Baby Shower

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Baby Shower

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon May 16, 2016 7:18 am

Title: Baby Shower


Mistress LaRhanna 30yo - owner of the Love Pets – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Cherry Glynn 18yo - Mistress' favorite Love Pet

Leo Summers18yo - Soon to be Pet – Played by: DMG

Serenity - the female Leo

Love Pets 18yo:







Scene: Leo's House

Leo was wasting another boring Saturday afternoon. He wiped out the final boss of the game. Board, the young man gets up and stretches a bit. As he gets up, he sees a few pretty females walk by dressed rather cutely, and there behinds were very round which got his attention. Half sexual and half curious, since Leo was a male of all things, since there was nothing left to do, he decides to go for a walk and possibly even speak to those cute girls.

His hair was rather long and looked like a lion's main and had the same color. He as rather short and dressed in jeans, a T shirt and tennis shoes.

The blond walks down the way that the girls were coming from. As the girls were coming from down the block, Leo passed them by and smiled to them all. They were very pretty and dressed extremely cute.

Cherry Glynn was Mistress LaRhanna's most favorite of all Love Pets. She was 4 feet tall and very cute. Because of her status with the Mistress, she was basically in charge ... at least, as much as a Pet could be. Cherry was a very sweet and the Mistress insured, very immature. She was dressed in a very short jumper dress with flutter sleeves. It had lace around the arm openings, neckline, and hem. The lace of her very cute panties could just be seen peaking from beneath her short jumper. The other girls were dressed in a very cute bib type romper the tied behind their necks. None of them had on a top beneath it. The group of girls were extremely cute as they walked down the street giggling at some silly thing or another. The girls saw the adorable boy approaching.

Cherry whispers to her Pet friend Lisa, "He's so cute ... bet he makesa neat Love Pet too."

All the girls stop and gather in a group and giggle as he passes. They appear to be blushing softly as he passes. A very cute Vickie waves at him. She had on a Strawberry Shortcake romper with lots of large red ruffles everywhere. Leo loved the 4 rows across her poofy butt. Leo walked by and gave them a wave and blushed slightly as the girls were more than cute, and obviously waving at him.

He wondered at how young the girls were dressed but still were absolutely cute. He saw the choker necklaces and thought they were nice pieces of jewelery although they looked like pet collars. The precious stones in the settings in the front of them had to be be worth small fortunes.

As he walked away out of earshot, one of the girls gets an idea.

She says in a giggle cute voice, "Why don'ts we get him over to da house and make him a pet"

Her name was Coco It was due to the blond hair and the dark tropical tan that she had on

The girls all giggle softly.

Vickie whimpers in a cute way, "He's sooo cute" the girls giggle more, "He would be adorable inna thick diaper n stuff." The other girls agree.

Cherry says, "Well, is Mistress wanna has him ... we can. Longs she wanna share us wifa boy."

The others blush softly at that.

Debbie says with a giggle, "Well, Mistress can awways do ta him ... what she did ta me."

The other girls look at Debbie and nod as she blushes pink. Debbie was a very petite girl with small boobies and a wonderful figure. Little would anyone ever have known, that a year earlier, she ... was a he named Larry who had been recruited into the fold because he was so adorable and the Mistress wanted him.

“We can asks Mistress n see what she wanna do. Lets keep going or we might be late" said Coco as they did not want to be late for this party that they were having.

Coco giggled as well since she agreed that Leo would look cute in a really thick diaper ... and would make a very pretty girl like Debbie.

Leo stops at the end of the street and finds something on the ground. It was some sort of doll that was really really girly. He realised it belonged to one of the girls that passed by. The boy had good eyesight and saw them go to this one house. Knowing that he would be doing his good deed for the day, Leo walked to the house to return the doll to one of the owners

When Leo walked onto the porch and to the door, he could hear what sounded like ... babies at play. He could hear giggles and happy screeches and very infantile voices speaking. He wondered if this was a daycare center as he rings the bell. A woman opens the door. Mistress LaRhanna was a very beautiful 30yo woman with large D sized breasts. She had on a simple Nana outfit. It was black with white cuffs on the short sleeves, and a white crocheted apron. Her hem was below the knee and she had on low heeled granny shoes with a bright shiny silver buckle. Behind her, were about a dozen girls, some in just diapers and panties, all playing with toys and games.

Mistress says in a soft coo, "Yes, Can I help you young man?"

As Leo has gotten to the house though he was soaking wet as it started to rain. Not wanting to get the doll ruined he covers it slightly with more of his body which kept the doll dry.

"Uh one of your girls dropped this down the street and I thought I would return it" he said holding it out to the Mistress showing a lot of care for the doll.

The young man blushed slightly at the woman as she was very pretty. He kept his eyes on LaRhanna as Leo did not want to be seen as a pervert. Although he took a quick look at the dress and figured that it was some special costume party since he saw some of the girls in baby outfits and diapers.

Mistress smiles as her eyes sparkled brightly. She saw how much care Leo had taken to insure the doll had not become wet or damaged in any way.

She says in her soft a cooing voice, "What's you name, young man? That's Cherry's doll, and I'm sure she would want to reward you for bringing her back safe and sound." Mistress LaRhanna turns and calls sweetly, "Cherry! You have a young man visitor. He is returning something that you dropped on your way home."

All the girls stop playing as they turn and look at Leo. Several of them even start sucking their thumbs. Cherry stands up and waddles towards the door. All she had on now, was a super thick diaper and a really cute pair of white rumba panties that had many cute little pink lambs on it. The ruffles around the waist, legs, and across her poofy butt were also very light pink. Leo's mouth falls open and his eyes get huge in surprise.

Cherry's very cute breasts with their gumdrop nipples were all he could seem to focus on as she toddles up to him and puts her soft hand on top of his.

She giggles and says in her adorable voice around her thumb, "bebe thksh u fr binin bebedoll homethh."

She stands on her tippy toes and kisses him on his cheek softly, after taking her thumb from her mouth She stand there adorably shy and blushes softly pink.

"Its Leo Ma'am" Leo said as he blushed a bit more from the gentle cooing that LaRhanna spoke.

It made him feel like jello. Then he hears someone come up to him and sees Cherry. His jaw dropped in surprise from seeing the girl in this position. She looked and acted like a baby. He shook his head a few times trying to get over the shock.

Leo finally gets his head together and says in a many toned squeaky voice, "Your welcome sweety ... if I didn't find her, she would have been wet, dirty, and lonely"

He felt saying these words in this manner would be right. Even then, he was still blushing from the kiss that Cherry gave him and that soft touch of her hand. Leo realizes suddenly that he was still dripping wet. He turns to Cherry and then LaRhanna and is still over come by how pretty all these girls are..

"Anyway I just wanted to return that to you. I don't want to overstay my welcome. I'm going to see if I can run home before the weather gets worse" he said as the rain was slowly picking up outside and getting a lot worse.

Mistress LaRhanna sees how Cherry is shyly standing, turning slowly back and forth in a cute way with her index finger in her mouth and batting her eyes adorably. She looks over the other girls, and sees they too are interested.

She turns and smiles as she coos to Leo, "Well, sweet heart, I can offer you a place to stay, and a phone. It would be bad ... manners to put such a cute young man out in weather likes this."

About that time, a huge crash of thunder explodes outside. All the girls scream and begin to cry in fear. They all dash to several places and duck under things and hide. Leo sees Vickie and Cherry duck under the large Papa San chair and pull the comforter over them ... hiding away.

Mistress laughs softly as she turns back to Leo, "I have to comfort my Pets sweetie." The sound of hail hitting the roof begins softly at first, then gets louder. Mistress speaks up, "You can't go out in weather likes this. Besides, you're soaked to the bone."

She takes him by the shoulder and escorts him from the porch into the house and shuts the large, thick door. Leo swears he hears a large iron bold slide shut ... locking it closed. The sounds of the storm, now gone.

Leo nods his head "Well thank you Ma'am" he said polightly to LaRhanna and walks into the house.

He hoped that he was not intruding on them. After hearing the massive thunderclap though he jumped and was stuned badly empty his bladder. Lightning and thunder had freaked him out for a long time. So he had the same level of fear as the girls did.

Debbie looks up from where she was hideing and faintly smells something very familure. They all had been changed by Misstress. Her eyes looked around and saw Leo and saw the quickly spreading wet place in leo's pants and had to giggle.

"Uh ohs, some one had a accident" she said in a very cute voice and pointed to Leo.

The boy looked down and was shocked that he had wet himself like that. Thunder had always frightened him a whole lot, and in a really bad thunderstorm, he some times did have an accident.

Debbie crawls from under the table she was hiding under and gets up on her knees. She points to the huge wet spot in Leo's pants and yells in a cute voice, "Naaaaanaaaaa! He wet his pannies. Baby Rules say he gotsa be inna diaper!"

All the girls gasp softly and start to twitter among themselves. Leo could hear them all basically saying the same thing. Mistress walks up to Leo and kneels in front of him as she gently caress him in his wet crotch.

She coos softly to him like he was a baby, "It's true sweet heart, if you wet your pants here, even if it's an accident, you have to be in a diaper. As any of my pets."

She waves her arm around. Leo sees all the girls nodding, some of them sucking their thumbs.

She stands up and takes him by the hand and pats him softly on his hinny, "Now be a good boy and come with Nana. I will make sure your all dry and comfy. Miss Cherry? Will you please go and get the ... BAG for Nana?"

Cherry giggles sweetly and waddles off through another door as Nana leads Leo into the hall, and then into a nursery room potty, complete with potty training potties and bassenntes for ... larger babies.

Leo sees that there were special rules here and would have to agree to this unless he wanted to go out in the storm. He looks out the living room window and couldn't see past the porch. He was a guest in this house and would have to go with this since It would be right thing to do.

As he walked with La Rhanna he wondered what the Pet meaning was. He figured it was a term of endearment to the girls that were there. Leo saw the potty room and was surprised at the scale of it.

"Alright I'll agree since this is your home and I am just a guest here" he said, little realizing .. he had absolutely no choice in what Mistress was about to do. This was her Playhouse and she wanted another cute little girl Pet ... and he had just presented himself for the job.

Nana bends and undoes Leo's belt and jeans. Before he can react, she had expertly pulled them to his ankles and cood softly, "Now be a good little boy and step out of those wet things so Nana can clean you up.”

Leo was stunned. He obeyed without thinking about it as Nan sat him on one of the potties. She pulled his shirt over his head. He was naked as he saw Cherry come in the potty dragging a huge bag.

She giggles in a cute manner and says sweetly, "Relx silly ... it no hurts an it will be fun after. It feels goo an makes u aww silly n stuffies .. can ask Debbie .. she tell u."

Leo watches with big eyes as Nana removes many items from the bag and arranges them neatly on the padded counter. There were super thick diapers, creams, babypowder, baby wipes, and several silver pen looking things he had never seen before along with several large supposititories.

When she had finished, she turns and coos gently to Leo, "Ok, baby," she helps him to his feet and actually picks him up and gently places him on his back on the counter.

Leo is totally mind blown! Nana is a lot stronger than she appeard. She handled him like he was an infant. Leo find himself lifted by his ankles, and several things pushed quickly, and deeply into his bottom. He gasps and grunts as they go deep. When he is set back on the table, there is a super thick cloth diaper cradling his bottom. Nana hold him in place as he feels what ever they were in his bottom begin to melt. As the warm wetness of it began to spread, he begins to feel strange sensations runing though him as well. He can feel a wonderful feeling growing in his head as he becomes high.

Leo was blushing when Cherry came in and when all of his clothes were taken off by Nana. He tried to relax but was blushing hard because he was naked in front of two girls. The only time he was like this was when he was very young and with his mommy. That thought was out when Nana picked him up with great ease. Which surprised him a lot for the youngman. Being moved around and being handeled like a real baby was another surprise for him. But that ended when several things were pushed up his butt. What was this feeling though? He felt super relaxed and almost high as it intensified rapidly.

Mentaly shruging, he chose to ignore the worry and ejoy the wonderful feeling. It felt super good, just like Cherry has said it would and along with what he was being put into right now, he was enjoying it tremendously.

Nana Smiles as she watches the strong regression drugs took effect. She takes a few baby wipes and cleans his squeaky places well, before powdering him and pulling the diaper between his legs and fastening it snugly on with locking diaper pins. She bends and blows a loud raspberry in Leo's tummy before sitting him up.

Nana coos softly, "Now, sweet heart. Nana has a really nice present for baby." She turns and has in her hand, a really beautiful choke collar necklace with a very large Ruby in the setting in the front. Before Leo can react, she had placed it around his neck. He more felt than herd it's click. He gasps as his eyes get huge. Many intense waves rush all through his body causing large goose bumps to form.

Nana continues in her cooing voice, "All my pets are girls. You will be too in a few hours."

She turns again with those really strange silver pen like things in her hand. She pushes them to Leo's neck one at a time. There is a soft hissing pop. Leo can feel a sharp sting where they had touched his neck, and a really weird Hot and cold flash slowly begin to spread through his body.

When Leo had opened his eyes, Nana was holding out a cute pair of little girl's panties, "Now be a good girl and step into your panties."

"Waaaa wats going on" screeches Leo as he feels more intense feelings going through his head.

He had begun to feel very babyish and somewhat girly. He couldn't help him self as a wonderful feeling washed over him and he giggled slightly in an adorable feminine voice when Nana cooed at him. As the hot and cold feelings went though him, he heard Nana say to step into her panties. Leo went on auto pilot and stepped in carefully

"What do you mean I am going to be a girl" he asked again as his voice started sounding even more girly

Nana giggles softly, "You are now going to be a very pretty young girl silly. Do you remember Debbie? You wouldn't believe it, but a year ago, she was a 240 pound brute ... but as a boy ... he was so cute. Now, he's an even cuter little girl ... just like you will be soon."

She bends and kisses him on his cheek as she pulls the panties up over his hugely thick diaper. Nana caresses his nipples and gives them a small tug. The small bumps that formed didn't go away, but grew slightley larger as he watched. He felt so weird in his crotch too. Nana saw the expression on his face. She walked up to him and pulled open the front of his panties and diaper. Leo's eyes almost fall out of his head as he sees his penus and gonads shrink rapidly back into his crotch and vanish. He feels really strange sensations deep inside his tummy too. He knows ... he is rapidly changing.

Nana coos softly, "In about 30 minutes, sweet heart, we will have to change your diaper and panties again. They will be much too large for you by then."

She takes Leo by his hand and puts it in Cherry's.

Cherry giggles, "Welcome to the sister hood. I promise to be gentle .. am gonna teach you how ta bea perfect Love Pet."

Leo was still in shock as he or now she was a girl. As his thing was now a cute hairless privacy. She touches her slowly blooming boobie bumps.

" you mean by being a perfect love pet" Leo asked still in shock that her life was dramatically changed now.

Cherry moves her body closer to Leo as she wraps her arms around him. She kisses him on his lips lovingly. He can feel her wiggly tongue as it enters his mouth and explores it for a few seconds before she breaks it.

Cherry blushes shyly as she says softly, "We are Love Pets sweetie. We make love. An I mommy's mostus favorite .. an .. ummm .. supposesa be in charge n stuffies. I gonna show you how ta makes love ... I ... gonna b ur firstus."

Cherry blushes red all over as she looks shyly at the ground.

Mistress pats her softly on her hinny and coos, "That's right sweet heart. Then it's my turn."

She takes Cherry by her free hand and leads the 2 girls from the potty room back into the play room. The other girls giggle and clap lively when they enter the room.

Leo was in shock again as Cherry came close and lip locked her. Feeling the tongue in her mouth brought some comfort. But this kind of feeling was that of lovers. Leo takes a few breaths to get somethings back together now. There was a light gasp from the love pat that was given, then Leo blushed heavily when brought into the main play room. She felt very embarrassed and very shy in her new form. Leo was very confused and bewildered and not sure how to act right now

Debbie stood up and said, "See? Tol you u'ld maka goo girl." All the girls giggle.

Cherry says, "We needsa name tha new Love Pet." all the girl's nod. Cherry asks Leo, "What cute name would you like.

" about Serenity" she blushed as Leo or now Serenity had one girly like pleasure before becoming a girl. She loved watching Sailor Moon a lot ... Serenity thought it would be a good name for her new form. Plus the blond wondered if her hair would get that long.

All the girls giggles as they walked up to Serenity and hugged her, gave her a wonderful French Kiss, then patted her hinny.

Vickie says with an adorable little pout, "Don't be upset a bit is u has accidents." the girls all blush and make a soft noise in a very sweet musical tone. Vickie continues, "We no can helps it no more. Nana makes sure. She gonna takes stuffies from ur mind too." All the girls nod enthusiastically, "She wanna makes sure u cute an very immatures. We all special Love Pets n she show us off to lotsa people alla time."

Serenity blushed and gasped cutely from the kisses and love pats. She listened to Vickie who mentioned accidents. Well if she was in a diaper then that meant she wasn't able to go to the potty. But what really alarmed her was things taken out of his mind and memory. This scared her half to death. But the collar worked to calm her down as she was in diapers and was with other baby girls.

"Wa cha mean by showing us to...people" the blond haired Serenity was able to manage to get out of her mouth.

2 really cute girls, one named Lisa, the other named Bunny, came up last and hugged and kissed Serenity. She blinked as she looked at them. They were perfect images of each other ... Serenity couldn't tell them apart.

They said in unison, "Hi ... we're tha twins. " One says, “I Bunny" and waves ... the other says, "I Lisa." and waves ... in unison they say again, "Your startena get too small for ur clothes silly girl." they point.

Serenity looks down. Sure enough, the panties and diaper had begun to hang on her hips. The waist had gotten several sizes too large.

All the girls giggle as Cherry calls out, "Nnnaaannnaaa! Serenity needsa new diaper!"

Bunny pats Serenity on her hinny softly as she coos, "Nana show us off ... cuz we Love Pets silly ... we makes love ... an it really fun too."

The girls giggle as Nana's foot falls can be heard slowly approaching.

Serenity was confused for a second he saw no difference between the two twins. She realized too her clothes were too big for her and saw the diaper starting to sag away. Serenity understood why the diaper was falling off ... her body was almost changed into a female body and had shrunken many times smaller. Serenity wondered if they made love as in sex? No, that was not all of it though as she felt a very loving aura around the girls. Serenity knew however ... sex was part of it too.

The rest of the girls were not mean but were massively accepting of her in every way and reinforced the fact she was a girl. Maybe it was ok to be a girl. But Serenity was worried that she would lose her mind completely. Would her memory be wiped away or was she going to be reprogrammed. Serenity would have to ask Nana as she heard her footsteps

Nana walks into the play room and scoops up the closest girl, Vickie. She screeches with glee as Nana twirls her around several times before putting her back on her feet.

The girls giggle and huddle into a group as Nana puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head to one side, "Well, now ... I see the girls have made you choose a name already." Nana nods her head approvingly as she poofs up her lips, "Serenity ... that's a good name for a very pretty girl." Nana scoops up Serenity and twirls her around several times, "I guess it's time to put you into smaller clothes, huh baby girl? "

"I guess so Nana" said Serenity as she blushed a bit to LeRhanna. She had let out a squeal when Nana twirled her around and around. She felt a bit light headed as the world had spun a bit too much as Nana spun her around.

"Please Nana....don't take my mind" Serenity whined looking up into her eyes. She was a bit afraid from what the girls had said to her.

As Nana held her she felt something warm

"Uh ohs...I think I wets my self....n I'm tinky now" she said knowing that she did a poopy as well

Nana looks into the back of the oversize diaper and coos softly, "Aww .. baby aww messy. Nana will fix that straight away. Now, sweet heart, don't be afraid of loosing things from your mind. All my Pets have adult things taken. I want you to be as cute and adorable as they are ... and as silly too for that matter."

She laughs as she carries Serenity into the potty room. She removes the over sized panties and messy diaper, Lifting Serenity by her ankles and cleaning her hinny and squeaky places, before setting her back into the embrace of a super thick diaper. She powders Serenity well and pins the new diaper back on.

"Buts.....I'm afraid Nana" said Serenity.

She was really conflicted with dealing with her adult mind and her new baby girl persona. Nana would make it right Serenity was sure, but she was afraid of how it was going to be made right. She knew that Mistress wouldn't hurt her in any way ... but she was afraid of becoming a girl. The blond haired girl was happy to get out of her messy diaper at any rate.

"I just feel confused." Serenity spoke again. Since her adult state of mind was fighting for dominance on what side to go with.

Nana removes a small tool kit from her pocket. She opens its zipper and removes a small devise that looks like a OHM meter with many dials and gages on it. She attaches it to Serenity's collar in several places and begins to adjust something. Without warning, Serenity's mind opens to her very soul ... she can feel things happening in the front of her head. She knows things are changing as she spasms gently all over and can feel her mind changing.

Just as quickly, all of Serenity's fears and worries seemed to fade away as Nana put the kit back in her pocket. Serenity blinks confusedly as she realized things had changed ... although she no loner remembered what things ... she knew they were gone from her mind now. Nana picks Serenity up and pats her hinny as she carries her back into the play room.

Nana coos softly, "Now don't you worry your pretty little head about it. Nana will take what I want and you will feel so wonderful."

She stands the now confused and silly Serenity on her feet and walks away. Serenity feels so wonderful at this moment ... a really pleasant and silly feeling permeates her. It seemed that Nana got rid of her adult side of her mind. She could remember all that happened, although not what was taken. There was a sense of freedom now in her mind, body, and soul. She would be taken care of always and that she would not have to worry about a job or finding a home. Serenity discovered she was not feeling afraid anymore of who she was now.

Serenity began to giggle like a happy little girl since she had a sense of freedom from the cares and worries of the adult world and wanted to play now. Cherry waddles up to Serenity and hugs her lovingly.

Cherry coos softly, "Now, silly, you're gonna bea girl from now on. No gotsa choice. Ya wanna come inna play room n play wif us now?"

The rest of the Pets giggle and nod their heads. They all wiggle and squirm like they have to go potty. Serenity wonders why they are so excited .... the play room? She looks around at all the toys and the playpen ... then suddenly her eyes get big and her mouth falls open as she sees the Twins open a door up the stairs. Cherry takes Serenity by the hand and leads her to the stairs with the other Pet following giggling and cooing behind.

Serenity with child like amazement wonders what kind of things they are going to have. It was still dawning on her what was going on. She was still mentally adjusting to things. But whatever it was it was going to be fun. She had to giggle a bit while coming along with the other pets. Even then Serenity saw how things were a lot better now that she was a girl. Serenity just loved to look cute and adorable now

Cherry led Serenity up the stairs with the rest of the Pets giggling behind. When she opened the door, Serenity could see a very large room with many different kinds of strange toys. She saw a rocking horse ... that had a female toy protruding from the seat. She saw many machines that had vibrating tips, along with lots of creams, ointments, and gels. Inside the room, the floor was thickly padded and covered with some kind of soft spread. The girls piled on and Serenity was dragged to the floor by press of numbers.

The giggling pets began to tickle her on her feet and in her ribs, while caressing her softly in many squeaky places. Serenity couldn't help herself as she begins to screech and giggle loudly.

When Serenity walked in and saw everything she was amazed. Leo before this didn't know about these kinds of specialty toys. So Serenity had no idea what these things could do. The rocking horse looked odd. But before she could think anymore, the girl was brought down on the soft floor and was tickled by her fellow sister Love Pets. There was no stooping the giggling and tickling. Everything was really really fun, and, most importantly, Serenity wasn't feeling lonely anymore

Leo did not have any friends or just so few that he didn't have any really close ones. There was no one that would even miss him as a boy now that Leo disappeared. But now with all of the other Love Pets she would have a lot of fun now.

Serenity's eyes get big as she feels her panties being pulled off and her diaper being unpinned.

The twins say in a giggling voice at the same time, "Relax Serenity, this might hurt a bit at first ... but it's fun."

Serenity gasps loudly as she feels one of the pets tongues begin to explore the soft sensitive folds of her new vagina.

Coco moved behind Serenity and laid her head in Serenity's lap so she would feel comfortable. Serenity was confused on why they would say that. But then felt her panties and diaper come off. She was not ready for something like this as she gasped and moaned loudly. As one of the pets started to lick her Vagina. Before as a boy Serenity never played with herself. So this was her first sexual experience.

Serenity gasps loudly as she feels a small finger penetrate her suddenly. She felt it as something within her pinched really badly and hurt. She started to cry softly as the rest of the pets began taking turns licking and caressing Serenity in her opening. It felt so strange as Debbie pushed a large, well lubed toy slowly inside her. Serenity could feel the vibrations and the stretching of her virgin opening as it went deeper and deeper. She tenses as Debbie begins to push it slowly in and out.

After feeling the licking stop Serenity felt something poke into her. It went deeper until it pushed up against something. Then it slowly pushed in and felt something break. It was a pinch that was really really hard. It was too much and started to cry from the pain. It slowly got better as the other girls started to lick and gently touch her. It hurt ... but it felt really good at the same time ... it made her gasp slightly a few times until moaning cutely with each thrust.

Debbie got a large thing of some sort and slowly put it in to Serenity's vagina. It felt really really odd and hurt some but good at the same time. All of these were new sensations from pain to pure pleasure. Feeling overwhelmed Serenity helplessly went with it and was slowly beginning to enjoy it as it hurt less and less.

Each of the pets took their turn making their own special Love to Serenity. When it seemed it had gone on for hours, Cherry takes Serenity by the hand and helps her to her feet. Serenity shivers at all the warm wet stuff leaking from her opening between her legs. Cherry didn't give her anytime to contemplate it, as she led her to the rocking horse. She made Serenity get on the horse, positioning her so the toy slides deeply into her vagina as she sat. Cherry fastens the belts around Serenity's waist, then pushes the button. The horse slowly begins to rock, and the toy to vibrate ... driving Serenity nuts.

Serenity was just totally mind blown by the sex that was given by each of the Love Pets. She also felt tremendous amounts of pure love from each of the girls. Time felt unimportant right now as she felt very joyful. But it seemed that the fun was not over.

After a long time, Serenity's privacy began to get sore. It seemed Cherry read her mind, as she came and released her from the seat. She escorted her by the hand into the potty room adjacent to the play room. The other Pets were already in the very large whirl pool tub splashing and screeching out their joy when Cherry led Serenity in.

Serenity was gasping as she was tired and sore down there, but felt so good too. Was this how girls or Love Pets felt? She was thankful for Cherry getting her off the rocking horse .... she didn't think she could take it much longer due to her vagina starting to hurt. This was a lot for someone who was a virgin just a while ago.

Coco turned to watch Serenity as she was brought into the potty room. Coco was splashed and she had to splash back at some of the other babies there. All the Pets giggle and caress and wash each other. They have water fights with the squirt nozzle. Serenity is even shown how it feels to have the spray on her new privacy as it sent chills all through her.

Serenity let out a sigh of relief as she got into the water. The warm pulsations of the whirlpool eased her new privacy's oh so pleasant pain. After that, she started to have a water fight with the other girls. After awhile, the other girls showed her how to use the spray thingy on her privacy. It really felt good and cleaned her really really well.

"I'm so happy this happened to me's. I don't thinks I would ever go back" she said giggling a lot.

Debbie blushes a cute pink as she says softly, "It's kinda weird to bea girl suddenly after beina boy. But, everyone love you and it lotsa fun." The girls all giggle, " Specially when Mistress hasa party n shares us ... then we getsa do lots."

Serenity agreed with Debbie, it was weird but it was much happier this way. As you would get all of the love and attention you wanted. Being taken care of all the time ... it was just wonderful to Serenity.

"What kinda parties does Nana have" asked Serenity.

The twins said together, "Mommy has alla her friends come over n party. They plays card n hasa big Bbq inna back n stuffs. That when alla cute boys show up."

The girls blushed and twittered.

Laurie says with a giggle, "We're Love Pets n no can helps it neivers. Is so nice."

All the girls agree amid many happy twitters and giggles. Serenity was not sure if she would be getting used to something like that. But it couldn't be that bad she hoped. Besides Mistress would do something if she was not comfortable with it just yet As Serenity thought about being with a boy, she could feel herself getting moist in her new privacy, and a tingle of new emotions run through her.

"I see that's ... going to be sompin ta get use to" she said.

Since everyone there would watch out for her, Serenity wasn't too afraid ... but this new excitement over boys growing inside her ... made her wonder if she could trust herself around boys.

Tonya swam up and hugged Serenity as she coos softly, "I think Tony needsa girl friend ... and he's super cute."

All the girls giggle more and begin talking about Tony all at the same time. Serenity could tell, he was very handsome and a neat person by the way they talked.

Cherry whispers in Serenity's ear softly, "I think he like you to be on top too."

The girls giggle shyly as they blush.

Vicky says in a cute way, “We all know about you n Tony, Cherry,” the girls all twitter with giggles as Cherry blushes shyly, “You n him were together long enough.”

Cherry whines, “I no could help it ... sides, Debbie n him did it too.”

The girls giggle more as Debbie blushes really pink in the cheeks.

Serenity started to blush as she was not sure if she was ready for a boy yet. But the idea was still in her head and it was not going to come out anytime soon. She had mixed feelings about it.

"Uhm....really, he does nned a girl friend?" Serenity spoke meekly after thinking about it.

The girls giggle as Debbie says softly, "It's kinda strange at first ... but boys are fun an it feel goo ta please em in here." She places her hand over her tummy.

The girls giggle as Debbie blushes bright red.

Mindy says with giggle, "Specially since u used ta be a boy ... huh?"

All the girls giggle again as they hug and kiss Debbie and Serenity.

Lisa says softly, "It's ok ta bea little scared ... but Tony a cute n sweet boy ... he'll love playin wif u.He kinda big ... but he no pound u .. he makes it nice."

All the girls nod a they giggle. The door to the play room opens and Nana walks in. The girls are still nude and splashing in the whirlpool.

Nana coos softly, Ok, girls, one at a time come with me into the potty room so I can dress you. Your boyfriends will be here shortly and they want to take you to the amusement park."

The girls shriek and giggle loudly as they all splash from the tub and huddle in one big rush to the potty room. Nana takes them one at a time, cleans them and diapers them, then puts them in a cute romper or Babydoll dress in preparations for their dates.

Serenity had butterfly's in her belly about this as she use to be a boy. But since she was a girl now it was acceptable to do this ... wasn't it? She needed more time mentally to accept this. The other girls would be close by and help her wouldn't they? Cherry and the others said that Tony was a nice boy. So she hoped that things would work out. Serenity just stayed in back to get herself ready and be the last one as well.

She would need to ask Debbie to see how to get over the feelings of conflict, but that would be later. Although she was going to feel what other girls felt when doing it ... the blond was excited and scared at the same time

Mistress had dressed Cherry, Lisa, and Debbie. When she escorted Debbie from the potty room, she calls softly, "Come to Nana, Serenity. Be a good little girl and let me diaper and dress you. I have a very cute little Babydoll dress and cute panties all picked out for your first date. Cherry tells me your going to the Amusement Park with Tony. He's a sweet boy and you'll enjoy him a lot."

Nana holds out her arms and wiggles her fingers to Serenity, beckoning her to come. The other 7 girls goatherd in a huddle of cuteness and giggle as Serenity blushes.

Serenity does not want to disobey Nana as she could be punished. So she walks over to Nana and blushes a bit since this would be her first boy. Mentaly she would have liked to be with a girl. Until she was fully a girl in mind. Although she was not going to disappoint this boy though so she would try her best for herself, the other Love Pets, and Nana to make Tony happy.

Nana takes Serenity in her arms. She hugs and kisses her lovingly then takes her by the hand and escorts her into the potty room. Nana lifts her onto the padded changing counter and gently pushes her onto her back. Serenity finds herself lifted by her ankles and her squeaky places being lovingly oiled and creamed by Nana's soft and gentle fingers. Serenity couldn't help giggling and squirming at the wonderful tickling sensations.

Before she was placed into the soft embrace of a disposable diaper, Serenity felt Nana push 3 large suppositories into her bottom. She then set her into the Huggies and powdered her well before pulling it between her legs and fastening the tapes. Serenity feels Nana push 3 more suppositories into her new privacy. Serenity lay panting softly at the intenseness of the sensations in her tummy and hinny as they melted.

Nana coos softly, "Don't be upset sweetie, my Babydolls all are in diapers and can't help it. Don't be ashamed when you go potty, is normal for you from now on."

Nana blows a super intense raspberry in her tummy. Serenity's eyes get huge as she screams and kicks happily like any little girl in this situation.

Serenity just giggles as she was powdered and placed in the diaper. She felt just so comfortable and just right as a girl. The intense raspberry brought an overwhelming joy that made her laugh and scream in joy. Such pure and loving joy made Serenity high.

Nana stands Serenity on her feet on the thick fuzzy rug by the changing counter. She turns and picks up a cute pair of white panties with pink lace around the waist and legs and huge pink ruffles on the bottom.

Nana holds them and and coos softly, "Now sweet heart, step into your panties like a good girl."

With the help of Nana Serenity gets off of the table. The girl giggles at the cute panties with all the pink frilly lace all around that she was going to be wearing. Walking over Serenity braces herself on Nana and steps into her panties.

Nana pulls the panties up and gently pats Serenity on her hinny as she says softly, "That's a good girl."

She turns and takes the matching Babydoll dress from the hangar and unzips it and unties the bow in back.

Nana continues, "Ok sweet heart, hold up your arms so I can slip your dress on."

The Babydoll just moans and giggles from the love pat. Something in Serenity wanted more love pats from Nana. She also sees the dress and giggles cutely and raises her arms up. Serenity wanted to be a good baby girl for Nana. She didn't want to make Nana upset,

Nana giggles as she says, "Ok Serenity, Close your fingers so they fit the armholes."

As she wiggles the opening over Serenity's hands and drapes the Babydoll dress over her head. Nana pulls the dress down, Serenity shivers at the neat way it felt on her skin and the very new smell of the soft silk.

Serenity did what Nana told her to do and closed her fingers so the dress could slide on. As the dress settled on her cute little body. She felt the silk of the dress and the smell. It was intoxicating, the collar was most likely conditioning him to like this more.

Nana slowly zips the dress and ties the pink sash in the back into a huge and pretty bow. She takes Serenity by the hand and leads her to a chair in front of a mirror. The little girl looking back from the reflection with big beautiful blue eyes and long blond hair surprised him a whole lot. He had no idea he had already become this pretty. Nana takes a stiff bristle brush and brushes Serenity's hair until all the knots were gone, and it curled adorably about her face and shoulders.

Nana bends slightly and asks, "Would you like to have Ladybug barrettes today or Dragonfly? Nana is going to put your hair into ponytails."

"I want the Dragonflies"Serenity said to Nana. Since she liked them more then the ladybugs.

Nana takes Serenity's hair into her hands and fastens the Dragonfly barrettes in it. When she is done, Serenity's hair has 2 cute and bouncy ponytails. Serenity can't help but swish her head side to side several times just so she could feel it. Nana giggles softly as she helps Serenity from the chair and pats her on her hinny softly.

Nana coos quietly, "Now sweet heart, it's time to meet Tony. I think he will like you a whole lot. Now be nice to him and remember, A love Pet makes love."

With this, she pushes the stone on Serenity's collar. Serenity feels her head begin to buzz like she is high. She feels so wonderfully light and giggly too. The feeling of excitement over meeting her first boy filled her. She was actually glad she was in a diaper as she felt the warm moistness between her legs.

Serenity had to get use to her new hairstyle. She swished it around several times so that it would look more natural to her. The love pats were enjoyable too. Serenity felt so wonderful about herself at this point.

That was until Nana said she had to meet Tony. Oh no, she was not ready for this. But when Nana touched the jewel, something took her over ... it was almost against her will. Deep down Serenity was afraid somehow. But she could not help this feeling of eager excitement building in her either. She was surprised as she began to fantasize about doing many different things while making love to Tony, Serenity tried her best to stop or ignore those thoughts ... they kept getting stronger. Serenity realized with a cute gasp, she was actually excited and looking forward to doing this..

Nana takes Serenity by the hand and slowly walks her into the parlor. The other girls were there, each with their own boyfriend. Serenity saw them kissing and hugging them. Nana walks Serenity over o a very well dressed and extremely cute young man.

She says softly, "Tony Wilkens, I would like you to meet my newest Pet, her name is Serenity. Be nice to her and she'll be a lot of fun."

Tony smiles a beautiful smile as she replies, "I promise to be nice Nana. I'm taking her to the Rusty Pelican first ... it's the best restaurant in town."

Nana pats Serenity's bottom reassuringly as she hands Tony a small backpack, "This is some supplies should she have ... an accident tonight. As you already know, all of my Love Pets are Adult Babies and are in diapers."

He nods and replies, "I'll take care of that if it comes up."

Serenity was nervous and confused about meeting Tony ... but very excited and aroused as well,Was it ok to like boys since she was just one not too long ago? She would have to ask one of the other Pets later on. She sees Tony and has to blush at how good looking he was. There were butterflies flying around in her tummy. She just wanted to put a net down there to get them out of there.She also had this ... need that was intense. This, she couldn't ignore.

"Uh...Tommy....I is allergic to seafood" said Serenity as she goes over and on her tippy toes kisses the boy on the cheek. "I's hope that does not ruin things" she said blushing cutely and then looking to the side being very shy, trying to make any excuse not to be alone with this boy.

Tony smiles as he takes Serenity in his arms and gives her a lingering kiss. Serenity knew she couldn't trust herself to be alone with him as she kisses him back. She feels the wonderful squeeze to her bottom as he pulls her close to his body. She can feel his huge thing as it begins to swell in his pants ... she squeaks adorably ... she knew beyond any doubt what would happen at this point if she were alone with Tony.

He says softly, "Not in the least. They serve steak, chicken, Lamb, and even total vegetarian dishes."

He nods to Nana and leads Serenity from the door as the other girls wave and say bye in a musical way. The closing of the door brings Serenity to realize, she is going out into the world as a girl ... for the first time ... with a very cute boy ... she was probably going to make love to very soon.

This was a new feeling, being kissed and being held like that. It made Serenity blush even more red than an apple. When she was set back down on the ground and taken by the hand by Tony, Serenity Put up a good front as she waves bye bye to her sister Love Pets and to Nana. As the door closed, a mortal fear ran down her spine. This was her first time going out as a girl. Even more than that she was a Babydoll on a date with a boy ... she knew ... Love Pets make love.

Tony escorts her to a black Porsche Spider and opens the gull wing door. He helps her into the seat and fastens the seatbelt snugly, but comfortably on, before closing the gull wing. He gets in the driver's side and fastens his seat belt as he cranks the car. It starts with a very base Varoom! and idles with a very pleasant rumble.

Tony says, "My car has 12 cylinders sweetie. It can move."

He back from the drive, and amid a squeal of tires, is off to the interstate, and the most exclusive restaurant in town. Serenity was very impressed with the car as she got in. Back before she only wished that she could have had something like this. But that was in the past now.

"Wow...that is impressive" sounding easily amazed.

Her former self was not a gear head. Serenity then let a squeal out as they sped up and her body was pressed into the soft and very comfortable leather seat..

Tony couldn't help but be pleased with Serenity. She was not only the Nana's newest Babydoll Love Pet, she was an extremely pretty girl. Her dress was very short and showed off her lacy panties and cute poofy butt really well. He was going to be on his best behavior and do his best to show Serenity a good time. He knew that a happy Love Pet made love to her date with passion. He remembered what happened with Cherry and Debbie and was really looking forward to Serenity. Even if they didn't make love ... he wanted to date her more.

He asked, "What kind of music do you like sweet heart? I have a large collection."

He reaches over and pushes a button on the dash, a screen lights up. there is a long list of just about every popular song.

What was she going to do now? Serenity put her hands in her lap and closes her eyes. She shivers slightly at the wonderfully intense attraction for Tony that was building with in her. Then opening her eyes, she looks down the track listings and puts some on some classical music. Most of the other stuff wasn't much of interest for her.

"There we go....most boys don't have class any more there all gangsta wanabies" she said in a cute voice.

Tony looks Serenity over from head to her dainty feet. He knew there wasn't much else to make her any more cute. He also knew that in a few more weeks, he would have enough money to purchase one of Mistress LaRhanna's Love Pets ... he made up his mind then and there .. it would be Serenity. He would own a Love Pet and take very good care of her. He knew the rewards of a happy Love Pet were incredible.

Tony pats Serenity on her knee softly as he drives quickly to the restaurant. He can feel it as she shivers slightly at his touch. He knows she is very attracted and excited already. When they arrive, Tony quickly gets out of the car and around to the passenger side and open the door. He offers Serenity his elbow and helps her from the car. Serenity gracefully exits and allows Tony to escort her to the Matradee.

He smiles broadly as he says, "Good evening Mr. Wilkens, I see you have discovered the most adorable and beautiful women in the city already ... Mistress LaRhanna's Love Pets."

He turns and bows to Serenity as he takes her hand and gives it a soft kiss. Serenity feels a tingle run all through her as she becomes very shy and blushes adorably. She can feel herself becoming so aroused. She knows ... if she and Tony are alone, she will be helpless to stop herself.

The Matradee says softly, "And how is the Young Lady this evening? I trust you will find everything to your liking."

Serenity blushes softly and acts adorably shy. She can't help herself. He then snaps his fingers with a loud snap. A waiter in coat and tails rushes up.

The Matradee says authoritatively, "This is Tony Wilkens and the Babydoll Serenity. Her Mistress called in the reservation. I want you to give them the best in the house and watch over them personally. I will hold you personally responsible if Mistress LaRhanna or her Love Pet are unhappy."

The waiter bows and escorts the couple to a very elegant table. He pulls the chair for Serenity and allows her to be seated before pushing her gently to the table.

The Waiter asks softly, "And how may I be of service?"

Serenity was in a whirlwind of activity as they got out of the car. But since Tony was being a gentleman about it, accepted the elbow. Serenity was lost in all the intense emotions welling up within her. When they entered the restaurant, there was a bit of discussion. The girl was not paying attention, being lost in all the new sensations and emotions she was experiencing until she heard movement and someone took her hand and kissed it. Blushing heavily, she couldn't help being cute and shy. Then hearing Nana's name and how everyone reacted to it made Serenity think for a second ... What kind of power did her Mistress have.

Serenity turns to the Waiter, "Uh ... I'll just have a soda for now, But do you have any recommendations?" she asked him since it was a long time since a fancy place like this

Tony smiles as he looks to the waiter, " I would think the baked potato and the Chicken La Range would be nice. For starters, we could have some of the sourdough rolls and the dipping sauce. To drink, bring the young lady a soda pop, and I'll have tea with a twist of lime."

The waiter bows, turns with a soft heel click and vanishes. Tony takes Serenity by her hand and kisses it softly.

He says, "How did you come to be a Babydoll? I think you girls are so lucky. I have never seen more beautiful girls before either, I must say."

Serenity blushed and adorable pink as she looked down. She didn't know what to tell him. For no reason she could fathom, she said, “I was born ta bea Babydoll n I am what I am.”

Tony looks at Serenity fondly as she sat and blushed shyly. He reaches across the table and takes her by the hand. Serenity feels a wonderful chill run through her as goosy bumps rise all over her body. She looks up into his wonderful sparkly eyes and can feel her diaper getting even moister. She knows what the out come of this date is going to be ... she just .. knows.

Aboout that time, the waiter arrived with a platter full of drinks, honey muffins and dipping sauces. He also had a wonder assortment of shrimps. He places them on the table, then places a small dish in front of each of them. He puts some of the shrimp on Tony's plate, then puts some of the wonderful muffins and some chicken tenders on Serenity's plate.

The waiter says softly, “We don't want Babydoll getting ill, so you can't have any seafood.”

Serenity gasps softly as she puts her hand over her mouth ... she remembers telling Tony that at the house ... how did this man know that? It had to be Mistress ... she didn't miss a thing. The waiter pours some tea into Tony's glass and places a large dish of freshly cut lime next to the glass along with several types of sweeteners and a small dispenser of cream. Lastly, he places a large sippy cup with many cute clowns and balloons on it in front of Serenity. He bows sharply at the waist, and with a click of his heels ... vanished ... leaving the 2 of them alone in the soft candle light of the table.

Tony broke up several of the chicken tenders into small petite bites and dipped them one at a time into a different sauce. He then fed them to Serenity who ate them daintily. Tony was super impressed with how cute Serenity was ... and hoped upon hope .. she liked him as much as he was starting to like her.

After several bites of the tenders, Serenity had an over whelming desire to sit next to Tony, and not across from him.

She bats her eyes and asks in a cute voice, “You seem to be so far away an alone over there, would you like it better if I sat ... next to you?”

She smiles and drops her eyes. Serenity can't believe she had asked that. She can feel both a wonderful tickle of fear rising in her ... and an equally wonderful sensation of joy.

Tony moves sideways as he replies, “Why, of course, certainly so. I would love more than anything for you to come sit beside me.”

Before Serenity knew she was doing it, she had gracefully risen and slipped in beside Tony. When her mind sort of cleared, she was in the middle of a very passionate French kiss. She opened her eyes and took her arms from around his neck. She blushed very deeply as she apologized.

“I ... I'm so sorry Tony. I ... jus had to .. I couldn't help myself.” Serenity said bashfully.

Tony smiles and scoots just a bit closer to Serenity as he replies, “Not at all. I would hope ... that you would be willing to give me more of them. That last one was ... wonderful.”

Serenity smiles shyly. Again, before she knew what she was doing, she found herself in the midst of a passionate French kiss. She could hear very lovely romantic music playing softly around her. As she broke the kiss, she saw several violinists and a guitar player standing nearby, playing.

The meal continued like this. Serenity couldn't help herself. A small voice kept repeating in the deep of her heart, “A Love Pet makes love.” The need was intense, and the fact Tony was as cute as he was and such a gentleman ... made it all more so.

The meal was absolutely the best Serenity had ever had. The soft kisses and caresses had made her diaper very moist. She knew she had to be changed soon and had a very strange excitement about Tony doing it. She knew, that if he took off her diaper ... she would not be able to help herself in anyway.

As the meal ended and Tony Tipped the waiter, he says softly, “Does baby need to have her diaper changed? We can go by my place ... and do it there. It'll be a lot of fun.”

Serenity can't resist. She replies, as she leans over and kisses Tony softly on his lips, “Of course sweetie ... you can check baby enny time ya wanna.”

Tony takes Serenity by the hand and escorts her from the restaurant. The car was waiting for them when they reached the breezeway exit. Tony helped Serenity into the passenger seat and fastened her belts before closing the gullwing door. He quickly get in on his side and straps himself in. After shutting the door and cranking the car, he drove quickly to his place.

Serenity all the while, had her hand in his lap and softly caressed him. She couldn't make herself stop. She felt his thing as it grew monstrous and hard in his pants. She was confused and scared and excited ... and lots of things all at the same time. She even worried for a few seconds about getting pregnant before those thoughts went away to be replaced by a wonderful arousal and need.

The night went pleasantly. Serenity fell in love and accepted her place in this new life. Tony fell in love too, and the very first and only time he ever purchased a Love pet ... it was Serenity.

Serenity began the most exciting adventure of her life ... The life of a Babydoll.
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