One Wild Night

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One Wild Night

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:59 pm

Title: One Wild Night


Elladan Kenet , 20, male college student : Played by - Himself

Tanya Travers 18yo female professional babysitter: Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: A club one night


Elladan hadn't wanted to go. He wasn't a very sociable person, and he hated clubs. But, it was Jackie's birthday, so how could he say no? Giving in, he allowed them to drag him to the club for the celebrating. What he hadn't counted on, was that they were trying to get him to be more sociable, which is why someone had found a woman to pay to be with him for the night. $400 and she was obliged to spend the night with him, one way or another, and do everything she could to make him happy.

Unknowing of the plan, the college student, approximately 5'8" with shoulder length black hair, a green tee, jeans, and sneakers was led over to a booth where a prettily dressed young woman sat.

He blinked a bit, confused as his friends walked away. "Huh? What's going on here?"

Tanya had been waiting patiently for the young man to arrive. She had the whole evening planned ... and she knew it would be for more than tonight ... and many more in the future. The group arrived and introduced him and left him there confused.

Tanya looks up and says sweetly, "Hello, my name's Tanya *giggles softly* You're cuter than they said you would be. Do ya want a drink with me?"

She smiles a very beguiling and intoxicating smile. Her soft delicate perfume filling his mind.

He blinked a bit. Tanya? From the way she was talking, it sounded like they'd paid her to be with him. Was she a stripper, he wondered? Little did he know, in truth she was one of the richest girls in the world ... looking for a new Pet.

Confused, he shook his head. "Um... no, no thanks. I don't drink."

Tanya stands up, she was dressed in a very short and cute cream colored skirt and matching smock top with a low cut front that showed off her cute cleavage, and puffy sleeves..

She takes him by the hand gently and says softly, "How about a dance then sweety?" She kisses him tenderly on his lips before she continues, "I'm only drinking soda pop, Alcohol tastes nasty and I don't like it."

He blushes, squeaking a bit as she kisses him and leads him onto the dance floor. "Ah! A-a-all right!"

She takes the shy and stumbling young man onto the dance floor. She takes him into her arms and gracefully begins to lead the confused boy in a slow dance. She reaches down and takes his bottom in her hands and squeezes as she pulls him into her body and kisses him on his lips again. She wiggles her beautiful body enticingly against his.

She whispers into his hear, "Are you sure you wouldn't want to spend some time with me? It can be lotsa fun."

Squeaking again when she grabs his butt and pulls him into her embrace as she dances with him ... he turns scarlet, looking up at her shyly as she takes them around the dance floor.

He says softly between kisses, "Well I... I guess it can't hurt... now that I'm here..."

Her green eyes sparkle brightly as she giggles.

She says, "Aww, sweetheart, I can make you my total baby and give you my undivided attention if you want." She pats his bottom softly with her hand then continues, "I promise, it won't hurt a bit."

He of course doesn't realize exactly what she's saying, so he blushes and nods a bit as she pats his bottom more. "Okay..." he is a bit subdued, but realizes he owes it to her to at least finish the night.

They finish the dance. Tanya snuggles close and holds him lovingly in her arms as she kisses him. Elladan doesn't realize until she breaks the kiss, the music had stopped and they were the only ones on the floor. A huge cheer with many congratulatory comments ring out as she leads him back to their table by his hand. She orders 2 sodas which are delivered on the house as the couple of the hour.

He says softly to Tanya, "Wow, that was embarrassing."

It had been his first time dancing too, and she was the first girl he'd ever kissed (and the last, if she gets her way). Blushing as the clapping subsided and she led him back, he sat down at the table across from her.

Tanya scoots over beside him and takes his hand in hers. She is looking into his eyes and has his undivided attention. As she again kisses his lips softly, her strawberry lip gloss tingling wonderfully in Elladan's mouth, she pours unnoticed the red contents of a small bottle into his drink. After this, she takes his hand and gently puts it between her legs and allows him to get a good feel. She sits back and picks up her drink and takes a small sip.

She coos pleasantly, "I hope you liked the dance sweetie. I would ... love to dance more if you wanna ... or we could do other fun things." She bats her eyes and looks adorable.

He blushes again and closes his eyes as she kisses him, while slipping the drug into his drink. Thanks to this, he'll be putty in her hands and very much needing a change soon. He is so excited when he feels the soft moistness of her panties in his hands. He can feel himself getting very hard and uncomfortable in his pants. Breaking the kiss, he smiles shyly and sips from his own drink. It tastes a tad sweet, but he disregards it.

"Maybe one more, if you want ... but after, could we ... sorta be alone?" he asks shyly

Tanya picks up Elladan's glass and holds it to his lips as she coos softly, "Now mommy's baby bea good boy and drink his soda for mommy." She giggles softly as she holds the glass to his lips. "We can go any where baby wants after he finishes his drink."

She tickles him gently in his ribs with her other hand as she looks into his eyes.

Huh? He wonders to himself as he begins to loose himself to this extremely beautiful; young woman. Why is she doing this, he wonders? She's treating him a bit like a baby and this confuses him, but in the end, he is so aroused and intrigued, he obeys and opens his mouth so she can pour it in. When tickled, he giggles.

Tanya takes him by his hand and pulls him to his feet. She escorts him to the dance floor for another slow dance. All the people make a place for them in the center of the floor. Elladan can hear many soft voices commenting on how wonderful a couple they made. She takes Elladan in her arms and snuggles in close. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately as she wiggles against him enticingly again.

He can't help but snuggle back and murmur some as she kisses and dances with him. Unbeknowst to him,. however, is the drink was laced with diuretics and super powerful regression drugs, and was causing him to wet his pants right there on the floor.

Tanya gasps softly as she takes a step back. She puts her hand to her mouth as she looks down at Elladan's trousers with big surprised eyes. she gasps softly, "Elladan ... you ... you just wet your pants sweet heart." She inconspicuously points to the spreading wet spot in the front of his pants.

He gasps out in a breathy voice, “Oh dear, how embarrassing.” Shocked, he looks down and gasps even louder, highly embarrassed. "Oh no! It was an accident!"

Tonya giggles in a cute manner and coos to Elladan like he's a baby, "It's ok sweetie. Mommy understands."

She knows the diuretic had done its job well, and the regression chemicals were beginning to take effect. She needed to get him from the club rather quickly, before he became an infant. She takes him by the hand and escorts him to the table with all of his friends.

She says softly, "I'm sorry everyone, We have to go ... I .. umm ... am clumsy and spilled my soda in Elladan's lap. We have to go and get him cleaned up and changed."

They all laugh. One of the girls at the table comments, "It looks like he wet his pants." Again, everyone at the table laughs.

Elladan is mortified. Even with her excuse, he is being ridiculed. This causes him to pale and avert his eyes as she leads him away, knowing he can never show his face here again with dignity.

Tanya leans over and coos softly in Elladan's ear, "Besides, a baby shouldn't be at a club any way ... should be at home in her mommy's loving arms ... oops ... I mean .. **she blushes softly** his."

He doesn't catch her slip, due to his embarrassment and shyness. Distracted, he nods, following her as she leads him out.

He muses softly to himself as his mind begins to become fuzzy, "I don't understand.." referring of course to the accident. " I ... I haven't done something like this since I was 3 years old."

Tanya leads Elladan out of the club. She says softly, "Now what am I going to do with my baby? Seems mommy has to get her home and change right away." She takes a cell phone from her purse and makes a call. It rings 2ice and a very deep male voice answers. She says, "Bring the car around, My date and I need to go to the apartment ... he had .. a problem."

The reply was simply, "Right Away Miss Travers."

He pauses. Wait, what? Baby? Home? Miss Travers? Some how that name is very familiar ... like something he heard in the news all the time ... he's no longer sure as his mind begins to regress.

Confused, he looks to her as she hangs up. "Huh? What do you mean? I have my own ride home."

As the huge limo pulls up and the very large driver gets out and opens the door for them, she coos, "It's ok sweetie, we can pick up your car later. Right now, we need to get you all cleaned up and changed ... so we can ... have some more fun. I promise, it won't hurt a bit."

She giggles and looks adorable as the driver helps her into the huge back seat. Elladan gets a wonderful view up Tanya's skirt. Her cute round bottom filled out the lacy black bikini panties wonderfully. He couldn't believe it ... his first date with a girl ... and he had not only wet his pants, but it seemed the girl thought it was cute.

He blushes, confused and followed her in. He actually rode here with his friends as he has no car, but he didn't correct her.

Elladan stumbles in a confused way, "I... well, I guess.... but okay. I can't be out too late."

Tanya giggles softly as she whispers in his ear, "Indeed, babies should be in bed in their mommy's arms already."

Tanya snuggles up close and caresses him gently between the legs. She feels his manhood as it hardens even more.

She coos softly as she kisses him over and over on his lips, "Don't be embarrassed, it happens some times. Mommy will take good care of her baby, I promise."

She tickles him again in his ribs as the diver closes the privacy window between the rear and the driver.

He can't help but blush and giggle. Soon the lip kisses will transfer onto his cheek. Mommies don't kiss their babies like that, which he will soon be.

By the time the limo had arrived at the huge hotel, Tanya had Elladan lying on her lap. She was kissing him on his nose and cheek as she tickles him softly making him giggle and squirm.

The driver opens the door and asks politely, "Does the Mistress require help with her new baby?"

She giggles and replies, "Not yet Davis, but ... shortly."

She wiggles from under Elladan's contented and giggly self and is helped from the car by the driver. He also assist Elladan to his feet. Tanya takes Elladan by his hand and escorts him like the toddler he will soon be into the foyer of the huge Hotel.

A very nervous man rushes up and says, "Good evening Miss Travers, I'm sorry I wasn't at the door to greet you ..."

Tanya interrupts, "It's ok love. I'm just going to my apartment with my date. Please insure we're not disturbed unless the world is coming to an end or some other such mundane happening."

The man laughs nervously and nods.

Wow, this is a nice place, Elladan wonders, walking with her as she holds her hand and leads him to an elevator. He can't help but wonder about the comments she's making, his mind seems to be fuzzy in a way he couldn't explain, he felt so secure and comfortable, except for his wet pants .. that even seemed right some how. The more he thought about everything the more his mind seemed not to want to understand ... he had many thoughts, but puts them to the back of his rapidly regressing mind.

Tanya leads Elladan by his hand across the wide foyer into a small alcove. There are several elevators on one side ... but only one on the other. She takes a golden key from her purse and inserts it into the opening in the gold faceplate on the wall. There are no buttons. The elevator arrives immediately. She leads Elladan in. She snuggles close and kisses him on the cheek as she pats his hinny reassuringly.

She coos softly, "Mommy will have baby all clean and comfy ina jiffy and all set for her new life."

It is a long ride. Elladan realizes they are going all the way to the penthouse on a personal elevator.

There she goes again, he realizes, with the whole mommy and baby thing.

Blushing as she pats his behind he looks up at her. "What do you mean, mommy and baby? Do you live with anyone else?" Surely she doesn't mean them.

Tanya giggles and replies, "Why sweetiekens, remember when we first met at the club? I told you, You can be totally my baby and I will mommy you."

She kisses him on his nose at the same time she touches his neck with something cold. There is a hissing pop ... a sharp sting ... Elladan feels the warmth spread rapidly as his pulse pushes it through him.

Wow, she was serious about that? Realizing she wants to treat him like a baby, he pales and wiggles, then yelps as he feels the sting in his neck. Immediately he feels a bit weaker. "Ow!"

Tanya opens her cell again and punches a button. A sweet female voice answers, "Yes Miss Travers?"

Tanya says softly, "Lisa, I will need some help with my new baby girl if you don't mind." There is a giggle as the voice replies,"With pleasure Miss Travers,"

Tanya looks at Elladan with sparkly eyes and coos softly as she helps him to stay on his feet, "Very soon sweet heart, mommy will have you bathed and diapered properly. You will be sooo cuutteee too. Mommy will just have to show you off to all of your friends."

Wobbling a bit, he gasps as she makes this bold declaration. "Bath? Diaper?! I can't have either of those! I ... I'm too olda baby for that!"

He gasps as his eyes get huge and he puts his hand to his mouth. He couldn't believe he had just said that. He begins to feel so ... strange as he thought about it.

The door slides open and a very large but extremely pretty woman in a black and white Maid's outfit was standing there.

Tanya coos softly to Elladan, "Don't be afraid baby. No one will hurt you. This is Lisa, she's your Nana from now on. Just so you know sweetie, you're too young to make decisions for yourself in any way. We will be making them for you and mommy says it's time for her little girl to have a nice bubbly bath and get diapered and her jammies on for crib time."

Both women laugh softly as Tanya pats Elladan on his hinny reassuringly again.

Totally helpless, his hand is taken as he struggles. To his great surprise, Lisa picks him up, just like the baby he was rapidly becoming in his mind, and takes him off to the wonderful world of being Allie, the little 18 month old baby girl that everyone loved so much for many ... many ... many years.

He wakes slowly. He is very content and his diaper is wet. He doesn't mind too awful much ... she knows Nana will change her soon. He sits up and looks around her cute little nursery from the crib. She holds his Teddy Bear close as she sucks his thumb .... and waits for Nana to arrive. She knows something is really wrong ... but he's too young to care at this point as the nursery door opens and Lisa walks in. Allie shrieks with infantile glee and she begins to bounce in the crib with joy ... her Nana's here and everything is all well with the universe.

~~ The End ~~
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