Brandon’s Penalty

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Brandon’s Penalty

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:14 am

Title: Brandon’s Penalty

Brandon yawned. It had been a while since Lauren left him to wait for her on the porch. He was getting hot and thirsty, so he decided to cool off. He went ahead and helped himself inside, looking for something to drink.

While Brandon rummaged through the house, Lauren’s mom, Beth, has just bought some of the cutest towels with pink roses at Bed Bath and Beyond she thinks Lauren would love them. she also saw some cute little soaps that smell like jasmine and honeysuckle that she also bought.

Brandon looks around, stumbling into the bathroom. He finds it cute, and realizes it must be Lauren's because there are tons of her pictures. Unable to resist, he gets one and admires it. Eventually, he loses all respect, and starts masturbating to it fantasizing about what it would be like to ... ummm!

Time slips inexorably by as it always does

He loses track of time, and nearly an hour passes. By now, the picture is all but ruined.

Lauren’s mom arrives home. She takes the things she has bought for Lauren and carries them up the stairs into Lauren's room.
Brandon doesn't hear her come in.

She walks into the bathroom to put up the towels and soaps. She sees Brandon in his most compromised way.

Beth Gasps, “Brandon What ARE you doing young man!!”

He jumps, blushing, and nearly falls into the shower. "CRAP!"

Beth exclaims, “Put that thing away!!”

The evidence is before her. His mess, all over her favorite picture of Lauren

Beth demands. “Just what do you think you have been doing??”

Blushing, he stows his privates back, hiding behind the shower curtain

Brandon stammers, "I....I..... I don't know."

Beth is obviously upset and angry

She demands, “I want an explanation young man, and NOW!!

She takes out her cell phone from her pocket ... punches in numbers

He panics, "No wait, I can explain! Please don't report me!"

Beth hesitates ... closes the phone

She snaps, “Ok, Lets hear it.”

He replies haltingly, "I... I came in for some lemonade... I was visiting Lauren, and she had to go help a neighbor. It was hot outside, and I got thirsty... I came in, looking for something to drink, when I stumbled in here.... next thing I know..."

He panics and falls to his knees and begs pitifully, "Please, I'm sorry! I lost control! I don't know what happened! I didn't even realize I was doing it..."

Beth can see he is a royal mess. She shakes her head.

Beth stands firm with a furious look on her face then says "Ok Brandon ... but I'm going to tell Lauren and let her decide what she wants to do.”

He starts to object, but stops. It's got to be better than jail.

Beth says, “Clean yourself up and come with me. Bring that disgusting picture with you.”

He nods, and immediately starts cleaning himself and the mess up. His clothes are a little sticky, but otherwise fine. He walks back out, blushing terribly, holding the picture behind his back

She says angrily, “That was my favorite picture of Lauren too.”

Brandon blushes, looking away, ashamed. He can hear her dialing her cell again

Beth says, “Lauren? I need you to come home now! Yes ... something has happened and I want you to know. Ok sweetie right now. Bye.”

He sighs, waiting for his fate. He avoids looking at Beth. He can feel the fire in her gaze.

the down stairs door opens and slams shut ... running foot steps up the stairs approaching the bedroom. He pales. Lauren's back. she comes quickly in

Lauren asks, “Mom?! what happened ... Brandon?? what's going on?”

Beth glares at Brandon. He blushes and looks over at Lauren

She says sharply, “Show her Brandon.”

He tentatively walks over and shows her the picture. Lauren's eyes get huge as she gasps. She puts her hand to her mouth and looks at Brandon.

She gasps, “Brandon ... what is this??”

He stammers, “I .....I ...." He looks down blushing. "I...... your picture, I.... I'm sorry."

Lauren exclaims, “That's disgusting!! And to think I liked you!”

Inside, he's hitting himself. He now knows he really screwed up.

Beth says to Brandon, “You stay here and don’t move .. you hear me?”

she points at Brandon

He nods and say quietly, "Yes ma'am.."

Beth says, “Lauren, come out here ... we need to talk.”

She follows her mom out of the bathroom into the bed room she shuts the door. There is no way out except thru that door.

As soon as they are gone, he tries to lean over so he can hear their conversation. He can hardly hear anything.

Beth says, “Lauren ... that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

Lauren says, “It is mom ... I am extremely embarrassed.”

All Brandon hears is mumbling, and an occasional word or 2.

While they talk, he starts to think to himself, "I wonder what they're talking about. It can't be good... but it must be better than prison."

voices are getting louder. Beth and Lauren are having a very heated discussion.

He panics. He worries, "What are they fighting over?"

He hopes he doesn't get turned over to the police.

The door opens suddenly, Lauren walks in and He stands back up.
She quite obviously has some kind of devilish thing on her mind. He panics, seeing the look, but hides his feelings inside.

Lauren says, “Since you seem to be acting like a child seems to me you should be treated like one. mom and me have decided you have only 2 choices here; jail or a game we want you to play.”

He looks relieved. He answers, having no idea of what he's getting in to. "Sure, I'll play. Anything to avoid jail."

She giggles impishly. There is a sparkle of real devilment in her eye.

Lauren says, "ok baby, I want you to come out and sit on my bed and wait.”

He nods, not getting the hint. He walks in and sits on her bed.

Beth looks at Brandon and says, “Ok baby, you have to wait here until mommy get back. Is that clear?”

He nods. He wonders to himself, “Mommy. Why does she refer to herself as mommy?”

Beth scolds, “If you are naughty while I'm gone, I will punish you. Is that understood?”

Brandon nods

Beth continues, “Good. Now Lauren, I want you to sit with baby until mommy gets back.”

Lauren replies, “Sure, mom, I’ll baby sit.”

He blushes and looks at her. Baby? Mommy? Where are these names coming from? Baby sit? Lauren must be real childish, he thinks.

Lauren walks over and starts to unbutton Brandon's shirt

Luren says, “Now hold your arms up baby so sissy can take off your shirt

She starts to tug on the bottom of the shirt. He blushes and lets her. Soon, his shirt is off.

He wonders, What’s happening?

She reaches down and unbuckles his belt and unsnaps his pants.

Lauren coos, “Now be good boy and lie back so sissy can take off pants.”

Maybe this isn't so bad, he chuckles to himself, as she unclothes him. He lays back so she can remove his pants. He wonders about her calling herself "Sissy?"

Lauren says softly, “Now, baby stay right there while I go into Abby's nursery and get some things.”

She walks out with a giggle. He shrugs, as she walks out.

Brandon can hear Lauren walk down the hall open a door. There silence for a time.

He looks around, still laying there in only his undies. He's expecting her to lay him, and he's all for it.

He thinks to himself, "Hey, this can't be too bad. Definitely beats jail." He hears her in the distance. "I mean, I'm getting ready to be the luckiest boy on the block."

He can hear Lauren coming back and also hears a car pull back into the drive. He hears the car and disregards it. He has eyes only for Lauren.

He looks up. In Lauren's hands she has baby oil and baby powder and some 4 inch safety pins. He sees this and is confused.

The front door down stairs opens and Beth calls. “Lauren?? Can you help me with this?”

Lauren giggles and says, “Sure mommy ... sissy help.”

She puts the things in her hands down on a table by the bed and walks out again.

Brandon lays there confused. What's going on. He tries to sit up and look outside the window. He sees them unloading many packages from the car. He sits back, wondering about what's happening He's still glad he's not going to jail. He's even hoping he gets what he thinks he's getting.

He can hear noises from down stars He sits back, hearing the noises.

Laurens voice says sweetly, “That's so cute mom. Where on earth did you get them?”

Beth says ,"From Debbie. The one whose girl had that problem.”

Brandon cocks his head, confused. Must be some girl stuff. Brandon hears them both laugh. He disregards the laugh. It must be nothing..
He can hear them both walking up the stairs giggling and commenting on how cute some things are.

He shakes his head. Girls can be... well, such girls when they talk about stuff like that.

They walk in with arm loads of cute Ababy girl clothes and diapers.

Beth says, “Hello baby, your new name is Missy from now on. Isn’t that cute? you are a 1 year old baby girl. No walking or talking.”

He blushes. Missy? What are they talking about. He looks down, realizing he's naked, and covers himself.

Beth continues, “And we expect you to act that way.”

He looks at her confused. Baby girl? 1 year old? No walking or talking? What are they talking about?

Brandon says, "I'm confused.."

Lauren takes a huge pink paci out of a bag it has a leather strap around it with a silver buckle on the back

she says, “Baby can't talk yet so open ums mouf n taks her pacci.”

She begins to put it in Brandon's mouth. He shivers as he is pacied and silenced. She fastens the buckle while Beth puts locking mittens on his hands

Beth says, “Ok cuteums .. just realx while mommy n sissy diaper n dress baby we have lots of pictures we want to take of baby too.”

Beth takes a very thick diaper from one of the bags along with a digital camera and several memory chips. He panics, realizing what's happened. Diapering? Pictures? He starts to squirm.

Beth pops Brandon on his bare thigh hard.

She scolds, “Now baby, quit squirming and be a good baby.”

He blushes and stops squirming, his thigh burning with the freshness of the hit.

Beth takes the diaper and opens it up and says, “Ok sweetums, lift up so mommy can put diaper under baby.”

He blushes and lifts. She puts a very thick diaper under him and gently pushes him back down. She opens his legs and caresses gently while she spreads baby oil liberally all over. Brandon blushes hard as Beth spreads his legs and oils him.

She powders him very generously with baby powder, the sweet smell is everywhere. He blushes as he is powdered and diapered. she pulls the diaper between his legs and pins it on.

Lauren is putting a cute pair of pink lacy plastic lined rumba panties on Brandon

Lauren says ok Missy, these are so you don’t leak baby. Now lift up so sissy can pull them up

He panics, thinking to himself. "Oh no! I'm gonna have to actually use this diaper!"

He looks down as she lifts him by his legs so she can put them on him she pulls the up and helps Missy into a sitting position.

Lauren says sweetly, “The cute mittens you wear will insure baby is helpless. You are not allowed to be big in any way.”

He tries to talk, but all that happens is him sucking on the paci. What on earth is he going to do?

Beth says, “Now Missy baby, hold your arms up so mommy can put baby in her dress.”

He blushes and raises his arms. She holds out a very cute lacy top with puffy sleeves and ribbons and lace all over. she fits the sleeves to Missy's hands and with a gentle tug ... it slips softly on.

He shivers, feeling the satin against him. It feels smooth and good... wait, what is he thinking?!

Beth ties the ribbon in a bow in the back. Beth and Lauren giggle. He blushes

Lauren says sweetly, “Gee mom, you were right ... he does look like a cute little girl.”

He feels terrible shame when she says this.

Lauren says, “Maybe we should let him see. all he needs is ponytails.”

He gasps. His hair actually is shoulder length

Beth says, “I know just what to do.”

She takes a brush off Lauren's vanity table and brushes Missy's hair until it shines softly. He shivers as Beth brushes his hair. She takes 2 pink ribbons that match the panties and dress and ties Missy's hair in ponytails. He is even more shamed and embarrassed, feeling the ribbons tied in his hair. He could completely pass for a baby girl.

Beth and Lauren are looking in stunned silence

Beth puts her hand to her mouth and say softly, “Lauren ... he, he's adorable.”

He looks up, his face nearly scarlet with so much blushing

Lauren has a strange expression on her face she says softly, “Mom, I never imagined. He has to see, no one will even recognize him.”

Beth said to Lauren, “From now on it's her.”

He watches them talk, confused He looks pale skinned. What they are calling him ... Her. Missy. His new name. Suddenly, he wonders if he'll ever escape. But how? He lived on his own. His parents were dead. He had nothing.

Beth helps Brandon off the bed. He is taken over to the mirror. He blushes, as the women show him his reflection in the mirror. What he sees couldn't have been more shocking. The reflection looking back was perhaps the most adorable girl dressed as a baby he had personally ever seen. He was totally stunned. He was dizzy in the head with all that was happening.

Beth says, “Ok, here's the rules. This is the last adult conversation you will have for a very long time.”

He listens to her, hearing everything

Beth continues, “You will be baby from now until Lauren decides to let you go.”

He looks up at her, wanting to talk

She continues, “You are not allowed to walk.”

He tries to talk. He at least wants to see things on an even level with her. He has an apartment, bills, and belongings after all.

She continues, “Babies don’t speak ... so you are not allowed to talk either.”

He whimpers. He wants to talk badly, but the paci prevents him.

She finishes, “Your only alternative ... is jail.”

He sighs, tears forming in his eyes

Beth shows the new baby Missy her reflection in a full length mirror

Beth whispers softly in Missy's ear, “I have to admit, if I didn't know you were a boy ...”

He blushes, looking in the mirror as she whispers to him, tears rolling down his face

Lauren says softly, “he is ... I mean she is so cute.” and gives Missy a hug

He blushes as he is hugged. The sun is setting outside, and the younger ones, Abby, 2 and Katy 10 are at a sleep-over. Tears are still coming down.

Beth says Ok baby, this is the last adult conversation you will have for a long, long time, so make what you say mean something.”

she unbuckles the strap and removes the paci

He nods. Blushing, he looks at the two women. "I.. I don't want to go to jail... but I have an apartment, and a job. I'm responsible for them."

Beth says sternly, “You are not responsible at all, this is why you are a baby now. you need someone to take care of you and make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

He sighs, nodding. "Then what do I do about them? I can't just leave them. Someone will wonder where I've gone.."

His only hope. If people think he's been kidnapped..

Lauren says, “I know a boy who is wanting an apartment, Tommy. He’ll be glad to take over the rent and payments until ... or if ... Brandon ever returns.”

He sighs and nods. The next moment, he finds Lauren going through his pants and coming up with his wallet

and apartment keys. He has no identification. Aside from the apartment, no one will miss him.

Beth says, “About your job.”

He then recalls. "My job..."

Beth continues, “You will write a letter explaining that you have to leave town asking for a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time.”

He sighs, nodding. Such a letter had already been written and was in his pockets. He was going on vacation, and was on his way to deliver the letter when he stopped at Lauren's. He had the faintest of hopes she wouldn’t find it.

Lauren says “Cool, look mommy, he already has one written.”

Brandon gasps. She's found his letter.

Beth leans over and kisses Missy tenderly Then says, “See? you are a good baby>”

He blushes again. His fate is now sealed.

Beth says, “Back to the rules. you are the baby in the house which means my youngest daughter is older than you She's only 2 ... understood? They have authority over you and will help in taking care of you. If you make a mistake ... and I know you will make many at first, baby will be spanked for being naughty. They will be real spankings so don’t think you are getting off light. now, what more have you to say sweetum??”

He tries to think, knowing they will be his last words... until they let him talk again. "Can I apologize for what I've done?" He looks around. "I know I've been... bad... and I don't see how I can be let out of this, I'm sorry anyway."

Beth says softly as she hugs Missy, “It's ok sweetie. Mommy will insure baby is well taken care of.”

Beth says to Lauren, “Go down stairs and call your friend. tell him he can move in today. Make sure Mr Tatum gets that letter. I'm sure he will keep this job should Brandon ever come back from vacation.”

Brandon shivers, as Lauren goes down to remove him form his job, his apartment, and his life while he is left with his new mommy.

Brandon hears her and looks up. They are alone now, and it is nearly 7:30 pm. He hasn't eaten all day and is really hungry. This is the least of his worries.

Beth says, “Ok baby Missy, you are not Brandon any more. You will think of yourself as a sweet little 1 year old baby girl from now on and act accordingly. To show you that I mean you are now my baby daughter.”

she walks over and sits on the bed and pats it softly. He comes over to her and climbs up.

Beth continues, “Missy you are not allowed to walk ever again or to speak .. just make baby noises.”

He nods glumly as he climbs onto Lauren's bed. Beth is starting to unzip her dress. He watches, then turns his head blushing.

Beth continues, "you will also sleep in Abby's room.”

She takes his hand in hers and says, “It's ok to follow me this time. you can walk.”

She leads Missy by the hand out of Lauren's room to ... The nursery.
He toddles after her because of the thickness of the diaper, waddling as she leads him into a nursery. He gasps. There is a large rocking chair a crib and a cute dresser with little pink lambs on it. a huge toy box filled with toys

Beth continues, "This is your room sweetie. And will be for a long, long, long time.”

She lets go of Missy's hand and walks to the crib. She lets down the rail.

He sees it, and of all things, starts crying. The total emotional load has finally broken him. He collapses to the floor, bawling, as his fate finally sweeps over him. He is to be a baby girl and there is no way out.

Beth turns with a surprised expression. she says softly, “Awww baby. It's not so bad. When diddums grows up she'll make a nice little sissy girl. Come with mommy to the rocking chair.

Beth walks over to the rocker. He cries all the louder as he crawls over to the chair. She sits and helps Missy into her lap.
She rocks slowly as she coos to Missy in a very soft and sweet baby voice.

Lauren, hearing this, smiles inwardly, speaking into the phone. "Oh, sorry Mr. Tatum. Baby Missy is fussy this evening. I need to go help. Thanks for accepting his resignation."

Lauren hangs up the phone and comes to the nursery to watch Missy have her first meal as a baby girl.

Missy still cries and simpers a bit as Beth holds him against her and rocks him

Mommy kisses Missy lovingly and says in the same voice, Baby must be hungry. It is pasts din din.”

He nods, not even thinking as he lies helplessly in her lap. He is still distraught. Missy watches as her new mommy unfastens her bra and drops in on the floor beside the chair. Missy blushes, looking up, tears still in his eyes and he has ample view of her beautifully formed breasts.

She gently squeezes on her breast and a drop of milk forms on one of the nipples.

She puts this nipple to Missy's mouth and says softly, "Dinner time baby."

He is seriously embarrassed as the nipple is inserted into his mouth. At first, he doesn't react. He simply lays there, simpering and blushing

Beth says softly, "be a sweet baby and nurse.”

she gently pats him.

She says in a cooing voice, "It's ok .. babies do this"

The patting causes him to relax a bit. Inside, he feels comforted and safe. She won't hurt him ... hearing that it's ok for babies to suckle, something clicks in his mind. He must be a baby ... and babies must suckle. He starts to nurse.

Mommy says so sweetly, "That’s a good baby. Mommy loves Missy very much and I will make sure she grows up to be a very special girl.”

He says nothing. At first he suckles slowly, but gradually he nurses more babyish and naturally.

Time passes. He is unsure how long he suckled. his tummy feels warm and full.

Mommy looks at baby sweetly and says, “Is past beddy by time baby.”

Some how she carries him gently to the crib and tucks hum in. He looks up, feeling tired and full. He had dozed off a bit during the feeding She kisses him softly. He is tucked in. She gives him a teddy bear. It smells of baby powder

Beth whispers softly in her new baby's ear, "Good night baby, mommy loves her baby.”

She kisses him softly again and raises the rail. Before she's even out the room, mommy's new baby is fast asleep.

~~The End~~
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Re: Brandon’s Penalty

Postby TiresiasRex » Fri Mar 25, 2016 10:45 pm

A classic opening predicament (anyone remember FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH? or even THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY?) for the boy devolves into a traditional ABDL "deal with the devil" scenario and, yes, a favorite fantasy for most of us. Granted, I would have preferred to see Brandon resist just a bit more....but acquiescent males seem to be a trademark of many of Miki's stories. And I suspect that Brandon, aka Missy, will come to enjoy his newfound sissybaby status. A fun read.
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