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The Tease

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sun Sep 11, 2016 1:21 pm

Title: The Tease


Ben Tenuson: 18yo - Played by: lilhottie4_u86

Gwen Brock: 19yo 7th Cousin - played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Gwen's House in the Den


After a long, fun battle with the Forever Knights. Ben and Gwen rest in her den. Ben jumps onto the couch in her den exhausted.

"Is it just me or are the Forever Knights getting tougher to beat each time? " looking at Gwen.

Gwen replies, "It seems like it. I think the new AI the Master Mage came up with gets frustrated we beat it so much."

Ben laughs as his stomach starts to growl. " Hey Gwen, you go to the kitchen and make me something to eat. Kicking butt all day has made me hungry ... thanks."

He then turns on the TV and lays back to watch his favorite show, ‘The Witching Hour’.

Gwen stands up and puts her hands on her hips and snorts, "And when did I become your personal maid? Go get it yourself." She flops back on the sofa and pokes out her bottom lip.

"Geez ... sorry Gwen!!! Just thought since you’re a girl you wouldn’t mind and you would know where everything is." Ben stands up..."God, women sometimes are just too touchy on things ... sheesh. They act so stupid about things some times."

As Ben disappears into the kitchen, Gwen sits and broods over her cousin's last comment. She remembers the magic wand she had bought at the magic shop the other day and why she bought it. Now would be as good a time as any to show her haughty cousin why girls acted they way they do. She begins to formulate a plan ... first to see if the wand was real, second ... to teach Ben a lesson he won't soon forget.

The wand came in a beautiful Mahogany box, lined with Soft blue velvet. The Master Mage of the Magic -r- Us shop had said it had once belonged to Merlin.

After a few minutes in the kitchen, Ben comes walking into the den again with a large messy sandwich and a drink and sits down on the couch.

He says in a singsong teasing voice that raised chills on Gwen, "Oh Gweeeen, I left a surprise in the kitchen for you."

Ben chuckles ... he didn't clean up after himself cuz that was a girl’s work. Gwen gets off the sofa and walks into the kitchen. It was a total disaster area from Ben making himself a sandwich. This was the last straw. She walked into her bedroom after giving Ben a mean sideways glance and opened the wand's box. IT was a beautiful one too. Its handle was made of fine scrimshaw Ivory.

The engraving was of a Wizard casting a spell on a dragon. She removes the wand from is resting place and walked back into the den.

She says with a mischievous grin, "Ok, Mr. smarty pants, let's see how you handle this ..." With a graceful swish and flick of the wrist, she casts the spell. She says simply, "Be a baby girl." As it said in the instructions for this spell.

Ben laughs a bit before he says, "Gwen, you’re good at repelling Forever Knights, but your spell casting needs work."

He stands up and looks himself over and still looks like same old Ben to him. Gwen smiles to herself as she sees his hair begin to grow slightly longer and his clothe start to become large on his body.

She replies, "I wouldn't be too quick to judge silly."

Ben notices his clothes are a bit looser but not huge and doesn't really notice anything else.

He says in a short smart alike tone, "Congrats Gwen, you shrunk me a little ... now can I eat my sandwich and relax.." sitting back down on the couch and pulling between his legs. It felt really weird there until he readjusted his pants.

Gwen takes her new wand and places it back in the box. As she does this, the tip glows very brightly for a second. She grins softly as she closes the lid and returns and flops back on the sofa.

She says with another contemptuous snort, "I wouldn't be too sure about that silly boy. Hope you like cotton panties *giggles* I have a cute lacy pair I'll loan you."

"What are you talking about Gwen? " as Ben gets up and heads into the bathroom, all the while shaking his head at Gwen’s foolishness.

Ben undoes his pants and pulls down his boxers and is shocked to see that his manhood is gone.

Ben runs out of the bathroom and shrieks, "Gwen!!!"

Gwen gasps softly as she puts her hands over her mouth. She giggles breathily ... Ben has a perfect, hairless privacy between his legs. Gwen's eyes got big as she puts her hands to her mouth. She can't help it ... she begins to giggle.

She says between giggles, Do you like bikini's or thongs?"

Ben is truly shocked at Gwen for what she has done to him. He pulls up his pants and shouts, "Turn me back into a guy right now or you will be sorry Gwen ... I promise!!"

Gwen giggles loudly for a few minutes before she replies, "No, I won't. I think I would like to have a baby around to care for. You'll make a wonderful addition to the sisterhood. I have lots of outfits that I know you'll look adorable in." She then blows a kiss in his direction.

Ben gives her a evil look, "Well then maybe I should go upstairs and break the wand you did this with ... maybe I will change back." Ben starts to run to the stairs.

Gwen laughs out loud at that comment. She wipes tears from her eyes as she replies, "Go ahead and break it ... you know as well as I ... if you break that wand, you will definitely be a cute little baby girl for the rest of time."

She gets up from the sofa and walks to the kitchen and begins to clean up Ben's mess. She knows that in a very short time, She will need to start looking for an outfit for Ben. His clothes will be too large for him. She smiles as she thinks of the perfect jumper and panties. They would look so precious on him.

Ben runs upstairs to Gwen's room and looks for the wand. Ben spots the tassel from the wand peeking out from the box. Ben looks in Gwen's vanity mirror ... changes have already started. His short brown hair was now flowing beautiful brunette hair halfway down his back. Ben gulps and runs down stairs into the kitchen.

Ben sees Gwen cleaning up and whines, "Turn me back now Gwen, or I will use the Omnitrix and make it hard on you." Holding out the wand to Gwen.

Gwen continues to clean up. She replies, "Go Ahead, You know that no matter what you transform into from now on, you will be a baby girl of that thing. Besides, I'm sure I can find lots of boy creatures to ... whistle at you." She giggles.

Ben turns red in the face with anger..."Gwen!! I will give you one more time to change your mind till I use the Omnitrix and I won't go easy on you either..."

Gwen turns and sees Ben is slowly changing in front of her eyes. He has become a very adorable little girl of about 14.

Gwen turns and leaves the kitchen as she pats him softly on his butt. She says in a giggly voice, "You're gonna have such a cute hinny." Then she quickly runs out the front door, leaving Ben to transform.

Ben sees Gwen leave. When he takes a step to try and pursue, he notices something to his disheartening concern. Ben doesn't dare look as he closes his eyes and takes his hands and starts to feel his jeans. Ben moves his hands down, he discovers that his jeans end mid thigh. Ben gulps looking down to see his jeans have turned into a jean mini skirt and his shirt has turned into a cute green blouse. Ben tries to run but trips and falls because of the strangeness of the new black sandals he is wearing. He was lucky he didn’t skin his knees in the fall.

"GWEN!!!!" Ben gets up and runs outside after Gwen..

Gwen had wanted to watch him transform. She had run from the front of the house and snuck back in through the cellar door. She could hear Ben running around outside calling her name. She couldn't help but stifle a giggle as he ran past the cellar window. She was impressed at the cute outfit his clothes had morgrifed into. She also thought he was becoming a very pretty girl too. She tingled with excitement over the finished product was going to be.

Ben came walking thru the front door a few minutes later crying. Gwen couldn't imagine in a million years that the crying girl is Ben. Ben sits down on the couch crying, showing a lot of panty in the process. Ben's clothes transformed again as Gwen watched, his former jean skirt and blouse top are now a Care Bears glitter romper with lots of cute ruffles and lace. Ben sits crying his eyes out at the fate Gwen has left for him.

Gwen peeks in the Den door and sees a very adorable little girl crying on the sofa. She walks in and sits beside her and coos softly, "Now, silly ... You're a girl ... and those tears must mean you're really touchy and acting stupid too."

Ben stands up, he is now shorter then Gwen. " I can't believe you did this to your own cousin.."

Ben felt very moody at his new predicament as a little girl. Gwen giggles as she tries taking a peek into the bib of his romper to see what Ben's panties turned into ... Ben pushes her hand away and cries some more.

Gwen suddenly realizes some thing as she gets big eyes and gasps softly. She puts her hands to her mouth as she looks at the very adorable Ben and the little girl he was rapidly transforming into.

She drops her hands to her lap and says softly, "Umm .. Ben?" she scrunches up in a shy body posture, "I .. I have some ... bad news. I didn't think about it when I did it cuz you had made me mad ... but ... I don't know how to change you back." She flinches in expectation.

"You what!!!!!" Ben stands up looking at Gwen giving her the evil eye. "You mean I’m stuck as a little girl? What about Grandpa and everyone else noticing you have a little girl here! "

Ben looks at Gwen, He realizes she hasn't told him everything.

Gwen blushes slightly as she says in a shy voice, "Well ... at least you're going to be super adorable **giggles** and you know right off you have one girlfriend who understands and will help you adjust."

"You mean there is no way to change this? I mean ... I can't be stuck like this forever!" sitting back down and sinking his face into his hands. "I don't wanna be a little girl ..." Ben starts to cry again. He sounds just like the little girl he had become.

Gwen hugs Ben close as she says softly, "It's not so bad ... really! I'll take you and meet all my friends ... we'll introduce you to the cutest boys *giggles* Specially Randy *sighs* He's the Captain of the football team ya know."

"Check your spell or whatever Gwen ... maybe there is a loop hole or something ..." he whines in an adorable little girl’s voice.

Ben stands up, when he does they both hear a crinkling sound. Ben looks at Gwen and gives her a evil look.

Gwen giggles as she points to Ben and says in a happy gasping voice, "Aww, baby ... those plastic panties are so cuutteee."

Ben's clothing had transformed once again. He was now wearing the most adorable pair of White rumba panties with many Teddy Bears on them. There were large ruffles on the bottoms and lots of lace around the waist and legs. The top had snaps along the shoulders and down one side. There was a very large Teddy Bear on the front of her top, and flutter sleeves. Gwen couldn't believe how adorable Ben had become. Even his hair had become long curls.

"Gwen...!!!” he squeaks adorably, “It wasn't enough that you turned me into a girl but a babygirl!!! What is everyone going to think when they see me."

Ben looks down as he sees the Omnitrix is now pink with little lace along the edges and a big picture of a pacifier on it. "Great ...just great ... Gwen, you turned the Omnitrix too!"

Ben stomps his foot, crosses his arms, and pouts, poking his bottom lip out, making a really cute face.

Gwen picks up the now baby Ben and pats his hinny reassuringly, "Now, I guess we need to have an understanding *giggles* I'm the adult and you're just a baby. I'm truly sorry, but I have no way to turn you back. I suppose I can get the spell book that came with the wand and see ... but I don't remember an undoing spell."

He whines in a very infantile voice, "Put me down Gwen! I am not a baby! Even though I look like one, I'm not."

Ben struggles to get out of Gwen’s arms but can't. While he’s struggling futilely, he feels a very wonderfully intense wave rush all through him. He shivers and gets goosy bumps and starts to think dollies are fun and boys are icky.

"He gasps out in a very adorable little girl's voice, "Please Gwen, look ... my mind is starting to change."

Ben was starting to panic in his mind. He knew if something wasn't done quickly, no one would ever know who he used to be.

Gwen carries Ben up to her room and puts him in her baby doll's crib and raises the rails with a soft click. Gwen was glad she had saved the large crib ... it now came in very handy. She grabs the spell book and curls up on her bed. She opens to the page of the changing spell and begins to read.

No where was there any mention of undoing the spell. It did say that after conjuring, the final results were permanent and the subject of the spell would require care until they grew back up as a very pretty girl ... although this would take a very long time.

Gwen giggles ... she knows exactly what a very long time it would be ... she had personal experience. She thinks Ben is becoming a very adorable baby and she really wants to keep him that way. She cant wait to show him off to all her friends ... he was such an adorably cute little girl.

He says in his cute new voice, "Gwen, this isn't funny! Get me out of this crib and change me back to a boy! I'm ... I starting ta tink like a little girl now." Ben looks around Gwen's room. He sees girl things he likes a whole lot, but never paid attention to before. "Gwen I no wanna be baby ... I no wanna be repotty trained.."

Gwen gets off the bed and walks to the crib. She shows Ben the information on the spell she had used. There was no way to undo it.

Gwen Takes a small fuzzy Kitty doll and shakes it gently in front of Ben. She coos softly, "Aww cutiums ... wouldn't baby wanna pway wiffa cute n soft toy?"

Ben looks up at Gwen, mad ... trying to resist with all his might, but couldn't. He saw his arms go out and he heard himself say in an adorably sweet voice, "Kitty *Giggles*." As he hugs the doll, he comes somewhat back to his normal mind and whines like a baby, "Guuweeen! Stop it now n twy n gets me backs ta nomal. People gonna to think we weird n ure my babysitter."

Ben's eyes get huge as a cute expression of surprise and pleasure come to his face. He feels a pleasant, warm wet tingling sensation between his legs. He could feel it as his bottom started to feel moist and very warm. Ben realized he had lost all of his potty training and was wetting his diaper.

Gwen giggles softly as she coos to the new baby, "Well, sweetheart, the only other option is to take you in my baby doll's stroller back to the mall. I would have to talk to the Mage at the conjuring shop to see if there's any way to stop this." she bends over and quickly rubs noses with Ben as she gently tickles him in his ribs.

He whimpers, "Pwease, we needsa go ta the mall now."

Ben stands up in the crib. He realizes he has to use the rail to pull himself up. His legs feel wobbly and he can't quite get his balance. He knew he wet his diaper and blushes a bit at Gwen as he hugs the kitty for comfort.

He whimpers adorably, "Gwen ..can we quickly go ta tha mall?"

Ben really couldn't help himself, he puts his left thumb in his mouth and begins to suck it. He was amazed at how comforting it was to do this. He struggled to try and stop ... but every time he took it from his mouth ... in a few instances later, he would realize it was back.

Gwen pulls open the back of Ben's panties and diaper just to look in. When she did this, she noticed he had wet his diaper.

She giggles as she coos, "Awww, so adorable, baby aww wet," she picks him up and kisses his nose as she twirls him around several times. "I've always wanted a living babydoll. Now I've got you. I'm going to name you ... Tina. That's a cute name for a really cute little girl."

She carries Ben to the potty room to change him as she continues to pat his hinny softly.
Ben is ashamed that he wet his diaper. He can't believe most of his male memories are gone. The thing that was scaring him the most .... he knew when they left and knew they were gone ... but had no idea what they might have been. The infantile emotions and thoughts filled him with very pleasant feelings, and replaced all his adult things with him being a baby girl and Gwen caring for him.

Ben whines softly, "We no can wait ta change me till affer I gets change back into boy?"

Seeing the way Gwen smiled, Ben realized Gwen was enjoying this way too much and that he might never be a boy again. He let's out a big sob and starts to cry.

Gwen places him on the counter on his back. She lifts him by his ankles and pulls his panties down to his knees. She then set him back on the counter and undoes his wet diaper. She takes a large amount of baby wipes and cleans his privacy and hinny squeaky clean. She puts a cute pink Huggies for girls under his bottom and sets his hinny into its soft embrace. She takes this opportunity to blow a huge raspberry in Tina's tummy.

Ben laughs really hard as Gwen blows a raspberry in his tummy. He fidgets and kicks like any baby who really enjoys raspberries. He watches as Gwen powders him generously with baby powder, then pulls up the diaper and secures it properly.

He wines in his adorably baby girl voice, "Gwen wht's gonna happen when wes are supposa face the bad guys n I havea messy diaper?"

Ben looks up at Gwen, she has a look in her eye just like any proud mommy does with a new born.

Gwen says softly between kissing Tina's tummy, "Sweet Heart, you no longer have to worry about the big ol boogymens no more. Gwennie will make sure baby aww safe n comfy."

She stands Tina on the counter and pulls her panties the rest of the way up after leaning Tina against her shoulder for support. She pats Her on the hinny one more time before she picks him up and carries him to the cellar. Ben sees the baby stroller Gwen is approaching and realizes what she's going to do.

"No .. No .. No ...I no wanna go inna stroller! You no carry me?" Ben protests as Gwen sets him down on a large pillow on the floor and sets up the stroller. She comes over and picks Ben up and rubs noses together. Ben feels ecstatic joy run through him when she does this. He giggles sweetly. Gwen kisses Tina's cheeks and rubs noses with her one more time before she carries him and the stroller out the back door onto the sidewalk.

She straps Tina in so baby can't squirm and fall out, then begins the around about long walk across the neighborhood pushing the stroller. Ben could see all the people he knew looking at them as they passed.

Ben tries hiding underneath the blanket and looks adorable doing it. He can't believe the people gushing over him as they walked by. People saying adorable baby, and other cute things. There were random preteen girls coming up saying they would love to baby sit Ben.

When Gwen is finally far enough away from a crowd, Tina whines, " How could ya do thisth ta me Gwen?"

Gwen bends over and coos softly, "To show you how ... particular and stupid girl's really are just like you said. Now, when you grow back up .. you'll completely understand all about being a girl ... I promise." she giggles as she continues pushing Tina the long way around to the mall.

"Please hurry Gwen! I can feel myself loosing memories of grandpa and the Omnitrix.." Ben peeking up from behind the blanket.." Please Gwen..I don't wanna be a baby forever!"

Ben helplessly let's out a little hiccup that just sounds so adorable. A chill runs up his spine, he knows he’s already a baby, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Gwen seems to be wasting time ... allowing the transformation to progress farther. He hoped they could get an answer real soon, he was already loosing the fight with the wonderful infantile waves rushing through him. Each one was more intense and pleasurable that the one before, and he lost his struggle more and more to each one.

Gwen coos so softly to Tina ... it makes him feel more like the baby he was rapidly becoming, "Sweetheart. A baby has no choice in who they are or what they remember. You should realize that by now. You're my baby. I think your just adorable too."

She bends and kisses his cheeks as she turns into the crowded sidewalk that leads to the mall.

Ben looks up at Gwen, giving her a mean look." I not ur baby n yore not my ..." Ben’s mind suddenly goes blank as the most wonderful infantile wave washed through his very life force. He goes totally blank ... he can't remember ... Adult. He knows he should. He struggles to remember ... he can't be like this.

He knows for a fact the lady that raised him was Gwen, she’s his mommy ... only other things he remembers is nothing. Ben starts to let out a huge cry as they enter the mall, kicking and flailing about in the stroller. He's not really sure why he's having a temper tantrum ... but it must be important.

Gwen stops inside the door to KV Dimes and says in a stern voice, "If you're going to be a naughty baby, mommy will spank you. Is that what baby wants?"

Many of the passing people were watching Ben as he threw his tantrum. Ben looks up at Gwen while rubbing his little eyes with his hands. While looking up, he sees memories of the 2 of them at Christmas. Gwen is giving Ben a pink pony rocking horse and that Ben loves getting baths with Gwen. Ben even remembers Gwen teaching him how to say mommy. After all the memories flood his mind pleasantly and he sits contentedly as any happy baby while he sucked his thumb. What little is left of his original mind returns suddenly.

Ben whines adorably, "How could you?"

As Gwen pushes the stroller into the occult shop, she coos softly, "How could you be sucha meanie? Now, I'm gonna show you what it's like to be a girl. You will experience it fully ... I promise. Now, to set baby girl's mind at ease, We'll hear it from the Master Mage."

She pushes the stroller up to a really weird looking man in a long flowing black hooded garment. When he turns, he has a long flowing beard and very beady softly glowing eyes.
Ben and Gwen step up and look at the old man. Ben covers his nose as he smells worse than a dirty diaper. The smells of his many concoctions permeated his Robe.

Ben unplugs his nose and squeaks in near baby talk, "Tell Gwen ta turns me back inta boy! She say no can, but I tink u knows how. Pwease change me back.." Ben pleads to the old man helplessly.

The old man smiles as he puts his hands inside the large sleeves of his robe. He says in a very eerie voice, "Well, hello. I see the wand worked wonderfully as I told you it would." He turns and bends. He tweaks Ben's cheek softly, "I see the subject has become the most adorable little girl." He laughs a scary Buuuhahaha laugh.

Ben pulls his cheeks away, "Turns me back now, meanie or I will use the Omnitrix to make you turn me back." Ben holding out his wrist with the cute pink and white baby watch on it.

The Mage laughs the horrid laugh again as he turns and walks to the back. He beckons Gwen to follow. She pushes Ben in the stroller back to a room that is completely black. It has black, very thick velvet curtains hanging from every wall. There are many racks of different colored candles burning all around a podium with a huge and extremely thick Tome sitting on it. Next to the tome on either side was an ebony black candle inside a frame. The candles were so black, they appeared to absorb ... the very energy of reality around them. It was hard to look on them, it was like they were there, but their blackness was a hole to some where else.

The Master Mage walks to the podium and opens the huge gold bound book. The temperature in the room dips suddenly.

He asks in his eerie voice, "Can the baby still read? If so ... read this and know, you have a new life, as a girl."

Gwen picks Ben up as he looks at the scribble marks on the page and doesn't recognize lot of the words except for 3 words. YOU ARE GIRL! Ben realizes this and starts to cry... kicking and screaming as Gwen holds onto him.

Gwen puts Ben to her shoulder and pats his hinny reassuringly. She coos softly, "Aww sweetiekens," She kisses him on his nose, "everything's going to be all right. Mommy promises. Now be a cute little baby and say: Ma ma. I know you can do it Sweet heart, your such a smart baby and soo adorable too."

Ben keeps his mouth shut for a bit as the pleasant urge to do it built inside him. With Gwen's cooing encouragements and loving tickles to baby, Ben giggles suddenly and claps his hands totally helpless to stop himself. He gurgles out happily, "Mmmm ..... Mmmmhhh. Mmmm aa .... mmmaahh muhhaa."

Ben sits for a minute clapping his hands happily as Gwen hugs and kisses baby for a job well done. He momentarily comes to his adult mind and gurgles and coos out before it leaves him again, "Is enyway sos me ta bea bigger girl? No wanna bea baby."

Ben looks at the Mage as he pokes out his bottom lip adorably. Ben finally admitting defeat that he is now a girl for life but doesn't want to be Gwen’s baby.

Gwen tickles Ben under his arms making him giggle and squirm.

She coos softly, "Be a good baby and say: Mama. I know baby can do it. besides, it's the only words anyone will be able to understand from you until you grow up enough to learn how to talk."

Once again, Ben is over powered by the wonderful infantile urge to please mommy. He gurgles out, "Muh Muaa. Maahh Maauh." Ben felt so wonderful when Gwen gave him adoring approval and patted his hinny for a job well done. Once again, as he giggled and was extremely happy over his achievements, he came back to what was left of his adulthood.

He coos, gurgles, and squeaks, "No! Mage I want you to turn me into a teen girl again"

Gwen looks at the Mage and shakes her head. All she and the Mage could hear, was adorable coos, gurgles, and gibberish.

The Mage says softly, "The spell is irreversible. You're just gonna have to accept it. You're a girl for the rest of your life."

Again he lets go with a string of adorable gurgles and cooings, "I don't want to be a baby anymore! I hate being this small and a girl."

He realizes no one can understand what he said. Ben let's out a huge wail the whole store and some of the courtyard can hear. Ben starts balling his eyes out into Gwen's shoulder.

Gwen pats Ben's hinny lovingly as she coos softly, "Aww, sweetheart. It's aww right ... I promise. You will grow up into the cutest and most adorable little girl ever."

The Mage smiles as he flips through the Old Tome of Arcane Magic. He says softly, "I can ... sort of make things a little better. There are going to be a few issues ... but it's the only thing that can be done at this point."

He grabs a crucible, a mortis and pestle, and many vials of various concoctions. He places a small soup bowl sized caldron on the frame above one of the burning Ebony black candles. He mixed his potions and ground up his powders. When he was satisfied with each ingredient’s preparations, he tossed in into the small caldron.

He pours a vial of strawberry smelling gel in last. In a few minutes, the pot begins to boil, giving off a very thick red/white mist. The Mage picks up what looks like a flask and pulls the top. All the mist is sucked into the flask as it come from the cauldron, until no more mist was produced.

He shakes the flask vigorously until a sloshing sound was heard, then pours the softly glowing clear/red liquid into a cute baby bottle and hands it to Ben after screwing the nippled top on.

He shrugs and says softly, "It's the best I can do. You will grow to about ... the size of a 9 year old. But you will be a little girl not quite old enough to be out of diapers, but still wears pull ups sometimes and will have cute little poopy and pee pee accidents. Take it or leave it. That's the only option."

Ben thinks about it, rubbing tears from his eyes. Both fates are terrible ... but being a 9 year old in size meant Gwen hopefully won't treat him so much like a baby anymore. Ben reaches out with his little delicate hands and grabs the bottle. Ben can only smell strawberries as he throws his head back and nurses the whole thing, finishing the last of it with a huge GULP!!

Gwen bends down and helps Ben stand on his very wobbly legs. He grows rapidly until he is about 4 feet tall. His diaper and panties grow proportionally. Ben can see in the mirrored back of the display case, he had grown into a very adorably cute little girl still in the lined rumba panties and a very thick cloth diaper. Her diaper had lots of bulk and she had a really cute poofy hinny that showed off all the ruffles on her rumba panties.

The Mage grins broadly and says, "Now, that's the cutest little girl I think I have seen since I met you Gwen."

Gwen blushes softly as she giggles. Gwen loves to dress up as a little girl, she was sorely tempted to wear a diaper too. After all ... it had taken many thousands of years for her to grow back to this age, and she had been in diapers for lots of that time.

The Mage bends and pats Ben on his hinny like he saw Gwen do several times and said, "You have to realize something too. You are a wonderful mix of a 9yo little girl and a 2 year old little girl. There's nothing that can be done about it. It will take approximately 100 years for you to grow ... totally into your new body, and then ... a very, very long time for you to totally grow up. Gwen is a lot older than you can imagine. She will still be a young girl when you get to her size. By then, the two of you will be inseparable as mother and daughter."

Ben's mind cleared some. He still couldn't think straight. Just as the words of the Master Mage truly dawned on Ben and he understood he was still going to be a toddler baby, just one the size of a 9yo ... it didn't matter any longer.

Tina smiles a large smile showing off her one upper and one lower tooth. She gurgles happily as she holds out the empty bottle. A wonderfully pleasant series of waves begin in her tummy as she has her very first baby poopie. Her eyes get big and she makes an adorable expression as her diaper fills. Gwen smiles. She loves that she managed to accomplish this with Ben. She was sure he would know exactly why ... girls acted the way they do ... boys can be ... so frustrating!!

She was sorry she was that way before. Now Ben would understand too.

~~ The End ~~
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