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The Baby

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:34 am

Title: The Baby


Chase - Played by: Chase_Cohn

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Hiring a new applicant

Mandy Walters, the director of Babies of all Ages Daycare center and Nursery, stares at her desk awaiting the next person in line for an interview. She needs a good counselor, but she also needs someone who would make a good baby girl for one of her perspective mommies. She sighs because she has found no good candidates to fill the position of baby.

Mandy pushes the button on her intercom and says, "Sally?? ... be a good little girl please, and send in the next applicant.

Sally’s cute giggling voice says ,”Yes ma’am.” Over the intercom.

The door to Mandy’s office opens and in walks a small, very nervous young man.

“Hello,” he says softly in a shy voice, “I’m applying for the job opening mentioned in the paper. My name is Chase.”

Mandy looks the new applicant over and says softly, "Please have a seat Chase. My name is Mandy Walters, I'm the Director here at Babies of all Ages.

He blushes red in the cheeks as he says, “Nice to meet you. I do hope my resume shows I’m the type of counselor that you are looking for.”

Mandy looks over the resume. It shows Chase is very qualified to fill the job description.

Mandy asks softly, “What motivated you to apply here Chase?”

He fidgets nervously in his chair as he replies, “I love little kids, they are so sweet. I come from a large family, and I was always very good at baby sitting and taking care of children.”

Mandy stands and walks from behind the desk to a book case across the room. She picks up a brochure from the shelf and turns. She sees Chase sucking his thumb nervously. Mandy raises her eyebrows as she sees him sucking his thumb. He takes it quickly out of his mouth as she sits back in her chair. Mandy thinks this might be the person for the baby position she has been needing. This is a life time position and she knows he will be well cared for.

Mandy places the brochure in front of Chase and coos softly, "You realize we take care of ... big babies too? Adult babies ... babies of all ages. Tell me some about yourself."

Chase nods as he replies, “Well, I like to be relaxed, play games ... sometimes listen to music.”

Mandy asks, “What kind of music do you like?”
She is surprised at how many children’s songs he mentions ... he will be perfect. She needs to get the regression drugs administered as soon as possible.

Mandy coos softly, “Would you like to have a drink or something?”

Chase says, “Yes, I would love some juice or something. Mind if I use my own cup?”

Chase shows Mandy a cute cup that looks for the world like a sippy cup.

Mandy pinches the bridge of her nose as she says softly, "It's all right sweetie. Go ahead."
She leans foreword and pushes the button on her intercom and continues, “Sally? Please bring me a Berry Red Juice with 3 twists.”

Sally replies in a cute voice, “Yes, Miss Walters, right away.”

Mandy pulls open a drawer in the bottom of her desk. She wants to make sure she has plenty of Adult disposables and baby powder. She's sure she has found the perfect one to be the baby girl mascot of Babies of all Ages and she wants to be ready when the regression begins.

There is a knock on the office door and a very pretty young woman in a very short and cute Soft yellow sundress walks in. She looks like a very adorable little girl in pony tails. She puts a pitcher of red liquid on the desk and curtsies gracefully showing her ruffled panties.

Mandy smiles warmly and says softly, “That’s a good little girl Sally. How old are you today?”

Sally giggles sweetly and holds up 4 fingers as she blushes softly.

Mandy coos, “Now you know you’re going to have accidents. Don’t be embarrassed, little girls do that some times. Just let Mistress know if you wet your panties, I will change you into a pull up as fast as I can. I know this is all new to you. Ok, sweetheart?”

Sally blushes deeper pink as she nods her head adorably.

Mandy coos, “Now be a good girl and go back out to your play area.”

She gives Sally a soft kiss on her nose and pats her lovingly on her hinny as she giggles and skips out of the office.

Chase watches in amazement as Mandy pours the Juice into his sippy cup looking glass and snaps the top in place.

Mandy says softly, “Sally is our newest employee here at Babies of all ages. She was a 21 year old College graduate 2 days ago. Now, she’s the most adorable little 4 year old I ever met. She is very efficient at her job too. I am so proud of my little girl.”

Chase looks back at Mandy who was offering him his cup of juice. She smiles warmly as he takes it and takes a long sip. Mandy knows it won’t be long now.

Chase asks, “Why is she a ... little girl? Seems kind of strange.”

Mandy giggles softly and replies, “Because it’s one of the job positions we have here at Babies of all Ages. We have Nanas, mommies, daddies, babies, teachers, even research scientists along with our councilors. We are the foremost Daycare and nursery in the world and provide all the necessary services for our clientele.”

Chase finishes his juice. He starts to feel really strange in a nice way. He can feel it as it slowly spreads through out his body.

Mandy leans foreword and asks softly, “How do you feel about little girls and babies having specialized jobs? They are well taken care of and are very happy doing it.”

Chase feels a very nice fuzziness fill his mind. He giggles in a cute and silly manner as he replies, “I think it’s a wonderful idea. I might even want to have one of those positions instead of counselor.”

Mandy is overjoyed at this. She knows Chase will not be an adult much longer. She hopes the regendring room is available, other wise Chase will be several days before it can be done. Mandy realizes something smells funny!

She coos softly, “I think baby may have had an accident.” Mandy stands up and walks behind Chase. She coos softly, "Did ... baby have an ... accident?"

Chase squeaks in a cute voice, “Ohmigosh! I ... I ... yes ... it seems I did. I couldn’t help it.”

Chase blushes really pink as Mandy sees a wet place under his hands. He tries to cover it, but it is quite obvious he poopied too. Mandy shakes her head slightly as she turns and walks behind her desk. She pushes a button and the wall opens. A shelf slides out and several compartment to the side opens.

In one compartment, there are many disposable diapers, cloth diapers, creams, ointments, and all the other accoutrements to change baby. In the other, are many adorable and very frilly baby girl clothes of all sizes. Another panel slides open and a very cute bassinette like tub slides out.

Mandy walks back to Chase and takes him by his hand. She gently pulls him to his feet and walks him to the counter.

She coos softly, "I think baby needs to be diapered, don't you sweetie?"

Chase is having trouble thinking clearly. Something is very wrong, but in his growing infantile state, he’s not really sure what it is exactly.

He manages to say in an adorable voice, “I ... I ... but I’m too big to be a baby. I ... is jus a fantasy .. isn’t it?”

Mandy undoes Chase’s belt and unzips his pants. She allows them to fall to his ankles. He is standing in his undies. They were wet and had poopie in them. Mandy smiles, she is very happy at how well Chase is regressing.

Mandy coos softly, “I do have a position available. I need a baby girl to be our mascot. It seems you’re a baby already ... and a tinky one too.”

She tickles Chase under his arms. He squirms and giggles.

He manages to say in a giggly voice, “You think I a baby? I feel so ... weird.”

Chase tries his best to figure out what is wrong. As Mandy removes his shirt she tickles him softly. He can’t think at all with these wonderful tingly sensations running all through him. He squirms and giggles as any happy baby would. The drugs are fast, and very efficient.

Mandy says softly, "Yes sweetie, I think you're just right to be a baby. Besides, you had an accident like a baby ... didn’t cutie bumps?”

She tickles him some more as she kisses him on his nose.

Without thinking Chase replies, “Yes mommy ...”

He is shocked. He can’t believe he just called this woman mommy. He couldn’t help it .. it had just happened. More infantile feelings and thoughts flood his mind. He is totally helpless to resist at this point.

Mandy coos softly to Chase, “Mommy will make you a very adorable and silly baby girl. You have been accepted for the life time position of mascot. I think you will be happier as a baby than a counselor any way.”

Chase feels happy her mommy thinks ... ?? What is he thinking? There is more confusion as he begins to realize ... he is a baby. He can’t remember why this might be ... wrong?? It feels so right.

He says in an adorable giggly voice from all the tickles, “I guess you’re right mommy, I a baby.”

Another wave of squirms and giggles overtakes him as Mandy continues to tickle him gently. She pats the counter softly with her hand and coos, “Ok, baby, get up here so mommy can take off your poopie panties and clean baby up.”

Mandy helps Chase onto the changing counter and he lies down. Mandy begins to pull down his messy panties and clean him up with several large sweet smelling baby wipes as she kisses him softly on his nose,

Mandy coos, "Yes, sweetie bumps, you're a big, cuddly baby."

She blows a large raspberry in his tummy. He screeches and kicks his feet in sheer joy as he giggles like any happy baby under these conditions. She lifts him by his ankles and wipes him all over with a special depilatory. It permanently removed all the body hair from Chase’s body. When Mandy had finished, Chase’s skin was as soft and smooth as any baby girl’s.

While she has him by his ankles, she cleans him in all his squeaky places then places a thick Huggies under him. She pushes several special suppositories as deep into his bottom as her finger could push them. Chase’s eyes get big as he squeaks in an adorable way. These are special pre regendering suppositories. They not only permanently take away Chase’s potty training totally, they aid in making him an adorable little girl as well.

Mandy sets him in the Huggies and blows a huge raspberry in his tummy. She takes a large tube of some kind of gel. She rubs it generously all over his male parts. They begin to shrink quickly and it appears they are pulled back inside his crotch. Very quickly, there is no indication he ever had any male gentailia at all, only what looks like a cute vagina.

Mandy reaches down and gives Chase a big hug and kisses him on his nose. She then gets a very large bottle of baby powder and generously powders him. She pulls the disposable between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly on. Mandy helps him to stand up. She turns and picks up a pair of cute pink and white rumba panties with little white lambs all over them and holds them out.

Mandy coos softly, "Ok sweetie bumps, step into your panties like a good baby."

Chase stands for a second as he looks at the panties. He feels something is out of place, but he isn’t sure anymore. He can feel the suppositories as they melt and spread a chilling warmth through him. He feels so wonderful and thinks the panties are so pretty. He steps into them, holding onto Mandy for support. Mandy pulls the panties up and makes sure they are properly on.

She pats Chase reassuringly on his bottom as she says softly, "All right sweetie, come with me and I have a nice bottle for you."

She takes Chase by the hand and leads him out of the changing room into a huge nursery with many cribs and 'Children' of all ages. Mandy sits in a large reclining rocking chair and beckons for him to sit in her lap. Chase waddles shyly up to Mandy as she helps him into her lap. Mandy arranges Chase comfortably in her arms and picks up a large 1 liter bottle with a white liquid in it. She puts it to his mouth. The sweet taste of the special regression formula fills his mouth.

Mandy coos softly, "This will make you feel so much better baby."

Mandy smiles warmly at Chase as he nurses the bottle. Mandy knows he will be 2 years old by the time he wakes up from his nap. She hopes the regendering room Is available then, she wants her new baby girl as soon as possible.

Mandy helps Chase onto his feet and takes him by the hand. She walks him over to a large crib and lowers the rails. She helps him into the crib and tucks him in. She places a Teddy Bear in his arms. She raises the rail and it locks with a soft click.

Mandy bends over the rail and pats Chase softly on his bottom as she coos, "When baby wakes up, the formula you just drank will have taken your mind from you. You will be an adorable little 2 yo baby for the rest of your life. I will take you to the regendering room and remove the rest of your manhood. You will look and act just like an adorable baby girl for the rest of your life. I think I will call you ... Melissa ... Missy for short."

With this, Mandy kisses Chase softly on his nose, turns the lights low in the nursery and departs, leaving Chase with his thoughts.

Chase’s mind is confused. He feels so content and his tummy is warm from the bottle of formula. His eyes are very heavy as he thinks how wonderful his mommy is. He hopes she stays his mommy fore ever and ever ... she is so wonderful. Infantile dreams begin to form in his mind as he looses the last vestiges of Adulthood and falls into a sweet infantile sleep with many wonderful dreams.

Several hours later, Mandy quietly enters the nursery and lowers the crib rail. She bends in. She kisses Chase on his nose as she coos softly, "You’re such a sweet and cute baby. Is silly baby aww wet n messy?" She checks Chase's diaper and find he is indeed wet.

Chase whimpers in a cute infantile voice, “I fink I am!”

He starts to cry softly, then stops as Mandy touches him knowing in his infantile mind that things will be ok. Mandy helps Chase from the crib and leads him slowly to the potty room.

She coos to baby, "I think you need a baf too sweetie bumps. Baby all messy too."

Chase bounces gleefully as he claps his hands, “Can it be bubble baf! bubbles are fun! they make popping sounds and it cool!” He giggles adorably
Mandy closes the drain on the tub and starts the water. She makes sure it is nice and comfortably warm. She pours a golden gel into the water and many bubbles start to form. The wonderful aroma of honeysuckle fills the room.

Mandy hugs Chase softly, then begins to take off his panties and messy diaper. She cleans his squeaky places gently with the diaper before she tosses it into the diaper pail.
She takes several sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans the rest of the mess. She helps Chase into the warm and tingly water.

Chase blushes, feeling exposed wondering what will happen next.

He giggles adorably and says, “Feels so tingwy mommy! I wike it a wot!

He splashes happily in the water as any baby would. He thinks this is one of the bestest moments of his life.

Mandy kneels down beside the tub and lathers a thick wash cloth with soap. She washes Chase's face first, then the rest of his body. She applies a thick gel to his skin as she washes him. All his body hair had been removed by the powerful depilatory earlier, and this bath made his skin so soft.

Chase realizes he has no male parts. He is shocked he was losing his manliness at first ... then ... he wasn’t sure why he was shocked. He stared at his new vagina for a minute then asked in a cute baby voice, “What are you doing to me mommy? Baby feels so strange now!”

Mandy giggles and replies, "Why silly baby, I'm making sure you are a baby. I am also going to give you a surprise too. I think you'll like it."

Chase coos like a baby, “A surpwise? What kind of surpwise?

Mandy helps Chase to his feet and out of the tub. She has him stand on a very thick and fuzzy bathmat as she dries him from head to foot.

Chase giggles and squirms like a good baby girl as she says adorably, “Mat is aww ticklish mommy! ooh! the towel is sooo warm and comfortable!

Mandy removes something that looks like a pen from her blouse and puts it to Chase's neck ... there is a hissing pop. Chase can feel the hot fiery shot as it spreads through his body.

Chase begins to cry. He says with a gasping teary voice, “Ow! Why you hurt baby?” Hi expression looks upset and hurt as he continues, “Was that my pwesent? if it was then id rather gives it back.”

Chase feels all parts of his body shouting from the inside as the shot spread quickly.
Mandy hugs Chase lovingly as she kisses him softly on his cheek. She coos softly, "Sweetie, that will make you into the baby you are going to be for the rest of your life. I want to make sure you have no choice now."

Chase cries, knowing that he’s a baby for a long time ... but not understanding why it’s wrong. His mind had regressed too far to understand many concepts. He was simply too young.

Mandy takes Chase by his hand and leads him to the changing counter. She helps him up and lays him on his back. She measures him and was happy he had begun to shrink as planned. He was now 4 feet tall. He would be 3 feet tall by tomorrow. The program was working perfectly.

She blows a loud raspberry in his tummy then coos softly, "Baby no has to worry about a mommy. I have a wonderful young woman who is just dying to have you."

Chase is quickly over come with infantile glee. He is going to meet his real mommy soon. He is over joyed.

Mandy quickly lifts Chase by his ankles and puts a cute girls toddler Huggies under him and set his bottom in it. She powders him generously with baby powder, then pulls the Huggies between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on.

Mandy coos softly, "I think baby will be real surprised at who your new mommy is."

She helps Chase back to his feet. She holds out a cute pair of pink rumba panties with large, soft white ruffles.

She coos softly, "Now step in like a good baby."

Chase steps in, feels the soft ruffles against his skin. He likes being a baby very much. Mandy pulls them up and makes sure they fit properly over his bulky disposable.

As Mandy hugs Chase, she pulls open the back of his diaper and panties. She reaches in and pushes a large suppository into his bottom. Chase feels it as Mandy pushes deep into his bottom. The suppository feels cool inside him as he feels the wetness of it as it melts.

Chase squeaks softly as he is penetrated deeply. The suppository melts quickly and does its work. Chase will always be an adorable baby girl from that point foreword.

Mandy giggles softly, "Your new mommy is someone who loves you very much, and wants you to be her baby always."

Mandy picks up a brush and begins to brush Chase's hair. It forms cute little ringlets all over his head. Mandy walks Chase to the Mirror on the back of the potty room door and lets him take a look.
Looking back from the mirror, Chase sees he is a very adorable looking baby girl in the cutest pink rumba panties. The Huggies gave him a very poofy butt.

Chase gurgles adorably, “I wook.... wike a girl! Am I just some slave that you mold into a baby and send to whoever wants me? Is that what you want from me? To be some slave for someone?

Mandy bends over and hugs Chase softly as she coos, "That's one of the things we do here at Babies of all Ages sweetie bumps. You came to apply for a job, well .. you've been hired. It jus so happens that the job was to be a baby girl for one of our clients. Isn't that wonderful?" She kisses him softly on his cheek.

Chase gurgles softly, “Gots ccepted?”

Mandy stands and continues, "And, this is a full time permanent job. You will be a baby for the rest of your life. I promise, you will be well taken care of."

Mandy places a red with black spots beret in Chase's hair on one side of his head. He was so precious.

Mandy coos softly, "Sweetie, you may as well understand right now, your way too young to have any say in anything now. You have to do what an adult tells you for the rest of your life. Now don't be scared sweet heart. I know it's hard the first time when you find out who your mommy is going to be. It's time to meet her.

Chase shivers a bit nervously at meeting his new mommy. He starts to suck his thumb.
Mandy takes Chase by his other hand and leads him out of the potty room and nursery. She takes him out into the crowded play area into the office. Chase could see the back of a very pretty woman sitting in the chair in front of the desk. She looked so familiar from behind ... he couldn't quite ...

Mandy leads Chase around and puts his hand in the woman's. Chase's eyes get big as saucers as he realizes who this is. It's his girlfriend Cindy!!

Mandy coos softly, "And this is your mommy from now on baby. The shot and suppository I gave you will regress you permanently to 2 years old. You will be in diapers and be an adorable little toddler for your mommy, just like she wanted."

Chase is confused. His infantile self didn’t care .. he was so glad to be with his mommy. There was another very faint part that was crying out at being forced to be a baby.

Chase coos anf gurgles like a baby, “Cindy.... you wanted me to be like this? why?”

Cindy bends over and says softly, "Well sweet heart, you do wet the bed. I think it would be better if you didn't have to pretend to be a big girl any more. Now you can just be my baby. Isn’t that wonderful?" She hugs Chase lovingly and kisses him on his lips.
Cindy digs in her pocket book for a second and produces a big cherry candy. She unwraps it and puts it in Chase's mouth. The wonderful flavor of cherry fills his mouth as his head begins to buzz in a very pleasant way.

All he can think of is “mmmmmmmmmm!”

Cindy coos softly, "In a few minutes love, You will be about 2 years old. I love you lots and mommy promise to take care of you forever.

Cindy then signs a stack of papers Mandy had placed in front of her. Mandy walks around the desk and inks Chase's hands and fingers. She presses each of his fingers and then his palm into the spots provided on the form.

Chase coos, “Finger painting! yay!”

Mandy says, "All right Cindy, this makes it official, What do you want to call your new daughter?"

Cindy says, "I'll call her ... Melissa ... Missy for short." Both women giggle as Mandy writes the name onto the birth certificate that made Chase the new Melissa and Cindy's new adopted daughter.

Cindy stands up, then pats Missy reassuringly on her diapered bottom making lots of crinkly noises. She takes Missy by the hand and starts to leave the office.

Cindy says as they leave, "Wave bye bye to Mandy baby. You will see her when I being you back during the day while mommy has to work."

Missy waves bye to Mandy! Her mind now is totally lost to infantileness. She is 2 years old and very happy to be with her mommy. Mandy is pleased with herself. She has made a client very happy and has provided the community with another job. She smiles as she waves bye.

Melissa is smiling from ear to ear. Not only does her new mommy want her, but she has made a new friend in Mandy. Nothing could be better.

Mandy watches as Cindy straps her new daughter into the car seat for the ride home.
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