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The Pixie

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Jun 18, 2016 9:31 pm

The Pixie

I amma sweet little Pixie. I sit onna shroom today and see a little girl at the magic pool. She didn’t realize, I could tell she was a girl ... even though she wore a boys skin and outfit.>>giggle<< she was jus a bit confused onna outside.

I dance with joy at the happy thoughts that sing in her little heart. I flap my wings a few times to catch the sun, and take the idleness from them.

The boy’s heart is all bound around with restrictions like barbed wire, that always cut and pierce him whenever he has tried to step outside the boundaries of what is right for boys to do.

I can feel the wish and how strong the need. I flit over and land in front of her.
Upon the limb in front of her eye, I sit and smile and act adorable.

With a start she notices as I wave and giggle merrily.
She falls on her back in surprise as I flit and land on her upraised knee.

I say, “You are so silly, little girl, I have come to set you free.”

She gasps and stammers, “W .. wh .. what do you ... ??”

I throw on her and hand full of pixie dust ... all fresh and in it’s prime.

I cast my spell, all simple and bright

Hoping not to set her to fright.

Her body changes, all soft and tender

She’s totally mind blown at the gender bender

I watch as her costume falls away, and the beautiful girl emerges

Her clothes hang all loose on her petit frame, her blue eyes big and round.

I say with a giggle before I leave, “You now are who you are ... no more bondage .. you are free.”

I hear her heart sing with joy as the truth of it set in. Her joyous laughter rings making the whole forest sing.
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