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Tentacle ( X )

PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:25 am
by Miki Yamuri
Title: Tentacle ( X )


Barbie Trent - 18yo college student – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Elladan Kenet - 18 yo college student – Played by: Himself

Scene: Campus, after classes

Elladan Kenet thought himself lucky, to have a friend as good as Barbie. Sure, she could be a little quirky sometimes, but she was always there when he needed her. Elladan was small for a boy, at about 5'4", with a thin body, and shoulder length black hair. Today, he wore a blue t-shirt and jeans.

As they left English, they were heading back toward the dorms, when she asked him a question.

Confused, he tilted his head. "You want me to spend the night at your dorm?"

Barbie Trent was a very cute petite girl with long blond hair. Today she was dressed in form fitting hip hugger jeans, a brown pull over top with elastic neckline, and tennis shoes. She was about 4" 3" tall and could be real fun to be with. Her eyes sparkled as she hugged Elladan around his waist, "Sure, you wouldn't ... be afraid to spend the night with 100 girls ... would you?" she giggles, "Besides, I think you would have lots of fun."

He blushed a bit, hugging her slightly as she hugged him. "Oh, alright... but just this once. Mmkay?"

Barbie kisses Elladan and leads him by the hand to her dorm. On the wall by the main double doors is a sign that says: "Girls Only, Off Limits to all male personnel."

Barbie says softly in Elladan’s ear, Don't worry about that, we have some things we can disguise you in so the House Mother won't know the difference. She sorta short sighted ... and she broke her glasses this morning. It'll be a month before she gets her new pair." Barbie giggles as she pulls Elladan into the doors.

Disguises? Why would he need a disguise? Elladan was pretty sure boys could come, so long as they were invited and escorted by one of the residents. He pondered this as she led him into the house, unaware that he'd never be leaving.

"Mmk. Where's your room?" he asked in an offhand way as he looked around.

Barbie didn't say anything, she instead took him by the hand and led him down a long hallway, then down a long set of winding stairs. Elladan got the feeling he was being taken deep into the basement. Everywhere he looked, he saw many girls in different stages of dress ... or undress. He even came around one corner and bumped into a cute little girl wrapped in nothing but a towel. She dropped the towel ... more by design than accident it seemed, before covering herself with her arms and acting very shy and embarrassed.

Barbie says with a condescending tone, "Oh, Vickie, drop the act ... he's with me."

The cute girl pokes out her lip as she wraps herself in the towel again and storms off in a huff.

Barbie giggles, "Well, sweetie, I think you're going to have a lots of fun." She then led him into a room.

Wow, this was strange. Elladan had never been in a sorority house before. He looked around shyly at everything he saw, as she led him deeper and deeper down. Eventually, they reached the basement. It was a plain door, with a sign that said "Fun Room."

Elladan briefly wondered why she lived in the basement, but quickly forgot as the door was opened. It looked like an ordinary room. Bed, bathroom, desk, wardrobe, all in a girlish theme. In the corner was this odd looking recliner, a very bright pink, with hearts on it.

"Nice room." Elladan says as he looks around.

Barbie's eyes sparkled prettily as she said in a coo, "Well, baby, I think things can get really steamy in here ... and lots of fun too."

She picks up a soda pop can that had been sitting on one of the tables. As she turns, she pops the top on it in a normal way, however the soda seems to explode from the top. Elladan was sprayed all over with a huge amount of soda pop from the partially opened can. Barbie screeches and she quickly takes it into the bathroom. Elladan can hear her as she throws it into the tub and pulls the curtain closed. Barbie returns with a thick towel.

She says with much anxiety in her cute voice, "I am soooo sorry sweetie! It was an accident, I didn’t know it was going to do that." She begins to pat Elladan down starts with his dripping face. She continues, "I have some ... clothes you can change into ... I mean, until I can get those cleaned and dried."

He pouts and fusses a bit about the whole thing. His clothes are all sticky now, as she dries him off, apologizing profusely.

He says with frustrated resignation, "I guess. I'll just have to get them cleaned in the morning."

Barbie smiles a pretty smile as she giggles, "Well, this can be fun too ya know."

She then lifts Elladan’s shirt over his head and off. As it clears the bottom part of his head, exposing his mouth, she kisses him, exploring his mouth with her wiggly tongue.

Elladan is helpless as she removes his shirt and caresses his chest. As they kiss, she reaches down and undoes his belt and his jeans. She easily drops them to his ankles, leaving him standing there in his boxers.

She points to the pink chair with hearts all over it and coos, "Now if you'll just sit there, I'll get these cleaned." She picks up his shirt and jeans in a wet soggy bundle.

He started to undress shyly but as she kissed him, he squeaked. Blushing a lot, he squirmed as Barbie caressed and undressed him. In no time, he was naked. He blushed a lot, trying to hide his parts, as she escorted him to the chair. He sat down a bit tentatively, as she walked away, apparently to clean his clothes.

Elladan sits in the chair. It feels really surprisingly comfortable. He leans back and squirms himself into a more reclining position and closes his eyes. He sighs as he begins to fantasize about the things he wants to do with Barbie ... and maybe some of the other eager girls he saw staring longingly at him as they walked through the halls.

Without him noticing, many tentacles begin to squirm from the back of the chair. It appears to be alive in some way. Slowly, several creep around his ankles, wrists, and neck, all unnoticed by the boy.

Without warning, Elladan’s eyes get huge as they clamp down, trapping him in the chair. He squirms violently, trying to escape ... to no avail. He yells and screams loudly for help.

The chair contorts and reforms beneath him. He can feel this happen. He is turned onto his stomach with his bottom in the air. He can feel something as it tickles his bottom and his private parts. Surprised, to say the least, the boy fights against the tentacles, his body firmly held down as the chair contorts.

Somehow, he finds himself flipped over so that he's on his belly, and his butt in the air. When he feels something tickling his crotch, he blushes, stifling a giggle ... especially when it began to tickle his sphincter.

Elladan’s eyes get really huge as he feels something warm and wet and very hard between his legs. It begins to softly tickle the spot at the base of his penis, between it and his scrotum. He gasps as it begins to ... push against the hardness there. Elladan feels intense pressure suddenly ... and really strange, but intensely pleasant sensations as he is ... being penetrated?? He can't believe it. He feels something large and hard as it slowly enters him in this impossible place. It slowly explores him there as it goes deeper.

To Elladan, it feels like it is going inside his tummy, and causes him to gasp and squeak at it's intensity. In and out, it slowly moves, causing him to experience feelings that are totally alien to him ... but perhaps the most intense he has ever had.

Elladan blushes and squeals as the soft flesh is manipulated, and the tentacle moves inside of him. He moans and squirms as this is done, feeling sex as a woman does for the first time. And this is only the beginning

In his dazed condition, he realizes Barbie is kissing his cheek softly, "Is the new little girl ... enjoying having vaginal sex? It's the only kind you will ever have from now on ... sex like a girl. We will teach you to be the perfect sissy." She pats his hinny with a soft slap.

About that time, Elladan feels something warm, wet, and very hard begin to penetrate his bottom. His sphincter protests and hurts at first, then suddenly relaxes as the lubricated tentacle penetrates him. He is totally mind blown as he is penetrated in 2 places, slowly and deeply, all at the same time.

The boy whines, squirming as he feels his bottom penetrated. He is mind blown, having never thought this possible before. He squirms as much as the restraints allow, moaning and squeaking softly as the two tentacles penetrate his body intensely.

After what feels like a super intense long time, Elladan feels both of the things in him begin to throb. His eyes get huge as he realizes what's happening. He feels the warm wetness as it squirts inside his openings. He can't help himself ... he has a very intense orgasm. As he starts to whimper and cry softly, he feels another tentacle begin to touch his lips. He closes them tightly and clamps his teeth down hard. It's no use, the tentacle squirms and wiggles until it's inside his mouth ... penetrating slowly and deeply. It tastes funny to him ... sweet, sour .. salty at the same time ... kind of musky even.

He whimpers, not wanting this to happen, and yet unable to prevent it. He whines as the tentacle intrudes into his mouth, releasing juices that he's forced to suck on, while the other tentacles get to work on his bottom and new vagina.

Musky even? It's ... it's making him ... NO!! He tries to spit it out ... but can't. He feels it as the tentacle penetrated his throat. He gags ... but it continues.

He hears several girls giggling behind him.

One of the voices says, "He'll be the perfect girl .... jus wait n see. I know he's going to enjoy the squirt in his mouth a whole lot!" He hears them giggle some more.

The boy blushes, tasting the womanly juices as the mouth tentacle pumped it. It was as if being bottle fed, and he couldn't help but blush and suckle as the girls watched and cooed at him. He felt this is what sucking a cock would feel and taste like from the descriptions his girlfriends gave when they did this for him.

Barbie came up to Elladan and ran her fingers softly though his long hair.

She kisses him on his cheek gently as she coos softly, "That liquid that's being squirted into you and in your mouth, is a highly concentrated female hormone and male hormone blocker. It's designed to make you even more cute than you are now." the girls giggle again. “My sorority sisters all agree, you're too cute to be a boy. We all want you to be our sissy sister. In about 3 months, your booby bumps should be well sprouted and you will be soooo adorable."

He is incredulous. Elladan tries to fight it, but can't, as he's firmly held down. The future they're telling him about, he admits to himself, is not one he wants.

Barbie continues softly as she nibbles on his ear, "I still want you though ... your just going to be my little sissy pet is all. I have a wonderful pet collar for you and everything. Also, you will have to give my sisters favors too ... I promised to share you with them. We all chipped in and bought you a huge wardrobe of outfits n stuff."

Elladan feels the tentacle in his mouth begin to throb. He steels himself ... he doesn't want what he knows is coming to happen. He feels the end of the tentacle wiggle in his throat ... it actually tickles. He can feel it throb and his tummy gets very warm as it pumps the female hormones into him. At the same time, he feels the one in his bottom throbbing again as it become very warm and watery. He can feel himself begin to drip, as a thick, hot fluid begins to slowly run down between his butt cheeks.

He blushes and moans, feeling his body flooded with the juices. The hormones quickly seep into his body. It won't take long before his body starts changing. He whimpers, as he sucks on the one in his mouth, as Barbie teases him.

Suddenly, Elladan is turned onto his back He is placed in such a way that his bottom is raised and his head is down. He feels the tentacle as it again wiggles it's way into his bottom opening. This time, it's a lot easier as it has been dilated and is very lubricated with all the juices that were being pumped into him. His knees are suddenly bent and spread open. He sees a large tentacle approach the place he had been penetrated ... the place between his penis and his scrotum Barbie had called his vagina.

He looks around and sees about a dozen girls standing around with big eyes and varying expressions of incredulity. He feels the huge tentacle begin to play with the spot at the base of his penis again. He feels the pressure and the intensely pleasant sensations as he is again penetrated there. As it moves slowly inside him and wiggles all around, he feels the one in his bottom throb again. He can't help himself as he has another super intense orgasm.

He fights and squirms as he's flipped over by the chair, so that the girls can see his sissification. He whimpers a lot as he's put into position. Elladan protests, but only gurgled moans and gasps make it past the tentacle in his mouth as he's rubbed and played with. Soon, he releases his own juices, as it recommences the penetrations in his vagina and butt.

One of the girls who only had on a tie on string bikini panty, came to him and began rubbing his chest with a thick gel.

As she spread it all over she says in a cute voice, "This will permanently remove all that hair. We want you to have soft and lovely skin. If you think someone will come looking for you ... probably ... but it seems you left a note telling everyone about your sexual encounter with that boy ... Charley?? And how you’re going to end it all since he doesn’t want you anymore."

She continues to rub it on him thickly as he hears all the girls giggle. She gets to his crotch and continues to gently rub it on as the tentacle penetrates him even deeper.

He has tears in his eyes because of the intensity of the sensations he is being assailed with, and the news of the really incriminating note someone will find shortly.

In his bottom, the tentacle finds his prostate and begins to stroke it teasingly. As Elladan tenses up, the tentacle in his mouth begins to throb again. He can feel the warmth in his tummy as more female hormones are injected.

He whines as the hormones are injected directly into his tummy, bypassing his mouth entirely. Elladan begins crying as the tentacles keep going on him ... transforming him into an unwilling girl. His hair is being removed, he’s trapped and totally helpless ... When will this end? He wonders pleadingly.

His belly grumbles. He realizes he's hungry, and that what he's drank so far hasn't sated him.

The girl in the bikini panties coos softly as she rubs the gel into Elladan’s legs, "That tentacle in your mouth can ... feed you and do other thingys as well. We were just voting, and we think you should be a baby in diapers."

All the girls giggle and cluster in a group as they act silly.

About that time, the flavor of the tentacle in his mouth changes. It's still very warm, but now took on a rich ... milk taste. He feels the tentacle in his bottom throb again. This time ... what it squirted into him made his insides tingle intensely. He feels it as it spreads all through him causing large chill bumps to rise on his skin.

The girl in the bikini panties finishes rubbing the gel in, then takes a thick cloth and wipes him from head to foot. All of his body hair is gone when she's done.

She giggles as she coos, "Now, baby will find ... she can't help but potty in her diaper from now on. If baby is a good girl, I will breast feed her soon too."

She stands up and wiggles her wonderfully developed breasts at Elladan, before she walks away in her wiggly hip way.

He blushes, murmuring as he tastes and drinks the milk. As his belly fills with this first meal, he feels his insides squirm, his muscles becoming limp a bit as the tentacles keep working on him. His body hair is gone now, and as he's being fed, he can feel the tentacles pulling out of his butt and vagina for the first time in an hour. But why? He was about to find out as he felt the warm, thick, wet goo drip slowly out of him.

The chair suddenly coos softly in a motherly voice, "It's time for baby to be in her first diaper."

Elladan is in total shock as he feels his butt cradled in a warm cottony softness. He looks down and sees a tentacle spraying some kind of powder between his legs. The wonderfully sweet smell of baby powder fills his nose. He watches in shock as a diaper is pulled between his legs and fastened on with large safety pins. Over his feet, a cute pair of plastic lined, soft maroon colored rumba panties were fitted, then pulled up over the diaper. He was suddenly lifted to the soft back of the chair and his hinny patted softly by one of the tentacles.

The chair coos, "Now baby only got to let mommy know when she wet or messy. I will clean her and change her right away."

Elladan is more than shocked and confused. Just what is this chair? It had tentacles that raped him and was making him into a girl. Now it sounded like a mommy, and had just diapered. The tentacle still in his mouth, he blushed and drank it as she cradled and rocked him, while the girls watched and giggled.

Elladan discovered something else. His tummy had become very warm, and an intense feeling of contentedness was rising within him. He fought hard to stay upset ... he really didn't want this to happen ... but he was helpless to avoid it. His eyes began to get heavy and his feeling of being safe and contented over powered him. He fought sleep hard ... but before he realized it, he was having a wonderful dream of his Soft fuzzy Teddy Bear and his plushy snuggle toy.

Elladan was soon asleep. The tentacle in his mouth stayed, acting in place of a pacifier. The restraints left him, and the chair reformed one again, this time into a crib-like shape. He'd be able to stay here, and be quite secure, until the girls were ready for him.

While Elladan slept and had all the hormones and other chemicals that been introduced into his body be absorbed, the girls discussed what they were going to do next. It was decided that they were going to have him play with his toys so they could take many pictures of their new babydoll and share them on Their Head Leaf page. No one could hope to recognize him at this point ... he looked exactly like a very pretty girl in diapers.

Elladan wakes slowly. He is kind of confused about how he feels and the fact it feels like his pants are very wet. He opens his eyes to find himself lying in a crib of sorts, with a tentacle in his mouth. He can feel it throbbing softly and a warm trickle running into his tummy. He also realizes, he is no longer restrained.

At first, he's confused. How did he get here? What in the hell happened to him? Slowly, he recalls what happened with Barbie over the last few hours, being raped, sissified, and babied. He also realizes he's in a diaper, and wet. Distraught, he begins to fuss, squirming in the crib and trying to pull the tentacle out of his mouth and escape.

The chair realizes Elladan is awake, lifts him to its soft back pillow and pats him on his hinny softly as it coos. A tentacle pulls open the back of his panties and diaper and reaches in and check him ... insuring Elladan realizes it.

The chair quickly changes his diaper and has him against the backing pillow again, patting his hinny and cooing softly, "That's a good baby. Mommy will make sure you’re the best baby girl ever."

The chair is talking to him, like a stereotypical 20ish-yo mother. He blushes and fusses as it moves him, changing the diaper, cleaning him, and putting him back in, before cradling him. He tries to squirm, unaware that he's alone in the room for now, until Barbie returns

Barbie returns to the room and walks to the chair. She coos softly as she runs her fingers though his hair, "Would baby girl like to have her hair brushed and tied into pony tails?"

The tentacle in his mouth gives him a huge squirt of something down his throat. He feels so weak and funny suddenly and it leaves his mouth and Barbie takes him by the hand and helps him to his very wobbly feet. Elladan gasps, feeling suddenly weak. though the tentacle is out, he realizes, he's now almost completely helpless. Weak, he toddles as he's led to the vanity, so the Barbie can do his hair and dress him.

Barbie helps Elladan to sit on the stool in front of the vanity. He can't believe the little girl looking back at him from the mirror ... is him. Barbie brushes his hair until it shines softly. Elladan loves the way it feels, although he is disgusted with why it’s happening. Barbie takes his hair and ties it into 2 ponytails with pink ribbons.

When she's done she kisses him on his cheek and coos in his ear, "Now baby, you will begin feeling so much more feminine really soon." She reaches around and caresses his nipples, "And you will have cute little boobies in a few months too."

Elladan doesn't like this one bit. As he sits in the chair, getting his hair done, he is unsettled at the prospect of becoming a girl. Never had he imagined he'd spend the rest of his life as some kind of sissy baby. He begins to whine.

Barbie coos softly, "Now baby, you don't have to worry about anything. My sorority sisters and I have taken care of everything. You have written pitiful whiny looser letters to everyone including your family, saying how you can't cope with being found out and have left to live in a far off remote island and don’t want anyone to follow you." She giggles, "And you left no address or anything they might hope to follow you. You removed all your money from your bank account, quit your job at the deli, and said bye to your mom. Now, no one will look for you here ... cuz you ran away."

Elladan gasped. His life; gone! In less time than he thought possible, every thing he had to live for was in ruins. He burst out bawling.

Barbie coos softly, “Aww, sweetie, you should have thought of the concequences when you started having sex with Jeri. She gots pregnant and you dumped her. We didn’t like that ... or the way you ignored her and everything. Now .... we will make sure .... you pay and .. we enjoy you at the same time.”

On some level, he was ashamed he was in this chair, dressed like a baby girl and crying his little heart out. More so ... because it seems everyone knew of his affair with Jeri. On another, it somehow meant a lot, as if he was supposed to be doing this ... being punished for his crime against Jeri. The hormones were a bit to blame, because they were reconditioning his body, making him more docile, submissive, and babyish.

He kept crying, throwing a tantrum at the loss of his life. Tantrums, required punishment. That meant going back to the chair.

Barbie snatches Elladan from the stool and swats his thickly diapered bottom. It didn't hurt, but Elladan gasps in shock that he had just gotten spanked like a naughty baby.

Barbie says sternly as she drags Elladan toward the chair, "Naughty babies get punished! Now, let's see what the chair thinks of your little fit, shall we?"

She drags Elladan to the chair and more or less pushes him into the seat. It quickly takes hold of him. He is helpless.

Elladan hears the voice of the chair say, "Is baby being naughty?"

He’s turned on his tummy. A tentacle flattens on one end and swats his butt hard several times. This time ... it hurt. Elladan couldn't help himself, he began to cry like any baby who had just gotten paddled. He found himself suddenly cradled in a tentacle as another wormed it's way into his mouth. The warm salty taste of more hormones filled his mouth as the warm feeling in his tummy grew.

The boy simpered, whimpering and crying as he was spanked, cradled, and mouth-tentacle again. It was all so hopeless and futile. Woeful at his situation, he sucked at the tentacle, trying to squirm more. He wasn't beaten... yet.

Elladan begins seeing flashes of light and hearing many giggles. He glances out of the corner of his eye as best he can. He sees many of the girls there with their cell phones and cameras taking many pictures.

He hears one saying to the girl next to her, "Wow! my Head Leaf page has had 20,000 hits since I started putting these pictures up. It's amazing! They all want to know how our babydoll is doing. I tell them he was a willing subject and they all laugh at what a looser he must be."

The girls laugh as they make more fun of him.

Elladan hears another say, "One of the comments said his thingy is so small, it looks like he's a girl anyway."

More giggles as the boy blushed. These girls were very mean. And to think, he had liked some of them, at one time or another. Now, he hated them all. He realized that Jeri had gotten pregnant .... then he realized others could have just as easily.

At least the chair treated him fairly, he thought regretfully as he was made to suck on the tentacle, while they tortured him so. It was starting to get late now. Soon, it would be time for dinner, bath, play time with the chair, and then bed.

Elladan noticed the taste of the tentacle changed suddenly. It tasted just like ... Strawberries. He also had ... an urge he couldn’t help. He feels really strange ... tingles in his tummy and waves ... pushing something .... then he realized with a start. He was taking a poopie. He tries to squeeze his muscle and stop it ... all he accomplishes, is to push it out faster. He can't help it ... he has his first baby poopie in his diaper. His eyes get huge as it happens.

Oh, life isn't fair. He pooped his diaper? Whatever happened to being able to control himself? The boy squirms, feeling the squishiness of his diaper. Not long after, warmth spreads through his front, as he pees as well, the tentacle in his mouth all the while, pumping large quantities of strawberry tasting regression drugs and female hormones.

The chair coos softly, "Did cutums hava booboo? Let mommy check and see."

Elladan feels a tentacle pull open the back of his diaper and panties and check him. He also saw many flashes as the taunting girls took more pictures.

Barbie says sternly suddenly, "Look girls, this is my babydoll. I agreed to share him ... but enough! I want to punish him for what he did ... but also to love him ... not humiliate him all the time."

Elladan hears many apologies as the other girls leave. He is now alone with Barbie and the chair.

The chair removes his diaper and cleans him softly with sweet smelling baby wipes. He is turned onto his tummy and he can feel a tentacle wiggling against his sphincter. He can't stop it from penetrating him. He gets goose bumps all over as it wiggles its way pleasantly into his bottom. He again feels the warm wetness of a large squirt deep within him. He feels it as the tingling warmth spreads through his body, making him shiver. The chair powders him well and diapers him, before releasing him to Barbie's waiting arms.

The boy squirms, whining as he's turned this way and that. The diaper comes off and he's cleaned, before being penetrated. He whines and screeches more as he's given more fluid, before diapered, and handed over to his Mommy Barbie.

Barbie takes Elladan into her arms and kisses him on his lips softly. She gently begins to run her hand into the front of his diaper and play with his thing. Even under these conditions, Barbie is a truly beautiful girl, and Elladan is still attracted.

Barbie coos softly, "Mommy gonna take baby to bed and molest her. I know you'll enjoy it, I gonna do my best to please you."

She stands him on his wobbly feet and escorts him to the bed and helps him on. Elladan is mostly surprised at how compliant he has become. After she crawls in with him, she undoes the pins holding his diaper closed and removes it. She takes his hardness into her hand and caresses it.

She coos softly, "Does baby like this?"

She bends over and takes it into her mouth and begins to suck it lovingly as she flicks her tongue against the underside. Barbie knows if she gets pregnant now ... it’s all her fault.

Wow, this was a surprise. Elladan thought he'd never get make love this way again. This pleased him, he was glad Barbie had changed her mind. He lay back, letting her suck him, and cooed like a good baby girl.

Suddenly, Elladan hears a soft buzzing noise. He looks down and sees Barbie take a rather large vibrating toy, and begin to play at the base of his thingy. His eyes get huge as she penetrates him in that impossible place again, sending more chills though his body.

Barbie lifts her head with a loud and pleasant slurping and says softly, "I'm going to make love to you sweetie. But you need to understand ... not only as a boy ... but as a girl too."

Elladan gasps as he is penetrated in what he has come to discover ... was his hidden vagina that every male has. It was really a shocker to discover .... before he was a boy ... he was a girl ... all boys begin as a girl before the 2nd X chromosome is damaged ... and becomes a Y.

Blown away by the sensations and movements, he moans, arching his back. It felt so good! Was this how it always was for girls? He wriggled, enjoying the feelings as she did this to him.

Barbie stops after a while. Elladan lays back panting. She undoes her jeans and drops them to the floor. She takes off her top and unclips the front of her bra, allowing it to fall in the floor too. Elladan watches as she wiggles out of her bikini panties and crawls back on the bed totally nude.

Barbie coos softly, "Now baby, all you have to do ... is cum for mommy. It will make me sooo happy."

She straddles Elladan with her very shapely thighs and opens her small, hairless vagina and puts his hardness into its moist opening. She begins to rise and fall slowly on it as she moans softly. She squeaks in pleasure as she begins to pump up and down. the wonderful stretching inside her sent waves of goose bumps all over her body.

And so Elladan’s lovemaking as a sissy boy began. Elladan squirmed beneath her, moving in unison. Pressure built, and after a while, he moaned and began to fill her with his liquid. It was hard for him to cum ... he was rapidly loosing the ability to ejaculate as a man.

Barbie opens her eyes and squeaks softly as she feels Elladan’s thing throb and her vagina gets warm and wet deep inside. A small fear runs through her as she wonders ... she had done what she had promised her sorority sisters she would do. She loved how it felt ... and knew she would do this a whole lot. She had to see her doctor quickly ... if it wasn't already too late.

She bends and kisses Elladan softly as she coos to him, "I love you baby. Mommy promises to take really good care of you. As soon as you begin to change, you'll be so adorable."

Drained of energy, he simpers a bit, collapsing underneath her. His thing shrivels back to a pathetic size, and he's very messy and tired now ... but satisfied. Maybe he can handle being a sissy baby after all.

Barbie cleans herself up, then leads Elladan back to the chair. The chair takes him gently into its tentacles and cleans him with sweet smelling baby wipes, then powders and diapers him. It pulls a pair of pink plastic panties on him, before putting one of its tentacles back into his mouth. The warm sweet taste of Strawberry again fills it. His tummy gets to be warm and his eyes heavy. He fights it hard, but soon he is asleep again.

Elladan stayed on the tentacle chair, diapered and babied, for many days. When he woke, and finally was in his right mind, it was later at night. The tentacle was still in his mouth, and his diaper wet. Groggy, he stirred a bit. "Ugh..."

The chair seemed to know he was wet. It suddenly turned him on his tummy after removing the wet diaper. Elladan could feel something warm running into his tummy again, as more strong hormones were pumped into him. The chair cleaned all of his squeaky places with a wet, sweet smelling baby wipe before running a wiggly end of one tentacle into his bottom. He gasps as best he could with the one in his mouth still pumping away.

He can feel his bottom becoming warm and wet on the inside again. He knew the chair was taking his potty training permanently. When that was completed and his bottom felt all warm and watery, he was turned on his back and powdered well with clean smelling baby powder. The chair diapered him well and pulled a new pair of cute powder blue gingham rumba panties on him.

The poor boy fussed and murmured into the tentacle as this delicate raping took place. In no time, he was in a fresh diaper, and ready to be cared for by Mommy or his Mistress.

Barbie returns to the play room and sees Elladan on his back with a tentacle in his mouth and his tummy being rubbed gently by another.

She walks up and coos softly, "Aww, baby is so cute." she bends and kisses him on his cheek, I know you probably don't like what's happening very much, but the massive amounts of female hormones we are giving you ... have already begun to change you."

She reaches down and softly caresses one of his spouting booby bumps. Elladan cringes, even though it felt nice to have her caress it.

Barbie somehow has the chair release him. She picks him into her arms as she sits beside him.

She kisses him lovingly on his lips as she coos again, "Can baby say Ma Ma?? bet you can ... say Ma Ma for mommy."

He blushed, confused and still overwhelmed by everything that had been going on.

"" he says in a surprisingly infantile sounding voice.

Barbie giggles softly, "That's a good baby." she pats his hinny gently, "Soon, you will come to talk just like a baby learning. We have arranged it all and the tentacle chair is programmed to make you into a very cute little girl baby. It takes about a month, but your mind will adapt quickly with all the chemical aid and physical reinforcement you are getting."

Elladan didn't like this at all, but what could he do about it? He whimpered at his fate, clinging to her, and wishing it wouldn't happen.

"But I don't want to... M-mommy.." he says in his adorable voice.

Barbie pats his diapered hinny reassuringly, “I know, sweet heart, it’s very scary. But soon, you will be the most adorable baby and won’t mind a bit. Besides, you won’t be getting into anymore trouble because you will be a girl.”

She shivers as she thinks about what her gynecologist’s report had told her. It wasn’t his fault though ... and she really wanted more.

Barbie helps Elladan stand up, and leads him out of the playroom. Without thinking about it, he sticks his thumb in his mouth when he sees all the girls wandering around the halls in various stages of ... dress. They all stop and coo to Elladan and make sweet and reassuring remarks about what a cute Babydoll and Pet he was becoming. He had his hinny patted many times and got lots of kisses from the girls.

Elladan was very shy at all the attention he was getting. Soon, they reached the dining room, where the residents all had their meals, when not in class. A highchair was already waiting on him. Barbie leads Elladan to the high chair and helps him in. She straps him in and brings the tray over his head and locks it in place, securing the belt and insuring baby couldn’t fall or climb out of the high chair.

Many girls showed up suddenly, giggling and chattering all at the same time. They become quiet as they see Elladan sitting in the high chair. They begin to giggle and bring many good things to the tray for him to eat. It seemed that each girl took a turn feeding Elladan. It wasn't long before he had made as big a mess as he could, trying not to eat what he knew was laced with hormones and other regression chemicals.

It was futile. By the end of the hour, not only had he eaten all that had been fed (including the mentioned chemicals and hormones), but he was also full, messy, and drowsing. he yawned widely, signaling it was close to the end of his rather eventful day.

Several of the girls come to Elladan and coo softly as they clean his hands, face, and body. He is groggily aware of many of their wonderful pats, caresses, and soft kisses. He suddenly finds himself picked out of the chair, and put to some large person’s shoulder. He realizes this is Emma ... their champion weight lifter. She carries him back to the play room ... and the eagerly awaiting tentacle chair.

Elladan squirms as the large German girl carries him, as if he actually was a baby. When they get back in the room and he sees the chair, he whimpers and squirms some. Emma places the squirming Elladan into the grasp of the chair again. He feels the tentacle wiggle its way back into his mouth and the warmth of more hormones entering his body. He is swiftly rediapered and a onesie put on him with the flap in the back opened. He can feel another tentacle wiggle its way into his bottom one more time, and the pleasant warm wetness of more regression chemicals. His last thought before going off to sleep ... is that he will never be an adult again.

~~ The End ~~

Re: Tentacle ( X )

PostPosted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:09 pm
by TiresiasRex
This was one of my favorites that you and Elladan co-authored back at Sissykiss. A nice mash-up of hentai, sorority girl tropes and, of course, the "babification." There are times when we all need more loving tentacles in our lives....

Re: Tentacle ( X )

PostPosted: Tue Oct 22, 2019 12:39 pm
by TiresiasRex
Three years later...I enjoyed this story during a retreat up north. It still produces many wonderful fantasies. Thank you, Miki and Elladan for sharing this. Now if only Miki can rent out that chair for special occasions...

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 5:28 pm
by TiresiasRex
OK, shameful confession here. Rereading this story has now become a "go to" for arousing the imaginations of my partner and I (and resulting in some fun roleplay). I will say no more. Thanks again!