Jack and Jill

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Jack and Jill

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:57 pm

Title: Jack and Jill


Jill Grandfeild - 18yo Daughter of Mistress Anna : Played by Miki Yamuri

Jack Johnson - 18yo Neighbor of the Grandfield's: Played by: Elledan

Scene: In Jill's bedroom in the Exclusive Neighborhood of Nodding Hill

Jack Johnson had been alone for many years, ever since his parents died in a car accident. He lived with various relatives until at 16, he became emancipated, going to college early. The only good thing to come of it was he inherited a lot of money, so he was able to afford to buy a small house in Nodding Hill. It was a bit old, and had plumbing issues, which is the root of our story.

One morning, the 18 year old boy woke up to find his basement flooded to the waist, and a pipe broken. Distraught, he struggled all morning to stop the leak. The boy eventually got it to stop, and his basement pumped out ... by which point it was lunch. He called a plumber, but the man couldn't come over until tomorrow at the earliest. In the meantime, he had no running water, so he had to go next door and fetch some, hoping the Grandfields could help him.

His jeans and shirt damp from all the work he'd been doing, and his black hair in need of a good washing, the boy locked up his house and trudged next door, climbing to the top of the long hill where his neighbors lived. Once there, he knocked on the door.

Jill Grandfeild was a petite and very pretty girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. She lay on the floor on top of a large, comfy pillow chair kicking her feet as she contemplated the jammie party she and her girl friends were going to have later that evening. She was dressed in a rather short jumper dress with flutter sleeves and a plunging neckline that showed off her cute little boobies. As she kicked her feet, her panties were in plain sight, they were very lacy and had little pink lambs on them.

She heard the knock on the door and jumped up quickly to answer it. When she opened the door, she saw the cute new neighbor that lived at the bottom of the hill standing there, all disheveled and looking for the world like he needed attention.

Jill says with a giggle, "Can I help you? My, you look like something the cat sorta played with and dropped." She giggles, "Have you been swimming in a pond or mud puddle?"

Blushing, Jack shook his head, trying to explain the situation. "Hi Jill. No, my plumbing's busted. I managed to fix the leak, but I got wet in the attempt. The plumber can't get here til tomorrow, so I was wondering if I could borrow some water, so I could take a bath. and use the toilet. I brought a pail with me."

Jill smiles, she has an idea to stave off her boredom until the jammie party.

She says softly in a really cute manner, "Well ... you can use my shower if you wanna. I could wash those filthy clothes before you have to go back home. Besides, we could watch a video and eat some lunch or something while you wait for the clothes. "

It was a good offer. He had to admit, his clothes did need to be washed, and lunch sounded good. And he could use a shower.

Smiling, he sheepishly rubbed his head. "It's nice of you to offer, and I really appreciate it, but I couldn't impose..."

Jill quickly takes the boy by his arm, and before he can protest, she tugs him off to the large stairs that lead to the next landing of the Huge House.

She says cheerfully, "It's no imposition at all. I can give you something to wear while you wait. I promise ... I won't tell."

She giggles as she pulls the surprised boy into the upstairs bathroom and begins to tug on the bottom of his filthy shirt.

Won't tell? Why wouldn't she tell? Blushing as she pulled him into the Mansion and closed the door, the poor boy fussed as she drug him upstairs to the main bath.

Jack whimpers shyly, "Well, if you insist... I guess I can stay here for an hour or so..."

Jill pulls his shirt over his head. As it covered his head and held his arms, Jill gently caressed his hairless chest. He was a rather small and effeminate boy and looked for the world like an underdeveloped girl. She saw him shiver and his skin gets goose flesh all over at her light touch. She smiles to herself as her idea solidifies in her mind.

Jill coos softly, "Now be a good boy and give mommy all your dirty clothes so I can get them cleaned."

She finishes tugging the shirt over his head and had begun to undo his belt and jeans.

Mommy? He hadn't heard that name in a long time. Blushing, he fussed a bit more as she pulled his shirt off, leading him into the bathroom and closing the door. It was very large, the tub big enough to fit two or three people comfortably. Squirming as she removed the shirt and his belt, he could feel his belt coming off and her eager fingers unsnapping and unzipping his jeans.

"Jill, I can undress myself, you know." he said sheepishly.

Jill giggles softly as she replies with a cute pout, "If you insist. It can be lotsa of fun you know. Now, since you're fussing so, when you're done undressing, put all your dirty stuff out the door and I'll get it cleaned and dried."

Jill turns and walks out the door. Unbeknownst to Jack, she had left with his house keys on her finger.
Unaware of this, Jack nodded, waiting for her to leave first. Running the shower, he then removed the rest of the clothes and put them in the dirty clothes, totally forgetting to leave them out the door. Naked now, he could take his much needed bath .... and it would be a lot of fun to have a girl as cute as Jill do it, though his intent was to take a shower in private.

ill went into her room and opened the huge walk in closet. It was as large as many people's bedrooms. She went to the very back after turning on the lights, and began to dig in a large chest. She found a really cute S undress with matching bottoms. It was a soft yellow with white lace around the arms and hem. The bottoms had large flutter ruffles around the legs and small periwinkle lace around the waist.

She found a cute pair of white cotton panties that had Teddy Bears on them. She giggles ... Jack would be so cute. She returns to the bathroom and finds no dirty clothes waiting for her outside the door. She turns the knob on the door and opens it, Jack had forgotten to lock it. She enters and places the pile of clean clothes she was carrying on the counter and takes Jack's clothes from the dirty clothes basket.

Before she leaves she says loud enough Jack can hear her, "I'm taking your dirty clothes and having them cleaned. I left some clean stuff for you to wear until they are dry."

Jack can hear the bathroom door as it closes. Jack had just climbed into the shower and closed the door, when she came in, assuming she was getting his clothes. He couldn't see what clothes she left for him though, so he enjoyed his nice steamy shower. Fifteen minutes later, and feeling much better, he climbed out and grabbed a white towel and began drying off.

Jill takes Jack's dirty clothes and packages them in a large plastic container that had a locking lid. From there, she had her maid take the container and lock it away somewhere in the large pantry where jack would never find it. Jill then made lunch. She had several large roast beef sandwiches and corn chips on a platter along with 2 large glasses of tea. She added a few large drops of a chemical she had retrieved from her mom's room. Her mom was the famous regressionist, Mistress Anna. She knew Jack would be mostly helpless in about an hour.

Not totally helpless. He could still talk fine, but movement would be sluggish and delayed, making walking a chore and running all but impossible. It would also weaken his bowel muscles, making it much easier for him to pee and poop. Jill giggles at the thought of how cute he was going to be when he had his first accident.

It didn't take Jack long to find the clothes she left out ... a dress, bloomers, and panties. Was this a joke? Incredulous, he shook his head.

Jack mumbles angrily to himself, "I can't possibly wear this..."

Jill came to the bathroom door and knocked.

She says in a cute cheery voice, "Hurry up and get dressed. Lunch is ready and I have a really scary science fiction on called, 'Astropithecarious'."

All Jill can hear is a grumbling from inside the bathroom. She snickers to herself as she opens the door and sees Jack standing there with just a towel wrapped around his waist staring at the clothes on the counter.

Seeing her come in, temporarily causes him to forget his embarrassment at being almost naked, Jack raised an eyebrow.

"You want me to wear this? A dress? You gotta be kidding. I'm not a girl." he retorts in a huff.

Jill replies in a very cute, believable, helpless voice, "Sweetie, I'm a girl," She shrugs, "I don't just happen to have boy's clothes lying around all over you know. It's either those ... or you can sit up here nude for a couple of hours while your clothes are being tended to. Besides, I promise, I wont tell anyone. I'm trying to help."

The idea of being nude for hours didn't sound pleasant. Out of stubbornness, he was tempted to argue the point, but instead, he sighed. "Ok fine, but I don't even know how to put these on. I can't possibly do this by myself."

Jill grins, she knows she has him now. She could tell Jack was quite flustered. Jill walks over and picks up the cute panties and holds them out.

She coos softly like she's talking to a baby, "Be a good boy and step in so mommy can dress you." **Giggle**

Raising an eyebrow at her use of the word mommy again, the boy looks uncertainly at the panties. Then, reluctantly, he steps in, first one foot, then the other. Jill pulls them up. Jack gasps softly to himself at how wonderfully they felt on him, as Jill patted his cute round bottom softly. Jill then grabs the bloomer bottoms and holds them out.

She coos softly, "Now step into the bottoms sweet heart."

Jack is slightly incredulous at this point, but complies. Jill pulls them up and pats his bottom softly again. She unzips the cute little dress as she coos softly, "Now, sweetie, hold your arms up with your fingers together so I can get your top on."

Blushing and fussing a bit more, the pantied and bloomered boy raises his arms and bent slightly, allowing her to lower the dress and zip it up.

Jill took a brush and brushed Jack's hair until it glistened. She put several Lady Bug Barrett's in it. Before Jack could say anything, Jill picked up a bottle of perfume and gave him a light misting. The wonderful aroma of it drifted through the room.

Jill giggles as she turns Jack towards the mirror, "Your own mother wouldn't recognize you sweetie."

Probably not, if she was alive Jack thought. He had almost no body hair on him, what he did have was very fine as any girl's, otherwise, he looked like a slightly oversized little girl of 5. Blushing, he looked down at himself. He'd never felt this way before.

He says with surprise in his voice, "I look like a girl ... this is weird."

Jill takes Jack by the hand and leads him from the bathroom down a long hall into the last room at the very end. When they entered, Jack was astounded. This was obviously the family play room. It had a sunken TV place with a huge flat screen TV. A very large and well stocked Video and music Library, not to mention the surround sound system scattered strategically around the room.

Jack could see several game systems as well as 2 large Virtual Reality play stages with the helmets and suits. Jill led him to the sunken area and pushed him gently into the soft, thick pillow. She flops next to him and places the tray with the sandwiches on a small table adjacent to them. She picks up the remote and starts the movie ... It began with 2 girls watching a meteor shower on a farm as one of the meteors impacts near by.

Jack sat down beside her as the movie began. He felt self-conscious, knowing how girly he looked. Blushing and fidgeting slightly, he reached for the nearest cup of tea and picked it up. After gingerly sniffing and tasting it, he took a sip, and watched the movie with her ... minutes passed, he felt so nice and strange ... hours later, the movie ended. Unknown to Jack, Jill had been taking many pictures of him with the rooms surveillance cameras. Jack looked positively adorable.

Jill snuggles closer to Jack and begins to nuzzle his ear as she coos softly, "Would baby like some more tea? Or perhaps another ...??!!"

About that time, Jill had placed her hand over Jack's private parts in what seemed like a gentle caress.

She gasps loudly as she says with apparent shock in her voice, "Jackie! Did you just ... wet your panties? Oh my! Your bottoms are ... just soaked!"

Feeling her caress against his crotch, the boy squeaked softly and squirmed. She held him down though, feeling him more, and then announced him wet.

"Wh-what?” gasped jack in a shocked voice, “No, that's not possible... I'd know."

Jill looks at him with an expression of an adult that just caught a young child that had wet their pants.

She says sternly, "All right Jackie, then feel them and you tell me." She sniffs her fingers gingerly, "It even smells like pee. Explain yourself young lady!"

Jackie? Young lady? Now he was really blushing.

Pouting, he shook his head. "I'm not a girl, and my name's Jack, not Jackie. Stop treating me like some little kid."

Jill lets out a derisive snort as she replies, "You had an accident just like a little child ... you look and smell just like a girl ... all the pictures of you show ... that you're a girl ... and I'm going to treat you that way too. Now ... what about the accident you just had?"

Jill lifts the hem of the short sun dress. Jack can plainly see the front and crotch of the bottoms were wet and the spot was spreading slowly as he continued to dribble.He tried to complain against her insistence he was a girl, but she brought the attention back to him wetting. Flustered, he averted his eyes as she lifted the hem of his dress.

Jack finally admits with a shy squeak, "Musta beena ... an accident. Had a lot to drink..."

Jill takes him firmly but gently by the arm and pulls him to his feet. Jack is astounded at how strong Jill is.

She says to him in a tone like she was speaking to a child, "All right Jackie, mommy's gonna take you and put you in a diaper since you're obviously too young to be in panties. Mommy doesn't want her little girl wetting all over the place when her friends are here at the Jammie party."

She leads Jack into the bathroom that was adjacent to the playroom. To his astonishment, there was a counter already set up to change him. He caught a glimpse of the maid as she quickly left through the other door and softly shut it.

Jill led Jack to the counter and pats it with her hand as she coos to baby, "Be a good girl, Jackie, and get up on the counter so mommy can change you."

Jack scowled as she pulled him to his feet and started dragging the dressed up barefoot boy down the hall, toward another room ... more than likely a nursery.

"Mommy? You're not my mother, and stop treating me like a little kid, Jill. I'm getting tired of this game." Jack snaps angrily.

Jill stops and turns on Jack. She has a scowl on her face. She quickly takes Jack in the crook of her arm and slightly across her knee. Jack is almost helpless, the drug he had ingested in his tea had done its work very well. He feels the hard smacks across his hinny as Jill pops him. More surprised than hurt, the boy yelped, feeling her turn him upside down and smacking his damp bottom.

"Ow! That hurt!" he screeches in more of an infantile way than he would have liked.

Jill says sternly, " There's more where that came from if you keep being naughty."

Jill takes Jack by his arm and forces him onto the counter. Jack struggled, but not unduly ... he didn't want Jill to spank him again. He saw. the room they entered was a nursery: Very girlish, pink, and babyish. He could also see a crib, dresser, and also another door... he wondered where that led to.

"No! I don't want to wear a diaper like a baby!" Jack whines like an infant.

Jill raised her hand like she is going to pop him again, "If you want to keep acting up ... mommy will pop you again."

She puts her hands on her hips and scowls when jack cringes. He pouts a bit, seeing the hand raise and realizing the vulnerable position he's in.

Jack whimpers, "But... you're not my mommy..."

Jill smiles as she says, " I am now."

Jill then lifts Jack by his ankles and removes his wet bottoms and panties. She takes several sweet smelling baby wipes and cleans all of his squeaky places. Jill rubs a thick cream all over his crotch area. Jack feels strong tingles all through that area as Jill turns and gets a thick diaper. She again lifts Jack by hs ankles and nestles his bottom in the thick caress of it.

The poor boy squirmed as this was done to him, feeling himself undressed and lifted. She rubbed some hair removal cream on his crotch, before setting him back into the diaper, a super thickness plastic disposable. She powders him well and pulls it between his legs and fastens the tapes snugly, but comfortably on. She threads his feet through a pair of adorably cute plastic lined panties before standing him on his wobbly feet and pulling them the rest of the way up.

The diaper was soon taped up, and some yellow panties put on, along with some ankle socks. Stood up and wobbling a bit with a noticeable bulge and toddle.

She pats his hinny softly as she coos to baby, "Now there, all done. An Jackie is all clean n dry an happy baby."

"I can't believe I'm in a diaper..." he whimpers in an infantile voice.

Jill bends slightly and kisses Jack on his nose as she coos softly, "Now, Jackie, baby must get used to being a cute little baby girl. All my friends will just adore you." *giggle* "We'll keep you as our babydoll. I know you will have lots of fun tonight at the jammie party. We all will want to take lots of pictures too."

She hands Jack a picture of him being dressed as a girl. The boy blushed and fussed a bit, until she mentioned pictures. P ailing and eyes wide, he watched horrified as she pulled out pictures of him dressed like a little girl.

"You didn't! This is blackmail! You can't make me go along with this!" He squeaks in shock, his voice sounding more female than ever.

Jill giggles softly as she takes out her cell. Jack can plainly see a very cute picture of him having his hair done on it's LC Display screen. He also sees her finger hovering over the send button and the number is one of his best friends.

Jill says softly, It's ok if you don't want to sweetie, but all of the world will know in a few minutes if you don't." She smiles at the squirming boy.

How cruel She had him right where she wanted him, he realized. Blushing, he sighed, averting his eyes. He had no choice.

He says resignedly, "Fine, I give. We'll do what you want."

Jill pats his hinny softly again for more positive reinforcement as she takes his hand.

She says in a quiet, reassuring tone, "I was going to do what I wanted anyway sweetheart. You're too young to have any say what so ever. One of my friends will be here in a few minutes. I think you know her ... Debbie Brown? The girl from 3rd street and Madison Avenue?"

Debbie Brown? He knew her form elementary school. As Jill patted his diapered bottom, the boy blushed, walking with her as she led him out of the nursery.

"Why is she coming over?" asked Jack

Jill coos softly as she enters the living room and sits in a large arm chair, "Why, to see our newest babydoll of course. She thinks the fact you want to be one is so adorable. Actually, all my friends do."

She pulls Jack into her lap and arranges him comfortably in the crook of her arm.

She continues, "And you will really enjoy it very soon."

Before Jack can react, a nipple to a large bottle of white liquid was in his mouth. To his great surprise, it was warm and tasted wonderful. He immediately felt ... very strange as it trickled down his throat.
He fussed a bit but was quickly silenced by the bottle, and the liquid gushing into his mouth. Eyes wide, he could do little but drink the regression formula in the bottle as she fed him, or drowned on it, it was entering his mouth so fast.

The doorbell rings; Debbie has arrived.

Jill smiles as she coos softly, "Now, this formula will help you to be a cute and silly baby really fast."

Jill removes the empty bottle from Jack's mouth and sets him on his hinny on the floor. Jack's head began to swim as he felt a wave of wonderful sensations rush in. Jill walks to the door and answers it. A very pretty blond rushed into the living room and up to Jack.

She hugs and kisses him softly as she coos, "Oh, Jackie, you make such a cute babydoll!"

Jack couldn't think straight. Had Jill drugged him? He couldn't remember. Mind hazy, he murmured, turning and looking as a girl he vaguely remembered came over and began hugging and kissing him.

"Debbie? Wh-wha?..." Jack gurgles out adorably.

Debbie giggles, "I brought over some really cute outfits to change you into. I've got some cute jammies for you for the party too."

Debbie reaches into a large bag she had with her and pulls out a cute babydoll jammie with lots of cute cartoon characters on it. The top had puffy sleeves and the bottoms were covered in ruffles and lace. Debbie held the top up to Jack, both girls giggle.

Ugh, this wasn't happening to him. blushing, the boy began to fidget, trying to stand up. His legs wobbled and he fell back down on his bottom.

"Ow.." he squeaked in a very infantile way.

Both girls giggle again.

Debbie says in a sing song tone, "Awww ... didums baby faww down go boom?"

Both girls hug and kiss Jack as they tickle him in his ribs.

Jill says, "The other girls should be here soon. I think we should get into our jammies. I've fed the baby and she's gonna be really cute and silly for hours.”

Debbie pats jack on his head as the girls begin to leave.

Jack hears Debbie comment, "It's wonderful to find a lonely person like that and give them a permanent home.

Jill's fading voice replies, "He will be a neat babydoll for the rest of his ...." The voices fade in the distance.

Jack didn't want to be at a slumber party, or be a baby doll. What choice did he have though? He was fairly helpless, and he had no way out at this point. He could barely stand up, his head felt really strange ... and he realized he kept sucking his thumb. At the least he had to persevere through the night, and pray her mom came back and let him go. Sighing, the boy struggled up again, before slowly toddling after the girls ... all the while having to hold onto things to keep his balance.

Jill and Debbie changed their clothes. Debbie had on an adorable babydoll nighty with bikini panties. Jill had on a boy short bottoms with a smock top that showed off her cute cleavage. Jack could see her erect nipples poking through as she bent and patted his bottom again.

Jill coos softly, "Mmk, Jackie ... Mommy promise you will never again be lonely ... or hafta come to someone's house to take a bath again." Both girls nod.

“Say what?” He stared at the girls, looking around Jill's bedroom, before refocusing back on the girls. "What do you mean? I'm not lonely." Sometimes he was, but not usually. "What are you talking about?"

Jill kneels and hugs Jack tightly as she says softly, Our sorority ... wants you as their mascot. We just didn't know how to do it until you came to my door. That solved all our problems. We know what happened ... and that you live in the huge house all by yourself. We all will care for you and baby you for the rest of your life. We .. are the adults now ... and you are our babydoll .. it's that simple."

He gasped. They were going to kidnap him and keep him as a baby girl! The boy immediately began to fuss and squirm in her arms as she hugged him.

"No! I don't wanna be a baby girl!" Jack squeaked on the verge of soundling like he was having a temper tantrum.

The girls giggle.

Debbie coos softly, "My, she's spirited ... isn't she? Haven't you told her yet? She's too young to make any kind of decisions now?"

Jill smiles as she replies, "I've told her. I've even had to give her a spanking to remind her how young she is." Jill looks sternly at Jack, "And I might need to do it again to re, remind her if she keeps being naughty."

Debbie remarks as she picks up the empty bottle, "If she drank all of this .. it's only a matter of a few more minutes."

The bottle had already taken effect. He was acting more infantile, hence his fussing and whining. As if to confirm there point,s he fussed more, struggling and squirming naughtily.

Jill takes Jack by his arm and lifts him bodily to his wobbly feet. She swats him several times on his padded diapered bottom. It didn't really ... hurt so much ... but Jack's mind went blank for a second, before his face wrinkled up and he began to cry. He couldn't help it. He realizes he's whining like the baby the 2 giggling girls want him to be.

Debbie coos softly, "She's so adorable. " Jill nods in agreement.

Wow, had he actually just cry? Pouting, the boy struggled to regain control, squirming in Jill's arms as she held him.

Jill snuggles her nose into Jack's face as she coos softly, "Now mommy no wanna hurt baby ... but is she naughty ... mommy paddles her hinny. Hopes baby unnerstans. Other Dults will too is she act naughty." She then pats Jacks bottom softly.

The poor baby blushed, fussing and murmuring as she patted his bottom and nuzzled him. Spanking by her was bad enough; others doing it was worse.

Jill smiles as she giggles softly, "Baby has to remember, she has to be on her best behavior during the Jammie Party. I'm sure that dose of medicine will make you just so cute for all my friends."

Debbie walks over and kisses Jack on his cheek, "Juts be a cute baby ... it can't be that hard." Both girls giggle as they cover their mouths in a smothered snickering giggle.

Easy for them to say. Maybe if they had to be babies, it wouldn't be as funny. But no, they were his self-appointed Mommy and Nanny. He instead sighed and nodded, knowing any minute now others would be arriving.

Debbie tickles Jack in his ribs as she coos softly, Can baby say .. Ma Ma? Say that for me baby."

Jill says, "You have to give the drugs time to act, Debbie. I'm sure his mind is getting to be real foggy and he'll start understanding how ... long we intend to keep him."

About that time, the front door springs open and a female voice is heard calling, "Jilll! Come help bring in these packages for mommy .. please?"

Both girls look at each other and put their hands to their mouths and stifle a gasp of surprise. Their eyes sparkle as the let out a spitting giggle and Jill rushes out of the room.

The drug had been working already. His mind was fuzzy, and his reflexes slow. He still had most of his thinking, but his body was pretty much toddler at this point.

Blushing and giggling at the tickles, he said in the most infantile voice, "Ma... ma."

Debbie helps Jack to his feet as she takes him by both hands from behind. She toddle walks him out of the nursery into the living room where Jill's mother, the Renowned Regression and Femm Mistress Anna had just walked in with many packages.

Jill's mom frowns as she sees Jack being escorted into the room.

She says with Authority, "Young Ladies, have you been into my bag of magic tricks again?"

Jill pokes out her bottom lip in a cute way and replies, "I couldn't help it mom ... he's so adorable ... and lives in that old house at the bottom of the hill all by himself."

Mistress Anna looks at Jack and smiles. Her daughter had a wonderful eye for finding the perfect subjects. She would enjoy making this one into the perfect baby girl.

Mistress Anna? Jack had never met her before. She looked like Jill, but older and with slightly darker hair.

Hoping she'd help him, he toddled over and gurgled in a baby voice, "Please... Miss Anna.. you have to help me. I don't want to be a baby girl. I need to get back to my home."

Mistress Anna bends and pats Jack softly on his ruffled butt. She says in a cooing voice, "And ... where does a cute little girl like you live sweet heart? Aren't you the girl that lives at the bottom of the hill?"

She looks at Jill and winks. She may be a little miffed that her daughter was into her drugs and things without permission, but she was more than please at the regression subject her daughter had chosen.

She continues in a soft coo, "It seems to me, sugar panties, that you belong here with your ," she gestures with her hand, "Mistress / mommy ... wouldn't you think? I mean .. as young as you are ..."

Both women giggle. The boy only glowered and fussed, stamping his foot from the treatment.

"Stop that! I'm a big boy, not a baby girl. And you know well I live at the bottom of the hill, Miss Anna." Jack screeches

Miss Anna seems to fumble with a very large ring on her finger. Jack noticed it had a very large pink diamond in it's ornate setting. Mistress Anna reaches over and pats jack on his bottom several times. Each time Anna's had touched Jack's bottom, he felt a very small prick through his panties and thick diaper. From this prick, he could feel a warm tingly sensation as it ran through him slowly, intensifying along the way

Anna's fumbles with her ring as she raises an eyebrow, "Well, baby ... if you insist on being fussy, I guess we have to put you in the playpen with the rails up. I guess you can keep some of your toys ... you probably just need a nap."

Jack started to complain more until he felt the pricks in his diaper. Yelping, he whimpered a bit, his mind becoming even more foggy.

Lip quivering in helplessness, he looked up at her. "Oh... okay, Miss Anna..." He pouted a bit. So quick had his fussiness gone.

Anna says to Jill, "Why don't you take your new Babydoll to her crib and put her down for a nap. If you having a jammie party tonight, She 's going to need her rest. All the girls are going to want to play with her and take lots of pictures to add to the one in the Babydoll Archives."

Jill giggles and replies, "Yes, mom. That's a good idea."

She takes Jack by his hand and escorts him into the hall and back towards the nursery.

Jill coos to Jack, "I saw mommy n what she did," *giggle*, "You're gonna be so cute too."

He blushed, holding her hand like a good girl as Jill led him back to the nursery and over to the crib. Feeling suddenly sleepy, he yawned.

Jill lowers the crib rail. She turns and bends, then pulls open the front and then the back of Jack's panties and diaper and puts her hand in. Jack gasps softly as he feels her soft hand check him to see if he was wet. She then helped him into the crib and raised the rails with a sliding click. She places a small pillow beside Jack's head, then props a huge 2 liter bottle of whitish pink liquid on the pillow. The wonderful warm berry taste of the fluid rushed into his mouth and trickled into his tummy warming it. Jill pats Jack on his head as she leaves.

She coos softly before turning off the light, "Sleep well sweet heart."

The light goes out ... many glow in the dark stars and planets begin to glow from the ceiling ... casting a soft greenish glow through out the room.

The boy didn't want to, but he had no choice as he was helped in, given a bottle, and put to bed. He was soon fast asleep for his first ever nap time. Later tonight would be some of his last vivid memories: the sleepover.

Jack is awakened by a soft patting of his bottom. As his eyes flutter open, and he's in that not quite awake nor asleep state. He can hear Jill's soft voice saying, "Wake up sweet heart. Ohhh, you've been such a good girl."

Jack can feel his panties and diaper being checked one more time.

Jill continues, "You're so wet. Mommy take care of that right away."

Jill lowers the crib rail and helps Jack from the crib. In his mind, everything seemed normal so far. He began to suck his thumb as Jill escorted him by hand into the potty room ... Except it wasn't. Jack was waking up slowly and coming to, but his body wasn't reacting. In fact, his body was acting just like a 2 year old.

Confused, he screamed within his own mind. "Hwta the heck? I can't do or say anything! What's wrong!? Had she drugged him more?”

Nothing he could do, no matter how hard he tried even registered as she led him to the bathroom to be changed.

Jill turned and pulled down Jack's panties and removed his top. Jill tickled him in his ribs softly as she gave him a sweet kiss on his nose. Jack giggled and squirmed in a cute manner he didn't understand.
Jill removed Jack's diaper ... she caresses him in the place his maleness should have been ... but wasn't any longer ... it had shriveled up back inside his body leaving just a small slit to show where it used to be.

Jack is helped into an already prepared tub of steamy bubbly water that smelled wonderfully of raspberries. Jill pours some amber gel into Jack's hair and begins to massage it in as she washes his shoulder length hair.

Jill coos, "Mommy make her baby doll so cute for my friends."

He had no parts! Jack couldn't make himself look down, but when ever he got a glimpse, clearly his privates weren't there. Instead, he had a cute little womanhood. Distraught, Jack was helpless as the girls bathed him, him helplessly giggling cutely meanwhile.

Finally Jill helps Jack to stand up. She rinses him from head to foot with the spray nozzle attachment. Jill takes Jack by the hand and helps him out of the tub onto a hugely thick bathmat. She wraps his head in a towel and briskly dries it first, the proceeds to dry the rest of his body. ... tickling gently at every opportunity.

Jill coos softly, "Now, what girl name would my babydoll like to be called ... hummmm."

"Jackie." he said cutely.

He sounded almost like he was a five year old girl. Somehow they had given him a drug that changed his vocal cords. The boy could do nothing as they bathed then helped him out to be dried off.

After a brisk, tickling dry in the soft towel, Jill pats jack on his hinny, "That's a good girl ... Jackie is wonderful. I thought you would choose that."

She helps Jackie onto the changing table and lifts him by his ankles. Jackie can feel something slippery being pushed deep into his bottom, before it was lowered into the soft embrace of a super thick Huggies Toddler. Jill fastens the tapes on snugly after powdering him well. The wonderful smell of baby powder lingering heavily in the air.

The boy fussed some as he was laid down, a suppository fitted in and the diapering finished. Jack tried to regain control some more, and he tried really hard ... all he could do was wriggle one of his toes though. Progress, but not much. He redoubled his efforts while the girls babied his cute body more.

Jill opens a small cabinet and removes a very cute yellow babydoll dress and lacy matching panties. Jackie watched as she laid out the outfit, then turned with the bottoms in her hand.

She bends and says softly, "Come here Jackie, let's get you ready for the jammie party. We have games and things .. and I'm sure all my girl friends want to play with you."

She holds them out and smiles a cute smile.

Jack waddles over to Jill and braces himself against her, then steps into the leg openings. Jill pulls them up over Jackie's large diaper and makes sure they fit properly and won't leak ... just in case. Jill turns and picks up the cute yellow sun dress.

Jill coos, "Now sweetie, Hold up your arms so I can get your top on."

Jack giggles uncontrollably, he can't help himself. Jill lowers the dress over his arms and head. Jackie feels the tugs at the him ... as she dress slips on. Jackie discovers, the fabric of the dress ... was that of a Jammie top and bottoms. Jill took gently hold of Jackie's shoulders .. and showed him his image in the large dressing mirror . He looked like a little girl. Jack could easily tell he was diapered quite heavily. Distressed, he could do little as 'Jackie' giggled and hugged her mommy.

"I'm ready for the slumber party, mommy." Jackie gurgles in an adorable baby voice.

Jill pats Jackie on her hinny as she takes his hand and leads her out of the potty into the hall. This time, she lead Jacking down the stairs ... insuring Jackie went down them on her hinny .. one at a time like a good girl.

At the bottom of the stair, Jill leads Jackie into the play room. There were many girl's there having a cute little jammie party ... complete with all the girl the trimmings. There were four girls in all. The one from earlier plus Lacy and two others: Courtney and Sara. All were cute and dressed in pajamas, though he was the only one in diapers. The boy giggled and toddled over to the tea table and sat down, unaware that the small pram nearby was for him.

Jackie asks adorably "Can I pway?"

All the girls giggled as they cuddled close. They all gave Jackie a caressing hug and a small kiss on her nose and cheeks. Sara gets up off her knees and retrieves the pram and returns.

Cortney says with a giggle, "Of course Babydoll can play." All the girls giggle in a cute way as Courtney helps Jacking into the pram and tucks him in. Tucked in, the poor baby fussed a bit. He wanted to play, not sleep more. This was to be expected of course. Jack was fine with it but his new alter ego wanted to play tea with the big girls.

"Baby no wanna be in a pram..." he fussed cutely.

Lacy tisked a bit, looking at Sara. "My my. I think she's fussy. Who has her milk?"

Lacy brings a Walker activity center over. She took Jackie from the Pram and said, "It's ok if the Babydoll had a tea party with us girls."

Then put Jackie in it and fastened the strap across his lap. She pulled the wheeled walker over to the table ... all the girls huddled around the small table as most sat with their legs under them. Lacy picked up a large highly decorated porcelain tea pot and poured everyone a cup of tea. Jackie was given a sippy cup on the tray of his walker. All the girls began twittering away about boys, going shopping, who was dating whom ... what their favorite love thing was, and drinking the tea too. Jackie was mesmerized by the plastic cup of tea. he tried to pick it up only to knock it over and almost spill it. If not for the sippy top, there would have been a major mess.

Noticing this, Lacy giggled. "Cute. How long has she been a baby?"

Jill smiles and replies, "Since this afternoon. Mom's sorta upset cuz I didn't ask first," She scrunches up her nose in a cute way, "But she loves how my new Babydoll tuned out. I think I'll make a wonderful Mistress." All the girls giggle

"Good to hear. I think she's cute." lacy smiled, drinking some tea... pinky out of course.

She watched as Jill cleaned up the mess Jackie made, before bringing out a bottle of carefully mixed regression formula to give him. Jill sat on her legs beside the walker and filled a bottle with tea. She screwed the top on and haded it to Stephany. Stephany, the other Babydoll of the group, takes it with both hands and begins to nurse it happily. The girls began asking Stephany how it felt to be a babydoll.

Cortney blushes just a bit as she announces, "Well ... I think I might even want to be a babydoll. I hear Mrs. Vandermeer wants to have one. Being her Babydoll .. sounds pretty nice to me."

The girls begin to twitter about Babydolls. Jackie looks at Stephany and how cute she was in her lady bug jammies. He realizes with a start, she too is in a diaper.

And so the girls talked, discussing more as Jackie was fed her tea. Stephany making being a babydoll sound like a fantasy come true. Courtney was obviously gaa gaa over the idea. Jackie knew very soon, there would be another babydoll in the group. Soon, the discussion turned to what movie they would watch and who would sleep with whom.

Jill said, "I'm sleeping with my Babydoll, and if Cortney wants to ... see if she likes being a babydoll ... she can too."

There's many giggles as Courtney blushes several shades of red. Courtney comes and snuggles into the sunken pit of the TV area with Jackie snuggled in between after Lacy had put her in a thick diaper, changed her into a cute little princess babydoll jammie, and given her a large amount of regression formula in a bottle. Jill patted both babydoll's hinnys as they nursed their powerfully mixed regression bottles.

The opening page of the CD came on ... The Secret Playroom danced across the large flat screen. It was about a young woman and a man ... and the swing set in the back ... on old woman, with an issue.

And so the movie played, Jackie snuggled against Courtney. In the future, she'd be a babydoll to Sara and his playmate. For now they were just cuddling.. Jack had given up his struggles. It was useless. He was a baby girl now. Jill snuggled up close to Courtney and caressed her softly.

She reached over and patted Jackie on his padded bottom and coos, "Want some more tea sweet heart?" Cortney and Jill giggle.

He shook his head, yawning some more. Jackie was already getting sleepy again. It was close to her bedtime. Little did Jackie know, that each bottle of tea or milk or juice he drank ... the more he was a Babydoll. Of course ... babies love having their drinks in a bottle.

Jill and Cortney took up comfy position to either side of Jackie. The 2 of them began to caress Jackie in many places he didn't realize he had. They were soft and loving ... Jackie received many kisses and cuddles. His eyes became very heavy. He drifts off to sleep, snuggled in contentment, swaddled in a new life of love

Jack went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water ... Jill saw Jack .. and now he's her daughter.

~~ The End ~~
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