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The Voice Within

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:06 am

Title: The Voice Within

By: Miki Yamuri


Jason Tylor 21yo - College Football Hero

Breeanna - Bree - Jason's true self

Jason's Friends:




Amy Vanderhorn - Jason and Bree's girlfriend

Tommy Kneece - Bree's boyfriend

Lisa Kent - Head Cheerleader

Scene: Late one night in a dream

Jason Tylor was a very athletic young man. He stood just at 6 feet tall and weighed 190 pounds. He was super muscular and could press almost 300 pounds in a dead lift. He had a washboard tummy and incredible physique. He kept his blond locks close cut. His eyes were piercingly deep blue and could attract most girls with a glance..

All through his adolescents, he was very popular with the girls. In fact, he had become a father at a very early age several times. A girl almost couldn't resist this handsome male specimen. Of course, Jason also had the typical outlook on girls and dating many of his cohorts on the team had. The cheerleader squad was their private escort and playmate service ... of course, most of the girls were more than willing to participate. They were taken to many of the exclusive parties, received very expensive gifts, and dated the cream de la cream of young manhood. There were a few hold outs ... like Amy Vanderhorn ... the prettiest and most desirable young woman at the University of Southern Lowland.

Jason excelled at most sports and had won himself an all expense paid ticket to College on a Football Scholarship. If Jason wasn't seriously injured and continued to excel as he was, it even guaranteed him a pro position on one of the many professional teams that were eying him closely at each game he played.

Jason had been to a frat party that night and indulged himself with all the pleasures available. He had even taken Amy Vanderhorn, the most desired young lady at the college, and made her a trophy on the Frat House linen. This earned Jason a very lofty position in the eyes of all the other males.

Jason had stumbled home, high, very drunk, and totally elated with himself over his most recent achievement. It tickled him pink to know he could get some from Amy anytime he wanted at this point. Jason stumbled to his room, shut the door, pulled off his shirt, and basically collapsed into his bed.

Before he drifted off, his last thoughts were, "Man, it doesn't get much better than this." Sleep took him quickly, and soon he was dreaming of ... girls.


There was this particular girl in his dream. She was his fantasy girl. She was about 5 feet tall, small gumdrop boobies, a beautiful narrow waist that expanded into round hips and became a very lovely round bottom connected to a very shapely pair of legs. She had a very cute upturned nose, long blond hair, a very cute baby face, and amazingly piercing blue eyes.

The dream took on an eerily realistic feel as the girl noticed Jason and approached. Jason stood stunned. She wore a very tight, almost transparent black fishnet Teddy that tied behind the neck, and formed the top that barely covered the cute breasts and erect nipples. It left very little to the imagination and showed off her very beautiful female body. She moved with grace and a feminine fluidity that captivated Jason totally.

Jason suddenly found himself sitting on a sofa that seemed to be made of soft glowing cloud. The girl came up and snuggled closely next to him. Jason was so aroused, in his bed, his sleeping form orgasmed and made a huge mess in his pants.

In the realistic dream, the girl giggles softly as she takes her hand and rubs him in his crotch.

She says in a wonderfully sensual female voice, "Ummm ... that felt so good sweetheart." she made a cute pouty face, "But, You've been in charge all this time ... it's only fair I get a chance too."

Jason gasps out, "What do you mean ... in charge?"

The girl kisses him softly on his lips before replying, "I'm ... the girl you always wanted to be. It's time I took over now. I loved being a Lesbian ... but I want to be more Bi. I want to know boys too." She rubs her hand from his crotch, over his stomach and caresses his chest. She takes one of her delicate fingers and circles one of his nipples sensually, "I think Tommy Kneece is so gorgeous."

Jason wakes with a major start. He sits up in his darkened room. His head swims as he feels his tummy grumble. He can feel the gooey wetness of his orgasm in his pants. The room seems to spin slowly as a wave of nausea courses through him. Jason pulls his knees up to his chest and puts his throbbing head into his hands and slowly rubs his temples.

He whispers softly with concern in his voice, "Man ... that was so .... weird."

He can still kind of smell the girl's wonderful perfume somehow lingering in the air. Her soft and sensual touch. Even the tingle on his lips from her soft kiss. It scared him to think of what it might mean.

After worrying over it for a few minutes, Jason gets out of bed, removes his messy clothes, goes to the bathroom, then back to bed after taking several Ibuprofen for his throbbing head. It didn't take long before he was sleeping again.

From the deepest part of his dream came the soft female voice once more, "We will talk later sweetie. You do need to know .... there are going to be major changes ... starting right now I'm in charge."

Jason groans as he rolls over in bed. He almost wakes, but drifts comfortably back off and once again begins dreaming of ... girls ... and a really strange dream about Tommy Kneece.


Jason wakes from a very weird and erotic dream with a start. He sits up rapidly with a yelp and looks wildly around the room. He is in a cold sweat and feels a chill. Jason realizes that once again he has made a gooey mess in his underpants.

His breathing slows to normal as his heart quits pounding in his chest. He puts his head in his hands and moans. He can't remember what the dream he was just having was about, but he surely hopes nothing like it actually happened ... even though he seemed to really have enjoyed it.

He gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom to look at himself in the mirror. Jason was sort of surprised that he didn't need to shave ... his face was totally without a shadow. He turns, he steps out of his messy gooey undies and gets a real strong desire to take a hot bubble bath this morning, instead of the usual hot shower. He ponders this for a few minutes before stoppering the tub and drawing the steaming hot water.

The only bubble bath he had was the Floral Essence that Sherry Watford had left the week she spent with him. For a moment, Jason thinks about how it smelled as he sniffed the bottle, shrugs and pours a cap full in. As the tub fills with wonderful bubbles the aroma of Roses fills the air. Jason steps daintily in the tub and sits and allows the wonderful aroma and warm water soak into his bones.

As he leans back .... ummm ... he didn't realize how nice a bubble bath was. Jason lay in the warm soap bubble filled water until the water had begun to cool noticeably. He lifted one of his legs from the soapy water and looked at the hair on it. He couldn't believe what he was thinking about doing.

He sat only for a few more minutes, before the urge became overwhelming. He quickly steps from the tub and grabs his razor and his can of shaving cream, before returning and lathering his legs. Carefully and sensually, Jason shaved both of his legs until they were totally smooth to the touch. He couldn't stop there either, he shaved his crotch, then both arms, and both arms pits. By the time he had finished, his skin was totally smooth and hairless.

He felt somehow elated as he gently rubbed the newly shaven areas. They felt incredibly soft and smooth ... sort of like Amy Vanderhorn's skin the night before as they made love at the Frat House. Jason feels very strange about what he had just done and very selfconscious.

He hoped no one would notice as he dressed and got ready for the day. Jason stepped from the tub and enjoyed the soft thickness of the towel as he dried off. He went back to the mirror and started brushing his hair. Without realizing it .... he had decided to let his hair grow longer ... he thought the way Amy wore her hair last night was neat and would look good on him ... before he realized what he was thinking and shook it off.

By the time Jason had reached 2nd period, he had begun to feel like his old self and forgot about the weird things of the night before and this morning. He met with Amy in the hall. She snuggles up to hum and kisses him lovingly on his lips with lots of wiggly tongue. She unexpectedly reaches around and squeezes his buns softly. Jason's lets out a soft effeminate squeak as he flinches slightly.

Amy giggles, "Well, now, seems I found some of the cute little girl in you ... huh?" and kisses him some more.

All the weird feeling from the morning came rushing back as his nipples tingled and he felt a really strange feeling in his tummy he had never experienced before. Jason hesitated for a second, before taking Amy into his arms and giving her one of the famous French Kisses he was known for. To Jason's surprise, Amy squeaked and sounded just like he had moments before. Jason breaks the kiss as he worries about what might be happening to him.

Amy is breathless in his arms as she looks at him all dreamy eyed. She says softly, "Can we meet at your place later sweetie? I have .... something I want to give you." Amy smiles sweetly as she blushes a very pretty pink and runs her soft delicate hand over his crotch.

Jason was totally relieved as he felt his thing start to get hard in his pants as desire flooded him.

He smiles and gives Amy one more peck on the lips as he says, "Sure, meet me at the commons after classes ... I'll walk you over."

Amy giggles and shivers adorably as she waves and bounces gracefully off to her next class.

Jason senses something deep within him .... he knows, no matter what ... he and Amy are going to be really close friends .... and lots more.

The rest of the day went without incident. Jason had totally forgotten the weirdness one more time. Football scrimmage went ok until he had made a remarkable recovery and took the ball back 65 yards for a touchdown.

As fate would have it, Tommy Kneece was the player that ran interference for Jason. After the touchdown, as football players do, Tommy Kneece picked Jason up and hugged him closely. After setting him back on his feet, he patted Jason's butt for a job well done. Jason squeaks the same effeminate way he had done with Amy, and could feel a real arousal begin to rush through him. He became really uncomfortable as his thingy became hard and there was no more room for him in his Jock Strap and Cup.

Jason felt so weird at this point. He felt that strange desire in his tummy once again he had experienced earlier with Amy. His nipples tingled and became uncomfortably sensitive. Jason almost screamed as he realized .... he was as turned on by Tommy Kneece as he had been for Amy Vanderhorn. He felt a wave of nausea pass through him over the implications of this. He also was very concerned over what he was noticing about how the girls were dressed. Their clothes, their hair, their make up, especially their shoes.

In she showers after practice, It was all Jason could do to keep his mind off of Tommy. Umm ... Tommy's butt was so cute and he had such a big ... Jason quickly turns off the shower and rushes to get dressed. He Hoped meeting Amy took his mind off things.

Everything seemed to return to normal as he met up with Amy. She had changed clothes while Jason was at practice and had on very tight hip hugger jeans, a cute halter top, and a pair of tennis shoes. She bounds up to Jason and French Kisses him passionately. Jason explores her mouth with his tongue

He gets to be seriously aroused as this gorgeous specimen of femininity snuggles close and rubs her body against his. She reaches around and squeezes his butt like she did the first time. Jason gasps softly, takes Amy more passionately in his arms and kisses her back while squeezing her soft round hinny in the same manner and getting the exact same response.

The walk to Jason's apartment was very exciting as was the ensuing snuggle and love play after arrival. Things were totally normal all that night while he had Amy with him. Even after Jason drifted off, his dreams were normal as was the love making to Amy that next morning and the erotic bubble bath. The fact Amy was so turned on by a bubble bath instead of a shower and his shaving, and even helped remove the hair in places Jason couldn't see, helped him accept it all and forget how weird he had thought it was.

Jason walked Amy home. They stood on the porch and kissed lovingly.

Amy said in a shy sort of voice, "You're not like the other boys. There's something ... special ... about you." She hugs his neck as she gives him another wonderfully sweet French kiss, "I ... want you to have this." She gives him a picture of her dressed only in a pair of cute lacy tie on panties in a most enticingly sexy pose. On the back was her phone number. She blushes softly pink as she lowers her voice says in a soft whisper, "Call me ... later. We can ... do things."

She gives him one more kiss lightly on his lips before turning and entering the house. Jason stands in a daze looking at the closed door for a few minutes before he regains enough composure to turn, and begin to walk off.

Deep in his thoughts, Jason hears a voice say softly, "I love her Jason .... we're gonna keep her."

Jason smiles as he agrees. Amy is the most unique and beautiful young woman he has ever met.

Once again, the voice speaks, audibly enough this time Jason turns to see who it was, "She will be the 2nd prettiest soon."

Jason is startled to see that there is no one anywhere near to have said anything. He puts his hands in his pockets and walks quickly off. He is worried that he might be loosing his mind.

Discovering the Inner You

Jason saw 3 of his buddies coming out of a small liquor store a few yards ahead. Jason calls out, "Hay, guys ... wait up!"

They turn and see him walking quickly towards them. Jimmy says, "Well, Romeo has finally decided to pay his pals a visit ... huh?"

The other 2 boys laugh as Jason comes up to them. They all pat him on his back.

Larry asks, "Well, did Amy build you up ... or destroy you? You've been with her all of 2 days in a row ... that's a real record."

The boys laugh.

Jason replies, "A little of both, I think ... it was ... a real adventure." Jason feels his ears start to get hot as he blushes slightly.

David put his arm around Jason and they all begin to walk off, "Yea, you're the champ ... I gotta admit. As many guys have tried to get Amy ... you hadda be the one. Come with us, we're going over to Larry's place and party for the rest of the afternoon. He's got some new videos and a few new games we all gonna play."

Jason nods, "Sure, I think I need to get high after all this excitement."

The boys laugh as they all walk off down the street talking about things guys talk about in anticipation of drinking and partying the day away. The Saturday afternoon passed with the guys doing what guys do. They had drank, smoked, played, and finally were all lying haphazardly around the living room, watching a semi-nude young woman on the TV screen remove her scanty clothing. Jason had totally forgotten all about any of the previous weird happenings as he laughed and made snide comments with the rest of his friends.

He was very drunk and very high as his eyes became heavy and he puddled out on the very comfortable pillow chair he was sprawled in. The last dim memory was of the young woman on TV being nude and starting to play with her privacy with an abnormally sized toy.

He imagined himself floating on some kind of cloud in the darkness. He was very content and very high. Off in the distance, he saw an extremely pretty young lady approaching him. She was dressed only a a cute pair of black string bikini panties and a white Baby T top. He recognized her as the one in the very first dream he had. As with the first one, this one suddenly took on a very real aspect, complete with color, sound, and tactile sensations.

The girl walked gracefully up with the same female fluidity that had so turned him on the first time, and snuggled up beside him on ... whatever it was he lay on. She kissed his lips softly ... ummm ... they tasted of ... Fresh Strawberries. Her perfume was so delicate and intoxicating at the same time. He felt her soft hand as it traced a line around his chest and then down to his crotch. Jason shivers with the intensity of her caress there.

She giggles softly, "I agree .... it does feel wonderful. But ... I have something that feels even better."

Jason gasps out, "Wh ... what might that be?"

Jason sees her roll over on her back and bend her knees as she spreads her legs in a most erotic way. She enticingly inserts her hand into her panties and began to penetrate her privacy with her middle finger. At the very same moment, Jason feels a finger pressing intensely into him right where his gonads attached. He gasps at how intense it was. He actually felt her finger penetrate him in an impossible way, the same way she was doing it to herself.

As she gently moved her finger in and out in an incredibly intense way, she coos softly with a squeaky gasp, "See? That's what Amy feels every time you do that." She makes a cute pouty face, "I want Tommy to do that to us ... really bad."

Jason sits up suddenly. He can feel the weight of the girl move as he rises and the shivery goose bumps that rise as the finger is suddenly removed from a very tight and sensitive place within him. He is looking at her straight in the face. Jason can't believe what he feels in his crotch at this moment as he grabs himself there with both hands. He can still feel the penetration inside him in a place he didn't know he had a place.

Jason replies harshly, 'I'm not into guys. I have no desire for that kind if thing ... and I'm not going to listen anymore."

The girl giggles, "You ... don't have any choice silly. You really don't know ... who I am ... do you? No ... memory at all? Not even an itty bitty one?" She holds up one hand and makes a squinching motion with her index finger and thumb.

Jason jumps to his feet, before he realizes ... there's nothing anywhere except ... what ever it was he was lying on with the girl. He turns every direction and only sees ... nothing what ever, but her beautiful semi-nude self sitting on something that looks like a softly glowing bed made of cloud.

Jason grabs his head and says over and over, "This is only a dream ... only a dream ... I just have to wake up is all ... it'll go away."

The girl stands up and wraps her arms around Jason and snuggles her incredibly sexy body next to his. He can feel her firm nipples on his back as she squeezes him close. He manages to struggle free and turn to look at her once again.

She bats her eyes seductively and coos softly, "I'm .... you. Always have been. When you were a baby and were left with your Grandmother ... when your parents went overseas, you were kept and raised as a girl." she giggles at the shocked expression that crosses Jason's face. "They told you, you were a boy when you started Kindergarten ... remember? It was why you no longer could wear the cute underpants u loved so much." She blows him a kiss as she sensually wallows back on ... the cloud bed.

Jason stares at her incredulously before shaking his head in denial, "No! Th ... this is some kind of psychotic dream brought on by too much partying."

Jason feels dizzy headed as the alcohol and other substances began to catch up with him. He rubs his temples before he starts pinching himself to see if he were awake or really sleeping ... he no longer was sure. Everything was so ... real time.

The girl says matter of factually, "Our name is Breeanna sweetie ... Bree for short. It's what your Grandmother and your Aunts called us. I'm in charge now ... not you. I want to be a girl and not hide away acting like some kind of Butch."

She stands up and runs her hands sensually over her wonderfully sexy female body.

"It won't be very long and We'll look like this ... I promise." She looks at him from the corner of her eyes, "I haven't figured out how to get passed the Scholarship thingy yet ... but give me time. In just a few days, our body will start reforming. I'm sorry for the tummy cramps," she pokes out her bottom lip, "But that happens whena girl hasa period some times."

Jason felt ill. His head begins to swim ... he sits next to the girl as she wraps her arms gently around him and begins to run her delicate fingers through his hair.

Jason gasps out weakly, "My ... my life will be ruined ... I'm ... not a girl." He puts his head in his hands and begins to groan. "Everyone will make fun of me ... it will be so humiliating."

Bree says softly, "No it won't. We will transform naturally. As a matter of fact, our boy clothes are already getting to be too big. We are already starting to loose weight ... and our ... boobies are starting to pooch out too." She hugs him as she squeezes them sensually, causing wonderfully intense rushes to run through Jason, "And we are starting to loose height ... I think we've lost an inch already."

Jason jumps from Bree's arms to his feet once again and shouts, "No! It's just a really psychotic dream ... all I have to do ... is wake up."

Bree giggles, "Not, until we have finished talking to ourselves over what's coming. I mean, I was nice enough to let you be a boy for this long ... and Amy will still love us ... I promise this too. But I want to be loved by Tommy Kneece and feel his thingy in me." She pokes out her bottom lip adorably in a cute pout as Jason looks on horror struck.

Jason shouts, "No! I won't ... let it happen." He lunges at Bree and grabs her around her throat. To his total utter astonishment, he feels the crushing weight of someone choking him in the same manner. He has to let go. Both of them gasp for breath as they choke for a few seconds after in exactly the same way.

Bree frowns as she says in an angry voice, "Now, that was uncalled for. I'm going to get back at you for that. How about .... next time you see Tommy .... you get these incredible ... female urges?"

Jason can feel the arousal when he hears Tommy's name. The sensations and emotions are ... really strange and intense, especially those weird new ones deep in his crotch where the finger had tickled just a few minutes earlier.

Bree says softly in a cute whiny voice, "You need to be preparing to be a girl silly .... It's my turn and I'm in charge ... not you ... and I think it would be so nice for us to be pregnant in the next 2 years too."

Jason springs from the pillow chair and falls over Larry's passed out body. Jason smashes into the huge pyramid of empty beer cans in a loud crash as he hits the floor hard amid all the falling cans. The other 3 boys wake with a start at all the confusion and look around.

Jimmy slurs drunkenly, "Hey, man ... thash awesome. Do itta gin sosh we can see it."

David laughs, "Yea, I wanna see tha swan dive at tha end most."

Jason's 3 friends laugh drunkenly as he sits amid the many cans in total shock. He can still feel the girl's touch deep in a place inside him ... he knows he doesn't have a place there. He even smells her perfume delicately on the air around him. Larry makes an off hand comment about Jason's floor diving technique, before the 3 boys fall back into their drunken stupor and are oblivious once again.

Jason is really scared at this point. He can still feel the place where the hands were around his neck, choking him. He gets up, he fights off the vertigo from the high that still gripped him and stumbles to the bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees the bright red finger marks on his throat. He also realizes it has been almost 3 days ... and he hasn't had to shave. He should at least have a really heavy shadow at this point. His face is totally smooth as he runs his hand over it. In fact, it felt just like Amy's when he had done that to hers.

Jason noticed also that his features were becoming ... softer ... cuter some how and his nose had already started to get that cute upturned look like Bree's. He looks down at his front. His eyes get large as, sure enough, he can see where his nipples are starting to get pointy and poke through his shirt. He lifts it and inspects them closely. It didn't take a rocket scientist to notice, they had started to change and develop. He also realized, his pants were slightly large on him as well as being almost an inch too long.

He quickly steps on the electronic scale behind the door and gasps in shock. He had dropped 10 pounds in the last 3 days. It's true .... everything he had heard that girl ... Bree tell him. He holds up his arms and looks down at himself. The hulking muscle mass of his body had noticeably started to change.

He was totally lost as to what to do about what was coming. He knows beyond any doubt, in just a week at this rate, he will have to have a totally different wardrobe ... because his current one will be way too big for him.

Jason returns to the living room and flops on the pillow chair by Larry's inert form. He's scared in a way he's never been scared before. For a long time he worries over his fate. He doesn't realize he had fallen asleep and started to dream ... of him being a young beautiful babe and Tommy Kneece was his boyfriend. He actually enjoyed the dream more than he wanted to admit ... although he didn't realize he was dreaming at the time.

~~ End Pt1 ~~

~~ The Voice Within - Pt2 ~~

Sunday passed normally enough. Jason and his friends recovered from their partying, as they lazed around the house and played video games. Jason worried over the conversation he apparently had with himself. He couldn't help but caress his new bumps on his chest when he thought his friend's weren't looking. It felt so nice.

By the time afternoon had come, Jason needed to go back to his place and be alone. He had begun to notice his friends ... and things about them ... in a way he had never thought about them before. Jason was very aware they all were muscular and handsome. He noticed the wonderful way their chests were shaped and their arms ... their cute butts ... Jason had to leave. He was becoming aroused, and he was feeling things in a way he never had before.

Jason began to realize why girls fell for him the way they did ... it was starting to happen to him with other guys. He sat on his bed with his head in his hands as he tried for the life of him to figure a way out of this. He didn't want to be a girl ... did he? At this point, he knew .... consciously ... he didn't. He realizes his hand was under his shirt and he was caressing his forming breasts once again. They were very sensitive and it felt really good ... he quickly removed his hand from under his shirt.

Jason snaps his fingers as he gets a pleased expression on his face. The girl in his dream ... Bree ... said his Grandmother had kept him as a girl. Quick way to prove if he is loosing his mind or not ... Give Granny a call. Jason was sure she had never done that ... he had no memories of being a girl, although he did have memories of living with her and playing his best friend Scott ... and ...??

A very pleasant, although fuzzy memory of him being in the hayloft with Scott ... they were so close and ...??!! No! They were kissing! Scott was older than him and Scott had convinced him to let him show how to French Kiss!

Jason gasps loudly as he snatches up the phone receiver and hits his Grandmother's number stored in Autodial.

The phone rings several times before the soft voice of his grandmother answers, "Hello? This is Mary, who's calling?"

Jason replies as his throat begins to get a tickle in it, "Hi Granny, it's Jason."

She replies with joy in her tone, "Hello, sweetheart. How are you child? I do so hope everything's going ok with you at that high falootin school you're going to now."

They both laugh before Jason replies, his voice sort of taking on a higher pitch as the tickle in his throat continues, "I'm ok .... and things at school are fine. It .... ummm ... I mean .... I have ..." Jason didn't know how to ask the question as he felt his ears getting hot with a large blush.

His Grandmother says softly with a reassuring tone, "It's ok, sweetheart. Tell Granny what you want to tell me."

Jason nods, although he realizes his Grandmother couldn't see it, "I need to ask you something ... and it's pretty ... weird."

She giggles softly, "Then ask me silly boy ... don't beat around the bush."

Jason steels himself as he asks in an almost female voice, "Was ... I called Bree when I lived with you? I mean ... ummm ..." he coughs, trying to clear his throat, "Did you keep me as a girl while I was there?"

There is a short span of silence before his Grandmother replies, "Yes, sweetheart, you were my grand baby girl, Breeanna. You even had a boyfriend named Scott. The 2 of you were inseparable. I even saw you holding hands and kissing up until the September when you were 6 and had to start kindergarten."

Jason's mouth fell open as he heard his Grandmother tell him about what a cute and adorable little girl he was. He couldn't believe how much she told him he had cried when he was told he couldn't be a girl any longer either.

Jason asks softly, his voice sounding very different at this point, "Granny .... why do I not remember it that way?"

She replied, "It was a very traumatic time for you. You didn't want to be a boy. We had the hardest time making you wear boy's underpants too. You loved those pink rumba panties so much and the cute little princess dress you had for Easter. We had to give you medication for a few months, before you adapted. It was sudden too, one night, you just accepted being a boy."

Jason gasps out, "Bye Granny."

Mary's concerned voice could be heard before he hung up, "Jason ... wait ... lets talk about ..."

Jason is in shock as he stares at the phone. He can't believe what he had just heard. He has a real hard time accepting that it's true ... he was a girl, and really didn't want to be a boy until ... His Grandmother had said one night .... he suddenly adapted.

Jason stumbles over to the sofa and sits. He leans back and puts his hands over his face as he groans. Now that he had talked with Granny, the memories of him and Scott came back. They were the dim memories of pleasant childhood times remembered as an adult.

He remembers going swimming ... and had on a really cute little sparkly gold and pink tank bathing suit with white ruffles. Scott had on a white bathing suit with a large red hand print on the bottom that said 'Don't Spank'.

Jason remembers flying the large bird kite out in the field with Scott. He remembers how much fun it was to hold Scott's hand ... and how exciting it was when Scott's tongue wiggled next to his tongue when they kissed.

Jason remembered how particular he was when he put on that special dress when he and Scott went to the movies and saw Snow White ... right down to the panties ... everything had to be perfect. They held hands and cuddles while they kissed. Jason also remembered he ... was the one who first kissed Scott too ... a quick, shy, little girl kiss on the lips ... and how wonderful it felt when he did it.

He even remembered them getting married .... as children do ... and playing house. Jason's favorite doll, the Wendy Doll, was their child. Jason felt a tear roll down his cheek. He quickly wiped it away.

Jason realized with a sinking feeling in his stomach, that it was all true. He feared becoming some kind of weird freak. Like that weird boy that started dressing as a girl just before they all graduated from High School. Jason couldn't remember the boy's name ... although he did remember that after a year, no one could tell he was ever a boy.

Jason feels something happen all around him. He gets really weird sensations. Before he takes his hand down, he knows he's in that weird kind of real hallucination when he talks to his girl side .... Bree. Once again. Jason finds himself in that place where the only thing that seems to exist ... is the weird kind of softly glowing cloud he sits on. He feels arms wrap gently around his neck and a soft kiss on his cheek.

Bree says softly, "Well, now, do you believe me? I really missed growing up as a girl too. It was ok being a boy, I suppose ... but now ... I wanna come out and play."

Jason sighs as he lays back into Bree's soft loving embrace. He says softly as he lowers his hands, "What happened ... that night I suddenly accepted being a boy?"

Bree stands and moves in that wonderfully sexy and graceful way of hers until she snuggles up next to Jason. She had on just the black fishnet Teddy she had on the first time Jason remembered seeing her.

She says, "I decided that it was ok." She shrugs, "At the time, it would have done more harm than good for me to continue to fuss." She wraps her arms around Jason as she giggles, "Besides, I learned I like having girls too." She pokes out her bottom lip in an adorably cute way, "Now I'm back in charge ... I want to have boys too ... I really like a cute boy. Since I discovered how to make us into the girl we wanted to be, I'm gonna. It will take a little while, but the transformation will be total ... I'm taking back my place in charge and we ... are going to look just like this."

Bree stands and slowly twirls around as she runs her hands gently over her very womanly body. Jason's eyes get big as he sees just how very pretty Bree is and how shapely her body is. The Teddy left nothing to the imagination.

Jason breaks down and begins to cry bitterly. He doesn't want to be a girl. He likes being a boy too much. Bree snuggles lovingly back next to Jason and caresses him in all his secret squeaky places. Of course Bree knew the very best ones ... She and he were the same person.

Bree coos softly, "Don't worry sweetie. It will be ok ... I promise. I know you feel you don't want this now, but I am your true heart felt wishes and dreams. It will all resolve as time passes and you realize how much you wanted it in the first place."

Jason whimpers helplessly, "I don't ... I really, really don't. I have my Football Scholarship. I have a real chance to make it to the pros ... I'm exceptionally good at most sports. I took great pains to build my body to male perfection."

Bree says softly and reassuringly, "And our body will still be perfection .... just female. And we still will be extremely athletic and good at sports." She gets a thoughtful expression on her lovely baby face as her beautiful thinly tapered eyebrows rise, "You have practice tomorrow. You're scrimmaging against Upper Poorland ... aren't you? Hummm ... in the injury clauses of your contract ... if you're injured during play time through no fault of your own ... they have to honor the Scholarship to whatever conclusion you decide."

Jason sits up and shouts with a roar, "No! You mustn't do that!"

He blinks as he looks around his living room. He can still feel the gentle sensations left behind by Bree's caresses and tastes the lingering flavor of strawberries from her kisses. He is afraid now. It seems that his subconscious had been plotting this for a long time ... and he didn't have a single clue how to stop it.

The next day went normally enough .... except his face was changing ... becoming cuter, and his clothes were becoming too large for him. They were just on the brink of being noticeably large. Jason met Amy in the hall before class and snuggled with her and kissed her passionately.

Amy breaks the long luxurious kiss, "Ummm, Jason. You act like you haven't seen me in weeks."

Jason says softly, "A few hours is like forever when we are apart, Amy."

Amy giggle, "Oh. man ... that sounds so ... sappy."

She wraps her arms around him and kisses him lovingly. When she breaks the kiss this time, she steps back a pace and looks Jason over.

She says, "Are you ... ok? I mean ... you seem to be loosing weight ... and if I didn't know better ... you've gotten ... shorter? I think even your face has changed somehow too."

A tingle of fear runs down Jason's spine as he sees the concerned expression on Amy's face. He knew he would eventually have to tell her ... it would be obvious in a month or 2, even sooner at this rate. Even his voice had started to change, although for some reason, no one had noticed as of yet. He didn't sound completely like Bree ... but it wouldn't be much longer.

He finally says softly, "What would you do if you had something to tell someone ... that sounded so totally whacked out that it sounded insane ... but was totally the truth?"

Amy took Jason's hand gently, "I would try .... you never know what someone might believe."

The bell rings loudly signaling the 5 minute warning. Jason takes Amy in his arms, hugs and kisses her.

He says, "Let's ... go to my place and have a long talk after Classes ... Ok?"

Amy giggles, "Sure ... I would love to ... discuss things with you as many times as you want." Her eyes drop shyly as she blushes a very pretty pink.

Jason runs his hand across one of her nipples that were poking proudly through her blouse as he says, "Meet me at the fountain .... I'll walk you over."

Amy giggles as she swats his hand away playfully, then runs off to her next class. Jason watches her go. He hopes upon hope ... he doesn't loose her. All the guys in school had been trying to get her since she started coming here. None had succeeded until him. He didn't understand why ... but he had this feeling deep within him ... that even if he was a girl ... Amy was his. He turns and walks to Creative Writing.

Jason gets to his desk just as the final bell sounds. The teacher walks up to the board and writes on it with a screeching chalk stalk. She says the words as she writes them, "Today's assignment, is for you to write a short story about something strange to the point of being insane. Make it seem as real as you can ... 2,000 words ... begin."

The teacher walks to her desk and sits as she takes a large stack of papers and begins grading them. Jason absentmindedly begins writing the story he was living right now. Before he knew it ... it was time to hand in the paper. Jason sheepishly walked to the teacher's desk and handed it to her.

She reads some of it quickly and comments, "This is exceptional work, Jason. Keep this up and you will make a wonderful Science Fiction Author."

Jason replies grumpily, "Yea, thanks." and leaves.

The teacher watches him leave with surprise on her face. This was the first time Jason had ever been upset by a compliment from her. She shrugs and continues reading the paper, before putting an A+ in large red ink at the top. She places it on her desk and retrieves the next student's story and begins reading it.

Jason wanders through the day more or less in a fog. Before he realizes it, it's time for Practice. He meets Amy at the fountain and she walks with him to the field. She sits in the front row seat of the bleacher with the rest of the Cheer leaders to watch Jason and the other guys scrimmage.

Upper Poorland College had 2 very large tackles that really had it in for Jason. No matter how hard they had tried, they never could get him in a tackle. Jason was smart as they come, and had always managed to out maneuver them on the field ... this had really pissed the 2 boys off, and their teammates never ceased to tease them about it.

The 2 boys realized suddenly as the football was thrown to Jason, that for some reason unknown to them .... he seemed oblivious to their positions on the field. The setup was so perfect. One hit Jason high, the other low ... and at full speed.

Jason was flipped high in the air by the massive impact. He didn't know what had happened, except he was suddenly hurting rather badly and flying through the air. Jason landed heavily on his head then flopped limply onto his back. The 2 boys had recovered by this time and launched themselves on top of him, one of them catching Jason in the groin with his knee as hard as could ... Jason was still clinging to the ball. The last memory Jason had was of hitting the ground ... another massive impact with crunching sounds accompanied by sharp horrible pains ... then Stygian darkness took him.

Slowly and painfully, light returned to Jason's consciousness. He heard beeping and whooshing sounds, as well as having something down his throat. Every time he heard a whooshing sound, he could feel something being forced into his lungs. He smelled alcohol, disinfectant, and several other distinctly sharp odors he couldn't identify.

He tries to open his eyes ... he has real trouble accomplishing this. He manages to open them a slit. The first thing he sees, is Amy's very adorable face, wrinkled up into major concern as she bends over him.

Amy caresses his face tenderly with her soft hand and says quietly, with concern obvious in her voice, "Welcome back, Jason. You had me very worried for a long time. I have to go and get the doctor. He needs to know you're finally awake. Just lie there and recover ... I'll be right back sweetheart ... I promise."

She takes Jason's left hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. She looks at him with a very concerned expression, before she turns and quickly leaves the room.

As the door shuts with a click, Jason sees his right arm hung in a traction frame and a very thick cast on it. He relaxes back in the bed. He realizes he's in the hospital. He can't believe it ... Bree actually had gotten him badly hurt. He only hoped he would recover completely.

Shortly, the door opens and 2 nurses, a doctor, and Amy enter the room. The doctor comes to the side of the bed as he pulls his small flash light from his breast pocket. The doctor carefully holds Jason's eyes open and checks pupil responses.

The Doctor says softly, "Don't try and speak, there's a tube down your throat right now. We're going to remove it."

The doctor turns his head and says to the nurses, "We need to extubate him."

The nurses gather around Jason and unhook the tube leading to the thing in his throat. The pressure being forced into Jason's lungs stops at that point, it hurts a bit more, and becomes harder to breath. One of the nurses turns off a machine and the whooshing sound ends abruptly.

One nurse gently bends Jason's head back slightly as the other pulls on the thing in his throat. Jason can feel a brace or something holding his neck firmly as it is bent slightly backwards. He feels the slippy sliding as the long tapered white tube is removed. Jason can't help it ... he gags as it comes quickly out and coughs painfully several times. His next breath is easier ... but it still hurts in his chest as he gasps.

The doctor listens to Jason's chest with a stethoscope for several minutes before standing up and tucking it into his coat pocket.

The doctor says softly, "I know some of these questions will sound stupid, but just answer them."

Jason nods his head.

The doctor asks, "Do you know your full name and age?"

Jason nods as he replies in a raspy almost female voice, "My name is Jason ... Jason Tylor. I'm 21 and go to the University of Southern Lowland."

The doctor smiles as he nods his head, "Do you know what day of the week it is ... or perhaps the date?"

Jason thinks about it for a second before he replies, "I think it's Monday ... at least my last memory is of Monday. The date? Ummm ... well ... I don't remember the exact date ... but it was September ... around the 14th, I think ... 2011."

The Doctor looks at Amy with a concerned expression before he nods to the nurse who was holding a clipboard of some kind. She began to make notes rapidly.

Jason gasps, "What's ... w ... wrong Doc?"

The doctor says softly, "Time has passed Jason. You were seriously injured ... you have been in a coma for almost 2 months. It's now the day after Thanks Giving. Pretty close on the day, however ... it's Tuesday."

Jason feels a chill run through him. He missed October completely ... and most of September and most of November.

The doctor asks, "Do you have any memory of what happened?"

Jason was about to answer, when he realized ... the only thing he knew was he had gotten hurt. The hows and whys of it were totally lost.

Jason replies in his raspy female voice, "No, I only know I got hurt ... obviously. Can ... can I have something to drink? Water ... soda .. something?"

The doctor snaps his fingers and a nurse hands him a small container. The doctor opens the container and sticks a bendable straw into the opening. He adjusts it and puts the straw to Jason's lips. Jason sucks on the straw. The cool flavor of sweet apple juice flows into his mouth. Jason swallows, the burning irritation in his throat soothes as he swallows several gulps. His chest hurts as he swallows. Jason knows he probably has broken ribs.

The doctor says softly with real concern in his voice, "Listen to me carefully, Jason. Things are different for you now. First, you sustained a head injury from impact. If you didn't have the high collar neck brace on ... odds are good you would have broken your neck and been paralyzed from the neck down. As it is, your neck has a serious strain."

Jason took his left arm and felt at the thing around his neck. It was one of those horrible Queen Anne Collar type braces. One of the nurses began unfastening it and removing it. Jason could still feel a slight pain in his neck as he moved it.

The doctor continued, "You sustained a skull fracture and had a bleeder when you landed on your head after those 2 boys tackled you the way they did. Don't worry, both of those boys have been permanently removed from the football team of the other school, lost their scholarship entitlements, and are in jail at this time on serious charges of lynching with deadly intent."

The doctor picks up Jason's chart and looks it over before continuing, "There was a large hematoma in the midline cerebral cortex. You also had eye damage caused by impact. We repaired the detached retina using a cold laser to spot weld it back in place. Your site shouldn't be affected ... however we are going to do tests."

Jason lies back in the bed and groans. Oh man ... how could this have happened? Jason even knew who the 2 boys were that did this ... he had always avoided them in the past ... for some reason ... he was blind to their positions on the field. He had no memories of it, so he couldn't even be sure how he managed to do that. Now he knew why he was having so much trouble opening his eyes ... they were almost swollen shut. After a month, the swelling obviously had gone down enough he could open them slightly.

Amy came up and lovingly caressed Jason's face. She kisses his lips softly as she whispers with still more concern in her voice, "There's ... more Jason. Some of your ... injuries ... are life altering."

Jason is afraid now as he gasps out in a very female voice, "W ... what do you mean? What's wrong with my voice? What's wrong with me?"

Amy pushes Jason slightly in the middle of his chest, there is shooting pain. He lies back limply as he gasps.

Amy whimpers apologetically as she kisses him on his lips again, "Oh, baby, I'm so sorry .... I didn't mean to hurt you ... I just need you to lie back and relax ... and recover."

Jason sees one of the nurses inject something in the tube of the rig in his left arm. The slightly yellow liquid runs into his arm. It feels hot for a second .... then he suddenly feels really good and relaxed.

The doctor says in his professional voice, "Jason, when the boys jumped on you the second time, they separated your sternum ... which hurts like hell ... but will heal in time. One of them also did something despicable ... he kneed you in your ... gonads and ruptured you. We repaired them as best we could ... but between that ... and the brain damage cause by the bleeder in your brain ..."

The doctor shakes his head as he looks apologetically at Jason.

Jason gasps out in his cute female voice, "What ... tell me .. what happened to me?"

The doctor sighs, "Well, son, your body isn't producing the proper quantities of Testosterone any longer. I'm not sure if being ruptured sterilized you or not, we have to do tests to see. We aren't sure if it made you impotent or not. Only time will tell. Your body is producing Estrogen and Progesterone in the quantities associated with a normal female of your age. We can give you Testosterone shots ... but it won't stop the inevitable."

Jason almost screams, "What .... inevitable? Quit stalling and just tell me!"

Amy caresses Jason's face as she whispers, "You ... you're going to look like a girl. You already do in just this short time since the injury."

Amy caresses Jason's chest and gently squeezes his budding nipple. Jason gasps at the truly exciting and intensely pleasant sensations that rush through him. His penis gets slightly more than flaccid for a few seconds before shrinking away once again.

Jason is totally mind blown at what Amy told him. Jason realized his subconscious had planned and executed this to perfection .... down to and including an accident that would explain everything to a T.

Jason feels Amy's warm breath on his ear as she whispers so only he can hear, "It won't affect our relationship sweetheart ... I think I will love one girl a lot ... you."

She kisses Jason on his lips softly as her tongue slips into his mouth and plays with his tongue for a second before she breaks the kiss and stands back up.

Jason is speechless as he tries to come to grips with the fact he's going to be a girl, just like Bree had said ... and even have a lesbian girlfriend. He was glad he wasn't going to loose Amy ... but still ...

The words of the doctor drone on in that professional monotone they use when they are trying hard to present a proper bedside manner. All Jason could think about was what he was going to look like at this point, as the doctor told him about his gender transformation.

Jason was tired ... the shot the nurse had given him was taking its toll on him. Everything slowly blended together as Jason fell back asleep ... and had a very erotic and sexual dream about Tommy Kneece.

~~ End Pt2 ~~

~~ The Voice Within - Pt3 ~~

Jason awakens to the administrations of a new nurse doing her morning rounds and checking his vitals. He opens his eyes as she is filling out the morning status chart. The nurse sees Jason is awake and smiles a very pretty smile. She puts down the chart and begins to fluff Jason's pillow behind his head.

She says in a bright and cheery singsong voice, "Good morning sweetie. My, you are a very pretty girl. Don't worry though, your hair will grow back quickly and there will be no visible scarring."

She tucks the sheets in around Jason as he sits big eyed with his mouth open.

Jason replies in Bree's very cute voice, "I ... I'm notta girl. Imma boy."

The nurse steps back a step with her eyebrows raised and looks Jason over. She picks up the chart and flips through several pages before her eyes get big and her mouth falls open.

She says in an apologetic tone, "I'm so sorry. It's ... just that ... well you have such a pretty face and cute little breasts poking through the sheets .. I ... didn't know ... I'm truly sorry."

The nurse quickly gathers her equipment and hangs the chart on the end of the bed. Her face is a soft pink by the time she leaves in an embarrassed rush. As the nurse quickly leaves, Amy enters and looks after the nurse in surprise. Amy walks to Jason's bed and kisses him softly on his lips.

Amy coos softly, "Well now, how's my baby this morning? The black eyes and stuff have gone away finally and the swelling is way down."

Jason looks up at Amy in a hard blush. He can feel his ears burning and the heat in his cheeks.

Jason asks shyly in Bree's cute voice, "Do ... do I really look like a girl? Be honest."

Amy is silent for a space. Jason can tell by the look in her eyes what the answer is.

Amy replies softly, "Yes, Jason ... you're prettier than I am. Here, look in the mirror."

Amy turns and digs in her purse for a few seconds before turning back and handing a small, round mirror to Jason. Jason looks in. The reflection he sees, is Bree, with some minor swelling and faded bruises looking back. In just 3 months, he no longer looked anything like his former self.

Amy says in a soft reassuring voice, "You have lost a lot of weight too ... and body mass. Your body has changed a lot in the last 3 months. According to the doctor, you weigh in at 130 pounds as of yesterday and are 5 feet tall. You also ... have developed a wonderful figure. According to the doctor, however, it seems you're gonna get just a wee bit smaller. Besides, look at that."

Jason sees Amy pointing to his chest under the sheets. Slowly, and with much trepidation, he pulls the sheet back to reveal small, but well formed boobie bumps with the cutest gumdrop nipples on top poking pointedly through the hospital gown. Jason pulls open the hospital gown for a better look. He had perfect A cup breasts. Just a little more ... and he will be as big as ..."

"No!" gasps Jason loudly, "I ... it can't be! I don't want this ... call the doctor .. there has to be something he can do!"

Jason began attempting to get out of bed. He was totally mind blown. His hands look just like Bree's from the dream as he tugs at the wires and tubes all over. He is incredulous at the thought he is becoming just like her. All the monitors next to the bed began to alarm loudly as he struggles with the many sensors attached to his body.

The new nurse rushes in and sees what going on and shouts, "OMG! Sweetie, don't do that. You're really not well enough to get up. There are some things have to mend yet."

Amy had begun trying to restrain Jason as the nurse rushed over to help. Jason felt a very hard stabbing pain in the center of his chest as his sternum ached from its injury. The girls manage to push him back in bed just as a Doctor rushes in. He quickly determined what's going on and prepares a shot. The doctor injects Jason in his arm as Amy and several nurses restrain Jason.

Jason screams like any girl in pain. He sounds ... just like Bree. The shot takes effect almost immediately. Jason calms and lies back limply in the bed. The horrid pain in his chest lessens, but throbs as a reminder not to attempt that again. Jason's right arm was now all tangled in the traction frame, and he in all the tubes and sensor wires effectively tying him to the bed for the moment.

The doctor says with a hint of irritation in his voice, "Nurse, what in tarnation brought that on? He's been very docile since he came out of his coma."

Amy replies shyly, "I ... think it's my fault. He asked me if he really looked like a girl." she shrugs, "I gave him my compact mirror ... and he freaked when he saw his reflection. He's prettier than I am ... and has a better figure too. I ... I'm sort of jealous."

The new nurse says softly with embarrassment in her voice, "I probably helped. I accidentally assumed .... he was a she and commented about how pretty he was and that his hair would grow back quickly ... and there would be no scarring on his face. You can't tell ... I mean ... really." She looks at Jason's really cute self lying limply in a drugged stupor.

The doctor sighs, "I know. Effectively ... we might as well refer to him ... as her. If this transformation continues the way it is currently, I wouldn't be surprised if his genetics changed too. I mean, even his genitals have developed into a vagina. This is the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed. In fact, I'm writing a paper on it for submittal to the AMA Medical Society’s review. Jason's set for the rest of ... her life."

Amy looks forlornly at Jason as she asks softly, "Is there anything at all you can do to ... stop this?"

The doctor shakes his head, "I'm afraid we have tried about everything known to medical science ... nothing had any effect. What you see ... is what happened even with intervention."

The doctor motions to the nurses, "Untangle ... her. I'm going to get the kit and remove her cast."

The nurses acknowledge the doctor as he leaves. Amy watches as they untangle the mess Jason made of all the wires, tubes, and the traction frame. Jason squeaks softly in a cute way from time to time as he is basically untied.

The nurses removed the traction frame and unwrapped the cast on Jason's right arm. By the time they had finished, the doctor walks back in with a drape cloth, and a medium sized case. The doctor drapes the cloth over Jason's drugged form, leaving just his casted right arm exposed. The doctor opens the case and removes a tool that looked sort of like a drill, with a round toothed cutting tool attached.

Amy gasps loudly, "You ... you're going to slice him completely up with that horrid thing!" She puts her hand to her mouth and has an expression of fear on her face.

The doctor smiles and says reassuringly as he demonstrates on the bare skin of his own arm, "This won't cut him. It vibrates and will only cut the cast material. The skin moves and will remain unharmed."

Amy watches with surprise as the doctor's skin remained unharmed by the vicious looking cutting tool resting on top of it. The whine of it did, however, raise chills all over Amy's body.

The doctor picks up Jason's casted arm and turns the tool on high. The whine of it is loud. When he touches the cast with it, there is a huge cloud of dust partials, and it sounds like a buzz saw cutting through something. One of the nurses has a tube in her hand that obviously acts like a vacuum of sorts. It sucked all the dust up as it was generated. The doctor runs the tool down both sides of the cast, then clips it at the place Jason's fingers poke out. The cast falls away in 2 perfect halves.

Jason's arm had atrophied over the course of 3 months it had remained in the cast. There were browned dead skin attached all over, making it look terrible. The nurses began washing it and removing the dead skin as the doctor cleaned the cutting tool and put it back in the case.

The doctor smiles at Amy and says, "Now, all she has to do ... is use it normally. Start easy at first ... but don't baby it. It will return to normal quickly."

He gathers up every thing and departs as do the nurses with the drape cloth and the vacuum thing.

Amy sits next to Jason and coos softly, "I'm sorry sweetheart, but you'll have to get used to it. You're a girl. I think as soon as you wake back up, we need to pick out a suitable name for a pretty girl like you."

Amy bends and kisses the sleeping Jason on his cheek, then resumes her place in the reclining chair she held her vigilance in over the last 3 months. She began reading a best seller SciFi titled: ' Proposition". She quickly became engrossed in the hugely popular space adventure.

Bree Awakens

Time passes as it always does, the drug wears off and Jason's eyes flutter open. Amy looks up and sees he's awake and leaves her chair to sit beside him on his bed. She runs her hand slowly through his lengthening hair and smiles.

Amy coos softly, "Jason, we have ... to talk seriously about this."

Jason's eyes show the fear he's feeling in his heart as he slowly nods.

Amy continues, "I talked to the doctor to see if there was anything they could do. He said that they did everything within their power to stop this ... it happened anyway. Do you understand this sweetie?"

Jason begins to whimper, "Y ... you mean ... I'm gonna be a girl from now on?"

Amy smiles as she replies, "Apparently. The doctor even thinks your whole genome is going to change shortly."

Amy slowly reaches down and caresses Jason's crotch. Jason's eyes get huge as he gasps out in a cute squeak. Amy's caress felt so wonderful ... and more intense than if .... he realizes something's wrong between his legs.

Amy nods, "That's right, they're completely gone. You have a ... cute little privacy like mine. You are so beautiful too. I'm really jealous over your figure and that cute round butt of yours."

Amy pokes out her bottom lip in an adorable pout as she runs her fingers through Jason's hair again. Jason could only look at Amy. He had covered her hand with both of his where she was caressing him between his legs. One of Amy's fingers happens top find the soft, wet opening to his new vagina. She gently penetrates him to see his reaction. Jason's eyes almost pop out of his head as he arches his back. He gasps in a cute squeak as intense electrical rushes run through him. His breasts began to tingle as he became very aroused at the wonderful sensations. He feels something in his tummy ... he had only felt in that weird dream with Bree.

Amy bends and kisses Jason on his lips. Her tongue wiggles its way into his mouth and searches out his tongue. He relaxes and kisses her back ... grateful she likes him as a girl as much as when he was a boy.

Amy breaks the kiss and takes Jason by his hand. She says softly, "We need to give you an appropriate name. Jason just ... isn't you anymore. Understand sweetheart?"

Jason nods as he drops his eyes defeated. Here it was, the time had arrived. he was officially going be a girl after this moment. Tears begin to run down his beautiful face as the only name he could think of at this moment comes to mind.

He says softly in a whimper, "Breeanna .... from now on ... call me Breeanna ... Bree for short."

Amy hugs Bree and coos reassuringly, "Bree it is my love. Now, sit and relax while I get a nurse and have her make this official."

As Amy leaves, Bree felt such a sense of freedom and fulfillment wash through her. She couldn't imagine why ... she didn't want to be a girl ... did she? As she thought about it, Bree realized at this point ... she truly did always want to be a girl ... just thought it was totally impossible and gave it no thought. Bree shivers at the revelation.

Bree realizes suddenly, they had removed the monitors from her and taken the cast off of her right arm. She examines the atrophied limb. She wiggles her fingers. Bree was not real happy to see it in this condition, but knew it would be normal soon.

Carefully this time, Bree throws back the covers and wiggles out of bed. It is more than obvious to her that she had changed totally over the last 3 months. She slowly shuffles into the bathroom and up to the large mirror on the wall ... she tried very unsuccessfully not to move in the way Bree in the dream did. Bree is shocked to see the reflection looking back. It was exactly as in the dream. If she had on that black fishnet teddy ... OMG! I really am Bree!

Bree lifts the front of her Hospital Gown and checks between her legs ... she had to see for herself. It was true, she had the same cute hairless vagina .... as in the dream. Bree grabs herself between the legs and gasps. What about ... periods? Bree didn't know a thing about how to care for herself then. Another shocker too ... now ... Tommy Kneese would be ... irresistible. Bree gasps softly as she puts her hand to her open mouth over the wonderful arousal that washed over her at the thought.

As quickly as she could, Bree shuffles back and climbs in bed. she pulls the sheets over her head and hides there while she thinks about all that happened and worried about the future.

Amy enters Bree's room with a nurse who carried a stack of papers on a clipboard. Amy sees Bree under the covers all curled up in a ball, shivering. Amy rushes to the bed and sits beside Bree as she tugs at the edge of the sheet.

Bree whimpers, "Go away ... leave me alone. I'm ... miserable enough as it is."

Amy coos in a soft reassuring voice, "Bree, baby ... it's all right .... I promise. All the insurance stuff has been taken care of ... You have your scholarship guaranteed. The only real drawback ... you won't be able to play football anymore because of your injuries. I have spoken to Lisa Kent ... the head cheerleader ... and she’d be more than happy to have you as one of the squad. You and me can practice together and come up with a duet routine."

Bree replies in a very cute whiny voice, "My life is ... over. I don't wanna be one of the Team's Playmates."

Amy laughs, "Sweetie, I'm a cheerleader ... and I never was one of the playmates. I chose you because ... you were different. I didn't realize how different until now ... but that's ok."

Bree started to cry. Amy pulls the sheet from off of Bree, then softly runs her fingers through her hair in a soft loving way. Amy looks at the nurse. The nurse smiles as she pulls up a chair and sits with the clipboard in her lap.

The nurse says softly, "I understand completely ... and can wait."

Amy mouthed the words, "Thank you." Silently. The nurse smiles as she nods.

Amy comforted Bree as she cried. Bree felt her life had totally ended. She didn't realize, that the most exciting and fun part of it was just about to begin. Bree was really upset about having to return to school. She hadn't a clue about how to explain what happened or how. Bree finally rolls over and looks at Amy.

Bree asks in a sniffing way, "How ... am I going to explain to everyone ... about this?"

Amy replies softly, "You won't ... unless you just have to for some weird reason."

Bree's mouth fell open. She looked at Amy with true surprise on her face for a space.

Bree asked, "How's that? Look at me. I look like ... maybe my sister if I had one ... or, or, or, my cousin."

Amy nods and says in a happy tone, "Precisely. You ... are your real Father's ... brother's ... youngest daughter. It explains how you have the last name of Tylor. Because of the uniqueness of this ... mess, there has been Governmental interventions." Amy nods to the papers the nurse had in her lap. "Once we get your finger prints and things, you will be Breeanna Tylor, 18yo daughter of Joseph Tylor ... your Father. The one your real dad talks about now and then .... but ignores otherwise."

Bree can't believe it. Joseph ... was seldom talked about. He had one of those jobs for the Government that took him all over the world, and no one talked about what he did ... Bree's eyes get big as she realizes who it was that did it and how the intervention came about.

Bree gasps, "Joseph ... he's ... he's the one who arranged all this ... isn't he?"

Amy smiles as she drops her eyes, "I ... really can't say. I just know tons of people went to a lot of trouble to make you a new life ... as Bree." Amy pats Bree's shoulder, "Besides, I'm here and not gonna leave you. I plan to teach you how to be the best young lady I can. IF .... the things the doctors are saying really does happen, we will be as close as ... any 2 people can be. I promise."

Bree sits up and looks at Amy. Her vision blurs as tears once again begin to roll down her pretty baby face. Bree wraps her arms around Amy and lays her head in Amy's cleavage. Bree begins to cry once more. Amy hugs Bree lovingly as she slowly rocks side to side and caresses her gently.

"Shhh, baby. It's all right." Cooed Amy as lovingly and reassuringly as she knew how. "I'm right here and won't leave."

The nurse stood and placed the clipboard on the tray next to the bed. She says softly, "I'll be back in a little while." She points to a light that usually glows green, that had changed to a flashing red.

About that time, a Loud voice over the intercom said several times, "Code Red, all personnel to the emergency room ... STAT!"

Amy says, "I'll get her finger prints and stuff and have the forms ready when you get back."

As the nurse left, she says, "Wonderful, by the time Bree is released from the hospital, she will have an entirely new life."

Amy sat with Bree wrapped lovingly in her arms for a long time, as Bree cried all the humiliation, fear, and worries from her young soul.

By the time the nurse returned, Amy had taken Bree's finger and foot prints. All the forms had been properly filled out, and gone over several times to insure there were no mistakes. The nurse takes the clipboard from Amy and looks over the pages.

She says softly, "OK, I'm going to have all this entered into the Hospital's Computer. In about an hour, Bree will have a complete traceable life from birth to her entrance into this hospital for a rather nasty fall at cheerleader practice. Bree, this follows exactly the basic life you lived as Jason ... except it was as your Uncle's daughter. It helps to keep you from making slip ups. One thing you must remember, however, is to carry your ID and the birth certificate with you in your purse. No one will believe you're 18 other wise. Your body has assumed a genealogical age of about 13 or 14."

Bree replies in her cute voice, "It figures ... I not only become a girl ... I look like a little girl."

Amy giggles and says, "That's so awesomely neat too, cuz that makes you my little girl. You are already so pretty, I can make you even more adorable."

Bree sighs softly as she puts her head in her hands, "Just great."

A New Life Begins

Over the course of the past month, Bree had made the final adjustments. Her body settled in on a genealogical age of about 12. Over the course of the 5 months since the accident, Bree's hair had grown. It was down to her shoulders now and was a beautiful white gold color. Her eyes were still that deep piercing blue, and she had become an extremely beautiful young girl. She had even had the shock of waking one morning and discovering she was having her first period. Bree was scared at first when she discovered she was bleeding.

Between Amy's loving administrations, and the nurse's, Bree learned how to take care of herself. There was a discussion on whether to use pads, or tampons. Amy convinced Bree it would be better to use pads until she had her first love encounter. Of course, Bree ... was looking forward to that moment ... but also was totally terrified of it. She still was worried over the boy aspect of all this. Amy, on the other hand, was totally looking forward to making love with Bree and teaching her how to be the very best lover ever.

Bree had started getting flowers delivered to her room, and many plushy, cuddly dolls of all kinds. Lisa Kent, the head Cheerleader at The University of Southern Lowland, had come to visit. The strangest thing about the visit, Lisa acted like Bree had been on the squad all along, and was most apologetic for her fall from the top of the pyramid formation. Lisa promised they wouldn't be doing that again. Bree stared at Amy and Lisa during this whole visit. Lisa went on and on as if she knew Bree from the start of the year. Amy just winked at Bree and smiled.

The rest of the squad came by shortly after and brought cute little fuzzy cuddly critter dolls and acted much the same way. Bree was astonished at it all. The girls all giggled and talked girl talk about everything as they gossiped as if Bree was one of their closest friends.

When the football team came to visit, Bree was scared and totally uncomfortable. None of them knew her as Jason ... they only knew her as the cute little cheerleader who was very sweet and friendly. Another super pretty girl all the guys were desperately trying to get ... but were totally unsuccessful. Bree fidgeted and squirmed uncomfortably as those weird sensations in her tummy ... and a new place ... washed warmly and pleasantly over and through her while those very handsome guys were hovering all around. Bree could tell, she was very wet and moist and her new vagina seemed to wiggle with anticipation. The most scary part, was when Tommy Kneese came and gave Bree a cute little Teddy Bear with a single large long stemmed rose. He had bent and given Bree a kiss on her cheek. Bree almost wet herself. Her whole body tingled as the intense feeling of longing shot through her. Bree knew ... Tommy knew as he winked at her and smiled that dazzling smile. Bree also knew beyond any doubt at that point ... Tommy Kneece was going to be the father of her first child. This scared her to the depths of her soul.

~~ End - Pt3 ~~

~~ The Voice Within - Pt4 ~~

The doctors had run all the test they could think of. Many Scientists had interviewed Bree. There were injections and testosterone treatments ... all to no avail. Bree had made the transformation quickly, down to her genetics and none of the greatest scientific minds could discern why. To the amazement of everyone, even her genome had made the transition and the Y chromosome had repaired itself and become an X. Bree's latest group of genetics tests proved she was XX. The fact Bree started having periods proved the point all too well. It was totally unprecedented, that new organs, muscles, and skeletal features would form while the original frame lost not only mass and height, but certain organs and muscles as well.

The only other person ... and this was a Greek Myth, to have had this type of full transition in all of human history ... was Tiresias. Bree knew that tale well by the time everyone gave up trying to figure out what happened.

It was concluded that the damage to her brain by the free bleeder Bree had experienced due to her unique head injury, combined with the fact her gonads had been ruptured ... had caused her body to become unable to produce the proper levels of testosterone and other male hormones. This in turn allowed for systemic compensation., which then allowed for a situation causing creation of female hormones by the other cells of her body that reached normal levels for a female of Bree's age. Her body began to develop as any would under those conditions.

It is well known that a Male's body produces Estrogen and other female hormones in small quantities. Since the testosterone production had been reduced to nil due to the gonadal injury, It was believed this situation created the unusual transformation. Although, the genetics issue was totally unexplainable to modern science and was still under investigation.

Bree didn't care for the myth, or analysis ... which sounded more like technobabble than a real hypothesis. The only thing she was concerned about ... was she was a girl now and nothing medical science could do, would change her back.

Amy showed up early one morning after Bree had been in the hospital for most of a year, carrying a large cloth backpack like bag. Amy was dressed in a pair of form fitting jeans and a tight peach colored pullover top. She walks briskly in and plops the cloth bag in the chair near Bree's bed.

Amy walks over and wraps her arms gently around Bree and Kisses her passionately on her pouty lips. Bree stiffens for a second, before relaxing into the kiss, and allowing Amy to explore her mouth with her very excitingly wiggly tongue.

By the time Amy breaks the kiss, Bree was not only breathless with passion, but also extremely aroused.

Amy says sweetly, "Good morning, my love. I do so hope your ready."

Amy unzips the bag and began to root around in it. Bree watches with curiosity.

Bree asks, "Ready? Ready for what? You to rape me?"

Both girls giggle.

Amy replies with a giggle in her voice, "No, silly ... it's time for you're grand coming out. I'm taking you back to the apartment. I hope you don't mind, but I left the sorority house and moved into your old apartment. Since Jason died of injuries sustained at football practice ... and his girl cousin and I really needed a place to stay..." Amy rolls her eyes.

Bree gasped out in surprise, "What about my stuff? I mean ... I still want some of the stuff in my old apartment!"

Amy pulls a folded bundle of something from the cloth bag and turns. She hands it to Bree before she puts her hands on her hips.

Amy says with a slight bit of irritation in her voice, "I'm not dumb, you know. I figured you would want some of that stuff. It's just ... Bree and Amy are room mates and share the apartment. All our girlfriends know that ya kno."

Bree says, "I just want to go through it. Some of it ... is no use to me now ... but I want to make the choice."

Bree doesn't understand about girlfriends. She remembers how the Cheer Leading Squad and Lisa all acted. Bree was still confused about how they had just accepted her as if she was an old friend all along. The same with the Football Team ... she was really unsure about it all.

Amy turns and digs in the cloth bag for a second more, before turning around and dropping a pair of soft, black slippers on the floor.

Amy replies, "Fair enough. It's a large apartment ... but only 1 bedroom. I hope you don't mind ... ummm ... " Amy blushes a very pretty pink, "sharing it with me?"

Bree's eyes get big as she gasps softly, "You ... you want to sleep with me?"

Amy nods her head, "I want to do more than that silly ... if it's ok with you."

Bree sits only long enough to blink before she holds out her arms to Amy and wiggles her fingers indicating she wanted Amy to come into her embrace. Amy came and sat beside Bree as they hugged and French kissed passionately for a while.

When they finally broke the kiss, Amy picks up a cute pair of black silk bikini panties with a cotton crotch pad in them from the pile on the bed. She picks up a panty liner and pulls the strip off the back before showing Bree how to put it in the crotch of the panties. Bree turns a slight shade of red as she realizes, Amy intends for her to dress as a girl to leave the hospital.

Bree says softly in an embarrassed tone, "You ... want me to ... wear those?"

Amy looks at Bree in surprise and replies, "Sure ... and why not? They'll fit ... I checked your size .... besides, the panty liner will help keep you feeling clean and fresh ... and smelling nice."

Bree looks at the cute panties. She was hoping Amy would have allowed her to go home ... at least in gender neutral clothes. Sort of give her time to .... adjust to the fact.

Bree unfolds the rest of the clothes. There were hip hugger jeans by Jordash and a very cute little pullover smock top by Venus. Bree picks up the black lacy padded pushup bra by Victoria's Secret and holds it between her thumb and index finger by one of its straps.

Bree asks in a soft gasp, "You ... you're kidding ... right?"

Amy says nothing. She stands and pulls Bree to her feet. Bree was now shorter than Amy by almost 4 inches, and looked very much younger. Amy reaches around behind Bree before she has a chance to protest, and pulls the ties on the hospital gown she was wearing. Bree grabs the front of it before it falls off as Amy undoes the snaps on the shoulders. Amy gently undoes Bree's grip on the gown and pulls it off of her extremely beautiful female form and throws the gown across the bed.

Amy says softly, "Now, young lady ... no more arguing." Amy bends and holds out the panties in front of Bree, "Be a good girl and step into your undies."

Bree stands in shock for a few seconds, looking down at Amy and the panties before she holds onto one of Amy's shoulders for support, and steps daintily in to them. Amy pulls them slowly up, allowing Bree to enjoy the luxurious feeling of them as they slide up her legs, and fit snugly and comfortably. Once Amy had made sure they were on properly, she pats Bree lovingly on her cute round butt. Bree squeaks in surprise at the wonderful hinny pat.

Amy does the same for the jeans. Bree is amazed at how nice they felt as Amy zips, then buttons the button at the top. The jeans were very tight and fit her wonderfully cute legs and hips like a custom made glove.

When Amy picked up the bra, Bree's mouth opened in protest. The scolding look on Amy's face, silenced any protests Bree might have wanted to make.

Amy holds the bra out. Bree looks at its soft, padded, inviting cups begging for her to let them caress her budding young breasts. Bree shivers. She holds her arms out. Amy quickly puts the bra straps over Bree's arms and then fastens the hooks in back. Bree is amazed at how comfortable the bra was, and how it had made her small boobies more sexy looking. Bree even seemed to have more cleavage now.

Without warning, as Bree felt her bra covered breasts in wonder, Amy put the neck opening of the Smock top over Bree's head. It was made of soft cream colored cotton. It had elbow length flared sleeves, a low cut V in front, and an elastic shirred front just below the bottom of the V neck.

Amy took each of Bree's arms, one at a time, and fitted then into the arm openings. Bree felt the wonderful sensations of it as Amy pulled it the rest of the way on Bree's body. Amy tweaks one of Bree's boobies softly making her squeak in a cute way.

Amy says softly, "Now, you are the most beautiful girl in College. Let me do your hair."

Bree gasps, "Amy ... please ..."

Amy replies, "Please what sweet heart? You're a girl and might as well get used to it right now. There's a lots of people out in the hall ... that are expecting you ... as a girl ... not a gender neutral ... whatever."

Amy pushes Bree back onto the bed in a seated position, grabs a stiff bristled brush from the cloth bag, and begins to brush Bree's shoulder length white / golden colored hair. Bree had to admit to herself, it felt truly wonderful to have her hair brushed.

Bree did fret within herself over ... the people in the hall. She knew she would just die of humiliation. Bree knew she was a girl, and there was nothing she could do about it at this point ... however she wasn't quite ready to face the world as a girl.

Amy brushed Bree's hair until it shown, was very soft, and tangle free. Bree protested at the snarls and small knots that were in it, but because of the kind of hair Bree had, they came easily out with little pain. Amy finally puts the brush down and gathers Bree's hair into a large clump high and on the side of her head. She wiggles a cute little scrunchie onto it, making a single large ponytail slightly off center.

Amy hands Bree a mirror. Bree is afraid to look. When she finally looks in the mirror, The exact image of the girl from her dreams looks back. Bree is astonished at how beautiful and cute she is.

Another thing that Bree wonders about, she has had no more dreams of Bree ... although she has had some pretty erotic dreams with herself in them AS Bree ... none of them has had The other Dream Bree. It seems that she is now .... that Bree ... and there is no need to dream of herself as 2 people.

Amy packed the odds and ends back into the cloth bag. She says, "Put your shoes on dear, it's time we got you out of this horrible place."

Bree looks down to the black slippers on the floor. She bends over and picks them up, and slips them on her feet. They are very comfortable, soft, and fit extremely well. Bree stands. The shoes are the softest and most comfortable ones she has ever worn.

Amy picks up the bag and takes Bree by her hand. Amy says, "Lets go sweetie, we can catch some lunch at the Rusty Nail on the way home."

Before Bree can say anything, Amy has pulled her into the hall ... into a huge crowd waiting to wish her well in her new life. Bree felt the tingle of fear and embarrassment run up her spine as many butterfly went to war in her tummy. There were many people cheering and many presents. For a short space, it was a very nice goodbye party.

Bree had been given many kisses on her cheeks by the nurses and many hugs by the Doctors and Scientists that treated her in her almost year long stay. Amy beamed in pride at her new girlfriend as she insured Bree didn't shy too far away from the attention that was specifically hers.

Bree felt terribly shy. This made her very beautiful self seem even more adorable. Her soft and cute voice, coupled with her shy demeanor and beautiful figure, made Bree one of the most desirable female specimens any of the males present had ever seen. Their overt attentions, of course, only made Bree all the more shy and adorable in their eyes.

Bree had gotten to the point she had to leave. She whispers softly to Amy, "Can ... we go now? I ... I mean ... this is wonderful and I'm not trying to be rude ... but It's a bit much for me right now."

Amy smiles as she takes Bree's hand, "Sure, we have someone waiting outside to take us to the Rusty Nail for lunch ... I'm sure they are wondering what happened to us by now."

Amy and Bree say their good byes amid many well wishes and cheers. The 2 young women had their arms full of presents and flowers as they exited the revolving door of the main Hospital Entrance.

Bree was led to the parking lot and up to a very expensive looking sport type vehicle. Bree couldn't see because of all the gifts and things in her arms, until Amy had taken them and put them in the trunk of the small car. Bree's eyes almost fall from her head as she realizes who it is that had come to get them.

Amy says in a bright and cheery voice, "Bree ... I want you to meet our boyfriend ... Tommy Kneese. Tommy, I know you know Bree."

Bree almost wets her panties when Amy introduces him as their boyfriend. When Amy puts Bree's hand in Tommy's, Bree almost swoons. Her heart is pounding in her ears so loud she's sure Tommy can hear it. Bree can feel her tingling breasts as they seem to get larger. The pushup bra seemed to become slightly too small. Bree also felt that wonderfully strange need deep within her tummy ... not to mention in other places and other emotions that all were happening at the same time.

Tommy smiles one of the most beautifully alluring smiles Bree had ever seen. His deep voice resonates all through her body as he takes her hand from Amy and says quietly, "Welcome back, Bree. I hope you are all better now and up to a bit of lunch. I have reservations for the 3 of us at the Rusty Nail. You know how hard it is to get those."

When Tommy bent and kissed the back of Bree's hand ... his soft and warm lips touched her skin ... Bree's mind went away. She didn't remember how she came to be in a slow intimate French Kiss with her arms wrapped lovingly around his neck ... or how her body came to be held close to Tommy's wonderfully masculine body by his wonderful hands on her hinny. Nor did she have any idea how she came to be snuggled up so close ... she could tell how big and hard his ... Bree Breaks the kiss suddenly and shys away. Tommy's hands release her bottom from their wonderfully intense caress as she backs away in an adorable way.

Bree blushes very deeply red as she stumbles in a cute soft voice, "I ... I'm so sorry ... I don't know what came over me. Please ..."

Tommy smiles as he opens the passenger door to the car and interrupts, "Don't give it another thought. Personally, I really hope ... it happens a lot more."

He stands beside the door as Amy squeaks pleasantly. Tommy smiles his wonderfully radiant smile as Bree stands totally in shock at the emotions and feelings raging through her at this point. Amy rushes up and gets a wonderful French kiss from Tommy, before she climbs into the stuffed back seat. Bree Could see many of the gifts there as well.

Bree shyly takes Tommy offered hand as she enters the front seat. Without realizing it, Bree now moved with that wonderful female fluidity and grace ... that has driven males crazy over the centuries.

The trip to the Rusty nail was exciting. As Jason, Bree loved fast hot cars. This one of Tommy's, was no exception. It was the Eurunta 12 cylinder. The 6 speed gearbox coupled with the fuel injection and double overhead cams ... was almost as arousing as being next to Tommy in the very comfortable leather bucket seat. From the time Tommy fired up the hugely powerful engine, until he turned into the parking lot of the Rusty Nail, Bree was totally in heaven.

Amy leaned forward and whispered in Bree's ear so only she could hear as Tommy navigated to the Valet parking area, "See? Told you those liners were nice. Bet you would be totally uncomfortably wet by now ... huh?"

Bree had to admit .... she was very moist in her new privacy ... in a way she had never experienced before ... and was totally sure she would have very wet panties now if not for the liner's protection.

When Tommy had pulled into the valet area, he steeped from the car and walked around to the passenger side of the car. He opened the door, and offered his hand to Bree. At first, Bree didn't know how to react She sat for a few seconds before shyly taking his offered hand and allowing him to help her from the car. Tommy turned and helped Amy from the car in the same gentlemanly manner.

He then offed an elbow to both girls. Amy quickly latched on. The 2 of them looked at Bree for a few seconds, before she got the message and took Tommy's arm.

Tommy commented, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world."

Amy asked in a cute voice, "Oh, really ... and what makes you say that?"

Tommy replies quietly as they enter the open door of the Rusty Nail, "I have ... quite possibly ... the 2 prettiest girls on the planet out to lunch with me at a very popular and exclusive restaurant." He turns and looks at Bree first, then at Amy, "I know the 2 of you ... are an item ... and you and me have started dating since Jason was ... you know."

Bree felt that strange need arise within her once again. The butterfly war began in her tummy one more time as she shivers at the intensity of the emotions running through her. She hadn't thought about it yet ... but the way everyone else was acting about knowing her ... it stood to reason that Tommy thought of her as his girlfriend as much as Amy was.

Bree remembered the wonderful kisses and caresses before they got into the car. Bree had no memory of how she manged to get into it ... all she remembered is how natural in wonderful it had been. She felt this need to ... do something. Bree suddenly realized ... she stood on her tippy toes for just a second as she gave Tommy a sweet little kiss on his cheek. Tommy turns and looks at Bree, his eyes sparkle like the stars on a summer's night.

Tommy smiles that awesome smile of his and says, Wow, I hope there's more of those in store ... I don't think I will ever get enough."

Amy giggles as Bree Blushes a very pretty strawberry pink. Bree realized she was almost totally helpless when it came to Tommy. She only hoped that Amy didn't plan on him coming to the apartment after lunch ... Bree knew she would be totally helpless around him.

Bree says in a soft shy voice, "I'm ... sure there are."

Tommy squeezes Bree's hand lovingly as the Maitre'd escorts the 3 of them to a very quiet, candle lit table.

He passes out the menus as he asks, "Would the ladies and gentleman like a cocktail before your meal arrives?"

Tommy Replies, "Yes ... I would like Screwdriver"

Amy replies, "I would like a Strawberry Daiquiri."

Bree nods pleasantly and replies, "I would like a Strawberry Daiquiri as well."

The Maitre'd looks at Bree for a split second before he replies, "Wouldn't the young lady prefer a soda or something of that nature?"

Bree looks at the man and blinks for a second. Amy leans over and whispers in her ear, "Bree sweet heart ... you're only 18 and look maybe 13. Alcohol is out unless we're at the apartment."

Bree sighs frustratedly before replying, "You don't serve them virgin do you ... no alcohol?"

The Maitre'd smiles pleasantly, "As you wish Ma'am."

He turns with a heel click as he writes in his pad, "Your waitress will be with you shortly."

Tommy ordered for the 3 of them. There were Coconut shrimp, Fired onion flower, sour dough bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil with pepper, seared Ma hi Ma-hi basted in lemon juice, fried jungle peppers, and smeared in lemon butter, almond green beans, baked sweet potato and sweet butter, cream of corn, scallops, and more Strawberry Daiquiris.

When Bree had almost finished her virgin Daiquiri. Amy had poured most of hers into Bree's glass. After several large sips, Bree discovered she had the giggles really bad. Of course, Amy stopped giving Bree more. Bree realized, things were a whole lot different now ... than before.

Bree felt really good and giggly. She was adorably cute all through lunch. She had Tommy, Amy, and several of the serving staff in stitches. Of course, the manager had to give them 50% off of all they spent because of her.

Tommy drove the girl's back to their apartment. Amy took Bree into the bedroom while Tommy sat on the sofa and watched one of their many videos.

Amy had Bree remove her slippers and jeans, then put on a really tight and cute pair of shorty boy shorts. With the Smock top, she looked super sexy. Amy changed into a similar pair of boy shorts before leading Bree back into the living room.

Bree was very pleasantly high and glided onto the sofa in that sexy fluid way girls do. Tommy, of course, watched every move Bree made as she snuggled up next to him. Amy repeated the action on Tommy's other side. Amy began kissing Tommy softly as she and he caressed each other.

Bree had no idea when it happened or how. All she knew was Tommy's tongue was exploring her mouth as she wiggled and flicked her tongue against it. Bree felt Tommy's hand gently squeeze one of her small budding breasts. Bree squeaks softly as she breaks the kiss.

Tommy moves his hand in a fluid motion to Bree's crotch and gave it a wonderfully pleasant squeeze. Bree's eyes get big as she gasps softly and moves her hands on top of Tommy's. Their eyes lock. Bree felt as if she were falling into Tommy's eyes.

Tommy whispers softly, "This is so special. To have you in my arms is like a dream. To have had Amy in my arms was like a dream ... I only hope ... I don't wake up too soon."

A tingle of fear runs down her spine as she stiffens. Tommy's soft, moist lips once again are on Bree's. She relaxes into the kiss and wraps her arms around Tommy's neck and kisses him back lovingly. Between the kisses and the wonderfully tingly caresses, Bree had no thought except how wonderful it all was.

Amy giggles to herself as she watches Bree get lost in Tommy's attentions. Amy knew from the time he had come to visit at the hospital, that Bree was seriously attracted to him. She didn't mind dating Tommy ... he was so much like Jason ... and Amy trusted Tommy ... especially with her new lover ... Bree.

She slipped off to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. She reached in a removed the large bottle of Strawberry wine. She closes the door with her hip as she snatches 3 wine glasses from the rack and walks gracefully back into the living room.

By the time Amy had returned, Tommy had Bree on her back and one hand up her blouse, caressing her cute little boobies. Amy set the bottle and glasses on the coffee table then poured them all full. She picked up 2 of them and wiggles closer to Bree and Tommy.

She says softly, "Here, something to help the night go bye."

Tommy looks up and sees the wine glass Amy offered and reached up and took it with the hand he had been caressing Bree with. Bree blinks dazedly. She was so lost in passion and her wonderful high, her mind wasn't working. Amy helped Bree to sit up and handed her the glass of wine. For Bree, this was a rather large glass .... for Jason ... it was a small glass ... of course habit took over.

Bree takes the wine and gulps it down quickly without thinking about it ... until it was too late that is. Bree felt it as the wine entered her system and went to her head. Ummm ... she was extremely pleasantly high at this point, and very turned on. She wasn't thinking about anything except those wonderful new emotions and feelings Tommy evoked in her.

While Bree sat and had the wine go to her head, Amy and Tommy started kissing. She wrapped her arms around his neck and French Kissed him passionately.

Amy whispers softly, "I want you to go all the way with Bree, sweetie. Go slow and be loving. She has a real thing for you, you know."

Tommy smiles as he kisses Amy one more time, "I'll be the same with her, as I was with you."

Amy's face turned slightly pink, "Tommy, the only reason I'm with you ... is because how much like Jason you are. Bree is very special to me and I wouldn't have another be our boyfriend."

Tommy says softly in a serious voice, "That's why it's all been so special, Amy ... I know you don't go out with just anybody. And the whole school knows how protective you are of Bree and how you feel about her."

Amy smiles as she stands, "I'm ... going to get into the hot tub for a while. Guess that leaves you and Bree to have some fun."

Tommy smiles as he swats Amy playfully on her cute bottom. Amy squeaks adorably as she gracefully wiggles off in a very sexy way. Tommy only watches briefly, before turning his attentions back to more pressing matters.

Bree opened her eyes as Tommy snuggled back next to her. She smiles a cute little smile as she wraps her arms around his neck and begins kissing him once again. Tommy's hand slowly slides down until he caresses her between her legs one more time. Bree squeaks softly as she begins to wiggle her tongue inside Tommy's mouth and search for his tongue.

Bree didn't realize she did it, but she lay back, bent her knees, and spread her legs, giving Tommy access. Ummm ... it felt so wonderful to have him do that. Bree could feel a real need building in her tummy. She didn't understand why her new place between her legs tingled and wiggled so at Tommy's wonderful touch. All she knew was, she was high, she was very happy, and she wanted more.

~~ End - pt4 ~~

~~ The Voice Within - Pt5 ( XXX ) Discovering His Inner Girl ~~

Bree felt her bra come loose from around her. She shivers as Tommy removes it from her arms. Bree feels the coolness of the room around her breasts. Bree had no idea when Tommy had taken her top off, but she was super tingly as his muscular bare chest pressed against her nude breasts as he once again kissed her passionately.

Tommy wiggled his way comfortably between Bree's beautiful legs as he pressed against her pelvis. He wiggled and squirmed gently to give her more intense pleasure and to arouse her even more. He wanted to make love to Bree in the worst kind of way, and he was extremely happy it was coming to pass. Bree was a girl like Amy ... they were totally different. He was certain he didn't want this to be be a one time event.

Bree couldn't think. She was high and aroused at the same time. Tommy was an expert at this ... Bree knew from the times when she was still Jason and the both of them dated the cheerleaders ... but was totally helpless to stop herself.

When Tommy broke the kiss and Bree lay gasping softly for breath, Tommy poured some more wine. He took a large drink before bringing the glass to Bree's lips. She squeaks slightly before he basically pours it in her mouth.

Bree gulps it down before giggling, "Not so fast, silly ... I'm drowning here."

Tommy smiles as he says softly, "I guess I need to do more mouth to mouth ... huh?" Then he once again passionately kisses her.

Bree wraps her arms around Tommy's neck as she does the same with her legs around his middle. She pulls him into her semi-nude body and looses herself in the passion engulfing her. The wonderful taste of the wine still moist and fresh on his lips.

The Jason part of Bree was lost completely in all the passion and intense emotions raging through Bree's body. She had no male thoughts at all ... she was all aroused and in love female.

As Bree passionately kisses and wiggles against him, Tommy reaches slowly down, caressing her along the way, and unfastens the button holding her shorts, then slowly unzips them. Bree didn't even notice it happening. Her head was buzzing with a very strong wine and daiquiri buzz ... not to mention being lost in the new and super intense sensations assailing her.

Tommy's breath came in short gasps as he gently pulled Bree's shorts down. Bree wiggled and pulled with her legs in such a way, that it was easy for him to take them off ... although they were a tight fit on her shapely body. Bree was totally oblivious to it happening as she enjoyed the super intense passion within her, and the wonderfully sweet taste of the kisses.

Tommy's thing had become so hard, it hurt the way it was cramped in his pants and undies. Tommy could feel it throbbing and pinching with each beat of his pounding heart.

He undid and unzipped his jeans, before sliding them down and tossing them into the chair across from the Sofa the 2 of them were snuggled on. This was much better and gave his large swollen thing the room it needed. He was now in just his boxers, and Bree in just her white string bikini panties.

Tommy looked her over before snuggling back between her legs ... she was perhaps the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. From her wonderfully cute face, small erect breasts, her narrow waist, her round hips, and bottom, Bree was absolutely beautiful and extremely sexy. Tommy's heart pounded loudly in his ears as he began to kiss Bree once again.

Bree kissed Tommy with all she knew. Deep within her soul, she knew she had wanted to do this for ... so long. She had a small worry, and hoped he was enjoying her and that she was pleasing him. Bree worried she didn't know how to do it right .... after all .... she was a virgin and had no experience to draw on as a girl. Bree didn't realize, it was this shy, inexperience that was so arousing Tommy as he continued to do his best to enjoy it to the utmost.

Bree gasped in a soft squeak as Tommy's moist lips suckled her aroused nipples. He blew softly across the moistness of the kiss he had just given them, causing goose bumps to rise all over Bree's lovely body. It was wonderfully intense and pleasant. Tommy lightly kisses between her breasts before softly, and teasingly running his tongue slowly down from that point to Bree's navel. Bree moans softly until Tommy reaches her tummy button, grabs Bree so she couldn't escape or injure him, and blows a very loud raspberry into it.

Bree's eyes get large as she lets out a loud screeching squeak and begins to kick and squirm to get away.

Bree gasps out between breathless giggles and screeches, "S ... ssss ... STOP! P ... Please! It ... it's ..."

Bree never gets to complete her giggling protest as Tommy does this several more times, before continuing his slow, soft, sensual journey from her tummy to between her legs.

Tommy held Bree's legs open at her thighs as he looked at the soft mound beneath Bree's panties that made up her hairless vagina. He smiled as he lowered his face into it and took a deep breath.

Ummm ... she smelled so sweet and clean.

Tommy kisses Bree through her panties as he wiggled his tongue all around, making Bree's panties even more moist than they were to start.

Bree gasps out softly before she begins a quiet cute squeak with each kiss, "Th ... that's my ... my privacy."

Bree felt a tingle of embarrassment rush through her. She couldn't for the life of her think of anything else to say.

Tommy replies as he begins to lick through the leg openings, "Umm humm! It sure is."

Bree looses what little is left of her mind as Tommy moves the small patch of cloth to the side that was hiding her beautiful little slit form his view. Tommy opens the pink lips softly with his fingers, inserts his tongue, and begins to explore its wiggling and pulsing depths in a very intense and sensual French Kiss.

Bree had a flashing thought of something she almost heard ... it was who she used to be ... Jason ... protesting. Jason didn't exist anymore ... Bree did and was in charge ... and Bree wanted to make Mating Love to Tommy. Not just have sex ... she wanted to have Tommy in every way she could. The thought vanished since Jason no longer had any say. Besides, Bree couldn't entertain any other thoughts at the moment anyway ... Tommy was as good at making love to a girl as Jason had been.

Bree squeaks softly as chills run all through her with each wiggling exploration of Tommy's tongue within her virgin vagina. If Jason were still there ... he would have admit this was more intense than when he had sex as a male.

Every part of Bree's body was alive and tingled with arousal. Her breasts buzzed like a hive of bees in June when the flowers bloom. Goose flesh covered her soft flesh from head to foot. Super intense waves rushed all through her with each penetration of Tommy's tongue causing her to gasp and squeak involuntarily.

"Ummm, wonderful!" thought Tommy as he pushed his face deeper into Bree's sweet little pussy and licked as deep as he could reach.

He was cramped at the end of the sofa and wanted more room. If there wasn't another place ... this would do fine ... but there was a very large, King Sized bed in Bree and Amy's room just begging to be used. Amy was still out in the pool area leaving them alone to play, so no one would disturb them.

Tommy stood and pulled Bree to her feet and into him. Bree snuggled in close as Tommy held her by her round bottom and pulled her into his super hard thing. Bree gasps softly as Tommy's hardness rubs against her. She wanted it so badly at this point.

Bree reaches down, into Tommy's undies, and takes his large swollen penis gently into her trembling hand. She caresses it as she lovingly squeezes it. Tommy's eyes widen for a second at the intensity of the caress.

He removes her hand from his undies and leads Bree into the room up to the side of the huge bed. As Bree crawls into bed, Tommy quickly sheds his boxers and climbs in behind her. Bree lies on her back, bends her knees, as she spreads her legs invitingly.

Tommy moves to between Bree's legs, stopping only long enough to pull off her panties, before putting her thighs across his and wiggling in. He takes his swollen thing and touches Bree's vaginal opening with it and begins to slowly rub it up and down.

Bree squeaks softly as she arches her back, giving Tommy better access to her moist virgin depths. Bree can't help herself as her breath comes in short sweet squeaky gasps. As Jason, she had many a girl in this position and it made him feel really good ... now she understood how really good it felt to have it done to her ... especially by someone she was super attracted to ... ??!!

Tommy moved lightly over the top of Bree as it dawned on her what she was thinking at that moment. She opens her eyes. Tommy is directly over the top of her. She feels his muscular chest gently rub against her breasts as she takes his large arms in her small hands.

She gasps as his thing penetrates her tight wet place. Tommy pushes in intently 3 times, each one moving deeper inside Bree in an impossible way. She feels it as her vagina opens. She feels the pulling and a sharp, intense pinch as Tommy pushes all the way in the 3rd time.

Tommy loves the feeling as Bree's vagina opened. He felt it as something opened deep within her. He felt a wonderful rush all through him as she gasped a loud squeaky gasp and began panting softly.

Tommy bent down and whispered, "I love you Bree." Then began to French Kiss her passionately.

Bree felt so full at this point. It hurt ... it felt good ... it had sharp pinches and wonderful rushes and intense emotional surges. Bree realized Tommy was controlling her breathing by the way he penetrated her. She was totally helpless beneath him as he began to slowly stroke her. She felt his huge thing move deeply within her vagina, each stroke caused wonderful waves of intense sensations rush all through her.

Bree felt Tommy's warm, moist lips against hers ... his tongue in her mouth. She ran her hands slowly up his muscular arms as he stroked slowly in and out. Bree wraps her arms around Tommy's neck and begins to return his kisses passionately. She totally forgot about how strange it was to be making love to a guy.

She wraps her thighs around him as best she could and pulls. She feels a wonderful pain deep within her tummy as something deep inside opened even further. She feels Tommy gasp softly as it happens. Bree looses her mind as Tommy begins to quicken his rhythm.

She is gasping softly to each of Tommy's thrusts. Tommy is totally taken with Bree at this point. He absolutely knew he was her first ... and this was probably the best he had ever had. He could feel Bree's vagina as it spasmed. Each one caressing his swollen rod in a undulating rhythm.

Bree stops suddenly and her eyes get big. Tommy had begun to grunt in that way boys do ... Tommy thrusts deep. Bree gasps as she arches her back into the thrust. She's helpless as she feels the warm wetness fill her. Tommy Pushes against her pelvis several times before her finally sighs softly and hangs his head over Bree.

Tommy smiles a large smile before he bends once again and French Kisses Bree deeply. Bree couldn't help herself ... she kisses him back in turn. Bree didn't realize it until Tommy had his next orgasm, but they had been making slow love all the while they had been locked in a passionate kiss. It had felt so totally awesome. Tommy finally pulls his semi-hard thing from her abused depths and rolls over beside her panting softly.

Bree reaches down and feels between her legs at the place it was dripping. When she brought her fingers back, they were wet ... and had streaks of blood on them. Bree feels a tingle of fear run through her as she realizes ... her period was very near and she just could be pregnant right now.

Tommy reaches gently over and caresses Bree's cute breast as he asks softly, "Did you enjoy that sweet heart? I thought it was wonderful."

Bree's heart fluttered as she felt a wonderful rush all through her. She had pleased her partner.

Bree blushes slightly as she replies softly, "It ... was wonderful Tommy. I've wanted to make love to you since I met you."

Bree felt a slight embarrassment as she realized ... it was since they became friends in 3rd grade ... she was still Jason then.

Bree held on to Tommy as he slowly began to nod off. Bree smiles as she remembers all the wonderful times she had felt post-coital fatigue as Jason after the most wonderful sexual encounter. Now she totally understood why girls got upset about it ... but she also had the unique perspective of having experienced it. She knew that Tommy had totally enjoyed making love to her and was experiencing the aftermath of it. It truly tickled her in most wonderful way to feel this inside her.

Bree gently begins to run her fingers across Tommy's muscular body. She hopes she didn't get pregnant on the first time ... but if it was Tommy's ... she didn't really mind so much.

Bree looks up as the door to the bedroom opens slightly. She sees Amy peek around the edge of the door. Amy sees Bree and Tommy lying nude together. She smiles.

Amy asks softly, "So, was it as good for you," she points to the sleeping Tommy, "As it apparently was for him?"

Bree blushes softly pink as she wiggles herself out of Tommy's sleeping grasp. The only response from Tommy was he grunted once before rolling over, releasing Bree from his embrace. As Bree gets out of the bed, she notices a small, sort of heart shaped red place on the sheets. Bree feels a tingle run through her as she accepted the reality of it, she wasn't a virgin any more and had gone all the way with Tommy. She could feel the pleasant soreness inside her and the sensation left behind by having Tommy's huge thing so deep within her.

Bree walks to the bathroom with Amy quietly sneaking in and closing the door behind them.

Amy lets go with a squealing giggle as she hugs Bree tightly. Amy says with excitement in her voice, "Tell me all about it Bree ... you have to ... it's ... it's the rules."

Bree blushes darker pink as she replies, "What rules? I ... don't know of any kind if rules." as she sits on the potty to try and pee.

Amy had begun to fill the tub with warm water as she pours in an amber liquid. The aroma of honey suckle fills the air as the tub fills with small white bubbles.

Amy turns and faces Bree, "The rules of ... you are my girlfriend and girlfriends tell each other everything."

Bree and Amy giggle together as Bree describes making love and loosing her virginity to Tommy.

Finally Bree says with slight whimper in her voice, "Tommy went all the way ... and I might be pregnant. What am I gonna do if I am Amy?"

Amy bends and hugs Bree lovingly as she replies reassuringly, "You'll just have your first child. It's what sometimes happens when a girl makes Mating Love to a boy. I didn't get pregnant with you ... but if you hadn't become a girl ... I would have."

Bree blinks at Amy as a small tinkling drip comes from her. Amy smiles and takes Bree by the hand and pulls her to her feet. Amy pulls some paper off the roll and wipes Bree's moist vagina softly.

Amy asks, "Would you ... like to take a bath with me? I'll wash you if you want." as she began to untie her wet bikini bottoms.

Bree walks over and very daintily gets into the hot bubbly water. She replies, "Sure, I still like taking a bath with a girl you know."

Both girls giggle as Amy tosses her bikini bra top into the sink, then in the same dainty manner, gets into the tub with Bree. Amy settles into the hot, bubbly water and smiles. She has many plans for her babydoll ... including this.

Amy scoots closer to Bree, lifting her legs and thighs over her own so they could sit vagina to vagina. Amy wraps her arms around Bree's neck and gives her a quick smooch on the lips.

Amy coos softly, "I'm so proud of you Bree." then passionately French Kisses her as the 2 young women slowly rub their squeaky places together in a wonderfully intense, sensual way.

Amy and bree splash and giggle together as they play and wash each other intimately. By the time Amy stands up and steps out of the tub onto the thick bathmat, the bubbles in the water had almost vanished and the temperature of the water had cooled noticeably.

Bree steps out of the tub into a wonderfully soft and fluffy towel as Amy briskly starts to dry her hair. After wrapping Bree's hair in the first towel like a turban, Amy begins to dry her with another hugely thick towel, tickling and caressing Bree's young body along the way. Bree squirms and giggles as she tussles with Amy until Amy completed her task.

Amy led Bree from the bath by the hand into the bedroom. Tommy was sprawled across the bed sound asleep and snoring with a soft buzz.

Amy pulls open a drawer in the dresser and removes a pair of cute, black bikini panties and tosses them to Bree. She opens another drawer and removes a Venus Padded Pushup bra and tosses it to her as well. While Bree wiggled into the panties, Amy went to the closet and removed 2 pairs of low cut hip hugger jeans and pullover tops.

Amy giggles at Bree's attempts to fasten the back bra strap. Amy walks to the dresser and removes another slightly larger bra from the dresser. She shows Bree how to bend her arms around and pull the straps to fasten the clasps. She also showed Bree how to fasten the bra backwards, then turn it around and put her arms through, making adjustments to the cups so they fit comfortably.

Bree wiggles into the jeans as Amy puts on her undies. By the time Bree had pulled her top on, Amy had finished dressing too. Both the girl's put on their tennis shoes and wandered into the living room. Bree's other outfit was scattered in places all over.

With slight embarrassment, Bree Gathered her clothes and took them to the bathroom. She removed Amy's wet bikini top and bottoms from the sink and draped them across the shower door, then tossed her dirty clothes into the hamper.

By the time she returned to the living room, Amy was sprawled adorably on it. Bree snuggled up next to her and kissed her on the lips.

Bree says softly, "it was ... so wonderfully strange to make love to Tommy."

Amy giggles, "I thought it was too. I think ... it's very wonderful to make love to you ... as either a guy or a girl." She blushes shyly pink.

Bree smiles as she snuggles closer and kisses Amy on the lips one more time. For a long time, the both of them snuggled together in this wonderful embrace while Tommy snoozed totally oblivious to the pleasures he was missing.

Finally, the girl returned to the bedroom and snuggled into bed with Tommy. Amy showed Bree lots of fun ways to drive a boy nuts in bed. Bree was totally mind blown over Amy insisting she suck and swallow. Bree was surprised at how pleasant it was ... and the fact it was sweet and salty tasting at the same time. The only issue Bree had ... was relaxing her throat enough so Tommy's huge thing could go down.

Eventually, they all drifted off to sleep wrapped in a sweet embrace of arms and legs. Bree dreamed of her first encounter with Tommy, the boy she had dreamed of for so many years ... secretly in Jason's subconscious mind.

~~ End pt5 ~~

~~ Pt6 - Coming out ~~

Bree wakens to a very soft squeeze to her hinny and a wonderful smooch on her lips completed with a gentle lick with the tip of a tongue. Bree's eyes flutter open to see Amy's wonderfully cute face with a broad smile hovering just above her.

Amy coos softly, "Come on sweet heart, you have to get up and in the shower ... we're running a bit late this morning."

Bree sits up and rubs her eyes as she yawns. The covers fall the rest of the way off, revealing her beautiful nude body. Bree looks around in that wonderful daze of just getting up from a very restful sleep.

As she stretches, Bree asks, "Where's Tommy?"

By this time, all Bree could see of Amy was her cute pantied butt wiggling above a large open drawer as she dug in it.

Amy replies, "He had an early class and had to leave. I fell back asleep and overslept. I have some toast and juice on the table for you. I'll pack the gym bags and lay out your outfit for the day ... but you have to take a shower fast or we will be late for class."

Bree's eyes get large for an instant. She didn't realize she would be going back to class this fast as well as ... everything else that happened so far since she left the Hospital.

Bree asks softly in confusion, "Class? What class?"

Amy stands with a pair of maroon panties and a matching Maiden Form bra in her hand. She tosses them on the bed as she opens the closet door and enters. Bree looses sight of Amy as she turned on the light and entered the closet.

Amy's slightly muted voice replies, "We have Creative Writing in about 30 minutes ... after that Geometry. I couldn't get us out of that stupid orientation thingy for Drama class .... but after that, is history. This afternoon we have practice too ... the squad's all looking forward to you coming back."

"The squad?" gasped Bree, "How are they looking for me to ... return? I've never been there before."

Amy pokes her head out of the closet and says, "Don't be silly ... of course you've been there. At least ... everyone thinks so." Amy giggles as she ducks back into the closet, "Don't be bashful or afraid ... but you're gonna find you are a very popular girl ... specially after getting hurt the night ... Jason was killed at the game."

Bree gasps out in shock, "Jason ... killed? I wasn't ... killed! I was hurt really badly ... but I'm not dead."

Amy leaves the closet as she turns off the light and softly kicks the door closed. She carries a bundle of clothes over to the bed and drops them. She takes Bree by the hand and pulls her to her feet.

Amy swats Bree on her cute hinny as she says sternly, "Get yourself into that shower and hurry ... unless you want to go to class smelling like sex. As far as Jason is concerned, he's dead and gone. There was nothing the doctors could do to .... maintain his life. They tried everything. Bree, on the other hand, survived the fall from the top of the pyramid we made when the ball in Jason's arms was knocked loose and hit you in the head. You were unconscious and had a head injury ... but you lived. Everything's been taken care of. Everyone believes they know you ... and have since the start of the year. It was sort of easy ... especially as cute as you are. Now get in the shower young lady unless you want me to spank you."

Amy stood firmly planted with her finger pointing at the door to the bathroom. All Amy had on were a pair of white panties and a bra at this point and still needed to dress. She was insistent. Bree was still flabbergasted over the whole thing, but she went into the bathroom and started the shower.

Bree steps into the warm shower and picks up the large bar of sweet smelling skin soap. She lathers up the wash cloth and begins to clean her squeaky places. She felt a nice sort of soreness there and in her tummy.

She smiles at how fun it had been and how good it had felt to do it with Tommy and Amy at the same time ... but there was a nagging fear she might be pregnant in the back of her mind too. She didn't want to be pregnant right off ... but she also knew as much as she was into Tommy ... she had a real problem.

Bree thought over how it was managed that everyone seemed to know her. She remembered when the Football Team came to visit her in the Hospital ... everyone acted like they knew her ... forever. The Cheerleader Squad acted the same when they had come to visit.

Bree sighs ... even Tommy seemed like he knew her forever too ... and made love to her like it. Bree decided that the only thing to do ... was go with the flow and see how it turned out.

She finished washing her beautiful shapely body and dunked her head under the softly pulsing spray. Her long hair became limp with water as she poured some jasmine smelling shampoo in it and lathered it well.

By the time Bree had finished rinsing her hair, she heard Amy calling, "Bree! Hurry up love ... it's getting late and we have to go."

Bree calls back as she begins to dry off, "I'm hurrying ... Give me a minute to dry off."

As Bree begins to briskly dry her hair, Amy walks in the bathroom and gasps.

Amy scolds, "Bree, you washed you hair! Why? You washed it last night."

Bree says in a muffled voice as she finished drying it in the towel, "Of course I did ... I always wash my hair in the mornings."

Amy replies, "You don't have time to fix it silly .... here ... take this brush and hope it works."

Bree catches the brush Amy picked from the counter and tossed to her. She begins to brush her hair as Amy takes her by the hand and leads her back into the bedroom. Laid neatly on the bed, were the maroon panties and bra. Next to them was a very cute, low cut, wine colored pull over T top, and a very short gray skirt that zipped up the side.

Amy didn't give Bree a chance to protest as she helped her get dressed and finish brushing her hair. It was then that Bree noticed Amy was dressed very similarly. Amy's top was a soft yellow was the only difference. The both of them were total knock outs in miniskirts and form fitting V neck blouses.

Amy finished brushing Bree's long blond hair and made her sit on the edge of the bed. Amy picked up a cute pair of shiny black slippers with flat souls and put them on Bree's feet. When she had finished, she slipped her feet into a similar pair, then finished briskly brushing her own hair.

With a quick spritz of a lovely smelling perfume, Amy pulled Bree out the door, into the public eye for the first time ... as a girl. Not just any girl, mind you ... but one of the prettiest ones in school.

On the way out, Bree and Amy grabbed their gym bags, purses, and books. Bree walks quickly to the car as Amy unlocked and opened the door. All their stuff was tossed in the back seat as the girls got into the car, and Amy drove off.

Finding a parking space was easy ... they were members of the Cheer Leading Squad and had their own designated spot. Amy hurried Bree along with their books and bags. Amy showed Bree how to sling the purse over one shoulder and the gym bag over the other so she could carry her books.

Along the way to the office, many people called to Amy ... and to Bree. Bree was amazed at how many people seemed to know her on sight. Amy explained that it had been over a year ... and there was an information saturation program by some Governmental Organization that gave everyone the impression they had known Bree for a lot longer than was real. It was human nature ... over load them with enough information ... their mind does the rest.

The office was just as Bree remembered it. Total chaos.

Amy took Bree to the Counter and asked loudly, "Miss Baker? Can I get some help for Bree over here please?"

The room became totally silent as all eyes fell on Bree. She felt herself getting warm as the embarrassment settled in.

Amy leans over and whispers softly, "Don't be afraid ... you are a very popular girl ... and you just came back to school after a nasty accident."

The buzz in the room began softly, then rose in tempo as everyone started talking once again. Many of the girls came by and welcomed Bree back ... a lot of the boys too. Several even made suggestions that Bree might want to have lunch with them some time in the very near future.

Bree was overwhelmed ... and very shy about the whole thing. She remembered, as Jason, acting the same way as the other boys were over very pretty girls. She had even acted the same way over Amy the night at the Frat Party when she had made love to her for the first time as Jason.

A very pleasant, matronly woman dressed in a floral print dress that showed off her ample cleavage came to the Counter. She opened a drawer beneath the counter and removed several pieces of paper, some pens, and set them in front of Amy and Bree.

She smiles a broad smile and says in a chipper tone, "Hi, Amy. And a very large hello and welcome back to you Miss Tylor. We are all so grateful that you are healed and back with us. Our heart felt condolences on the loss of your First Cousin, Jason, "The woman places her very soft hand over the top of Bree's, "If you would like, I can arrange for you to see one of our Councilors."

Bree didn't really know what to say. Her mind was a total blank. She finally managed to stumble out, "Ummm ... th ... that won't be necessary Miss Baker. I'm ... able to deal with it."

Miss Baker looks at Bree with a sympathetic, but understanding smile for a second before she takes up a pen and hands it to Bree.

Miss Baker says softly, "Now sweetie, all I need you to do, is fill out this Return to School Form for me. It takes your Academic Record out of its hold and reactivates it. While your doing that, I will print out a list of your classes and schedule. If I'm not mistaken, Amy has volunteered to be in all of your classes." Miss Baker winks at Bree, "Of course, I know why ... and it makes me so happy to see the two of you so ... close."

Bree feels her face and ears get hot as she blushes strawberry pink. Miss Baker giggles as she walks over to a computer terminal and begins to type furiously for a few minutes. Bree, fills out the paper ... with Amy's help in places ... dates and signs it.

Bree asks Amy softly as she awaits Miss Baker's return, "What did she ... mean by ... us being close?" Bree looks at Amy with an adorably innocent blink.

Amy smiles as she answers back in a soft whisper, "It's common knowledge Bree ... you are my Babydoll. I promised you in the hospital ... no matter what ... You and I are an item." Amy leans over and softly kisses Bree's cheek as Bree looks at Amy with big beautiful blue eyes.

Miss Baker returns and places several sheets of paper on the counter and collects the one Bree had filled out. Miss Baker looks the form over and smiles.

She says, "Well, I think you girls need to hurry along to your Writing Class," she hands them both a hall pass, "I think the class has already started. That pass will admit the both of you with no trouble. Welcome back once again, Bree. I know all your friends on the Cheerleader Squad will be very happy to see you back."

Bree only had time to reply back, "Thanks." before Amy had drug her out of the Office and into the hustle and bustle of the crowded, noisy hall.

After a brief stop at their side by side lockers ... and Amy giving Bree her new combination ... they loaded their gym bags and extra books into it, before hurrying off to their Creative Writing class.

The Class was the exact same one Bree remembered being in before the accident. All the faces that looked up at her were familiar ones ... even the teacher was the same. The teacher says in a very cheery tone, Well, well ... welcome back Miss Tylor. It's really good to see your healed and back with us."

Amy ushered Bree up to the teacher's desk and handed her their passes, along with several other papers Miss Baker had given them.

Bree says in a really cute voice, "Thanks Mrs Murphy. It ... it's really good to be out of the hospital and back at school."

Mrs Murphy smiles broadly as she signs the papers and stacks them on a pile on her desk.

She says, "Take your seats and I'll give the class assignment for today."

Amy goes to a seat and wiggles in it in an adorable manner. She sits with her ankles crossed and her hands folded on top of her books. She nods her head towards the empty seat next to her.

Bree sighs softly as she takes the seat. Without realizing it, she wiggles into the seat in the same manner Amy had. Of course, this was something all the boys in the class ogled at ... and they had hopes that they might get a gimps up their short skirts to boot.

Bree heard a soft buzz of 'Welcome back', drifting softly around the room. Amy had been right. after a year of information overload ... everyone was sure they knew who she was.

Mrs Murphy went to the board ... and seemingly with the same screechy chalk she had the last time Bree was there as Jason, wrote the assignment on the board.

Mrs Murphy says, "All right class, 500 word minimum ... begin."

She returned to her desk and began grading papers ... just like last time. Bree even had a terrible sense of Dejavu.

Bree took out several blank sheets of notebook paper and began to write. She wasn't really thinking about what it was she wrote ... she just wrote to pass the time of the class.

Time passed quickly and Bree had finished her short story with about 20 minutes to spare. Bree looked the story over ... she had titled it: "Gift of the Unicorn." It was about a young boy who had a very abusive father ... and dreamed of being a girl in his heart, and how he found the secret magical place Unicorn's have ... and received his fondest wish.

Bree wiggles out of her seat ... very self-conscious of showing things she shouldn't, and walked up to Mrs Murphy's desk in that extremely fluid feminine way that drive guys totally nuts. Bree didn't realize she was doing it ... which made it all the more sexy.

Bree hands the story over to the teacher. Mrs Murphy takes it and reads it quickly over. Her eyebrows raise as her eyes get slightly large.

Mrs Murphy looks up at Bree and says approvingly, "Very well done Miss Tylor. It seems the ability to write is in your genes as well as it was in Jason's. I'm going to miss his stories very much ... but I'm glad to see you have the same talent he did."

Bree blushes softly pink as she drops her eyes. To Mrs Murphy, it looked like Bree was feeling badly over the mention of Jason.

Mrs Murphy continues, "I'm sorry Bree, I didn't mean to upset you ... I was trying to give you a very large complement."

Bree replies softly before turning and returning to her seat, "It ... it's ok Mrs Murphy ... I can deal with it."

Bree was glad for the way out ... she really didn't know what to say or how to respond ... the writing ability was ... just natural. She sort of worried that it might be too close to being like Jason's ... but there was nothing anyone could do about it ... Bree and Jason were in effect ... the same person.

Mrs Murphy smiles understandingly at Bree as she returned to her seat, then proceeded to put a large red A+ at the top of the story. Mrs Murphy hoped Bree would develop her talent professionally ... she was an excellent author.

The bell sounds, Mrs Murphy says loudly over the sudden hubbub of voices and madhouse of departing bodies, "I want everyone to read pages 40 through 60 for the next class. We will have a short discussion ... then a pop quiz."

The sound of many groans as the departing students placed their stories on her desk in a haphazard pile.

Bree and Amy were quickly surrounded by several girls from the Cheerleader Squad ... and a few that Bree only knew from afar as Jason. They all seemed to know her as Bree and chatted and gossiped in a friendly manner as they all walked out the door. Bree actually felt these girls were her longtime friends ... although she hadn't known many of them. Some of the cheerleaders she knew as Jason ... and had even had several intimate encounters with them on several occasions.

Bree smiled to herself as she wondered what they would do ... if they realized this younger girl they all seemed so fond of .... turned out to be Jason. Bree's thoughts were interrupted as she walked out the door ... into a pair of very muscular arms.

She feels them as they wrap around her and a hand softly grabs her by the hinny and pulls her into a very hard and strong body. She is so startled, she drops her books.

Bree feels it as Amy's body is held next to hers. Bree manages to get a look at who this person is only for a second. She sees Tommy Kneece just finish giving Amy a very deep French Kiss, before she feels his soft, moist lips press against hers. His tongue enters her mouth and begins to explore it .

Bree is helpless. She kisses Tommy back as passionately as she can as his strong arms hold her close. The girls she had left the class with all stand in a loose huddle and giggle and twitter among themselves. Bree almost wets her panties the kiss is so wonderfully overwhelming.

Tommy breaks the kiss, then kneels and picks up Bree's books. He says apologetically, "Sorry about that Bree, I .... just missed getting that kiss this morning and had to have it."

Bree's blushed as pink as a girl possibly could. All the girls were giggling and whispering secrets to each other, Amy stood with an expression of total rapture and was oblivious, and Bree was extremely aroused ... and had to go potty really badly.

As Tommy hands Bree her books, she says softly, "It's ok sweet heart ... I'll give you some of those anytime." She then stands slightly on her tippy toes and kisses Tommy again amid many ohhs and ahhs.

Tommy says, "That's wonderful. I'm here to walk you to our next class ... Geometry."

He takes Amy by one hand and Bree by the other and begins to lead them off .... the group of girls following in a close group around them and continuing their twitters, giggles, and friendly gossiping.

Bree sees the girl's room and takes Amy by the hand. She says urgently, "I'm sorry, Tommy, But I have to use the potty."

She pulls Amy off with her into the Girl's room ... several of the other girls following behind. The rest stayed out in the hall and continued hovering around Tommy.

Bree made a dash for the open stall, she had to go potty or wet her panties. The rest of the girls lingered around the mirrors and touched up their makeup as they giggled and chatted about most everything.

Bree hiked her skirt around her hips and pulled down her panties. She sat ... she was glad she finally learned how to pee properly. When she first lost her thing ... it had been rather difficult to do without making a huge mess. She hadn't had the years growing up to learn how to flex the proper muscles to make it happen the way she wanted. Having a vagina made things ... different. She couldn't just ... point and go ... she didn't have the equipment any longer.

As she felt the pressure go away, she heard snatches of the conversations of the other girls. They were discussing new outfits, how adorable someone would look in them ... and having a jammie party really soon. Bree also heard snatches of the girls telling about their encounters with the other guys ... both public ... and not so public.

Bree finally finished, wiped herself dry, and pulled her panties up. She made sure her skirt was down properly before she left the stall. All the girls turned and quit talking as Bree approached.

Bree asked, "What?" as she looked in the mirror expecting to see some gross thing.

The girls burst into giggles as they began to gather round Bree and brush her hair, add make up, and perfume. One girl handed her a packet of lip gloss. Bree knew this girl well as Jason, She was the air headed blond type. Her name was Bunny and she was the party girl. She was sweet, rather cute, and willing to please ... although she did act a bit on the dumb side about a great many things.

Bree twisted the top off of the small cup with the gloss in it. She touched it lightly with the tip of her finger and spread it over her lips. It tasted wonderfully of fresh strawberries.

Amy handed Bree a tissue and said simply, "Give it a kiss ... takes off the excess."

Bree looked at Amy for a second. She saw Bunny make a kissing motion between her hands as if she were holding the tissue. Bree placed the folded tissue between her lips and gave it a soft kiss. When she looked at it, it had a perfect impression of her lips on it. Of course, Amy took it and put it in her pocketbook ... any kiss of Bree's like that belonged to her ... none of the other girls argued.

Bree knew something was up ... the girls were acting ... different somehow ... she just couldn't put her finger on it. They were still very friendly and were including Bree into everything. It didn't take Bree long to realize, she was the youngest among them all now, due to her new genetics. The other girls were at least 21 ... some older. She was just 18 ... the little girl of the crowd.

Since none of the others would divulge any secrets ... except that they were having a jammie party and Amy had to bring Bree. Bree figured it might be fun ... and just allowed things to go the way they were.

Amy took Bree by the hand and led her from the potty. Tommy was standing outside waiting patiently for them, and still chatting with the other girls. There were fewer girls now ... as many had slowly wandered off to their next classes.

Tommy took Amy on one arm and Bree on the other and escorted them to Mrs Grigg's Geometry Class. Of course, Tommy was the envy of every straight male in school. Not only was he basically living with Amy Vanderhorn ... but with her Babydoll as well.

Jason had always excelled at Geometry and math ... so Bree had no issues at all. She was a bit behind the rest of the class ... but it would be quick to catch up. As Mrs Grigg droned on with her explanations and wrote the equations on the chalk board, Bree did the missed lessons quickly. She wasn't worried about any of the new notes ... Amy or Tommy would give them to her.

Mrs Grigg saw Bree was hard at work doing something at her desk and thought she would catch her not paying attention. Mrs Grigg called on Bree and asked her a very hard question about a solution to a Euclidean Geometric Intersection problem. The solution was actually supposed to be well beyond this class level ... but was a good exercise in logic to introduce the class to.

Without thinking, Bree answered the question without even looking up, "Yes, Mrs Grigg, the 2 objects would collide eventually along the LT and ZT coordinate. The point of impact would therefore be the point LT/ZT. Most probably the energy release would approach LT/c x LZ/c ~ E or more like LT*av[Delta V]*ZT = M squared ~ E."

Bree felt a cool chill run down her spine as the room became very still. She looks up and sees everyone staring at her with surprise on their faces ... including Mrs Grigg.

Bree asks in her cute voice, "What? It's the answer ... because ..."

Bree doesn't get to finish as Mrs Grigg interrupts, "How did you get that answer so quickly? Do you happen to have it open in your book?"

Mrs Grigg approaches Bree's desk ... only to see she had been working on catching up on the missed lessons ... nothing more.

Bree says softly into the silence of the room, "Mrs Grigg ... just because the 2 objects are light years apart ... doesn't mean they aren't going to intersect. If two lines intersect a third in such a way that the sum of the inner angles on one side is less than two right angles, then the two lines inevitably must intersect each other on that side if extended far enough. This is the basic Euclidean Axum of intersecting Lines. Impact energy release is based on total mass attributed to M squared and speed assigned av ( average velocity) at the impact point based on delta V."

Bree looks around. There is total awe on everyone's face.

Mrs Grigg nods slowly as she replies, "And so it is. Miss Tylor, please see me for a moment after class. I would like to ... discuss this with you if you don't mind."

Amy leans over from one side and Tommy from the other. They both say in unison, "Way to go! No one has upstaged Mrs Grigg that way in a long time."

Bree shrugs and scoots slightly lower in her desk ... insuring she doesn't show any panty up skirt to the guys who most surly would want to see.

Mrs Grigg returns to the board and continues her lecture ... writing more formulas on the board in a furious way. Bree felt the eyes of the class on her. The normal buzz of the room was gone. Bree could feel her ears burn with heat as she would look shyly around from time to time only to see someone looking at her in awe.

Shyly, Bree used the rest of the class to catch up with her missed lessons. By the time the bell rang ... Bree was actually a chapter ahead.

Bree, Amy, and Tommy gathered their things.

Mrs Grigg walked up to Bree and says, "That was most impressive Miss Tylor."

Bree looks down and shrugs slightly as she hands the completed back lessons to her. Mrs Grigg raises an eyebrow at the stack of completed assignments.

She continues, This is fairly impressive as well. You do know of the Math Decathlon coming up in 3 months? For a very bright young woman such as yourself ... it would mean an ace for this class for the year. It would also open ... many doors otherwise not available. Don't give me an answer yet ... think about it for a few days and give me your answer then. A win at the Decathlon ... is a golden ticket into research."

Amy nudges Bree slightly. Bree feels shy and embarrassed over the whole thing. As Jason, Mrs Grigg had expected such things and hadn't tried to do anything like she had done today.

Bree says quietly, "I'll let you know by Wednesday next week ... ok?"

Mrs Grigg nods, "Fair enough. I can promise you that it would be well worth your while. Please don't let the loss of Jason deter you in any way either. You seem to have the same knack for Math he did ... and it's a wonderful thing."

Bree replies softly, "Yes, Mrs Grigg, I'll keep that in mind."

Mrs Grigg returns to her desk and begins going through the work Bree had just given her. She marvels at the speed the young woman had caught up with the missed work ... and the accuracy with which she did it. Mrs Grigg looks up and watches Bree leave with Tommy and Amy. Mrs Grigg smiles, she knows the 2 of them are perhaps the best influence on Bree she could get. Mrs Grigg returns to grading the many papers.

Bree says with a whoosh of air, "Man, am I glad to be outta there."

Tommy wraps an arm around Bree and says, "You were fantastic in there. Only other person to ever upstage Mrs Grigg was Jason. I think you should seriously think on going to the Decathlon Competition ... it would also give you the Stars Award for Academic Achievement if you won."

Amy adds, "Besides ... you are one of the top contenders." she quickly covers her mouth with her hand as her eyes get big.

Tommy looks over at Amy with a curious expression, "I didn't realize Bree had submitted any proposals as yet. Jason was the only student that had thus far."

Amy replies quickly, "Since Jason is not here any longer ... it puts Bree in that spot ... wouldn't you agree?"

Bree says with frustration, "Only if I agree to do it! Sheece ... why come all of you are making such a fuss? All I did was answer a stupid math Question."

Tommy and Amy both hug Bree lovingly,

"It's because we love you so much and are really proud of you." Replied Amy.

"Yea," Interjected Tommy, "You are the most amazing girl I know, next to Amy here. I want nothing but the best for you."

Bree finally relaxes and hugs them both back along with giving them both kisses on their cheeks.

Amy takes Bree by the hand and begins to hurry down the almost empty hall. She calls over her shoulder, "We have to run Tommy ... We have to be in that Stupid Drama Orientation class in a few minutes."

Tommy waves as he calls after them, "I'll see you at practice later."

The Drama Orientation seemed to drag on forever. Bree kept pestering Amy about wanting to drop Drama Class immediately. Of course, Amy would hear nothing of it ... this was a bird course ... you ... fly through it with an A just for showing up for it ... Bree totally understood why as boring and uninteresting as the introduction to it was.

The bell finally rings, freeing all the people who eagerly clamored for the exit as fast as they could in a mad, disorganized dash. Amid all the noise and confusion, Amy and Bree walked out of the stage door hand in hand, towards towards History Class.

Nothing unusual happened in History except the usual ... and the welcome back by the teacher. Bree finished the work the teacher assigned and handed it in at the end of the class.

Bree and Amy were hand in hand once again as they returned to their lockers. Bree kisses Amy softly when they arrive at their lockers. She opens it with one hand, then reaches in and removes her gym bag after depositing her books inside.

Amy takes Bree by the hand, "Come on girl ... it's time for the best part of the day ... practice."

Amy more or less drags Bree behind her as she races towards the gym.

Bree says with a giggle, "Slow down Amy, we have plenty of time before practice starts."

Amy replies, "True, but I want to get done dressing out and all the stretches before Lisa gets done primping."

Bree sighs softly, she remembers exactly what Amy was referring to ... and the temper tantrum Lisa would throw if her primping session was interrupted for something as mundane as ... someone needing help with a routine or something before starting.

Bree opens her gym bag and pulls the folded clothes out. She gasps softly as her eyes get big. She picks up the cute little boy short shorts. They were white outlined in Gold Brocade. She picks up the top. It too was white outlined in Gold Brocade, although it was a shorty top that tied on in front. Bree knew she couldn't wear a bra with this.

She says in a whiny voice, "Amy ... are you seriously expecting me to wear this?" She holds up the skimpy uniform.

Amy replies, "Sure, why not?" She pulls a similar outfit from her bag and begins to wiggle out of her skirt after unzipping it on the side.

Bree can't believe it ... she didn't remember this being the Cheerleader outfit. The outfit left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It was skin tight and form fitting.

Bree looked around and noticed that only 4 other girls had the same outfit as they ... the others had on the standard short dress with the matching underpanties.

Bree asks softly, "Since when did this become the ... outfit?"

Amy was wiggling into the tight boy shorts by this time and had removed her top. She was wearing just the bra.

Amy replies, "We are the University of Southern Lowland Precision Dance Squad. We ... are the elite of the elite."

Amy reaches around behind herself with her hands and undoes the bra strap. She tucks it into the gym bag and picks up the top. She pushes her arms through the puffy sleeves and gathers and ties it in front in a knot just under her beautiful breasts. Amy looked totally awesome in the shorts and top.

Amy bent over and began to put on the white and gold tennis shoes as she says, "Hurry up Babydoll ... you have to get dressed. We have to stretch out n stuff before Lisa gets done."

Bree felt the tingle of embarrassment run down her back as she kicked off her slippers and unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it. She held up the skimpy boyshort bottom and looked at them for a minute, before wiggling into them. They fit her hips and cute round bottom like a custom made glove. They hugged her hips perfectly and showed off just enough of the bottom of her hinny cheeks to be super sexy.

Bree pulled off her blouse. Amy helped her undo her bra and gave Bree's breasts a very loving caress. Bree shivers and gets goose bumps all over with the intensity of it as she squeaks adorably.

Amy hands Bree the shorty top. Bree puts her arms through the puffy sleeves as Amy gathers it at the bottom and ties it in a knot just under Bree's cute breasts. The way it was opened in the front showed off the fact she wasn't wearing a bra in a most pretty way.

Bree whimpers softly, "Amy .. I ... I can't go out in public like this ... it's ... like I don't have on any clothes."

Amy replies, "Nonsense young lady ... you are dressed just like the other 5 of us. There's no difference in that outfit than any other shorty set ... except this one is made as a uniform."

Several of the girls come over after they had dressed out. They cooed and complemented Bree on how beautiful she was and how cute she looked in the uniform. Bree blushes super pink as she tied her poms onto the tennis shoes.

The group chatted and gossiped and giggled as they stretched out. They showed Bree how and helped her with the routines. Everyone was extremely helpful and very friendly. Bree really felt like they had all been her friends for a very long time.

While several of the girls practiced a synchronized cheer routine, Bree discovered a pair of batons. She smiles to herself as she remembers as Jason, he used a pair of Kettukari ... a pair of fighting sticks just under 36 inches long. The batons were right at 36 inches and seemed to be balanced well.

Bree picked them up, and began to twirl them through her fingers at first ... then started to get into more intricate routines. All of them followed the Katas she had learned in the Martial Arts Class she took as Jason.

Bree hadn't realized how fun twirling a baton was ... until now. She twirled them behind her back, across her shoulders, through her fingers, between her legs, and every other way she could think of. Finally, Bree tosses them up in the air ... and notices ... everyone was watching her ... including Lisa Kent, the Head Cheer Leader.

Bree gasps as she puts her hands to her mouth in surprise. She feels another wave of embarrassment wash through her ... and about that time ... the batons fell and bounced around her.

~~ End Pt6 - Coming out ~~

~~ Pt7 - Girls wanna have fun ~~

Lisa's eyes were big as saucers as she watched Bree with her mouth open. As good as the squad's Baton Mistress Vickie was with the baton ... and she was very good ... Bree was far better. There were other girls learning how, but they weren't proficient enough to do any routines for an audience.

Amy picked up one of the batons that had come to rest near her and brought it back to Bree.

Amy says in a soft whisper, "Very nice Babydoll, you are one of the best I've seen at that."

Lisa begins to clap her hands ... shortly, everyone else was too.

Lisa says with excitement, "Bree, sweetie, that was totally the most awesome routine I think I have ever seen!"

There were lots of agreements and nods.

Lisa continued, "If ... you and Vickie can do the Fire Dance ... we have a real shot at winning the Inter Collegiate Competition this year!"

Bree stammers, "Lisa ... I ... I'm ... I mean ... I don't know about that."

Lisa walks up and picked up the other fallen baton and brought it to Bree.

She says with excitement in her voice, "Nonsense ... I haven't seen a show like that ... since last year's competition ... and yours was tons better."

Bree blushes several shades of red deeper as she tries to explain that she really didn't want to compete in the baton competition. Amy and several of the other girls walk over to Bree in a huddle and begin to complement her on a wonderful performance. There were lots of giggles and coos of praise.

Lisa calls out, "Vickie, get another set of batons and attach the red and yellow streamers to them and to Bree's. I want to see how well you can perform together as a team."

Another of the really pretty girls dressed in the same outfit as Bree, went to a rack and picked up another set of batons. These had a gold shaft, where as the ones Bree was using had silver. Vickie grabbed 4 bunches of red and yellow streamers and began attaching 2 sets to the gold baton. She repeated the action with the ones Bree held.

Amy patted Bree softly on her cute round hinny and said softly, "Knock em dead Babydoll. Show Lisa who's the prima dancer on the squad."

The other girls of the Precision Dance Team all clapped and cheered Bree on while the rest of the squad watched with anticipation.

Bree looked at Amy with a cute pout as she whined softly, "Amy ... do I have to? I mean ... this is too much on the first day back."

There are many giggles from everyone as Amy replies, "You should have thought about that when you picked those batons up sweet heart. Now be a good girl and show us how good you can really be."

Bree sighs with resignation as she walks to Vickie's side. Vickie was all wiggly with excitement to try the Fire Dance ... it was one of those really intricate and hard performances to do ... and it had to be done as a precision team. Bree was glad Lisa didn't want them to do it with the Cold Fire ... it wouldn't hurt anyone or set anything else on fire ... but it was more than Bree would have done.

Vickie slowly showed Bree the long and very hard routine ... and the timing for each hand off. After what seemed to be hours to the other girls, but was closer to 10 minutes, Bree and Vickie took their positions to begin.

At first, Bree seemed to be awkward and clumsy as she stumbled through it. By the 4th hand off point, something clicked within Bree. She realized this was just a modified 3rd Kata done as a Waza Form. As Jason ... she knew this Kata well.

After this, Bree's performance was truly amazing. She twirled the batons around her wrists, hands, then up her arms and around her neck before she did the next hand off with a flip off her shoulder. It was all Vickie could do to keep up and make the hand off on time.

The rest of the girls gasped loudly in awe as the batons switched smoothly, each of Bree's making a colorful arc of artificial fire. Bree spun around as gracefully as any ballerina as she caught Vickie's batons and twirled them between her legs across her front and back, to pass them off once again to Vickie and catch hers in return.

It was really fun. Bree was having the time of her life. Vickie on the other hand, was having a very hard time even keeping up. The more gracefully Bree seemed to perform her routine, the more clumsy Vickie seemed to become as it all began to go faster and faster. It wasn't long before Bree was doing a pirouette and handed off her batons to Vickie ... she missed the hand off ... Vickie was just not good enough to keep up.

Bree's baton's rattled noisily on the floor as they bounced after Vickie missed. Bree stopped and blinked. She had Vickie's batons firmly in her hands and continued to twirl then across the back of her hands and through her fingers.

The other girls let out a scream of approval as they all began to clap loudly. Lisa came up and patted Bree on her shoulder.

Lisa said in a squeaky excited voice, "Told you .... you're amazing! I want you and Vickie to practice that routine until she's proficient enough she won't drop the batons. I also want you to ... ummm ... take it a bit easier on her too. She's really good, it's just your a whole lot better."

Bree and Vickie began practicing the Fire Dance Routine. Bree went slowly at first, showing Vickie all the neat little tricks that transform a good Kettukari performance ... into a spectacular one. The rest of the squad had real trouble keeping their mind on what they were doing because of how well the 2 of them performed the Fire Dance. None of the squad had ever seen the Fire Dance performed in quite this way. It looked like 2 opponents in a very graceful, stylistic battle ... which was what the original Dance depicted.

Bree had shown Vickie the entire 3rd Kettukari Kata and enough tricks she began to keep up with the more intricate maneuvers. By the time practice was over, Vickie was good enough the streamers on the end of the batons actually looked like they might have been fire, she made all the hand offs on time, and with grace ... and didn't drop a single baton.

When the girls completed their last hand off and did the ending pirouette with the batons tossed up, the rest of the squad broke into loud cheers and hand claps. After they caught the batons, Bree took Vickie's hand in hers and they both curtsied gracefully as the cheers went on.

The entire squad was filled with squeals and delight as they all talked a mile a minute. There was no way at this point Bree was getting out of being the Prima Dancer at the Inter Collegiate Competition. All the girls were totally excited over it. This year ... they were a shoo in for the first place cup.

Bree really didn't want to start competing in all these contests. Then she remembered what had been said in a conversation within herself before she made the transition. She was going to be exceptional at sports and other things ... just like she was as Jason .... she was just going to be Bree.

Bree says, "Lisa, I would love to compete this year ... as long as it doesn't conflict with the Scholastic Math Competition. Mrs Grigg wants me to compete in that too."

Lisa bounds to the girl's coach’s office and talks to the girl's coach for a few minutes before bouncing back all wiggly and giggly carrying some kind of calendar and a schedule.

Lisa hands it to Bree as she says with excitement, "Nope .... they are scheduled at different times ... just for that reason. Thatta way, all who want to see both ... can, and it allows the competitors to be in both as well."

Bree sighs. It would figure she would be stuck doing both. Bree looks longingly out the double doors leading to the football field. She could just see the guys as they scrimmaged. Bree wondered if she could get on one of the other girl's teams ... like basketball or track. She realized, being a Cheerleader, meant she would have other obligations to those teams as well.

Bree replies, "That's good. I think I can have Vickie up to par in no time. We just need to work on her speed and coordination during hand offs. She over thinks the move too much and gets in her own way."

Vickie bounces on her toes with excitement, "I've never performed the Fire Dance like that before. We did it like ... we were professionals. Those new moves you taught me were totally fab!"

The squad gathers around and begins to talk all at the same time. Bree could feel her ears burning as she received many complements and praises on the performance. Vickie was in total heaven ... she had just accomplished something she only dreamed about a few days earlier.

Lisa chatted on a 1000 miles a second about all the things they were going to accomplish after the win at the competition.

After a few long minutes, all the girls decided to go to HAI Monday and celebrate. It was avery popular college restaurant / pub that all the college students frequented.

Bree was more or less pulled along with the ecstatic crowed to the restaurant. All the girls had Sodas and salads and a few coconut shrimp appetizers as they all chatted about most everything they could think of. Bree had a really good time and it truly felt as if she were among old friends.

Lisa finally says with a giggle, "Well, Bree, are you looking forward to the jammie party tonight?"

Bree's eyes get big as she looks in askance towards Amy who merely smiles back. Bree feels a tingle run through her as she remembers some of the snatches of conversation she heard in the potty earlier that morning. She hadn't given it more thought ... then again ... Amy hadn't said anything more about it either.

Bree replies softly, "I hadn't really ... thought about it. I didn't know there was going to be one." Bree cuts her eyes at Amy for a second before continuing, "Today has been a really hectic day. I haven't had a chance to catch up anything since I left the Hospital yesterday."

Lisa reaches over and takes one of Bree's hands, "This isn't going to be a wild party ... it's just a bunch of us getting together and having a sleep over. We missed you a whole lot while you were gone. It's hard when the Babydoll of the group is gone for a whole year."

Bree didn't have time to react, Tommy Kneece arrived and scooted in next to her on the opposite side. Bree turned her head into a very soft and loving smooch on her lips. She felt it as Tommy's hand took her by the back of the head and held her into the long kiss. Bree lost her mind. It sent chills all through her body. Her nipples stood erect and poked through the sheer fabric of the uniform top she had on.

The other girls giggled and whispered to each other as Bree became lost in the kiss. By the time Tommy broke the kiss and turned to Amy and gave her one, Bree was totally breathless and mind blown. She couldn't think and didn't have any kind of response to Lisa's inquiry about the jammie party. Amy had her arms around Tommy's neck when she finally broke the kiss.

Amy says softly, "We'll be there Lisa. Anywhere I go ... my Babydoll comes too."

Lisa replies, "Great! Be there around 7:30 ... we'll have food and other stuff there so you don't have to worry about dinner."

Bree wasn't listening as she wrapped her arms around Tommy's neck and began to kiss him again. She took one of his hands, and placed it between her legs. She wanted to make sure he knew exactly what was on her mind.

As Tommy caressed Bree softly, she felt really strange. She wanted to do it with him so badly ... yet the Jason part of her was totally amazed at the emotions and how strong they were.

As Bree explored Tommy's wonderfully warm and wet mouth, his fingers ran up and down the little indentation her vagina made through her tight shorts. Each slow stroke brought chills all through Bree. With a short gasp, Bree realizes her panties are very wet. The more Tommy caressed her, the worse it was happening. Bree had forgotten to put a liner in her panties ... she hoped the wet spot didn't show .. too badly.

Bree breaks the kiss and whispers in Tommy's ear in a cute little whine, "You made me wet my panties ... silly boy. Now what are you going to do about it?" she sits with her lip poked out adorably.

Tommy's eyes sparkled brilliantly as he smiles. He whispers back, "I'm going to take my little girl back to the apartment and change her panties."

The 2 of them kiss once again before Bree lets Amy take a turn. After 40 minutes of swapping kisses between the 2 girls, Tommy was seriously aroused. Everyone chatted on ... and a few of the girls even began fooling round with other of the guys in the same manner. Tommy finally can't take it anymore. He takes the girls by their hands, excuses himself and them with the rest of the gang, then walks them home.

As soon as the door to the Apartment clicked closed, the girls and Tommy were all tangled together in a loving snuggle. Bree didn't remember it happening, but she found herself lying on her back with her top untied and one of her cute little breasts in Tommy's mouth. He suckled and licked it wonderfully. He squeezed her other breast just as he gently blew on the other that was moist from his sucking.

Bree lets out a gasping squeak at the intensely pleasant sensation. She felt it rush all through her and stop in her vagina. Bree knew her panties were terribly wet at this point from her arousal and there was no way to hide it.

Bree felt Tommy's bare chest as it touched her while they kissed. She felt his hands take the waist of her shorts. She lifts up her bottom ... she feels them and her panties as Tommy quickly pulls them off. The coolness of the room adds to the tingling sensation in her moist and aroused vagina as she settles back and open her legs.

Tommy snuggles in as Bree takes his swollen manhood and puts it in the middle of the wiggly heat she feels between her legs. He pushes it slowly into her wet place as she arches her back and inhales in a soft squeaky gasp.

It hurts in a most wonderful way as Tommy's huge penis thrust deeply into Bree's tight vagina. Then again, Tommy thrusts with a little more energy as Bree is forced to squeak from the intensity of it. Bree totally looses her mind.

Bree feels something strange she had never felt before. She gasps at the intense new feeling. She looks down and sees Amy licking Tommy's shaft and all around her vagina has he slowly thrusts. Bree is helpless as she feels it building all through her, then releases in a very intense full body orgasm.

This didn't seem to effect either of her lovers as they continued. Bree lost all thought as the super intense waves of pleasure rushed through her young body. Amy's tongue wiggled and squirmed into everyplace it could reach while Tommy Thrust deeply into Bree's tight wiggly femaleness.

Bree opens her eyes as she realizes ... Tommy is cumming in her once again. The wonderful warm wetness of it spreads through her tummy. A wonderful tingle of fear rushes through her as she wonders if this time ... The next several licks of Amy's tongue as she cleans up the massive drips from Tommy's huge orgasm erase any thoughts.

The girls change places as now it's Amy's turn. She gasps loudly as Tommy thrusts deeply into her wiggly vagina and Bree licks all the places her tongue can reach. It wasn't long before Tommy had another wonderful orgasm. Bree licked up the drips the same as Amy had done for her. In the back of Bree's mind ... she heard Jason and his ... whiny displeasure at swallowing. Bree ignored it .. she liked the sweet / salty / musky flavor as she swallowed heartily.

They all snuggled lovingly for several hours. Bree had to go potty ... and wanted to take a long bath too. As she walked towards the bathroom, she smiles at the wonderful soreness inside her. She places her hands over her tummy and sighs dreamily. She could tell Tommy had been deep within her, and she still felt so tingly over the warm wetness his orgasm left.

Bree went potty, the shooshing sound of it was so different than when she went as a boy. It also felt totally different now too. She pulled off a short length of tissue and wiped herself front to back, before flushing and moving to the tub.

She stoppered the tub and began filling it with steamy hot water. She saw the amber colored bath gel and decided she wanted to take a bubble bath. She poured a cap full into the water and watched as the bubbles formed. She breathed deeply as the marvelous aroma of honeysuckle filled the air.

Bree daintily entered the tub and sat. The warm water and aromatic oil soothed her as she relaxed back into the many bubbles.

After awhile, Came a knock and Amy's voice, "Bree honey? Are you ok in there? Can I come in?"

Bree smiles as she replies, "Sure ... as long as you want to take a bubble bath with me."

Amy giggles as she enters. Bree looks over and sees Amy in just a pair of black tie on bikini panties. Amy steps out of them and daintily enters the water and snuggles in at the other end of the tub. Bree allows Amy to lift her legs and put them over hers and pull in close. Bree wraps her arms around Amy's neck and kisses her softly.

Bree says quietly, "Amy ... it ... it's so wonderful that you still like me ... even after my accident and what happened to me."

Amy runs her hand slowly through Bree's hair as she smiles lovingly at her.

Amy says in a soft cooing voice, "I have always been sort of Bi. It's one of the reasons I didn't party the way the other girl's did. When I finally met you and got to know you at the Frat Party ... I don't know sweetie ... something just clicked." Amy wraps her arms and slender legs around Bree and pulls in until their vagina touch. "And when I discovered you were going to become a girl ... and a super pretty one at that ... I couldn't resist."

Amy gives Bree a very loving and passionate French Kiss. Bree returns the kiss enthusiastically as both girls explore each other's mouth with their wiggly tongues.

Amy caresses Bree's cute face as she says softly, "I want you to be my Babydoll. I promise to take very good care of you and to train you how to be a good little girl. You don't seem to need very much training though .... you seem to do the right stuff naturally."

The girls giggle as Amy pours some sweet smelling liquid soap onto Bree's soft skin and begins to wash her with a very soft Loofah.

Bree enjoys the massaging attention as she replies, "If you want ... I'll be your Babydoll. It sort of seems I am already."

Both girls giggle.

Amy says, "Well, there are some rules n stuff especially tonight at the jammy party, but those will come naturally. First thing I want you to do ... is start taking vitamins. I don't want my Babydoll being anemic or get sick. I'll start as soon as we get out of the bath."

As Amy cleaned Bree's privacy with the super soft Loofah, all Bree could think about was how wonderful it felt. Exactly what Amy had said didn't really register. Bree began to pant softly as Amy did her best to make this as intense as she could.

Bree wraps her arms around Amy and begins to French Kiss her, all the while, Amy caressed Bree, keeping her mind off of exactly what it was she was saying. Amy wanted Bree to be the perfect Living Babydoll ... and she didn't want her to fear what was coming.

Amy reaches over and picks up a small tube and takes the top off of it. Inside, were 2 pink capsule like objects about the size of a large man's thumb. Amy kept Bree distracted as she began to caress her cute little vagina more.

Bree gasped softly as Amy pushed her finger ever deeper within Bree's pink folds. Bree lay against Amy as she panted. Amy took one of the large objects and put it into the crease of Bree's vagina, and pushed ever so gently. Bree didn't realize what Amy was doing ... even after Amy had pushed both of them deeply into her. Bree thought Amy was still penetrating her with her finger. Amy continued to penetrate Bree until Amy felt the thickness of the suppository as it began to melt slowly. Amy smiles. this along with the other pills she was about to give her Babydoll, insured everything would be alright.

Bree began to feel wonderful. Her head felt light and airy as she felt pleasant rushes all through her body that only enhance the high she was experiencing.

Amy stood and got out of the tub. She beckons to Bree to follow her. Bree stands and hesitates for a few seconds ... her head feels so strange and drifty. She doesn't think anything of it ... the strong drugs Amy had put into her insured that.

Amy tosses the empty tube into the small trash bin next to the sink as she picks up a large, fluffy towel.

Amy coos softly, "Come here Babydoll, let me dry you off some."

Bree obediently hops over to Amy, just like a little girl, and allows her to begin drying her off. After a few minutes. Amy hands Bree the Towel.

Amy says in a soft sweet voice, "Are you old enough to finish drying yourself off while I go and lay out your outfit for tonight? After you take your vitamins, I want to do your hair ... I think you will look so cute in pony tails."

Bree took a second to answer. The way Amy had asked the question took her by surprise. She actually thought about if she was old enough to finish drying herself.

Afe the few seconds of indecision, Bree answered in an adorably cute voice, "I think I'm old enough. If I have trouble ... will you help?"

Amy smiles and kisses Bree on her nose, "Of course I'll help ... don't be silly."

Both girls giggle as Amy grabs another towel and leaves the bathroom. Bree realizes after a few minutes, that she really is having a slight bit of trouble drying herself off. Her head buzzed so wonderfully and she felt a very warm and wet feeling inside her where the suppositories continued to melt slowly ... releasing more and more chemicals into her system.

After an unusually long time for a Girl of 18 to dry off, Amy returned to the bathroom completely dressed in jeans and a T top with some pills in her hand and what appeared to be an adult sized sippy cup. It was red white and blue and had many clowns and balloons all around it. It looks like a circus tent with the peak of the tent being the straw.

Amy hands Bree the pills and says softly, "Here's your vitamins and something to swallow them down with. Be a good girl and take them."

Bree looked at the pills in her hand. There was a pink heart shaped one, a large red ovule capsule, a small Green and white capsule with a blue stripe, 2 small white ovules, and a rather long ovule that was divided with 3 lines as if it could be broken into 3 parts.

Bree takes her vitamins like a good little girl and swallows a large amount of the Red Berry Hi-C in the sippy cup. When Bree finished what was in the cup, she hands it back to Amy.

Bree says in a giggly cute voice, "All done. Now, suppose you want me to get dressed ... huh?"

Amy smiles as she replies, "One of the new rules for Babydolls, is that you're too young to dress yourself ... ok? I and my friends are all a lot older than you and we are better capable."

An expression of wonder came over Bree's face for an instant before she forgot what ever it was she was going to say. She felt so wonderful ... it was like being drunk ... but different. Everything was so ... clear ... and bright and ... amazing and new.

Amy took Bree by the hand and lead her out into the bedroom beside the large bed they shared. On top of the bed was a very cute very short Powder Blue Little Princess BabyDoll Dress with matching pull up panties.

The panties had lace around the legs and waist along with several rows of large ruffles across the hinny. The dress had puffy sleeves, a cute little white bow tied at each. It had a lace oval cut collar that was gathered below so it would make Bree's cute little boobies show without having to wear a pushup bra. Next to the dress, was an adorable lace pinafore with flutters around the arm straps. Bree could see a pair of rubber soled slippers that looked the world like a pair of booties sitting next to everything else.

Bree asks, "Amy? Ummm ... what's going on? Where's Tommy? Why ... why do I feel so ... ditzy?"

Amy picks up the panties and holds them out in front of Bree. She says softly, "Tommy had to go. He had other thing he had to do and you were in the jonny so long ... he had to go. The only thing's going on sweet heart, is I need to get my Babydoll dressed for the jammie party in a little while. As to why you feel the way you do ..." Amy feels a tingle of joy as she thinks about how wonderful a Babydoll Bree makes, "I would think it's how a Babydoll should feel. Sweet, adorable, and obedient. Now, be a good Babydoll and step into your panties."

Bree hesitates. She is confused. There are strong urges to go ahead and do as Amy asks. There is a contention deep within her that is protesting that something seems to be totally wrong. Bree can't seem to keep her thoughts together. She feels totally happy and carefree and can't understand why she feels something is wrong.

Amy has almost always more or less dressed her since she became a girl. Amy has always chosen her outfits ... and they were always totally awesomely cute and sexy. Bree couldn't think of any logical reason why she shouldn't let Amy dress her this time either.

Bree looks down at the panties and realizes they were lined with a super absorbent material. Bree's eyes get large.

She asks in an really adorable voice, "Amy ... why ... does my panties have a ... pampers in em?"

Amy giggles as she replies, "These aren't Pampers silly girl, these are called Adorable's Pullup Panties. They are made for big Babydolls like you."

Bree only hesitates for another second. They weren't Pampers ... so it was ok. She daintily steps in on foot at a time. Amy pulls them up and pats Bree on her hinny. Bree giggles like a little girl.

While Amy removes the pins from the new dress and unbuttons it in the back, Bree runs her hands slowly across her thick pullups. They felt like silk on the outside, and very soft cotton on the inside. They were rather bulky between her legs with the absorbent padding."

Bree asks in wonder, "Amy?"

Amy responds, "Yes sweet heart."

"Why come I have to be in such thick panties for tonight?"

Amy giggles as she bunches up the dress so the neck opening is easily placed over Bree's head.

"It's just in case my Babydoll ... has an accident. Little girls do that some times. Besides, you might want to wear them more than just tonight. You are very cute in them you know. Now, hold up your arms so I can gets you in your dress."

Bree obediently held her arms up. Amy put each hand through a sleeve, then pulled the neck opening over hear head. Bree shivers as the cool fabric of the dress slips over her exposed skin. She had goose bumps rise at the wonderful sensation of it. Amy tugged on the hem after she buttoned it up in the back.

Bree loved how the dress held her boobies softly, but firmly and she almost had cleavage. Bree giggles. She can't understand why she feels so nice. She tries to gather her thoughts, but finds it very hard as she continues to act adorably silly.

Bree comes back to the present when Amy says softly, "Hold you arms in front of you, so I can get your Pinafore on."

Bree holds her arms out as Amy slips the lace pinafore on. Bree starts to fidget as Amy ties a pretty bow in the back. She wants to know how she looks in her new dress. Amy fussed over Bree as she fidgeted. Finally, Amy had finished with Bree's ponytails and her outfit.

Bree rushed to the bathroom with Amy close behind. She stopped and looked at herself in the full length mirror behind the door. She looked exactly like a Babydoll. She turned and looked at her hinny. The dress was short enough that it showed the very bottom row of ruffles.

Amy spritzes Bree with Dream Angle perfume. The delecate aroma of it drifted all through the room.

Amy says, "Well now, it appears we are ready for the party." Amy pats Bree on her ruffled hinny making her squeak softly.

Amy returns to the bedroom leaving Bree to marvel at how much she looks like a real Live Babydoll. She felt so high and totally free. She twirls around several times, allowing the hem of her short dress to rise up and show off her panties. Bree stops and wobbles adorably for a few seconds before her head stops spinning. She walks from the bathroom and sees Amy as she finishes packing what looks like a large diaper bag. Sitting next to it was another over night bag.

Amy says in a soft cooing voice, "OK, Babydoll, it's time to go and meet the others."

Amy snatches up the 2 bags and throws the straps across her shoulders. She takes Bree by the hand and leads her from the apartment to the car. She buckles Bree in the passenger seat and gets in the driver's seat.

Amy giggles as she says, "we are going to have so much fun."

Bree giggles too, "I never been to a jammy party before."

Amy pats Bree on the thigh as she backs out of the parking space, "It's ok sweetie ... tonight is all for you."

The trip over was super fast. Before Bree knew what was going on, they were standing on the front porch of a large Sorority House. Amy futzes with Bree for just a second more before she opens the door. Within, were many beautiful young women dressed in every type of nighty known to the world.

All the young women in the large entrance foyer tuned to look as the door opened. They all began to squeal and coo loudly. Amy and her Living Babydoll had arrived ... and the Babydoll was sooo adorable.

~~ End -Pt7 ~~

~~ Pt8 - The Babydoll ~~

The young women gathered around Bree and began cooing and giggling softly. Bree felt kind of shy over all the attention she was suddenly getting from so many people all at once. Bree shyly clung to Amy and sort of hid behind her as all the other girls began talking at the same time about how adorable Amy's Babydoll truly was.

Amy bent slightly and patted Bree reassuringly on her ruffled hinny. She cooed softly to her Babydoll, "Don't be shy sweet heart. They all want to meet and get to know you better. Besides ... you know the girls from the Squad."

Amy points. Bree sees Lisa, Vickie, Donna, and even Bunny. Bunny was dressed almost exactly as cute as she was. Bree's eyes get big as she sees Bunny's outfit was a cute little white smock Babydoll Nighty with tie on lace panties. She too had on slippers that looked like booties.

Bree asks adorably, "Amy ... is Bunny .. a Babydoll too?"

Amy smiles at the innocent way Bree asked. She replies, "No, sweetheart ... she's a different sort. She's a Love Pet."

Bree looks up at Amy and asks in the same voice, "Whatsa ... Love Pet?"

Amy hugs Bree as she replies in a whisper so only Bree could hear, "It's a Pet that makes love sweetie. She's cute, willing, and her goal is to Please. She also makes love with everyone that her owner allows her to."

Bree gasps slightly as she asks, "Who ... owns Bunny?" Bree still has wonderful memories of her encounters with Bunny as Jason.

Amy turns Bree by her shoulders and points out a rather large, but wonderfully sexy woman dressed in a boyshort jammie.

Amy replies, "Noreen owns Bunny sweetie. Just like ... I own you."

Bree feels a tingle of fear run through her at that. She turns and gets big eyed as she squeaks with surprise. Amy smiles and hugs Bree as she kisses her lovingly on her lips. What ever Bree felt or was thinking before the kiss ... vanished totally in a wonderfully intense rush all through her.

Amy pats Bree on her cute ruffled hinny once again as she says, "Now, run along and play. All the girls want to get to know you. You can be shy, but be friendly. No one will hurt you in any way. Mmk, Baby?"

Bree replies with an adorable squeak, "Mmk, Amy."

Amy smiles as she whispers in Bree's ear, "You can call me mommy if you want. It would really make me happy."

Bree giggles. Here's a chance to make Amy really happy. Bree turns and wraps her arms around Amy's neck and gives her a big kiss.

She says softly, "Ok, mommy ... Babydoll will call you mommy from now on."

Amy kisses Bree one more time, before Bree skips off into the many girls ... all wanting to play with Amy's Babydoll.

Several of the girls gather round Bree and tell her how adorably cute she is and that she is the perfect Babydoll. Bree blushes really pink as all the girls giggle and chat among themselves about what they are going to do next.

A girl named Vivian takes Bree by the hand and escorts her into the large commons area and has her sit on the plush sofa. Several of the other girls bring zip up over night bags and open them. While Vivian untied Bree's Pinafore and unbuttoned her dress, the other girls were bringing out really cute little outfits to try on her.

Bree holds the front of her dress over her cute boobies as Vivian unbuttons the last buttons and begins to remove her dress. Bree was mind blown as it slipped easily over her head, leaving her in just her lacy pull ups.

Bree asks in an adorable confused voice, "What's ... goin on? Why comes ...??"

Vivian and a girl named Torrie both sit beside Bree Torrie says in a cute cooing voice, "We're just trying some outfits on you. It's what girls do when we play with a Babydoll."

Bree's mind is so wonderfully high. She tries to think about what Torrie had just said as a really cute jammie is fitted over her head and arms, then fitted the rest of the way on. The girls giggled and cooed pleasantly and gave Bree many complements about how cute she was.

Bree was unable to resist in her state. Before long, the girls were stripping her down completely nude, then dressing her in many super cute baby outfits. Bree really liked the Strawberry Shortcake Romper.

By the time Vivian was snapping the last snaps between Bree's legs ... Bree had started sucking her thumb like Sherry had shown her how to do. The reason sounded ok ... so Bree started doing it. She looked absolutely precious in the romper. It was red with small black spots. It had red ruffles across her poofy hinny and red lace around the legs and the bib. Of course the girls just had to have Bree in the romper with no top.

Amy smiled broadly. She was so happy that Bree accepted the role she was in. Amy knew the drugs were helping tremendously ... and she hoped it would quickly become permanent ... Bree was just an adorable Babydoll and everyone loved her.

It wasn't long before the girls were playing peek a boo and other silly little girl games with Bree. Bree giggled happily and was having the time of her life. It sort of bothered her in the beginning to be treated like like a baby ... but soon, she forgot her worries and really enjoyed the attention. It was all like a really fun, safe, and contented dream.

While Bree was playing Jax with Vickie, her baton partner, she gets big eyed and gasps softly. Bree sits up and looks between her legs with a big surprised expression.

Vickie looks at Bree curiously and asks softly, "What's the matter Babydoll? Something wrong?"

Bree looks at Vickie and blushes really red as she puts her hands to her mouth.

Vickie coos softly, "You can tell me sweetheart, It's me ... Vickie. Your baton partner."

Bree lowers her hands and says softly in a cute voice, "I ... I need my mommy." then pokes out her bottom lip in a cutest way.

Vickie giggles softly as she replies, "Who's your mommy sweetie? I'll help you find her if you want."

Bree nods like a little girl and says, "It Amy ... she my mommy. Am her Babydoll."

Vickie stands and holds out her hand for Bree. She says in a reassuring coo, "Of course, I should have known that already ... cuz you belong to her, don't you?"

Bree takes Vickie's offered hand as she nods again. Vickie smiles, she thinks Bree is not only the best baton partner ever, but is so precious as a Babydoll. She thinks Bree is even more adorable than Bunny, Noreen's Love Pet.

While Vickie leads Bree around looking for Amy, Bree can't believe she had wet her panties. She feels the uncomfortable wetness between her legs and around her bottom. Now she understood why mommy wanted her in a pullups ... cuz Babydolls have accidents some times.

A tingle of clarity runs through Bree's consciousness for an instant. She realizes this is ... somehow ... wrong. She can't think well enough because of the regression drugs Amy has her on. Every time Bree almost has her mind back, another really pleasant wave of intense sensations wash through her, taking away all of what ever she was thinking.

Bree looks up with surprise as she hears Amy ask, "What's wrong Baby? Vickie says you have a problem and need mommy?"

Bree puts her hands between her legs adorably as she says in a cute shy voice, "Mommy ... I ... wet my panties." Then she starts to whimper and cry softly.

Amy hugs Bree lovingly as she kisses her. Vickie coos reassuringly to Bree as Amy pulls open the back of her romper and checks her, just like an infant. Vickie so wishes she had a Babydoll too, Amy was such a lucky girl.

Amy says softly, "Don't cry sweetie ... this is why mommy put you in pullups ... Babydolls have accidents some times. Mommy brought more and I'll have you all comfy and dry in a jiffy."

Amy takes Bree by the hand and starts to walk off with her. She says to Vickie, "I'll be right back. I have to change my Babydoll."

Vickie giggles as she replies, "It's ok Amy, I understand completely."

Along the way to the Upstairs Bedrooms, Amy snags the diaper bag and carries it with them. Bree is still feeling terribly embarrassed over the whole thing, even though Vickie seemed to accept it as normal.

Bree found herself lying on her back on a bed with Amy unsnapping the 3 snaps between her legs. Amy lifts Bree by her ankles and pulls the wet pullup down to her knees. Amy sets Bree down and pulls the wet pullup the rest of the way off, before placing it into a large zip up plastic bag and putting it in a pocket in the diaper bag.

This time, Amy removes a Huggies disposable diaper that had cute little pink lambs all over and wetness traps around the legs that looked like ruffles. She lifts Bree by her ankles again, places the thick Huggies beneath her hinny, and sets it in the diaper's soft embrace. After powdering her well, Amy pulls the diaper between Bree's legs and fastens the wrap around tape on.

Bree doesn't know what to think as Amy snaps the snaps between her legs once again. Bree knows ... she's in a real diaper now ... not a pullup panty.

Bree asks in a whimpering voice, "Mommy, why you put me in a diaper? I'm ... I'm ..."

For some reason, Bree couldn't think of exactly what she was trying to say. She knew something wasn't exactly as it used to be ... even though this felt normal in some way.

Amy leaned over and kissed Bree softly on the lips. After several seconds of exploring Bree's wonderfully soft lips and wiggly tongue, she broke the kiss.

Amy coos softly, "Don't fight it Bree. You're my Babydoll, you wet your panties ... so mommy had to put you in a diaper so you would be safe and comfy. Mommy doesn't want her baby having another embarrassing accident. It's ok to have accidents sweetie ... you are from now on. Just ... enjoy it. Everyone expects it ... and has for a very long time."

Bree gasps out in a cute squeak, "How ...?"

Amy replies softly, "Everyone knows you're my Babydoll and we are an item. Remember ... they have known you for a long time. At least ... everyone thinks so."

Amy pulls Bree to her feet, then escorts her back out into the main hall where the jammie party was in full swing. Many of the girls were getting inebriated and dancing on the large hall table nude. Others were listening to the music or dancing together. Others were snuggled on the many large, soft pillow chairs caressing and smooching. A Horror movie was playing on the large flat screen in the commons ... it was titled: The Little Girl.

Bree was caught up in all the attention, outfit changes, games, the hugs, and caresses she received. It wasn't long, before Bree was totally tired out and fell asleep on one of the large Pillow Chairs in the commons.

From time to time, at least one of the girls would come by and check to make sure Bree was comfy. Someone had given Bree a bottle, which she suckled in her sleep. This, of course, Proved to everyone ... Bree was a real Living Babydoll ... but of course ... they already knew that ... and was why they loved her so much.

Bree wakes and stretches. She has Amy's arms and one leg draped around her lovingly. Bree feels wonderful. Her head feel weird in a strange and pleasant way too. As she snuggles into the warm embrace of the woman she loves ... she realizes her panties are wet.

Bree wiggles gently from Amy's arms and legs and sits up. She pulls the covers off. She has on nothing but a very wet Huggies super absorbent nighttime disposable diaper for girls. All the little pink lambs had turned blue indicating the diaper was wet, and the absorbent padding had swelled with wetness.

Bree gasps as she puts her hand to her mouth. That ... dream .... wasn't a dream. Bree feels embarrassment and something akin to shame creep through her. She sits as she thinks back to all the things and people in what she thought was a dream. She feels her ears start to get hot with humiliation as she realizes she was the Babydoll for all of the MU PI Sorority and the Cheer Leading Squad.

Bree pushes on Amy, "Wake up ... I have to talk to you."

Amy's eyes flutter open as she smiles, "Good morning Babydoll."

Amy wraps an arm around Bree and pulls her back in bed snuggled up.

Bree says loudly, "Amy! I was ... in diapers .. I'm in diapers and am wet!"

Amy opens her eyes and nonchalantly pulls open the front of Bree's wet diaper and looks sleepily in.

Amy sits up and says in a sweet cooing voice, "Mommy will change you and have you all comfy in a jiffy."

Bree squeaks as she gasps. She can't believe what's happening. Amy is taking it all in stride as if this were an everyday thing!

Bree says insistently, "Amy! Just what in the hell am I doing in diapers? What happened to me? What ... did you ... do to me?"

Amy yawns as she stretches. She runs her hand gently through Bree's hair before she gets out of bed.

Amy replies softly, "You're in diapers, sweetheart, so you won't wet the bed silly. No one did anything to you. You are a Living Babydoll. One that just happens to wear diapers and pull ups."

Amy shrugs as she wanders sleepily into the bathroom as if this were a normal morning thing, to return in a few seconds with a package of baby wipes, baby powder, a tube slightly longer than 3 large thumbs and about as big around as a cigar tube,and another super thick disposable diaper.

Bree grabs the covers to her chest and backs up to the head board. She can't believe Amy is about to do what she's about to do.

Bree screams, "Amy! I'm an adult ... I don't wear diapers!"

Amy drops everything in her hands on the bed and crawls back in.

As she puts the pillow over her head she says softly, "Ok, Bree ... since you think you're such a big girl all of a sudden ... you dress yourself. Let me know when you come back to your senses."

Bree stares at Amy incredulously for a few minutes. She can't believe what's happening. While she was still in shock over all the dream like memories of the night before, she felt the warm, wet trickle of her wetting some more. Nothing Bree could do would stop it either.

As Bree crawls from the bed, a large bottle falls to the floor with a soft thunk.

Amy rolls over and says sleepily, "If Babydoll wants another bottle, Mommy will fix it in a little while after I get a bit more sleep. We have to be in class in 4 hours .... so you might want to get changed and catch a few more sessions with the Sandman."

Bree whimpers helplessly, "Amy ... what happened to me?" Then flops back on the bed and start to cry.

Amy sits up and pulls Bree back into her embrace.

She kisses Bree lovingly on her cheek as she coos softly, "Relax sweetheart ... you are my Babydoll and everyone ... including Tommy Kneece .... knows it. we were invited to a jammy party by the MU PI Sorority so they could play with you." Amy points to a large stack of boxes and packages, "You got a whole lot of toys and outfits from them too. They all love you and really enjoy getting the opportunity to play with you."

Bree whimpers tearfully, "It ... wasn't a dream?"

Amy giggles, "Of course it wasn't. I was just showing off my most precious possession ... my Living Companion Babydoll. Now, does baby want mommy to change her ... or not?"

~~ End -Pt8 ~~

~~ Pt9 - Coming to grips ~~

Bree sat flabbergasted as she looked at the sleepy Amy for a few more seconds. Bree realized she was wet, and that she had just wet her diaper and was unable to help herself. Amy seemed not to be too surprised about the whole thing ... and many of the memories of the night before revolved around the girls changing and treating her like a little baby.

Bree finally lays back in the bed and says with a slightly distraught tone, "I'm wet and need to be changed."

Lisa gets up and lifts Bree by her ankles. Bree gasps softly as Amy tugs the tapes loose on the wet over night Huggies and removes it. Amy holds Bree in this position as she turns and opens the package of baby wipes and removes several from the package. She cleans Bree's privacy area gently for a few seconds before reaching around and opening the cigar like tube and removing 3 large suppositories.

Before Bree can react, Amy had pushed 2 of the slippery suppositories deep into her bottom, and one deep within her privacy. Bree begins to struggle and whine as Amy places another thick Huggies Overnight beneath her cute hinny and sets it into the diaper's soft embrace.

Bree whines, "Why did you put those ... things in me? What are they ... what do they do?"

Amy powders Bree well before pulling the diaper between her legs and fastening the tapes

Amy coos softly as she snuggles up to Bree and starts kissing her lovingly, "Those are to keep my Babydoll healthy and stop any kind of nasty Adult thing from contaminating you."

Amy reaches over to the night stand and picks up a small cup with several familiar looking pills in it. Amy hands it to Bree, along with a cute little sippy cup.

Amy says with a soft coo, "Now be a good little girl and take your vitamins so you will stay healthy."

Bree blinks at the pills for an instant. She remembers taking these yesterday too. She shrugs and puts them in her mouth, takes the sippy cup, and swallows them down with a large gulp of Apple Juice.

Amy pulls Bree back into the bed as she snuggles up close and begins to kiss her on her soft moist lips. Bree feels Amy's hand as she caresses her between her legs in a most intensely sensual way. Bree feels the warm wetness of the suppositories as they melt within her. A wonderful tingling sensation spread slowly through her making her feel giddy and silly once again. Bree drifts back off to sleep all contented and feeling very wonderfully high and loved.

Amy smiles, only a few more treatments with the suppositories and Bree will have accidents like any little girl just starting potty training. Amy was so glad she knew just the right person to get the regression meds from too ... Anna had assured her, Bree would be a little girl, but still be able to perform her normal academic and athletic tasks in the same manner as before. Bree wouldn't even realize it was happening. Amy was also glad it all would become permanent in a few months and Bree wouldn't have to have the suppositories or take the pills for the rest of her life.

As Amy drifted back off to sleep, she knew Bree probably wouldn't have agreed to being her Babydoll if she realized what that meant ... but now it was too late and Bree made the most wonderful Babydoll ever.

Bree opens her eyes .... she's tucked in the bed snugly. She sits up and rubs her eyes sleepily. Ohh, she feels so wonderful. She climbs from the bed and wonders where her mommy was. She starts to suck her thumb as she looks around the room. She realizes she has a cord of some kind running from her ears to a small devise sitting on the night stand. She tugs on the wires .... small ear plugs fall out as she looks at them curiously.

Bree shrugs as she tosses them on the night stand and wanders out of the room into the living room looking for Amy. Bree giggles to herself as she sees Amy in the kitchen making breakfast for the 2 of them.

Bree screeches joyously, "Mommy!" as she rushes up and hugs Amy lovingly.

Bree had finally finished her physical transformation and was smaller than Amy. Amy turns and hugs Bree back. Amy smiles at how well the short time Bree had been listening to Baby Personality had worked.

Anna was right on when she told her that Binaurel Mind Entrainment Techniques were fast, efficient ... and totally the best. Combined with the meds .... Bree was becoming the best little girl Babydoll. She was totally adorable.

Amy pats Bree on her hinny softly as she says in a sweet cooing voice, "Mommy will have breakfast ready in a few minutes. Let mommy check baby and see if your wet or messy."

Amy pulls open the back of Bree's Overnight Huggies and inspects her carefully. Bree was very slightly damp, but not enough to warrant changing her as of yet. Amy knew that shortly, Bree was going to be in a pair of panties ... in preparation for her cute accident in class.

Amy pats Bree's hinny softly, "Be a good girl and go get mommy some silverware so we can eat breakfast."

Bree bounces on her toes as she claps her hands happily. She rushes off and opens the cutlery drawer. Inside, all the sharp knives had been removed. Amy didn't want Bree to hurt herself on sharp objects. She knew that Bree was a wonderful mix of very little girl and who she was originally, she just didn't want to have to discover something by serious accident.

As Bree set the table, she knew something was amiss, although she couldn't quite put her finger on it. She felt so strange ... and she had these wonderful thoughts about things she never quite saw in the perspective she did at this point.

By the time Bree had set the 2 places, Amy came to the table with 2 plates. She had made scrambled eggs, grits, turkey sausage, and toast with strawberry jam. Bree sat in a chair. She picked up a spoon as he first choice and began to try and eat the eggs.

Amy smiles as she watches Bree go through adorable antics trying to keep the eggs and slices of sausage on the spoon. By the time Bree had finished eating, she had made a wonderful mess. Bree thought about this as she looked things over. She knew she should be better able to put things in her mouth than that. She puts her index and middle finger in her mouth and begins to suck on them.

Amy leaves the table, only to return shortly with a large, wet wash cloth. Amy cleans Bree's hands and face as she fidgets and squirms like a little girl.

Amy giggles, "Sit still wiggle worm ... so mommy can clean your face."

Bree manages to sit as Amy washes her face with the warm wash cloth. After she's done, Bree hops from the chair and scurries off to the bed room. Amy smiles after her. Amy knows Bree is going to make the most wonderful Babydoll ever.

Amy comes into the bedroom just in time to see Bree with one of the most adorable wide eyed expressions of surprise on her face. Bree takes her hands and puts them between her legs as she grunts softly. She knows now something is terribly amiss. She feels the wonderful waves pushing in her tummy as she poopied. She feels the mass as it gets larger in her diaper.

Bree tries very hard to stop this from happening, making very cute little squeaking grunts with each attempt. All she manages to accomplish through all this, is she can help it happen ... but can do nothing to stop it.

Amy walks up to Bree and pulls open the back of her diaper. Amy smiles a large smile as she can see what the cute little face was all about. Amy would have to remember what it looks like, this would be Bree's poopie face ... all babies have one.

Bree whimpers adorably as she begins to cry, "Mommy .. I ... I no can helpeded it ... It just happened." She pokes out her bottom lip as she cries softly.

Amy hugs Bree lovingly as she coos reassuringly, "Sweetheart ... it's ok. Really. Babydolls do this now and then ... it just happens. Everyone knows ... that's why some of you are in diapers."

Bree whimpers, "But ... but mommy, I didn't have this problem until yesterday at the jammie party. It jus ... I ... can't help it."

Amy takes Bree by her hand and leads her towards the bathroom.

Amy says in that same cooing voice, "The jammie party was when you became a true Babydoll sweetheart. That's why you started. Now, to make you feel better, mommy has some cute little panties for you to wear today. Just remember, you will have accidents ... Babydolls do that. Don't be too upset about it. Everyone expects it and will help you as much as they can ... mmk sweetie?"

Bree feels a chill run through her. She's going to have accidents? Try as she does, she can't remember having accidents since ... she was a very little boy as Jason. Her thoughts were interrupted as Amy pulls the tapes on her diaper and starts to clean Bree's messy hinny.

After Amy cleaned Bree's cute hinny, she led her into the bedroom and opened one of the drawers in the Chest. Amy removes a cute pair of little girl panties. They were white cotton with cute little pink flowers and butterflys and had lace everywhere too.

Amy holds them out and says softly, "Step in Babydoll."

Bree steps daintily into her panties and Amy pulls them up. Amy pulls them open in the front and sprinkles some baby powder in .... she repeats the process in the back. Bree squirms and giggles at the tickling sensation as Amy does this and pats Bree's hinny lovingly.

Amy walks to the open closet and removes a cute button up top and a pair of shorts. She threads Bree's arms through the arm openings and begins to button it up.

Amy coos softly, "I'm not going to put you in a bra today sweetie. Mommy wants you cute little bumps to poke through."

Bree looks down, her small breasts stood erect and her nipples poked through the thin cloth of the top in a very sexy manner. Bree giggles and squirms as Amy finishes buttoning the top. Amy gives Bree's cute nipples a soft caress as she turns and starts unzipping the shorts. Bree giggles in a cute little squeak as she continues to fidget in a little girl manner.

Bree can't help herself. What mommy is doing tickles and makes her feel really good. Bree watches as Amy holds out the shorts in front of her. She steps daintily into them. Amy zips the zipper in back closed.

While Amy continues to dig in the floor of the huge walk in closet, Bree wanders over to the mirror to take a look. The cutest young woman Bree thinks she has ever seen is looking back from the reflection. She turns one way, then the other and looks at how the shorts show off her cute round hinny.

Bree walks back over to the bed and flops on it. She starts kicking her feet. By the time Amy turns from her mining operation in the bottom of the closet, Bree had started to suck her thumb, as she kicked her feet, and rocked her head slowly side to side in a cute manner. Amy couldn't believe how quickly and well the meds and the training files had worked.

Anna had said, that they would work quickly, but it also depended on how easily Bree accepted things. Apparently, Bree totally accepted the fact she was a Babydoll, and her mommy was dressing her for school.

Amy and Bree arrived at school. Amy bounces around to the passenger side of the car and opens the door, then unfastens Bree's harnesses. Bree gets out of the car as Amy retrieves the diaper bag and 2 gym bags from the back.

As Amy leads Bree across the parking lot to the front lawn of the University, many noticed that they had arrived. Bree recognized many of the girls from the jammie party as they came over to make a big deal over her. Bree clung to Amy shyly as the many coos and praises and sweet little pecks on the cheek came.

A girl named Cindy says with a giggle, "I would so love to have a Living Babydoll, how did you manage to get Bree?"

Amy giggles as she replies, "I have always love Bree, and she has always loved me. We were an item for a long time you know."

All the girls giggled and gossiped as the walked across the large open front grassy place. By the time they reached the steps leading into the University, Several of the guys had shown up and began flirting with the girls. Of course when Tommy Kneece showed up and took a big hand full of Amy's and Bree's hinnys and gave them a huge French Kiss, they sort of backed off on the flirting with Amy and Bree. None of the other guys wanted someone as large as Tommy ... really ticked of with them.

Tommy, Amy, Bree, and a group of the Cheerleader Squad all walked into the main door together. Bree felt a lot better with this crowed .... they were all her friends and she knew them. Amy gave Bree a small bottle of Red Berry juice. Bree loved Red Berry and began to drink it happily. Amy smiles, the stage was set for Bree to have her very first public Babydoll accident ... and it was going to happen in Creative Writing Class. Mrs Murphy was a very understanding person ... and was even interested in the Babydoll fad that was starting to sweep Japan. Amy knew there would be no trouble explaining what was going to happen.

Mrs Murphy, was busy writing the day's lesson on the chalk board as Amy and Bree entered and found a seat next to each other.

When the last student had entered and the door shut, Mrs Murphy said, "Today, class, I have placed a book in each of your individual places. It's a small book, so I know all of you college level young men and women will have trouble reading it .... and doing an essay on it. I want a minimum of 350 words. This is an important grade for this quarter, so I would suggest getting started immediately."

Bree squirms excitedly in her seat. She loved the short story 'It All Began With A Kiss." She had read it several times as Jason and admired the author a lot. Bree didn't have to read the book, she already knew what she was going to say.

Mrs. Murphy smiles as she shakes her head slowly. She sees Bree writing a mile a minute. Ms. Murphy looks at the clock, she's impressed ... less than 10 minutes had passed and Bree was already hard at work on her essay. As Mrs. Murphy began grading the pile of papers on her desk once again, she smiles to herself, Bree is one of the finest authors in the class. Too bad Jason was gone now ... he was as good and she missed his stories a lot.

Bree sat and happily filled the pages with script. It all Began With a Kiss was a very cute little SciFi story that ended wonderfully. As she wrote furiously, Bree felt a strange, but wonderful sensation between her legs. With a wide eyed gasp, she realizes what is happening. She feels the warmth of it as it seems around her hinny and makes her panties warm and wet. Bree looks down between her legs for a split instant, long enough for Amy to realize, Bree just had a cute little Babydoll accident.

Amy leans over and whispers softly in a cooing voice, "Did babydoll wet her panties?"

Bree looks around at Amy with wide eyed horror on her face. Amy felt a tingle of joy as she looked at Bree for the first time ... as a little girl.

Amy said in a normal voice, loud enough for the class and teacher to hear, "Come here baby, and let mommy check you panties."

Bree stood up. The bottom of her shorts were wet. The seat had a bit of moisture in it as well. The room filled with giggles and twitters of how adorable Babydoll was. A few of the boys made the unwise decision to taunt Bree while Amy checked her. The rest of the class that knew Bree as a Babydoll made it known that such behavior wouldn't be accepted ... including Mrs. Murphy. Most of the girls in class, were either in the Mu Sorority, or were on the cheerleader squad. There were a few guys from the football team, but mostly the guys learned the hard way ....what a Living Companion Babydoll was.

Amy stands and grabs the diaper bag underneath her seat.

She takes Bree by the hand as she asks, "Mrs. Murphy? My Babydoll has wet her panties. I need to take her to the potty and change her. Is that ok?"

Mrs. Murphy sat for a few seconds in awe. She stands and walks over to Bree and says in a singsong voice like she's talking to a very young child, "It's ok, sweetheart. Babydolls do that sometimes. They can't help it."

Bree starts to whimper and poke out her bottom lip in the most adorable way. Mrs. Murphy feels a warmth grow in her heart. She began wondering how to get a Living Companion Babydoll .... she was wanting one for herself. They are very pretty, very bright, and extremely adorable.

Mrs Murphy replies to Amy, "Why yes, absolutely. When you get back, I would like to discuss with you where you get ... Babydolls from. I so want one of my own."

Amy giggles, "Sure Mrs. Murphy. I'll be back with Bree all fixed up in a jiffy."

Amy leads Bree by the hand into the hall. There are people walking to their various places as Amy escorts Bree to the potty.

One of the Sorority girls who came from another class, walks up and says sotyl, "Aww, that's so adorable ... Babydoll had a wet accident ... huh?"

Bree had started sucking her thumb by this time. All the people in the hall turned and looked at Bree. She felt a stab of humiliation ad embarrassment rush though her. She shyly begins to cling to Amy like a little girl.

Many of the people came up and began making a big, wonderful deal out of the fact Bree had an accident. The stories were absolutely true ... Bree was a Babydoll as the Mu's had been saying.

Amy excused herself and baby after a few minutes and lead Bree to the potty. Once inside, Amy placed the diaper bag on the counter and unzipped it. She removed a Huggies Toddlers and a cute pair of ruffled and lace bottoms and lies them in a pile next to the bag. next, she pops open the baby wipes container and removes several. She turns towards the whimpering and pouting Bree and smiles lovingly.

Amy coos softly and reassuringly, "It's ok sweetheart, mommy promises. Babydolls have accidents and you just showed everyone you ... are a Babydoll. Don't be upset ... you will have accidents from time to time. Everyone expects it."

Bree whimpers adorably, "B .... but m mm mommy ... I not supoosesa have accidents. No had one until ... until ..."

Bree thought about it for a few seconds. Mommy was telling the truth. Bree realized she hadn't started loosing her potty training until after she agreed to be a Babydoll. Bree hadn't expected things to go this far .... but it is expected of a little girl. Bree put her thumb in her mouth as Amy unzipped her wet shorts and pulled them and her soaked panties down in a bunch.

Amy coos softly, "Sweetie, you are a Babydoll that happens to be in diapers now and then. It's normal for you."

Bree gasps and grunts softly as Amy cleans her privacy. Of course Amy did her best to make Bree feel good so she would be more accepting. Bree saw the diaper as Amy put it between her legs and fastened the tapes on one side. Amy sprinkled some sweet smelling baby powder in front and back, before fastening the other tape.

Bree's eyes got big as Amy held out the bottoms and cooed softly, "Step in sweetie, so we can get back to class."

Bree holds onto Amy for support as she steps daintily into them. Amy pulls them up and pats Bree on her cute hinny. Amy gathers everything up, puts the wet clothing in a plastic bag ... the puts everything away in the diaper bag. Amy takes Bree by the hand, and leads her from the potty.

Bree asks in her cute voice, Mommy? I'm going to wear ... these?"

Amy looks down. Bree is so cute. She has on the soft blue bottoms with the white ruffles and lace around the legs and waste. The vest from the other outfit went nicely with the bottoms, so Amy hadn't put Bree in the complete playsuit.

She coos softly to her Babydoll, "I can put the top to the playsuit on you if you want sweetie, but mommy doesn't have anything else for you."

Bree thought about this for a few seconds before shaking her head no. Amy lead Bree down the hall. This time, no one else but they were there. Amy opens the door to Mrs. Murphy's class. There was a soft cooing and aww all through the class. Bree looks up, she was sucking her thumb ... everyone was looking at her.

~~ End - Pt9 ~~

~~ Pt10 - Babydoll Love ~~

Amy smiles as she leads Bree to her desk and has her sit. Amy kisses Bree softly on her cheek and says in a quiet coo, "Finish your work sweet heart while mommy talks with the teacher."

Bree nods her head and goes back to writing furiously, trying to ignore all the attention she was getting from the rest of the class.

Amy walks up to the teacher's desk and says in a whisper "Yes, Mrs Murphy, what do you want to talk about?"

Mrs. Murphy looks up and smiles, "I want to know how you came to own a Babydoll. I've seen Bree and I think she's an absolute Doll."

Amy smiles, "Before the accident, Bree and me were ... ummm ..." Amy blushes deeply pink.

Mrs Murphy fills in, "Lovers? Exclusively dating?"

Amy looks up at Mrs Murphy's understanding eyes and nods as she looks down.

Mrs Murphy says softly as she pats Amy's hand, "Don't be ashamed of who you love Amy. Bree is the perfect love it would seem to me."

Amy giggles a bit as she nods her head, "Bree is so adorable. I can't help but love her. She does such cute things .... and she's smart as they come. As far as where to get a Babydoll," Amy shakes her head slightly, "It's like Bunny, Mrs Murphy."

"Bunny? She's an adorable and pretty girl, isn't she?" Replied Mrs Murphy.

Amy nods, "But, she's a Love pet. She belongs to a girl named Noreen."

Mrs Murphy's eyes get big in surprise, "You mean, she's a special kind of Babydoll."

Amy smiles, "Sort of .... she's a Love Pet. If it wasn't for the fact Noreen found her and protects her, she would have gotten into tons of trouble."

Mrs Murphy asks, "What do you mean? It seems to me Bunny is a very cute girl and is very popular."

Amy says in an even softer whisper, "Yes, but she .... Lives to please. She needs a Mistress to keep her from making love to everyone. Without Noreen to guide and protect her, she would have been used and abused by all the .... less than honorable boys here."

Mrs Murphy nods in understanding as she thinks over all the things she knew and heard of Bunny.

Amy continues, "A girl like that or a Babydoll is a special kind of girl. You can usually tell an uncollared Babydoll ... they are very cute, childish, dress in the most adorable ways ... and have very ditzy , childlike ways about them."

Mrs Murphy smiles as she says softly, "Like Jennifer ... she's an uncollared Babydoll ... isn't she?"

Amy's eyes get big as she replies with a gasp, "Yes, as a matter of fact ... she is. If a Woman doesn't take possession of her soon and collar her ... she's going to be in serious trouble too ... if she isn't already pregnant."

Mrs Murphy asks in a conspiratorial way, "Would you help me .... acquire a ... Babydoll and collar her? You seem to have a knack" She nods to Bree.

Amy replies, "Sure, Mrs Murphy, I would be more than happy to help you."

About that time, the bell rings. The room explodes with sound as the students all pack and begin to leave.

Amy says with a gasp, "I didn't get to finish my paper."

Mrs Murphy places a large A+ next to Amy's name in the daily grade place in her book.

Mrs Murphy says softly as she raises an eyebrow, "Oh? I thought your paper was .... very enlightening."

Both girls giggle as Bree brings her paper up and places it on the teacher's desk. Amy takes Bree by the hand and begins to leave.

Mrs Murphy says, "I'll talk with you after your Cheer Leader Practice this after noon."

Amy replies, "It's a date. I'll have something for you then too to help."

Amy and Bree enter the hall just in time to get scooped up in Tommy Kneece's strong arms and kissed passionately. Bree wraps her arms lovingly around his neck and explores his mouth with her wiggly tongue. She feels the hardness of his muscular body as he pulls her and Amy closer. She shivers with the delight of it all.

Tommy says, "And how are my 2 most favorite girls today?"

Bree giggles softly as Amy kisses Tommy once again.

Amy replies, "I think we were doing ok a bit ago ... but now we're on top of the world."

Bree nods her head and says, "Yups. You made the sunshine."

The crowd of people standing around laugh. They all move quickly off in the directions of their next classes all chatting and making comments on the Babydoll Bree and how glad they are she is back with them.

Tommy holds Bree and Amy's hands and walks them to History class .... which they all share.

As they arrive at the next class, before they enter the room, Tommy says, "I hear that the Squad is to practice on the field while we scrimmage. Bree and Vickie are suppose to perform that new routine with cold fire."

Amy looks at Tommy with surprise, "Where did you hear that? No one said anything to me or Bree."

Tommy replies as they enter the room and sit together at a table, "It was posted on the activities board outside the gym. I think Lisa called for it."

As they opened their books to the next chapters, The History Teacher enters the room, dressed as a 17th Century Judicial Official.

Amid all his flourish and pomp he begins, "Today, we will discuss 17th century law and how it differed between the upper class and lower class peoples of the time. Please take notes ... there will be a test on Friday covering all of the last 3 chapters."

There is a groan all through the class as the rustling of paper, pencils, and tape recorders filled the room for a short space. The teacher began his lecture, punctuated with many anecdotal sayings and short skits to enhance his other wise long lecture.

The class passes very quickly. The teacher is very good at making his subject come alive for his students. It's one reason he is one of the most popular history and archeology teachers in the University.

Tommy helps Bree and Amy gather their things. He walks with them out of the class and stops long enough to kiss Amy on her lips before Bree comes up to Amy and whimpers softly with a cute pout, "Mommy, Babydoll got to go potty."

Amy smiles and replies, "Ok, sweet heart. mommy will take you in just a second." Then she kisses Tommy lovingly one more time.

Bree gets this adorable wide eyed expression of surprise on her face. She grunts softly as she pokes her lips out in a cute manner. Amy sees the expression and recognizes it as Bree's poopy face.

Amy says loud enough for everyone nearby to hear as she makes a big deal of checking Bree's panties, "Did Babydoll make a poopie in her diaper?"

Amy bends and pulls open the back of Bree's bottoms and her diaper. Amy smiles as she sees Bree had used her diaper like a good little girl should without being able to stop herself. Amy is over joyed at how well Anna's regression and Babydoll program works. She's absolutely positive that Mrs. Murphy will be pleased at how well it works on Jennifer when the time comes.

Many of the passing girls stop long enough to coo and to say cute reassuring things to Bree before wandering off to their various classes.

Bree whimpers softly, "I .. couldn't help it ... it jus ... happens now."

Amy kisses Bree on her cheek as she coos reassuringly, "It's ok, sweet heart. Baby will have to get used to it is all. You're a Babydoll in diapers and you will do that. Relax ... it's totally expected of you." Amy turns to Tommy and says, "I have to go and change Bree before the next class. You can follow me to the bathroom, or I'll meet you in the lunch room for lunch."

Tommy kisses Bree as he reassures her it was ok for her to potty in her diaper. He says to Amy, "I'll meet the 2 of you for lunch. I'm sitting at our reserved table."

Amy nods knowingly as she leads Bree off to the potty for a much needed diaper change.

By this time, the whole school was abuzz over Bree being a Real Living Babydoll. The stories the Mu Sorority had been telling all these months were absolutely true ... and everyone was so glad she didn't get hurt so badly she couldn't return. There were discussions in the Student Council meeting that Bree become the University of Southern Lowland's Mascot. It seemed ... Bree was going to be more famous than even Amy had imagined.

Amy changed Bree's messy diaper and inserted more suppositories in her bottom and privacy. Bree squeaked adorably with each insertion. By the time Amy had diapered and pulled Bree's bottoms back up, Bree smelled wonderfully of baby powder.

Amy leads Bree to Science Class. After the initial hustle and bustle, the class settles into their seats. The teacher takes roll, then announces a surprise Exam on the last 10 chapters. Amid all the groans, the teacher hands out the test.

When she had given each student the test, she walks back to the front of the class and says, "This is to see how much of what we have been going over for the last several week has been retained." She looks at Bree, "Of course ... there are those among us who will break the bell curve."

There are more quick lived groans before silence fills the class. Bree smiles to herself ... this is a snap. She remembers each point on the test as if the teacher had just said them. Within just a few minutes, Bree was handing in her paper. The Teacher brings out the key and lays it over Bree's paper. She hadn't missed a single question.

The teacher says softly, "Very good Babydoll, now, go back to your seat and be a good little girl. You can read, or draw, as long as you're quite and not disturb anyone."

Bree nods until her pony tails fly. She twirls around several times on the way to her desk, before sitting quietly and reading a Science Fiction Novel titled "Signal".

Time passed and the bell finally rings. The noisy confusion of the students putting away their things and taking the test to the teacher's desk ensued as Amy leads Bree by the hand out into the crowded hall.

Amy coos to Bree, "It's time for lunch Babydoll. Let's go and meet Tommy."

Bree claps her hands with joy as she squeals with delight and bounces up and down. Amy takes her by the hand and leads her through the throng of students to the dining hall. Amy chooses for both of them She chose the chicken, string beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and breaded dressing.

Bree follows Amy to the table that Tommy was sitting at and sits on one side while Amy sits on the other.

Amy says softly, "Hello Tommy," she kisses him on his lips, "We had a test .... I couldn't wait to get back to you."

Tommy turns and kisses Bree in the same manner.

He replies, "I missed you girls. We had a quiz ourselves ... at least it was an easy one."

Bree giggles, "The test we had was a snap." she snaps her fingers.

Amy laughs, "Speak for yourself baby. I thought it was rather hard."

The 3 of them reserve their chat as they eat. The food at the University Dining Hall was excellent as any restaurant.

When they had finished lunch, Tommy gathered up all the trays and took them up. He took Amy by one hand and Bree by the other and lead them to the bleacher area. They all sat together and hugged and kissed the rest of lunch time.

By the time the bell rang, Bree began to feel funny between her legs. She suddenly realizes with a gasp she is wetting her pull ups as she feels the warmth of it trickle around her bottom.

She says softly in a cute whimper, "Mommy, baby .... is wet. I jus hadda accident." she pokes out her bottom lip adorably.

Tommy says, "I so wish I could change you Bree, but I don't think the school would look too kindly on that."

Bree blushes a soft strawberry pink, "It's ok Tommy. When we get home .... I have a surprise for you."

Tommy leans over and kisses her lovingly, "I'm sure you do sweetie. By the way ... you are so cute."

Bree giggles as Amy leads her off to change her wet pull up panties before the next class.

The rest of the day was more or less uneventful. Bree only had one more accident in her panties just before the end of the last class of the day. Of course, Amy had to make a huge deal of the fact Babydoll had had an accident and needed changing. All the students really enjoyed the fact ... they had a real Babydoll going to school with them.

At their locker, Amy removed the original Babydoll / Regression kit that Anna had given her. Amy knew she wouldn't be needing any of the suppositories and drugs nor the CD in it any more. She had Bree on the advanced one now and would soon not even need that as it would become permanent soon.

Amy led Bree to Mrs Murphy's empty class room to meet Mrs. Murphy. She sat at her desk reading over the most recent class papers.

Amy walks up, "Hi, Mrs Murphy, here's the kit I promised you. Before we get to practice, I'm going to invite Jennifer to go to the Golden Nail with us. You come and meet us there. All you have to do ... is put one of those red pills in her drink. She will become extremely suggestible and accept being your Babydoll."

Mrs Murphy smiles, "You can call me Tonya if you want ... you and me are about the same age. So, after that, what do I do?"

Amy giggles, "You ... put suppositories in Jennifer after she has her first accident. You invite her to come live with you. make sure she takes all the proper meds and listens to the binaurel mind entrainment CDs until it becomes permanent. Of course, there's instructions in there ... and the place you get the advanced stuff."

Tonya says, "Thanks Amy, I really think Jennifer will make a perfect Babydoll for me."

Amy giggles as she leads Bree from the room, "So do I ... Tonya."

Amy takes Bree to Jennifer's locker. She was there dressed in a very short and cute sundress with puffy sleeves. Amy had to shoo several obnoxious guys off so she could talk with her.

Amy says, "Hi Jen ... I was wondering if you could come to the Golden Nail with me n Bree after Practice this after noon?"

Jennifer hemmed and hawed for a few minutes, but finally replied, "Sure, it'll be fun. Specially if Tommy's there."

Amy looks intently at Jennifer for a second before she said, "He will .... so long s you remember ... he belongs to me and Bree."

All 3 girls giggle as Amy hugs Jennifer.

Jennifer says, "I'll be there."

Amy says, "I have a wonderful surprise for you then too."

Jennifer asks all excited, "What? What is it?"

Amy replies as she leads Bree off by the hand, "You have to be there to find out silly. Toodles till then."

Amy leads Bree to the Gym and into the girl's locker room. Amy coos softly, "We are going to practice on the field with the boys today. Lisa wants you and Vickie to do the fire Dance with the cold fire attachments ... so Mommy wants you to do a really good job and make me proud. Ok sweet heart?"

Bree nods her head as she hugs Amy close. Amy takes this opportunity to pull Bree's bottoms and pull ups down. Amy holds out a new pair of pullups, and Bree steps daintily in. Amy pats Bree on her cute hinny as she pulls out a new pair of bottoms. They sort of looked like the Dancer Uniform Bottoms, but were cut slightly different and had more cute lace on them.

Amy holds them out for Bree. Bree looks at them for a second before holding onto Amy and stepping in. Amy pulls them up. Amy takes off Bree's top and puts a cuter, more lacy Uniform top on Bree just as the other girls enter the locker room, giggling and gossiping as usual. They see Bree in her new Uniform and gather all around, making cooing complements and giving Bree kisses on her cheeks and hugs.

Amy sits Bree on a bench and removes her slippers. The shoes she puts on Bree's feet were really cute matching rubber soled Booties. Bree looked just like a Babydoll Cheer Leader at this point.

Amy retrieved the cold fire attachments. grabbed the gold shafted batons for Bree. By the time she had returned, the other girls had all dressed out. They all left the locker room for the football field in a giggling gossiping group.

When they arrived on the Field, the boys were already there fooling around and rough housing as guys do. They noticed the girls had arrived and gathered around to flirt ... as guys always do. It wasn't long before the coache's whistle was heard. The boys kissed their favorite girls and ran over to him while they put their helmets on.

Lisa bounces up and says in a cheery voice, "Ok, Bree, you and Vickie are to do the Fire Dance with real fire today. I want the 2 of you to put on the same spectacular show you did last time."

Bree Nods.

Lisa says, "Ok, ladies, the rest of you on the Dance Squad, I want you to practice routines 3, 7, and 9. Show lots of hinny. I want you to distract the boys enough that they mess up ... hear?"

The rest of the girls on the Dance Squad giggle as they gather in preparation.

Lisa says to the rest of the Cheer Leader Squad, "Ok, the rest of you follow me. We ... are going to do the game routines alongside the boys as they scrimmage. I want it to be a live fire drill ... understood?"

All the rest of the girls screech out their understanding as they follow Lisa to the sideline Cheer leader location and begin practice.

Amy attaches the cold fire attachment to Bree's baton and hands it to her. Vickie attached them to hers.

Amy pats Bree on her hinny as she coos softly, "Ok, sweetie, make mommy and the Squad proud ... hear?"

Bree replies in a cute voice, "Yes. Mommy."

Amy smiles, "That's a good girl, " as she bounces off to join the rest of the Dancers.

Bree says softly to Vickie, "I have some new routines to add I want to show you. Don't over think em ... they are short and look complicated .... they actually aren't. It's just the illusion of the kata."

Vickie replies as she ignites the cold fire, "I understand. lead on .... you are the Prima."

Bree blushes pink as she ignites the cold fire on her batons as well. The 2 girls take their position.

Bree says softly, "Ready, set ... one ... two ..."

They begin their synchronized routine. Bree takes Vickie through all the original stuff so she would get the rhythm. Bree began adding the new katas as they went through it. Each hand off became more and more eloquently stylistic. Each pirouette more graceful as the cold fire blazed gloriously all around them.

It wasn't long before it appeared there were 2 Mages, each at war with the other using ethereal energies. The other girls on the Dance squad stopped their practice to watch. Amy assured them that their Squad were a shoo in at the competition.

The rest of the girls all giggled and watched in wide eyed amazement as Bree and Vickie performed the Fire Dance in a way no one had ever seen before. The style and grace was a Precision Art Form in motion as each hand off, each rotation, was performed to perfection as the routine moved along faster and faster with no mistakes.

Finally, as if on que, both girls began pirouetting as they tossed their batons in the air. After several fast rotations, the girls stopped as the batons fell gracefully into their hands. The rest of the Dance squad squeals and cheers loudly at the performance. Everyone else who had been doing something else and not seen the performance, stopped to see what the ruckus was about.

The coach wanted very much to see this routine ... in all his years as a coach, he had never seen it performed flawlessly .... and at full speed. Bree and Vicki agreed to do it one more time for all to see. Everyone gathered around as Bree and Vicki took their positions.

They once again performed the dance with flawless precision and grace. The Coach's eyes were large as he looked on with amazement as those 2 little girls moved faster and faster through one of the most complicated Dance Routines. By the time the girls had done the final pirouette and tossed the batons, everyone was screaming and clapping with excitement.

They all gathered around in a crowd and giggled, laughed, and cheered Bree and Vicki on.

The coach said as he patted Bree and Vicki on their shoulder, "That was amazing. I know we're gonna win the Intercollegiate Competition now .... Bree, you are the most amazing dancer I have seen. I have not in my entire 20 years of coaching seen anyone perform the Fire Dance with that speed and precision. It actually looks like it is supposed to." he turns to Vicki, "I know you 2 girls are going to be the champ and bring home the golden trophy for us."

Vicki and Bree both act adorably shy and blush strawberry pink as everyone applauds and complements them on a job very well done. Practice continued with Bree and Vickie doing other routines, that intermixed with katas ... were turning out to be spectacular.

Finally, practice was over, the guys were all hanging around flirting with the girls as usual. Bunny, of course, was trying to get several of the boys to let her please them in her usual sexy way. Of course, they were more than willing to let her.

Amy Said to Tommy, "Sweetie, me and Bree are going to the Golden Nail later. We're going to meet up with Jennifer and Tonya. Wanna come too?"

Tommy gets a surprised look as he says, "Sure ... but ... who's Tonya?"

Amy giggles as she kisses Tommy on his cheek, "You'll have to show up to find out."

She leads Bree off to the locker room, a warm shower, and fresh pullups.

Amy had dressed Bree an an adorable very short white babydoll dress complete with puffy sleeves and a lace pinafore, soft slippers that looked a whole lot like booties, and ponytails. Amy herself, dressed in a short mini skirt, a naked midriff hater top, and shiny black knee boots. Tommy arrived in a black sport jacket, sharply crisp white shirt, dress slacks, and black Italian Loafers.

As Tommy escorted the girls in, many people at the exclusive Restaurant took notice. The 3 of them actually looked like a Well tailored Mother, Father, and their young Daughter ... which was probably what Amy had in mind.

The waiter didn't even ask for their reservations as was custom, he immediately took them to a very nice table over looking the large lake outside. Amy told them they were expecting 2 others soon and described them and gave him their names. Tommy ordered drinks for all. Bree even got a strawberry daiquiri ... but only after Amy produced Bree's birth certificate and ID. Bree looked like a very little girl.

While Bree got the giggles from her wonderful drink, Jennifer arrives. She was Dressed in a very short black Mini-dress that had a cute little white sash that tied in the back, and black 3 inch high heels. She was stunning as the rest of them.

Very shortly after that, Mrs Murphy arrived. She was dressed in a very short and form fitting Smock Dress with an elastic collar that showed off one shoulder and her beautiful cleavage. She too had on 3 inch high heels. She saw the girls and Tommy sitting at the table and waves as she approaches.

Tommy stand s and pulls a chair form the table and offers it to Mrs. Murphy.

Amy says, "Tommy, Jennifer, I want you to meet Tonya. She's a teacher at the university and will be joining us tonight."

Tommy says, "Pleased to meet you ... again."

Everyone laughs or giggles.

Amy says, "Tonya, this is Jennifer ... one of my friends."

Tonya's eyes glitter with excitement as she looks over her new Babydoll.

Tonya says in a sexy coo, "It's so nice to meet you Jennifer."

Jennifer giggles as she replies, "It's nice to meet you too."

Tonya scoots up next to Jennifer so she can be close enough to her new Babydoll to take appropriate action when the time comes. Tonya had read the instructions over and over so she would know exactly what to do.

While Tonya talked to Jennifer and asked her the usual friendly get to know you questions, Amy slyly dropped 2 large red capsules into Jennifer's drink. The drink fizzed for only a second or 2 before vanishing completely. By this time, the waiter had arrived with a nice Fuzzy Navel for Tonya.

Amy says as she takes her goblet in hand, "How about a toast to making new friends ... and keeping the old ... one is silver , the other gold."

Tommy said, "Hear, hear."

As everyone raised their glasses and clinked them together. Amy and Tonya watched with sparkly eyes as Jennifer drank down her glass of blush wine. Amy knew it would only be a few short minutes before the meds started to take effect.

Everyone sat and chatted about everything. The atmosphere was soft and candle lit with the sun slowly setting across the lake in a beautiful panorama of colors.

Tonya scoots close to Jennifer and asks in a soft coo, "What would you say to becoming my Babydoll sweet heart?"

Jennifer gasps softly as her eyes get big.

Bree says, "Yea, you would make a most wonderful Babydoll for Mrs. Murphy."

Amy adds, "I'm sure you would really love to be one too. Ask Bree. It's a lot of fun and everyone is always giving you a lot of attention."

Jennifer sat slightly confused. She felt totally wonderful and carefree. The question had caught her slightly off guard. Jennifer looked at Tonya and smiled. She sorta of did ... feel a wonderful attraction. The urging of Amy and Tommy weakened her resolve even more as the meds took even firmer effect of her and she became very suggestible.

Amy nods her head toward Jennifer when Tonya glances at her. Tonya moves closer and puts one arm around Jennifer's lovely waist, and took her hand in the other.

Tonya says in a soft reassuring coo, "I promise to love you with all my heart and dress you in the cutest little girl styles. I'll even have you in pullups and diapers."

Jennifer blushes softly pink as she giggles. It was so enticing. She couldn't seem to resist. Jennifer squeaks softly as Tonya gives her a sweet kiss on her lips. This made the whole thing so over powering,

Jennifer says in a very cute accepting voice, "Yes ... I'll be your Babydoll. Just please ... take care of me."

Tonya replies, "I promise to take very good care of you Babydoll."

Jennifer lets go at this point. Her mind goes totally blank as she Fresh Kisses Tonya and explores her mouth with her wiggly tongue. Amy takes one of Tonya's hands and places it between Jennifer's legs. Jennifer gasps in an adorable squeak as she spreads her legs more and puts her hand on top of Tonya's. Jennifer is mind blown ... she feels the warm trickle leak around her bottom as she slightly wet her cute little bikini panties.

Tonya smiles as she feels the wetness under her hand. She begins to caress Jennifer in her privacy to make her wet more .... which came very shortly. Jennifer couldn't help herself as she had her first very wet Babydoll accident in her panties.

Jennifer can't believe what has just happened to her. She has just wet her panties in front of the sweetest and most beautiful woman she has ever met. She knew she loved this woman ... even though she has never been attracted to another woman before. Jennifer feels humiliation and embarrassment rush through her.

Tonya, of course, starts making a huge deal out of the fact her Babydoll had wet hear panties and needs to be changed. Jennifer is helpless. She allows Tonya to take her by the hand and escort her to the girl's room.

When they gets there, Tonya pulls Jennifer's panties down around her ankles and coos softly, "Ok, Babydoll, step out of those wet things so Mommy can get you in a nice dry pullup."

Jennifer is even more confused as She steps out of her wet panties. Tonya removes Jennifer's heels as well. Jennifer notices Tonya had a large bag with her that looked for the world like a diaper bag.
Tonya removes from it a cute and lacy pair of big/little girl pullup panties and holds them out.

Tonya coos softly, "Be a good little girl and step into your panties."

Tonya smiles as she notices that Jennifer has almost no pubic hair ... or body hair. All she has is the very fine valois hair. It was ok ... this means she would loose it very quickly and be totally hairless in just a few days.

Jennifer holds onto Tonya as she steps daintily into the pullups. Tonya quickly takes several suppositories and pushes them into Jennifer's privacy and bottom before she can protest. Jennifer gets big eyed as she gasps softly. She giggles when Tonya had finished and wraps her arms around her neck and kisses her.

Jennifer says in a very cute and sexy voice, "I wanna make love."

Tonya is over joyed ... Jennifer is totally hers for keeps.

By the time Tonya had led Jennifer back to the table, she had become adorably silly and ditzy. Tonya had changed her clothes too. She was now in a soft yellow Babydoll dress much like Bree's and ponytails. Jennifer wasn't in heels anymore either, but a cute pair of slippers that looked a whole lot like Bree's booties.

Bree and Jennifer giggled and had a wonderful little girl time as Tommy, Amy, and Tonya reinforced the Babydoll emotions and actions within them.

By the time the evening was over, Tonya knew what Jennifer's poopie face looked like and had to change her several times. Amy had to do the same for Bree. Tonya thanked Amy and gave her a hug.

Tonya says happily, "I'm taking my Babydoll home straight away and loving her till dawn."

Tommy takes Amy and Bree in each arm and says, "I'm taking mine home and doing the same."

Amy swats Tommy's shoulder playfully as she says, "Have a good night Tonya .... and remember. When you put Jennifer to bed for the night, to play Baby Personality after you give her those meds.

Tonya assures Amy she will as she waves bye and puts the adorable new Babydoll in her car for the trip to her new house. Tommy, Amy, and Bree watch for a few minutes as Tonya's car vanishes from sight down the busy street before Tommy takes the girls to their car.

Amy says out the window before driving off, "Follow us. I want you to spend the night."

Bree leans out the other window and says adorably, "I wanna gets some sugar too."

Tommy smiles as he says reassuringly, "I'll follow you there, just give me a second to get to my car."

As Tommy gets in his car and start the motor, Amy slowly exits the crowded parking lot of the Golden Nail. Tommy follows the girls home at a safe distance, every now and then playing auto tag with them just for fun.

When Amy pulled into the parking slot of their Apartment, Bree could wait to get out. She struggled only a second with the seat belt before jumping from her seat and rushing over to Tommy.

She wraps her arms around his neck as she French Kisses him deeply. She feels his muscular arms as the warp around her and hold her next to his hard body. Bree shivers as Tommy's tongue explores her mouth .... and the sensation she feels as his manhood becomes hard in his pants.

Bree reaches down and sensually caresses his hard thing as she says sexily, "I want some .... please. I promise to do my best to please you."

Tommy smiles. The warm wonderful sensations wash through him as Bree caresses his manhood in a way making it almost uncomfortably hard.

Tommy says softly as he takes Bree's hand, "I'm sure you will sweet heart. And I'm sure I'm going to enjoy you very much."

Bree giggles as she blushes softly pink. Tommy escorts her over to Amy and takes her by the hand as well, then walks the 2 extremely beautiful young women into the apartment.

~~ End Pt10 ~~

~~ Pt11 - Motherhood XXX ~~

Amy sits seductively on the sofa and shows Tommy a wonderful view up her very short skirt as she unzips each boot and tosses them in a pile. She stands up and unzips the back of her miniskirt and wiggles out of it. She stood seductively in just her halter top and black tie on string bikini panties as Tommy undressed Bree.

Bree shivers with delight as Tommy untied her pinafore and unzipped her babydoll dress. Chill bumps rose all over her body as Tommy slowly slipped the cute dress off. Bree stepped from the pile of it around her ankles and stood in the cute little pullups.

Amy came over and wrapped her arms around Tommy's neck as she took Bree's hand. Amy French kisses Tommy passionately. When she breaks the kiss, she begins to pull him and Bree towards the bedroom.

Amy says in a sexy coo, "It's time for you to please us like you promised."

Tommy smiles as he takes the lead and escorts them into the bedroom. He picks Bree up and puts her on the bed. She lays on her back, bends her knees and spreads her legs as she begins to rub between them slowly and sensually.

Tommy eagerly unties Amy's halter top and pulls it over her head. Just as the wad of cloth clears her soft sensual lips, Tommy French kisses her passionately as he finishes removing the top and tossing it away. As Amy kisses him, she wraps her arms around his neck as he reaches down and unties her cute little panties. They fall in a heap around her ankles.

Tommy picks up the now nude Amy and lays her in the bed. Amy bends her knees and spreads her legs as she reaches down and opens the lovely lips to her warm wiggly vagina. She begins to play with it with her finger as she makes soft squeaky gasps. Tommy almost hurts his manhood is so hard at this point.

Tommy has enough presents to pull down Bree's pullups. She lifts her cute round bottom while he slides them off. Bree returned to the bent kneed spread position and continues to rub her cute little hairless vagina as she too makes cute squeaky gasps.

Tommy kicks off his shoes as he quickly unbuckles his belt and undoes his slacks. He yanked them down and kicks them into a corner. As quickly as he could, he pulls down his jockeys and crawls into bed with the girls. Amy rolls onto her side and takes Tommy's swollen manhood in her hands and begins to caress it.

Amy maneuvers his thing in such a way he moves to between Bree's legs. Bree gasps with excitement as Amy rubs Tommy throbbing hardness against her tight vaginal opening. Tommy pushes slowly into Bree as she gasps and squeaks softly.

Bree is in heaven as she feel Tommy penetrate her. Each thrust causes her to squeak softly as she feel her body opening. Each thrust brings chills and causes intense waves of pleasure to surge all through Bree's body taking her mind totally away. All she knows is the sensations and the huge thing penetrating her extremely sensitive place.

Tommy grunts softly as he feels her tightness open. He can feel something that is like French Ticklers on the inside of her super tight vagina. Each slow push, he feels the ridges of it as it slides along his hard thing. Bree's vagina wiggles and squeezes him in spasms causing him to shiver. Wonderful waves of pleasure fill him and begins to build quickly in his loins.

Bree is totally lost in making love to Tommy. His super large thing stretches her tightness with each stroke. She feels the pleasant pulling as new places open and send shivers of lustful need through her. Her breast buzz like a hive of bees as she wraps her legs around Tommy and pulls. She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls his lips to hers. She kisses him passionately between squeaky gasps. Her vagina is so full. She pushes her pelvis into his hairy crotch as she feels a wonderful hurty pinch deep inside her as she squeaks with pleasure. She holds on as she shivers with the intensity of the orgasm that fills her young body.

Tommy can't hold out any longer. Her grunts loudly as he cums massively deep with Bree's young vagina. Bree gasps as she feels her head buzz. Her vagina gets super warm and wet as her own orgasm intensifies. Bree can't help it as she wiggles and squirms against Tommy's body in ecstasy.

As Tommy rolls off of Bree onto the bed, Amy wiggles into position between his legs and begins to suck and lick his maleness. It is super sensitive at this point and makes Tommy cry out in pleasure. Amy takes the large head into her soft, sensuous mouth and begins to suck softly ... Tommy looses his mind.

Bree lays back and enjoys the wetness as it drips from her abused vagina. As she puts her hand there and begins to feel all the gooyness inside her, she realizes something that sends a different kind of chill down her spine. She doesn't know .... how or why she feels this way ... but she's sure that this time Tommy has made her pregnant.

Bree looks over at Amy as she gets on top of Tommy and places his thing in her vagina. Amy begins to wiggle her hips as she humps him. Tommy moans and and groans in pleasure as Amy goes faster and faster.

Bree watches Amy ride Tommy like a wild stallion. She squeaks and gasps loudly with each thrust. Amy finally bends down and kisses Tommy passionately as he seems to spasm several times. Amy breaks the kiss and smiles at Tommy.

She says softly, Ummm ... that felt really good. Did you enjoy it too sweet heart?"

Tommy pants for a few seconds before he replies in a gasp, "That ... was heaven Amy. You and Bree are the absolute best."

Amy lays on top of Tommy and kisses his lips. She says softly, "You do know we aren't on birth control ... don't you?"

Tommy blinks at Amy several times as Bree gets another chill.

Tommy smiles as he wraps his arms around Amy and says softly before Kissing her passionately, "That just makes it more special ... because it's for real."

Tommy reaches over and takes Bree's hand. Bree snuggles closer as Tommy rolls his head over to meet her lips as well. Bree kisses Tommy passionately.

She whispers softly, "Tommy ... I ... I think ... I'm pregnant." as she places her free hand over her tummy.

Tommy smiles as he says lovingly in return, "That would make me ... so happy sweet heart." Then gives Bree another kiss.

Amy smiles as she too has this .... woman's intuitive feeling about making love this time ... she hopes not ... but is almost positive ... she's pregnant too.

~~ The Magnificent Fire Dance ~~

Two weeks later, The Intercollegiate Competition had arrived. The whole athletic department of the University of Southern Lowland was totally in a dither. The coaches were barking orders to their most outstanding athletes in hopes of honing an even sharper edge to their skills.

The girl's coach was standing over Vicki and Bree like a drill sergeant as the girls practiced the Fire Dance. The coach was clearly impressed with Bree and the routine she had taught Vicki. She watched each graceful maneuver, and the skill of each hand off. The speed and accuracy of their routine filled the coach with great pride and a very high expectation. The coach knew that an over all win depended on how the other athletes performed ... but she was absolutely positive of a win in the dance portion. None of the other contestants had ever performed the Fire Dance with this precision nor speed. The coach smiles.

Coach says softly, "Now, girls ... gather your things and lets load onto the bus. I want you 2 girls to relax and have fun on the trip down. I want you loose and ready to perform."

Vicki replies as she takes Bree's hand, "Don't worry coach, Bree an me got this in the bag. We're gonna knock em dead."

The coach says, "Good work. Now, get your stuff together and let's go."

Bree and Vicki grab their gym bags with their new outfits. Bree's ... was as adorable and cute as any Babydoll's. The girls gather their batons and the fire attachments before skipping out to the the bus and getting on. There is a cheer from the Cheerleaders and the rest of the Precision Dance Squad. Bree and Vicki blush softly pink as they take the seats the rest of the girls had saved for them right next to Amy. The trip down was fun. Time passed quickly as the girl's sang songs, told jokes, and played simple games.

After they arrived at the Huge stadium the contest was to be held at, Amy took Bree by her hand and followed Vickie out into the huge crowd. There was total chaos every where as the loud voices echoed all around.

The 3 girls waded through the thick crowd and walked into the girl's dressing room. Once again, it was a total crowded chaos. Amy, Vicki, and Bree managed to find the assigned locker space and began to get dressed. Amy made sure that Bree had on a new pull up before she helped her Babydoll into the cute outfit that made up Bree's new uniform.

Vicki and Bree watched as the other contestants did their well rehearsed and magnificent routines. The crowd clapped loudly for each routine. Vicki was really nervous, but Bree reassured her that their routine would blow all the rest out of the stadium.

Vicki turns from the last 2 performers. She had a big smile on her face as she said happily, "I've watched all of em do the Fire Dance. None can do it properly."

Bree giggles, "Tol ya. Now, just remember not to over think the routines. Let it become part of you and the energy will flow."

Vicki takes Bree by the hand as the announcer calls them out to the stage and tells the huge audience they too were performing the Fire Dance. There is polite welcoming applause as the girls take their positions.

They ignite the cold fire on the tips of their batons and nod to each other. In perfect unison, the girls begin their routine. With infinite grace, absolute precision, and blinding speed never before witnessed by the audience, the girls performed the Fire Dance.

The fire seemed to form a wondrous sphere of energy around the girls as they passed the batons and twirled them around and through in every conceivable manner. From the audience’s perspective, it appeared the 2 girls were sorceresses practicing their arcane art. There were many gasps and awes as the batons flipped gracefully between the girls, each hand off a work of art.

The audience was on its feet and loud cheering applause echoed all around long before the girls had completed their routine. By the time Bree and Vicki tossed the batons high in the air and did the final pirouette ... The judges had already decided ... they were the winners.

Bree and Vicki caught the batons and did their curtsies as they held hands and bowed their heads gracefully. The crowed went totally wild. The girls stood there and looked over the wildly applauding and cheering audience. Both girls giggled softly as they hugged each other and waved. About that time, 2 women came from each wing with a dozen red roses which they gave to each girl in her turn.

The announcer told all that the Precision Dance Squad from University of Southern Lowland had won the dance competition hands down. A man walks out on stage carrying the huge golden trophy. The rest of the Dance Squad and the Cheerleader squad came on stage, linked hands, and took their bows with Bree and Vicki standing in front. The crowed gave them all a long standing ovation.

In the next competition, the University of Southern Lowland's Cheerleader Squad performed their wonderful routines. The scores were very close, however, the University of Southern Lowland prevailed and won the over all competition trophy. It was a first for them ... and they were the heroines of the day.

The trip home was filled with cheer, congratulations, and much laughter. The 3 very large trophies sat in the isles of the bus, glittering in the passing headlamps. Of course Amy hugged and kissed Bree lovingly for a job very well done. When they arrived home, The Coaches were waiting for their champs. In the gym ... there was a huge celebration in progress ... with them as the Guests of Honor.

Bree was so over come, she had a Babydoll accident in her pullup. It was sort of hard for her to isolate Amy alone. Bree could feel the icky heaviness of her wet pullup and became more and more miserable over it.

Bree finally gave up and came to Amy and said in front of everyone, "Mommy ... baby hadda accident."

There was silence as Amy cooed softly, "Let mommy check you Babydoll."

Amy reached her finger in the leg opening of the really cute romper that was Bree's new Uniform, and into the pullup. Amy smiles as she feels the wetness. Bree had become the perfect Babydoll.

Amid the many coos, Amy took Bree by the hand and led her to the Girl's Room. She undid the snaps between Bree's legs and pulled the wet pullup down and tossed it into the trash. Amy took a clean pullup from the purse she had around her shoulders and held it out for Bree.

Bree stepped daintily into the pullup. Amy pulled it up and refastened the snaps between her legs before leading her back out into the large crowed of her team mates and other school members attending the celebration. A very large cheer went up for the University of Southern Lowland's Mascot Babydoll and the trophy she and her partner Vicki had won for the school. This was the very first time they had ever won the Precision Dance Trophy ... and the Overall Competition Trophy.

Bree feels funny in her tummy. She's not real sure what it means, but a strange queasiness begins to fill her. She hopes she's not coming down with something. She puts her hand over her tummy as she shivers slightly ... she also hopes ... she's not pregnant ... at least ... not yet. If she was, that would mean she has to do the Math Competition ... and she would be showing. Amy sees Bree turn slightly white in the face and can feel it when she shivers.

Amy bends and whispers in Bree's ear, "Are you ok sweetie?"

Bree nods as she swallows hard. She says softly back, "I ... feel ... woozy. My tummy upset."

Amy says, "You probably have had too much excitement for one day ... and it's getting late."

Amy takes Bree by the hand and makes their apologies. She thanks everyone for their congratulations. Everyone cheers for Bree and Vickie as Lisa leaves, leading Bree by the hand.

~~ End Pt11 of the beginning ~~
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