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The Regression Bug

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:12 am

Title: The Regression Bug


Mission Specialist Ronald Crinklebottom - 25 yo Explorer - Played by: Kyle Colborn

All other Characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Mission Specialist Lisa Manning - 25yo Explorer

Doc Pritchard - Ship Doctor

Scene: In a Deep Space Exploration Vehicle about to land

The Deep Space Exploration Vessel Specter had just dropped from Subspace and entered orbit of the new planet Earth had discovered. From all indications, this solar system was as close to a match for Earth's Sol system as any two could possibly be right down to the number, size, and orbital orientation of the planets.

All personnel had been in hyper-sleep for 5 years at 10 times light speed to arrive here. Lisa Manning, Mission Specialist, opened her eyes. She felt horrible after being under the influence of the sleep drugs for that many years. She saw Ol' Doc Pritchard through the view window on her hibernation cocoon as he opened the door and began removing her from the tube.

He said softly, "Well, I know you feel like crap, but after a few minutes, it will pass." He handed her a squeeze bottle of some kind of blue liquid, "Here, drink this. It will replace all the chemicals lost during the sleep."

Lisa took the bottle as she began to dry heave. After a few minutes of that, she managed to take a sip from the straw attached to the squeeze bottle. To her pleasant surprise, it didn't taste horrid like she had imagined, but rather pleasant ... sort of like a cup of cocoa, or maybe a chocolate coffee drink. The nausea abated quickly as she felt herself return to normal.

Ronald's eyes slowly begin to open. Everything was blurry and he had a hard time focusing. He felt horrid. In his mind, he knew he had probably never felt this bad before. He saw two very blurry objects walk into his sight.

He rubbed his eyes softly, Ronald was glad his vision had come back enough he could recognize objects and people instead of light and dark blurs and could see Doc and Lisa become more clear, they were a sight for his sore eyes. Doc opened up the hibernation cocoon. Ronald watched Doc begin to remove his tubes as Lisa stood near by smiling.

Ronald slowly stepped out of the tube and needed help standing up. Lisa and Doc helped him get his legs back as he began to throw up onto the floor.

Ronald gasped out between dry heaves, "Lisa, can I get something to help with nausea? I feel totally like crap."

Doc handed Ronald a squeeze bottle of blue fluid. He said softly, "Here, drink some of this ... it will bring you back and you will feel better in a few minutes."

Ronald managed to take a sip. Immediately, he began to feel better as the chemicals alleviated his body's issues with extended hyper-sleep.

Lisa finally felt well enough to dress. Standing around in just her panties and a baby T might be OK for the men on the crew, but she would rather have her uniform on. She opened the locker with her name on it and removed a large bundle. Lisa opened the bundle and slipped into the form fitting uniform, then slowly walked to the command deck. When she entered the Control Room, she saw the beautiful planet below through the main view port. Lisa was totally taken with the beauty and majesty of the sight.

The Captain rotated in his chair and said softly, "Well, welcome back to the land of the living." He handed her a mission brief, "We don't know much about the surface conditions ... except it is an oxygen nitrogen atmosphere and there is an abundance of flora and fauna life forms. Preliminary scans don't show any hazardous bacteria or other agents ... but then again ... you never know."

Ronald rubbed his head now that he was finally able to walk. He walked over and grabbed the form fitting uniform from the locker with his name on it and slips into it. He slowly made his way to the bridge. Ronald's jaw dropped in wonderment at what he saw through the forward view screen. The planet was like nothing he had ever seen before it was so beautiful.

Ronald walked up behind Lisa and viewed the panoramic view with her. He asked with awe in his voice, "Have you ever seen anything like this before in your wildest dreams?"

Lisa replied, "Only other vision I had seen that beautiful, was Earth from orbit."

As the ship made it's final preparations for landing, Ronald secured himself in his seat. Lisa smiled, took her seat, and fastened the harnesses in preparation for landing.

The Captain took a quick look around the command deck. All the crew were present and accounted for. There were a few that showed some lingering effects of Hyper-sleep, but nothing serious.

The Captain opened a comm and announced ship wide, "Everyone, find a seat and secure yourself. According to scans, there is a major storm at our chosen landing site. It might get just a bit bumpy."

There is a slight twitter of laughter around the command deck as the ship began its decent into the new planet's atmosphere. Ronald watched plasma trails form as ship's shielding began to absorb the heat of reentry as they entered the atmosphere. Ronald was pleasantly surprised at how easy tit all seemed until he laid eyes on the storm. Massive boiling clouds which dwarfed the ship in size many times over. Atmospheric conditions caused the huge ship to shake and toss ever more violently as it entered the planet's gravity well ever more deeply. There didn't seem to be any rain, but extremely high winds along with what appeared to be lighting managed to over power the inertial dampeners.

The landing site came into view as the Captain prepared to land. Without warning, there was a sudden FLASH! And BOOM sound reverberated throughout the ship, navigation and everything else went out. The crew started to lose control of the ship as electrical strikes impacted the hull with increasing frequency and knocked out more systems.

One massive discharge that arched from the cloud through the ship and made ground contact caused a massive fiery explosion on the command deck. Immediately, the ship cants sideways and began an uncontrolled decent. The crew scrambled frantically, there is no control of the craft what ever as it began to descend like a rock in an ever steeper parabolic trajectory.

Lisa pushed back in her flight couch hard as she screamed in total terror. All she could see through the forward view screen, was the rough and rugged surface approaching more rapidly than any would like.
A major impact. Things begin to tumble and catch fire, major sparks and debris flew everywhere. After a few minutes of total chaos, the ship came to an abrupt halt as it impacted into the side of a cliff face. The front of the huge craft crumpled in, shattering many of the forward port windows and the main view port.

Smoke is thick all around as Lisa opened her eyes. She hurts in many places, but other wise seemed to have escaped any major harm. Ronald begins to cough, as he hears coughs and moans and groans amid smoke, sparks, and numerous small fires. He saw Lisa as she undid her couch harnesses and left his couch rapidly over to her to make sure she was uninjured.

" Are you alright, Lisa?" Ronald asked worriedly as he helped her out of the flight couch, not realizing he had a nasty bleeding gash on his forehead. As Ronald helped Lisa out of the chair he can see things more clearly now as the fires were put out and the smoke thinned. The ship was obviously majorly damaged and there is debris everywhere but everyone seemed to be okay for most part.

The monitors that are still up show foliage and vegetation thickly all around. Ronald and Lisa see the captain get up slowly from his chair. He too had blood dripping from his nose and several contusions.

Lisa accepted Ronald's help. She said, "I'm ... OK ... I think. I feel lots of places that might argue with that ... but on the most part I think I'll live."

Lisa looked around. There is major damage all around her. She hopes the ship can be repaired, otherwise ... this place will be their new home for a very long time.

It was then Lisa noticed Ronald had a large bleeding gash on his forehead. She said quickly as she placed her hand over the wound, "Let me get you some first aid. That looks really nasty."

Ronald hadn't even noticed the wound as they begin to make their way to sick bay.

The captain catches up with them, "Lisa! Ronald! I need you both to go out and make a mapping survey of our area as soon as Doc can check you over! With our navigation and sensors out, we can be hundreds of miles from our original landing site!"

Ronald replied" Right away, sir. I just need to have this gash taken care of first."

As Ronald turned to enter Sick bay with Lisa, the captain replied, "Son, you have no idea what I am asking. We are crash landed on an unknown planet and right now, we're dead in the water! So you and Lisa need to get out there and start mapping out where we are with extreme caution!"

Lisa said softly, "Captain, according to crash protocol ... all injured crew members have to be attended to first. This wound is serious enough, he could die if the bleeding isn't stopped."

The Captain takes a step back as his eyes flash at Lisa. He doesn't say anything for a space, then replies, "You're right of course. I apologies for sounding that way ... It's just that this planet looks to be very hostile and I need the 2 of you on scout detail. You are the best I have."

Lisa nodded as she took Ronald to the med station. There were many of the crew there in various stages of injury; some ... horridly. The Med Tech quickly applied the artificial skin sealant spray to Ronald's wound. Magically, the bleeding stopped, and the wound sealed by the artificial skin. After the bloody mess is cleaned off his face, Lisa and he go to the embarkation area and prepared for the exploration of the area outside the ship.

Ronald began to suit up in his Exosuit and watched as Lisa did the same. They both grabbed a portable sensor / tracking unit and some other necessary equipment. Most of the automated ship systems were currently off line and they had to use one of their no torque devices to manually open the door.

As the thick hatch opened, they are flashed with bright light as the thick cloud cover opened for a few minutes and the extremely bright sun beamed through. The weather was lot nicer one the ground than the raging storm visible high above. The verdant vegetation and trees looked almost like earth with obvious differences. As they stepped off the exit ramp and set foot on the planet surface, the ground was a bit softer than they thought it would be. It was like walking on a super thick shag carpet with a very thick layer of padding beneath. They looked up and watched as strange creatures, this planet's version of birds, flew over.

The biosphere was a wonder to behold. Many types of strange and wonderful flowering plants everywhere. Some of the creatures high above flying on the air currents appeared to be some kind of bird ... but there were others that were strange beyond description. There were many types of creatures that floated along on the whims of the breeze like downy feathers.

Lisa walked up to what appeared to be a large , very beautiful, red flowering plant. She began to take scans of its structures and take samples for further study. As she clipped a small portion of one of its leaves, the plant made a screeching sound and all its flowers withdrew back into the stalks. All that remained were long, very sharp spikes that began to drip some kind of viscose gel. Scans of the gel showed it to be highly toxic and acidic. A formidable defense system to predation.

Ronald was carrying the equipment to shoot video feeds and watched as Lisa examined the strange plant. Both now knew they would have to be ever more vigilant against dangers as they explored more into this unknown world.

Ronald looked around and made video recordings of everything he possibly could for further examination by the exobiologists back on the ship. He came across a very beautifully colored bug that looked a bit like a mosquito crossed with a dragonfly. As he began to film it, it took flight and landed on Ronald's arm.. As soon as started to swat it away, Lisa intervened.

Lisa explained, "This is an entirely new world. Obviously the creatures here are totally different than what we expected." she pointed to the plant she had been sampling, "Obviously, that ... isn't as much a plant as I thought. The same could be said for that thing."

Ronald nodded as he gently brushed the critter from his arm. They both watched as it landed on one of the gel soaked spikes of the flowering plant Lisa had been examining. The creature disappeared in a puff of smoke as the gel dissolved its body.

Ronald commented, "It would appear that many things are much different here than back home."

Lisa snorts a laugh, "Really? And what gave you that idea?" as both of them looked up at some weird kind of creature sitting in this world's version of a tree watching them.

Ronald and Lisa continued to map around the crash site and cataloged the damage to their ship. The damage was severe, but not unrepairable. In the very short survey thus far, they had found many of the raw materials necessary to fabricate what was needed to not only fix the ship, but to do upgrades the computer systems had determined were required during the long trip.

Ronald and Lisa happened upon a cliffs edge and looked at the vast panoramic view it afforded. Nothingness as far as the eye could see. The lushness of the planet almost seemed to end right at the cliff and then it's all sand from there on. Scanner readings indicated this used to be a vast sea of some sort in the not too far distant past. Some kind of earthen dam had given way and all the water had rushed to a lower lying area. They would get one of the ATV vehicles and explore this desert at a later time.

Ronald and Lisa started capturing small specimens for examinations back at the ship. The small creatures we so different than the ones on earth. Each one was totally unique. The ones Lisa thought were particularly interesting were the floating ones. Some glowed with an inner blue light that made them so pretty. One in particular was pink and looked just like a cloud. It smelled wonderfully like strawberries and acted like a curious kitten as it cuddled and nudged playfully at the two explorers.

After some time had passed, Ronald said, "Lisa, we should get back to the ship to give the Captain a report!"

Lisa replied as she captured a small lizard like reptile that had the appearance of a mythical dragon from stories she had read as a child, "I agree. He'll be glad to know we do have the raw materials to make repairs. I'm not sure how long it will take, but at least the replicators are still working."

About that time, Ronald noticed something floating in the air that looked like a cute green balloon like creature with funny googly eyes. It extended some sort of tentacles, drifted rapidly over and landed on his arm. The tentacles wrapped tightly around his arm. He felt a sharp sting through his suit and a weird intense sensation rush all through him. It felt like something was being sucked from his body rapidly.

He shouted, his voice changing pitch the whole time, " Lisa, another thing landed on me!"

Lisa watched with incredulity as very rapidly, the strange floaty blob began to swell. Ronald, on the other hand, began to shrink rapidly as his suit seemed to deflate and crumple. Before Lisa could react, the creature released Roland and floated off, swollen 4 times larger than when it had landed on Ronald's arm. It left Ronald's spacesuit in a pile ... with a very adorable baby inside its crumpled heap.

Ronald managed to get his head situated within the overlarge helmet so he could see out the face plate. He felt so weird and he had real issues making his body do what he wanted. His body felt alien to him too as even stranger sensations washed through him. He saw Lisa rush over. She seemed huge as he looked around best he could through the now way too large helmet and saw that everything around is now huge! Ronald screamed as he realized what had happened to him. He was now no larger than a 4 year old and his suit was not only many sizes too large, it was way too heavy for him to move.

"Whadda happen ta me Wisa?" Ronald screeched in his now adorably cute infantile voice .

Equipment lay everywhere that Ronald had been holding. Lisa rummaged rapidly through it trying to find the capture net as they watched whatever it was float rapidly away through the dense foliage.

Ronald couldn't help it as he began to cry. He screeched out, "I wanna back ... give it back!"

Lisa did her best to capture the floating creature, but it was fast and could wiggle and float quickly through the very thick fauna that wasn't very human friendly and seemed to shield and aid the creature's escape. She finally gve up her futile attempt and returned to the heap that contained the now infant Ronald.

Lisa bent and cooed softly and reassuringly, "It'll be alright sweet heart."

She bundled Ronald up best she can as she picked him up. Lisa noticed a large shadow form over the place they were standing. She looked up and saw ... perhaps thousands of the floating blobs coming from the trees and filling the sky. As quickly as she could, she carried Ronald back to the safety of the ship. She breathed a sigh of relief as the main airlock sealed, locking them out.

Ronald clung to Lisa after she had removed the over large suit. Lisa gasped and her eyes became huge in surprise as she realized. Ronald was no longer male, but now was a little toddler girl about the size of her smart toy robot.

"What was dows fingies?" Ronald says as he looked up at Lisa.

Other crew members arrived to grab the equipment and are shocked that Lisa is holding a baby. Ronald saw the shocked expressions and looked himself over. An electric tingle of shock ran through him as he realized something, he ... wasn't a he any longer.

Lisa explained breathlessly to the ship doctor who arrived with the emergency team,, "This is Ronald. Some kind of ... floating ... thing landed on him and apparently sucked his adulthood and maleness out of him. There are ... thousands of those things out there."

The other crewmen looked on with big eyed awe as the over large clothing is unwrapped from Ronalds infant body.

One woman said, "If this is Ronald ... why is it a little girl child and not a little boy?"

Ronald looked down and screamed. It wasn't only that he had been regressed to size of a toddler, he's now a little girl too.

"We needs find da one dat did did to me.. I no wanna be a baby girl!" Ronald said then began to pout.

Lisa began to walk to the bridge holding the naked toddler in her arms to show her off to the Captain. He had already said he didn't believe what he heard.

Ronald and Lisa get to the bridge The captain is there with a few other crew members as Lisa walked up holding Ronald in her arms.

The Captain raises an eyebrow as he sees Lisa carrying a baby in her arms. He comments, "I know we only did a preliminary scan, however, I don't recall seeing any indications of higher primate life on this world. Just where did you manage to find a baby?"

Lisa replied, "This is Ronald, Captain. Some kind of floating ... thing, landed on his arm. Within a few seconds, it had sucked his adulthood, and apparently, changed his gender."

The Captain snorts, "Right. And I'm king of this solar system too. What kind if idiot do you ..."

Ronald said in his adorable baby girl voice, "Bu Capin ... ish me ... Ronald." he waved his hand wildly. " dis fingie landed on me and made me dis way! I no wikes it and wants ta get that fingie to be big again!"

Ronald clung to Lisa. All saw on the main screen, now that the sensors had be fully repaired, that many hundreds of blobs were heading toward the ship.

"Dose fingies did this!" Ronald screeched as she pointed at the screen.

The Captain turned and saw many of those creatures descend on the front portion of the ship visible through the forward view screen.

The Captain pressed a button on the arm of his flight couch, "Engineering. How badly damaged are we?"

The reply came back immediately, "So far, we can have most of the ship's primary systems back on line within a week. As far as external, your guess is as good as mine. We still need to do an in depth damage control expedition."

The Captain sat back in his chair as he watched the forward view fill with the creatures. He asked sharply, "Can we send a plasma charge through the hull?"

The Chief Engineer replied, "About the only defense system that's working, but yes."

The Captain said ... do it now."

Ronald felt the ship begin to vibrate. Ronald and Lisa watch as the blobs start to leave the area as plasma charges scare them off ... for now.

Ronald looked up at Lisa, "Wat's gonna happen to me?" Ronald asked as his hair suddenly fell about his shoulders and turned golden yellow.

Lisa noticed this as she cooed softly, "Well, it's not so bad growing up as a pretty little girl." she giggles, "I will dress you as cute and adorably as possible. For right now, let's get you in a nice soft diaper and a cute outfit."

Ronald began to cry as Lisa took him from the command deck rearward towards the birthing area and crew quarters. She knew she could find a replicator printer that will make some really cute outfits for her new baby girl.

Ronald screamed, cried, and threw a temper tantrum just like any upset toddler would. People looked at him as he is carried down into the crews quarters. As the news spread about what had happened, men and women began whispering to one another about babies on this trip.

"Quit wookin at me!" Ronald screamed pouting as he looked up at Lisa. " I wanna find thingie so I can be big again!!"

Lisa giggled as she looked at him with mischievous eyes, "What happens if I like it that you are my new baby girl? I think I would like to raise you properly this time." she bent and kissed him on his forehead before putting him to her shoulder and patting his behind, "I might not want to find a cure."

"I no wanna be a be be nora girl!" Ronald screeched in his new adorable baby voice.

Lisa reached her quarters and entered. Ronald looked around and noticed it looked like every other except that she already had a replicator built in.

"How come you has a weplicatoe in your room?" Ronald asked adorably. " I no wanna be dweesed in dwesses and girl cwothes!"

Lisa carried Ronald into the replicator room and allowed the laser scanner to take its readings. She typed in the commands for the most lacy and adorable little girl clothes in the menu. She also custom ordered some super thick diapers so her new baby would be all snug and safe.

Lisa cooed reassuringly, "A little girl should always be adorable and cute. It is just how it is sweet heart. Now, as soon as mommy can get you some new outfits and dresses you, we are gonna get you a little girl's name. Start thinking of what you might want to be called as a girl."

"I don't want you to be my mommy!! I never knew my mommy!" Ronald said as he sat unhappily "I was weft at an orphanage by my own mommy! She no woved me! Besides we need at find the fingie that did this!" Ronald says almost stomping his little foot!

Lisa smiled as she snuggled into Ronald's tummy and blew a huge raspberry. Ronald's eyes get big as he gasped in total surprise. All through his body, wonderfully intense surges rushed causing him to loose control and start screeching in total joy as he kicked and squirmed.

Lisa giggled as she coosed "You seem to think you have a say, sugar puddles. You .... are my baby now," she picked him up, twirled him around, before lovingly hugging and kissing him all over his face. The love snuggle ends with another super intense raspberry.

Ronald began to kick uncontrollably and laugh from ther raspberry. Both Ronald and Lisa heard a ding as the replicator completed its task. Lisa walked over to the replicator delivery stage and is shocked at how cute and lacy all the new clothes are.

Ronald's jaw dropped as Lisa brought the diapers, rumba panties, and the adorable yellow babydoll dress over and placed them on the counter.

" No! Mommy!!" Ronald gasped, trying to crawl away from Lisa's arms. "You a monsta! You no want me to be dult cause you never liked me!" Ronald said in a huffing pouting voice.

Lisa cooed reassuringly, "That's nonsense snuggle bug. I just never had the inclination to have that kind of a relationship with a man. Now, here you are ... ready made little girl," she giggled, "And someone has to take care of you."

Lisa picked the squirming Ronald up gently and layed him on his back. She lifted him by his ankles and placed the super thick diaper beneath him and set his hinny in the soft embrace. She powderd him well with sweet smelling baby powder, then pulled the diaper between his legs and fastens it on with large pink locking diaper pins.

Lisa stood Ronald up and cooed softly as she hugged him lovingly again, "How's that feel sweetie? Nice an comfy ... huh?"

Ronald could tell immediately how thick the diaper was as Lisa put his feet through the leg opening of the adorable rumba panties and pulled them up. Lisa then pats his butt softly making the plastic lining of the panties crinkle.

"Is too thick!" Ronald whimpered as he picked at the front of the panties and diaper.

There's a buzz at the door, a few of Lisa's female friends come walking in.

"Oh my god Lisa! It is true, something made Ronald into this adorable baby girl! Aww" she said as she came up to look Ronald over.

"She is so adorable!" another woman said as she picksed Ronald up and held him.

Lisa and the other women giggled. Lisa said, "I'm gonna keep her too. Think I'll call her Kylie."

The other women cooed softly as they snuggled with the new baby girl.

One of the women commented, "You are going to let us play with your new living babydoll ... aren't you?" She makes an adorable pouty face.

Lisa replied, "Of course I will. I've had the replicator make many babydoll outfits just for her."

For the next 30 minutes, the women cuddled, dressed and redressed Kylie. He had no clue how to get out of this and didn't realize how much a baby effected women and their maternal instincts. Ronald had also noticed the women hadn't responded to him as an adult in anyway. They all ignored any attempt he had made to try and reason with them as an adult.

"I am not a doll or a baby girl!" Kylie said pouting. "We hafta figure out why dat I shrank when da bug bit me!"

Kylie looked up at the woman. They ignored what he had said and all they did was pinch his cheeks and say how adorable she looked.

"Lisa, please if anyone was curious it would be you why I shrank!" Kylie whimpered as Lisa walked over and picked him up slowly.

Lisa replied in a soft coo, "We might look for an answer to that problem baby girl, we might not. But until then, you are my little babydoll and that's how everyone is going to treat you. As a baby. I'm the adult parent and you, my little girl, are my infant and that's final." Lisa patted Kylie's thickly diapered bottom as she carried the new little girl to a crib, tucked her in, and started the mobile playing is cute little lullaby. Kylie found a nipple in his mouth, and the warm, sweet flavor of formula in his mouth. His tummy warmed as he instinctively nursed.

Kylie didn't know what was going on, why Lisa was acting this way. Was it cause of her maternal instincts kicking in and just falling in love with her or what. Kylie's thoughts kinda stopped when she felt a rumble in her tummy. Strange waves began to ... OMG!! he realized he just pooped in his diaper and the more he tried to stop, the more it helped it happen. He couldn't help himself as he grunted adorably and had the baby poopie face all parents knew so well.

Lisa returned shortly with Doc Pritchard in tow. He stopped short, his eyes grew large, as he saw the baby standing in the crib with the aid of rails.

Doc said with awe in his voice, "This is Specialist Crinklebottom?"

Lisa giggled, "Yes, it is. Isn't she just ... adorable?"

The doctor came closer and started to examine the baby. He said softly, "I would think she needs a change."

"Tell me there is a way to reverse this Doc! I don't want to be Lisa's baby anymore!" Kylie whimpered as she held onto the railing. "Doc, it was after a bug on this planet bit me that I became this little girl! Can you explain any of this to me?" as she looks up at doc and Lisa who were in turn looking down at her. " please doc I will do anything!"

Lisa picked the baby up and patted her stinky bottom softly, "No worries, Miss Kylie. When the Doc is done here, the records will show you are now a little girl named Kylie Crinklebottom, and I'm your adopted mommy."

Kylie's mouth fell open as Lisa laid her on her back and began removing the soiled diaper. Lisa cleaned her well with a sweet smelling baby wipe, before Doc came up and began poking and prodding the new little girl with many instruments.

Doc said softly, "It looks to me as if you might have to grow back up ... and as a little girl. I have never seen anything like this before ... and I'm not sure anything can be done to reverse it."

At this point, Lisa lifted Kylie by her ankles, placed another super thick diaper under her, then set her hinny in the thick warm embrace of it before powdering her well, then pulling it between her legs and fastening it on. Lisa then dressed her new daughter in a cute pink and white babydoll dress with the most adorable powder puff plastic lined panties.

Time passed and the ship was repaired. The mission was scrubbed and the ship returned home. Kylie Crinklebottom grew into a very beautiful young woman who married and had 2 children by her Husband, the famous Starship Captain named Treavor Flint.

As for the planet where the regression bug lived, A goddess named Persephone was more than happy to allow earth access to her playground for children of all ages that became known as ... Infantus.

~~ The Beginning of another end ~~
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