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Anthro Secret

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Anthro Secret

Kyle Jackson 17 year old human male

Aunhasstria Kjuun - 18yo Anthro Furry female


Many years ago earth was colonized by Anthro Furry people whose home star had gone nova. After a bit of adjusting period, humans being super paranoid and aggressive, the Anthro and humans finally live in peace since they came to earth. All are now best of friends who work and live peacefully and cooperatively together for the betterment of both species. Although the Human population was never aware of it, the far more advanced Anthro usually had one or more humans as pets. They were well cared for and loved deeply and the human’s had no complaints nor knowledge of this mutually beneficial arrangement

Kyle had just recently graduated high school and moved in with a very cute Anthro female that he had grown up with and played with as far back as he could remember. She had the most beautiful sparkly blue cat eyes and soft golden Persian like fur. Her features were the perfect blend of feline and human in a most beautifully striking way. Her prehensile tail was fascinating and she used it as if it were a third arm and hand.

Kyle had a deep dark secret which he decided to tell her. Kyle had a very heartfelt desire to become a girl. One night, while online, Kyle had found a website that explained many medical aspects of Anthro physiognomy. Apparently, from some of the reports, semen from an Anthro male was so potent it would alter a human male’s genetics into that of a female’s with just a taste. This, however was just a rumor since no Anthros would talk about it or allow any scientific inquiry into their personal sex habits.

Kyle sat at the apartment and awaited his very pretty roommate's return. Kyle very much wanted to tell his roommate about his decision to become a female. Since both had been best friends since they were in elementary school. She was a kitten and he was a toddler when they were first introduced. They both talked to each other of their deepest desires and secrets and always listened to anything either had to say. Of course she had always thought of Kyle as her most beloved pet and cared for his every need.

Kyle started playing on the Xbox one waiting for her return. He hoped she accepted him and truly hoped things didn't go badly.

Most Anthros are a tad bit taller than humans and a lot more agile. Aunhasstria was 9 feet tall, which was rather small for an Anthros female and agile as any cat. Everything in the apartment was made for her size. This always made Kyle feel so small everywhere except his room, which was built to be normal human size.

Kyle heard the door to the apartment open and the soft purring voice of Aunhasstria singing one of her beautiful songs. Kyle placed his game on pause, sprang to his feet, and rushed out into the living area commons.

Aunhasstria giggles as she purrs, “Oh. my! And just what has you in such a rush on this lovely spring day sweetie?” She flips her beautiful furry tail and tickles Kyle under his chin with it causing him to giggle and squirm.

Kyle recovers himself and says in a shy and embarrassed voice, “I have something very … important I need to tell you, and a very personal question to ask you.”

Aunhasstria’s eyes grew sort of large as an expression of wonder came to her feline, human features, “Ok, sweetie. You know you can ask or tell me anything.” She moved over and took Kyle in her arms and sat with him in a loving embrace.

Kyle stammers, “I … I wanna … I wanna be a girl. Is it true about your male’s semen? Can it really alter our DNA and change our gender?”

Aunhasstria is afraid to tell Kyle because it’s a secret Anthros have kept from the humans for a long time so there would be no fear or distrust. The Anthros came to earth because of necessity, not conquest and discovered the human species to be aggressive and dangerous to their own kind. That information would generate major trust issues and place the Anthro - human pet relationship that kept humans from destroying themselves in jeopardy.

Aunhasstria purred softly, “What makes you think such a thing, sweetheart? And when did you feel you were a girl in a boy’s body?”

Kyle felt so vulnerable telling Aunhasstria his deepest secret. “I began to feel like a girl right around junior high when all the other human girls started to hit puberty and show their feminine figures. I felt like that should have been happening to me instead of being in this…disgusting body! I have never felt like I was a boy. I always felt like I was a girl. I tried on my sisters clothes when I was younger and it felt right! They even fit” Kyle said this while looking down nervously at his hands.

Aunhasstria replied in her soft purring voice, “Who told you that our male’s semen could alter human DNA?”

Kyle replied as he looked at Aunhasstria sheepishly. “ I read an article online which said Anthro male's semen is so strong it could turn me into a girl! We are always open with one another and tell one another everything, so I wanted to know if it was true or not! I know it's something that might just be a rumor but, I was kinda hopping it was something real and that you could do to me!”

Aunhasstria saw small tears as they began to trickle down Kyle’s face. He didn’t have the heart to look up as she watched the tears drop down onto her golden Persian fur.

Aunhasstria hugs Kyle lovingly as she purrs softly and lovingly in his ear, “If I tell you something, can it just be between the two of us? It’s very important you keep your word if you agree. The consequences for you won’t be very … nice.” She brings up one of her hands. Several long and viciously sharp claws extend. In all the time earth had known the Anthro, none had ever discovered they had those.

Kyle replied quickly, “You know I can keep a secret. I know … lots of stuff. Like how much you loved to have Johnny …”

Aunhasstria giggled as she place her furry hand over his mouth, “Ok, I know that. But you need to understand the secret you are about to know is far more important it remains a secret than any we share.”

Kyle nods in agreement. Aunhasstria digs in her purse that she had laid on the coffee table and pulls out her palmtop computer.

She made a quick call, “Krrrutha, I know you have this … fantasy. I have someone who is willing to keep our secret if you will go all the way. Yes, 911 south … that’s right. 20 minutes, great.” She put her palmtop back in her purse. “You might want to … change clothes sugar bug, a girl needs to be dressed properly you know. And remember, A clean little girl is a pretty little girl cuz you never know.” Then she patted Kyle on his butt as she pushed him towards his bedroom. She knew of his secret love to dress in female clothes and of his secret girl stash, but didn’t realize how much he had wanted to be a girl until now.

Kyle can't believe what just happened. Aunhasstria had just called in a favor or that this gender rumor was true. Kyle giggled with glee as he ran to his bedroom. He closed the door, quickly stripped out of his male clothes, and ran to his closet.

Kyle went to the back of the closet for a box and put it on his bed. He slowly opened it. He felt a wonderful thrill rush up his spine as he always did when he opened his girl box. This time, however, was different and felt a whole lot more intense. He was soon going to be a female for real.

He pulled out a lovely red lace bra with matching red lace hipster panties. He slowly stepped into the panties and pulled them up. They felt absolutely wonderful on his skin as they slipped sensuously up. Kyle hooked the bra in the front and flipped it around adjusting it and inserting fake breast inserts to fill it out. He didn’t think that in a few very short minutes, those inserts were going to make the bra very uncomfortably tight.

Kyle then joyfully hopped onto his bed and slipped on white thigh high stockings. He dug into the box and pulled out the most sexy adorable schoolgirl outfit. He slipped on the skirt that barely covered his cute butt and put on a white shirt and tied a knot in front instead of buttoning it. Finally he pulled out his cute, black Mary Janes and slipped them on his feet.

Kyle was so excited, he ran back out to the living room and shouted with excitement,. “ Aunhasstria how do I look?” then struck a cute pose.

Aunhasstria laughed in her purring musical way, “You look just like a girl now. In a few minutes …”

The doorbell rang about that time interrupting. Kyle heard Aunhasstria talking to a male in their singsong language, before he saw her escort a very muscular, and very handsome Anthro male into the living commons.

Aunhasstria purred, “Kylie, I want you to meet a friend of mine. His name’s Krrrutha and he has always, since we were kittens, wanted a human female to … pleasure him. Think you’re up to it? When he cums, you have to swallow fast and hard. There’s going to be a lot of it all at once for several minutes.”

Krrrutha glided with feline grace over to Kyle and took his hand. He gave it a soft kiss, the fur and whiskers tickled Kyle’s hand as a real tingle of not only serious attraction, but excitement ran all through him.

Kyle is a bit shy and nervous as the feline male is around 12 feet tall completely dwarfing Aunhasstria in height and muscular body mass making Kyle feel even smaller since he is only half Krrrutha’s height and body size. Krrrutha slowly moved to the couch, sat down, and began to remove his trousers. It’s sort of a chore with his tail and all, but it worked out smoothly.

Kyle watched as Krrrutha’s penis began to unsheath itself as it grew till it's 36 inches long. It had started out small at 8 inches but continued to grow and grow.

Kyle looked at it with a jaw drop “ You want me to suck that thing!” Kyle said with an astonished gulp.

Kyle started to rethink his position. Without warning, Kyle smelled a wonderful smell coming from Krrrutha’s genitals. Krrrutha’s mating pheromones had gotten to him and Kylie had this incredible irresistible urge to suck and mate.

Kyle walked over and climbed up on the couch in a very sexy and female way. Aunhasstria stood watching in approval. She knew Krrutha would be sweet and gentle with her pet human. She didn’t want him to know that he was her pet, but she would like to have mated with Kyle as a male, but mating with him as a female would be nice too.

Kyle leaned over and slowly began to lick the top of Krrrutha’s massive cock head. Kyle flicks and wrapped his tongue around it as Krrrutha's started to play with Kyle's ass. Kyle couldn’t help himself at this point as his masculinity, all of it, melted away. Femininity began to fill his soul as he more earnestly bergan to suck.

Krrrutha began to purr loudly as he leaned back into the soft embrace of the sofa. Kyle was totally lost in the heat of the moment and was taken totally by surprise as a massive gushing of sweet, salty, gooieness filled his mouth in a massive squirt. Then another followed by yet another and another huge squirt. It was all Kyle could do to swallow, but still some dripped down his chin.

Kyle felt weird suddenly as he helplessly swallowed massive amounts of the male Anthros cum. Kyle could feel his chest as the bra became extremely, uncomfortably tight where the inserts were. His hips felt as if they were spreading as his waist felt cramped as it tightened. His butt felt like it was growing rounder as he felt the panties he wore rearranging themselves. Between his legs felt seriously cramped as if his genitals were being drawn back inside his crotch. It all felt so strange. Weird and very intense rushes flashed all through his body as he swallowed the last of the massive ejaculation. A large trickle of it dripping down his chin.

Kyle fell over on the couch in pain as Krrrutha and Aunhasstria watch. Neither of them had seen a human male change before and this was totally amazing to them.

Kyle screamed as the sound of bones cracking and popping is heard. Krrutha and Aunhasstria watch in total fassination as Kyle’s hips become obviously wider and more female like shapely. The skirt and panties cling and become very tight and form fitting as it happened.

In a very short span of time, as female as Kyle had looked before, he looked a whole lot more like a very pretty girl. He hadn’t quite made a complete transition, but he obviously was more female now than male.

As the pain subsided, Kyle looked down at his chest as he slowly sat up. His mouth fell open in shock as he sees that he is slowly but surely growing breasts. As they grew, they began pushing against the inserts and made things very uncomfortable. Kyle could tell they had grown to B cup size and his nipples and areolas had perfectly formed.

Kyle’s panties were fitting far better than he had ever remembered. Kyle pulled up the short hem of his schoolgirl skirt and pulled open the front of his panties to look in and gasps. His privates had changed. His penis looked more like a clit now and his balls had completely disappeared, leaving a small slit where they used to be. Kyle continues to cry as his voice changed pitch and became that of a young female.

It appeared as if the changes had begun to slow. Kyle would need to do this again apparently for the total change to complete. Both Aunhasstria and Krrutha are in shock. They know what they had done would throw the entire population of earth peoples into a total panic if word got out.

Kyle stood up finally. His balance was wrong somehow and he felt so strange.

Krrutha came up to him and wrapped his hugely muscular furred arms around Kyle’s now shapely female waist and gave him a large, but loving hug.

Krrutha purred softly, “That was wonderful. Your tongue is so soft and not rough and sandpapery like our species.”

Aunhasstria punched Krrutha playfully as she commented, “I’ve never known you to turn that down from one of us you mean ol’ thing.”

Both of them laughed as Kyle’s mind began to finally wrap around the fact … he was no longer able to present himself as a male.

Kyle looked down at his body. It had transformed into a beautiful female form. He could never imagine having a body like this in a million years if he had gone through the normal human process of transitioning. There were things they could do to make him appear more female, but this … he was actually a woman.

Kyle watches as Krrutha pulls up his pants. Kyle had a very strong attraction to him as he watched him leave and Aunhasstria shut the door behind him.

Kyle jumps up and down “ I'm a girl! I'm a girl!” He still can't believe it, as he falls down onto the couch with a smile on his face and kicks his feet, showing off his cute bottom in the red panties.

Aunhasstria knew she had to keep Kyle a secret. What had just happened could never become known. Aunhasstria had to tell Kyle a secret that she had wanted to do a human female since she was a kitten. She knew she had to make Kyle her baby so he wouldn't tell anyone, and she knew if she and he had sex as woman, Kyle would become her baby.

Aunhasstria gracefully came to kyle and wrapped her arms lovingly around her pet. She purred softly, “Now, sweetheart. I need to tell you something. I have always wanted to make love to a female human since I was a kitten. Now, you are perfect.”

Aunhasstria reached around and began pulling Kyle’s panties down. Kyle shivered as Aunhasstria caressed his new vagina with her soft furry hand. Aunhasstria allowed her mating pheromones to fill the room and completely overwhelm Kyle.

Kyle felt strange urges and desires he had never felt before. His attraction and need for Aunhasstria to make female love to him was overpowering. Aunhasstria gently and lovingly removed all of her pet’s clothes, before she lay him on a huge a thick pillow chair. She spread Kyle’s legs and began to gently lick and penetrate Kyle’s new place with her very rough and enticingly sensual tongue.

All the while Aunhasstria did this, she was also drooling a large amount of her saliva into Kyle’s privacy. The transformation began slowly at first as Kyle began to shrink and become a much smaller version of who she was. Aunhasstria knew she wouldn’t be a real baby, she would still have the same attributes, but she would be infant enough to be too old for diapers, but too young for panties and make a very convincing infant.

Kyle began to moan in pleasure as he couldn't believe that oral was so much better as a girl. “ oh god! That feels so good!” Kyle moans as he puts his hand on Aunhasstria head as he hasn't noticed the fact that he is shrinking or that Aunhasstria has been giggling the whole time. As Kyle throws his head back and closes his eyes enjoying the new pleasure between his legs.

All the while Kyle isn't noticing that everything is growing bigger and bigger around him as he already felt small around the apartment that it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Aunhasstria sat back on her knees and giggled, “well, now. You turned out better than I thought you would. You are just the cutest little baby girl pet an Anthro could have.”

Kyle sat up quickly. His whole being felt really strange now. He looked around with big eyes as he began to realize how large everything was.

Aunhasstria purred softly in a sing song way as if she were talking to a toddler, “Now come with Auntie so we can get you dressed.”

She took the stunned and confused Kylie by the hand and led her to the next room. With a quick lift and several twirls around, “Wheee!” The happily screeching Kyle found himself standing next to an extremely large bed.

Aunhasstria held out a cute little pair of lacy pink rumba panties with a thick absorbent inner layer and purred, “Be a good baby and step in so Aunti can finish dressing her little girl.”

Kyle is in shock as he can't believe what just happened to him as he is only up to the knees of Aunhasstria and he just doesn't know what happened. “ So what exactly just happened? I turned into a girl and you ate me out and now I'm the size of a toddler. What exactly is going on Aunhasstria?”

Kyle reluctantly takes the panties and steps into them and pulls them up as they look similar to his other panties he was wearing but the big difference is now he could feel the thick padding in the crotch region as he is confused what is going on.

Aunhasstria quickly and gently took Kyle by the head and wiggled her tongue into his mouth. Kyle could taste the wet sweetness and roughness of her tongue as it wiggled around inside her mouth. Kyle’s tongue began to feel so strange as did his mouth and throat.

When Aunhasstria broke the kiss she purred softly as she continued to dress Kyle in a cute little sundress with poofy sleeves and crocheted booties for his feet, “You know a secret about my people that cannot be allowed to spread, even by accident.”

Kyle started to protest, “Buhh Ausssthhhhh gaahhh naahhh.”

Aunhasstria sat back on her knees once again and giggled, “OMG!! You made such a cute little baby girl pet. I love you so much.” and she gave her a loving hug.

Kyle tried speaking again “gah baga doo!” Kyle says then covers his mouth in shock. He can't believe he can't talk anymore. He looks up at Aunhasstria with a mad glare and folds his arms.

Aunhasstria explained, “If a human is ever turned by accident or on purpose that they have to immediately make them into a little baby pet and register them with the Anthro’s local doctor so they have that human on file registered and accounted for.”

Kyle's jaw drops as he hears his best friend say all this. He is starting to regret asking to become a girl and ever finding that site online.

Suddenly, Kyle began to hear a trickling sound as he he feels a warm wetness around his bottom. He looks around and continues to hear it. He feels something running down his leg and looks down between his legs. He’s astonished to see a puddle forming at his feet.

Aunhasstria purred softly as she picked Kyle up and carried him into another room. She removed the panties and cleaned Kyle well with a soft and sweet smelling baby wipe. Kyle realized with a start as he looked around, that Aunhasstria had actually been planning to do this all along. He could see the many adorable outfits all hung neatly. The rack of diapers and lacy pullup panties.

Before Kyle knew it, Aunhasstria had powdered him and put him in a Huggies Toddler for girls disposable.

She patted his poofy hinney softly as she purred, “There we go baby. Tomorrow, I will take you to the head office on Lady Street and register you as my official pet. They will take your fingerprints and a genetic sample. I think I’ll name you Kylie. A cute name for a cute little pet.”

Kyle couldn't believe it! Aunhasstria had planned all this all along. Kyle watches helplessly as Aunhasstria put his hair in pigtails and picked him up.Kyle watched as Aunhasstria snapped a selfie on her phone of both of them. Aunhasstria then showed Kyle what he looked like. Kyle looked exactly like a toddler girl of about three or four. Kyle began to pout and cry after he saw the very adorably cute picture.

Aunhasstria purred softly to her new pet, “With the genetics test, the Veterinarian takes some of my blood and will mix it into yours along with a binding agent, then inject you with it which will make you a DNA match. It will make you my official kitten pet.”

Kylie couldn’t keep his mind focused for very long. Aunhasstria was very good at distracting him and allowing his awareness to drift off into a wonderful infantile contented happiness. It became increasingly difficult for Kyle to keep his thoughts in order as he began to regress more and more.

Kyle sat up suddenly. He had awakened from a nice dream of plushy toys, candy, and a pet cloud he had named pinky that smelled and tasted like strawberry cotton candy.

He looked around as he put his thumb in his mouth. He was snuggled comfortably in Aunhasstria’s lap, in a huge office of some kind. A female Anthro in a white one piece pantsuit came out and knelt by them.

The woman purred delightfully, “And how is baby today? Don’t be afraid. I’m just going to take you finger prints and a small clipping of your fingernails.”

The woman took a roller of some type and ran it over both of Kyle’s hands and feet, inked them well before placing them firmly and carefully onto a form of some kind. Next, she clipped Kyle’s fingernails and collected all the flyings. The last thing she did, was draw a small vial of blood from Aunhasstria, mix it well with an equal amount of blood from him, and added some sort of purple fluid to the mix before injecting Kyle with it. He felt it as the heat of it surged through his body.

Kyle whimpered and squirmed a little as the Anthro lady did that while Aunhasstria held him tightly.

The Anthro Doctor said, “Most of the time the baby feels a bit of discomfort from the injection and, in rare cases, some of the babies take on the characteristics of the Anthro mother.”

Kyle began to cry a little as the Anthro female doctor produced a red strawberry lollipop from the drawer and handed it to him. This quites the new infant as he began to suck on it happily.

Kyle had no idea how he got here, all he remembered was being in the apartment and poof he was here. The whole room was pink with puffy clouds on the walls and kids toys in the corner.

Kyle felt so strange. His body tingled and had even stranger rushes run through it. His eyes burned a bit as they transformed into beautiful deep blue cat’s eyes and took on a slight slant. His facial features morphed as they took on a beautiful feminine mix of human and feline.

Between his fingers hurt as small, but extremely needle sharp claws poked through she skin. It began to bleed just a little bit until the claw sheath fully formed and the small claws retracted back into them.

Kyle had an infantile fascination with his claws as he sat and extended and retracted them as most Anthro infants did when they discovered they had them. He didn’t realize he was starting to grow a beautiful fluffy tail  as it started to protrude from the top of his diaper. It wasn’t long before it became uncomfortable enough Kyle looked to see what was cramping.

His eyes grew large in total shock as he realized he had a very pretty, stunningly snow white Persian cat’s tail. Kyle looked up as Aunhasstria entered and purred softly, “Oh my, my little pet has transformed into a very beautiful little kitten.”

Aunhasstria picked Kyle up and hugged him lovingly as she patted his diapered bottom.

She said softly, “I guess I’m going to have to re-diaper you in one of the special diapers we use on our children. You aren’t exactly an Anthro child, but you are obviously a pet. I have a present for you too. It is required that all pets have tags.”

With this, Aunhasstria brought out a very beautiful diamond covered choke collar with two golden tags attached. One stated  that the name was Kylie and identified him as a registered pet and gave Aunhasstria as the owner and her ID phone number should Kylie become lost. The other one was a legal record of the inoculations and dates of registration. Aunhasstria put this collar around Kylie’s neck. He felt it lock closed more than heard its click.

Kylie looked down as most of his body was covered in soft, snow white fur now. He saw that his paws had a lovely shade of pink fur on them. Kylie began to cry as the diaper on him was now crushing his tail. He whimpered as he looked up at Aunhasstria.

Aunhasstria exited the Transformation room and asked an Anthro female who had a baby if she could borrow a diaper. The other Anthro female clearly saw the little pet was in pain from tail tail being crushed.

The Anthro female gave Aunhasstria a very thick and absorbent crawly diaper designed for Anthro infants. Aunhasstria thanked the woman and returned to Kylie and rediapered her, carefully threading her luxurious tail through the special opening in the diaper and cute rhumba panties.

By the time Aunhasstria carried the now contented Kylie out the door of the veterinarian's office, no one would ever know Kylie had ever been a human that had had been adopted by an Anthro. It happened quite a bit, but it was kept a very strict secret so as not to arouse fear and distrust among the human population.

Kylie knew in his mind something was terribly wrong. He couldn’t quite think of what it might be as he sucked his thumb thoughtfully. He really enjoyed having Aunhasstria softly pat his thickly diapered hinney as she carried him somewhere. He kept drifting off into that wonderful contented place only a happy infant knows.

Kylie slowly returned to his right mind and looked at his paw. He stopped sucking his thumb and looked at it in amazement then looked up at Aunhasstria. He realized she was carrying him to her car. He felt so strange and didn't know what was going on.

He felt the tags around his neck now as they made a happy little tinkling sound when Kylie turned his head. He managed to get a look at one tag. To his amazement it read: If lost call ... he couldn't read the number but he knew the name Aunhasstria. Kylie was in complete shock. He was now a female and no more than Aunhasstria’s pet.

“Are you kidding me?” Kylie gasped in his new feline purring voice.

The unexpectedness of his voice startled Aunhasstria a bit as she jumped. She hadn’t expected Kylie to return to his right mind for another 10 minutes, but it was OK. Some converts came back sooner than others. If she didn’t want him to however, he never would have. When she got to her car, she placed Kylie in a specially made infant seat designed just for Anthro pets.

“You made me into a pet? My hands are gone!! I mean I literally have paws!!” Kylie said as he held them up in shock.

Aunhasstria purred softly, “You are not just a pet sweetheart. You are my Pet.” she patted Kylie on his head and scratched behind his cute little furry ears causing him to squirm and giggle.

Kylie came back to his mind again and screeched in a feline yowling voice, “I … I … I’m notta pet. Imma human.”

Aunhasstria bent over and kissed Kylie on his cute little nose after she got into the driver's seat, “No, suga bug, you are not human. You are my little female kitten and will be for a long time. You know as well as I do, Anthro live many hundreds of years. Since you wanted to be female, and I cannot allow you to tell anyone our secret, this is the only way.”

Kylie began to throw a tantrum, I … I’ll tell everyone I meet.”

Aunhasstria giggled, “No, sweetie, you will never tell another human anything. No one can understand what you’re saying but me. To them, you are a very beautiful young Anthro Pet Kitten whom I love and adore very much.”

Aunhasstria cranked the car, put it in gear, and drove off towards their home.

Kylie continues to throw a tantrum in the seat. “ Then how come only you can understand me! “ Kylie throws some stuffed animals around in the car.  Aunhasstria doesn't seem to mind very much. “ I don't want to be a kitten! I don't want to be stuck in diapers and baby things for hundreds of years!”

Kylie continues to cry until Aunhasstria turns on some Anthro nursery rhymes as it seems to actually calm down Kylie a little bit as Kylie begins to feel his eyes get heavy as he dozed off with his paw in his mouth.

Aunhasstria smiled as she thought to herself, “Sweetie, a Love pet is one of the most pampered and beloved creatures on the planet. As soon as we make love the next time, I’m very sure you will agree.”

Aunhasstria drove to their house, very carefully removed the sleeping Kylie from her seat, and brought her into the house. Aunhasstria tucked Kylie into a small sleeper bed with a snuggle Teddy Bear that gave off wonderfully infant inducing energy. Aunhasstria patted Kylie’s diapered bottom lovingly. This all happened a lot sooner than she had actually planned, but it all was good.

Now, she would have her beloved Kylie she had grown up with all her life and once Kylie had adjusted to the fact she was a girl and an Anthro Love Pet, they could go back to sharing all of life’s little secrets and pleasures.

Aunhasstria turned and left the sleeping Kylie and went into the kitchen unit to start preparing lunch. She knew Kylie would want to be fed when she awoke.

Aunhasstria had very definite Persian cat features beautifully blended in with humanoid. She didn’t have more than the normal human two breasts, but it was much simpler for her to induce lactation. She prepared a pnumoinjection of a strange blue glowing liquid, then injected both of her breasts with it.

Aunhasstria shivered slightly as her breasts grew slightly larger as they began to produce milk for Kylie’s awaking surprise. Aunhasstria smiled, she truly loved Kylie and making him her pet was the only way she could give him what he wanted, and have what she wanted as well.

Kylie began to slowly awake in the sleeper as he stretches and rubs his eyes as he looks around at the same apartment he had always been used too but it looks completely different now as there are baby toys and accessories everywhere. He sees child locks on the lower cupboards and baby gate for hallway.

Kylie then makes a shocking discovery that he actually used his diaper as it was warm and gooey. Kylie then sees Aunhasstria in the kitchen as he watches in amazement as her breasts grow in size as she doesn't see he has awoken yet.

Kylie had a hard time realizing that this is what Aunhasstria always wanted for him. Kylie broke his silence. “ So none of this would have happened if I didn't find out about the rumor?”

Aunhasstria looked around at her very adorably cute little female kitten pet. She started removing her blouse and her bra as she came back over to the sleeper.

Aunhasstria purred softly, “It would have eventually happened, just not this fast. Actually, this happens all the time. Because we live many hundreds of years and humans die off so quickly. As you aged, I would have eventually adopted you so I wouldn’t lose you.” She picked Kylie up and cuddled her in her arms, “But now, it’s time for my little kitten to know the true joys of being a kitten.”

With that, Aunhasstria sat on the very plush sofa in the nursery, placed one of her gumdrop sized nipples in Kylie’s mouth, and began to purr. Kylie was totally helpless as he began to nurse. Without really realizing it, he had taken his hand paws and began to kneed Aunhasstria’s breast as he nursed. It was warm, sweet, slightly watery, and in great abundance.

Kylie’s tummy warmed with each swallow. He could feel the soft, but very intense feeling of contentedness spread all through his body. He realized with a start … he too had begun to purr, just like a kitten.

Aunhasstria purred, “That’s a good little kitten. Allow it to fill you and relax you. You and I will be together for a long time, and this is one of the greatest joys.” She began to sing one of her people’s very soft and melodious songs as Kylie nursed.

Kylie nursed as it was weird thinking that he was nursing from his former best friend now owner Aunhasstria. He couldn't help as his body began to feel warm and cuddly as he then soon snaps out of it and unlatches. “ So you mean you had this planned for me all along? When?”

Kylie says shocked as he feels his diaper as its beginning to sag a little and become stinky as he whimpers a little to Aunhasstria as he really needed to be changed.

Aunhasstria purred softly as she cleaned Kylie and changed her diaper, “I had planned to do this when you were older. I don’t want you to age and die and leave me all alone. I’ve known you since I was a kitten and you are my most beloved Pet.”

Aunhasstria stood her Pet kitten on her feet. Kylie couldn’t help herself as she noticed her tail once again and became fascinated. As Kylie played and chased her tail, Aunhasstria dug into a small basket near the sofa for a minute, then produced a small ball of tightly woven pinkish yarn and tossed it over in front of Kylie.

Kylie’s mind went totally offline as her only thoughts were that this pink fuzzy thing was moving. She chased it around the room and batted it off many walls while Aunhasstria laughed merrily.

Finally, Kylie bounced off a wall in pursuit of the wonderful fuzzy pink thing and plopped on his thickly diapered butt. He looked around the room dazedly as his mind returned. He put his paw thumb in his mouth thoughtfully as he wondered just what had happened and how he came to be where she was. Kylie knew she wasn’t over by the sofa anymore, but way across the room next to the door leading to the bedrooms and nursery.

“What the heck just happened!” Kylie thought as he didn't understand what exactly just happened to him. Kylie started to stare around the apartment as it felt more and more like home. He felt like this is where he belonged and felt like this is who he was meant to be.

Kylie shrugged as she began to purr and chased that wonderful fuzzy pink thing all around the large room while Aunhasstria laughed and watched the funny antics the human kitten pet did while chasing the yarn ball.

The end :)
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