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Dragons Away

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sun Mar 06, 2016 3:57 pm

Title: Dragons Away


Kail Lancaster Age:19 - Knight and Young Hero - Played by: DMG

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Princess Dee dee - 18yo Ababy Princess

Scene: In the throne room of a Magical Queendom

The Queen sat on her guided throne with furrowed brow. Her Adult baby Princess daughter was being harassed by a fearsome monster in the night ... the dreaded Dream Dragon. It brought with it many horses ... all night mares. The Princess feared going to her crib at night and having the light turned out. Her plaintive crys were breaking everyone's heart.

The Queen had called on many a brave knight ... none rose to the occasion until one in bright and shining silver armor showed up. The Queen eyes the young man from head to foot and sees his mighty broad sword.

The Queen asks Authoritatively, "And you understand, this Dragon must be killed. The kingdom will be forever ... in your debt if you succeed."

Kail was not your typical knight but a wandering hero. He was not overly muscled but was agile and swift. Using his mind and other trained powers. But when hearing of this dreaded dream monster. He came to offer himself to solve their problems. Kail was dressed like a normal traveler. He had long blond hair that was in a high braided ponytail. Most of his garb was light blue and had warm brown boots. His green eyes shown brilliantly.

"Yes, your Majesty, I am just happy to help. Your nightmare dragon shall be slayed" he said kneeling before the very beautiful Queen.

The Queen stood in all her regal majesty and bowed slightly to kiss him on his head. She smiles softly as she replies, "A great and wonderful reward awaits upon your successful return. Bring to me the Dragon's Heart as proof of your mighty deed. Upon our hearth it shall hang for all to see."

She waves her arm in a grand flourish towards the huge fireplace across the room. Kail could see many trophies adorned the wall above.

"No reward is needed ... please lead me to the princess. I will try and set up to deal with it milady" said Kail as he blushed when he was kissed by the Queen. Even then he wanted to meet the princess to put her at ease.

The Queen held out her hand and helps Kail to his feet. She escorts him from the throne room with several well dressed guards tagging close behind. After walking down a seemingly never ending hall, the Queen tuned to a very thick oak door, bound with heavy steel bands and a massive lock set. She opens the door ... they enter a very spacious and cute nursery ... the Princess Dee dee sitting in the middle in just a romper and a thick diaper, playing with her blocks.

The Queen walks up to the Princess and kisses her on top of her head. She coos softly, "Baby, I want you to meet the Knight that is to slay the fearsome beast."

The Princess looks up with large sparkling blue eyes. She gets up on all fours, then stands on her feet. She walks to Kail and hugs him around his neck.

She gurgles adorably, "Baby so fraidda tha monster ... brings many bad dreams."

Kail blushed a bit when he saw the princess. And saw that she was very cute. He had work to do. He then hugs the princess back

"Do not worry Princess I will slay that evil dragon. So you can have a peaceful sleep" he said to her.

It tore at his heart that this pretty girl was tormented by this evil monster. Kail was escorted from the nursery and from the Castle's keep. He walked bravely up to his mighty steed, and climbed into the saddle. With a wave of his hand to the Worried Queen, the hero was off on his quest.

Kail had given a wave good bye to the Queen. He had started to head to the dragon's lair. His steed traveled a great distance. And then he found the lair of the dreaded dragon. The blond haired knight drew a sword that was a bane to evil. The Vorpal Sword … It was given to him from the White Queen of Underland.

With swifty and shifty movement he sinks through the darkly shadows of the cave. Sneaking like a crafty fox Kail finds the beast sleeping.

"Off with its head" he said and let the Vorpal Sword guide him. It went through and through the dragon. And the sword went snicker snack. He then went through the creature and cut out its heart. Finding a bag, Kail puts the creatures heart inside it and ties it up tightly so the blood would not leak out. Kail gets on his horse and rides swiftly and triumphantly back to the queen.

As Kail rode, the Dragon's heart continued to beat. he could feel the heat from it through the thick leather bag that contained it and each throb it made. He could sort of hear a small voice calling to him .... from so far away. He couldn't quite tell of what it said ... but a warning he was sure. Warily, he dismounted his noble steed, and strode into the castle's keep. Upon her gilded throne, with her Ababy daughter in her silver high chair near, sat the Queen. She stood in all her regal Majesty as Kail came to her throne.

Kail had ignored the voice as he thought it was just the wind as he walks to the queen and presents the bag to her and the princess.

"I have slain the dragon. And I made sure that he stays dead. I would like to show it but. I don't want to make the Princess scared" he said to the two of them.

The queen stands and takes the bag from Kail's hand. She smiles softly as she says, "You have done well, noble knight, and as reward .. you shall become the babydoll of my beautiful daughter. For as all know round about, this is the land of Infans … The land of Ababies"

There is a flurry of motion as the Queen opens the bag. Kail realizes she had tossed some of the Dragon's blood on him. What happens next, happens rapidly as his clothes become too large for his body and all the things in the throne room appear to grow large round about.

"What....the...heck" said Kail as he was surprised by the Queen's actions.

Things were spinning for him as changes were starting rapidly. It seemed his body was changing … shrinking … he was loosing himself. He then falls to the floor massively disoriented.

Dee dee giggles as she claps her hands. She coos adorably, "Baby wanna hasa babydoll mommy. I no gots one can play wifs that move n stuffs."

The queen smiles at her daughter as she coos in reply, "He will be the perfect babydoll sweetheart, mommy promises."

"What....is the...meaning of this?" demanded Kail as his body was not responding.

It felt like his entire body was asleep. He did not understand what fate had in store for him right now and did not understand what the Queen was going on about.

The Queen smiles as she replies, "What greater reward can there be for you, than to become my baby daughter's babydoll? Long life, and perfect health, although ... I think a gender change is in order."

Dee dee giggles more as she bounces in her royal high chair and claps her hands with glee.

A maid walks in and then bows before the Queen. "The room is ready for the ritual" she said and then departs from the room.

Kail looks up at the Queen and then the princess. He looked a bit afraid and hoped that he would not die or anything like that. Several women dressed in gossamer gowns seemingly floated into the throne room. Kial felt fear for the first time in his life as these very beautiful women in almost transparent clothes lifted him and began to carry him. Kial's last sight of the Queen before he was carried from the room, was of her helping the Ababy Princess from her Royal High Chair.

Kail would have had him self very stiff and ready to go at the site of these women. But since his body was numb that was not the case. He was afraid about what this ritual was going to do to him. He realy feared the gender change comment and hoped that wasn't what was going on.

The women carry his limp body into a large and very ornately decorated room. They place him on a weird kind of alter. It looked for the world like a very stylized bassinet. The women take out some strange kind of ... scissor/knives, and cute his armor and clothes off. His armor offered absolutely no resistance to their attentions as Kial felt them remove his shredded clothing, leaving him totally nude.

Kail was looking all around him to see what was going on. He watches them strip and cut away his clothes until he was bare.

"What kind of ritual is this" he asked fearfully as his body was still tingly all over.

Kail was blushing quite hard since he did not want to be nude like this in front of these women as the only thing that was able to move was his wee wee. The Women take large jars of some kind of thick gel. They begin to smear it all over his body. One of the women, takes another kind of jar with yellow gel in it. She scoops a large glob into her hands, then begins to caress Kail in his crotch and push her gel wet fingers up his bottom. All the poor boy could do was gasp as it happened. Really intense sensations began to run all through him as his crotch began to feel like ... some thing was way too small.

Kail gasps loudly as these women use some kind of gel on him. The sensations felt really good. It felt so nice it was relaxing him greatly. Kail tries to look down to see what was going on down in his neither regions.

One of the women giggles slightly "You should feel honored to have this done. You will look so cute for the princess as her living Babydoll, Its going very well sweetheart" she says and brings a mirror to show what was happening to him.

Kail looks into the mirror to see what was going on with him. One of the women takes a big scoop of some red gel and smears it all over Kial's face. It immediately begins to feel too small and to itch and burn slightly.

The women giggle. One of the girls coos to Kail softly, "Your face will take a bit to arrange itself. It might burn some ... it won't so much hurt as be an itchy irritation."

The other woman lifts Kail by his ankles without preamble and pushes 3 thumb sized object into his bottom in quick order, then set him back on the alter. Kail feels the gel working on his face and it did burn a bit. But the feeling was short lived. He blushes again and gasps loudly in surprise as three things were pushed into his bottom. Looking down Kail sees his neither regions start to shrink down and almost go into his body. The women open large jars of some kind of amber liquid. They pour it all over his nude body and begin to gently rub his skin with thick cloths.

One of the girls coos softly, "You will make such a pretty little girl Babydoll. Now, don't be afraid. Your skin and your body will begin to feel kind of small on the outside. This can't be helped. But after the process is completed. you will be all girl for the Princess."

"What..."said Kail as he feels his body get a bit smaller as the amber gel was applied to him.

He or now she, sees her body becoming more like a female's body. As his man parts had vanished and were now a cute hairless privacy. Her body was feeling so different now than it was before.

The same woman that spoke to him looked at him. Giggling in the process "Oh the final step of the ritual will be so cute" she giggles again looking at Kail again. "Well her hair is growing out and she's got some small boobie bumps"she said as Kail's hair was growing out as well as her chest forming small mounds beneath enlarging nipples.

Kail was now several sizes smaller than the princess. One of the women again lifts Kail by his ankles and puts something beneath his bottom before setting him back into a very thick and soft place. She powders him well before pulling what he now knows to be a diaper between his legs. She fastens it snugly, but comfortably on with large locking diaper pins before sitting him up. The diaper was hugely thick and bulky between his legs. She takes one of his nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and gives them a tug. When she releases, Kail has 2 very cute and noticeable boobie bumps that remained.

Kail could not believe this was happening. But it felt so soft and comfortable. The new sensations his female body gave him were extraordinary. Kail sees her new boobie bumps. He gasps as he realizes finally that there is no escape. He was now the Princesses Babydoll.

"After this its gona be this Babydoll's first meal" a priestess said looking at the new babydoll. “Plus it would be in time with the princess's feeding time.”

The women thread Kail's feet though a pair of adorable white rumba panties with lots of pink critters on them and pink ruffles. Kail is stood on his wobbly feet and the panties pulled the rest of the way up. After they pat his hinny softly, Kail's hands are threaded through a shorty babydoll top then pulled over his head. He feels it as the soft fabric tickles his new boobies. He feels it as it is zipped up in back and it holds him gently in a way no other clothes ever had. After a pair of crocheted booties are tied on his feet, the women stand back and admire the new, extremely cute little Babydoll.

The Queen appears in the room and takes a seat in the ornate chair over by one wall. The women escort Kail by his hands to her. She bends and lifts Kail into her lap, and nestles him comfortably into the crook of her arm. Kail watches wide eyed as she undoes a panel in her top, and brings out a very shapely and well formed breast. She gives the nipple a squeeze. A large white drop appears.

Kail is totally mind blown as the nipple is put into his mouth. Kail was feeling all kinds of new sensations as she was being dressed up. She then sees herself finally. Kail is shocked that so many changes happened to her. Kail's thoughts were cut short as she was being led back to the Queen.

Kail then feels being nestled into the crook of the Queen's arms. Kail gets a surprise as the Queen had brought out her breast and started droplets of milk. Then the nipple was placed in her mouth.

Kail couldn't help herself, she begins to instinctively nurse from the Queen. The milk tasted so good and she could not stop suckling. Kail's mind started to get foggy from the nursing and the warm contented feeling spreading though his new body. Quickly, Kail began to feel his tummy warming and his eyes to get droopy. He knew, he would be helpless to stop it. His last conscious thought was wondering how he could get away. The next thing he knew, he was in a wonderful land of candy, fuzzy plushy dolls, and many kinds of baby toys. He was ecstatically happy as he toddles though this wonderful dream world, and partook of the many baby pleasures there ... all for her … The Princesses new Living Babydoll.

~~ The End ~~
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