The Girl Inside ( X X X )

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The Girl Inside ( X X X )

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Nov 04, 2015 1:16 pm

Title: The Girl Inside ( X X X )


Justin Smith 23yo: T Girl – Played by: Littlehottie

Randy Balnko 23yo: Best friend – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Justin's parents house

Justin was nervous, not because Randy was coming over, but what Justin was going to tell him. Justin, for the longest time wanted to become a girl. He consoled in his girlfriends a lot of the time but he wanted to tell Randy first since Randy was his best friend. He invited Randy over ... Justin waits anxiously not knowing how the rest of the night will go.

Randy was eager to play the new Medal of Honor video game Justin had just purchased. When Justin had called him, he nearly wet his pants ... the game had been sold out months before it had even hit the market and there was a huge waiting list. Randy ran over to Justin's house and rang the bell. He figited anxiously on the porch hardly able to contain himself.

Justin runs to the door and opens it "Hey Randy..."

Randy pushes Justin out of the way and runs downstairs into the den to see his Xbox and play Medal of Honor.

"Okay..." Justin says with a shrug.

Justin closes the door and heads downstairs. Justin always thought Randy was cute but never wanted to tell him cause of fear he might lose their friendship.

Randy puts the disk in he tray and closes it. He plugs in his memory card and turns on the controller he brought with him as he flops back on the couch.

Randy says with excitement in his voice, "Wow! How did you mange to get it? I'm on a waiting list over a month long ... and I put in my order 3 months early."

Randy watches as the game loads, and all the bombs and things begin going off in the intro.

Randy continues, "Got anything to drink? Like maybe a beer or something?"

"Uh ... I got it cause I reserved it over a year ago when I first heard about it." Justin leaves the room and comes back in with a beer and a bottle of water." Randy we are good friends aren't we?"

"Yeah" says Randy taking the beer.

"Okay what if I had something to tell you about me ... that was really unusual?"

Randy stops entering his profile info and looks at Justin with a strange expression. Randy was a handsome boy, 6' 1" tall, and weighed in at 190 pounds. He had short cut blond hair and startlingly blue eyes. When Randy fixed a person with this expression, it could be quite intimidating.

He says with curiosity in his tone, "We're friends ... have been for a long time. Why? Are you gonna tell me you're dating Amanda?" He puts his controller down and has a scowl cross his smooth features. "I really don't think I would take that kind of news very friendly."

"Ha ha ... no, it's not that! It's just I wanted to tell you something for awhile now and its hard for me to say" Justin looks at the ground, "So I will just come out and say it ... so whatever happens happens." Justin sighs, " I want to become a girl"

Randy's mouth falls open as his eyes get big with surprise. He says nothing as this startling news set in.

He finally manages to gasp out, "Uhhh .. Oh ... ok ... I guess I'm all right with that. Always did think you were kinda girly enny way." He laughs nervously, "Specially the night me and Tony went camping with you and those underwear of yours." He laughs for just a second and then settles into a really surprised expression as he stares at Justin.

Justin relaxed a bit at how Randy took the news. He thought Randy was going to beat him up or worse say he never wanted to be friends again. Relief came over Justin's face as he laughs a little.

" Thanks for understanding..." Justin says. He didn't know Randy thought that way of him.

Randy sits and stairs at Justin. He is totally mind blown at the revelation and is rendered speechless.

"So is there anything you wanna ask about me becoming a girl?" Justin says trying to break the ice so Randy will talk again and not sit there speechless." Fine, until you think of something to ask ... I will play the game"

Justin grabs the controller from the floor and starts to play the game.

Randy says in a strange tone, "How long ... have you felt this way? I mean ... am I the only one you told?"

"Your the first guy I have told. I've told lot of girls and they are all supportive cause I guess I'm becoming one. But I've almost always felt like I was a girl. I played with my sisters stuff and I even dressed up in her outfits lot of the times. That's why I always get the girl parts in the school plays. I just feel that I was never really a guy and that you are my best friend and would understand"

Randy sits back on the couch and gulps down the remainder of his beer.

As he pinches his nose he says, "This ... this is so sudden. How do you think it makes me feel to suddenly discover my best friend ... is a wuss? I mean ..."

He shakes his head as he looks at the empty beer can in his hand. He gets up off the sofa and goes into the kitchen, the sound of the fridge opening and closing is heard. Randy returns with two 6 packs and sits on the sofa next to Justin again and looks at him.

He says softly, "Tell me about this. I know those funny undies of yours ... are really girls underpants .. right?"

"Yeah...they're boy shorts!" replies Justin.

Justin pauses the game and stands up and undoes his jeans and pulls them down. Randy sees Justin in red and white tight undies. The lining is white and on the butt of them is a heart.

"See? These are girls underpants" Justin does a spin for randy..even though he knows Randy finds it weird.

Randy shakes his head as he opens another beer. He gulps it down quickly and opens another.

He says, "Man, you are so weird. Do you mean you ... want to chop off you dick and balls?"

Randy looks Justin over. He has to admit though, Justin really does look like a girl ... an if he was dressd up ... it would be really hard to tell.

"How do you know you want to be a girl? I mean, how do you tell?" Randy asks plaintively.

"Its just something you really feel is right. I really can't explain it too much, but it's just the person knows they're the wrong gender" Justin says sitting back down on the couch across from Randy.

Randy watches Justin drink most of his beer in one big gulp. Justin unpauses the game and tosses Randy the controller. Justin gets up and leaves the room. Randy is perplexed over his friend's revelation. A few minutes later, Justin comes walking back in wearing a pair of skinny hip hugger jeans, a pink tank top with a mid length brunette wig, and a bit of make up and gloss on..

Justin says softly, "So, how do I look?"

Randy sits for a second stunned. Justin really looks like a girl at this point. Justin had the cutest round bottom and some really nice curves Randy had never noticed before. He even had adorable little pointy boobies that poked through the top in a really cute manner. Randy thinks if Justin's hair were real, instead of that cheap wig ...

Randy says with surprise, "Man!! You are probably the weirdest person I know. If we weren't friends ... I would probably beat your ass. Ya know? A lot of the guys ... will if they get wind of this ... whatcha gonna do about that?"

"I really don't care. It's whatever makes me happy and if that happens I can just press charges against them. Thats what the police are for.." Justin says sitting down on the couch.

Justin leans over Randy and grabs a beer and starts to sip it. Randy can smell the really nice perfume as it delectably drifts to his nose. Randy looks Justin over from the wig to his feet. Justin really does look the part right now. Randy settles onto the sofa and picks the controller up again and begins to play.

He says softly, "When did you finally decide you were a girl? It seems awful sudden to me."

"Ive been hiding it all my life. I was always jealous of my older sister and that she was born a girl and that I had to live it in secret for fear of what people thought. It was so hard too, cuz I looked so much like a girl. I even started growing tits when I turned 11. Now, I don't care what people think. I want to make myself happy and quit hiding the truth. I look like a girl. I have the figure of a girl ... I'm a girl." Justin says while he watched Randy play the game.

“So those panties you wear ... are your sisters? Man ... that's a trip." Randy takes a large swig of his beer. "And just ... what am I supposed to do now? I think Amanda will be rather jealous of me being over to another girl's house without her being here." He shakes his head, "Even still ... what about work? OR even the Baseball team?"

"No, ha ha ... these panties are mine! I quit wearing her stuff ages ago! Um..too be honest I really don't care too much about the team. It's my life and I'm sure they can find a replacement if they don't want a girl playing. My work, I called in and quit yesterday because my work environment wouldn't be too good for my change" Justin says pulling his wig back a bit.

Randy shakes his head as he says, "All this is .... expensive ... isn't it? I mean ... you're talking having your ... manhood removed. Isn't that major surgery or something?"

"It is ... I have to be on hormone pills for the rest of my life and the reassignment surgery is going to be almost $15,000. But luckily I don't have to worry about money since I've saved up enough from my jobs and parents giving me money to pay for it. I've actually been arranging for this since I was in 6th grade. You remember ... when you almost caught me in my sisters night gown. In the end, it will all be worth it. I never wanted to have a manhood." Justin quietly explains.

Randy finishes his current beer and pops open another. He's starting to feel it in his head as he drinks a large swig.

He says, "What are you going to do if you don't go to college? How are you going to live? I mean ... everyone in town ... knows your a man ... not a woman. Don't you think it's gonna be really a difficult thing to pull off?"

"Well ... that's because I'm changing my name and moving to the outer town area where not a lot of people have heard of me. Besides, like I said before, I really don't care what anyone thinks anymore. It's all about me and what makes me happy" Justin says looking over at Randy as he puts his hand on Randys knee.

Randy stops the game. Justin smiles and pulls his hand back.."Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. Um ... I was wondering if it were possible for you to start to see me as a girl ... or maybe more? You really are a cute guy"

Randy looks at Justin for a bit. A small smile creeps over his face as he begins to undo and unzip his pants. "Ok, if you're so female, then give me head. I want to know how good you are."

He pulls his huge stiffening manhood from his underwear and holds it up.

"OMG!! Randy it's ... it's ..." Justin is taken back." It's ... so big ... I mean ... wow!!"

Justin sits there in shock for a few seconds before he says, " Um ... so the idea of me as a girl turned you on some, huh? How did you get so hard so fast otherwise?"

Justin slowly gets down onto his knees and pulls his hair back a bit as he looks up at Randy."Are you ready? I promise I'm gonna rock your world."

Randy settles back in a position that gave Justin a better ability to get to his manhood.

Randy replies, "Well, I'm not really too keen on it ... if you want to know the truth. But, after seeing you walk in like that ... you are pretty enough to pass as any girl .. and besides, I love having my dick sucked."

Justin slowly takes Randy in his mouth. Justin can taste and smell Randy's pleasant musky sweet salty smell over his dick. Justin takes more and more as it's hardness and warm feeling feels good in his mouth. Randy moans in delight as Justin continues to suck. Taking more and more taking his free hand and playing with Randy's balls as he feels his pubes run through his fingers.

Randy gasps softly as he leans back into the sofa. Each stroke and caress Justin gave him sent chills down his spine. Justin feels like any of the girls that did this very same thing ... Randy was amazed. He closes his eyes and moans pleasantly as Justin licks and sucks and even attempts to swallow Randy's manhood. With each pulling suck, Randy could feel a deep sensation building within him. From his nipples all the way to his manhood it became over powering till hea peaked.

Randy gasps out, "I ... I'm ... I'm cumming! OMG! I'm cumming!"

Randy squirts 3 huge times, then several smaller ones, each one less than the last. He leans back panting. Randy looks down at Justin. Justin's mouth is full of his semen. Justin then makes a swallowing sound and shows Randy that he swallowed the huge load.

"Wow! Either I did a really good job, or you haven't masturbated in awhile" Justin says as he stands up licking his lips.

Randy pats Justin on his head as he licks the last of the drippies from his chin.

Randy says, "That was pretty good. You must have had some practice over the years. Specially since .... you have sorta always looked like a girl anyway." He pats the sofa beside him, "I'm not so sure Amanda is going to like me having another girlfriend though." he looks at Justin and smiles, "I think she'll kick your ass ... and mine too." Then he laughs a short snorting laugh.

Justin looks at Randy puzzled while Randy pulls up his pants and buttons them. Justin sits down on the couch.

"Um, Randy? Did you just say Amanda isn't going to like you having 2 girlfriends. Whose the second girlfriend?"

Randy scooted closer to Justin.

"You asked if I could have you as a girlfriend." Replied Randy as he took a sip of the beer he had on the coffee table. "I'm not so sure Amanda would go for that. As a matter of fact ... I think you would be in your first cat fight over me. I don't want to see either of you getting hurt. Besides ... I think Amanda would be really pissed."

"But I'm not a complete girl and I didn't think you were bi. I thought you were straight!" Justin says.

As Justin thinks about it, Amanda would beat the living tar out of him ... especially since Amanda knows Karate.

"Well, I guess I don't want to come between you and Amanda" Justin says snuggling into Randy.

Randy looks at Justin and raises an eyebrow, "I am straight. I'm not really into ... thinking about dating you ... or getting my ass beat by Amanda either." Randy shakes his head slowly, "But if you change your name ... and dress properly ... no one would recognize you as Justin. It wouldn't be too hard a strech to ... forget you're a male. At least ... after a while anyway. You look like a very pretty girl now ... except for that awful wig."

"I just gave you head and that means nothing?" Justin stands up, he is mad at Randy.."It's Alexis ... you just said you wanted me as a girlfriend ... make up your mind" Justin says folding his arms and looking down at Randy as he shakes his head, “Guys! All they want is sex.”

Randy says softly, "I told you that Amanda wouldn't like it if I had 2 girlfriends. It was in response to what you said about being a girl and possibly more."

Randy stands up and walks out of the living room, leaving Justin to his befuddled thoughts. Justin could hear Randy relieving himself and the johnny flushing. Randy returns to the sofa and picks up the controller.

As he flicks the game off of pause he says, "As far as getting head ... that was as good as any girl."

Justin stands there with his mouth wide open, "Ahh ... thanks ... I guess. That is so ..."

Justin stomps his foot and leaves in a real huff, then comes back in and says in a very female voice,."Did sucking your cock make me a girl in your eyes? Or just a fag?" sitting back down near Randy just like any girl in a huff.

Justin crosses his arms and pokes out his bottom lip. Randy is so amazed at how much Justin looks and acts like a girl.

Randy laughs pleasantly, "Well ... it sure helps a lot ... wouldn't you think?" He swats Justin on his hinny, "And the way you're dressed, You really wouldn't be able to tell ... except for that cheap wig ... and the lump there." Randy points to Justin's small ... but hard penis bulge.

"Hey!" Justin says as he covers the bulge."I haven't had a chance to get the birth defect removed yet ... give me a break here. Oh, if I'm so passable, why don't you fuck me then!" Justin says mockingly to Randy as he steps in front of the TV and Randy shaking his cute round ass," If your so manly you wouldn't have any problem with it. Unless your chicken."

Randy quickly stands and grabs Justin by his narrow waist. Justin gasps with how sudden it happened. Justin finds his jeans undone, unzipped, and around his ankles along with his panties before he can react.

Randy bent him over and spread his butt cheeks. Justin can feel Randy's still hard member as it began to play around his opening. Justin's eyes get big as he realizes ... Randy really is going to do it and he was going to have his first man.

Justin moans lightly in excitement! He slowly helps Randy by leaning his body back into his and pushing, trying to open his spinster. Justin feels the pain and burning warmth of Randy's huge member entering him. Justin bites his lower lip in pleasure and pain as he looks back at Randy.

Justin can feel the throbbing as it seems to almost grow inside him stretching and pulling him ... it hurt as Randy pushed harder and harder. Justin was in complete ecstasy as the first male he had ever had penetrated his virgin bottom. Each thrust caused Justin to gasp loudlier and louder.

Justin feels each pleasantly painful thrust as it penetrated him deeper and deeper. He could feel his tightness as it stretched to accept Randy's maleness. With each thrust, waves of pleasure and pain spread through him, intermixed with a wonderful tingling fear. Justin realized too, that his own member had become very hard and sensitive.

Justin couldn't help but gasp with each of Randy's thrusts. It hurt ... but felt so weird and wonderful too. As his bottom opened, it seemed to get moist a bit more and Randy took immediate advantage. Justin's gasps become louder as he holds onto the chair he was draped across.

Randy's thrusts come faster and faster. Justin can hear Randy begin to grunt as he pushes deeply in. Justin feels a warm wetness explode inside his bottom as Randy gasps. A chill runs all through Justin as he can't help himself ... he too cums, squirting a large amount of white gooshy stuff all over the chair he was draped across.

Randy relaxes his grip and pulls his manhood suddenly from Justin's cute and dripping bottom. Justin squeaks at the sudden separation. He can feel the warm wetness within him, and the slow wet drips as Randy white gooshy stuff leaks from Justin's opening, down his bottom and scrotum creating chill bumps.

Justin pants and looks back at Randy. He is covered in sweat and feels so good right now. His first experience with a man is absolutely intoxicating.

" Wow, Randy! Now I know why all the girls talk about you." he says with a soft female voice.

Justin walks over to the sofa as he pulls his panties and jeans back on. It hurts for him to walk ... his bottom being totally abused in the sexual encounter.

Justin grabs Randy's wet cum covered manhood and bends down and licks the tip of its head. Tasting some of Randy's sweet manliness.

"Now, how am I not a girl to you?" Justin looks up at Randy.

Randy shakes his head slightly as he points, "Well ... I think it's an imperative you get rid of ... your birth defect. It's true, you look just like a girl. You do need to grow your hair out, that wig has to go, but ... I feel weird as hell because of it ... ya know?"

Randy watches as Justin licks and slowly sucks his manhood clean of all the wetness, leaving new wetness from his mouth. Randy has to admit though, he did enjoy being Justin's first ... it thrilled him to take a 'girl's' virginity.

"Why does it feel weird?" Justin coos softly.

Justin finishes cleaning Randy's manhood. Justin stands up and walks out of the room. A few minutes later, Justin comes in wearing pink tank top and a short blue jean skirt." I have to wear this cause you fucked me so hard I can't get into jeans!" Justin says seeing Randy pulling up his pants." Are you gonna stay for a bit or go?"

Randy finishes dressing. He looks at Justin. He does look really pretty and kind of cute. Randy definitely felt Justin needed his hair to be different.

He walks to Justin and runs his hand through his short hair as he says, "The reason I feel weird, is because, I don't know of any girls ... that have that birth defect ... do you? I think I can help with your hair ... for now though. Give you the same style Bree has .... that butch punk look. As far as going ... we still have the video game to play. We've waited over a year to play .... and somehow you managed to get it months early."

Justin pushes Randy onto the couch and hands him the controller. Justin smiles as he then snuggles up on Randy's lap. Randy really did like Justin's butt, especially how soft, round, and cute it is. It was as pretty as any girl's in town. So was Justin, he was as pretty as any of the other girls. Randy really didn't mind Justin sitting there.

Randy starts to play the game as hours and hours go by. Randy starts to yawn and get tired and decides to go home.

Randy says , “I will text you tomorrow, Justin”

Justin jumps for joy over his new girl experience with his best friend and can't wait for tomorrow. Randy gets up from the sofa ... and on a whim, grabs Justin around his shapely waist. Justin squeaks softly as their lips meet. He can feel Randy's probing tongue as it wiggles between his lips and pushes against his teeth. Justin opens his mouth ... he feels a tingling sensations of breathless pleasure run through him ... he even leaks a bit into his panties from the excitement of it all and can feel the moistness. Randy explores Justin's mouth with a wiggly tongue for a moment before finding his ... and entwining it. For long moments, they kiss passionately ... Justin's mind goes away in the passion as he wraps his arms around Randy and kisses him back intensely.

Randy breaks the kiss as he squeezes Justin's hinny softly and says in a soft coo, "Good night ... girl." And walks out the door.

Justin is shocked as he got a little stiffie and creamed a bit in his panties . He had no idea Randy was like this. Justin grabs his skirt and lifts it up to reveal a large wet spot in the front of his panties. Justin couldn't wait for tomorrow since Randy said he would text.

Justin gets ready for bed. He strips out of his soaked panties and skirt. He cleans his messy places with soap and water so all that cum won't cling to his skin. Justin towels off a bit and then pulls on a pair of booty shorts, a baby T, and hops in bed. Justin begins Dreaming about this perfect night and the perfect guy ... Randy. Justin surly as any of the other girls in town understood why Randy was such a wonderful date.

The next morning at about 10am, there was a knock on Justin's door. Randy waited patiently for Justin ... so they could continue playing the game. Randy loved what he was able to play so far ... and wanted to complete the next level for the weapon's upgrades.

Justin wakes up hearing the knock on the door. He walks up to the door and opens it. Randy stands there with his mouth open and big eyed. He never knew just how pretty Justin was until he saw him dressed in just the boy short bottoms and baby T. Justin's cute little pointy boobies stuck out perfectly ... even his manhood was tucked just right to where it didn't show. Justin was an extremely pretty young woman in appearance.

"Randy hey! I didn't know you'd be coming by so soon." Justin said in a sleepy female voice.

Randy sees that there is a small cum stain showing in Justin's booty shorts. For some reason it turns Randy on.

Justin looks down to the spot Randy was staring at.

Embarrassed, Justin squeaks, "OMG! " Justin covers up with his arms as he realizes he's standing there in his undies, "Come in. I ... need to change."

Randy walks in and flops on the sofa. He says in a jovial tone, "So, you're more girl than I thought. Seems all the girls wet their panties around me." he laughs, "I guess that's another proof."

Randy watches as Justin blushes pink and scurries gracefully into the bathroom to clean up and change. While he was thusly occupied, Randy plugged in the Video game and watched as it booted up.

Justin strips and looks at himself in the mirror as he poses. What he sees in the reflection, is a boy that could easily pass for a girl. A better description, would have been a girl with a small penis. Justin knew somethings had to change quickly. He rubs his hands all over his shapely feminine body as he thinks about Randy and his massive cock.

Justin's hands run down to his privates and caresses them. He makes a decision ... Justin opens the bathroom door and walks out naked. Justin hids his small, hard penus behind his hands as he stands there shyly. Randy doesn't look up. He is engrossed in the game and defeating the tank and it's supporting troops.

He says in excitement as he twists and turns the controller, "Hurry, I'm about to destroy the super tank and take over all of it's weapons."

As Randy continues to play, he effectively has his attention on the screen and not on Justin's very cute feminine body. Justin walks over to Randy and slowly gets on top straddling him.

"Wouldn't you be more interested in playing this game then playing that one?" Justin coos sexily as he slowly nibbles on Randy's neck. Still, Randy seems more intent on the game as he looks around him and pays no attention.

Justin gets off and turns around and bends over, showing Randy his cute hinny.

"How about playing with this hot ass?" Justin turns around a bit looking down at his ass and slapping it.

Randy finally looks up. He says softly, "You do remember Amanda ... don't you? What happens if she gets wind of this? I know she'll kick my butt ... and yours too. Remember what she did to Donna just for flirting in Chemistry class."

Justin walks up and starts rubbing the front of Randy's pants with his thin graceful fingers.

"Ah, common guy thing. You mean to tell me ... you didn't like fucking me yesterday?" Justin coos softly.

Justin rubs Randy's crotch affectionately ... it starts to grow as it becomes hard.

"See? You have to had liked it since right now your getting horny and everything."

Justin gets down on all fours and begins licking Randy's crotch through his jeans. Randy watches Justin lick his jeans until a wet spot formed from his tongue over his hardened manhood. He finally put the controller down and undid his pants and pull out his large hardness.

He said, "Ok, suck me ... show me how good you are. I want to cum quickly too."

Justin grabs the throbbing meat in his hand as it pulses and hardens more.

Justin slowly moves his head in. He can taste Randy's wonderful musky sweet and salty manly taste all over his crotch. Justin slowly pulls the head of Randy's penis into his mouth. Justin can taste a different taste than yesterday.

Justin puts 2 and 2 together and realizes he fucked Amanda before coming over and he is now tasting Amanda's essence as well. Justin feels an arousal at this realization as he continues to move Randy's hot throbbing meat in and out of his mouth.

Randy leans back on the sofa as he gasps softly. Chills run down his spine with every suck Justin gave him. Randy takes Justin by his head and begins to pull him up and down on his throbbing meat. Justin is forced to suck faster and faster now as Randy pumps faster and faster.

At one point, Justin has all of Randy's manhood in his mouth. Justin feels the throbbing meat down his throat as he suppresses the strong urge to gag. Randy moans and groans as Justin joins in as he starts playing with his own tiny penis while sucking off randy. Justin uses his teeth lightly on Randy's penis.

"Oh, yeah baby ... thats it!" Randy gasps out and moans loudly in response.

Without warning, Randy removes his thing from Justin's mouth. He stands up and pushes Justin across the sofa with his butt sticking in the air. There happened to be a small tube of lip Vaseline on the coffee table. Randy takes the tube and squeezes a glob onto his fingers and lubes his penis well. He takes another glob and lubes Justin's opening. He then opens Justin's butt cheeks and puts his hardness in Justin's opening. He begins to push. Justin gasps loudly with pain as his sphincter spasms painfully, before relaxing and allowing it to slide in.

Justin bites his lower lip as he lays helplessly on the sofa.. Justin feels Randy's massive meat inside of him.

Randy pulls out and says," No ... we did this position yesterday."

Randy has Justin lay on the sofa and spreads his legs. Randy takes Justin's legs and puts them over his shoulder as Justin helps Randy's cock slide inside of him by pushing like he had to go poopie. It allowed Justin's spinster to open easier and be less painful.

Justin looks up at randy ... Clings to his body as Randy starts to pump slowly.

Justin whimpers into Randy's ear " I love you."

Randy laughs softly as he replies, "Amanda is bigger than you. Remember you were warned."

He then begins to pound Justin mercilessly. Justin begins to scream and cry ... he sounded exactly like any girl having rough sex with a man who had an over large thing. Randy pushes as deep as he can on each stroke, enjoying the feeling as Justin's tight opening stretches. Randy feels himself begin to peak ... and the the final release as he squirts deeply in Justin's bottom. Randy gasps as he pushes deep with each squirt. Justin arches his back as he receives all of the massively wet and hot cum deep within him.

Justin pants, looking up at Randy. Justin can feel the large penis deep in him as Randy doesn't pull out for a bit. Randy bends and begins to French Kiss Justin. He looses his mind as Rand once again begins to push in and out. Slowly this time ... passionately ... until Justin is hopelessly in love and completely understands the power a guy has over a girl.

Justin wraps his legs around randy and pulls in rhythm of his thrusts. Each one felt so much better than the last ... until both of them cum together. Randy, deep within Justin's bottom ... Justin, all over himself and Randy.

"Ummm ... that was so good Randy" Justin squeaks in a gasping voice as he feel s Randy slowly pull out of him.

Before Justin or Randy can say or do anything, the door swings open and there stands Amanda. 6'1 with long blond hair and not thin but well built and very shapely for her frame.

"What the hell?" Amanda screeches.

Justin grabs a pillow and tries to cover up. Randy stands up quickly and covers his manhood with both hands as Justin scrambles for the back room.

Amanda's expression turns to a nasty scowl as she says in an very angry and nasty tone, "And just ... what in hell is going on here? Randy? Are you ... playing around on me with ... that whore?"

Amanda points to Justin who is attempting to hide.

Amanda says with fury, "Come here bitch ... I'm gonna kick your slut ass into next year!"

Amanda quickly approaches Justin in a very threatening way.

"Wait, wait ... please don't kick my ass Amanda! I'm sorry ... I came out to justin about me becoming a girl and things got heated a little and we both got out of control" Justin says covering up his manhood kneeling on the floor in front of Amanda. Amanda stops for a bit ... and looks really confused at Justin. Amanda can't believe it ... but as pretty as this ... person is ... it isn't a girl.

Without Justin realizing from shear terror Amanda invoked in him, he slowly starts to feel a pool grow underneath him. He looks down and sees he is peeing himself and can't stop.

Randy walks to Amanda and places his hand on her shoulder. Amanda makes a lightning fast move and has Randy on the floor, completely subdued in a flash.

Amanda looks back at Justin, and says in an angry voice, "So ... Miss smarty pants, you have accidents do you?"

She laughs suddenly and releases Randy who sheepishly gets to his feet.

Amanda stands up with her hands on her hips as she points to Randy, "You, mister, goto SCV and get some diapers. Make sure they fit the slut here. If she isn't potty trained, then I will have her in diapers."

Randy doesn't say a word as he slips quickly out the door, grateful Amanda didn't hurt him.

Justin stands up.."I was scared Amanda."

"Shut up you dirty whore! So, you really want to be a girl and sleep with my boyfriend huh? Well you obviously cant be a big girl since you wet yourself. So from now on you will be my Babydoll Pet and call me mommy. You will grow to a woman if I decide. And Randy ... Well, I will decide what to do with him later. So you just stay right there."

She pushes Justin into his puddle of pee, he hits the ground with a thwap.

Amanda opens her cell and dials. After a few seconds she says, "Tracy? Yea ... this is Amanda. I want you to make sure Randy gets a size 6 toddler diaper or a pull up when he gets there. Yup .. that's right. And if you can get in touch with Sherry, have her bring over some of those adorable baby clothes of hers ... that's right .... No it isn't Randy ... it's a new girl ... I'll tell you all about it when I see you later ... ok, Buh Bye" She does several kisses over the mic before closing her cell.

Amanda gives a mischievous look to Justin."Aww, sweet heart, it wont be too bad being my little girl Babydoll. I always wanted one and without the labor. And you made that wish come true. But I have to punish you for being a bad Babydoll Pet" Amanda's tone goes from cute to mad as she grabs Justin by the arm and pulls him to his feet. Justin is totally in fear at how strong Amanda is, "You will learn your place."

She drags Justin as he kicks and screams across the w o o d floor. Amanda sits down in the chair and drags Justin across her lap with ease.

"Now, you will see your a little girl"

With a loud thwap! Amanda smacks Justin's ass several times. Justin cries in pain as he is getting spanked. This goes on for some time. Amanda is smacking Justin hard, taking all her anger and frustrations out on his cute round bottom. By the time she had finished, Justin's hinny burned hot and was fiery red.

"Now, do you know your place sweetie?" lifting up his crying chin and looking into Justin's teary eyes Justin nods.

Amanda eaisly picks Justin from the across her lap and puts him to her breast. She softly pats Justin's back as he snivels and whimpers softly. He sounds just like a little girl who just got a spanking ... Just then Randy, comes walking in with a large package.

Randy walks into SCV and looks along the isles until he sees the incontinence row. As he begins to head in that direction. an extremely pretty girl in a short pixie hair do and a very short clingy white smock dress steps from another row.

She walks up to him and giggles softly and says in a cute voice, "Hi Randy, hows tha stud muffin an Amanda getting along? Hummms?"

As she hands him a large package and rubs her body against his.

Randy blushes and says in a cracking tone, "Umm .. We ... we're getting along ok Tracy ... How are you? Sexy as ever I see."

She giggles and acts cute as she takes his hand and leads him to the register.

She says softly as she rings up what ever is in the package, "Well, in there is the size six items Amanda wanted, plus some J&J ointment and baby powder. I've even thrown in a pacifier and several baby bottles free of charge. Whatever the 2 of you are cooking up ... I hope I'm invited ... I makes a wonderful baby ya kno."

She makes an adorable face as she puts her thumb in her mouth and reaches for payment with the other hand. Randy blushes even pinker as he hands her a credit card. She rings up the purchase and hands it and the receipt back to him.

Randy says in a soft voice, "I'm sure you would Tracy."

As he grabs the package and quickly leaves SCV. When Justin walks in the house, He see Amanda sitting with Justin cuddled in her lap. She had her hand under Justin's chin and was looking into his teary eyes as Justin whimpered like a little baby.

Randy says with surprise in his voice, "Amanda ... just what is going on here?"

He hands Amanda the package as she looks at him sternly.

Amanda replies, “I'm diapering my new Babydoll. Be glad, I'm not diapering you as well after cheating on me. Sherry should be here shortly. Go wait on the porch for her." Randy sheepishly left to await Sherrie's arrival.

After seeing Randy leave, Amanda picks up the whimpering Justin with ease. Amanda carries Justin over to the couch and lays him down softly.

"There, there sweetie ... it wont be so bad being my Babydoll Pet. I will take real good care of you"

Amanda goes over to the package Randy brought, and grabs baby wipes, powder, a cute Huggies disposable, and pacifier. She returns, putting pacifier in Justin's mouth.

Amanda coo softly to her babydoll, "Aww, you look so adorable already." She tweaks his small penis, “I promise, this will go in the next month or so, We can't have a girl with a dick ... now can we?”

Justin shivers as he realizes Amanda is serious about all this. Just as Amanda starts wiping his sore tushie, Randy calls out "Sherry's here."

Randy walks in with a very adorably dressed young woman. She had on a cute Romper with lots of lace and pony tails.

She bounces up to the sofa and giggles, "Well, we gotsa nuther baby anna fambly .. huh? Here silly, I brought overa cute babydoll jumper an matchin bottms. They my mostus favorite."

Amanda smiles at Sherry and says in a coo, "That's a good babydoll. Now be a good little girl and sit over there while mommy diapers her new Babydoll .. ok sweet heart?"

Sherry giggles and bounces over to the chair and flops adorably into it as Randy and Justin watch totally amazed.

Randy gasps out, "A .. Amanda? Who ... who is Sherry and ... how do you know her?"

Amanda laughs as she replies, "Sherry, is our groups Babydoll. Laurie is her mommy and takes care of her while we can't. She's adorable and very immature ... and it fits her well ... don't you think?"

Randy nods his head as he sits in another chair with his mouth open. Amanda lifts Justin by his ankles and puts the Huggies under his bottom and sets him in it. She removes several thumb sized things from a package and quickly pushes them into Justin's bottom. He gets big eyed as he gasps.

Amanda coos softly, "Relax sweetie, for the next few months, you will get 3 of those every time I change your diaper. It will help you be the best Babydoll you can be. Isn't that right Sherry?"

Sherry giggles in a cute manner and nods her head until her ponytails fly. Justin realizes Sherry is in a diaper. He can see the poofyness of it under her cute romper.

Amanda then powders Justin as he lays there panting with the intensity of the melting suppositories within his bottom. Amanda pulls the Huggies between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly on. She helps Justin to stand up ... he is kind of wobbly on his feet as he begins to feel really high and his head begins to buzz.

Amanda coos softly, “those also help make sure you become very immature. Don't worry over it ... it feels relly good to loose all your adulthood and become a Babydol ... isn't that right Sherry?”

She giggles again and says in a cute voice, “Yups, is wunnerfuls. Is kinna scary at firstus ... but it feel so nice.”

She starts sucking her thumb and watches Amanda dress Justin with big adorable blue eyes.

Amanda removes the cutest rumba panties from the bag Sherry had brought and holds them out, "Step in like a good girl." She coos softly.

"Look Randy, I've been meaning to tell you something" Amanda says as she helps Justin into the rumba panties."I know you have been cheating on me with other girls and ... well ... Justin here. So Randy... I'm dumping you cause you cant keep it in the pants."

Randy looks shocked but also feels relieved he can finally go after Tracy.

"But ... but ... we were so good together." Randy puts up a great acting job.

"No, we weren't. You cheated on me with most o the girls in town. Now go and get out of here!" Amanda says patting Justin's hinny softly.

Randy turns around and walks away as hes excited to go after Tracy.

Randy just reaches for the door knob when Amanda says sharply, "Oh Randy, by the way ... you cheating bastard! I hope your dick falls off."

Randy opens the door and slams it shut.

Amanda looks at Justin.."Don't worry about the mean man ... he's gone forever and ever now."

Justin had to hold on to Amanda to raise his leg high enough to step into the panties. His head felt like he had been smoking some of that good weed that had been going around. As he steps into the other leg, Amanda pulls them up over the thick Diaper and adjusts them. Justin feels his hinny being patted softly as Sherry giggled.

Sherry giggles and then pokes out her bottom lip and whimpers in a cute manner, "Amanda ... this mean I not ur babydoll no mores? I no wanna bea big girl alla time ... this is who I really am n love bein thisa way for you n ur frins."

Amanda laughs softly as she removes the short Baby Tweety and friends jumper from the bag, "No, sweetheart .... it mens you have another babydoll to play with is all."

Sherry giggles as she bounces in the chair and claps her hands, just like a very little girl.

Amanda coos to Justin as she unsnaps the crotch of the romper. Sherry used to be a big girl. She tried to take our boyfriends too. We felt she makes a much better babydoll. Now we can share her with whomever we please without worrying about her trying to take someone from us. She's very obedient ... just like you will be from now on. Those suppositories take all your potty training and insure you stay infantile and cute.”

Justin gasps as he realizes through the intensifying infantileness rising through his mind ... who Sherry was. She was the most popular Cheer Leader at school ... until the scandal over the football team happened. He looks at her as he realizes ... this is what he is going to become.

Amanda takes out her cell and dials a number. Justin's mouth falls open as he hears her say, “Doctor? This is Amanda ... yes ... Sherry is a very wonderful Babydoll. I have another I would like you to do the treatment on. Yes ... frontal pinpoint lobotomy will do. I want the pericortex removed in the same manner as Sherry. Yes, I'm going to call this adorable one Megan. I also have something else that needs to be removed ... yes .. a reassignment too. I'll pay top dollar for all the paper work to go along with it so no one will ever find her. You say a new technique makes them real girls after the brain surgery? Cool! Thank you so much doctor ... your the best. Give my love to all at Babies -r- US Universal ... oh ... and give Sally a nice hinny pat for me ... she's adorable.”

Amanda looks at the helpless Justin and coos softly as she snaps the snaps between his legs, “Just relax sweet heart. I promise it won't hurt a bit, although it will be kind of confusing for a few months after the brain surgery.”

Justin's mind drifts off into a wonderful haze. He can't remember why he was so afraid. He feels a warmth between his legs as he helplessly wet his diaper for the first time.

~~ The End ~~
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