The Little Sister

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The Little Sister

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:35 am

Title: The Little Sister


Jennifer : 18 yo College Cheerleader – Played by Miki Yamuri
Brenda: 16 yo High school student – Played by Ella Kenet

Scene: Plotting


Brenda had been tired of the way her sister acted for years, what with her haughty arrogance, pretty body, and stuck up attitude. In Brenda's opinion, the blonde, though outwardly sweet, had outgrown her britches. She needed to be taught a lesson.

Which was why, with Winter Break beginning today, she awaited her sister to come back to the apartment, so she could show her just what a spoiled brat she really was. Brenda knew she had grown bigger than her petit sister and could handle the plan.

Jennifer thought to her self as she drove down the last few blocks to her and her little sister’s apartment, "I'm glad to be finally off and free for a week. Hope little sister doesn't mind, but I'm gonna party some."

She pulled up into the parking lot, and got out. She took her suitcase from the back of the car and walked to the apartment. Jennifer unlocked the door and walked into the living room with a grand flourish.

She said cheerily, "Hi, little sis ... we have a week of freedom!!"

Brenda smirked in reply. "Oh? I wasn't aware that little girls like you had any freedom."

The comment was made to make her feel like she was a toddler, but it could've just as easily referred to the barely 4' 2” body of her sister. Brenda thought her sister would make an excellent babydoll. She was just the right size.

Jennifer looked at Brenda for a second and replied, "This little girl has a week to play. I'm going to have a party all week."

Jennifer then went into the back bedroom. Drawers and the closet could be heard opening and closing. When she came out, she had changed into her jeans and T top. She went into the Kitchen with a bag in her hand.

Brenda merely shook her head, walking over and bolting and locking the door. She then pocketed the key. She was a good two feet taller than her sis, so she could unlock it no problem. Jennifer, on the other hand, would struggle. She would need a chair or a stool to stand on to unlock any of the door or windows in the house. Brenda had made sure of that.

Brenda says in a voice like she’s scolding a child, "And just what are you doing, little Miss?"

Jennifer asked sweetly, "Little sis want to have a drink? I've got some Nice Brandy here."

Jennifer walks out of the kitchen with 2 full brandy glasses

Brenda shakes her head, taking the glasses away, "Little girls like you don't need drinks. They're bad for your kidney."

Brenda then puts it all away.

Jennifer says in a cute exasperated voice, "What's going on? You sound like ... mom or something."

Jennifer follows behind Brenda as she puts all the drink things away

Brenda smirks, "That's the point ... In any case, you're not going out partying dressed like that, little girl."

Jennifer stops suddenly with her mouth slightly open. She looks down at herself and then back at her little sister in astonishment.

Brenda smirks again, then nods toward the bathroom, "Come on, let's get you cleaned up and in the right outfit for a girl you age."

Jennifer puts her hands on her hips and snaps, "And who made you in charge here?"

Brenda smiles sweetly. "Maturity did. That, and the fact that I'm far bigger and stronger than you, so I don't think you want to fuss at me, Little Girl."

Jennifer is shocked. How can her little sister dare totalk to her that way?

She stands up straight and says, "I'm older than you. I don't want to take a bath. So there.”

Brenda clicks her tongue shaking her head. "I didn't want to have to do this, but you give me no other recourse."

Brenda then reached out, grabbing Jennifer by the ear, and yanked her towards the bathroom. Jennifer screeches like a little girl as Brenda pulls her into the bathroom.

Jennifer is totally in shock at this point as she grabs her sister's hand and tries to get free.
Brenda growls, yanking her sister over in front of her, holding onto her firmly and painfully.

Brenda scolds in a voice like she’s talking to a naughty child, "Little girls should know when to behave and how to talk to their elders."

Brenda then pulls Jennifer down, forcing her bottom into the air, Brenda swats her firmly, as a warning. Jennifer screeches loudly as her bottom is spanked. She then cries just like a child. Jennifer can't believe what is happening as she struggles to escape.

Brenda stops suddenly, pulling her sister into an embrace and hugging her. "Shhhh, shhh, it's alright.... Nanny's sorry...."

Jennifer instinctually hugs Brenda as she sniffles. Jennifer is completely mind blown at this point. She can't believe she just got a spanking ... from her sister no less. She doesn’t understand the comment about her elders either.

Brenda smiles, kissing Jenny's forehead, as she calmly ushers her into the bathroom. There is a nice warm bubble bath awaiting the girl.

Brenda coos comfortingly, "There, there... you'll feel better after a bath, okay Jenny?"

Jenny. She hadn't been called that in ages. It makes her feel so young and helpless. Jenny felt like a little girl as Brenda undressed her and helped her into the tub. The water was very warm and made Jennifer's skin tingle pleasantly. She was even more surprised that her sister was giving her this bath.

Brenda smiled, letting her sister sit in the tub some. Jenny found she actually liked the feel of her sister washing her like this.

As Brenda got ready to bathe Jenny she explained, "Now, there are a couple of rules we need to establish first, so that we can protect you from hurting yourself, okay Jenny?"

Rules?? Jenny had no idea what this could mean. She replies in a small voice, "What rules? And my name’s not Jenny ... I’m Jennifer."

Brenda nodded and replied, "You are way too little of a girl to be called Jennifer any more. Your name’s Jenny until you grow up some.”

Jenny’s mind was becoming confused. Elders ... now I’m way too young??

Brenda continued accusingly, “Now, Nanny heard you've been a naughty girl at school. Boys complain about you doing naughty things with other people, and being a really bad girl. Isn't that right?"

Jenny was flabbergasted that Brenda would know about her antics at school.

She looks at Brenda with a sheepish expression and said, "That's my business." she then shied away a bit

Brenda nodded sagely. "Yes, I know all about that. And yes, it is my business. Since I am the more mature I feel you've overstepped your boundaries and I am going to bring you back to your proper age. Nanny will be more vigilant in my care of her baby."

Jenny asks in a winy little girl voice, "What are you going to do to me?"

In her heart, Jenny wasn't really sure she wanted to know

Brenda sighed a bit, pulling out a wet washcloth, and began cleaning Jennifer like a little baby girl.

Brenda replies, "Nothing that won't help you in the end. For this week, at least, you're going to stay home with me, where I can take care of you."

Jenny whines like a little girl, "Stay home? Aww ... I'm not going to stay home."

Brenda glowers menacingly at the girl, scrubbing her roughly, "You will, and I promise you, you'll enjoy it. Or else."

Jenny shivers with fear as she is washed. She has no idea of how she can get out of her sister's hands. Her mind races, but her little sister is a lot bigger than she is, and she knows she doesn’t want another spanking

After a few short strokes, Brenda eases up with the scrubbing, returning to smooth massaging all over the girl's body.

"Doesn't that feel good?" Brenda coos.

Jenny had to admit ... she really liked her bath. She loved the massaging she was getting too.

She said softly and shyly, "It does feel really good sis."

Brenda smiled, cooing a bit, as she worked her way down, starting to wash the nether regions. This was a bit of a turn on to Jen, and it felt great.

Brenda coos to her baby, "I'm glad to hear it, Little One."

Jenny squeaks softly as she is caressed. She cant help it ... it felt so wonderful. Jenny leans back onto her sisters arm and holds it as she moans softly.

Brenda smiles. Just as planned. Though she's enjoying giving the bath, she knows that Jen is enjoying this more than she is, just as she hoped. This is working much better than she had hoped.

Quickly, Brenda cleans and massages Jenny’s entire body until it is nice and tingly smooth. Jenny is in a state of euphoria when Brenda had finished. Her skin tingled in a way she had never felt.

Jenny looked up at her sister with wide eyes and said softly, "That was very nice."

Brenda smiles, kissing Jen sweetly on the forehead, "I'm glad. Does that mean I can bathe my little sister more often?"

Jenny looks around the bathroom. She looks back at Brenda and says shyly, "If it's like that ... Yes!!"

Brenda giggles, fetching a towel, and opening it up, "Now, step into the towel, Love."

Jenny stood slowly and stepped out of the tub. She hadn't felt this young in a very long time. She loved the warm fuzziness of the towel as she was briskly dried. Jenny noticed, all the hair on her body except on her head, eyebrows, and eyelashes was gone. Her skin was baby smooth. She shivers as large goose bumps rise all over her.

Brenda smiled, wrapping Jen up in the towel as she proceeded to sensually dry her off from head to toe. Soon, she was warm and dry. "Feel better now?"

Jenny looked up at her sister. She nods and says softly, "Umm humm ... what am I gonna wear?"

Jenny looks around the bathroom and could see no clothes except the ones her sister had taken off of her.

Brenda put a finger to her mouth some. "Shh, it's a surprise. I picked it up yesterday while you were in class."

She then, of all things, picks her sister up, carrying her bodily into the guest bedroom, now a fully converted nursery. She proved to Jenny, Little sister was totally in charge.

Jenny struggles against her sister's strong arms as she is carried into the guest room. As she is carried in, she stops struggling for a moment as she realizes this is a nursery .. for a baby.

She looks at her sister and gasps, "No!! I refuse to do this."

Walking into the nursery, Brenda seats her sister on what is unmistakably a changing table. The room itself is a nursery, filled with baby furniture of all sorts, for a little girl.

Brenda shakes her head. "You will, and you'll love it. I promise."

Jenny tries to get off the changing table ... all she wants to do now is to leave.

Brenda angrily grabs her, and sets her back up on it. "Now stop that! You need to behave for Nanny!"

Jenny shouts, "Your not a Nanny ... and I won't do this!"

Jenny begins to poke out her bottom lip and pout as she struggles with Brenda.

Brenda sighs, grabbing her sister. "Does someone need a reminder?" She raises her hand threateningly, as if to spank.

Jenny shies away suddenly. She feels just like a naughty little girl about to get spanked. She can't believe it. Jenny sits and whimpers like a little girl.

Brenda sighs a bit, hugging her sister tenderly. "Jenny needs to realize, that I only want what's best for her. I don't want to punish you, but I will if I have to. Please, trust me on this, sis ... I promise you'll feel really good."

Jenny looks up at her sister with wide eyes. She asks like a little girl, "What are you gonna do?"

Jenny sees her sister bring out a diaper and all the little things to change baby. She is stunned

Brenda smiles. "I'm going to give you a massage, of course. Did you not like the one you had earlier?"

Jenny nods, and says softly, "Umm humm ... was .. really nice."

Jenny tries to cover herself with her arms and hands. For some reason she feels very little and shy.

Brenda smiles, laying Jenny down, as she takes out a bottle of lotion. "Then you have nothing to fear."

Squirting some on her hands, Brenda then begins applying it, gently pushing Jenny’s hands out of the way as she soothingly massages her sister.

Jenny coos at first then begins to giggle.

She gasps softly, "This feels so ... good."

Brenda smiles, rubbing and massaging Jenny all over her front, before turning her over and getting the backside.

Jenny gasps, "What are you doing to me? I feel so ... little." Then she giggles

Brenda smiles, her magic working as she regresses Jenny, in a way she's completely okay with, into a baby. Just by mere touch.

Brenda coos, "Massaging you, silly."

Jenny feels so wonderfully content. It’s becoming hard to remember that this is against her will.

Brenda then turns Jenny back over, getting a bottle of oil out, pouring it onto her hands, and starts massaging this into her. Combination baby oil and anti-hair growth formula, just in case Jenny needs baby time after this week.

Jenny gasps as her sister massages the baby oil in. She lays back totally captured.
Jenny giggles softly as she squirms and kicks her feet gently against the tickling massage.

Brenda smiles, cooing. "Baby likes her massage, huh?"

Jenny hadn't ever felt this way ... since she was a baby. She replies softly, "Yes ... baby love it." then giggles helplessly some more

Brenda smiles, turning Jenny over like before, and massaging her more, occasionally tickling her as well. Jenny kicks and squirms happily at her sisters magic, tickling massage. She had no thoughts about resisting at this point ... all she knew ... how good this felt.

Brenda smiles. She then reaches for the powder, unscrewing the top, and gingerly powdering her, as well as an open and waiting diaper, before rubbing the powder into Jen's body. Jenny giggles even more as the sweet smell of baby powder fills her nose. She squirms against her sisters tickling fingers ... She is totally lost in a contented infantile haze.

Brenda gently lifts Jenny by the legs, setting the diaper underneath her, and then setting her down. Spreading her legs, she pulls it up, and tapes it securely. "There, all diapered up. Didn't Baby Jenny enjoy that?"

Jenny is mind blown. She really did enjoy this a lot. A lot more than she though she would.

Brenda smiles and sits her up. "See? That wasn't so bad, now was it baby?"

She said in a little girl's voice, "Umm humm. I really did enjoy it ... Nana?.

Jenny puts her finger in her mouth and shies a bit ... Jenny can’t believe she just called her baby sister ... Nana.
Brenda giggles some, pulling out some pink plastic panties, rimmed with rows of ruffles and a locking waste band. She then threads them onto her feet. "Aw, pretty panties for a pretty baby."

With cheeks turning a cute pinkish red Jenny asks, "Mine?"

She points to the panties as Brenda pulls them up over Jenny's diaper and locks the lock in back.

Brenda nods, reaching behind Jenny. "Of course, sweetie." She then kisses her cheek. "Like them?"

Jenny looks down at the panties. She pats them softly with her hand for bit then replies softly, "They are cute and really pretty."

Jenny notices the thick waist band that had some kind of cable in it ... she feels a lock with her hand in back. She realizes she’s trapped in the diaper and plastic panties.

Jenny looks up at her sister in shock and whines, "I cant get out of these. Why are they locked?"

Brenda nods as Jen notices this. "This is to make sure Baby stays in her panties, where she's safe. That way, she can't get out and torture poor little boys."

Jenny's eyes get huge as she puts her fists to her mouth. Tears start to form ... she cant believe she's trapped and will be made to use her diaper.

Jenny wines like a little baby, "Aww sis .. please ... I don’t want to."

Brenda shakes her head, pulling her into a hug. "Shhhh, It's for your own good. You'll love it. Besides, a baby girl your age is un potty trained and needs to be in a diaper."

Jenny loves the reassuring hug. She still doesn’t want to ... but if it feels this good ... well ... she really thinks it might be a lot of fun. She doesn’t want to have to go in the diaper though.

She whines, “But sis, I’m potty trained ... I don’t need a diaper.”

Brenda laughs as she pats Jenny on her hiney. She says cooingly like to a baby, “Jenny sweet heart, until I say different, you’re an unpotty trained baby and that’s final.”

Jenny was totally floored.

Brenda nods, leaving her briefly to get a onesie. She then dressed Jenny in it. It's blue with pink Teddy Bears, and "I Love My Big Sis" on it.
Jenny really enjoyed being dressed. She felt really happy inside .. better than she had in long time. Brenda knows this is how Jenny would feel. She then leads Jenny over to a vanity, and starts brushing her hair until it is soft and smooth.

Brenda coos, "I promise I'll take good care of you. If you're behaved at the end of the week, Nana will let you be a big girl again at school. If not ... you will be my baby 24 / 7 instead of just when your out of school."

Jenny looks down at the words on the front of the onesie ... she looks at her sister and asks softly in a little girl voice, "You going to let me go ... aren't you? I have to finish college."

Jenny pokes out her bottom lip in a very cute little girl pout.

Brenda nods. "I promise to let you go back ... if you promise to behave and let me care for you for one week. You will be a baby and I expect you to act like it ... Deal?"

Jenny looks at her sister for a moment. She knows her sister is fully capable of forcing her as the last hour had demonstrated. She also realizes that this is lots of fun too ...

She says softly, "Ok .. a deal. I'll be baby."

Jenny then starts to suck her thumb and discovers she really liked doing it.

Brenda smiles, hugging her sister. She then beings to arrange Jen's hair into two ponytails. Jenny really enjoys having her hair done. She giggles sweetly as it tickles her scalp pleasantly.

Brenda nods in approval. She knows the drugs she is putting in Jenny’s food will insure Jenny is the sweetest baby. Soon, Brenda fetches a bottle, and inserts it into Jen's mouth. It is laced, and will make her drowsy and incontinent ... and will bend Jenny’s personality to be the baby Brenda wants her to be.

Jenny cant resist the sweet flavor of the formula. It tasted wonderful. As she nursed the bottle in her sisters hand ... she began to feel a warm drowsy contentment flowing through her, Jenny’s body relaxes as she leans back into her sister's cradling arm. Jenny realizes too late what her sister’s plan truly is. Jenny can feel the sweet infantile haze entering her mind as the powerful drugs bend her to Brenda’s will.

And so ended that first day. Brenda was so proud of her new baby , letting Jenny finish the bottle. Brenda carried her sister, putting her to bed in the crib and tucking her in. She puts a soft, fuzzy Teddy Bear next to Jenny. She hugs it and cuddles up to it. Jenny wouldn't wake up until morning, at the beginning of her new life as the new little baby sister.

~~ End ~~
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Re: The Little Sister

Postby TiresiasRex » Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:16 am

A refreshing conclusion and departure from the usual Ella K/Miki stories: here, the Miki "stand-in" gets babied (unlike other tales wherein Miki is the victorious dominant personality). Fun stuff! And thanks to both of you for posting this. Yes, it has been a while since I have been here....
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