees." He nods as he pooches out his lips, "Won't this cause labor disputes and other employment issues with the general public? I mean, the Babydoll product will be taking away those jobs from the mainstream employee."

Lisa steeples her fingers and rests her chin on them as she says softly, "Perception is a strange bed fellow, Mr. Jackson. What is perceived as taking away of jobs ... isn't it in fact giving jobs to those who would ordinarily be out committing crimes and filling our penal system?"

The man smiles as he laughs a short snort, "So it is Miss Hardwick ... so it is." He types for a long minute before he continues, "Just so you are aware of it, there is already several Unions that are attempting to file Class Action Suits against the use of Babydolls in mainstream businesses ... although under current Federal Mandate, they are all being denied." He punches several more buttons and brings up a new page on his pad, "And, you will be happy to note that this latest round of court filings have all been refused based on what we just discussed about the base stock used for Babydolls being employed. The judge is going to rule 100% in our favor and bar anymore such suits in the future."

There is a round of cheers and applause as Lisa leans back in her chair, and collects Ally lovingly into her arms from off the conference table. This was perfect! Lisa now had not only the raw materials to make the Babydoll products in seemingly unending supply ... but the law was actually on her side. She provided total and complete rehabilitation for even the most hardened criminally insane individual, the perfect workers for most all applications, and saved the country untold billions that would no longer be necessary for prisons. Lisa giggles slightly as she looked at the pretty young woman in the grey business suit. There were even those that fantasized about being a Babydoll ... this was turning out to be a very good year.

~~ The End ~~
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