Tamie’s Perfect Date

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Tamie’s Perfect Date

Postby Miki Yamuri » Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:11 pm

Tamie’s Perfect Date

I had thought this was the perfect date. I was right at a critical point in my transformation from a male to a female when I met this girl. I had just started to dress as a woman and to go out as a woman. I was actually starting to look really cute too as the hormones I was taking changed my body. I had no idea what was about to happen to me or that it would actually fulfill my deepest fantasy.

I had gone out for the day as a girl. I wanted to get used to being a girl in public as part of my Transgender change.

I had on a pair of low rise jeans and a tank top with tennis shoes. My hair was just long enough to touch my shoulders. I even looked like a rather cute woman. Men were starting to notice me and were even attempting to get me to go on dates with them. I wasn’t quite ready to go that far as yet. I admit I was enjoying the attention.

I walked into a street pub and ordered a glass of wine. I wasn’t thinking of being picked up or picking anyone up. I just wanted to have a glass of wine and then was thinking of going home and taking a hot bath.

I was sort of off in another place in my mind when she sat on the stool next to me. Her perfume was the first thing I noticed. I couldn’t help myself. It was so intoxicating and delicate all at the same time. It reached a place in me I had thought was long dead as I transformed into a woman.

I turned to look. She was a most beautiful young woman. She had on a baby halter top and bikini hot pants. She also had her long white blond hair tied in pony tails. I couldn’t help feeling an intense arousal being this close to her. I began to be uncomfortable as my gaff began to pinch. I couldn’t help the intense attraction I felt growing in me for this woman. I couldn’t believe it either. I hadn’t felt this for a woman in a very long time.

Before I could turn away, she turned and looked me right in the eye. She had the most beautiful green eyes that seemed to look right into my soul and grab me. She smiled. The whole pub seemed to light up with its radiance.

She giggles softly and says, “Hello, my name is Miki, what’s yours?”

I was at a total loss for words. All that fell out of my mouth in reply was, “Tamie.”

She said, “Glad to meet you Tamie. You wouldn’t mind having someone to chat with would you? I just moved here and need a friend at least.”

I couldn’t resist. I didn’t understand why. I said, “I would love to have your company.”

She giggles sweetly and asked, “What are you drinking?”

I came to my senses and stammered, “Oh, y y yes, Ummm let me get you some wine.”

She smiles and replies, “Ok.” She looks at me with a sparkle in her eye and continues, “I’ve never had a girl buy me a drink before.”

I don’t know how, but it seemed somehow she came a bit closer to me. I could almost feel an aura from her. I was becoming totally captivated.

I said, “I guess there’s a first time for everything.”

She giggles softly and says, “You’re weird in a nice sort of way.”

We hit it off immediately. We chatted about everything. I even told her I wasn’t a woman but a transgender male. It didn’t seem to bother her. In fact, it seemed she was even more interested in me. We drank several glasses of wine and we both started to giggle a lot as we felt it in our heads. We joked and giggled and were getting along more than famously.

Before I realized it, we had walked the block to Spaghetti Warehouse and had gotten more wine. We ordered a huge platter of Spaghetti and garlic bread. We both made a mess of each other as we fed ourselves and each other pasta. I couldn’t remember when I had a better time. We flirted with each other all through the meal.

Miki was holding my hand as we strolled through the park. It was a beautiful night. There were fire flies sparkling in the trees. The full moon actually shone on her hair.

It was starting to get late. Neither of us cared.

She turned suddenly without warning or preamble and kissed me right on my lips. I felt her tongue as it caressed mine. Her lips were so soft. She tasted lightly of strawberries.

She held her body close to mine. I could feel her arms around me and the most wonderful of squeezes on my butt. I was more than uncomfortable as I became bigger than my clothes could handle.

I felt her hand gently caress me between my legs. It almost hurt I had gotten so hard. The beautiful aroma of her delicate perfume was overpowering.

She whispered so softly in my ear, “Baby, it’s very late and way past beddie bye. Would you like to come to my house for tonight? It’s just around the corner that way.”

She points off towards the forest.

I was totally captivated. Almost without thinking I said, “Yea, sure.”

She led me down the street into the forest. There was a trail through the thickest part. It seemed the firefly all danced around us as she led me slowly through the forest. In the densest part, there was a beautiful dome home. It reminded me of a moon base or something. She walked to the door and waved her hand over a plate. The door slid open silently.

She led me into the living room. It was splendid. I had never been in a more beautifully decorated home. There was a sunken living room with a fireplace. A huge wall to wall flat screen TV. A complete surround sound Audio system. A virtual reality system the like of which I had only read about in stories.

I built a fire in the fire place as she got more wine. When she came out of the back, she had changed clothes and was wearing a very short adorable powder blue baby doll nightgown and string bikini panties She lit several candles and set them on the coffee table.

We were arm and arm. She undid my jeans and pulled them off of me. She told me my panties were so cute as she pulled them off too.

Her mouth was so soft and warm as she took my swollen shaft into it. I could feel her tongue wiggle all around the head. She sucked. I lost my mind. Her mouth went up and down my shaft, kissing and licking all the way. I couldn’t help myself. I quickly have a very deep and satisfying orgasm. She swallows it all.

She sensuously unties her panties and daintily tosses them aside. She straddles me and puts my still swollen shaft in her vagina. She sits. It is very tight as she slowly begins to bob up and down. She is very wet and I penetrate deeply. It fills me with spasms of pleasure.

She says in a very soft, sexy voice, “Baby must cum inside mommy.”

She squeezes me inside her. I feel it as her vagina clamps down and massages me. I gasp in helpless ecstasy as I experience the most wonderful sexual pleasure. She brings me quickly to another great orgasm. She stays on top of me, bends down and kisses me passionately. I feel her vagina still massaging my shaft.

We kissed, caressed and made the most wonderful love to each other well into the wee hours until I fell asleep.

I had really pleasant dreams.

A Startling Awakening

I wake slowly. My head hurts slightly from the wine. I open my eyes and realize something is very wrong. I sit up. I am dressed in a soft pink gingham jumper with puffy sleeves and lots of lace. I have on matching rumba panties, booties, and a diaper. I have something in my mouth that’s held in place by a strap around my head. I can’t believe it.

I am in a crib. It has a locked top on it. I have mittens on my hands that have little gold locks keeping me from removing them. They are made from a material that looks very delicate, but proves to be very strong. I cannot use my hands for anything.

I am locked into some kind of harness as well. The harness is chained to a very strong plate fastened to the crib with 5/8 bolts. I am really freaked. I am a prisoner and realize I am not only trapped in the crib and baby girl clothes, I am helpless to do anything about anything.

I calm a bit and try to think. I look at the room I’m in. It is a very nicely decorated little girl’s nursery. There was a lot of money and time put into this room. From the shape of the walls, I know I am still in the dome.

I see many cartoon characters decorating the walls. Above me is a mobile any baby girl would love to play with. I see a little pink chest of drawers with white lambs on it. I see an odd looking rocking horse. It actually has locking straps to keep the rider in it and a large sex toy right in the seat. I see other types of similar toys neatly placed in the room.

I have to go to the bathroom really bad. All the wine I drank last night is catching up to me in a big way. I shake my head slowly. I know if I’m not let out really soon, I’ll have to go in my diaper. I am definitely not looking forward to that. I am desperately hoping Miki comes and frees me before this happens.

I hear the door to the nursery open. I turn and see Miki walk in. She still has on the adorable powder blue baby doll nightgown and string bikini panties. She sees me sitting up and smiles her hypnotic smile again.

She says cheerily, “Good morning baby Tamie. I am so glad that I now own you. I will train you to be the perfect baby girl and how I want you to please me. Last night was so perfect I can never let you go.”

No! This can’t be. This woman has captured me and is going to regress me to an infant.

She comes to the crib and unlocks the top. I am able to stand up with the top open, but the harness around my waist and mittens on my hands keeps me from getting out of the crib. She checks my diaper. I sorta feel like an infant the way she does it too. She pats me softly.

She puts a choke collar around my neck, fastens it, then says, “Well, I can see baby doesn’t need to be changed yet. I’m going to make breakfast for you and me now. Don’t worry sweetheart. It wont be long before going in your diaper will be the most natural thing.”

I begin to struggle and groan. What ever is in my mouth prevents me from speaking or making very loud noises.

She takes me by the back of my head and holds me firmly by my hair. I am amazed at how strong she is. She has a large syringe filled with a clear liquid. It has a very long and thick needle.

My eyes get big. I am afraid she is going to inject me and I know it will really hurt.
I struggle, but her grip makes it futile.

She coos softly, “Don’t be afraid baby. Mommy not going to hurt baby in any way. All I’m going to do is inject this through your paci into your mouth. It will help you adjust to being my Baby Love Pet.”

I feel her grip tighten on my head. She pushes the needle into the back of the pacifier in my mouth. I feel her push as the needle pierces and sinks in. I watch as the huge syringe empties and feel the liquid in my mouth. There is a lot of it. It tastes weird and makes my mouth tingle. I can’t help but swallow it because of the way the pacifier is fastened in my mouth.

I begin to feel really strange tingling sensations move pleasantly through me. My head becomes foggy like I’ve had too much to drink.
I am really afraid now.

Miki pulls the needle out of the pacifier and kisses me softly on the forehead.

She says cooingly, “That’s a good girl. You will feel better about this in a little bit. I have given you a personality bending drug called Hydroxyzine Pamoate. That coupled with my training will have you being a perfect baby girl very quickly.”

She points to a space in the top of the curve of the room. I follow her finger and see a camera.

She says cheerily, “Mommy can see baby and hear her too. Don’t be scared sweetie, mommy is only going into the kitchen to make your bottle and me breakfast. I’ll be back in a bit. When I get back, I will tell baby the rules to her new life.”

She turns gracefully and is gone.

No ... I know now she intends me to pee in my diaper and is going to do her best to regress me back to infantcy. I know in a few minutes, I’ll have no choice. What ever it was she just forced me to swallow is making me feel really wonderful. I’m not sure what the drug is, but it is a really pleasant high and I am enjoying it. This is the only thing about this situation I am enjoying in any way at this moment. I can feel myself starting to relax and all the worry and anxiety is starting to fade.

I am really frustrated because there is no way I can find to escape. I hit the top of the crib. It does absolutely no good at all. It does help me relieve some of the anxiety I feel inside, but nothing else.

I am beginning to feel really high and very wonderful. I have to sit down. Man, this is a great high and wish I had this before. I suddenly realize with a start, that I am peeing in my diaper. I feel the warm sensation spread around my front and seep to my bottom. I stop myself from going.

I can’t believe I just did this. I can feel the wetness and heaviness of my diaper as it absorbs it. I still have to go pee really bad, but this has taken some of the urgency away. I am not too badly wet at this point and feel I can suffer it out till Miki comes back and lets me out. That is, if she lets me out.

I find I am not worrying about it as much and am starting to enjoy this situation. I can’t believe it, but it’s true.

I feel a warmth again start spreading slowly in my diaper. I realize I am again peeing. This time I go ahead and finish and don’t really care as the drug continues to affect me. I realize Miki isn’t going to let me out or release me and I am starting not to worry about it.

I am starting to feel very content. I cannot keep the frustrated feeling in me. What ever it was she gave me ... the personality bending drug ... I am feeling more than good and am actually starting to feel elatedly happy.

The nursery door opens and Miki walks cheerily in. I see she has a plate in her hand with a big bottle and another huge syringe. No, she’s going to give me more of this stuff. I am helpless and know if I get anymore I may well become infantile.

Miki says cooingly in a very pleasant voice, “Is baby feeling better? I brought her a baba with a nice formula for her. All the food you’ll be eating from now on will have Hydroxyzine Pamoate in it. Just so you know, this will be the last adult conversation you will ever have with anyone. I am going to give baby another dose to help her adjust. I am giving you a serious over dose and you will want to sleep. When you wake up, you will be ready to be my baby love pet and begin your training.”

She reaches in and checks my diaper. I see her eyes sparkle and a smile spread on her face.
She once again takes me by the back of my head and firmly grips me by my hair. I offer no resistance. I feel absolutely content with what ever she wants to do to me at this point.

I feel the pressure on my teeth as she pushes the needle into the back of the pacifier once again. I watch as the syringe empties and swallow what is injected into my mouth. I am really high and feeling so strange.

She removes the needle and the strap from around my head. She removes the pacifier from my mouth. I am unable to speak at this point. She is gently holding me in a sitting position and slowly lays me back into the crib. I am unable to offer any resistance and don’t really want to.

She pulls down my panties and unpins my diaper. I feel her cleaning me with baby wipes. I can feel her kissing me on my penus and her tongue licking it softly. I am unable to get hard. She already knows this but makes it feel good anyway.

She lifts me up somehow and puts a fresh diaper under me. She powders me generously with sweet smelling baby powder and pins my diaper back on me. She pulls my panties back up.

Miki kisses me on my lips softly and says in a cooing voice, “You are the sweetest baby girl. Ok Tamie, here are the rules to what you are now. You are a baby girl from now on. There will be some adult privileges I will let you have, like making love to me. I will also use some sex toys on you just for my pleasure. You will be submissive and obedient at all times like a good little baby or mommy will punish her. You will not question mommy because you are not allowed to make any decisions any more. You will be unable to function as an adult in a little while so this won’t really matter.”

She reaches around and picks up a huge baby bottle. If I were a real baby, this would be what the bottle looked like to me. I realize, I am going to be a real baby soon as the drug continues to take affect. She turns and puts the bottle’s nipple in my mouth. I can taste the contents on my lips. It does taste really good and I have to admit I am hungry. I nurse the bottle. It is really good. I see Miki smile sweetly.

Miki continues in her sweet cooing voice, “I will treat you as a baby and not mistreat you. You don’t have to worry. What I think is not mistreatment might not be what you think though. This drug makes you very susceptible to suggestion. All suggestion from now on is that you are a baby and are expected to act like one. You will act like one eventually even if you resist. I expect you to go potty and stinky in your diaper.”

She points to the wet diaper she just took off of me.

She continues, “As you can see, you will go and it probably started involuntarily. What caused it is the over dose of the drug. I will continue giving you the overdose until you are unable to help yourself. This won’t take but a week. Everything you eat and drink from now on will be laced with the drug.

You will loose a lot of what you call your sanity and will regress. I want you to know, I had looked for a long time to find a man to fill this place in my life. I never knew a man that is a very cute woman too would fall in my lap this way. Our date was perfect. You are perfect. There is no escape. I will never let you go ... ever.”

I am over come. I cannot comprehend what I am being told. My mind isn’t functioning any more as I loose myself in the increasingly wonderful high the drug is inducing.

I couldn’t believe this. I was actually fulfilling one of my biggest fantasies and it was being forced on me. I am content in Miki’s arms as I suckle on the bottle of formula she is giving me. My tummy feels so warm. I am so content. I am sleepy. Baby falls asleep.

~~A Beginning ~~
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Re: Tamie’s Perfect Date

Postby TiresiasRex » Tue May 03, 2016 10:44 am

OK, a nice contrast with "The Baby Doll"...even though the fate of being a babygirl is forced on Tamie...he always wanted it (by his own admission at the story's conclusion).

I have to say, Miki...is the first story featuring "you" (or your alter ego) wherein you are both the sexual ingenue AND a Mommy? Tamie is a very lucky man/TG/baby indeed!
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