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The Seminar

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:18 pm

Title: The Seminar


Mandy Lowel: 26yo Feminist and famous psychiatrist / regressionist

Tim Crowley, 18, male, freshman student: Played by: Elladan Kenet

Tonya Houser - 18yo friend of Tim

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: in the car on the way to the lecture hall

It was the Friday before Spring Break 2011. Tim Crowley was heading to campus with his dear friend, Tonya Houser. He hadn't had classes today, having finished his, but she wanted to come up for some seminar by a psychiatrist he didn't even know. Oh well, she had begged him to come, and he promised he would.

Tim was your typical teenage freshman. Slightly short, he was thin, with shoulder length black hair and green eyes. Today he wore jeans, sneakers, and a red t-shirt as he sat in the passenger seat, the radio blaring.

Tim asked, "So, who is this speaker you keep talking about, Tonya?"

Tonya Houser was a pretty blond girl who was taking her first year of Psychiatry at the University. When she had heard a very famous PHD was lecturing at the Hall ... she just had to come. She was dressed in hip hugger jeans and a teal colored tight fitting pull over top. He hair was pulled back into a single pony tail that she bounced all around as she talked.

She giggles in reply to Tim, "Is the famous PHD, Mandy Lowel. She's perhaps the most famous of regressionist Psychiatrists in the world ... not to mention feminist."

He raised his eyebrow. "Is she? I've never heard of her." he frowned, watching as they arrived on campus, heading to the lecture hall. "How young is she? Is she like a graduate or something?"

Tonya giggles, "Shes kinna young ... about 26 I think. She came up with the world's best way to treat the dangerously and criminally insane. It's 100% effective .. whether the subject is willing or not. They have used it on several of those serial killers they arrested in the last 2 years .... the ones you don't hear about anymore ... cuz they different people now."

Tonya Parks the car in the rapidly filling lot, takes Tim by the hand, and walks with him to the lecture hall amid the throng of people.

The hall was already crowded. Most of them were girls, but there were a few boys too, likely dragged by female friends and lovers. Spotting a pair of seats in the back corner, he nudged her and pointed. "How bout there? Good view of the stage."

Tonya wanted to sit closer to the stage, but since all those seats had already been taken, she shrugs and walks up the ramp to the empty seats. It only took a few short minutes before the Auditorium had filled and there were people standing around in any empty place they could find. Tim was amazed at how many women had come to hear this speaker ... and he had never herd of her before Tanya mentioned her name.

Mandy peeks between the curtains, and sees she is speaking before a standing room only crowd. The more she gave her lectures and demonstrations, the more women came to hear her speak. She looks at the big ticking clock on the wall ... only 10 more minutes until zero hour ... she hopes she can find a really good subject to regress tonight ... she also want to try out her new regendring techniques as well just to add spice to the lecture.

The auditorium was noisy and packed with people. Tim wondered who this popular seminarian was and how she looked. He was curious, so when the curtains finally began to open and the hostess came on stage to welcome their guests, the auditorium became silent, then thunderous noise as everyone began to applaud, a spotlight appearing by the wing.

"And now our guest of honor, Doctor Mandy Lowel!"

A very beautiful young woman glides gracefully out on stage. She was wearing a very nice gray and black business outfit. with a low cut white blouse. She had wonderful cleavage and showed it off proudly. Her skirt was very short for a business suit, but added to her sexy attractiveness.

As she bounced on her toes she said in a loud and professional sounding voice, "Good evening ladies and gentlemen ... especially you ladies ... for whom this lecture is all about."

There is loud rowdy applause from the women in the hall. She waves her hand, and the auditorium become silent.

She continues, "My name is Mandy Lowel, I am 26 years old, and have 3 PHDs to my credit. I am perhaps the most famous for my Regression techniques ... and my feminist activities through out the USA and Europe."

There is more loud applause. Well, this woman seemed nice enough. An expert of female studies, he had expected. But regression? What was that? He frowned, but sat up politely, watching as she began to speak.

Mandy spoke about Male dominated Jobs and the glass ceilings imposed on women. She Spoke on the stereo typical roles males always categorized women as and how she didn't feel women were sex objects to be ogled. Of course, some of the men in the crowd cat called and hissed at those types of comments. There was murmurings all through the crowded lecture hall as women began to discuss the subject matter among themselves ... and to chastise the few men that were there.

Finally, Mandy says cheerfully, "There is hope ladies ... and it's here right now for you to watch and enjoy."

Mandy places a Cloth briefcase on a table behind the podium and unzips it. From it she removes a VR helmet and plugs it in to the USB port as she boots the system up. Silently, the auditorium watches as she brings many objects and neatly aligns them on the table.

Mandy turns and coos softly, "Now, is there a ... man brave enough in this audience to come up and show us lowly women ... how things are done?"

There is laughter, but no one rises to the occasion.

Mandy finally points. "There, in the far back ... the young man with the long black hair? Would you be kind enough to come down here and assist me?"

The spot lights of the Auditorium are suddenly on Tim. Tim was a bit disturbed by what he sensed was happening. A VR Helmet ... she wanted to use her work on some poor soul. The lights suddenly shone on him though and he was blinded, forced to hide his eyes as he stood.

Tim stammers in confusion, "Wha? Huh? WHat's going on?"

He couldn't see it happen as an all female crew hauled furniture on stage, setting up what looked like a giant baby nursery, three walled so that the audience could see everything inside.

Tonya giggle as she says encouragingly, "Go on, Tim ... It will be a lot of fun. Besides, it will make you famous just by being part of this lecture."

Tonyaa stands and takes him by his hand and begins to lead him towards the stage. The bright lights shining on them blinded them to what was happening on the stage. The curtain closed, blocking the nursery part for the moment, leaving only the initial table and VR equipment visible. Unable to deny her, the lights shining on him, or the huge applause, Tim could only nod, letting Tonya lead him down to the stage. He climbed up the stairs, waving shyly as he approached Mandy.

Mandy says with loud and exuberant voice, "Welcome, sweet heart," Mandy takes Tim's hand gently from Tonya's, "Welcome to the most unique life event you will ever have." There is loud applause. Mandy continues, Now if the young lady would take a seat there." Mandy points to a seat in the front row that was open, "We will get started."

Tonya is escorted to the empty seat. She sits and wiggles in her chair excitedly.

As Mandy places the helmet on Tim's head and pushes a button on the laptop, She turns to the audience and says, "Now ladies, I want to demonstrate how easily a woman can control the simple mind of a man. Within each of them, is a baby that is begging to come out.

Tim cannot hear what Mandy was saying, all he hears is the wonderful modulating tones wafting through his mind. Each gentle warble, is accompanied by a corresponding frequency of light. This induces within him a very intense wave of pleasant sensations. He thinks he can hear a soft murmuring voice. It makes him feel so ... content. Mandy takes a small silver object and places it next to Tim's neck. There is a soft hissing pop. Tim is so enthralled in the mind entrainment, he doest feel the drug being injected into him.

Mandy removes the helmet and stops the running program. She turns to the audience and says, “And here is the wonderful results.” She flourishes her hand at Tim.

The boy stands up, wobbles unsteadily on his feet, his mind warping to accommodate these new sensations. Woozy, he falls down on his butt, before starting to crawl around the floor.

He gurgles adorably in an infantile voice, "Baba... goo.... geega....booboo..."

It was like a really intense dream, him thinking or rather convinced he was a baby again, while in reality, his body was adult.

Mandy says to the audience, "Here is the baby within all men."

She puts one hand on her hip, and gestures with the other. There are loud shrieks and applause from the women interspersed with boos and hisses from the few men present. Tonya was totally enthralled as she had so many cute ideas that would make Tim adorable. Mandy places the helmet on the table and . allows Tim to crawl around a bit more. She knows that very shortly, he will do something involuntary .. she hopes it's the stinky kind ... those are the most helpful.

She says to the audience, "And with a snap of the fingers, you can bring them back to their normal selves. They will have a vague memory of what happened ... enough so ... that you will be in total control."

Mandy knows any second, the boy will have a very dramatic accident .. for all the auditorium to see. She then will demonstrate Technique 2. She snaps her fingers loudly.

Tim was already doing just that, peeing into his underwear and pooping his pants like a real baby, as he came to. Shaking his head, the boy fell down with an audible 'squish' as he landed on his butt.

"Huh? How'd I end up here?" Looking around confused, he turned to look at Dr. Laurel. "What'd you do to me?"

Confused, Tim slowly started to get to his feet, slightly wobbly. That's when he began leaking, feeling a small trail of dribble down his thighs. Then the stench hit him and he paled.

"Wha?- What'd you do to me?!" he asked again in uncertain tones as he looked down.

Mandy walks to Tim and pulls open the back of his jeans and checks him ... just like any baby. The very visible wetness showed on the front, and down the legs of his jeans as it spread. It was then, the back curtain opened and a team of women pushed the 'Nursery' forward onto the stage proper.

Mandy says with a motherly tone, "Well, sweet heart," she pats Tim softly on his messy bottom, "It seems baby needs to be changed and put in a nice comfy diaper and a clean outfit." she turns to the crowd and says, "Wouldn't you ladies agree?"

There is loud applause and many approving voices. Tim can see one of them ... is Tonya.

Uh oh. Tim's mind is whirling and he can barely remember what happened... crawling around... saying stuff. Uh oh, they want to turn him into a baby. Eyes wide, he tries to scamper away, but the Nursery has no doors, and so he couldn't leave the 'room' without making a 9-foot jump into the orchestra pit below stage.

Mandy says sternly, "Now, be a good baby and come here so Nana can clean you up and change you. Don't be embarrassed, babies have accidents like this if they are not properly diapered."

Mandy takes Tim by his arm and begins to pull the distraught boy towards the padded changing counter. His eyes get huge as he realizes with shock ... 1> how strong Mandy is and 2> he had had a very large accident both ways in front of the whole college and was about to be diapered for most of the women to see.

How had that happened? He had only been using that equipment for, what a minute? He didn't need to potty before hand, and messed himself both ways within moments. None of it made sense, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't worried as the woman pulled him to the changing table, which was clearly large enough to handle him.

He whined in the most infantile way possible to his surprise, "Noooo! I don't want to! I'm 18!"

Mandy giggles as she replies, "Yes sweet heart, you are 18 ... 18 months. Is baby going to be naughty? "
With out warning, Tim found his bottom being swatted hard several times. The warm messiness with in, he could feel squishing all around his bottom and genitals. Because of the initial mind entrainment, being spanked had a definite impact on his psyche ... it really didn't hurt ... but he had no control over what happened as he began to screech and cry like any baby would have after getting a spanking.

The female audience cooed and Awed as the males stayed very silent.

Why was he crying? Surely this was involuntary. Humiliated at being spanked, feeling himself messed as this woman young enough to be his sister spanked him, he was helpless.

As she helped him up onto the table, stifling his tears, he blubbered, "Wh-why are you doing this to me?..."

Mandy bends close, kissing and rubbing noses with Tim, "Because sweet heart, I'm bringing the baby girl that lives within you out for all to witness. All men should be under female control ... it's the only way to keep you out of trouble ... to bing out the baby you really are and truly want to be."

Tim realized at this point, Mandy had undone his belt, jeans, and had unzipped them. He was in total shock as Mandy pulled them off, held him by his ankles, and began to clean his messy bottom with several very large and sweet smelling baby wipes amid loud cooing and baby talk from the female audience. Tim heard many that's so cutes and adorables as he blushes many shades of red not on any color charts.

Ankles held up, the boy blushed, wriggling on the soft mat as he was being cleaned. This was all so embarrassing, but he felt totally helpless. In no time, his bottom and crotch were cleaned, and she could remove his shirt and prepare to clean him right there for all to see and watch.

As Mandy removed Tim's pants, She explained to the audience, "This first thing we have to do ladies, is to take control of the new infant. You have to discipline them so they understand that Nana, or Mommy, as the case may be, is in total control."

As the pants and soiled, wet undies come off, Mandy comments, "Off with their pants!" The audience goes wild.

Mandy continues, "Next, we have to clean baby so she's all nice and squeaky clean, and remove all the dirty hair they grow." Mandy completes this process quickly before continuing, "And, of course, we have to make sure baby feels all nice and obedient and baby."

Tim's eyes get huge as he squeaks at the 3 large and slightly greasy object that are suddenly thrust into his bottom. The sensation feels so totally wired ... but because of the Mind Entrainment ... it also sent wonderfully tingly waves of pleasure through Tim.

Mandy bends and kisses Tim on his nose as she coos softly to baby, "Relax sweetie ... you will be so adorable in just a few minutes."

She lifts him by his ankles once again. Tim can feel something being placed beneath his hinny.

Mandy says to the audience, "Never forget to encourage baby and make them feel good. The next step, is to diaper baby, then to dress them."

Mandy places Tim's butt in the soft embrace of the thick diaper, powders him well, then pulls it between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly but comfortably on. The boy wriggled, his mind jumbled with various sensations as he was wiped, powdered, and diapered right there for all to see. On the one hand, he knew he was too old for this, it shouldn't be happening. And yet, part of him enjoyed it, liking being babied. Once diapered, he fussed, trying to crawl off the table.

Mandy helps the boy to his wobbly feet. Tim looks down at his diaper. It felt so ... strange ... but nice too. Many female voice could be heard making baby sounds.

Mandy then says, "Now, ladies, we have to dress our baby in the most adorable outfit we can."

Mandy picks up a very cute pair of soft pink and white rumba panties with large ruffles everywhere and holds them out.

Mandy coos softly, "Step in you panties sweet heart ... like a good girl."

The boy fusses on stage, not wanting at all to be put in these adorable panties. Mandy was in command though, and it was with little effort she had him hold onto her shoulders and step into the panties as ordered. As Mandy pulled them over the thick disposable, the plastic lining made loud crinkling sounds. When she had arranged them properly, she pats Tim on his poofy hinny reassuringly, making them make more loud noises.

Mandy coos softly to baby, "That's a very good girl. Hold your arms up so Nana can get your jumper on."

Tim sees Mandy hold out a very cute, and very short little soft pastel pink jumper. It had flutters around the arms openings, and cute periwinkle lace around the short hem. The girls in the audience were all twittering gleefully.

The boy fussed a bit more, but it was far too late by now. Against his better judgment, the boy raised his arms, allowing her to put the jumper on him.

Mandy sits in a chair that one of the stage girls had brought over. She has Tim sit in a cute little chair in front of her with his back to her. She begins to brush the boys long black hair with a tiff bristled brush as she applied some amber gel to it. Tim's hair begins to shine as it takes on an adorable long curl.

Mandy says, "And of course, we mustn't forget to do the new little girl's hair. It helps baby to realize who they are, and reinforces our Adult or Parental control over their infantile selves.”

The audience watches with intense rapture. The men that were there, were being kept there by the very women they had come with. All over, they were totally silent as their date exercised total control.

Mandy finishes what she was doing, ties Tim's hair in adorable ponytails with soft pink ribbons. She has one of the girls push a large mirror on stage, and allows Tim to see just how adorable he is now as she stands him in front of it. The cute little girl looking back ... looked nothing like the young man that had first come on stage. It was a shock to him. He was no longer Tim he realized, but this new girl. Somehow, he even seemed smaller than Mandy; he FELT like a baby. That alone was distressing enough. Seeing his dress, the bulging diaper, the curls, he couldn't help but whimper. "I... I... I'm"

Mandy coos, "Oh yes, you are a most adorable little baby." Mandy pokes the nipple of a proportionately sized bottle in his mouth as she says to the audience, "Next, we feed the new infant, there by reinforcing their new state of being ... it also allows us to administer the powerful drugs necessary to take their potty training, and rendering them more infantile in their minds."

Tim had already swallowed several large mouthfuls of the wonderfully warm and tasty formula when he heard her say this. He could do little but stand there cutely as the woman placed an arm at his back, bottle feeding him as she lectured to the audience. He felt her begin leading him to a corner of the room where a crib stood. Soon, he knew, she'd be putting him down for a nap. And there was nothing he could do about it.

When Mandy and Tim had reached the crib, she lowers the rail with her free hand, she then helps Tim into the crib and props the bottle on a pillow. Tim helplessly continues to suckle as Mandy raises the rail with a loud locking click.

Mady turns to the audience and says, "Now, we put them down for their first nap as a baby. When they wake, they will be putty in a woman's hands. Are there any questions?'

There is loud applause and many awwws and that's so adorables as she awaits any questions. No one had asked a single question It had taken, what ... 15 minutes for her to turn a grown boy into a helpless baby? She was either good, or he was pathetic; maybe both. The boy tried to spit out the bottle, not wanting to nurse on it, making a last stand at rebellion against his new Nanny.

"But I don't wanna.." he wined just like a baby

Mandy bends over the crib rail and lifts Tim by his ankles suddenly. Without warning, Tim feels a swat on his diapered hinny. There is a loud crinkling sound. Tim couldn't help himself ... as soon as the swat had landed, he began to cry. It hadn't hurt in the least ... there was too much padding. He was totally helpless to control it. Mandy quickly put the nipple back into the whimpering boy's mouth. He gurgles n simpers as he nurses once again. Tim found it extremely comforting to nurse as Mandy's lovely face was bent over him cooing softly. The females in the crowd were going totally nuts at this point whistles and many catcalls were heard.

Mandy turns and points to Tonya who had been sitting in the front row, completely enjoying the transformation.

Mandy says, "Would the new Mommy come and retrieve their new baby daughter." There were many claps. Mandy continues, "And for being such good participants, "You will receive a 5 years supply of every thing necessary to care for the new baby."


Well, so much for his rebellion. Sighing, the boy could do little but lay in the crib and nurse his bottle, inwardly distraught at his situation as his friend, now Mother, came to collect him, while Mandy finished her seminar.

Tonya comes to the side of the crib all smiles. She coos softly as she tickles Tim in his Ribs, "Oh, sweet heart ... I never knew. If you had told me ... I would have been more than happy." She bends and kisses him on his nose, "I promise to be the best mommy ever."

Mandy hands Tonya a CD. Mandy says, "If you want her to be this way permanently, when she falls asleep in a very few minutes, play this in her nursery. It will lock all the regression tenancies and baby personality traits in."

Tonya says with euphoria in her voice, "I will Miss Lowel ... I promise."

Mandy smiles, "And be careful. You can't sit and just listen ... it will effect you in the exact same manner." Mandy hands Tonya a small blue box, "Wear these special ear plugs. They filter out the Binaural tones and the mind entrainment frequencies."

Tonya takes the box as she kisses her new baby on the nose one more time.The boy blushed, listening but not quite... able to understand. He was falling asleep, and fast. Something in the bottle... it tasted warmer than it should've. A drug? The poor baby could only sigh sweetly as he drifted off.

Tonya takes Tim from the crib and places him into the large 3 wheeled Stroller provided by Mandy. She packs all the goodies and the over stuffed diaper bag into the carrying rack behind and under the new stroller. She waves to the cheering crowd as she pushes her new baby off the stage ... into her new life as a baby girl.

~~ The End ~~
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