Witch's Call - Complete

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Witch's Call - Complete

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:01 am

Title: Witch's Call


John, 26yo : project manager: Played by: Budugu

Wendy, 19yo : Witch in training: Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: In John's office

Wendy has been a very productive witch these past months. After all, she deserved it. It took her years refining her arts and now, she was mastering them pretty well. From warping around the world to transforming objects as she wishes, nothing could stop her.

She dropped her old life for a new one full of adventures. She already traveled around the world... twice... in less than a week! She also dropped her part-time job since magic could provide all her needs. She turned her little apartment into her own huge mansion. She dropped school because magic was all she really needed ... besides, magic provided the knowledge of the Universe at her fingertips. The only thing she kept from her old life was her family and her few best friends.

Sadly, like a fad, she started getting bored. When anything you want or need can be spawned with a single snap or chant, life is easy ... too easy. Wendy had no ambition, no plan for her life. The only thing she couldn't create with magic was true love.

She tried dating, but it wasn't working. She always ended up using her magic to fix the little defaults of her dates, which was shattering their personalities and turning them into weirdos. As she painfully learned, as you tug on the loose threads of life, it unravels the whole fabric.

For the past few days, she had been focusing on the only thing that was keeping her going on : entertainment. She loved having fun, and with so much power, her fun turned into mischief. She loved tormenting mortals. And then ... she had an idea. She could have revenge on whoever she deemed worthy.

It was predictable, her ex-boyfriends were the first victims. All the black cats, the many herbs and other strange objects she had begun collecting had driven them away.

The first and younger ones where transformed into animals, typical, but the more she transformed, the more perverted and dark it became. Cheating boyfriend were turned into sex toys or pieces of sexy clothes.

The last one, Dave, was turned into a female sex doll for cheating on her. Now, he had all the sex he wanted. Dave was a very realistic and extremely sexy Doll ... and was forever alive to experience what ever the pervert Wendy had given him to wanted ... and her the satisfaction she wanted. She could feel their souls being tormented. It seemed like hell for most of them.

Her vendetta took only a week. And now, she was bored, again. She flipped open her strawberry phone, her pink cellphone ... one of 2 special ones she had enchanted, and went through the contact list. John's name popped up.

John was one of her ex-boyfriends from a few months ago. Unlike the other, Wendy was the one dumping him. For the first time of her life, she freaked out before her boyfriend. John had a "weird" tendency to stare at her clothes and lingerie. Once, she caught him rummaging through her panty drawer. She had a feeling he was there for another perverted reason than sniffing them. John loved frilly and feminine clothes too much to be normal.

Wendy sat at the enchanting table and lit 2 of the black calling candles. She placed her mini Cauldron between the 2 candles on the small burner pedestal and began adding ingredients.

She needed an idea. She wanted to have some fun with him, yet reconcile him with his inner self. It has to be humiliating though, since it was going to be so much fun.

John sat in his office staring at his computer screen. He had just broken off a very intense love relationship with his long time girlfriend Wendy. She had begun to get into so many weird things he couldn't take it any more. All the black cats, the many herbs and other strange objects she had begun collecting had driven him away ... not to mention her catching him in her panty drawer. He did keep her Strawberry Cell Phone, however, he had bought it and paid for the account ... so he figured it was his to use.

Wendy looked through her book carefully as she pondered. Just by a serendipitous accident, she came across a page that told how to do an energy guide spell transfer that made a remote transformation with her cellphone. All she had to do ... was decide what she wanted him to become. One of John's Playpen Magazines was lying on the floor where it had fallen when Wendy had cleaned off the table to make room for her enchantment supplies.

She glances down when one of the pages flips. What she sees is perfect. It depicts a man, dressed completely in a really cute French Maid's outfit, complete with high heels and ruffled panties.

"That's it!" Exclaimed Wendy as she pours the smelly red blood of toad into the small cauldron. A very reddish cloud of smoke proofed above it as she made a fateful phone call .. to John.


John was working on an important report when his cellphone rang. Sure, as a project manager, it was always ringing, but He hated being disturbed when he had inspiration. And he needed it since the report's deadline was at the end of the day.

Upset, he took his phone out of his pocket. "Unknown number" it said. Probably a client. Since most of his calls where problems he had to solve, he had to answer.

He clicked on the green phone logo and put the phone to his ear.“Hello?”

A very sexy, somehow familiar voice whispers in his ear, "A sissy maid's only desire, is to please her Mistress."

The line goes dead. John raised his eyebrows in surprise as he stared at the phone. Many strange rushes ran through his body. The voice was somehow familiar, but he hadn't a clue as to who it might have been. And on top of that, it had to be the weirdest call he ever had! Maybe a friend joking with him.

Still disturbed by the weird call he just had, John closed the phone and put it back into his briefcase. He had no time for games. He stared back at his computer screen and tried focusing on his report.

Shortly, he heard the phone ringing in his briefcase one more time. Now he was upset. He reached into the case and pulled out the his phone. As he picked up the phone, he saw the word "Mistress" was written as caller. All his anger suddenly washed away as an intense need filled him. John answered wondering what kind of joke this might be ... and the strangely intense feelings welling up inside ...

When he answers it ... the same familiar and very sexy voices coos softly : "A Sissy Maid's lingerie feels so nice against your skin and makes you look so cute.", and once again, the line goes dead with a soft click.

John dropped his phone on the desk and turned back to the screen of his computer, somehow hypnotized by the call. He could feel super intense waves rushing ll through him again, raising goose flesh.

Things couldn't be weirder as he began feeling funny tingling sensations at the top of his toes, and seemed to be spreading around his feet! The sensation was barely describable at first. It felt like thousands of worms slowly going up his ankles. He also felt smaller in his shoes, as if his socks had melted. As he raised his jeans, he realized his black socks were now thin white. Still, the crawling sensation kept going up his legs, to stop under his knees. He raised his jeans with difficulty up to his knees only to realize he was now wearing white stockings with three layers of white ruffles at the top.

The same tingling and crawling sensation spread to his briefs. They were melting around his waist and reforming into something much smaller. He could also feel weird padding forming between his bottom and the chair. His hand told him the padding were ruffles as he slipped it in his jeans.

John stormed of his chair and rushed off to the men's room as he felt something firmly, but comfortably begin to hold him around his chest and back. He dashes madly for the bathroom before someone sees him.

John inspected the bathroom to make sure he was alone. He entered a stall and closed the door. He unzipped his jeans and lowered them to the floor only to discover he was wearing jet black rumba panties with white frills all over. His penis was barely fitting into them, scrunched into a big bulge. He opened his shirt. He gasped as he saw the black matching bra, with white frills around the empty cups.

He started panicking. John was quite a rational man and what was happening to him was far from rational. It was eerie. He wanted to take them off, but what was he supposed to do? Walk out of the bathroom with women’s lingerie in his arms to his desk as if everything was normal?

He quickly discovered he was unable to take off the women's clothes. No matter how he fumbled, he couldn't get them off. In his panicked mind he realized, if he was careful, he could go through the day with nobody noticing. He did have an important report to hand over. So John dressed in his outer clothes and headed shyly to his office like the good productive worker he is.

As he sat at his chair, he caught a glimpse of his phone on the desk. He knew it was all coming from his phone. He swore to himself he would never answer it again.

John hammered away at the keyboard, hurrying through the report so he could have it done in time. John wiggled on his chair trying to find a comfortable position. He was extremely cramped in his crotch, although, it did seem things were starting to fit a bit better. All those ruffles on his butt where kinda annoying, yet he found it quite arousing. He always had a thing for these kind of clothes, but never really tried them on. Somehow, in the back of his mind, a part of him was enjoying it. Enough to be able to continue working without freaking out like anyone else might have.

His phone began to ring again. Without thinking about it, he picked up the Strawberry and answered it once again while he finished up the last paragraph of his report.

The very sexy voice cooed in his ear, sending super intense chills all through him, "A sissy maid has no body hair and always wears her makeup and keeps it in immaculate condition."

As the line went dead, John's eyes get huge as he realizes, he had just answered that stupid phone one more time.

John's skin tingles all over and he feels his face become warm and something happening to his lips. His eyelashes and eyes felt strange as well.

John poked up his bottom lips and crossed his eyes. He could see his small beard was gone and his lips looked redder, much redder. John tried to ignore these feelings. He thought he must have been overworking too much.

John stood, still in front of his computer, trying to focus, but it was impossible. He was in a kind of weird daze. He found himself staring at his hands instead of the computer. On the keyboard, he saw dainty red nails were growing at the tips of his now transformed and very delicate fingers.

"That's...impossible..." thought John.

He quickly turned around and checked in the hallway through the door of his office. Luckily, he had his own. He quickly stood up and closed the door. He was sweating. He could feel the wet spot forming in his arm pits and drops forming on his forehead.

The Strawberry phone started ringing again. He knew he shouldn't answer, he knew it was the cause of his situation. When he saw the name "Mistress" on the little blinking screen, he couldn't resist. He had this weird urge: he needed to answer, as if his life was depending on answering the call. A strange Pavlovian reflex.

"Hello? Who...who is it? What do you want?" He answered panting. Things were going so quick he was disoriented.

"Mistress wants her sissy maid with long curly hair!" said the sexy voice.

John gasps loudly as he feels long curls fall around his face and shoulders. He takes a hand full of the silky long curls and looks at them. Before his eyes, they change into a very golden yellow. By sheer accident, he happens to see his reflection in the polished surface of one of the exposed metal frames around his many awards hanging on the wall. The beautiful face looking back at him ... wasn't his ... it could have been one of the girls he had wanted to date from down at the bar.

He puts his hand to his face as an annoying curl falls across his eyes. About that time, the phone rings again. He feels each tone rush through him intensely. He looks down at the small screen and it says once again, Mistress. He answers the phone desperately ... he must ... he has no will other than to hear Mistress' voice again.

John was in panic and he had to do something. First, he had to stop answering the Strawberry phone. Then... then... fleeing his office was the only option he had. Where was he suppose to go? Police? Might as well go directly to the asylum!

He grabbed his winter coat, wrapped it loosely around himself, and pulled the hood over his head. He stuffed all his blond locks behind his ears so nobody would notice. He went to his computer, saved all his files, transferred his report to the proper place, closed his briefcase and left... right after putting the Strawberry phone in his pocket...

As walked in front of the receptionist, he said : "I'm leaving for the day, bye!"

He was glad the receptionist barely had the time to lift her head before the front door was already shutting. She was sure she saw red finger nails holding John's briefcase ... and heard a cute woman's voice

John sat in his car and started the engine. He heard the "beep" of his Strawberry phone's Blue Tooth activating, but ignored it. He left the parking lot in a loud squeal of smoking tires towards his home which seemd to be only safe place he could go.

When he had finally gotten on the road and left the large, thick cloud of blue tire smoke behind, John put the blue tooth into his ear and clicked connect.

The sexy cooing voice of Mistress filled his soul. Chills rise all over his body as the voice says, "My sissy will have a very cute figure. his waist will narrow, his hips will widen and become round. He will have an adorable butt. We already know his panties fit him so nicely. He just wants so badly to please his mistress. He forgets all about yucky boy's manners ... his only desire .. is to be a good girl for me ... Mistress."

John's eyes get huge as the incredible desire to please whoever Mistress was filled him. He could feel slight cramps in his tummy and something akin to aches in his hips. He shivers all over as small chilling rushes fill his body. He feels his chest begin to tingle. He glances down in time to see it bulge out slightly. The coat hadn't been zipped and had fallen open. He could tell he had very pretty little nipples atop cute pointy, but firm boobies.

He looks up just in time to avoid hitting the car ahead of him, that had stopped at the red light. John's heart was beating so hard he felt it was trying to punch out of his rib cage. The driver in front of him heard the braking and got out his car really pissed. John was holding the steering wheels so hard when he had hit the brakes, his nails dug into his palm.

"What the hell bitch! Stop applying makeup while driving and focus on the damn road!" yelled the driver.

John's eyes were full of tears. John's lowered his driver's window and cried "I'm so sorry." His voice sounded so light and weak, so submissive and feminine.

The driver went back a got into his car in a huff and left. John was lost behind his steering wheel. What was he suppose to do? How was all these possible? It all felt like a dream. One of his fantasies taking form, but much more twisted! A honk sounding behind him woke him up. He had to go home without attracting too much attention. It wasn't his face anymore on his papers after all.

John made it to his house which was just two blocks away, overwhelmed by so many emotions he was at the point of fainting. John locked up his car and entered the house. He locked the door and quickly ran to the bathroom. He yanked off his coat and undid his tie and shirt quickly as his trembling hands could manage. He noticed with much anxiety, that his clothes hung on his body loosely. When he yanked off his shirt, his eyes almost popped from his head. His cute little black bra now cupped his small, but very firm little breasts. He saw his nipples poking through the fabric.

He undoes his slacks in a panic and drops them to the floor to examine his manhood. He is still wearing those very cute jet black rumba panties. From his knees down, he has on a lacy pair of stockings. He looks at his face in the mirror as he grabs his crotch. He can barely feel any manhood there at all as the surprised expression of a very pretty young woman looks from the reflection.

John was in disbelief, he couldn't understand what was happening to him. He knew it was his Mistress' desire for him to be so, but who was she? He was so perturbed, he looked like a lost little girl at the mall. He didn't know what was real. He didn't know what to do. He didn't know what he wanted. He felt almost like an empty shell.

Who was his mistress? Why did she do this to him? What does she want? How can he ask her to turn him back to normal without angering her? Why was he having these weird thoughts?

He was brought back to reality again as he heard the Strawberry phone ringing again. "Finally!" though John. He felt like a doll the owner had just winded-up. "Hello? Mis...mis...mistress?"

The soft sexy cooing female voice replies, "Ohh, sweet heart, it most surely is. Now, A really pretty Sissy Shemale Maid wears a really cute and very short uniform dress ... doesn't she?"

John's mouth fell open. He felt the intense rushes all through him as those words were spoken. He actually felt it as his clothes on the floor melted in black ribbons and the dress wove itself onto his body, snugly but comfortably held him. He looked in the mirror again in panic. The very pretty young woman looking back, was dressed in a very short jet black and white satin outfit.

John could see the low cut front of the dress, that would show off his cleavage should his boobies grow larger. The puffy sleeves had white lace around the arm openings. He turns and sees the ruffles of his panties below the edge of the dresses hem, thanks to the puffy white crinoline, The cute roundness of his bottom.

He gasps in the phone with a very cute female sounding voice, "Wh ... who are you ... and why are you doing this to me?"

There is a giggle, "Because sweetie, I'm bringing out the true you. I will be over to claim you shortly. You ... belong to me now. You're my property."

The phone goes dead. John is filled once again with panic as he feels the need to be possessed by this woman filling every nook and cranny of his being.

John stood still in front of the mirror. He was trying to put all pieces of the puzzle together. Then it hit him ... it could only be Wendy. Only she knew about his little issue with women's clothes. She did catch him peeking into her underwear's drawer. But still, he never really considered himself a transvestite or even a transgender. He just found it really arousing wearing feminine clothes. Maybe it was coming from the excitation of being caught, helpless and humiliated, then blackmailed in submissiveness.

Now, John was not only forced to live his deepest fantasies, but a horror version of it. He was dressed like a gorgeous French Maid, helpless, humiliated and his Mistress was coming to pick him up. He was so scared. What was she going to do to him? And why couldn't he react? Was he petrified? Or maybe she had done something else to him? Maybe that was it. He felt insecure, unable to make any decision. He needed commands, orders or even any tiny little suggestions.

John couldn't help but look at himself. He looked so cute, so sexy he felt his tiny hinny becoming hard. Still, he was lucky in his mishap. The dress had cute black puffy shoulders with white lace trim at the ends. It had also good neck line, not too daring, just sexy, with white lace trims. He had a lovely white little apron tied with a lovely bow at the back. It was quite simple for a French maid dress, yet so feminine. If it wasn't for the tiny bulge in his panties, he would be totally indistinguishable from the beautiful woman he appeared to be. John found himself thinking that a cute choker, high heeled shoes and a cap would go just perfect.

Wendy closed her Strawberry cell and smiled. She couldn't believe how well the spell was working. She gathers up a small leather bag of sparkly powder and ties it to the belt of her outfit. She walks to the large gold framed mirror and looks at herself. She was wearing a very sexy black leather Romper that tied behind her neck. She also had on knee high Stiletto heeled boots and long black leather gloves that came almost to her shoulders.

She picks up a very delicate hair piece that looks like it is woven from silver spiderwebs and sprinkled with drops of glistening dew. She places it on her head and arranges it so the very large and sparkly diamond hung exactly in the middle of her forehead. She looks at herself in the mirror. She is extremely sexy, from the top of her white blond head to the tips of her spiked boots ... she is extremely beautiful.

Wendy crafted up a few more items for her new French Maid, a very nice choke collar with the same sized diamond in the gold setting along with the 2 tags of ownership. Wendy thought for a bit. John would wear spiked high heeled shoes. Wendy thought about a cap, but decided on a cute, lacy tie on bonnet instead. It would be the crown of the the outfit her French Maid would wear.

Wendy waves the wand she had so carefully crafted from willow over the last several weeks. There is a bright flash ... and she is standing on John's porch. She rings the bell and waits for her property to answer. John woke up from his daydreaming when he heard the doorbell. How long has he been staring at himself? Why couldn't he do anything? Now, he had to answer the door. John was almost too shy to move a single toe. What if it was someone he knew? What if it was his Mistress?

The dilemma was eating his soul as he heard the voice behind the door : "Open up Prissy Sissy Maid, it's me! Your loving Mistress is here to take possession of her property."

John ran to the door and opened it without any more thoughts or questions. His jaw dropped when he saw Wendy. Her leather kit look so sexy, so impressive, so... dominant. It's now John realized how much he missed her. Of all the Mistress he could have hoped for, she was at the top of the list.

"Hmmm... looks like my Sissy Maid needs to be taught manners! Well, I'll enjoy training you!" giggled Wendy.

John's face was deep red. He grabbed the hem of his dress and did a little curtsy to catch up on his mistake. Wendy giggles softly as she helps John back to his feet. She pats him on his cute hinny as she nods.

Wendy coos in that magically sexy voice, "You have turned out very well sweet heart. Now, Mistress wants you to lift the front of your dress so I can see how well your panties fit."

Ashamed, John gasps as the incredibly irresistible urge over comes him. He lifts the front of his dress as high as it would and stands there, blushing and humiliated. Wendy walks to him and gently caresses his small bulge in front.

She continues, "Ohh, my little Shemale can't show her boy stuff this way."

Wendy pulls open John's panties and looks in. His manhood had shrunken to that of a little prepubescent boy by this time. John watches in amazement as Wendy removes a beautifully crafted wand from the belt around her waist and taps him on his crotch. He immediately feels a very sharp pinch and is extremely uncomfortable as the bulge vanishes. He can feel something grab him in his crotch and squeeze firmly, not to mention the way it felt on his bottom.

Wendy coos softly, "That might be a bit uncomfortable for a while sweetie. But my Shemale isn't allowed to get a hard on or show in front."

She caresses the front of his panties. He feels nothing except the most minimal of sensations.

Wendy continues in a very sexy coo, "You are bound and gaffed now. But don't worry, you will be milked twice a day for the next little while to keep your prostate healthy. I won't allow you to have any sexual gratification however, unless I choose ... then only as the cute little girl you are now."

Wendy pulls the choke collar from her small hand bag and places it around John's neck. He feels a most intense sexual sensation as he feels it click closed. He actually has a complete full body orgasmic response to being collared. He feels all wet, warm, and sticky in his crotch beneath what ever it was holding him firmly. His thing so wanted to get stiff .. but was being restrained. It was very uncomfortable.

Wendy takes the 2 gold tags attached to the front of the collar, beneath the huge diamond.

She smiles as she coos softly, "Now sweet heart, these tags say that you belong to me and are my property. This one, "She takes one of the Tags in her hand, "Has your name on it."

She holds it in her hand. In a very pretty and ornate script was the name Johanna. Underneath that was Shemale Maid.

Wendy continues, "And this one has my name and address in case you get lost."

John shivers in fear. He knows in his soul ... he now belongs to Wendy. John still couldn't believe what was happening. He felt safe, secure and complete now .... especially since Mistress accepted him and owned him now. All these transformations came with tons of weird feelings and emotions he couldn't yet describe. It's not everyday you get transformed into a Shemale French Maid. John felt so good about it all somehow. He still had tons of questions to ask, but the collaring felt like the last piece of the puzzle. He was finally his true person and didn't have to pretend any longer. But still ... the humiliation wouldn't go away. He felt so stupid, so weak, so unmanly. He was probably never gonna see his penis again, or have another orgasm. And what the hell was milking? He didn't realize, Wendy had insured he felt the humiliation and embarrassment as part of his new life.

"Now come with me! But first, you need something do protect your cute white stockings from dust. Wendy waved her wand at John and spawned black Mary-Jane shoes."No, that won't do!" After another wand's wave, John feels his heels raising. His shoes had been turned into black stiletto high heels.

"And you need your crown!" giggled Wendy as she spawned a cute lace bonnet on Johanna's head.

Wendy takes him by the shoulders and brings him to the large mirror on the wall. Johanna stood with his mouth open at how adorable he was. Johanna's face redden. She looked so cute with her uniform on, yet sexy. But the feeling was weird. He felt no arousal, no excitation like he had a few minutes before. It kinda felt like pride ... But it shouldn't be...

Wendy took her wand and after many waves and circles, Johanna's was blinded by a bright flash, as she felt a very strong electrical surge run all through her body

*poof* ... John's apartment was totally empty.

A woman and a couple suddenly enter the door.

The woman says to the couple, “This apartment is a steal at $900.00 a month. Let me show you the huge bedrooms and the swimming pool in the rear.”

~~ End Pt1 ~~

Witch's Call - Pt2 - Training


John is is hit by a nausea sensation as he feels the world twisting around him for a few seconds. Suddenly, his visions come back. He find himself with Wendy in what seems like a huge mansion. They are both standing in the foyer, in front of huge twisted twin stairs.

"I hope you like it here, because you'll never really see anything else! Don't bother trying to leave this place, it's my magical den. Nobody gets out or in without magic!" said Wendy, "Now let's show you around!"

Wendy takes Johanna by her hand, and leads her through many huge rooms, long winding hallways, and many secret passages. Johanna's mind whirls with all the things he sees. Eventually, Wendy pulls Johanna through a sliding door into a hugely large Kitchen ... complete with all the modern ... and not so modern appliances.

Wendy stops and turns, "This, is where you will learn how to prepare meals, and do dishes properly. I'm a modern witch, so there are modern appliances and dish washing equipment. However, at times, I want things done the old fashion way ... and have all the proper implements for that."

Wendy pulled Johanna by her hand and continued the tour of her mansion. Things were going so quick for Johanna, she had problems remembering all the turns. Suddenly, another door opened :

"This will be the laundry room! I use my magic to dress as I wish, but you will have to take care of yourself. I will spawn some uniforms and lingeries for you and you will have to clean them. And yes, there are no washers or dryers. You'll have to do it in the basin by hand. It will keep you a bit busy and it's a lot more fun that way!" giggled Wendy.

Johanna saw a large pipe with water running from it and splashing into a large stone basin. She saw several baskets woven from some kind of reed stacked neatly against a wall. Wendy tugs on Johanna's hand and she is whisked off through another of the many secret passages.

They climbed a long winding stair. When they had emerged, Wendy escorted Johanna into a room the size of a large closet.

Wendy says softly, "This, is your bedroom sweetie. I expect you to keep it neat as a pin. Understood?"

The room was kind of large and Johanna couldn't help but notice there was no bed. There was a vintage vanity with 2 drawers on which was mounted a mirror. The room was so small the vanity itself was almost completely covering the back wall. One side of the room was completely covered by a mirror and an empty clothes hanger was installed on the other side. With a wave of her wand, Wendy made appear about ten French Maid uniforms, all similar to the one she was wearing but different colors. Some were pink, others where lavender, others were blue. Under each dress was a matching pair of heels.

Wendy brought Johanna to another room, right in front of his. When the door was opened, Johanna was in complete awe as she saw bedroom as big as a football field.

"And this is my room" Wendy said as she waved her arm gracefully around.

Johanna blinks at the size and grandeur of the room.

He gasps softly, "how will I ever keep a place this size clean?"

Wendy giggles in reply, "Oh, I almost forgot... you gotta have a magic wand too hehehehe"

Then, Wendy started waving her wand at Johanna. She was standing still, unprotected, trying to assimilate all the information she had been given so far.

"Outside the kitchen and the laundry, this is going to be the only tool you'll be allowed to use." a feather duster magically appeared in Johanna's right hand. Wendy continues, "This duster is kinda magical. Makes all dust and dirt disappear like a simple eraser. It's much faster and quite efficient on furnitures, but it's going to be a lot of fun when you'll do the floor!"

Wendy laughed. Johanna looks at the huge fish aquarium in one wall with the large fish swimming around looking her over. She was amazed at the size of the fish and their appearance. They might have even been ... dragonfish .. if such a thing were possible.

Johanna asks, "Where's my bed? I didn't see one in there."

Wendy turns and points to a spot next to the very large poster bed,

"That's where you will spend most of the nights silly. A good Sissy Maid has to be ready at all times to do her Mistresses bidding."

Johanna looks forlornly at the spot.

Wendy continues, "Other wise, that glass door in your room, is a doll case. That's where you'll be if I don't need you." Wendy looks at Johanna and smiles. "Now before I start your training, is there anything you'd like to say? I bet you have tons of questions to ask!" giggled Wendy."And I warn you, this will be your last chance to do so!"

The snicker on Wendy's face was quite scary to Johanna. She wondered what she had planned for him. Now, she had to be convincing to get her way out of this situation.

"Why do I have the honor of being your personal maid, Mistress?"

The way the words came out of her mouth was horrifying. Sure, the question was right, but it looked like her training had already begun. Johanna could feel the drips of sweat forming on her forehead.
Wendy smiles as she brushes a lock of hair behind Joanna's ear.

She says softly, "I know you love more than anything to be in women's panties and dresses. When I caught you in my panty drawer, I didn't really understand. But now, I do. You are to be reconciled with your inner self .. forever. Isn't that wonderful?"

"I am forever in your debt, Mistress" groveled Johanna as she did a curtsy.

Whatever she wanted to say, different words were coming out of his mouth. She realized there was nothing she could do about her predicament, Wendy was simply toying with him.

"Yes you are Missy, and your lovely collar is there to remind you.” Wendy said with a smirk in her voice.

Johanna gathered all her strength and focus. She had to phrase a question so she would be able to get the answer she wanted.

"Why is Mistress being so strict with this lowly maid?" was all Johanna could say.

Wendy laughs a bone chilling Witch's laugh. The cackle ran electrically through Johanna.

Wendy says with more of a smirk in her voice, "Be glad I'm not being strict with you. There are ... others ... who have faired lots worse than having their most secret fantasy fulfilled. Now remember ... I'm going to introduce you to one such shortly ... His new name is now Davina."

There was absolutely nothing Johnna could do. She was just a puppet. She didn't really have control of her movements or words. She was a spectator in her own body ... and Wendy was laughing. She could read Johanna's mind as she wished, thanks to the collar. She could feel how tormented and helpless John's soul was.

Johanna was surprised as an extremely beautiful female naked sex doll appeared, laying on the ground. With a wave of Wendy's wand, it came to life and stood up.

"Please, play with me, kiss me, fuck me..." it begged in a very sultry and sensual voice.

Johanna was kinda scared by the doll's unceasing demands. On the other side, Wendy was reading David's mind. Maybe she had been too harsh with him. His soul was shattered, all his former personality was gone. She was a bit sad about it. She felt like she had killed his soul.

Johanna sees that David had been transformed into an extremely beautiful female sex doll. She had long brown hair and the most beautiful sparkly eyes.

Wendy puts her hand to her chin, "Hummm ..." She walks around Davina as the doll continues to beg with increasing sexiness.

Wendy finally says softly, "Davina, I'm going to give you a reprieve. Instead of being a Sex doll 24 / 7, I'm going to allow you to be Johanna's personal Milk Maid. Your duties are to milk her a minimum of 3 times a day for the first month. I don't want you to allow her to have any satisfaction in the process ... is that understood?"

Abruptly, The begging and pleading ceased as Davina turned to Joanna. She took him by the hand and led him towards an arch, and down a long flight of stairs. When Davina led Johanna through the last door, it seems they had entered a torture chamber. There were racks, stocks, stretcher tables, whips, chains, and things that sent serious chills of fear through Johanna. Davina turned suddenly and began unzipping Johanna's outfit and removing it, much to his surprise. He was standing, shivering in just his stockings and spiked heels in no time.

Wendy had followed and was standing just inside the door. She felt she was going to love watching it. Johanna felt so scared and humiliated, standing almost naked in the torture room. If felt so inappropriate to be out of his maid dress. He also feared the milking, she feared the pain it was going to do to her breasts. Johanna started crying a bit, her lips trembling as she stared at Wendy, trying to beg for mercy. Wendy was having so much fun. She could read John's mind perfectly and he had no idea what was in store for him.

Wendy waves her wand in graceful arcs. There is a bright blue flash of light, and Davina is standing in a most adorable outfit. She has on what appears to be a very short Little Bo Peep Dress, a very stiff crynolyn that mad the dress stand out so that he could see Davina's panties clearly. They matched the dress. They were white, and covered in large ruffles. The largest ruffles were around the legs and the waist. She had a very delicate white lace pinafore tied in a cute bow in the back. Davina had on a cute pair of black slippers with a large gold buckle in front.

Wendy giggles, "Ok, Miss Milk Maid, place the sissy in the rack properly so she can be milked."

Davina curtsies gracefully, takes Joanna by the hand, and escorts him to a strangely curved rack, with several strategically placed pads. She has him lie face down and fastens the restraining straps. Joanna hears each lock as it snaps closed with a soft click. When Davina had finished, Joanna was lying face down, with his legs spread and his bottom exposed in the air.

Johanna sees Davina pick up a large round toy with an oddly bent tip and begin applying some kind of gel to it in generous quantities. Johanna suddenly feels the controls keeping him from saying what he wants to say vanish. Wendy wanted to hear him whine and beg.

Johanna felt John talking over ... he had free speech ... but he felt so weak, so humiliated. Since he was totally restrained, all he could do was plead and whine. When he saw the toy, he knew right away what it was for. He knew where it was going. He dreaded the moment and was totally helpless about it. He was spasming and squirming on the rack, trying to get free, but the bond were tight. He felt something very cold touching his anus.

"No ... please don't ... please ... don't do this ..." cried John.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh" cooed Davina "It's gonna be alright"

John had never cried so much in his life. He didn't want to be violated. Meanwhile, Wendy was enjoying the show. The enchantment on the rack was working perfectly. Once Johanna had been strapped down, all magical inhibitors went away. It was also enhancing every negative emotion, such as shame in this particular case. Johanna was in for a shameful ride every milking.

Davina coos softly and affectionately as she turned the toy on. Joanna could feel it begin to vibrate as he heard the buzz disappear. he gasps loudly as it penetrated his bottom. His sphincter spasms painfully as Davina slowly penetrates him. She expertly maneuvers it into position, and begins to massage Joanna's prostate. He pants between his cries and pleadings for Davina to stop. She is very loving, and understanding ... but continues any way.

There are sensations. Some were very plesant, some were painful as Joanna was penetrated deeply. He suddenly feels as if he has to go pee really badly ... and then a large stream of white gooshy stuff comes from his seriously shrunken manhood, into a beaker that was placed in just the right place to catch it all. Joanna experienced no sexual gratification in any way from this.

Johanna wasn't aroused in the normal way somehow, she had goosebumps all over her body, but nothing particular was happening down there. When she felt the stream going out of her manhood, she felt nothing special. She knew she had just cum, but she felt no orgasm. Johanna felt unsatisfied, sexually frustrated, shamefully teased. She was almost begging for more, but she knew it wouldn't happen. Her prostate was empty now .. Johanna only cried. Wendy came up to Joanna and ran her hand softly through his long and beautiful curls.

She coos softly, "Aww ... is mommy's little girl frustrated? You know, you will never have sex as a boy ever again ... but ... I think you will find this just as satisfying."

She turns to Davina and hands her a harness with a very large dildo toy attached. Davina obediently strapped herself in. Johanna noticed how large it was ... and a squeeze bulb near the harness end of the toy.

Wendy kisses Joanna on her cheek, "Now sweetie, this is what a little girl feels ... the first time."

Wendy nods to Davina. Davina puts a quantity of lubricant on the end of the toy, then comes up close behind Johanna. He is thinking Davina is going to penetrate him in his bottom again ... He gasps loudly when the cold tip of the toy touches him at the base of his penis.

Johanna wiggled on the rack. She wasn't ready for another run. The cold feeling made her shriek and cry, which made Wendy start laughing. She felt so helpless and humiliated.

Joanna feels the pressure as Davina begins to push. At first, it kind of hurt. Davina pushed harder ... Joanna lets out a squeaking cry as he feels a very sharp pinching inside. Davina giggles softly as she takes Joanna by his hips and begins to thrust. Joanna's mind freaks out as he feels himself being impossible penetrated. Each of Davina's thrusts produced chills all through him. He shivers as he feels the toy go deeper into him in a place he thought impossible.

Wendy coos softly, "See, sweetie? You're more female that you knew."

Wendy giggles loudly. Joanna's eyes grow large as he feels the impossible. He can feel himself somehow ... stretching ... opening. Wave after wave of intense pleasure ... mingled with a very pleasant pain on top. He couldn't help himself as he began gasping and squeaking with each of the thrusts. He could feel the toy ... inside him .. he felt so ... different ... as the sensation grew, he knew he was going to cum again. Just as Joanna peaked, he felt Davina begin to squeeze the bulb at the other end of the toy.

He felt hot warm wetness between his legs ... and the wonderful sensation of it dripping. He could swear too ... he felt the plastic imitation balls on the toy as they hung down his bottom. Johanna shivers in a humiliated delight as he realizes, he had just had sex and been penetrated like a girl. He looks down just as Davina takes the beaker from its holder and brings it to his face.

Davina says in a very soft and sexy voice, "A good Love Pet always swallows sweetie."

Then begins to feed it to him. Helplessly, he feels the gooey white stuff in his mouth and the involuntary swallows as it goes down.

As Johanna trembles in total disgust and humiliation, Wendy giggles, "Now, I'm going to teach you how to do the lolly pop next ... that really pleases a boy."

When Johanna though she had reached the bottom, swallowing his own juice just added another layer to this very humiliating rape. It was salty, warm, gooey, disgusting. She almost puked up. He still felt it in his throat and he swore he felt it in his stomatch. Wendy had broken John forever. John knew he would exist anymore, it was only Johanna now. He was never to act like a man, to have sex like a man or needless to say, be a man. John was Wendy's freak sex toy forever.

Wendy felt John had abandoned himself to Johanna. Johanna whimpered as she was unbuckled from the rack. She minced to her dress, feeling her butt and crotch hurting like hell. She was going to be sore for days.

Wendy takes Johanna by her arm and pulls her over to Davina. Wendy taps Davina on her head with the willow wand ... there is a tinkling sound, and Davina was standing totally naked. Davina was an extremely sexy female Love Doll. Wendy taps her on her privacy again with the wand, suddenly, a large manhood grows from what used to be Davina's vagina. Wendy turns to Joanna and taps him on his head with the wand. He feels a strong wave of tingles run through his body accompanied by a tinkling sound.

Wendy smiles as she coos, "Next lesson, is how a girl gives a boy a lolly pop ... and the wonderful cream filling at the end." Wendy turns as says softly, "Ok, sex doll ... be the perfect toy and teach Johanna how to do the lolly pop ... complete with a full cream filling."

Davina curtsies gracefully and replies, "Yes, Mistress." and turns towards Joanna.

Johanna watched helplessly as his body grabbed delicately the penis in his left hand. Once again, John wasn't in control of his body. It was all Johanna's doing. In any other circumstance John would have accepted giving head like he was about to do, but, like this ... was not how he wanted to do it. Her eyes were tearing as she was about to begin. Very delicately, Johanna applied her lips on the penis. It was tasty somehow and sent shivers down Johanna's spine. Johanna was totally humiliated as she began giving head.

Davina showed Joanna gently how to use her tongue. Where to lick along the ridge of the head and down the underside of the shaft. Before long, Davina had Johanna take the head completely into her mouth and begin sucking softly.

Davina gasped and cooed with pleasure. Davina began thrusting softly into Joanna's mouth ... she takes his head in her hands and begins to push into Johanna's throat. Johanna gags and coughs ... Davina is relentless. In a few seconds more, Joanna feels Davina's thing begin to throb ... and a warm sensation in his tummy. Davina's eyes roll back as she gasps ... the first male orgasm she had experienced in many long months.

Johanna almost choked when Davina cums in her mouth. She had no choice but to swallow her second load of the day. The training was disturbing though, because she knew one day, she will be doing her lessons on real male. She dreaded the moment.

"I think we are done here... for now", said Wendy as she snickered. Johanna instantly dressed herself back as the lowly maid she was. She really felt like a simple toy. She had no strength to fight anything. and could it get any worse?

Wendy taps Davina's thing with the willow wand, it instantly transforms in to a very pretty hairless vagina. Wendy walks over to Joanna as he feels the magical gaff scrunch is shrunken thing away and made his crotch look like a girl's.

Wendy says softly, "I know Davina enjoyed that ... that's the first time she's ... been able to cum as a man since I caught him cheating on me with another woman. I turned him into a sex doll ... and her," Wendy giggles evilly, "into the very toy Davina used to milk you."

Johanna was somehow angry. What about her? She was the victim here! John was dumped, not Wendy. Johanna never deserved all this. Then a light switched on... Wendy's power had no limits. If being as mean as the devil itself was what she wanted, she could. Johanna was a kind of doll, like Davina.

Davina began to beg for sex. She said in a very sexy way, "Fuck me .. hard ... let me be on the bottom and you pound me!"

Wendy turns and frowns. she walks over to Davina and reaches to the back of her head. Joanna feels a tingle of fear as he sees Wendy ... actually find ... then pull the stopper on a plug in the back of Davina's head. The total fear in Davina's eyes told Joanna everything as he watched her go completely flat ... and her voice wind down like a recorder running out of power.

Johanna stares in disbelief as Wendy folds up the now flat Davina into a neat square and stuffs her under the milking rack with the toy he now knows used to be another woman. Wendy turns and looks at Joanna for a few seconds.

Wendy says, “Come with me maid ... it's time for you to assume your position beside my bed as I get ready to sleep."

Joanna helplessly follows Wendy to her room and automatically stands in the spot Wendy had showed her earlier in the day. As Wendy took a long bubble bath, Joanna thought of Davina going flat. He managed to feel the back of his head ... and to his horror .. found a plug stuffed flush with his skull. A chill ran through him as he pondered all the things that had happened in the last few hours. Wendy came back out ... she was extremely sexy in her jet black spiderweb babydoll nighty and tie on bikini panties. Joanna felt his thing pinch badly, as the gaff stopped it from getting hard at the arousing image Wendy posed.

She kisses Joanna on his forehead as coos, "Good night my Maid Doll. I want breakfast served by 7am sharp. The lessons begin early in the morning."

She turns off the light and crawls into bed, leaving Johanna alone in the dark with many confusing and humiliating thoughts in her head.

~~ End Pt2 ~~

Witch's Call Pt 3


Johanna hasn't been able to close an eye to whole night. She stood motionless next to her mistress' bed. She was still recovering from her day. She spent the night wondering what will happen to her, what will she suffer and for how long. She wasn't tired at all. Was it magic, or was it the soreness of her pelvis that kept her awake?

She couldn't stop touching the valve behind her head. She couldn't believe she was a doll now. She thought many times about pulling the valve and ending her nightmare, but she dreaded the feeling.

After what seemed like endless hours, Wendy rolls over and stretches luxuriously. She sits up and rubs her eyes as she yawns, blinks at Johanna, and smiles.

She says softly, "It's time for you to learn how to make breakfast."

Wendy gets out of bed, takes Johanna by her hand, and leads her into the kitchen.

Wendy waves her hand around the room, then says, "Get Started."

Tons of sparkling dust fell from the ceiling, then onto Johanna's head. Wendy had just filled the cupboard with tons of food, as well as the fridge. Johanna was also filled, but with knowledge. Wendy had magically taught her how to cook for her.

Obediently, head down, Johanna walked towards the center of the kitchen. She didn't know where to start and what to do. Meanwhile, Wendy was getting impatient and tapping her foot on the floor, arms crossed. Johanna opened up the fridge and was completely lost in front of so much abundance.

Wendy appeared to be getting even more impatient. Johanna could see the hints of a scowl as they began to cross Wendy's very pretty features.

Wendy says with a slight edge in her voice, "Is ... there a problem ... Maid?"

"Sorry Mistress, but I don't know what pleases you..." Johanna's eyes started filling with tears as fear took over her mind.

"Silly Maid! First, you will have eternity to know everything about my tastes. Secondly, you'd better start cooking something or you will suffer consequences. In fact, each time the meal is not good, late or to my taste of the day, you will be punished."

Johanna quickly takes a pound of hamburger from the huge plethora of food within the refrigerator. She quickly pounds out the patties and throws them on top of the wood burning stove. The griddle spits and sizzles as Johanna flips them ... the wonderful smell of freshly cooked burgers fills the kitchen. Wendy begins to smile evilly behind Johanna's back as Johanna finished making the burgers. They were perfection on a plate as she handed it to Wendy.

Wendy yells, "And ... just what in the Nettzerrkian Slithers is that supposed to be?" Johanna was so afraid, she dropped the platter all over Wendy's foot. The plate shattered and splattered in a huge mess. Johanna could tell Wendy was furious. Without warning, Wendy's hand was behind Johanna's head. Johanna felt it as the plug was pulled. An extremely intense rush ran all through Johanna's body as she felt some thing rushing rapidly from the back of her head, her body quickly seeming to go limp. She could feel it as what ever it was inflating her body, quickly rushed out of the back of her head ... she could hear it hissing as well.

Johanna was floating into her maid dress. She had a weird feeling of being sucked up by her neck.

"No please... Mistress..." her voice sounded so weak, so out of air ... Johanna realized she was totally breathless. It felt as if something were sucking it from her lungs. She started crumpling to the floor, her legs and arms taking all kind of weird folds. Her sight was suddenly blinded by the dress as her head collapsed inside. She could feel it as her head went flat. She started to feel empty ... a horrible and scary emptiness. Like falling into a black hole or swimming into a dark ocean at night. She tried to scream for help, but no words were coming out of her mouth. She simply didn't have any breath. She was alone ... afraid ... she was ... going flat.

No scream, no cries, no moves, nothing was happening. Johanna was alone in her dark place. She hated it. It felt worse than hell.. Johanna could her the horrid Witch's cackle coming from Wendy. Johanna felt strange as Wendy's hands picked up the now deflated Johanna Maid doll.

Wendy says with a sneer in her voice, "This is how it feels for a doll when she's being put away.”

Johanna was horror struck as Wendy began to fold her into a neat square, pressing more air from her already deflated body. When Wendy had finished, Johanna's face was dead center of the square, with her arms and legs folded above and below ... just like Davina.

Johanna heard a drawer slide open ... saw the drawer .. from the inside as Wendy shut her into darkness. Johanna was left in total darkness with her horrified thoughts. She could hear Wendy's terrible laugh fade as she apparently left the room.

Even with the drawer closed, the laughter in Johnna's mind did not stop. They were even becoming clearer. Then, Johanna found herself standing up in a dark place. Only her and her maid dress were lighted.

Suddenly, people appeared, people he knew. It was his former friends, his former boss, his family, his ex girlfriends, everybody he had feelings for. They were all laughing at him. Johanna's face was red in shame. She tried to hide herself from the humiliation, but there was nowhere she could go. They were all calling her names, and they all started teasing her : John's-a-sis-sy-french-maid!

Johanna was crying, begging them to stop, but it was getting worst. They started throwing stuff at him, some got closer and pinched his boobs or ass. She was in a nightmare and couldn't wake up!

Suddenly, the drawer opens and Johanna sees Wendy reach in ... and feels it as she lifts him from the drawer. Johanna is totally flabbergasted as Wendy shakes her out like a limp sheet then sits with him across her lap. Johanna can see her totally flat and deflated body lying haphazardously across her lap. Johanna feels it as the back of her flattened head is lifted to Wendy's lips and ... ** GASP!! **

Major, intense waves of super sensations run through Johanna as each large puff of warm breath rushes into his head. She can feel it as the air rushes into her and her body begins to reinflate. She has no description of the feeling as her head began to swell up ... or the rest of her body. The sensation was intense and the weirdest one Johanna had ever experienced.

Wendy inflated Johanna in less than a minute. Johanna was standing naked, still shaken by the horrible nightmare she had while in the drawer, and the new experience of being reinflated.

"Well, Sweet Heart, I heard dollies have horrible nightmares when are put to sleep!" giggled Wendy. She was pretty amused by her newest toy, "And yet, you were asleep for less than five minutes. I wonder what Davina had been dreaming of the whole night!".

The wicked face Wendy had sent shivers down Johanna's spine. Wendy was right, Davina had been in the drawer since yesterday!

"Now, each time you deceive me, you will be put to sleep. Each time will be longer than the previous one!", Wendy commented with an evil sneer to her voice.

Wendy removes the willow wand from her belt and gracefully waves it. There is a tinkling sound and a bright light. Johanna finds herself completely dressed one more time.

Wendy says with a bit of temper in her voice, "I suggest, Missy Maid, that you start making me a proper breakfast ... and start your chores for the day."

Wendy once again crosses her arms and begins to tap her foot angrily.

Johanna's lips were trembling as she had the most pitiful look she could get on her face : "Can Mistress explains what my daily chores are?"

Wendy's anger suddenly vanished has she slaps her forehead and giggled : "I'm silly, I totally forgot about your training. I can be really harsh sometimes!"

With a wave of her magical wand, tons of sparkles were sent towards Johanna as she was filled with knowledges about the new duties of her new maid's life.

Johanna became a spectator within her own body as she dashed about the kitchen. She quickly prepared Waffles, link sausages, eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a pot of steaming coffee.

She walked into the dining room where Wendy had gone and seated herself. Johanna placed all the items before her mistress in perfect order, along with the proper silverware.

Johanna poured a steaming hot cup of coffee just as Wendy said, "Just so you know, tonight when I go to bed, I'm going to deflate you and put you in my panty drawer for safe keeping ... I hope you have sweet dreams ... after all, you'll finally be where you wanted to be in the first place."

As Johanna retreated to the kitchen once again, a chill of fear ran down her spine with each evil cackle that came from Wendy.

It took Johanna a good half hour to clean all the dishes. She couldn't stop thinking about tonight and her next sleep. Maybe if she did her chores correctly, she would be spared this humiliating moment.

Wendy was having a lot of fun. Using her magic to torment John. It was very entertaining and a whole lot of fun. Normally, she would be simply use magic to ease her life. Spawn the breakfast and when she's done, make it disappear.

Instead, she was using her magic to make John's life tougher. Wendy stood in the kitchen entrance as she looked at Johanna bending over the sink. The hem of her very short dress was lifting and Wendy could clearly see the cute ruffles of his panties. It's then another idea dawned on her...

Wendy approached silently and caressed Johanna's bottom affectionately. Johanna gasps as his eyes get huge in surprise. He drops one of the plates in his hands ... it shatters on the stone floor.

Wendy snuggles closer to Johanna and whispers softly in his ear, tickling it with her warm breath, "You will never know sex as a man ever again."

She squeezes Johanna's hinny softly once again. Johanna feels something being put into her panties, between her legs. When it comes on and begins to vibrate beneath the gaff that was locked on .... the super intense waves were almost too intense for him to think. As Johanna felt the thing vibrate, her body stiffens up like a plank.

"Thank ... you ... Mis ... tress" she said as she tried focusing.

Johanna said it with a smile, but with tears in her eyes. Wendy loved it.

"Now, when you're done here, you will go clean your yesterday's outfit. It's going to be the same chores list every say. I want all my meals ready at 7 am, noon and 6 pm unless I say something else. When you have free time, you will dust the mansion like a good maid. At noon, I want you to wear your sissiest maid uniform. You can't miss it, it's a pink one in your room. I will have a good surprise for you!" giggled Wendy.

Johanna was unable to think properly as she continued to perform her new tasks. The more she tried to concentrate, the harder each task became, and the more intense the sensations became. Johanna's thing strained mightily to stiffen, but was completely restrained by the magical gaff. He was beginning to be super uncomfortable ... and super aroused at the same time ... and totally unable to relieve either one. Johanna suddenly noticed with a start, it was 45 minutes of 12 noon ... and she hadn't started lunch yet.

~~ End Pt3 ~~

Witch's Call - Pt 4


Johanna rushed to the kitchen to prepare the lunch. Since she was kinda late on schedule, it was going to be something very lite. She was pretty sure a good salad with roasted chicken would do the job. As she opened the fridge, she realized all the ingredients she needed were on the same shelves, as if the fridge had guessed what she was about to cook.

She grabbed the 4 chicken breasts and put them on the stove. She had problem concentrating with the vibrator. It was so intense her body was spasming and was falling in a blissful, almost orgasmic state for a couple seconds each minute or two. The vibrator was also forcing her to take very small steps. She kind of looked like a malfunctioning robot as she moved around the kitchen.

She washed the salad, cut the veggies and tossed everything into a huge bowl. As she removes the breasts, she realized how pointy and sharp the chief knife she was holding was . She was just a kind of balloon after all, and this brought her a bit of concern. At the same instant, her body spasmed to the intensity of the butterfly in her panties, and she dropped the knife.

To Johanna's horror, the knife had pricked her on her hand. She looked in total shock as she saw and heard air escaping her body. It felt so weird. She could feel the pressure changing in her body and feel it as it rushed from her hand. She turns and looks all around the kitchen for something that might help. She holds the puncture with her other hand. It sort of helps ... as it slowed the small leak.

Johanna can feel her body as it very slowly begins to slacken. She knows she hasn't much time to resolve this dilemma. Her eyes fall on a large jar of thick molasses ... and she sees a small rubber jar opening pad. Without thinking about it, she quickly cutes a patch from the pad, slathers it with molasses, and wraps it over the small puncture. There are several bubbles that quickly form ... until one last one slowly grows large, before popping loudly. No more bubbles form. Johanna breaths a sigh of relief.

Johanna returned to the chicken breasts and cut them into slices, which she then laid on plates of salads. Quickly, she set the dinning table for 4. She looked at the clock and saw it was 15 to noon. She had little time to get changed and ran to her room... to fall face first on the floor.

She realized how wobbly she was. Loosing some air made her slack in her uniform and very unstable on her heels. She stumbles twice before getting up. At least, the slack had weakened the intensity of the vibrator. She got up and used the wall to help her get to her room.

Johanna finally made it to her room, and to her closet. It was a fortunate thing that her room was small. She puts on her most Sissy Maid's Outfit, except this time, she puts on the flat black slippers. because of the slackness in her body, she was unable to wear the heels. Quickly as she could, she returned to the kitchen, gathered up every thing on a platter, and brought it to the dining room. the weight of the platter was a problem because of the slackness of her body.

Wendy, of course, noticed everything as Johanna crossed the room, her body doing ,,, strange wiggles and contortions.

Johanna was in total shock as she stepped into the dinning room with her plater. With Wendy were 3 peoples she knew well ; her receptionist Tammy she always found really cute, and two others Mary and Josy ... one of his ex-girlfriends. Wendy had reunited all the women who John had a crush on.

Johanna wondered what evil plan Wendy had behind her head as she served the women sitting at the table clumsily . None of them said a word. They were simply starting at him.

Then Johanna's face became deep red. She realized she was dressed with the most prissy sissy pink satin maid uniform ever made. She had huge puffy shoulders with tons of frills, bows and hearts all over her dress. The tutu petticoat of her dress was so high everyone could see her cute pink panties that were covered in large pink ruffles and the huge pink bow tied in back.

Johanna stood still, humiliated by the silence of the woman she once loved. It was just seconds before they all burst into laughs. Wendy raised from her chair and walk next to her slacked maid. She quickly grabbed her hand and check the patch work Johanna had made.

"See? ... she's a very resourceful maid now!"

Wendy looks into Johanna's eyes. Johanna sees a mischievous sparkle. Without warning, Wendy yanks the makeshift patch from Johanna's hand. There is a whistling noise as the air begins to rush from the small cut. Johanna feels the really strange sensation as the air rushed from her body and it began to go flat. The other women stopped laughing and looked on in wide eyed surprise.

For long moments, Johanna slowly began to wrinkle up and sag as she went flat. The sensation felt awful. Johanna was helpless to stop herself from going flat and began to loose her balance ... her body was too slack to stand any longer. Like the balloon she was, she slowly toppled onto Wendy.

Wendy takes her wand from her belt and taps the cut on Johanna's hand. Instantly it seals. Wendy sits and takes the now very slackened Johanna across her lap like the limp balloon she was, and pulls the plug in the back of her head. Johanna can do nothing except experience being reinflated once again as Wendy's hot breath blew into her head and the rest of her body ... but this time amid the furious laughter of all present.

Tammy, John's office receptionist, couldn't believe her eyes. John had been some kind of a boss to her, and he looked good as a man. She thought it was another man lost to women like her, but at least he had what he really wanted.

"And you said he begged you to turn him into your sissy maid? It's quite a surprise!!! Who would want to live such way?" asked Tammy as she giggled nervously.

Johanna eyes grew big. Wendy had lied all along... and Johanna couldn't say a word about it. She just laid there, humiliated as Wendy reinflated her expanding body. She wanted to run out of the dinning room, but she was on duty, and still being blown up.

"I always knew John was hiding something like that." giggled Mary.

"Can we borrow her?" laughed Josy.

Wendy grinned as she looked at Johanna. She could see fear in her eyes as she finished inflating him and standing him on his feet.

"Sure thing! But I'm warning you. You can't deflate her and if you pop her, you will have consequences!"

All women stopped laughing. Wendy's warning was kind of scary. They knew how powerful she was.

"Now let's have lunch! After, it will be Johanna's milking time!"

Johanna's body immediately went into action. She rushed into the kitchen and retrieved what ever items she had to leave on the last trip because her body was too slack to carry it on the tray. When she returned to the dining room, she placed each item on the table within easy reach of the ladies sitting.

Wendy giggles, "Johanna, tell the girls how willing you were to be a Sissy Maid."

Johanna tried as hard as she could not to do it, but her body instantly did. Johanna says in a very cute voice as she curtsies for Wendy, "It's the most wonderful thing ever. Now, I don't have to look wistfully in all my girlfriend's panty drawers and wish ... I can actually wear them."

The girls all gasped in surprise, before they roared in loud hilarious laughter.

Wendy continued : "Tell us Johanna, why have you chosen to be a sissy maid exactly?"

Once again, Johanna couldn't control her mouth. She was just a doll after all. She was saying what her owner wanted her to say.
[11:16] budugu2004: "I enjoy maid's chores. Cleaning and cooking for you, Mistress, is so satisfying. I've never felt so useful in my life. It also fulfills my deepest fantasy of being a girl on a certain level. Instead of looking at them, I get to wear all the cute things." and she smiled as she did a cute little curtsies.

Johanna was screaming in her head. She even tried to cry, but no tears were coming. She was just witnessing her own nightmare.

"And tell me, Johanna, what do you prefer in your new life? Dresses? Milking? Chores?"
[11:16] budugu2004: Johanna gulped. She dreaded the words that were going to come out of her mouth.

"It's to serve you, Mistress, a powerful woman, who put myself into the role every man should be, serving woman as a shemale sissy maid." Johanna then did a cute courtesy as she grabbed her crotch with both hands and stood like a little girl needing to go potty badly before continuing, “I love ... being milked too ... and to taste the stuff is ... so ... yummy.”

All women around the table were totally stunned at what Johanna had said. They just couldn't believe it. How could a man, or someone, really think and act like that? John had really weird and dark secrets ... but none of them could have imagined anything like this.

Wendy asked another question, "Do you like the idea of being a man ... or a woman?"

Johanna almost died within her mind as her mouth opened and she instantly replied, "I love being a woman, I also love being a man. I look forward to the time when I'm milked the most .... because I can fantasize."

Johanna feels it as her body gets goose bumps and she shivers and squeaks in a cute manner. Johanna is totally flabbergasted at the things Wendy is making him say ... and in front of whom she made him say it.

Wendy smiles a huge smile, she tosses a fork behind Johanna as she says in a cutsie voice, "Ooopsies."

Johanna completely helpless to stop herself, turns around with an adorable squeak, bends at the waist allowing all of the very large ruffles on her panties to show in full glory. Johanna stands back up and minces as she giggles in a very cute way, her cheeks turning a shade of pink. All the women clap and giggle at the show.

Johanna spent the dinner serving the woman, picking up silverware to make them laugh, doing tons of curtesies at their request, etc. None of them would even know the truth and help her out of her situation. She was doomed.

All the discussion around the table were about Johanna, or John. The kind of man he was, little stories Josy and Mary had about him during their relations, etc. Johanna hated being the center of attrention. It reminded her she will never see her old life again.

Johanna went in the kitchen and started boiling water for tea. As she poured the cup, she heard the tone of the voice in the dinning room going down, chattering becoming whispering. Johanna knew something was up ... and dreaded having to return to the dining room.

Johanna walked in and minced in the dinning room with her plater and served the women. They all asked for a cloud of milk. When she came back from the kitchen, Tammy, Josy and Mary were giggling.

Tammy asked : "I bet Johanna wants her cup of milk too..."

Wendy stands with a flourish and waves her wand. There is a flash of blue/white light. Johanna almost faints when she sees the milking frame sitting in front of her. While her mind was having an embarrassment melt down from the humiliation, Johanna's body was bouncing on her toes and clapping her hands together in what appeared for all the world like joy.

Wendy walked to Johanna and took hold of the back of her dress. Johanna felt it as the hem came up, her panties came down and the magical gaff slacken its grip on her body. Before Johanna knew it, he felt the magical gaff completely being removed from his manhood as well. Immediately, he had a massive hard on. It stood more erect than Johanna had ever known he could do.

Wendy took him by the hand and laid him face down on the rack with his legs spread and his butt in the air. The girls twittered and whispered among themselves as Wendy left, only to return shortly with a neatly folded square of some kind of flesh colored bundle.

"This is Davina, Johanna's new best friend! She's her milk maid".

The three girl looked curiously at Wendy as with a wave of her wand, Davina was inflated back. Another bright flash and she was wearing her cute milk maid uniform.

Like for her first milking, Johanna had control of her body while on the rack, but she couldn't even budge because of the straps binding her to it.. Tears came up and she started whimpering.

"Please, don't do this!" begged Johanna.

Mary and Josy burst in laughs as Tammy asked Wendy : "Why isn't he enjoying it?"

"Don't worry silly, it's part of the play! You see how happily he installed himself on the rack?"

"No, please don't, I don't want this, I don't wanna be milked, I don't wanna be a sissy maid..." cryed Johanna.

Josy and Mary were having a lot of fun but Tammy wasn't. He attatude change suddenly as what ever the spell might have been lost total control ... Tammy liked john a lot and had even hoped one day ...

Wendy looked at Tammy. She could tell by her face she wasn't believing her anylonger ... what ever control she had over Tammy had somehow gone. She would have to dispose of Tammy somehow eventually.

Davina pats Johanna on her cute round bottom softly as she coos, "Now, now sweetheart, I understand completely."

Davina opens a tube of sex wax lubricant and lubes the strangely bent toy she was holding in her other hand. Davina kneels down beside the frame and takes Johanna's very stiff member in her hand. Johanna screeches unhappily as he hears the toy begin to buzz. Johanna feels it as Davina begins to play with his opening as she kisses his swollen member and runs her tongue all around it.

Johanna feels real sexual arousal for the first time since her transformation, but the intensity seems duplicated even if her penis is much smaller. It fills Davina's warm mouth pretty well and allows her to massage it with her tongue.

Johanna never felt something like that. But she was tied down on a rack and given head in front of an audience witnessing her humiliation. Johanna gasped as the tip of the toy was pushed inside her anus and she starts crying. It hurt as much as the first time and was so much more humiliating Johanna's penis was still rock hard in Davina's mouth as Davina tried to bring Johanna to the brink.

Davina expertly rotates the toy until the bent tip massages his prostate in a wonderful way. Johanna feels the intense sensations of Davina's expert tongue as she does her work. Johanna can't help himself ... the urge is suddenly super powerful ... he has to go pee. A large amount of white gooshy stuff runs from his manhood into the jar strategically placed to catch it all. All the girls but Tammy cheer and clap their hands.

Davina stands and takes the jar. With her other hand, scoops a large amount of its contents out, then forces it into Johanna's mouth. She continues this process until his mouth is full and his face is messy with it. Wendy flicks her wand beneath the table ... Johanna can't help himself ... he swallows loudly, then opens his mouth and sticks out his tongue and begins to clean his face as best he could.

Josy and Mary cheered as Tammy wiped away little tears to Johanna's humiliation. Johanna cried. She could still taste her own cum in her mouth. It was awful. She would never get used to it.

As she was untied from the rack, the gaff was put back on. She was ready to clean the dinning room. As she passed the girls, she saw Tammy's sad face. Suddenly, Johanna had a little hope. Maybe Tammy would find a way to help him...

"There's going to be another representation later this evening. Now, while Johanna cleans the kitchen and the dinning room, we will have to discuss matter of schedules. I'm going to create magical portal that will allow Johanna to go to your house, Josy and Mary, as she will also clean yours. As for you Tammy..."

Wendy waves her wand ... there is a bright flash of light. Where Tammy sat, there now was the most adorable babydoll of Tammy anyone had ever seen. The other 2 girls didn't seem to care as they picked up the shrunken diapered girl and began to play with her. Johanna could see no more as she carried a large platter of dishes out of the dining room. Johanna did hear the peals of laughter coming form Josey and Mary. The only other sound she heard, were adorable gurgles and baby sounds.

Johanna started doing the dishes. She was badly curious about what was happening in the dining room, but her body was busy cleaning up the kitchen. She could hear chatters about how cute the Tammy Doll looked, or Josy and Mary fighting over babysitting. Johanna had an idea of what happened, but needed a confirmation.

It took her only 10 minutes to finish her chores and showed up to girls, ready for duties. When she appeared, Mary was holding in her hand the most adorable baby girl babydoll Johanna had ever seen. She knew it was Tammy somehow. It didn't take long for Wendy to make sure nothing would interfere with Johanna's fate.

Wendy had already dressed up Davina as a nurse. She was waiting by Mary, ready to take care of the baby girl when the big girls were done playing.

Wendy smiles when she sees Johanna enter the dining room. She says with happiness in her voice, "Come, sissy maid ... see my newest addition to my Babydoll collection. I'm calling her Tammy." **Giggle** "All my girlfriend love playing with her as you can see, and are going to bring over lots of toys and outfits to play with her. Why don't you go over and introduce yourself to her? I think ... the 2 of you have thing to say to each other before Tammy becomes a permanent addition ... don't you think?"

Johanna had no choice. Her body immediately walked over to Mary and collected the Babydoll from her arms and arranged her carefully and comfortably in the crook of her arm. Johanna suddenly realized ... she was free to talk to Tammy ... but no one else.

Tears filled Johanna eyes quickly. She couldn't find the right words to say but "I'm sorry..."

Johanna couldn't help but feel guilty about Tammy's situation. "I promise I will... do something... take care of you..."

Wendy retorts, "Don't be silly sissy maid, Davina will be there for Tammy. After all, you have chores to do!"

Wendy waved her wand and Johanna's feather duster appeared in her hand.

"The floor looks dusty don't you think?" asked Wendy in her authoritarian voice.

Instantly, Johanna hands Tammy Doll to Mary, then bends over and started dusting, showing off her ruffled panties. Josy had a lot of fun pinching her ass and feeling her crotch.

Tammy could do nothing as Mary began to tickle her. Tammy screeched and kicked her feet and made adorable baby sounds. To Tammy's horror, she was tickled to the point she wet her diaper. Tammy had no control as she felt the warmth trickle around her bottom. Her eyes get big.

Mary realizes what had happened and announces in a loud voice, "Awww, the baby wet her diaper. I think it's time to change her. Davina, the table's big enough, change our new babydoll so we can all watch."

Instantly, Davina takes Tammy to the table and lays her on her back. She removes a large bag from around her shoulders, and proceeds to clean, and rediapers Tammy. All the women coo and make remarks as Tammy feels incredible humiliation at what transpires.

As Tammy was getting changed, Johanna was going down an hallway, bottom up, dusting the floor like a humiliated maid. She couldn't stop thinking about Tammy. She was surely in the same situation as her, totally aware and unable to do anything. At least, Tammy's fate seemed almost like a benediction to Johanna.

The day quickly went by and it was already supper time. Josy and Mary had left, and Johanna was preparing the meal for two. Baby food for Tammy and a tender fillet mignon for Wendy. She knew after supper she would be humiliated again while being milked, but what was she dreaded the most was her night deflated in the drawer. She couldn't imagine what she was about to face ... followed by another humiliating day as Wendy's sissy maid.

~~ The End ~~
Miki Yamuri
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Re: Witch's Call - Complete

Postby budugu2004 » Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:10 pm

I really enjoyed doing that roleplay with you. I hope we'll get to do one again one day :)
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Re: Witch's Call - Complete

Postby TiresiasRex » Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:56 pm

This was definitely one of your more erotic stories, Miki and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed the milking rack scenes.

One critique: in Part 4....a few times you see "Budugu2004's" name appear....looks like you were splicing his roleplaying comments in and just forgot to erase his name. It's not jarring...but it does break up the "flow" (pun intended) of the climactic (heh..there I go again) final chapter a bit. I must confess to being a bit envious of Budugu...damn, to be milked like this....sigh.

In other news: I will NEVER look at an image of the formerly innocent "Wendy, the Good Little Witch" from Harvey Comics the same way again.

Wonderful story.
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