Unexpected Changes Part 1

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Unexpected Changes Part 1

Postby Diamond Moon » Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:05 pm

Unexpected Changes

A male stares at a mirrior with a massive amount of antispation and nerviousness as he was going to do something drastic. All to get the attention of a girl he liked, it was nothing life threatening or that would be doing something that would be illegal. "Ok.....Chris...this can be done and just do it" he said and his green eyes looked down at his desk with several items and his hands brushing his long brown hair. The girl in question though was a girl named Debbie Blake. She was really cute and acted more of someone that was younger then himself but at the same time. The girl was still someone of his age of understanding things. Chris had seen Debbie multiable times while at this one game store. That he goes to a lot when not working or just needing to get away from his house.

But Chris had tried to talk to her but every time something happend. Either something came up or by the time he tried to get something out. Debbie was gone as she got her game and was gone. A few people had said that she had been asked out by several more impressive men then himself and turned them down. Some had said she was not into men and well more into other women. Or some have said to some kind of degree, but since he was head over heels for this girl. Chris was going to try something that would make him seem as if he was a freak. But for him and a chance to be in love with someone, he was going to take that chance. That thing that he was going to do was crossdress as a woman and go full on to the point that he would be a trap. Chris even took voice training to not even sound like a male as he was going all in.

Chris had even did some working out to change his physical apperance a bit too look more female. He also spent a bit of money on getting some clothes for this. He had also saved up a lot of money for a breast form. Some would consider him crazy for doing this, but love did make you do crazy things. He now stripped off his clothes and looked himself in another full length mirror. Chris was rather lucky that he did not have too much body hair and he had to only worry about his pubic hair which was shaved off. He blushed at the bra and panties set as they were cute, frilly, and something really girly. They were a nice lavinder color and made out of a silky like material. He then gets dressed and as the young man did though, he felt the silky material against his legs with the panties and it got him rather excited from the soft material.

He did his best to not get hard and did his very best to tuck his member to give the illusion that his member and balls were not showing. The next thing for him to get on was the breast forms and then the bra. Chris was mindblown as he looked like a girl and with a mischivious look did a few poses but got back to getting dressed. Chris had bought a nice blouce and a mini skirt. The most difficult thing to get were shoes and went without something that had stelletto heels. So he put on some knee socks and knee high boots. Chris then sat down at his desk and worked on his face an applied a bit of makeup. He did a bit more work and did a high ponytail and looked in the mirror again. To Chris's surprise though what was staring him back was a rather sexy lady.

Chris gets a purse he bought and placed his wallet, phone, and a few other items in there. He then puts his ear to the door and hears his parents leave for the day. He knew that his dad would kill him littrialy and his mom would care less. She was way too wacked out of her mind as the combination of anorexia and bulimia were shreading her mind and body up. It was sad to see the both of them like that. What had happend for them to go like this. Chris had not felt any love from either of them since he was a young boy. While thinking and reflecting on this, he puts a choker on to hide his adam's apple.

Not hearing them any longer Chris waits a bit more and then walks out of the house. It was a brisk day and could feel all around him. He gets a few cat calls and blushes a bit, since they saw a girl then a boy. He kept walking to the game store trying to avoid more and more males. Once at the store, though Chris takes a deep breath. After that he takes out a red evelope with pink hearts on it from his purse. Then looks again and sees Debbie playing several people at once in Smash Bros and dominating everyone. And she had one at total dismay of several other people.

"I did not think I would be able to win after getting sent of the stage like that" said Debbie with a giggle and left several people in shock. She then goes to browse a few PC games that were on sale at the moment. Seeing that this was a oppertunity for him, Chris walks over to her "Uhm Debbie, hi my name is Chris and I wanted to give you this" he said sounding very much like a girl. Or hoped that it would be able to pass for one since a real girl would be able to pick him out. Debbie looks at Chris with a quzicial look but then smiles and giggles a bit seeing the card. "oohhhhh what do we have here" she said as her vivid blue eyes lit up and gently takes the envelope.
Debbie then opens the envelope and takes out a Vallintinies card and opens it and reads what was inside. After a few minutes there was a blush on her face and then looks up at Chris. "Awwwww thats so sweet" she said and brushed a stray strand of her long blond hair out of her face and takes a few steps towards him. Chris could not look at Debbie as her outfit was rather cute. She had hip hugger jeans, cute pair of baby blue flats, and a adorable top that was in a nice teal color. "Say your not doing anything, right? You wana catch a movie with me" she asked looking so innocent about it.

Chris could not get the words out but nods his head yes. "YAY lets Goooooooo" and Debbie gently grabbed Chris is hand and then started to drag the crossdressed male out of the store. He blushed and nearly tripped a few times. "So Debbie what movie did you want to see" Chris asked as he got his footing and was keeping up with the blond. He had not been out to the movies in a long time. Plus did not know what was playing. But he had hoped that they were not going to see the Shades of Grey 2. He had heard that it was the ultimate movie for women and such. Chris did dread watching that entire movie through.

"Uh.....well there is this movie called invasion of The Penis Snatchers. It sounds like a funny movie" said Debbie and Chris had to giggle as it sounded like a B grade scifi movie out of the sixties or something. She then looks at Chris "You know I've seen you somewhere before Chrissy but I don't know where though" the girl asked while trying to remember where she had seen him before. "Maybe you saw me at the Digigate Warehouse? I'm really shy so I sometimes don't stand out" he said answering Debbie. The blond shrugs and as they walk through the mall they get to the movie theater. There was a very long line to the ticket counter.

"Well this is gona be awhile....." said Chris as the two waited in line. "So you wana do some shopping later or do you want to hang out at my house after the movie" asked Debbie as the two of them moved up a bit. "That sounds wonderful" Chris said knowing that if he did not answer like a girl it could ruin his cover. "I was gona get a special outfit to impress this boy I have seen.......he kinda looks like you....and has the same name. Since this is my last day as a big girl" she looked at Chris and this made him sweat a lot. "There have been caquinceadenses in life before. Maybe its your imagenation. I mean there a lot of these that happen in the world" he said and then tried to play it off as a normal thing. But the last day on being a big girl confused him.

"I guess so and you don't look like a boy since you got these nice boobie bumps here" said Debbie with a giggle and gave a gental squeeze. Chris just gasps slightly to keep the act up and she let go. "Hehe sorry sometimes I'm justa silly blondie" she said and made Chris giggle a bit. As Debbie was so cute as she was being just who she was. They kept moving up more and more up the line which took about seven more minutes to get to the ticket counter. "Two adult tickets for Invasion of The Penis Snatchers" which made both Chris and Debbie giggle loudly. And the ticket guy laughed as this was the only duo to not see 20 Shades of Grey 2. But anyway Chris did pay for the movie. But agreed with Debbie on her paying for the snacks for the movie.

They got the giant sized thing for sodas and popcorn as well as some chocolate things. After they got there snacks and other items they went to right room. They get in there and found the optimal seating to view the movie. As they wait for the movie they lightly snack on some of the popcorn. "So Debbie I see you often in the store, what do you get every single time you go in" Chris asked while looking at the blond. "Huh, oh I get Steam cards. My mommy does not trust me wif a credit card for Steam. Everything else she does" she said and Chris had to giggle. As that was true since Steam sales were insane and people could go nuts over them. He could not blame Debbie on getting a steam card for all of those games.

After that the movie theater lights dimmed and the preview trailers started to begin. Then the movie began and it started out as a campy scifi movie. Then a little bit into the movie it turned into a horror movie as one of the red skined males just exploded into gory bits. This made both him and Debbie let out a screach. Chris could feel Debbie latch on to him and he accidently did the same to Debbie. There faces were inches away from each other and the both of them blushed and moved away. After that though there were some other terrorfiying parts in the movie where they had jumped a few times. But after awhile though Chris was getting worried about going to the restroom as he had drank the giant cup of soda.

The movie ended and he was in desperate to use the rest room. "You gotta potty too don't cha" said Debbie as she looked sheepishly as it looked liked she needed to go. They exited but to there horror there was a line for the women's restroom as one of the other movies got out at the same time. Chris was now really nervious and was starting to panic and Debbie tugs his shirt sleeve and points to a family restroom. He nods his head and they dash into it before someone else got the wise idea to use it as well. They got in and Chris locked the door and Debbie went for the potty first. Chris turned away and just double checked if his makeup was not out of place.

"Please hurry I gotta go really bad" said Chris and then realized something, if he sat down to use the toilet. Debbie would see that she was not a girl and a boy. He hears the toilet flush "Its yours now Chrissy" she said and got out of the way. "Go on out I'll be right out" he said and was walking to the toilet. "I have to wash my hands sweety, besides its nothing I have not seen before, since we are both girls" she said with a giggle. Chris did not have a reply for that and was now unsure what to say. There was a sudden tingle in his chest that caught him off guard. And in that moment though, he gasped as he could not hold on and started to have a accident. Debbie looks on and holds her right hand over her mouth and gasps.

"Oh no......I'm so sorry.......I feel so embarist. This has not happend before" Chris said as this never happend to him as there was a puddle of pee under him. Debbie walks over and gives Chris a hug. "Its ok, little girls like us have accidents all the time. Lets get you cleaned up" she said and gets some paper towels to clean up the pee. While that was happening he was so stunned that he did not register what had happend. Then Debbie comes back over with some damp paper towels. "Now sweety time to take those dirty pannies off" Chris was too slow and Debbie reached under and pulled down his panties. To his horror and put his hands in front of his face as his cock and balls dropped from being tucked in.

Debbie was shocked and looked up at Chris with a look of surprise. "I'm sorry Debbie, I did not mean to lie to you. I just heard that you were not into boys and thats why I did this. You must think I am a freak" he said and was reading himself for the impending beat down, slap, and then calling the police. "Awwwwww sweeetie its okay" said Debbie as she stood up and gives Chris a hug. "I think its cute that you went all of this way Chrissy" she said and gives him a wonderful kiss that sucked the life out of him. She then goes back to clean Chris down there and tries not to get to excited. "Ok there....all done, now step out of these pannies" said Debbie and Chris carefully steps out of them. "I don't think they can be worn again, but since I have little girl accidents I always have something just incase" she said to him.

Debbie goes into her purse and pulls out something and to Chris's surprise. It was a sized up pair of girl's training panties that had disney's little mermaid design on it. This caused him to be in awe of it. "What do you mean Debbie" he asked and she giggled a bit and unbuttoned her jeans. And showed that she too was wearing them as well. Chris blushed as well as get slightly turned on as his thing was slightly popping up. "Does this little girl feel excited ta wear a pull up" she giggled and then buttoned her jeans again and held out the pull ups. So that Chris could get in them "Now step in sweetheart" said Debbie in a very loving manner.

Chris carefully steps over and places both hands on Debbie to stablize himself and then steps into both leg holes. Then Debbie pulls them up and gets them on without too much trouble. She then gives a light pat to the front of the pull which caused Chris to lightly gasp. The feeling of the pull up was very much diffrent then the panties or his breifs. As it was softer on the insides and were a bit thicker then what he normally wore. They some how just felt right and in a embarising thought liked the cute designs on it. "These are so cute though" he said and fliped up the skirt to look at his butt and it looked a bit pooffy and cute in the mirror.

Watching Chris looking at himself, Debbie giggled a lot "Now Chrissy you wana go shopping? I think you would make a cute girl. And besides its gona be so cool ta have a playmate like you. Plus its so neat that your being a girl right now" she said and they both washed there hands and left the restroom. As they got out Debbie gently took Chris's hand and they went about the mall. They went to do various things that girlfriends would do. Debbie got to make Chris buy some cute outfits for himself. As they were shopping and mall crawling. Chris was enjoying doing these girly things and it surprised him. Not in a bad way, he still liked Debbie and was infatuated with her. Everything just felt really weird.

As they were shopping, Debbie would get a loud tone from her phone and she pulled out. She then sees it was a text message and giggled. "Chrissy, you wana meet my Mommy? She absolutely loves little girls like you" she said and puts her phone away. Chris just blushes "Uhm sure" he said and Debbie gave a cute shreak and hug to him. "She is gona meet us at Fridays so lets go" she said and led Chris there. As Chris was being dragged along there was another tingle in his chest. Not only that, there was something weighing on them. He paid it no mind as he was enjoying this Valintines day. As he was in love and felt loved by this very understanding girl.
End Part 1
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