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The Spa

Postby Miki Yamuri » Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:28 pm

Title: The Spa


Michael Johnson - A young college student - Mandy's current boyfriend – Played by: Ella Kenet

All other characters Played by: Miki Yamuri

Mandy Kyle - Rich Heiress and daughter of the owners of the Spa

Scene: The private Lear Jet taking Michael and Mandy to the spa in the mountains of Switzerland


The quiet roar of the Lear Jet is almost drowned out by the soothing sounds of the music playing in the cabin. A stewardess serves drinks to the two lone passengers. Michael, a very bright, young college student and his love, Mandy, the Rich Heiress.

Michael smiles to the serving girl, taking the ice cold glass of coke and quickly drowning it. "Thank you." He turns and smiles at Mandy. "So... lemme get this straight. You wanted me to grow my hair out for this spa of yours?"

Mandy takes a sip of her Diet Pepsi and says softly, "Yes, you have the most wonderfully soft and beautiful hair."

She runs her fingers through it. He flushes, nodding, blushing a bit as she runs her hands through it, a hobby of hers.

He ponders his next question. "So.... tell me about this spa. You said you had to have a reservation?"

Mandy giggles and replies, "Well, it's pretty exclusive you know. And every thing is designed to cater specifically to your personal needs, baby"

Michael sees a mischievous sparkle in her eyes. He blushes, nodding. He's never been to a spa before, so he doesn't know what to expect, to Mandy's advantage.

Part of the reasons he's going, other than being cute and having adorable hair, in Mandy's opinion, is that they had a slight argument a few days ago. Michael was drowning in a sea of schoolwork, and let his anger get the best of him over some trivial issue. It was then, that Mandy decided he needed some time off at her mother's spa.

Mandy giggles to herself. She knows he will be definitely getting away from things for a bit longer than he had hoped and in a way he had not dreamed of. She would show him what happens to naughty boys that have temper tantrums.

Mandy had on a cute halter top and tight form fitting jeans. She got out of her seat and sat in Michaels lap. She gives him a soft loving kiss on his lips.

She says softly, "I want you to enjoy yourself this week end. Mommy's got some nice surprises for you."

He blushes, nodding, assuming she's talking about her Mother, the owner, and not herself. "Easy enough."

There is a funny noise from all around them and a queasy feeling in their stomachs. The green lights over the entrance to the cockpit change to red and say "Fasten Seatbelts"

Michael looks up, and quickly fastens his seatbelt, once Mandy is back in her seat.

The Pilot's voice comes over the intercom and announces, "We are landing Der Kinder Hausa in about 15 minutes. Please fasten your seat belts. The high for today is a balmy 10 below zero ... warm for this time of year. Do have a pleasant stay."

Mandy gives Michael one last passionate kiss and returns to her seat and fastens her seatbelt. The pleasant giddy feeling in the pit of their stomachs intensifies as the plane quickly settles onto a runway carved into the side of a mountain.

The sounds of squealing tires, followed by the roar of the engines as the plane quickly comes to a stop. It taxies into a small parking space with a roll away passenger chute.

The stewardess arrives and says, "I do hope you have had a pleasant trip. The Nurses from the Spa are waiting for you inside."

Mandy unfastens her seat belt and spring out of her seat.

Michael nods, and unstraps, following Mandy out. "You sure I won't need a suitcase or anything?" he asked.

She says happily, "Man, I'm glad to finally be here and get out and stretch my legs." She shakes her head and says, "Nope, everything has been provided for you."

She takes his hand and leads him into a very beautiful passenger area.

A sign above the entrance says, "Welcome to The Der Kinder Hausa Children of all Ages."

He notes this with some curiosity as he follows Mandy inside. "Interesting sign."

Mandy giggles and says, "This is the playground for the rich sweetie."

He nods, following her inside. He sees a huge lobby, painted pink and richly decorated. There is a small waiting room, and a receptionist desk, where a tall, lovely brunette sits.

Mandy walks up to the brunette and says ,"Hi, Janice. How's things?"

The girl looks up with a very surprised expression and stammers, "AA ... it .. oh, it's ok Miss Kyle. We weren’t expecting you."

Mandy says with an edge to her voice, "There are reservations. I made them my self."

Janice fumbles with her computer for a moment and says softly, "There is only one arrival scheduled for today ... A Mr. Johnson is supposed to be here now."

Hearing his name, Michael steps from behind Mandy. "That'd be me."

Janice looks up at him and then to Mandy then says in a chipper voice, "We do have the reservation ma'am. It's in his name."

Michael merely nods.

Janice types on the keyboard for a few minutes. She then goes to the printer that had been printing furiously for several minutes and picked up all the papers. She returned to the counter.

She says professionally, "I will need him to sign this registry and to complete the required physical so we know he is in good heath for the routines of the Spa."

Michael nods, taking the papers and signing on the dotted line with barely a glimpse.

Mandy turns and say cheerily, "Hurry and sign these so we can start having fun."

Mandy tugs playfully on Michael’s hip pockets

He blushes, finishes signing them, and hands them off to the receptionist. "Here ya go."

Mandy then signs the papers. Janice reads them over and checks all the signatures. She makes a quick call on the intercom and 2 nurses arrive at the counter.

Mandy Kisses Michael passionately and says cooingly, "See you in the play pen baby."

She walks off with a nurse through a door.

The other nurse says softly, "You can call me Nana sweet heart. I'll be your personal nurse for your stay here. Please come with me so we can get to your physical."

Michael raises an eyebrow, looking to the other nurse. He reads a nametag, 'Suzan.'

He nods, "Alright. I'll just follow you."

She leads Michael to the same door Mandy had just left through. She leads him down a hall into a door on the right hand side. There was the usual large counter and a sink. On the other side of the room was a large bathroom. There were the usual cabinets full of medical paraphernalia, an examining table, and several chairs.

Suzan says softly, "If you would take off all you clothes to your under pants and put this on, ", she hands him a gown that is open in the back and ties closed, "and sit on the table when you are done. Someone with be with you shortly."

He looks at the gown as she hands it to him and leaves. It's not a normal medical gown, but rather a satin, pink one with ruffles at the collar. Blushing, he notices a camera.

He also notices that the doors are closed and lock, hence no escape. Sighing, he strips down to his underwear, then puts on the nightgown.

As soon as Michael sits on the examining table, a doctor walks in. She takes blood pressure and temperature. She checks the glands under Michael's chin. She examines his ears and his nose.

She then says in a quiet but board voice, "I need to take some blood to check and see everything is in order."

She tears a page off the top of the pad she had been scribbling on and leaves. Michael sits still as all this happens; nothing out of the ordinary so far.

Shortly after the doctor leaves, 2 nurses enter. One takes Michael's arm and ties a rubber tube around the elbow. The other gets a rig from on of the cabinets and tears it open.

She comes to Michael and swabs his raised veins with an alcohol swab. She inserts the rig into his largest vein and withdraws 3 vials of blood.

The 3rd tube was different than the 1st 2. It was slightly bigger and had some kind of bluish liquid already in it before the blood was drawn.

Before he could question anything, the nurse shook it vigorously. It changed color to a pinkish blue and she reinserted it into the rig.

He looks up at the woman and asks, "Whatcha doing?"

The nurse smiles and replies, "I am just getting ready to give baby something to make her feel so much better."

There was a hissing pop as the tube emptied.

Michael yelps some, squeaking as he feels the cool-hot liquid empty into his body. He immediately starts relaxing as an extremely pleasant infantile feeling over comes him.

Michael realizes the other nurse has come up behind him and is gently holding him.

He looks up at the nurse that he is to call Nana and asks in a weak voice, "What's going on?"

Michael feels the shot as it creeps up his arm into his heart. It enters his head like a bomb.
The nurse behind him layes him gently back on his back as he becomes helpless. In his mind, Michael cant understand what is happening to him. He is totally unable to resist.

His mind is racing, so many things going through his head, he can't comprehend any one, except why his body isn't responding as quickly as it should.

The nurse that called herself Nana came up and coos like she's talking to a baby, "Now cutie pie, we are going to bathe baby and dress her all cute like mommy said."

The nurses began to remove his clothing. He cannot resist even though he tries hard. His body won't do what his mind is telling it to. He squirms some, blushing as they strip him of the nightgown and undies, naked for his inspection.

Nana takes a tube of KY jelly and a special looking dildo that is bent on the end. She generously lubes it all over. She then turns Michael on his tummy and well lubricates his sphincter. He fidgets, paling, sensing what's about to happen.

Nana inserts the dildo into his bottom and turns on the vibrator. She massages his prostate with the vibrating tip. He squeaks, yelping and squirming as he's violated, whining and crying a bit from the pleasure starting to rake his body.

He is quickly brought to an erection before the giggling nurses.

Nana says cooingly like she's explaining a difficult topic to a very young child, "I am going to make baby feel really good for a few minutes. This is so baby won't play with himself until the baby girl does it for him."

She continues to massage his prostate with the vibrating tip of the dildo. Nana picks up a beaker from the counter and puts it beneath Michael's throbbing member. She knows it will only be a few seconds more.

Soon his dick explodes, squirting his gooshy white stuff into the beaker, before shrinking down to a pathetic, dry size.
The nurse takes his member in her hand and fondles it softly. She tries her best to make him hard again. She had milked baby well. He was unable ... his member is unable to harden, and instead shrinks at her massaging. She is successful in completely milking baby for the time being.

The nurses giggle to themselves as one of them brings diapers and girls baby clothes to the table and sets them down. Nana picks Michael up by his ankles and put a really thick cloth diaper under him and set him gently back on it.

She rubs her nose to his and coos softly, "Ooohh!! what a beautiful baby you are. You will have so much fun as baby. Pottying in your diaper and being changed by Nana.”

He blushed some, squirming as they removed his nightgown, then set him on the diaper.
She picks up a bottle of baby powder and powders him generously. She then pulls the diaper up between his legs and fastens it snugly with locking diaper pins

She blows in his tummy making a loud raspberry noise. He squirms like an unruly toddler as she does this, but is quickly made to giggle by her blowing in his tummy.

His mind is racing with all kinds of thoughts and feelings. Why is this happening to him? What's happening to him?! He can’t help but feel very infantile under these conditions.

Nana bends down and rubs her nose to his and coos to baby. "you are making such a sweet little baby. Nana can't wait till you potty in your diaper."

Both nurses giggle and tease Michael about him being unable to help going potty in his diaper from now on. Michael is truly humiliated as he discovers himself leaking a bit in his diaper.

Nana stands Michael on his feet as the other nurse steadies him with 2 out stretched hands.

Nana says cooingly, "You new name will be Michelle sweetie."

She holds out an adorable pair of lined rumba panties with little pink and yellow kittens all over them

She says is a soft cooing voice, "Step in cutie."

He squirms, fidgets and wiggles like an infant as he tries to fight them some, but the other nurse bodily lifts him up and fits his legs through the holes.

Nana pulls the panties up and kisses the new Michelle on the nose

She coos, "You will make a wonderful baby girl too. I have the perfect little top for you too."

Nana picks up a really cute little pink and white baby top with puffy sleeves and matching kittens. There are ruffles all around the hem and the sleeves. The other nurse gently holds Michelle's arms up as Nana places the sleeves over her hands.

She takes Michelle by the exposed hands and Nana gently tugs the top down. He blushes as the two women finish dressing him.

The younger nurse sits on the table and holds Michelle as Nana brushes her hair until it shines. Michael fights some, blushing as the woman holds him in her lap while his hair is brushed. Nana tales 2 long pink ribbons and ties Michelle's hair into 2 cute ponytails.

Nana picks Michelle up and takes her over to a mirror and shows her how cute a little girl she has become.

He squeaks seeing himself. Though he doesn't quite look it in the face or on his legs, he could easily pass as a baby girl. Nana picks Michelle up and puts her across her shoulder and carries her out a door. The hall is long. It has a wonderful odor of baby powder and jasmine

When Nana enters the swinging doors at the end of the hall, Michelle sees they have entered a huge nursery play area. There are toys and large babies every where. Michael looks around and fusses some.

Nana continues through this room out into another hall. She walks a ways down the next hall and enters a very nicely decorated private nursery. He looks around, squirming a bit in her arms.

In the large Mahogany crib, was Mandy. She was dressed in an adorable romper with ruffles and lace all around the bib, the leg openings, and 6 rows on her bottom. She had a large pacifier in her mouth and matching crocheted booties on her feet.

Nana walks over and puts Michelle in the crib with her.

Michael blushes and looks at the girl. "Mandy?"

Mandy giggles sweetly and sits up. She is adorable in this outfit. She moves over next to Michelle and hugs him gently.

She takes the Pacci from her mouth and says in an adorable baby voice, "Welcome to my playpen."

He blushes and hugs her back. He replies ... his voice is now a very adorable baby voice, "Um... thanks?"

She passionately French Kisses him

She says in cute voice, "Hope you like diaper sex baby. Gonna have a long time to explore it wif baby."

She giggles as he blushes, kissing her back.

Diaper sex? ... He's never heard of it before.

Mandy's hand slowly caresses his neck, down his chest and past his tummy to his diaper.
Her fingers slip into his diaper as she reaches for his squeaky places.

As she gently takes it into her soft hand, she giggles and says in an adorable voice, "I love diaper sex."

She kisses him deeply. He squeaks, blushing some as she enters his diaper, making him turn pink with embarrassment while Nana watches approvingly. He squeaks more as she grabs him down there then kisses him.

Nana says in a sweet vice, "Ok, children, you have fun and play nice. You'll be here for a while so enjoy yourselves."

She turns and walks to the wall. There is a control panel there. Nana turns on the baby intercom and the camera to record everything as instructed. Nana looks back at Michelle one more time and smiles. She thinks to herself he might be lucky ... he might not. She leaves the children to play.

Mandy takes his thing in her hand. She massages it softly as she feels it's wonderful texture hardening in her hand. With the other hand, she reaches down and plays with the diaper pins inside his panties. The pins locking mechanism’s electronic lock recognized her and the pin opened.

She repeats this with the other pin and Michelle’s diaper opens inside her panties. He flushes, looking down some. Has she just removed his diaper?

Mandy says in an adorable voice as she take his hand, "My pins will only open for you baby."

She unsnaps the snaps between her legs and puts his hand there. He can feel the warm softness of her thick cloth diaper

He blushingly removed her pins for her, and then began taking off her diaper. She offers no resistance, but instead, begins to pull down Michelle's panties.

Once they're both naked from the waist down, he kisses her some, slowly pulling her on top of him. Mandy crawls on top ... she takes his swollen member and straddles across it.
She gently rubs in on her clean shaven privacy ... then guides it in as she slowly sits.
He squeaks, arching his back as she pulls him into her, moaning slightly.

Mandy French Kisses him softly and deeply ... Michelle squeaks and lets her as he closes his eyes. Mandy takes full advantage as she kisses him and her wiggly tongue seeks his.

Their tongues meet in Michelle’s mouth. Michelle wraps his around her’s so she can take it back as a hostage. Mandy kisses Michelle passionately as he kisses back.

Mandy opens herself and sits as far down as she can. She squeezes tightly with her vagina and slowly rises. She then begins to slowly at first ... then with increasing speed, pump up and down.

He yelps, moaning more as she pulls more of him into her, his member becoming hard as she pulls and pushes him in and out with increasing speed. Mandy gasps and squeaks passionately with each of her thrusts. She begins to squeeze again and rotate her hips.

She bends down and again French kisses Michelle passionately. He squeaks, moaning as she takes his tongue into her mouth, pleasing him on both ends, as he slowly starts to cum for her.

She sits, taking his throbbing member deep into her. It sends thrills through her in waves of ecstasy. She squeezes her vagina muscles again as she bends and passionately Kisses again ... His warm wetness deep inside her brought her to heavenly passion.

He squeaks, moaning and cooing for her as he starts cumming more into her, pleasing her with waves of passion. Mandy squeaks passionately as waves of pulsating pleasure ripple through her body.

He finally squirted one big jet into her and many smaller, then collapsed, moaning and cooing in the crib. Mandy takes it all ... Enjoying the throbbing member inside her.

Off in another room. There is a recording station that recorded it all. A hand reaches over and makes several copies. Nana can't believe how much she's being paid to keep a simple record of a couple's vacation to Kinder Hausa. She shakes her head.

Nana walks back to the nursery. She enters the room. She sees the two of them locked in a very loving embrace.

Nana coos softly, "Ok, children, time to get cleaned up

Michael looks up some, blushing, realizing this woman can see that he's a mess. he hurriedly tries covering himself. She picks up a box of baby wipes. She goes to Michelle and Mandy and softly untangles them.
Nana scolds teasingly, "Such a naughty baby!"

She shakes her head and has a annoyed look on her face. She takes a wipey and begins to clean Michelle in all her squeaky places. Michelle flushes, squirming in her grip as he's held down and being cleaned up, whining as she does this to him.

She scolds playfully, "Baby make such a mess here. Such a bad baby."

Nana gently paddles Michelle’s bottom with her hand as she lifts her by the ankles and set her on a soft, thick cloth diaper. Nana Powders Michelle generously with baby powder and pulls the diaper between his legs.

He screeches and whines some as she spanks him, only to set him back on a fresh nappy. "What'd I do?" he whines.

Nana bends over and kisses him sweetly on the nose as she tickles him

She replies in a cooing playful voice, "Bing a naughty baby with Mandy. N She ben a noughty baby wif you."

She kisses Michelle on the cheek softly one more time. He suddenly squeals and whines a bit cutely as she tickles him, then finishes diapering him with the locking pins.

She takes Michelle and carries him back to the crib and softly lays him in. She tickles him one last time under the arms and says teasingly in a cute breathy voice, "Naughty baby."

Nana then Picks up Mandy and softly pats her bottom and scolds, "Such a naughty little girl."

Mandy's eyes get big and she suddenly starts to whimper like a little baby. Nana kisses her softly as she takes Mandy out of the crib and walks off with her to clean her.

Can hear Nana's sweetly teasing voice, "Being such a bad girl." As they go into the other room.

Michelle is left temporarily alone with his thoughts. Michael looks around, wondering how he got in this situation. He's convinced Mandy had it planned the whole time for him. But then again... wasn't she being babied too? Was she not a prisoner, then, too? ... And if so, why? Didn't her mother own the Spa? Wasn't she basically the boss around here? Wouldn't that mean she could say she didn't want to be babied, unlike him?

Nana enters the room again with Mandy being slowly led behind. She had on only a diaper and lacy rumba panties. Her hair was in ponytails. As she sucked her thumb ... she looked around in wide eyed amazement

Nana lifts her and places her back in the crib with Michelle.

She says in a cooing voice, "You 2 are such adorable babies. Nana no want you to be naughty now."

She kisses them both on the cheek and gives them a soft pat ... turns, and walks out. The nursery door shuts quietly with a soft click.

Mandy looks at Michelle. she takes her thumb from her mouth and says in an adorble baby voice, "Maybe this won't be so bad after all."

Michelle cocks his head at her some, confused at how readily she's accepted what he's still struggling with. "You're okay with this?"

In another room ... someone turns the recording video/audio machine back on.

Mandy replies, "Do I have any choice? What do you suggest we do? I suddenly gots this shot ... n then here I am."

She looks around the room.

"Shot?" he asks, recollecting the needle they gave him to make him more docile and submissive; more babyish. "How'd they give it to you, when you know exactly how they do things here?"

Mandy looks around at Michelle, "I've never been here in my life. I was told this is a resort spa. A lot of ... important people come her to rest." She giggles, "seems it give us time to play too."

Mandy scoots over beside Michelle and gives him a passionate kiss.

He blushes, kissing her back as she tells him this. "But I thought you told me your mom owns this place?"

She looks at him and says in a cute baby voice, "Doesn't mean I do silly. Mom told me we should come here to get away from it all for a while."

He blushes, nodding some. "I guess Mommy knows best?"

Mandy stands up shakily and holds the crib bars ... It appears she is trying to unlock the rail.

She turns and says sweetly as she giggles, "It does mean we are here alone for a while."

He blushes, nodding a bit. "So?"

The door to the Nursery opens and Nana walks in. She walks to the crib and lays both Michelle and Mandy on their back in the crib. She places a pillow next to their heads. She takes a bottle and puts it in Mandy's mouth and props it up on the pillow. She repeats the process with Michelle.

Nana says softly in a cooing voice, "Now, that will make babies feel much better."

She kisses both again and leaves.

He blushes, but is unable to fuss or complain as he is made to suckle from the bottle, and drift off into a nap. The regression formula did its work to perfection.

Mandy was exuberant over the prospect of playing baby. She suckled her bottle deeply several times ... suddenly realizing it was a full regression dose. She felt the soft sweet infantile feeling creep into her mind. She started to drift off into a sweet baby dream.

A soft hand on her cheek. Her mom's voice speaks softly and cooingly, "The two of you make such sweet babies. Can't let my own daughter come and not play for real at least once."

She bends down and kisses Mandy softly. She walks over to Michelle and caresses his cheek.

She says, "And you sweet heart, will be the most adorable baby girl playmate for Mandy."

She bends down and kisses him softly and leaves quietly as the babies sleep, lost in very pleasant little baby dreams.

Michelle stays asleep throughout the two-hour long nap. He doesn't wake up until later, when Nanny comes to check his diaper. Mandy is still asleep.

He groans some, feeling something slip into the back of his diaper, feeling around. "Wha...?"

Nana finishes checking Michelle's diaper. She walks over and checks Mandy. Mandy stirs sleepily.

Nana says cooingly, "Did babies have sweet dreams? Ohhh you both are so wet too. Nana will change you sweet things."

Michelle whines a bit, not wanting to be changed as he sits up. Mandy is still pretty sleepy, so it looks like he'll be first. She takes hold of Michelle after letting down the rail. She helps him out of the crib onto his wobbly feet. Slowly she leads Michelle to the bathroom by his hand.

His knees immediately buckle due to the muscle relaxants from his bottle. He collapses onto the floor as she leads him to the bathroom. Michelle rubs his eyes adorably and begins to suck his thumb. The hidden recording device records it all.

Nana says in a cooing voice, "Diddums faw down?"

He nods a bit, not realizing that he's sucking his thumb. She bends over and kisses him sweetly on the cheek. She lifts Michelle suddenly and puts him to her shoulder. She carries him into the bathroom and gently lays him on the changing table.

Nana rubs noses and says in a sweet cooing voice, "Aww baby so sweet."

He giggles a bit, blushing as he helplessly flails on the changing table. Nana tickles him in his ribs gently as she starts to pull down his lacy rumba panties. She removes the panties from his ankles and drops them into an open pail beside the table.

She blows suddenly into Michelle's tummy ... making a loud raspberry noise as she undoes the locking diaper pins.

Nana says in a cooing voice as she does this several times, "Baby good baby ... "

He bushes, squealing a bit as she does this, all thoughts wiped away by the infantile treatment

Nana then lifts Michelle by her ankles and removes the diaper. He continues the squealing and cooing as she does this, the camera recording every minute of it

She tosses the very wet diaper into the pail by the counter. She walks over to the tub ... like a large bassinette on a short pedestal, and begins to fill it with warm water. She picks up one of the bottles sitting on the tub. It has an amber colored liquid.

Nana opens the bottle, the aroma of Honeysuckle fills the air hypnotically. Nana walks back to Michelle and pick her up again, carries her to the bassinette. She gently sits Michelle into the warm sweet smelling bath.

The water makes Michelle's skin tingle as it works it's regression magic in a soft pleasant way. He blushes, squirming as he feels the oils begin to soak into his body, regressing him even more

Nana coos softly to baby, "Ohhh , Nana have baby all squeaky clean in a jiffy."

She tickles him softly again as she begins to bathe him in the oil.
[02:04 PM] dragonlord0711: He blushes, squirming and cooing as she begins washing and cleaning him. Michelle’s skin tingles very pleasantly as waves of euphoria pass gently though him.

Nana says cooing to baby, "Does baby like baf? Aww cuteums is so adorable. I know you like being a baby girl ... you will be one for a long time too."

She washes Him from his neck to his feet. Nana tickles each toe as she washed them. She takes another bottle from the edge of the tub. It is a clear pink. She opens it and the heavenly odor of fresh strawberries fills the air.

She pours a generous amount into Michelle's hair, then begins to wash it. He blushes, sitting still while she washes him.

Nana coos, "This smells so nice, make baby girl so sweet too ... in more ways than one."

Nana giggles softly as she brings it to a full lather. Michelle’s scalp begins to feel so wonderful. He coos and giggles, enjoying the feeling of the shampoo. He feels it as his mind is invaded by such nice sensations. The feeling is overwhelmingly pleasant for him. He loves every moment of the massage he's getting as his hair is washed

Nana rinses Michelle from head to foot. She takes him out of the tub and into a very thick and soft, very large towel. He squeaks some as he is taken out and dried off.

Nana picks him up gently and places him on the changing table. Michelle wiggles a bit once on the table, as Nana prepares to diaper and dress him for the signing over.

Nana bends and rubs noses with Michelle and says in a cooing voice, "You are so adorable. Nana has something to make baby feel so much more like the sweet baby girl she is." with this, Nana turns and opens a door to what appears to be a laboratory refrigerator. She removes a huge syringe. Within in it is a pinkish clear fluid that glows slightly

Nana says cooingly, "Now don't be upset baby. This shot will only hurt for a minute."

She takes Michelle’s arm and ties a rubber tube around it just above the elbow. She pats his elbow softly until a vein rises. She pushes the needle into this vein with expert ease.
Michelle watches as the huge syringe empties into his arm and she undoes the rubber tube.

Suddenly, there is a cool yet hot fluid in his arm. The tingling sensation spreads through his body, as it begins its work on his privates. Under Nana's loving gaze, the privates twitch, then began to shrink and invert into Michael's poor body, forming what is undoubtedly a small hole. He whimpers a bit.

Nana coos comfortingly, "You will be such a sweet little baby girl."

She bends and kisses Michelle on the nose as she tickles his quickly transforming body.
He is aghast at what's happening to his body, and would be fussing and quite upset, if not for Nana's tickling which made him giggle.

Nana coos softly as she gently continues to tickle Michelle, "Miss Beth will love having you as her baby girl along with Mandy as her little girl that is not quite out of diapers."

He still giggles as his mind is trying to grasp the situation, and unable to do so. Nana takes Michelle by the ankles and lifts. She places an extremely thick and warm diaper under the new her bottom and sets her on it.

Michelle looks around, blushing as he is set on the diaper. Nana powders Michelle generously with sweet smelling baby powder. She then pulls the diaper up between her legs and pins it on with locking diaper pins. He squeaks, trying to sit up as he is diapered.

Nana help her to a seated position. She puts some kind of oil that smells wonderfully of jasmine in Michelle’s hair. Michelle's hair transforms quickly to soft curls that extend below her shoulders. Nana picks up a brush and brushes it until it shines. She watches as her hair assumes a more infantile state as it is brushed out.

Nana takes a pair of scissors and trims Michelle’s hair into a very cute, long, baby girl's hairstyle. She ties it into ponytails with soft pink ribbons. He blushes more as his hair is cut and styled.

Michelle is still overwhelmed by what's happened, as she's finally come to grips with her situation. She's been kidnapped, basically. That much is plain and clear. These women want to baby him, and there's no way he can get out now. Softly, he starts crying.

Nana hugs Michelle softly then tickles her feet. Suddenly forgetting she distraught and resumes giggling, as there is a knock on the door.

Nana reaches down under the counter and removes a very pretty blue gingham baby smock top

Nana says softly, "Hold your arms up like a good little girl so Nana can get you in your dress."

She blushes, holding her arms up for the dress as there is another knock on the door.

Nana fits the sleeves to Michelle's hands and slips the dress down over her head and body. Nana turns and opens the door. Mandy's mom Beth walks in.

Nana helps Michelle down from the table to her unsteady feet. Beth holds out a finger from each hand for Michelle to hold on to, to keep her from falling. Michael wobbles a bit, her knees unsteady. Somehow, she cannot seem to balance anymore without someone helping her. She looks up at the visitor, her future mother.

Nana holds out a pair of matching plastic lined rumba panties and coos softly, "Alright sweetheart, step into your panties like a good baby."

She tentatively lifts one leg and inserts it into the panties, then the other. Nana pulls Michelle's panties up and pats her softly on her bottom.

Beth leads Michelle slowly to a mirror hanging on the wall. Michelle gets the first look at her new female baby self. She looks in the mirror, blushing at what she sees. A cute, albeit large, baby girl is looking back, wearing only hair ribbons, a soft pink baby smock dress, and plastic lined rumba panties over a diaper. Whimpering a bit, she looks up at the two women in complete helplessness.

Beth says to Nana, All the paper work is ready. The new birth certificate for Michelle is ready too. I want you to make sure Mandy never gets past the point where she still has accidents like a little girl. She'll be the older of the 2. I want them to be my children for the rest of their lives."

With this, Beth bends down and kisses and hugs Michelle lovingly.

She says cooingly, "You are such an adorable little baby girl. I promise you I will take very good care of the both of you."

She blushes some, and timidly hugs Beth back as she takes Michelle into her arms. She yawns some, laying his head on her shoulder ... she has no clue why this is still happening or going on. Yet, somehow, Beth's embrace and attention make her feel better and safer. Michelle gladly accepts the hug and loving, as it soothes and distracts her from this predicament.

Nana says politely, "Yes ma'am. I will make sure Mandy has the proper dosages and is dressed properly." with this, Nana turns and leaves the room.

Beth still has Michelle holding on to her index fingers and begins to slowly walk her out of the room. Michael walks alongside her, blushing a bit as Beth escorts her.

Beth says cooingly, "That's a good girl. For a baby not quite 2 you are doing wonderful. Now mommy's going to take your finger prints and give you a new life as my daughter. Lisa will be your older step sister and playmate. Won't that make baby happy?"

She blushes, nodding some. He had preferred her as a girlfriend, but it wasn't like she could do much arguing.

Michelle says in a very adorable baby’s gurgling voice, "Yes ma'am.."

Beth leads Michelle into another room. There is a Lawyer and some other kind of official there. There is a highchair there that Beth lifts Michelle into and fastens her in by locking the tray.

The Lawyer takes out several pieces of paper and says in a gruff legalese voice, "I will need your signatures on all these papers in the places marked please."

He hands them to Beth with a stylus. She promptly signs them.

The other person takes out an ink pad and a roller with a large jar of cleaning jell and a box of baby wipes. She carries this to the highchair Michelle is locked into. She inks the roller well and takes one of Michelle’s hands and inks it well too.

She places each of Michelle's finger prints in the place on the certificate. She repeats this process for the other hand and both feet. As she is cleaning Michelle's hands and feet, Micelle notices it is a birth certificate with her name: Michelle Kyle, and Beth Kyle as the birth mother.

The Lawyer takes the Certificate and runs it through a device that sort of looks like a fax machine ... what comes out the other side is as authentic a birth certificate as any new born has ever had.

Michelle flushes, looking at this and starts complaining in a most adorable baby girl’s voice "But I haven't just been born!" she whines to all the women present in the room.

Beth leans over and kisses Michelle softly and coos, "As of just a few minutes ago sweetiekins. You were just born as a girl. Remember??"

She blushes, still a bit fussy, as her fate is now sealed. He is Michelle Kyle now, a 19 month old baby girl and there is nothing he can do to change that fact, as she starts fussing more and crying.

The door to the room opens and Nana walks in slowly escorting Mandy by her hand.
Mandy has a dazed look on her face. She is sucking her thumb and is dressed in a beautiful silk Little Princess baby dress with a white cotton pinafore. The dress is a soft blue and is very short and shows off the lace and ruffles of her panties.

Beth claps her hands together and says joyfully, "Oh, Mandy!! You are such an adorable little girl. I should have never let you grow up in the first place. Now don't be upset, but little girls have accidents in their panties. If it happens, mommy will just put you in a diaper ... Ok sweetie??"

Mandy's expression changes suddenly. This wasn't what was supposed to happen. She begins to cry like any little girl of 4 when they are upset. She knows beyond any shadow of a doubt that she is going to be 4 years old for the rest of her life.

The Lawyer says, "All the proper paperwork has been completed. Mandy and Michelle are no longer registered anywhere as an adult. The only references to them now are as a 19 month old and a 4 year old."
The other woman gathers up all the supplies and copies of the certificates and puts them in a manila envelope. She hands the originals to Beth.

The Lawyer and the woman both leave the room.

Nana picks up Michelle and Beth takes Mandy by her hand. They walk slowly out of the room. They take the new 'children' to the run way and board the Lear Jet.

As the jet takes off from the mountain top some where in the Swiss Alps, Beth says softly to her 2 new babies, "I promise the rest of your lives will be pampered and you will be the most adorable babies."

Michelle is starting to fall asleep. Drowsily, she lays her head on Beth’s shoulder and closes her eyes. She dimly realizes she isn’t ever going to grow up as Beth says this.

Mandy is almost asleep too. She is sucking her thumb. She can't believe she's 4 years old is her last thought before she begins having a most wonderful baby dream about a cuddly Teddy Bear.

As the jet flies west into the setting sun, Beth is the happiest mommy cuddling her daughters.
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