The Placement Test

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The Placement Test

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Sep 24, 2015 12:28 pm

Title:The Placement Test


Amanda Louring 18yo - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Steven Rogers 18yo - Played by Elledan Kenet

Scene: In the local Testing Facility

After many eons of war and hostilities among the peoples of Earth, a race of Aliens that had been observing Earth for centuries had finally arrived and put an end to it. They were called the Feminites, and offered the people an alternative to the total scorched earth that would result if they refused.

There were new laws written out. Earth was placed in a semi-member state sort of position within the Feminite's Empire. Earth had some rights, some local laws, but overall under Feminite rule. And of course, only women would be allowed any kind of authority. All the world's population were subject to a new kind of order that began on their 18th birthdays .... with the Placement Test.

Steven Rogers was one such boy. Just turned 18, he had celebrated his new age. He was slightly shorter than the average male, thin, with shoulder length black hair. His attire was typical of an earthling: denim jeans, a t-shirt, and shoes. He was here at the Center of Job Placement, run by the Feminites, to help determine his new role in society.

Amanda Louring was Steve's friend. She had also just celebrated her 18th birthday a few days earlier and went to the testing facility to take the test. The both of them had gone together and were put in the same testing room. Amanda looks around the large room. All she saw, were 2 chairs, a table, and a weired looking devise on the table.

She says softly, "I wonder what happens after the test? I don't personally know anyone who has taken it that will talk about it with anyone who hasn't taken it."

Steven turned to her and nodded. Talking about the Test was strictly forbidden, unless you already had it. And talking about the specific details could only be done with whoever attended your test.

"Beats me. I'm kind of anxious.." Steven shrugs, his palms were a bit sweaty as he waited for their hostess.

Amanda went to one of the chairs and sat. She started examining the weird devise sitting on the table. She recognized the beautiful swirls and wiggles of the Feminite's script written on it. The words said nothing as to what the test might be. There was a large blue jewel like stone sitting on the top. It glowed softly with a pulsing light like an LED.

She noticed several places where something could be plugged into the base of the devise. There was what looked like a small push button control panel on one side with a blank readout screen. There was nothing else that gave either of them a clue as to what the test might be.

The boy sat by her. He didn't pay much attention to the device, the Placer, as it was called. When personal data was input, the Placer could determine one's perfect job, the role they could perform the best within the Empire. He had been about to loose his patience when he heard a noise outside: the tester was coming.

A door slides open with a soft whoosh. In walks 2 tall and thin beings. They looked more or less human. One had close cropped shiny black hair, pointed ears and a slightly green skin. The other had a cuter complexion, long shiny black hair, and was obviously female. Her skin color was more yellow. They looked very much like Elves from the Fiction stories Steven and Amanda had read over the years.

The female spoke with a soft musical accent to her voice, "Welcome to the First day of the rest of your life. In a few moments, we will administer the Placement Test to determine who and what you will be for the remainder of your life."

While she spoke, the male had placed 2 objects on the table. It was 2 helmets connected to some kind of small box. The male opened 2 folders and began to type in data on the keypad on the side of the Placer.

Steven looked at the helmet. The male, for that's what he thought it was, was really a hermaphrodite. He couldn't tell, but this creature had both sexes, as well as breasts. the only real 'male' features that were visible was the harder facial features, shorter hair, and smaller chest.

Steven turned to the female and tried to smile. "Thank you, ma'am."

The female picked up one of the helmets and approached Steven. She smiles and says softly, "Now, just relax and don't resist. It will make the process feel a whole lot better."

She places the helmet on Steven's head. He feels a weird surge rush all through his body as he lost total motor control of himself. He could do nothing but sit helplessly and await what was coming. From the corner of his eye, he saw the female do the same thing to Amanda. She stiffens and sits helplessly with huge eyes.

The boy sat there, unable to move as the helmet took full control of his body, testing everything: reflexes, memory, intelligence. It accounted for his genetics and everything. The same process he knew was happening to Amanda. Strangely, it wasn't painful at all. Almost tingly and rather pleasant.

Amanda was sitting closer to the 2 aliens than Steven and heard them begin speaking in their native language. They didn't realize it, but Amanda was one of the few earth people who had learned from childhood how to speak the native Feminite language. What she heard caused her great distress.

They said, "According to these readings, the male will make a wonderful little girl of about 2. The readings tend to lean towards Babydoll. The female is definitely a Babydoll and she appears to be around 2 years old as well."

The 2 aliens turn and face the 2 helpless subjects and say, "We have determined the 2 of you would make wonderful Living Companion Babydolls. The both of you will be a pair and will make some Feminite child extremely happy."

The boy blinks a bit as he hears this, digesting the information. He couldn't remember what a Living Companion was, but he had a bad feeling about it.

Worry crept over his face. "Wh-wha? There must be some mistake... I was hoping to become a Starship Pilot."

The female began typing something into the Placer as she replies, "A Babydoll can't pilot a Star Ship ... don't be silly."

The 2 aliens chuckle as Amanda screeches out, "No! I was assured I was going to be a Computer Engineer on the Starship Trinity Moon!"

The male alien turns and says softly as the female picks up a button devise and plugs it into the Placer, "The placer is never wrong in its judgments and it has determined this will be the job you will do for the rest of your life. It is too dangerous to allow a species as violent as yours to do things like build computers, Starships ... or any kind of major action within the Galactic Family."

The boy whined, fussing in his chair as the aliens began to pack up their equipment.

"That's absurd!” shouted Steven, “I've not been violent my whole life! I demand to speak to your supervisor about this!"

The female smiles as she says reassuringly, "Relax young male ... this won't hurt a bit."

She holds her hand with the button in it out and presses the button. Steven and Amanda feel a large, extremely pleasant, and soul shattering wave run repeatedly all through their bodies over and mind blowingly over again. Steven feels his chest, his hips, between his legs, in his tummy, and especially in his mind surge intensely. The both of them feel as if their bodies had become too small and they felt sort of cramped on the inside somehow.

Steven can't think, he can only endure the intesifingly pleasant surge. When he regains some of his consciousness. He is looking out some kind of small rectangular window. All he could see was a blank pale yellow wall with some rather heavy shadows in places.

The boy tried to wriggle, but couldn't move due to some really tight bonds. He felt weird. There was something in between his thighs, and he was wearing something. Where was he? The last thing he remembered was the Placement test ... right? This wasn't the same place.

Amanda awakens. She feels ... different in many ways. She can feel a large bulk between her legs. She tries to move only to discover her struggles mean nothing. She sees a small rectangular window in front of her and several wrapped packages. Her box moves as she feels the weird sensation of motion. She is on her back looking up into a very well decorated area .... and a very young alien girl in her jammies.

The top of what ever Amanda is in comes off. The little girl rips the stuffings around Amanda out and lifts her from the box.

Amanda hears an Adult speak softly, "Now, they are your responsibility. You have to insure they are fed, cleaned, and changed when it's necessary."

The little girl shrieks with joy as she replies, "I promise mommy ... I take tha bestus carea my new toys."

Steven can here stuff, but he couldn't quite make it out, due to the box he was in. Something about toys. He squirms more, utterly unaware of how different he was now, and the fact he understood Feminite fluently.

Suddenly, the smiling face of a very young female Alien appears in the window in front of Steven. The top comes off of the thing he was lying in and all the paper around him is removed.

The little girl takes Steven in her arms and cradles him as she says, "This one am gonna calls Allie." She tickles Steven in his ribs, "I think you're the cutest little girl."

The boy blinks in confusion. He was much smaller now, and being held by a tiny Feminite. He tried squirming and giggled as he was tickled, unable to help himself as the child doted on him.

Amanda sits in a small high chair as she watches the young Feminite remove an adorably dressed little girl from some kind of box. She had on a short, pink Babydoll dress, matching rumba panties, and obviously a thick diaper. The little girl had cute pink ribbons in her hair making 2 long shoulder length ponytails .Amanda realizes she is dressed the exact same way, except her dress is a soft powder blue.

Steven, or rather Allie, couldn't tell how he was dressed, apart from it being decidedly girlish. He saw Amanda and recognized her underneath a matching blue outfit. What had happened to them, he wondered as he was cradled.

The little girl puts Allie to her shoulder and pats his hinny softly. She walks to a round window. The little Feminite holds Allie to the window,. Allie can see a marvelous panorama of a Galaxy's spiral far off in the distance, surrounded in several places by ebony darkness and interspaced with brightly glowing suns.

The little Feminite says in a giggle, "That's home sweet heart. We onna Starship named Trinty Moon an we goin home."

The boy gasps. he recognized that name. It's the starship he and Amanda both wanted to work on! But now, they were stuck being companion dolls! This was totally unfair! He began to simper.

The small Feminite carries Allie to a small high chair next to Amanda and sits him in it. She moves off into another compartment, leaving the 2 Babydolls alone.

Amanda says in her very cute voice, "What ... happend to us? Last thingy members ... is takina test."

Allie nods, squirming helplessly in his chair. "Me too. Eek! I sound like a little girl!"

This was the first time he heard his new voice. Just imagine his horror when his diaper would be changed.

Amanda looks Allie over and says softly, "Is that you ... Steven?" Allie nods, Amanda continues, "It's true then ... we are ... Babydolls. And this is the job for the rest of our lives!" Amanda puts her hands to her mouth as she begins to cry.

The young Feminite returns with 2 bowls of green gooey looking stuff and sets one on each of the trays in front of the 2 Babydolls.

She says, "Is time ta eats Babydolls."

She scoops a spoon full of the goo and places it at each of the Doll's mouths.

The boy fusses. He refused to be fed and treated this way. The Feminite wouldn't know that he was anything other than a fussy doll. No matter how much he fussed though, there was no escaping his fate, and soon he just sat there and let the girl feed him. To Steven's great surprise .. as horrid as the green goo looked, it tasted heavenly. By the time the little girl had emptied both of the bowls, there was a large quantity of the meal all down the front and faces of the Babydolls. The little girl takes a soft, warm cloth and cleans them both before picking them up and carrying them into her playroom.

Allie didn't much like being cleaned up and treated so babyish, but there didn't seem to be anything he could do about the situation, save to accept it. The Feminites had been right; there would be no escaping his new life. He began to cry.

The little Feminite set both Babydolls on the bed. She says softly, "My name's Michelle an I have wanteda Companion Babydoll alla my life. I supposesa be eithera Starship Pilot onna Trinity Moon like my daddy ... or tha Computer Systems Engineer. Seems I was given 2 Babydolls sos they could helps me learn hows."

The little girl picks up Allie and cradles her in her arms. She kisses him all over his face.

She continues, "An my Babydolls will be right there wif me tha whooollleee time."

This was just cruel. Not only was he a babydoll now, but this girl, his new owner, was going to have his job? See was only 8 or so she looked. This was just so unaware. He whimpered as she cradled and kissed him.

Michelle looked right into Allie's eyes and said softly, "Because earth people have proven to be such ... war mongers over their entire history ... was decided by my Ancestors that you cannot hold any kind of position that could lead to a human / other person kinna war. Is what they taught me inna History orientation fora Companion Babydoll. I no unnerstan mosta it .... but I promise I will teach you how ta pilot ... and her," She points to Amanda, "How ta bea computer Engineer." Since ur gonna b tha Companion toa Starship Commander ... u gotsa kno how." She kisses Allie on his nose.

He blushes more as he was nuzzled. It wasn't what he wanted, but it was the best he was going to get. The boy could only sigh hopelessly and accept her affection. It'd be several days to their destination, he knew, and... what was that smell? He felt something odd and squishy on his butt. Did he ... no ...

Michele puts Allie to her shoulder and softly pats his bottom as he whimpers.

Michelle looks at Amanda and asks, "How old ru supposesa be sweet heart?"

Amanda couldn't help what happened. She was asked a direct question by her little girl ... a Babydoll had to answer ... it was Babydoll rules. Amanda said in a very cute voice, "I this many." As she held up 2 fingers.

Michelle held Allie from her a bit and asked, "And how old is Allie?"

He couldn't resist, he held up 2 fingers and said in a very adorable voice, "I this many."

Michelle wrinkles up her nose and says, “Seems like Babydoll needs changing. She stands and picks up Amanda and begins carrying them off towards a portal door.

The boy blushed as he was carried off, wriggling in her arms. He knew for a fact that he wasn't 2, but his body and programming told him otherwise as he was hauled off to a nursery.

Michelle placed Amanda in a small seat the kept her from squirming and falling. She placed Allie on a soft padded surface and began pulling his ruffled panties off.

She says in a cute little voice as she wrinkles up her nose, "Ooh, baby girl is so tinky."

She rubs noses with him as he feels the diaper come loose from around his body. He is lifted by his ankles and his bottom wiped several times with the diaper, before she rolls it up and tosses it into an opening in the wall. Michelle takes several sweet smelling towelettes and finishes cleaning Allies hinny and groin area. It was then that Allie realized ... he wasn't male anymore.

The boy gasps. His genitals were gone! In fact, he looked completely female, and Allie knew that the organs in his body had changed too. The boy was distraught and began fussing as the girl continued cleaning him in preparation for a diaper.

Michelle places a thick and soft diaper beneath Allie then puts his hinny in its soft embrace. She powders him well before pulling the diaper between his legs and fastening it snugly, but comfortably on with locking diaper pins. Michelle then threads Allie's feet back into the rumba panties and pulls them to his knees. She lifts him to his feet and allows him to brace himself for balance against her body as she pulls the panties the rest of the way up.

Michelle pats Allie's hinny as she coos softly, "There, all done. A Clean Little girl is a pretty little girl."

She picks him back up and carries him to another seat like the one Amanda was in. She puts him in it and picks Amanda up. She pulls open the back of Amanda's panties and diaper and checks her.

Michelle giggles as she coos softly, "Oh, my ... Seems you have quite a load in there yourself."

She scrunches up her nose in an adorable manner as she kisses Amanda and places her on the padded surface. Allie watches as Amanda is cleaned and rediapered same as he just was.

Soon they were both changed. Having been fed and diapered, both Companions began to yawn. They were tired from their ordeal, like companions should be. After all, they were only 2.

Michelle carries the 2 Companion Babydolls into the play room proper. She lays them both on a large pillow type chair and puts their thumbs in their mouths.

She coos softly, "I gonna low ceptions to how old ur gonna act ... but I want u ta know ... ur always gonna be babies."

She kisses them both lovingly before she turns and begins playing swith some strange electronic Pad type game.

Allie couldn't help himself. He and Amanda were going to be Babydoll Companions, and nothing could change that, save their new owner and her parents. His thoughts slowly drifted off as he fell asleep.


~~ End ~~

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