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Fantasies for all Ages

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue May 24, 2016 1:17 pm

Fantasies for all Ages

Tom sat in his arm chair early evening Friday. He watched the last of the sit coms on TV when an ad came on. It told of a new shop that had opened at the Arcade Mall.

The shop’s name was Fantasies for all Ages. It was a subsidiary of the Famous Babies of all Ages Daycare and Nursery. With an endorsement like that, he sat up and listened with some interest. He was board silly and he would love to have a fantasy or 2 fulfilled.

It guaranteed the fantasy to be real as life or your money cheerfully refunded. It had the Babies of all Ages good daycare seal of approval. It meant this had the potential of being a wonderful weekend. He was thinking that this had to be some kind of new drug induced thing ... he just had to go and find out.

He drove quickly to the Arcade Mall and was lucky enough to find a parking space right next to the door. He went in and saw the sign immediately. It was all lit up and sparkled and glittered. Tom felt this was a really neat sign to advertise a Fantasy. He chuckles to himself as he walks in.

He stood in the door and looked around. It looked like something out of a Fairy’s workshop. There were many rows upon rows of small leaflets and packages of every color and description. The murals on the wall depicted a magical place of Elves and Wizards.

Tom’s eye fell on the girl behind what looked like a huge piggybank. He realized the piggy bank was the cash register, however the little girl ... obviously was too young to be running this store in any way. She couldn’t have been more than .. 3 or 4.

Tom walks over to the little girl. As he approaches, she looks up at him with sparkly green eyes and says in a cherry and cute voice, “Hi, my name’s Sally.” She giggles in a cute way and continues, “Ia little girl. Am cute n dorable too. * giggles*”

Tom asks in a gentle way, "Is your mommy here? Aren't you a little young to be running a store all by yourself?" He thinks this little girl is the most adorable child he had ever met.

Sally acts really shy. Sally giggles adorably and replies, "My fantasy was to be a little girl, and still be able to do things. This shop ... made it possible.”

She comes from behind the counter and twirls around several times ... showing off her cute lacy panties as the hem of her jumper rises up. Sally giggles sweetly and blushes as she puts a finger in her mouth. She looks at Tom with an adorable expression.

Tom gasps to himself ... *could it really be possible?* Then out loud, "It did? I mean ... it is? I mean ... possible?"

Sally bats her eyelashes and coos softly, "It's possible silly. I livin proof.”
She raises her arms above her head and does a long drawn out stretch. Tom couldn’t help but notice, she was wearing a cute training pull up with large red ruffles.

She makes an adorable squeaking noise as she grabs between her legs. She blushes really pink as she lifts her jumper by the hem and exposes her cute panties again. Tom can plainly see a small wet spot growing between her legs. Tom can't help looking ... She was wearing training panties ... and having an accident .. right there.

She looks up at Tom and blushes even more as she says in a very shy voice, “Oppsy ... I hadda accidnt. I gotta go n gets changed .. be right back inna bit.”

Tom coos to the little girl, "Oh my ... goodness ... I guess you had better get some ... dry panties ..."

Sally quickly leaves the show room floor. Tom could have sworn she was almost in tears as she left. He couldn’t believe this. Tom can hear Sally giggling in the back as a soft spoken female voice coos and comforts her and reassures her that little girls sometimes have accidents and it was perfectly ok. Tom was tickled when Sally was whining about doing it in front of such a handsome man. The female voice giggles pleasantly and comforts the little girl softly.

If what the little girl Sally had said was true, this was the most amazing thing he had ever stumbled upon. He really wanted to find his ... particular fantasy and experience it. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. If only ... he could already imagine the feel of the ...

As Tom began to browse through the many shelves of Fantasies, The little bell on the shop’s door tinkled, and another young man walked in. He nods to Tom and begins to read several of the pamphlets that described the many Fantasies.

Trying embarrassedly not to catch the attention of the person who had come in the door, Tom turned a corner in the long shelving leaving him alone with shelf after shelf of ... fantasies. Looking at the shelves of fantasies, each one a brochure full of description and pictures. There were lots of fantasies that he had heard of but weren't his ... Complete Slave ... Porcelain Doll ... Department Store Mannequin ... Pony Boy/Girl ... Puppy ... Bimbo ... Furry.

One fantasy caught Tom's eye. It was packaged in what looked like a cute pair of pink rumba panties. Tom Picks it up and examines it carefully.

It said on the label:

Experience the wonders of being a little girl again. Complete neuroform Lifestyle modification. Guaranteed to be as real as it gets. As life itself.

Tom thinks to himself, “This reminds me of the girl at the counter ... is this the one that she got? ... she even seemed to have accidents ... why wasn't she in diapers? ... maybe her fantasy is to have accidents ... He didn’t know. Tom realizes with a blush that he didn't want to just have accidents; his fantasy is to be a diaper dependent little girl.

Tom reads on in the brochure to find that is an option. He can’t believe what he’s reading. He just has to try this out. He would love nothing more than to be a 2 year old little girl still in diapers. He gave no thought to the part of the guarantee that said the fantasies were as real as life.

Tom looks up as Sally's cute giggle is heard. She skips in from the back. She has had a complete outfit change. She is now wearing a soft yellow ruffled sun romper.

She sees the other man standing in the front of the shop. She screeches out, “Stevie BUMPS!!” Then bounces up and stops in front of Stevie and gives him a wonderful French kiss. She then twirls around once and giggles, “I hopes u like me sweetie, Imma little girl now.”

Steve hugs and kisses Sally adoringly as he says, “You make a very pretty little girl. I met your mommy, she’s a very nice woman.”

Sally fidgets a bit and says softly, “I love my mommy lots silly.”

Then with a skip, bounces over to Tom. Tom looks up and sees this girl ... who is somehow even more adorable than before; how does she do it? Steve giggles and blushes as he watches Sally talk to the customer. He can’t wait until the mods to his fantasy are completed. He is dying to join Sally in this fantasy.

Sally giggles and says in an adorable little girl voice, "That's a nice fantasy sweetie. This little girl likes it lots.”

Tom stammers out, "I, uh, umm ... so this is the one that you had?"

Tom was thinking that it's probably only for girls as it says "being a little girl again" ... but it's so compelling ... that he had to ask*

Sally clasps her hands together in front of her and Slowly swings back and forth as she replies in her adorable voice, "Sorta. I gotsa modification sos I can sperence bein 3 n a half again. But I can still do big girl stuffies too.” She blushes an adorable shade of pink as she fidgets.

Tom nods as he smiles broadly at this adorable little girl. He agrees, "It says there are a lot of options ... like ... anything from occasional accidents to ..." He paused, blushing, then finished, "... complete diaper dependency."

Sally nods her head vigorously ... her pony tails flying about her face and shoulders

Tom continues, "But ... but it's probably ... only for girls, and since I'm a boy I probably can't ..." He reached to put the booklet back on the shelf.

Sally say nuuh unnh. Is not!! It give you the sperenc is real as it gets.” She twirls around several times as she chants "Ring around the roooosies ... "

Part of Tom found this girl very pretty and interesting ... but quite another part, oddly enough, wanted to sit down with this girl and play dollies with her ... and dearly wished that playing dollies, or jumping rope, or playing pickup sticks, could feel like the highlight of his day.

Sally stops spinning suddenly. She acts silly and dizzy. She shakes her head once and her eyes focus on Tom. He gently takes Sally by her arm and steadies her.

Tom asks softly, "Oh? Are you all right?"

Sally giggles and says adorably, "The whole worl spinnin.” **giggle** Then she says, "Is u wanna kno that fantasy. ... Makes no diffrence who you are ... well .. like Jiminy Criket say.”

Sally skips off to a place where Tom could see several dolls all neatly arranged. She picks up one and skips back and comes to a jumping stop.

She says, "Is ya wanna have that fantasy .. is $30.00 ana changin shower inna back that make it happen.”

He wanted so much to skip back and join her. If this could do what Sally insists, it was a bargain at any price. Although ... he had the impression that this girl would be older than he was if he got what he wanted from this fantasy. He knew there was an older woman in the back ... Sally’s mother.

Sally holds out her hand in an adorable way and looks at Tom ... She bounces on her toes and giggles softly waiting for him to decide. Tom looks at her, his conflicted expression turning into a smile of innocent joy, and skipped off with her carrying the booklet and it’s package.

Sally takes the money and puts it in the piggy bank looking register. She takes Tom by his hand and leads him to a door. It is labeled Changing room.

Sally says adorably, "Now you bea good boyeee n go in there n takes off alla ur clothes. Open the package n puts the crystal inna little dish thingy.”

Tom inquires, "OK -- how does it know what, um, options I want?"

Sally replies, “Onna key thingy unner where ya puts the crystal ... tell it what mods ya wanna have n is they mediately available ... when the next door opens .. walk in ... when it opens again **giggle** the fantasy is real.

She twirls around several more times and leaves Tom to his thoughts. Tom is still not sure if Sally is for real or if it's some kind of drug induced thing. He can’t wait to find out.

He reads the instructions on how to start the little girl fantasy and how to enter the mods he desired. It was all so simple. He enters the Changing Area and removes all of his clothes. He sort of wondered why all the bins to hold the clothes looked for the world like large trash bins. He shrugs and puts this from his mind as he enters the sliding door that goes to the bath area. Tom inserts the crystal from the fantasy package into the device and it closes. It begins to sparkle with blue light ... the door to the bath opens. He is specific about this fantasy, he wants it to be perfect.

He sees the list of mods for this particular fantasy. 10a - 2yo girl - diaper dependant - Deluxe peaks his interest ... he enters 10a and hits the return key. A door slides open behind him. The wonderful smell of baby powder and jasmine fill his nose. He takes off all his clothes and walks in ... The door closes.

There is no visible way out. Tom sees many different types of spray nozzles placed in many different locations in a sphere around where he stood. He giggles to himself as he thinks how much this will be like playing in the sprinklers.

The dip he was standing in starts filling up with lovely sweet-smelling pink suds. A pink sudsy soap and many tingling shower sprays hit his skin softly. Honey Suckle fills the air with a soft hint of fresh strawberries and baby powder. The feelings of the water jets coupled with the pink soap, sent many chilling waves of goose flesh all over his body.

Tom’s hair fills with the soap ... the sprays wash it out. His scalp is alive ... he hasn’t ever felt this before in his life. His skin tingles pleasantly ... he can feel many wonderful sensations tingling all through his body. An intense tingling feeling of calm euphoria fills him.

Oscillating shower heads wash his hair out one last time ... it's longer. An intense feeling of calm euphoria fills him. Tom realizes curls suddenly fall about his shoulders. There are many exhilarating tingles and splashes all over his body as the last rinses wash his body squeaky clean.. It seems every nerve ending is alive with pleasure

The water stops ... Tom has a pleasant chill wash over him as a door on the other side of the bath area opens. There are no sounds but the gurgling of drains and a few drops of water echoing loudly through the room.

Tom feels strangely shy. His body still has intense waves of tingly pleasure running all through it. Tom can’t think very well as he walk out of the shower room into a wonderful little girl's changing room ... complete with floor to ceiling mirror. Tom stares at the mirror for a second as a thrill runs though him at the reflection. The reflection looking back at him .. is a completely nude little girl of 2 and a half, long curly blond hair, with an adorably surprised expression on her face

Tom looks with amazement ... he is totally mind blown ... it has to be some kind of special effects. He walks up to the image as it does the same. Tom looks down at himself ... he looks the same as the image in the mirror. He can’t believe it ... he is the little girl of his fantasies.

Behind Tom, a door opens and a very beautiful young woman walks in. He had started to think this must be a hallucination until he saw this woman. She's a young woman but ... she's much taller than he now is. He barely reached above her knees.

She bends and gives Tom a soft kiss on his cheek as she says, "Heloo there sweet heart. I'm your new mommy and I'm going to call you ... Jennifer ... Jenny for short."

She picks Jenny up and twirls her around several times as she coos, “Wheeeeeee!”

Jenny had lost her mind. She begins to squeal and shriek like any little girl under these circumstances. She suddenly found herself on her back on a very soft surface. Her mommy came up between her legs and blows a huge and tickly raspberry right in her tummy. Jenny totally looses it. She squeals and kicks and has a wonderful giggling fit as her mommy tickles her softly in all of her favorite tickle spots.

The woman coos lovingly, “Ohhhh, sweet baby girl. Sooo ticklish.” She begins to tickle Jenny’s feet softly and kiss her toes. Jenny screeches and kicks and fidgets to the best of her ability. She is helpless to get away. She has no thoughts except the over powering experiences of this loving session with her mommy.

The woman takes Jenny’s big toe between her thumb and forefinger. She kisses it softly as she coos, “This little piggy went to market ... she takes the next one and repeats the same action and coos, “this little piggy stayed home ...”

Jenny has no thoughts except how much this feels good. She loves her mommy with all her heart and is totally helpless in her loving embraces. Many intense rushes run all through jenny with each toe her mommy tickles.

Jenny finds herself suddenly held by her ankles and lifted in the air. She knows mommy has placed something under her. Jenny can smell the clean sweet smell of baby powder as her mommy sprinkles it generously on her. Mommy reaches between Jenny’s legs and pulls the edge of a very thick cloth diaper up and pins it snugly, but comfortably on. She threads Jenny’s feet through the leg openings of an adorable pair of white rumba panties that had many pictures of bunnies and butterflies on it. The ruffles were a soft pastel yellow. Mommy helps Jenny stand up by leaning her on her shoulder as she pulls the panties up and makes sure they fit properly.

Jenny starts to come to her senses as she feels the softness of the diaper and the stickiness of the plastic lining in the panties against her thighs. She looks around stunned. Jenny simply cannot believe this is fir real. She’s sure she’s going to wake up and this was all a dream.

Mommy lifts Jenny to her shoulder and pats her reassuringly on her bottom as she coos softly, “Ok, Jenny sweet heart. I know you are thinking about it ... and yes, this is for real. You are a little 2 year old baby girl ... and my daughter. You have the Deluxe Mod which means, you’re my baby for ... a very long ... long ... long time.”

Jenny is carried across the room to a large rocking chair. Mommy sits and arranges Jenny in her arms comfortable. Jenny watches all big eyed as the Woman undoes her blouse and removes a very shapely breast for the nursing bra. The nipple is suddenly in Jenny’s mouth and she is nursing before she can even think about it.

Mommy coos softly, “Oh, and another thing. You are too young now to be by yourself. From now on, there will be an adult there babysitting you.”

Jenny makes several gurgling noises as she tries to protest. She wanted this fantasy ... she didn’t realize .. it was for real, just as the guarantee said. She is helpless to avoid it ... she is a diaper dependant baby girl.

Mommy coos out a soft fairytale about Stepping Stones as she rocks Jenny gently. The milk was warm and sweet and slightly watery. It made Jenny’s tummy feels so warm n stuff. Her eyes get heavy ... she’s fighting going to sleep ...

Tom wakes up. He feels so wonderful and content. He suddenly realizes ... he’s wet. He sits up suddenly and looks around. He is in a crib with a large Teddy Bear and an empty bottle. HE uses the rail to stand up. He looks down at himself. He is wearing a cute pair of white rumba panties with many bunnies and butterflies on it.

As Tom was looking at the nursery with big eyes, The door opens and in walks the very pretty young woman. Part of Tom knows this is mommy ... part of Tom is incredulous that it is for real.

Mommy coos to her baby, “Good morning precious baby. How’s mommy’s little girl this morning? Can baby say .. Ma ma?? Say Ma ma.”

All Tom can do mostly is make cute gurgles and adorable bubbling noises. Tom is totally mind blown ... it’s all she can do to say Ma ma.

Tom is lost in his wonderful fantasy as mommy checks her new baby daughter’s diaper for the first of many, many, many times.
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Re: Fantasies for all Ages

Postby TiresiasRex » Tue May 24, 2016 3:15 pm

Ah, Miki...this was a treat to read for my birthday today (I do not think you posted it intentionally as such...but thanks for posting, nonetheless!). Overall, a sweet story and clearly one of your favorite fantasies for your readers to share. Only a few minor quibbles (with me acting as an honorary editor):

* Spell check the story..."bored" not "board stiff", etc.
* "Mind blown" and variations of that phrase appeared a bit too much by the conclusion.
* I undertand that a large part of your audience, both here and at Sissykiss, would identify themselves as "sissy" or "gender fluid." But how about a story wherein a guy just fantasizes about being a baby boy? Still with the attention by beautiful women/mommies/nannybots...but keeping his sexuality. Just a thought....or the ver popular theme of "regressed against his will" at the hands of a dominant woman.

As for non-quibbles:

I like that the story did not have a darker edge (which many of your tales do) in terms of "you have no choice...this is what you will become." Tom had the fantasy and the free will...and the magic of the universe responded to his desire and need. And Sally was quite the cutie!

Overall: Good story!
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