Gender Bender ( X )

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Gender Bender ( X )

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Aug 15, 2016 7:13 am

Title: Gender Bender ( X )

By: Miki Yamuri


Erika Blake - 21yo Ship Captain

Kyle Blake - 18yo Male Human

Kyla Blake – 18+yo Companion Babydoll Love Pet – Regendered Kyle

Scene: On the bridge of the rapidly decelerating Starship


Erika Blake was the rich daughter of the richest space industrialist in the galaxy, Tomas Blake, who owned the Star Dust Intergalactic Shipping lines. The foremost Star Ship moving company in the known universe.

At this time, she was thinking only of the coming hunt ... to retrieve a life energy to reanimate her beloved Babydoll Kyla's body.

Erika had many scouts scour the universe far and wide since the horrid accident at the new Play Park that had robbed her beloved Pet of her life. They desperately tried to find a suitable life energy to accomplish reanimating her over the last several years as Kyla’s body was kept in a stasis chamber. They had found it in only one individual in hundreds of thousands of inhabited worlds.

She was rushing there as fast as the new Star Yacht her dad had given her could fly. It didn't matter to her that this person’s life energy was being stolen without his permission. Nor was the fact he was male bother her in the least ... that would be fixed ... when she transferred his life force into her Pet’s body. The only thing that mattered, was her beloved Kyla would be returned to her.

Even his name ... it had to be destiny ... His name was Kyle Blake .. the same name and life energy signature as her beloved Pet ... Kyla ... except he was male ... he was still perfect.

He was about 5'6" tall, with long blond hair, a green t shirt, blue jacket, and jeans. In fact, he looked just like Kyla's twin brother.

Kyle, on the other hand, had no idea he was being hunted. In fact, he was more preoccupied with his car, which had just broken down on the side of the road, deep in the mountains this night. Glowering, the teenager climbed out, turned, and angrily kicked his tire with a dull thump.

"Work you piece of junk!" he raged.

He watched as smoke and oily steam rose from the hood and fenders. He knew the nearest town was almost 20 miles from here. The only lights he could see, were from a park area off in the distance. He really hoped there was a phone there.

Ericka watched the bio-scanner intently, she was very near to her target ... and he was isolated except for a few others gathered around what appeared to be a small park about a half mile away. She fine tuned the scanner ... there were only 12 individuals and he was isolated from them enough to make this capture quick and painless as possible for him.

Erika set her ship gracefully down with the cloaks engaged about 100 yards from her prey. None of the landing jets alerted anyone except for a few startled creatures that had bedded down for the night, as it blasted the clearing clean of all trees, shrubs, and debris.

The rest area was up the road from Kyle. Close enough to see the lights, far enough away to be isolated long enough for the capture.

Ericka called her team into the cargo area and said softly, "I want this to be quick and by the numbers. There will be no mistakes, Understand?"

They all replied solemnly, "Yes Ma’am."

She continues in a professional tone, “Check your stunners and cloak bands. Make sure they are all working.”

There is a few moments of clicks, slaps, and humming sounds. The team shimmers and vanishes, leaving Erika alone in the bay. She pushes a button that opens a hatch, and exits into the night.

She had long blond hair tied in cute pony tails, form fitting hip hugger blue jeans with a tight baby T top. Her very shapely body would be a definite lure. If that didn’t work, there was always the capture team. They would be invisible until the last moment anyway, just before they take the prey.

Realizing he's wasted time, Kyle turns to a glow in the distance. People, maybe, a phone even ... he wonders? Hoping this is the case, he nods, grabbing his belongings and closing the car door before journeying into the night.

Erika times the encounter perfectly as she steps out of the night shrouded woods into the road in front of Kyle. She gasps loudly with big eyes and says with a tinge of what sounded a lot like fear, "Who is it?? What do you want?" She raises her arm to her chest in a defensive looking position as she shines her very bright flashlight in his face.

Blinded and confused by the light she carried, Kyle froze, shielding his eyes. "Ah, I'm sorry! I'm lost and my car broke down!" He points back the way he had just come.

Erika lowers the light so she could get a look at his face. He was so adorable, even as a man, he looked just like her beloved Kyla would have if she were a man. They could have been twins in fact. He was absolutely a beautiful young man.

She acts like she’s wavering between being afraid or relaxing. She throws the bright light on the broken down car ... smoke and steam coming from under the hood. She smiles, and appears to relax.

She walks over to him as she says, “My name’s Erika, what’s yours?”

He drops his hand and gets his first good look at the girl. She was shorter than he, and had a very cute shape. His eyes fell on her very perky and small breasts. He could tell ... she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples poking through. She was breath takingly beautiful.

From the pony tails that hung to her shoulders to her cute round butt and thighs, she was one of the most attractive women he thought he had ever seen in fact.

He replies in a sort of thick tongued way, “ N ... name? Oh ... yea, my name’s Kyle. I’m ... uuuu ... trying to get home from College for the summer. Only thing is ... my stupid car has other ideas.”

He looks forlornly at her for a few seconds before her eyes sparkle brightly and she begins to giggle pleasantly. He can’t help himself as he too begins to laugh. All the tension in him seems to flow away in her company.

She says softly, “I have ... communications over there if you want. Would save you some walking to the park down the road.” She points into the woods where she had emerged.

Kyle thought it strange she had said ‘communications’ instead of a phone or something. He looks into the woods and thinks he sees a flickering light. Of course he chides himself ... she’s probably camping out and has a radio and not a cell or something. He looks around and decides that with the tall mountains all around, a cell probably wouldn’t be able to pick up a signal.

Erika reaches out and takes his hand. He is amazed at how soft it feels in his own. She begins to lead him back down the trail she had landed her craft on, chattering about nothing in particular, the circle of light from her flashlight the only thing he can see in the darkness ahead.

Some of the things she was saying in an off hand way ... sounded odd. He wondered what a Veloth was ... or where the Fire Falls were located. From her description ... it would be a very wonderful place to visit. There were many weird references to places and things he had no idea about. He would love to have a condo in the Trinity Moon sector ... where ever that was. It sounded like a magical place with the hydrogen trees making large fire balls when they pollinated, and the shimmer bushes with their tinkling leaves that made music in the smallest breeze.

They enter a clearing suddenly. The ground looked as if it had been blasted clean by a huge leaf blower. He looked around in amazement. He realized the shimmering light he thought was a camp fire was coming from ... what appeared to be a hatch opening hanging in the midst of reality. He could see many flashing lights on machines he had never seen the like of before through the flickering hatch opening. Every where else though, there was no indication of any kind of building or structure ... just dark wilderness.

She turns suddenly and stands in front of the opening. She says sharply, “Now!”

Kyle sees 7 individuals shimmer into existence around him. They had weapons drawn and pointing at him. His eyes get huge as he feels a serious fear run all through him. He looks at Erika with big eyes, his last conscious thought before something hits him from all sides and knocked him into soft darkness, was that he was being abducted by Aliens ... just like in the movie he had just watched.

Am I awake? Or Still Dreaming?

Kyle slowly begins to wake up. His head hurts slightly and his body aches in many places. As he opens his eyes, he realizes he in a very small room with just the bench he lay upon. He sits up ... the room begins to spin and his stomach boils threateningly. He sees a blue shimmer across the only door and several other rooms beyond just like this one before he lays back on the bench and closes his eyes.

He has no real memory of what had happened, but from the way he felt ... he must have gotten really drunk. He rolls onto his side and moans slightly. His stomach was really upset.

He hears a strangely familiar female voice say softly, “The effects of the stunners will wear off momentarily. There’s no reason to struggle or fight what’s going to happen, you have no choice in the matter. I will tell you, however, you will have a very different and pampered life from now on.”

He rolls over and sees ... her!! Erika ... he remembers every thing suddenly. He sits up, his head spins really violently as his stomach heaves. He has to get away some how ... although he’s not real sure how at the moment. He can’t keep his balance as he pitches forward onto the floor. He is violently ill for a few minutes.

He can feel hands picking him up and cleaning his face. He hears a singsong voice saying something in a language he has not heard before. He is carried out of the cubicle into another room. He feels his stomach almost fall out as vertigo takes him again. There’s a sudden stillness and a door seems to appear in front of his dazed eyes.

He is half carried half escorted down a long corridor with many doors in various locations. It looked like something out of a Space Movie as far as he was concerned.

Kyle’s head had begun to clear and he was able to walk better as he was escorted into another door. He looked around this new room in total astonishment. In all his days, he had never imagined such a place. Everywhere he looked, technology beyond his wildest imagination abounded. Nothing his eyes saw, could he fathom.

He saw Erika caressing the cheek of a very small, extremely pretty young girl that was lying on a table as she kissed her softly on her lips. He had no idea what she was saying ... the language was totally foreign.

Kyle is suddenly bodily taken hold of by several large men and stripped of all his clothes and manhandled onto another table. He feels a sudden electrical surge run through his body. He can’t move! His mind reels from the impact of it. He finally opens his eyes and blinks. There are several people hovering all around him. They start to attach things to his body from the top of his head to the souls of his feet. Each one that touches his skin ... sends an electrical tingle through him.

He can see in the refection of the highly polished metal light above him, that they are attaching the same electrodes to the girl’s nude body. This girl was extremely beautiful and cute, like something from a fairy tail. Erika is standing with her hands in a prayer fashion against her lips ... her eyes closed, as she mumbles something in the strange language.

One of the people pushes a console between the tables. On it are many sparkling orbs that appear to be made out of pure light. The person attaches many wires from both tables into either side of the console. Every time the person waves his hand through one of the orbs of light, he feels a wave of intense energy pass through his body. He keeps making adjustments and waving his hand through the spheres. Each time, Kyle feels incredible waves of intense pleasure run all through him.

Kyle sees the person wave his hand through one of the misty spheres that had turned softly pink. He feels an intense ... pulling deep within his very soul. For a split instant, he thought he was looking through the girl’s eyes on the other table. He blinks his eyes and tries to clear his mind.

Kyle sees the man adjust some thing and wave his hand again. This time, the sensation was super intense ... the pulling was incredible ... until he seems to feel himself slip from ... somewhere into somewhere else as if he had lubricant all over. There was intense pleasure .... mixed with pain. Intense joy ... and incredible sorrow. He had many weird intense rushes all through his body.

Suddenly, many thoughts, memories, and emotions that were strange to him flooded his consciousness. This time, when he opened his eyes, he knew he was looking out of the girl’s eyes ... he saw Erika looking over him and could see his glassy eyed body to his right. He gasps softly ... he feels so ... strange all over.

He hears Erika coo softly, “Now sleep my Pet. There’s a lot of changes you will have to go through and Mistress wants you rested so they can be dealt with swiftly. When you wake, I have a present for you. It will aid you in making this adjustment.”

In his foggy mind, he can’t believe what seems to be happening. He swears to himself it’s just a nightmare ... nothing more. This kind of thing isn’t possible in reality. He has so many new memories and feelings he never had before. He seriously feels he has had a psychotic break and now has a split personality.

Erika bends over Kyle and shines a very bright light into his eyes. Kyla’s mind seems to dissolve away and soft sweet darkness takes him as she falls into a deep induced sleep.

On a lonely mountain road about half mile from a camping park, a broken down car was found. Lying in the ditch beside it was the dead body of a young man. According to his driver’s license, his name was Kyle Blake.

News reports say, after an extensive investigation, Local Law Enforcement and the State Police determined no foul play was involved. The only unusual thing was the clearing they had found 100 yards from the Body’s location. It had been totally blasted clean of all debris, trees, and under brush in a circle 300 feet across. No other unusual things were discovered and the US Air Force Special Forces took over the closing of the investigation at that point. Autopsy could not determine the cause of death ... it was ruled Death by Natural Causes because of the lack of any other evidence to the contrary.

The President pushes a button on the control and the large flat screen TV turns off. There is total silence in the Oval office. The President pinches his nose as he sits back in his chair and sighs. He knows that lame story will have to do ... because the world definitely isn’t ready for the truth.

I’m a ... What?

Kyla slowly comes to that wonderful state where your not quite awake .... but are still contentedly dreaming. She stretches luxuriously, the soft slippery feel of her sheets causing her skin to tingle pleasantly. She is so glad to be home in her bed.

She takes a deep breath. The wonderful aroma of honeysuckle and the sweet smell of baby powder fill her mind. She rolls over comfortably and hugs her fuzzy and snuggly Teddy Bear lovingly. She puts her face into it and breaths deep. Teddy smells so wonderfully of baby powder, she is so glad Teddy ...??!!

Kyle opens his eyes in shock. He sees the cute face of the Teddy Bear right there in front of him. He pushes it away and sits up ... his body feels wrong and his center of balance is different. He can’t believe the thoughts and emotions that were so very fresh in his being.

He puts a hand to his face as he looks around the softly lit room. It was so ... familiar, although he knew he had never been there before in his life. The over powering feeling of dejavu filled him. He looked at the Dresser. It had 12 drawers and a mirror with many photos stuck into the frame. Carved into the wood, were many pictograms of children playing. The art work was meticulous.

He sees a large chest in one corner, sitting on top are several very cute female dolls that are almost as big as he. He sees a very cute girl’s vanity with an organizing tray full of eyeliners, lip sticks of various flavors, powders, creams, scrunches, ribbons, and hair brushes.

He looks down at his body as he holds his arms out. He is incredulous at what he sees. Beneath the cute babydoll jammie top, he could see very cute and perky boobies poking out, the nipples pointy and erect. The fabric of his top sent wonderful tingles through him ... all the way to his ... NO!! This can’t be!

He pulls back the covers with a quick jerk ... he is wearing a matching pair of bloomer jammie bottoms. He pulls open the front of them to actually see what he already knew to be true. He couldn’t believe it ... he saw a privacy ... he was a girl now!

A lock of his hair falls across his right eye as he stares at his new vagina in shock. He takes his hair in his hands. It’s now shoulder length and a very bright golden blond color. It feels soft and silky in his hand. He tucks it behind his ears as he had seen many girls do before. He did it like it was second nature. Kyle decided to ignore that minor detail for now.

He slowly gets out of bed and walks to the vanity. What he sees is a very beautiful, small young woman, dressed in a cute babydoll jammie, looking back with an adorable expression of surprise and shock. He gasps softly as his hand covers his mouth again.

He turns as he hears the bedroom door open and a soft voice call, “Kyla?? Are you awake sweetheart? It’s me, Erika.”

Deep within him, he feels a great joy and many strong feelings of love for Erika. His mind is suddenly fuzzy as an over powering love and joy fills his heart ... he can’t think straight the emotions get so powerful. Before he knows what he is doing, Kyla has run to Erika and is in her arms hugging and kissing Erika with all her heart.

Kyla is over joyed to see Erika ... she loves her so much. Kyla kisses Erika on her lips as she explores Erika’s mouth with her wiggly tongue. Ummmm ... Kyla feels herself getting aroused and so wants to ...??!!

Kyle breaks the kiss suddenly. He is in shock over what has just happened. He can still feel all the intense female emotions and joy over Erika’s presence. Kyle is very aware of how wet his panties are now ... he is still very aroused and tingles all over ... especially his perky nipples. He can feel a warm wiggly need, deep inside his tummy as his new privacy wiggles softly in anticipation of something ... that he’s not real sure of.

Erika sees the sudden change in Kyla and knows Kyle is there. She hugs her lovingly one more time before leading her back to the bed and helping her climb back in.

Erika says softly, “Hello Kyle. I know this is kind of strange for you. I did bring you something like I promised to help blend the 2 personas into one being. Just so you know, the end persona is going to be my Pet Kyla. You ... will realize and accept this after a time. I promise you, you’re beloved by many, including myself and your new life will be a pampered one. You will want for nothing.”

Kyle stammers in an adorably cute girl’s voice, “Wh ... what di .. did you do?? I mean ... do to me?”

Erika smiles as she opens an ebony black and shiny box. It was 6 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. Inside was the most beautiful choke collar necklace Kyle had ever seen. In the gold setting in the front, was a large Champagne diamond, brilliantly cut and sparkling in the soft light of the room. There were 2 gold tags fastened below the diamond’s setting. On one, Kyle could see the name Kyla written in some kind of beautiful script. He didn’t get a chance to read what was on the other tag.

Before Kyle could react, Erika had reached over and fastened it around his neck with a soft click. He gasps softly as an intense wave rushes rapidly through his body. He shivers with the intensity of it ... as she begins to understand.

With the fear and confusion removed, Kyla had a chance to come to grips with what had happened. It wasn’t such a bad thing to be a girl. As a matter of fact, now that it had happened ... she was enjoying all the new emotions and sensations. Besides, he still remembers having the fantasy of being a girl. He even went to several Halloween parties as a girl when he was a kid. Now, he had the chance to live it ... and was really happy.

Erika sits beside Kyla and hugs her lovingly as she coos softly, “Well, sweetheart, what happened was: I took you to that new Play Land place ... remember? The one with that fantasy machine everyone was on so about.”

Kyla remembered the place. She had been so excited when Erika had taken her there. Then again, She also knew that in a very big way ... she had never been there in her entire life ... this was so strange.

Kyla nods her head in agreement ... she did have the memories. Again, the lock of hair falls adorably in her face as she nodded. Erika smiles as she pushes it back behind Kyla’s ear.

Erika continued softly, “Well, love, there was a tremendous explosion within the system. Many died that day ... you included. It had somehow consumed your life forces leaving all the bodies empty.”

Kyla’s mouth falls open. She had memories of a wonderful fantasy ... and then waking up here in her bed a little while ago. She also had all the memories of being Kyle running simultaneously. Kyla understood she was now ... 2 people .. as one at the same time. She also understood .... there was a huge gap in her memories as Kyla.

Erika says in a tearful voice, “I’m sorry I stole your life as Kyle from you ... but I love Kyla so much ... I had to bring my Pet Babydoll back by any means possible. I had my people search hundreds of thousands of inhabited planets for a life force that was compatible. If the match isn’t exact .... it won’t work. You ... as Kyle ... were the only one we could find.”

Erika begins to cry softly. Kyla couldn’t bare to see her most beloved Mistress in tears ... she lived to please ... and she had to please her Mistress. Kyla wiggled into Erika’s lap before she even had conscious thoughts about it. She wraps her arms around Erika’s neck and gives her the most passionate loving French kiss she had within her to give.

Erika is a bit surprised at first, but warms quickly into the kiss. Before Kyla knew what was happening, the both of them were snuggling in the bed arm in arm, kissing, while Erika caressed Kyla lovingly. Each gentle caress of Erika’s soft hands, aroused Kyla intensely.

Suddenly, Kyle gasps softly, his eyes get large as he feels Erika’s fingers gently enter the leg opening of his panties and sensuously caress his clitoris. Chills ran up his spine as a warm wet heat began to grow deep in her. He feels as Erika’s finger penetrates his privacy ... more intense pleasures as chill bumps rise all over. Kyla stiffens it is so intensely enjoyable.

Erika coos softly, “Relax sweetheart,” She kisses Kyla lovingly, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to make you happy.”

Erika kisses Kyla’s boobies through her top. Kyla’s mind goes away amid the intense loving sexual pleasure. Erika begins to softly kiss her Pet from her little perky booby bumps down her tummy. Erika lifts the hem of Kyla’s top and begins kissing the tender flesh of her tummy. Kyla was giggling and squirming under Erika by the time she had reached her belly button. Kyla screeches loudly and tries to squirm out of Erika’s grasp when Erika blows a loud and sensuous raspberry in her tummy. Erika smiles broadly as she wiggles in between Kyla’s legs and pulls down her panties.

Kyla’s eyes opened wide as she gasps and squeaks softly to the intensity of Erika’s eager wiggly tongue and probing fingers in her vagina. Kyle is totally swept away on this intensely wonderful new sensation Erika is creating in her. Amid many adorable gasps and squeaks, Kyla has a full body orgasm. Kyle looses his mind as wave after wave of it spasms through him.

Erika is suddenly over Kyla. She looks deep into Kyla’s soft blue eyes and melts on the inside. Kyle is totally lost to Erika and has no thoughts except pleasing her.

Erika kisses Kyla lovingly as she breathlessly coos, “It’s so wonderful to have you back Babydoll. I missed you terribly.”

Without thinking, Kyla wraps her arms and legs around Erika and kisses her back. She didn’t have to tell Erika a thing ... actions spoke much louder than words ever could.


Kyle wakes up and stretches as he yawns. He realizes he’s nude and curled up around a soft, fuzzy baby powder smelling Teddy Bear. He sits up and looks around the room sleepily, the memories of last night vivid in his memory. He rubs the sleep from his eyes as he thinks about all the wonderful emotions and sensations he felt with Erika.

As he sits, an older woman dressed in a black knee length dress and a white lace apron walks into the room and draws the curtains back. She turns and beams a radiant smile to Kyle.

She says softly, “Up and attem sleepy head ... it’s so nice to have you back Kyla.”

She approaches the bed and gives Kyle a hug and a soft kiss on his cheek. Deep within ... he Knows this woman is the Nana / Housekeeper. He has memories of many years of her loving care and tutelage about a great many topics. Kyla also knows ... she loves Nana very much and hugs her back and kisses her lovingly.

Nana pats Kyla softly on her bare thigh and giggles softly, “I think it would be nice for this little girl to have a nice, long bubble bath. Don’t you?”

A tingle of pleasure runs through Kyla as she thinks of the bubble bath. She nods her head causing her already disheveled hair to flop all around. Nana takes the Teddy Bear and places it at the head of the bed. She takes one of Kyla’s hands and pulls her gently out of bed. Kyla glides to the floor and stands there, blushing softly.

Nana leads her into a door on the other side of the bedroom. Kyle gasps at the opulence of the bathroom. There was a whirlpool tub almost the size of a swimming pool. All the fixtures seemed to be made of Solid Gold and Silver. There was the strangest shower he had ever seen. Kyla remembers this to be the environment chamber. It can produce any kind of shower, rain, snow .. ect and lots of fun too.

Kyle turns and sees one of the largest walk in closets he had ever seen. Alone, it could be an entire apartment. Inside, were many different, really cute outfits. They all were sized to fit Kyla.

As she watched Nana fill the tub and pour a Strawberry smelling bubble bath into the water, Kyle needed to know ... who .... she was. He realized Kyla had no memories of being a child ... Kyla’s very first real memories were when she first saw Erika’s beautiful smiling face.

He asks softly in his cute voice, “Nana?”

“Yes baby?” She replies in a soft coo

“What ... kind of person ... am I? I’m ... different.”

Nana giggles a bit then replies, “Why sweet heart, you’re one of the most adorable Babydolls in this part of the galaxy.”

Kyle ponders this for a moment before he asks, “What is ... a Babydoll? I mean, I appear to be ... kinda small ... don’t I?”

Kyla was exactly 4 feet tall. Exactly the same size as the dolls she saw in her room on the huge toy box.

She can feel emotions and memories inside him that he knew weren’t his. Unlike most of the memories Kyla had, the ones before she met Erika were very vague and fuzzy. Like a bad dream from long ago you try hard to forget. He had to know ... who was it he had become.

Nana turns and folds her hands in front of her and replies, “You are a very special living Genetically Constructed Companion Babydoll. You were the first and most unique Companion ever created by Babies of all Ages and Nano/Gen Incorporated’s Babydoll Division. There are very few Living Companion Babydolls in the whole universe.”

Kyle gasps and replies incredulously, “You’re saying ... I’m just a ... a toy??!!”

Nana bends down and hugs Kyle closely as she says, “Not at all silly girl. You are a Companion Babydoll. You are alive as any other sentient being except for the AI constructs. They are Living Androids who’s artificial intelligence have become self aware. It is they who created you and brought you to life.”

Dark fuzzy memories seem to surface for an instant. He sort of remembers being submerged in a warm gel for a long time ... at least it seemed that way. He also remembers the gel going away with flashes of being cold and being wrapped in blankets.

Hard as Kyle tried, he couldn’t bring those memories into focus. They were scary and vague, filled with lots of fear and massive confusion. There were flashes of strange ... mechanoids, devises, electronics, bright lights ... and even pain.

The very first clear memory Kyla had, was of a lid to ... something being opened ... and Erika’s beautiful smiling face beaming in. Her soft loving hands ... lifting Kyla out of .the velvet she was comfortably resting in. Kyle knew ... he loved Erika with all his heart ... it and all of the sharp memories had started at that instant in Kyla.

Nana coos softly as she hugs Kyla to her and pats her hinny reassuringly, “You are a special creation. Brought into the world to be a loving ray of sunshine for all to enjoy. You were presented to Erika as her most trusted life companion. She has owned you and loved you dearly for a great many years. It’s true, you are mostly like a young child, but you are also very bright and are a whole lot of fun to be with.”

Nana then helps Kyla into the steamy water and begins to lather a large wash cloth with soap.

As Nana begins to wash Kyla softly she continues, “You are our most precious child ... and always will be. When Erika had lost you that morning at the Play Park, she almost died herself. She was heart sick for months until the Master AI announced he had discovered a way to bring you back. For the 2 years it took to find the right energy signature in a life force that was compatible with yours, Erika was like a woman possessed.”

Kyle pondered this silently as Nana washed her gently all over her body. By the time Nana had washed Kyla’s hair and rinsed her off with the shower nozzle, Kyle had decided there were no decisions to make.

He hadn’t thought about it since he turned 13 and had met his first girlfriend, Tammy, but he still did have a desire as a young boy ... to be a girl. He wasn’t too sure about this Babydoll thing ... it still made him feel weird.

Kyle realized too, he was thinking of himself more and more as Kyla, but both sets of memories were present and clear. He realized the split personality thing had almost completely disappeared. He knew, it would be only a very short time before he was all Kyla. Mentally he shrugs and accepts the fact ... he’s now a she ... named Kyla ... and a very pretty, small and petit young girl.

Kyla asks softly, “Nana?”

“Yes sweetie.”

“How ... old am I?”

Nana giggles softly as she coos, “You’re a young girl of 18. From the time Erika took you from the stasis box ... till now ... forever young. You were inoculated from aging at the same time as Erika.”

“You mean ... I’m never going to die?”

“No, sweetie, you will never age. You can be killed, after all, you are a real living being.”

Kyla replies sort of mind blown, “Oh.”

Nana holds out a huge and thick towel as she coos softly, “Step out baby so Nana can dry you off.”

Obediently, Kyla steps from the tub into the soft, warm embrace of the towel. Nana dries her hair briskly first, then the rest of her body, tickling her softly as she went. Kyla squirms and giggles happily.

Nana holds out a cute a cute pair of soft yellow pull ups with large ruffles around the legs and waist.

She coos softly, “Step in like a good girl.”

Kyla steadies herself against Nana’s body as she steps into the panties. Nana pulls them up, then pats Kyla’s hinny.

Nana coos softly, “Now sweetie, you’re a little girl for Erika today and will probably have some accidents. Don’t be upset over it .... little Babydolls have accidents some times. Nana or Erika will put you in a diaper and make sure you’re clean and dry if that happens ...Ok?”

Kyla blinks incredulously as Nana turns and picks up an adorable babydoll top. It was white with puffy sleeves with pink and blue lace around them and the hem.

Kyla says in an adorable little girl’s voice, “Accident?? Nana .. I no wanna hasa accident.”

Kyla can’t believe how her voice had changed suddenly.

Nana replies softly, “Well, sweet heart, you’re Erika’s little girl and she wants you to. Remember, sometimes as her Babydoll, you even have to be in diapers. Now, be a good baby and hold up your arms so I can finish dressing you.”

Kyla pokes out her bottom lip as she holds up her arms.

As Nana slips Kyla’s hands into the top’s sleeves, Kyla whines, “But Nana, you tol me Ia big girl. Am 18 n big girls no has accidents n gotsa be inna diaper.”

Nana finishes pulling the dress on and smoothes the wrinkles out as she coos softly, “Today, you’re not as old as you used to be. *Giggle* You’re Erika’s and my baby. Think about it silly, you have always been this way. Some times you’re a big girl, and some times you’re an adorable little baby.”

Kyla had to admit, she did have those fun and pleasant memories. The Kyle part of her wasn’t very happy about it, however based on the many memories, and how much fun Kyla had, he was going to make the best of it. Besides, he was totally helpless to change things.

Nana took Kyla by the hand and slowly led her into the nursery. She sat Kyla on a stool next to the vanity and picked up a brush. Kyla saw her reflection in the mirror as Nana brushed her hair and gathered it into ponytails and tied it with pink ribbons.

Kyla tingled all over as she saw how adorable she was. She was dressed and looked exactly like one of the dolls on her toy chest.

When Nana had finished that, she took Kyla by the hand once more and led her to a large arm chair sitting by a small table. She lifted Kyla into her lap and arranged her comfortably in her arms. Kyla looked up at Nana with a cute dazed expression as she undid the buttons on the front of her dress and lowered the panel. Nana unfastened another snap on her nursing bra and gave the exposed nipple a squeeze. A clear white drop appeared on it. Nana then put it in Kyla’s mouth.

Kyla squeaks in surprise as the warm, watery sweet taste of breast milk filled her mouth. She was helpless as she began to nurse. She couldn’t believe how good this tasted, or how safe and content it made her feel. As she nursed, her tummy became very warm and her eyes began to droop. The Kyle part of her was totally mind blown at the fact he was doing this ... but he also was in shock over how wonderful it was. Nana smiles down at her ward as she hums a gentle tune.

The next thing Kyla knew, she was being placed on her tummy in a large playpen. There were people everywhere. She sat up and looked big eyed at Nana as she raised the rails with a soft click.

Nana coos softly again, “Don’t be upset sweet heart. Erika has some of her friends over for a get together today. She wants to show off her Babydoll to everyone.”

Kyla stands up. She discovers she can’t get out of the playpen as long as the rails were up. Try as she could, the mechanics of lowering them escaped her totally. Nana leans over the top rail and pats Kyla on her bottom reassuringly, before walking off through a double door leaving Kyla to stare at all the people milling about in the large room.

Kyla suddenly felt alone. All the people were doing what adults do, and not paying any attention to her. She looks around the playpen, there are no toys or anything else to occupy her. Without warning, Kyle can’t help the feelings that well up in him. He tries hard not to ... but he can’t help it ... baby is in need. Waaaahhhhhh!!!

Several of the women turn suddenly with surprise on their face.

Kyla can hear them gasp with joy as one of them says excitedly, “It’s Kyla! She’s back!”

They rush over to the playpen. There are lots of coos and tickles for Kyla. She squirms and giggles pleasantly. One of the women bends and picks Kyla up to her shoulder.

She kisses her softly on her cheek as she coos, “Such a pretty little girl ... yes she is. We missed you while you were gone.”

The woman pats Kyla on her hinny as the other women coo and tickle her. Kyla is ecstatically happy and gurgles and giggles. She hugs each woman and gives them a cute little baby kiss.

The smaller woman says, “Don’t be a hog, Lisa, let me hold her some too. We all missed her. I would have been over here a lot sooner if I knew she was here.”

Lisa hands Kyla to the small woman and replies, “Vickie, we need to take her into the Living room where everyone else is so they can see her too.”

The women agree and Vickie carries Kyla into the other room as the rest of the women follow closely behind. When they enter the Living Room, Kyla is surprised to see 2 other ‘Children’ like herself sitting in front of the sofa scribbling in coloring books. One is obviously like her ... in pull ups and a really cute jumper, the other is much younger in appearance and is in just a very thick diaper and a pair of turquoise and white rumba panties with large ruffles on her bottom.

The women carry Kyla over to the place the other 2 are playing and sets her down among them.

Vickie says softly, “All right girls, play nice with Kyla, she’s a very sweet little girl of 3 today and will be a good friend to you both.” Vickie points to the little girl in the jumper and continues, “She’s called Cindy, she’s 3 years old like you today.” She then points to the one in diapers, “And this adorable little baby is called Jennie, she’s just 2 today. Now I want you 3 to share your toys and play.”

Kyla suddenly had this over powering urge ... Kyle fought really hard against it, but in the end succumbed to it. She puts her thumb in her mouth and begins to suck it. Kyle’s mind accepts the fact Kyla is a 3yo toddler for today and every thing becomes wonderful and amazing suddenly. Kyla looks at all the wonderful toys and giggles softly around her thumb. She knows she’s going to have lots of fun playing with her new friends.

Cindy giggles and says in a really cute little girl voice, “I no aww ways this young, mommy want me ta bea toddler today. Wanna pway wifs my cars n stuffs? Tha mat onna floor isa city wif streets n things. We gots uver stuffs too ... tha buildins inna box here.”

Cindy gets up on all 4s with her hinny in the air then stands up, her short jumper showing off her cute lacy pull-ups as she toddles to the box and takes out a building with an elevator for the cars. She toddles back and plops on the floor. She places the building in one of the squares. It fit perfectly. Cindy then starts sucking her thumb and looks a Kyla with big eyes.

Jenny takes a small red car with big googley eyes and, after a fashion, begins to roll it along one of the streets on the mat making a grring noise. Kyla and Cindy watch in wide eyed interest. When Jennie gets to the building with the elevator, she pushes the car into the elevator, Kyla turns the crank and lifts it to the top amid cute tinkling bells and whistles. All 3 girls giggle and clap their hands.

Kyla stands up in the same way Cindy did and toddles to the box. She drags it closer to the mat before plopping back down. She removes several of the other buildings, including the airport, and places them on the mat. Kyla places the Airport near the center of town in a slot intended for the fire building.

Cindy giggles and says, “Silly, tha airport go here n no inna fire spot.”

Kyla watches with an expression of dismay as Cindy moves the building to the proper place.

Kyla pokes out her bottom lip and says in a cute whiny voice, “I no wanna has em there. Is betterer is they inna other place.”

Cindy replies before she puts her thumb back in her mouth, “Is not! Isa posa b likes this. You a dumb baby.”

Kyla sees a very plush snuggle toy lying close by. She picks it up and swings it at Cindy, hitting her square in the side of the head.

Kyla pouts as she says, “Am notta dumb baby, am smarter n u ... so there!”

Cindy’s eyes get huge as she screeches out in dismay. She picks up another snuggle toy and hits Kyla with it.

Rapidly, the screeches and pouty voices become giggles of glee as the 2 girls swing their snuggle toys at each other.

Jennie begins to feel she’s left out and starts to whine, “Bebe wanna pway!”

Cindy swings the toy at Jennie hitting her on her arm. Jennie gets wide eyed as Kyla throws another plush snuggle toy at Cindy, hitting her on the top of the head. Jennie picks up the toy where it landed beside her and begins swinging it at random ... attempting to hit ... what ever is in range. The girl’s peals of laughter and screeches became louder and louder.

Suddenly, the sound of Erika’s commanding voice rings out, “Girls! Just what on Proxima are you doing?”

The girls all look at Erika with wide eyed surprise. Cindy’s face suddenly clouds up and she begins to cry. Jennie just continues to swing the toy half heartedly as she looks at Erika and begins to suck her thumb innocently. Kyle comes to his senses and realizes what he had been doing. He simply cannot believe how easily he had slipped into the role selected for him by Erika that morning. He really is a toddler of 3.

Cindy points and whines in a teary voice, “Kyla hit me wiffa toy.”

Kyla responds without thinking about it, “Bu mommy ... she no lets baby putsa thingy onna mat where I wanna ... an, an, an ... she call mea dumb baby!” And pokes out her bottom lip adorably as she too helplessly begins to tear up and cry.

A small group of women had stopped to watch what was going on. They had started making lots of adorable, cute, and precious types of comments. A broad smile crosses Erika’s face. She is so glad Kyla had been brought back. She had forgotten how adorable she and the few other Companion Babydolls that existed truly were.

Erika walks over to Kyla and picks up the crying Babydoll and pats her hinny reassuringly. She puts her to her shoulder and rocks her while continuing to pat her bottom. Kyla begins sniffing softly as she puts her thumb in her mouth and begins to suck it. Kyle comes to his mind for an instant ... he can’t believe how wonderful it feels to be in mommy’s arms before he becomes Kyla once again.

Another woman rushes over and picks up Cindy as does one who picks up Jenny. They comfort their Babydolls. Jenny coos happily as she claps her hands. The other 2 girls quit crying and snuggle into their mommy for comfort.

Erika giggles and coos softly, “Kyla, you’re a very smart baby. It doesn’t matter what name some one calls you. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but a name will not hurt you.”

Kyla giggles softly as Kyle realizes what Erika had just told him. He’s still mind blown over being unable to help being a baby toddler. Erika sets Kyla down and gives her a coloring book and a very large box of crayons. Cindy is set next to her with Jennie making the 3rd side. The girls begin to scribble happily in the book.

Kyla says in her cute voice, “Babies no gotsa stay inna lines. Makes pretterer art ya kno.”

Jennie giggles as she starts to scribble on the floor. Cindy watches her with big eyes for a few minutes before she too begins to scribble on the floor. Kyla giggles and joins in the fun.

Cindy says in a giggly voice, “Makin art is kewlies ... specially is we no gotsa stay inna lines.”

Kyla agrees as she crawls over to the near wall, and begins to make baby art on it too. In just a very few minutes, the giggling Babydolls had made one huge mess on the floor and wall of the living room. There were many colored squiggles and swirls everywhere.

In the midst of this wonderful fun, Kyle again realizes what they were doing. A small fear of ... a spanking from Erika creeps into his mind. He has memories of getting them. He thinks it isn’t quite fair ... cuz a baby don kno no betterer.

Kyla turns to Cindy and asks with trepidation in her voice, “Umm ... won’t babies getsa pankin fromma dults cuza our art?”

Cindy stops scribbling on the wall and looks around. Jennie stops her scribbling on the floor and sits back with her thumb in her mouth. Kyla and Cindy sit back and begin to suck their thumbs too as they thought about what they had just done. Their giggles had stopped as they realized how big the mess was.

Cindy says with fear in her voice, “I thinks we gonna getsa pankin from mommy.”

Kyla and Cindy nod to each other making their pony tails and curls flop. They can hear footsteps approaching, and attempt to crawl under the huge papa san chair to hide. The only thing showing, was their adorable poofy ruffled hinnies from under the chair.

A woman named Laura walks into the living room and stops suddenly with a gasp. She looks around with an expression of open mouthed dismay at the huge mess the unsupervised Babydolls had made. The Babydolls can hear her loud gasp and her footsteps as she walks to the destroyed wall.

Laura yells, “Erika!! I think you, Judy, and Lisa need to come in here. The Babydolls have ... been babies all over the place!”

The girls can hear laughter until 3 sets of foot falls end in a loud gasp. They can hear the displeasure in the very familiar voices ... of mommy.

Kyla hears foot falls approaching, then a pair of hands grab her and lift her from under the chair. Kyla sees the scowling face of Erika looking right at her. A tingle of fear runs through her as she sees the side ways glance Erika gave to the wall with the 3 large patches of scriggles.

Suddenly, Kyla feels a swat on her thigh as Erika says with a very less than pleased tone, “Bad baby, very bad. I take my eye off of you for a second and look what you’ve done.”

Kyla has absolutely no control at this time, she lets out a huge screech when she gets popped and then begins crying loudly. Kyla hears another swat and then Cindy’s screech and subsequent crying. The only one who didn’t get her thigh popped, was Jennie. She had the crayon taken from her hand and had it popped. She was really too young at this point to understand what was going on. She begins to cry loudly too. Her mommy, Judy, scolded her just the same however.

The 3 women carried their Babydolls to the play pen in the den and put them in it. They removed every thing there except for the baby blankets and raised the rail with a loud click.

Lisa says with a scolding tone, “Now you can stay in time out until we think you have learned your lesson. I’m sorry we had to spank you, but babies have to be taught right from wrong.”

The 3 women hug their babies and give them kisses before they leave the room. As their footsteps and voices fade, they can be heard chattering about how wonderful it is to own a Companion Babydoll and how adorable and special they are. They agree that they do get into things sometimes, but that’s what happens if they are babies instead of young girls.

The 3 of them sit in the playpen sniffling softly as they suck their thumbs. Kyle is having a hard time not being Kyla. It’s not like ... he’s someone else ... it’s that he is ... in reality now living Kyla’s life. All of his memories and emotions from being Kyle are intact, but the separation between who she is now ... and who he was is rapidly vanishing. The strong dejavu feeling is still there, but now she is more ... Kyla ... She shakes her head as she sniffles again.

She crawls over to a corner, grabbing one of the cute baby blankets along the way, and snuggles up with it and sucks her thumb. She tries her best to think like an adult, but rapidly discovers it’s impossible at this time. Kyla realizes she will be exactly what Erika chooses her to be. She will still be herself, but as the 3yo Erika wanted her to be this morning.

Kyla thinks of the babydolls the girls Kyle knew as a child had. He couldn’t believe that he was sort of like one of those, except, she was also a little girl at the same time. Kyla comes to the conclusion, that the reason a Babydoll existed, was to be a loving child companion ... exactly as their names implied. Kyla knew she was extremely intelligent, and had the added bonus of Kyle’s experiences and knowledge. She was far more than just a child.

Kyla’s eyes get big as she realizes suddenly, she had wet her pull up. She didn’t even realize she was doing it, only the dampness of her panties alerted her. She remembers Nana saying she would have accidents today, and not to be upset over it. Kyla decided she wasn’t so wet, she had to tell any of the adults ... Kyle was kind of leery about the idea of being in a diaper like Jennie. In her heart, she really loved being a baby in diapers, and Kyle knew it was only a matter of time.

A really cute, wide eyed expression comes to Kyle’s adorable face as he begins to feel a strange ... sensation in his tummy. Kyle realized he had to make a poopie. He could feel the tingling wonderful waves as it began being pushed out. Kyle struggles to stop himself from going. He has no control over what is about to happen.

Cindy giggles suddenly and points to Kyla, “Ohhh, Kyla go poo poo. Gotsa spression dults lov so muchies!”

Kyla feels it as her pull up begins to fill from behind. The wonderful irresistible waves pushing it out. Many emotions filled Kyla at this point. It really felt so wonderful to go like this .... on the other hand, Kyle was disgusted he just dumped in his panties. He had this icky feeling come across him. Kyla needed mommy and needed her now! Kyla stands up, the weight of the mass in her panties making her feel the need for mommy even more.

In a cute, adorable voice, Kyla calls out, “Mmmmoooommyyyy! Mmmooommyyy!! Baby gotsa problem. I go potty in my panties. *she starts to sniffle adorably and can’t help herself* I wet too!”

Kyla can’t stop herself again, she begins to cry and whine in the way all babies do when they need to be changed. Kyla can hear the giggles from Cindy and Jenny. This made her cry even louder. Kyle couldn’t believe it, in less than 30 minutes, he had been crying 3 times, had a spanking, made one huge mess, and the final thing, he pooped and wet in his panties. He totally forgets he is Kyle .... Kyla baby needs mommy ... She cries.

Ericka arrives and walks to the playpen. She lowers the rail and hugs Kyla lovingly.

She coos softly, “Don’t cry sweet heart, mommy’s here and make it all better.”

Kyla whimpers adorably, “I hadda accident. “ she pokes out her bottom lip, “I no could help it ... I poopied n stuff.”

Erika picks Kyla up and coos reassuringly, “it’s ok sweetie, little girls like you have accidents some times.”

Kyla whimpered, “I no could helps it.”

Erika smiles warmly. She had forgotten how wonderful it was to have her Babydoll. She carried Kyla into the bathroom off of the den, and gently laid her on the padded counter. Erika carefully pulls off Kyla’s messy wet pull up, then flushes its continents down the toilet. She rinses it out before tossing it into a diaper pail beside it.

She takes several large, sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans Kyla in all her squeaky places. Kyla wiggles and giggles happily amid the wonderful feelings of the coolness of the wipes and Erika’s soft tickles.

Erika bends and rubs noses with Kyla as she coos lovingly to her. Kyla giggles and squirms happily, completely content in mommy’s loving hands. Erika takes a large tube of A&D ointment and squeezes a large amount onto her fingers and rubs it all over Kyla’s bottom and between her legs to prevent Kyla from getting a rash. She then Lifts Kyla by her ankles and places a very thick and soft diaper beneath her and sets her cute hinny into its soft embrace.

Erika coo softly, “Such a sweet Babydoll. Mommy thought I would never be able to do this again.”

She powders Kyla well. The sweet smell of baby powder fills the air as Erika pulls the thick diaper between Kyla’s legs and fastens it on with locking diaper pins.

Kyla whimpers softly in an adorable voice, “I no wanna be inna diaper.” She pokes out her bottom lip, “I supposa ba big girl.”

Erika giggles as she bends and gives Kyla a huge, noisy raspberry in her tummy. Kyla screeches helplessly as she kicks and squirms. Ericka tickles her under her arms as she bends and kisses Kyla softy.

Erika coos, “Sweetie, you’re a baby today. You already know you can’t help yourself, and mommy doesn’t want you to have another accident. That’s why your in diapers. Don’t be upset, it’s expected for you to be in diapers some times ... it’s normal.”

Kyla stops squirming and hugs Erika by her neck and kisses her back as lovingly as she could. Kyle comes to his mind for a minute. He realizes how much he truly enjoys all the attention he is getting ... even the naughty things were wonderful to him. He had a fantasy of being a girl when he was a child, he had never in his wildest imagination thought it would ever come to pass, much less becoming a Babydoll.

The Babydoll thing was sort of scary, but still, was extremely exciting. He had issues with being diaper dependant, but understood this is what happens to little girls sometimes when they have accidents .... suddenly ... Kyla was kissing the person she loved most in the whole galaxy.

Erika coos softly, “Now sweet heart,” She stands Kyla up and supports her against her, and pulls a very cute pair of plastic lined rumba panties up and pats her on her hinny, “Since you’re in diapers now, mommy thinks you would be cute in juts this.”

She takes Kyla’s babydoll top off and smiles broadly. Kyla looks down at her panties and pats the front of them with her hand. They were white with large pink ruffles around the legs and waist. There were 7 rows of them on her hinny with a large pink bow in the middle. She looks back at Erika and starts to suck her thumb.

Erika smiles wonderfully as she picks Kyla to her shoulder and hugs her lovingly.

Erika says in a breathless whisper, “I am so glad to have you back. My heart was gone without you.”

She kisses Kyla on the lips lovingly as she carries her back into the living room with all the rest of the adults. Jennie and Cindy were already there playing in the middle of the room. Erika sat Kyla down next to the other girls, then started doing adult things with the rest of the Women in the room.

The girls played happily, totally oblivious to the adults and all the things the Adult Conspiracy required of them. After a long time, the girls were whisked away by their mommies and taken to different locations in the room.

Kyla found herself being arranged comfortably in Erika’s arms. Kyla looked at her mommy with big eyes as she untied her top and brought out one of her shapely breasts. She gave the nipple a squeeze. A large drop of white liquid forms.

Erika puts the nipple in Kyla’s mouth, “It’s lunch time sweet heart. After that, mommy’s going to put you in the crib for your nap.”

Kyla begins to nurse hungrily. Kyle thinks to himself how wonderful this tastes. He is amazed at how warm his tummy has become. Before he realized it, he was having very pleasant little baby dreams of Fuzzy plushies, Teddy Bears, and soft fluffy things. Kyle dissolves away, to become the Babydoll Kyla ... and has absolutely no regrets.
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