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Baby Time

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:30 am

Title: Baby Time


Alex Newman - 18yo Neighbor - Played by: DMG

All other characters played by: Miki Yamuri

Sally Berry - 25yo Infantilest

Josie Hally - 27yo infantilest friend

Scene: Looking in a window into the Berry's Nursery

Alex was enjoying a day of gaming from his bedroom. That was until the final boss utterly beat him. That and the power went out. So he goes over to a window to see what was going on in the world. His red hair was just all over the place. Hearing some giggling Alex looks at his neighbors place to see what was going on.

Sally Berry and her friend Josie Hally were dressed in very cute babydoll dresses and super thick diapers. They played with their baby toys completely unaware of the observer peering into their nursery. Sally suckled her thumb as she pushed a cute little car with big googly eyes all around. Josie rocked her babydoll happily as she fed it its bottle.

Alex just was dumb founded and surprised. At first it weirded him out but as he observed them, he came to realize they were actually very cute. He just watched them for a bit with a blush on his face. That was … until he sneezed loudly and there were some boogers coming out of his nose that he was trying to clean and blow away.

Sally heard the soft sneezing sound and turned to the window. She saw Alex wiping his nose on his sleeve just like a toddler would. She gets up and waddles over to a closet and removes a pair of cute bottoms that matched the babydoll top in a very cute manner. She then walked out the door with a cell phone in her hand.

She came up behind Alex and coos softly, "Well, silly boyyeee ... peeping Tom's go to jail around here you know."

Sally began to punch numbers into her phone.

"Please, wait … can I apologize to the both of you? I'm sorry for peeking …. but I couldn't help it as adorably cute as the two of you are dressed like that. I am sure you don't need to call the police" said Alex.

Once he saw the both of them he could not stop watching there cuteness. Sally started to suck her thumb again as she looked at Alex.

She says in a very adorable manner, "Is you come in n play wif us babies ... I might no callem."

She takes his hand and leads Alex towards the front door.

Alex said, "I need to get my house keys ... and I'll be right back.”

Sally watches Alex run off next door with a cute smile behind the thumb she was suckling. Sally thought Alex would make a really cute Ababy addition to their nursery.

As Alex walked out from his room on the second floor with the keys to his house, he wonders why they would want him to play with them. He blushed as he thought about the fact they were cute and good looking women. When he got down stairs Alex let Sally take his hand and lead him inside their house.

One thing that got to him as he was led into the adorable nursery, was the urge to pee. He drank a lot of soda while on his gaming binge. Alex hoped that they would let him use the toilet to get rid of this urge. Although, with a closer look at Sally … she was adorable while acting like a baby … he wasn't sure if they would let him.Sally giggles as they bring him into the nursery with them.

Josie asks in an adorable voice, "Would silly boyyeee likes some juice or some soda? Gots lots ta choose from."

Jose then squirms in an cute shy baby manner that makes her look precious. Alex did not want to be rude, although his need to use the toilet had become quite urgent.

"I'll have a soda please" he said while looking at the scaled up nursery.

It was surprising to Alex that all of these items were made for adults. Alex was just a tad nervous as he did not know what the girls were planing. Alex kept a brave face and kept calm on the outside.

Josie toddles out of the room and down the hall to the kitchen. She gets a Ginger Ale from the fridge and pours it into a cute little hello Kitty sippy cup. She adds a teaspoon full of some clear liquid to the drink and stirs it in. After the bubbles settle, she adds some ice cubes and puts the top on the cup. She carries it back into the nursery and hands it to Alex. She grins at him softly as she knows the diuretic she added to it will make him incontinent quickly for many hours and the regression formula will make hi so cute.

Alex finds a good place on the floor to sit down as he waits for Josie to come back with the drink. Jose handed Alex the sippy cup.

"Thank you" he said and started to drink. For some reason, Alex couldn't stop drinking even though his bladder was about to burst. A few minutes later the urge to pee had become strong. Alex realized that for some reason, he could not get up from where he was sitting. His legs felt strange and he had very little balance. He knew he was going to wet his pants very shortly and nothing he could do would stop it.

Sally waddles over with a large cloth doll in her arms. She plops on her hinny beside him and begins to play with it more or less in his lap. He couldn't help himself, he has a large accident in his pants. He was unable to stop as the large wet spot formed and spread to his bottom.

Sally's eyes get big as she says, "Ohhh .. did silly boyyeee hasa accodent?"

Josie stands up and put her thumb in her mouth as her eyes get big.

Sally says in a cute voice, "Baby Rules say, hasa accident that way, gotsa be inna diaper tha resta tha day."

Alex was worried when Sally came over and just played in his lap like that. With all of the motion though he could not help it. He sighed in humiliated relief as he had a very large accident.

"I'm … sorry, I should have asked to use the bathroom before I came in" Alex apologized.

Alex hear what Sally said .... a diaper and baby rules.

"I'm not a baby" Alex blurted out feeling very ashamed at himself for having an accident

The two girls giggled as Josie says in her adorable voice, "U no gotsa choice silly. Is u hasa accident thatta way ... gotsa b inna diaper tha resta tha day .. is Baby Rules .. an ur now unner em cuz you hadda accident."

She points to the large wet place in Alex's pants as Sally giggles and sucks her thumb. Sally gets up on all 4s then stands up in a cute baby way. She waddles off into another room for a bit. Alex could hear drawers opening and closing along with a closet partition.

Josie coos softly, "It no hurts ... promise. We gonna makes sure ur a very dorable baby."

Sally returns with a bundle of clothes and what Alex knew was a very thick cloth diaper.

"Uh, OK, I guess until my pants and underwear are clean" said Alex as he had no idea about the damage he did, or how to get out of this predicament. He was sure if he didn't go along, Sally would call the cops. "So.....uh.....since I don't know about diapers. Uhm you can do what you need to do"

Since Alex didn't know how to put a diaper on, that and he was at these two girl's mercy … he allowed the two very pretty girls to have their way with him. It wasn't such a bad fate after all, having girls this adorable taking off his clothes made it a real wonderful experience.

Sally takes his hand. Alex looked at her … she is probably the most adorable girl he had seen. Being dressed in a very thick diaper and a really cute outfit and suckling her thumb with wide eyed innocents made her the most attractive he could think of.. She leads him from the room into the bath room. Alex notices that there is a padded counter along side several mirrors. The person on the counter had a perfect view of themselves as they lay there.

Sally unbuttons Alex's shirt and removes it. She drops it in the floor. She undoes his belt and unsnaps and unzips his very wet pants. She pulls them and his undies down around his ankles. She giggles softly as she touches his thingy with her index finger.

She says in a voice that seemingly is filled with awe, "Is so .. nice. You won't hasta worry bout it much longer tho ... girls no gots one. It no hurt ta loose it neivers … promise."

Alex didn't understand what she meant about loosing it. It was part of his body. Alex did have to admit that both girls were cute like this. Perhaps it was just their baby time. Alex was not sure how the girls were when not in this play time. He saw the giant changing table, and was amazed by the scale of it as he realized that the girls might be this way all the time.

Alex blushed as they took off his clothes. He couldn't help it as his wee wee was up as Sally played with it.. And his blush goes a deeper red as Sally touches him like that and said what she said. That made him look at her questioningly.

"What do you mean by that?" as Alex's confused voice matched the questioning look on his face.

Without warning, Sally produces a weird looking pen like thing and quickly touches it to his arm. There is a hissing pop and a sharp sting. He felt something very hot at first, then turn very cold ... being injected into his body. The hiss lasted for a long time. He was frozen to the spot and seemingly couldn't move until the hissing sound had stopped. He could feel it as the intense icy cold sensation spread all through his body. He felt really weird sensations, especially in his crotch, hips, hinny, and chest.

Sally looks very shy as she says softly, "Well, sweetie ... inna lil bit, u'll bea girl. You are jus like me n Jose usedta be. Me n Josie scovereda neat mushroom inna woods. It had .. weird properties ... ya kno? Makes guys inta girls." She giggles in a really cute manner as Alex's head begins to buzz.

Alex didn't realize the pen thing was a syringe until it was too late. He feels the sting of the injection going in. Then the hissing sound as it was putting something in him. It felt like an electric pulse as he could feel the stuff going through him. Alex wondered what the heck was going on as he felt something massive happening in several places.

Alex hears an infantile female voice say in a cute squeaky way, "Waaaaa I don't wana be a girl … amma guy!"

Alex knew immediately the voice was not his own. His head and body felt super funny as he felt things changing. Alex tries to look into the mirrors to see what was happening.

Sally giggles softly as she says, "No matter what ya want silly girl .. is what ur gonna be inna little bit. Now bea goo girl n gets onna counter sos I can diaper you."

Alex is led by his hand to the counter and helped on it. His body feels so strange and the center of balance is totally worng. He lays on his back as his head buzzes intensely, his crotch and chest continue to tingle as he feels his nipples begin to rise with small mounds underneath.

Sally takes him by his ankles and lifts, he finds his bottom cradled in a very thick and soft cloth diaper. Alex gets a look at himself in the mirrors beside the changing counter. He is totally mind blown to see a very pretty femal looking back where he should have been.

Sally powders him well, then pulls the super thick diaper between his legs and fastens it on snugly, but comfortably with locking diaper pins. Alex became very aware, before she covered his crotch, that his male parts had shrunk away and were gone. There was just a hairless slit where his thing used to be.

"Waaaa....nooooooo!" screamed Alex as his body completed the transformation.

The terror that he was feeling was real. What were these girl's doing to him. He felt the buzz getting worse and worse for him. Then his chest and where his wee wee was supposed to be were feeling weird again. In this state of mind and body. Alex helplessly let Sally do her thing to him.

He feels everything intensely and then saw a glimpse of his lower region. Alex was totally flabbergasted at this point.

"Why...all of this" Alex's voice was now very female and cute.

It was chaotic and he or she now had no idea what to say or do to change anything that had happened. Sally helps Alex to sit up. He sees himself in the mirror and can't believe the cute image looking back was him. He could still tell it was him ... but it was a girl version of him. Alex knew very shortly ... that would pass and no one would ever be able to tell that the very beautiful girl in the mirror was ever a male.. He saw his chest had grown cute little mounds where his nipples were. His hair on his head had gotten longer and was almost about his shoulders, while the rest of his body hair had gone completely away. Alex knew he would never have to shave again. The hugely thick diaper gave him an adorably cute poofy hinny.

As Sally helped him off the counter, his head swam it was buzzing so intensely. He heard Sally say, "Step into your romper like a good little girl."

Alex was dazed but saw that he had a rather cute and poofy butt like the other two girls. Alex steps into the romper one leg at a time. Sally pulls the cute Snoopy romper up and makes sure it fits around Alex's legs and that the snaps are all snapped. She then threads his hands through the puffy arm openings and slips it the rest of the way on. It was just a little small on him at first, but his body quickly conformed to the adorable romper. Sally zips it up in back. Alex can feel it as the wonderfully soft cloth caresses his very sensitive new booby bumps

Sally giggles as she pats him on his hinny, "Now, tol ya it no hurtta bit .. didn't I? Now come wif me n enjoy beina girl wif us."

She takes Alex by the hand and leads him back into the playroom. By the time they had arrived, the romper fit perfectly, and things in the room seemed a lot bigger than when he had left a few minutes before.

Josie giggles as she says in an adorable voice, "Wow! You madda really cute little baby girl."

"Why did you make me like dis" Alex said cutely and was catching on with the baby lisp.

Alex felt so strange, his body was tingling all over. He felt very strange in his tummy and between his legs more than the tingling in his chest.

Josie looks up with big eyes and takes her thumb from her mouth. She says in an adorable voice once again, "Wow! You transformed well sweetie. Have you seen yourself inna mirror? You are so cute."

Sally and Josie giggle.

Sally says, "Now no be worried sweetie, you'll maka really wunnerful girl anna cute baby .. we promise. Soon, A Mommy come n take carea us ... cuz we gonna be for real babies."

Alex just felt so odd as the changes were going on in his body. What about his parents wouldn’t they know he would be missing? Or that he was now a girl? But his home life right now was not good though. So the trepidation Alex had been feeling now was just confusing.

" mean by 'transformed well'?"she asked not realizing totally the major changes to herself. Alex just felt afraid as the world was being way to big for her now. "A mommy?" Alex continued looking confused again.

Sally took Alex by the hand and led him into the hall. On the wall was a very large floor to ceiling mirror. Alex saw in the reflection, two extremely pretty girls dressed very cute. Sally's dress was short enough that it showed off her cute rumba panties and the fact she had a hugely thick diaper on that gave her an adorably poofy hinny. Alex saw how pretty and adorable he was in his romper. The thick diaper he had on caused him to have a very poofy butt too.

Sally giggles, "See , silly? Ura girl jus like me now."

Sally reaches over and squeezes Alex between his leg against the thick diaper and plastic rumba panties on the inside, it was obvious there was nothing boy left there any longer. Alex looks at himself just speechless as he see's that she is no longer a boy. Alex knew that peeping was wrong or just plain spying. But to do this as punishment … maybe it was best like this.

"I … don't know how to be a girl" Alex said.

Since Alex was born and raised as a boy, this would be a massive traumatic life adjustment.

Sally pulls Alex back towards the playroom. She says in a cute voice, "No worry bout that silly, I didn't kno how ta bea girl neivers .. it jus .. happens. You no gotsa choice now. Mommy be here soon an give you more stuffs that help. By the time we grows back up … we be aww girls."

Sally pulls Alex into the play room over to where Josie was sitting on the large pillow chair sucking her thumb. Sally plops next to Josie and starts sucking her thumb. They both look at Alex with big eyes as Josie picks up a cute little rag doll and tosses it at him.

Alex hears that it would have to come naturally, and that this 'mommy' would help her to be a baby girl. Alex catches the doll and it looked cute. Seeing that both girls were sucking there thumbs. Alex looks at his then slowly it comes up and then goes into his mouth. Alex's eyes got large in surprise at the joy of sucking it.

The sound of the door opening is heard. A sing song voice is heard cooing, "Helloooo?? Are my precious little girls home?"

Josie and Sally immediately shriek loudly as they wiggle onto the hands and feet, then stand up and waddle off towards the front door. Alex heard the dual voices as they shirek happily, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!"

Alex knew that it was going to be her future mommy too, so she walks after the other two ... unable to help toddling just like them. Alex sees her and stays a bit behind acting very, very shy. Not even sure what to say at the moment but still had her thumb in her mouth

The very beautiful woman was wearing Jeans and a T top with black flats. She put the other two girls down and kneels. She holds her arms out and coos softly, "Aww, aren't you just precious? Come to mommy sweet heart, let me hug and kiss you. Mommy will take wonderful care of you while you're a baby, I promise. By the time you grow back up, you girls will have lots of fun and plenty of boyfriends."

This woman or mommy was so inviting that Alex toddled over to her, then hugged her. It felt so nice to feel this way and to be hugged by … mommy.. The realization was that this woman was his mommy now. Alex blushed at the the thought, how was mommy going to help making her into a baby girl?

Mommy unsnaps between the legs of Alex's romper, lifts it up around his waist, and pulls open his panties and diaper. She checks to see if he was wet and messy.

Mommy coos softly, "Now sweetie, don't be upset, but mommy has a surprise for baby."

She reaches into the pocketbook she had lying on the floor next to her and removed a package. She removed 3 finger sized suppositories. Before Alex could react, he felt mommy reach into his diaper and put them deep into his bottom.

She pats his hinny reassuringly, "That's to make sure baby is totally unpotty trained and can't help herself. Don't be upset when it happens. It's expected of a baby."

The other two girls twitter happily as they watch mommy do that to Alex. They too remember when she took their potty training and made them totally diaper dependent.

Mommy takes Alex by the hand and one of the other girls, she leads them slowly into another room. Alex's eyes get big as he realizes she's going to put them in a high chair. Alex is whisked off his feet and his legs put into the chair. Before he can react, Mommy had skillfully fastened the belt around his waist and closed and locked the tray. He was unable to wiggle out of the chair.

He watched as the other two girls were similarly placed in their own chairs and locked in. Mommy then walks into the kitchen. Alex can hear pots and pans and drawers and lots of things going on.

Sally giggles and says in an adorable voice, "Mommy gonna feeds us ... baby getsa makea huuggee mess." Both girls giggle gleefully.

"Whats she gona feeds us" Alex asked not sure if she would get an answer. What else were these people going to do to her.

Josie squirms in her chair as she replies with a pout, "Mommy gonna feeds us baby goo. No real sure what it is .. made by Grubber's." She makes a weird face, "Tha green peas n carrots are ... mushy bad stuffies. Tha beefs ok n so isa bananna's n peaches."

Sally turns and says in a huff, "Tha peas n carrots better anna split pea soup u likes so muchies ... only thingy it goo for isa makesa mess .. or wash ur hair n stuffs."

Both girls look at each other with mean faces for a second before breaking into many cute giggles.

Sally looks at Alex and says softly, “Oh … mommy say she gonna makes us real babies taday. Sos that gonna b fun too.”

Alex just nods. He was helpless to stop whatever was going to happen. He realized he was getting oddly hungry and wanted to eat something. Alex had been on that gaming binge for a long time, it had been a long time since breakfast. Alex's tummy began growling loudly ... it sounded like a growling animal.

Finally Alex blurted out without thinking, "I'm really hungry an prolly would eat tha peas n carrots.”

Jose and Sally looked at him with big eyes. Just then, Mommy walks back into the dining room with three large bowls full of green, orange, brown, and yellow goo. She pulls a stool up and arranges the three high chairs where she has access to all of them at the same time. Mommy puts a bowl on each tray.

She takes a scoop onto a spoon from Alex's bowl and coos, "Heerrr comes the airplane in for a landing. RRrrrrooowwwwwwww!"

She makes a looping silly path to Alex's mouth. Alex manages to actually spill some on his face and down his bib just like a real baby. The other girls giggle. Alex at this point was so hungry and she just hated what was given to her. It was not bad tasting but the texture. It was hard to get use to. Alex tried not to make a mess … but the new baby girl could not help it and soon was giggling with glee at the mess that was happening

Mommy giggled as she coos, "Silly baby making a big mess."

She wipes his face gently with a cloth before stuffing another spoonful in. While Alex sat and dealt with it, Mommy turned and fed the other girls. They had no better luck with keeping clean than Alex did.

Mommy laughs as she says, "Seems you babies are getting more on you, than in you."

By the time the bowls were empty, all three babies were a huge mess and were having the time of their lives. Without warning, Alex lets go with a loud fart, followed by a lot of poopie. His eyes get huge as he realizes he was unable to control it in any way. The more he tried to stop, the more he seemed to help it happen. He could feel the strange waves in his tummy as it pushed out. He felt it as the lump formed in his diaper and squished all around his bottom. The other girls giggle and shriek when they hear the fart.

There was a feel of horror on Alex's face as the poo came out. Trying to stop herself though made it come out more. There was a feeling of fear and pleasure through the whole ordeal. As the mess started to spread out against her bottom, there was feeling of pleasure, but then, Alex couldn't help himself as he started to cry as the poo started to get real icky.

"I.....had's a poopie" Alex said in an adorable infantile whimper and really wondered how she was getting more baby like.

Mommy gasps and puts her hands to her face in a playful manner, "Baby!" the other girls giggle more, "Aww sweetie, I know baby needs to be changed now for sure."

Josie said with a giggle, "Bet ur diper so full n droopy too."

Sally said, "Yes, tha first time when u no can helps it ... gots lots an it aww gooey n watery n stuffies. Now, u no can help ur self ever again ... mommy made sure."

"No! I'm … not … a baby … am I?" screeched Alex as she was crying and feeling very confused.

Did they stick something else into the food to make him act more like a baby? Or did she have a secret desire to be a baby and wear diapers. There was so much that she didn't understand including the wetting accident which made her cry even more as she thought about it..

Mommy picks Alex up into her breast and actually carries him with her as she coos softly, "Now, now, baby, it's OK ... Relax and allow your body to change. Mommy will make you all clean and feel better as quick as a jiffy."

She twirls around several times along the way to the next room as she coos softly to Alex causing him to forget his worries and shriek happily like any infant.

Suddenly, mommy gently deposited Alex on his back onto a very soft padded surface. He found his bottom lifted in the air by his ankles as his panties and diaper were removed. He felt the cold of the sweet smelling baby wipes as mommy cleaned his squeaky areas. His eyes got huge as he gasped when mommy pushed 3 very large suppositories into his bottom, then rubbed his privacy with siome kind of gooey gel before placing him in the soft embrace of a fresh clean diaper.

Mommy quickly powders him, fastens the diaper on, pulls up his panties, snaps the rompers snaps between his legs, and has him in her arms before he realizes what had happened. He can feel the suppositories warm wet tingles as they melted inside him, and destroyed his ability to control his bowels. He could also feel a weird tingle spreading from his new privacy deep into his tummy … insuring he was incontinent as well.

Mommy coos softly, "Now, sweet heart, baby is all clean. I have given you several suppositories that will quickly make you into a baby. It not only takes away your ability to control yourself, it also makes you more infantile in your mind and causes you to shrink into a real baby. I'm going to do this to the other girls in a bit as well."

Mommy walked in to the play room where the girls were playing with their toys and sucking their thumbs. Mommy sat in a large rocking chair and arranged Alex comfortably in her arms. She undid a panel in her top and revealed a wonderfully well developed breast, aureola, and nipple. She gave the nipple a soft squeeze, until a large drop of white liquid formed on it. She then put the moist nipple into Alex's mouth. Instinctively, Alex started sucking. he could taste the warm, slightly watery sweet liquid in his mouth. Once Alex had the nipple in her mouth, she began to nurse like the baby she was. Her eyes looked over at the two other girls to get there reactions. They sat big eyed and watched longingly as they sucked their thumbs.

Alex was just now trying to adapt to what was happening. He was actually loving what was going on as her mind was slowly being integrated into her new baby girl self. The other two girls look over with big eyes.

Josie whines, "Moooommyyyy .. we wan some too." as she pokes out her bottom lip in an adorable pout.

Sally stands up and toddles over to Mommy and Alex. She sort of .. lays on him and looks in his eyes as she sucks her thumb. She says around her thumb, "Youth gonna fith u loothin ur aduthooth. No can helpth it now."

Mommy says softly, "Don't tease him sweetie, I'm sure it's scary enough for him to realize he's loosing his manhood and adulthood all at the same time. He belongs to me now, just like the two of you. Soon all of you will be babies again."

Sally giggles softly as she replies around her thumb, "Yeth mommy. Be goo girlth."

Alex just giggles at what she said and knew it was too late to stop it now. But there was a shining light in all of this … she would be well taken care of and loved lots by these girls and a new mommy. Alex would have the childhood he missed out on the first time around. This made her feel at ease with the changes. The only sad part was that his parents would never ever see him again. But with them gone a lot and the way they treated him ... it didn’t matter. So that was the only downside and nothing else now would matter. Accept mommy, and his sisters Josie, and Sally.

Sally gets up on all fours, then stands up and wobbles a little.

Mommy coos softly, "Oh darn, I see I'm going to have to give you another shot sweet heart. Don't be afraid, it will sting a bit, but after, it will make you become a real baby."

As mommy took hold of Sally's arm, she pokes out her bottom lip and whines, "But ... b ... but mommy. I noa crawly baby ... amma toddler."

Mommy giggles along with Josie as she replies, "No, sweetie, you're going to be a little baby in my arms."

Mommy injects Sally with the drug. Alex watches with big eyes as Sally gasps in shock. Alex sees something happen ... it seems Sally gets a little smaller as he watches. Her legs begin to wobble, then suddenly she plops on her hinny. She sits for a second with big eyes, before she begins to cry. Mommy picks her up and pats her hinny softly as Sally continues to shrink.

Mommy coos reassuringly, "Sweetie, you knew this was coming .. you agreed even."

Sally didn't reply. She buries her head in mommy's breast and sucks her thumb as she whimpers softly. Mommy looks at Alex and smiles, "It's time for your next shot too sweetie. Just relax, you will be a baby in no time. Then I have to deal with Jose."

Alex was wondering what was going on and was starting to be concerned. When Sally got up and started to walk a bit and mommy injected Sally with something. This got Alex out of the pleasant haze of being a baby girl. He watched in horror as this shrunk Sally and made her fall down and become a lap baby.

This brought fear back into Alex's eyes.

"WWwwwwhats.....mommy gona do to me" asked Alex of the older woman.

Alex had enough of the shots. This had changed her too much. Alex felt he was already enough of a baby. After seeing Sally shrink away to real infanthood … the reality of it all finally struck home.

Mommy puts the still whimpering Sally in her now over large clothes and diaper back on the floor next to Josie who had quit giggling and was looking at mommy with big eyes. Mommy removes another pen thing from her pocket. Mommy turns to Josie and takes her by the arm. Josie begins to cry as mommy injects her. Jose screams. As she shrinks to a small baby, her screams changes to match. Within seconds, there were now two babies in over sized clothes sitting on the floor side by side whimpering.

Mommy removes another pen thing from her pocket as she coos to Alex, "You're mine sweetie. The fact you're here ... is proof you agreed."

Alex shakes his head vigorously as he tries to get away. "Wwwwwhat........ahhhhhhhh....wait.....Josie and Sally had a choice in dis" yelps out Alex.

Mommy takes Alex's arm and places the pen like devise to it. There is a hissing pop and a sharp sting. Alex can feel it as the drug begins to move through him. It's hot ... it's cold ... it's intensely tingly as it reaches his heart. His heart begins to pound as it rapidly moves to his head. He feels so high. His body feels weird. Alex knows something radical is changing. Alex had tried to free her arm when mommy was trying to inject her. But mommy was really, really strong. The sensations running through Alex made her feel so weird. Alex saw everything around him grow large as his protests changed in pitch as he quickly became a small lap baby like the other two. When Alex's head quit buzzing, he realized that all of them were perhaps a year old, maybe a few months older, but no more.

Mommy claps her hands together and coos softly in a sweet airy voice, "Now, I have my daughters all where I want them and they are too young to get into any more big girl trouble."

She scoops Alex up and hugs him adoringly, "And you ... why, you just happened to be in the right place at the right time. You see, I am punishing my girls for being really bad boys at school. They got into many fights and things. When they set the large dumpster on fire ... that was the last straw. When they discovered that new mushroom and tried to see if it would make them high … it transformed them into girls. They found another that makes adults into infants. That's how they became the way they were a few minutes ago. Since I had these wonderful drugs at my disposal … I decided It was either they do this and get re-raised as adorable girls ... or go to juvenile jail as the girls they had become.. As you can see, they didn't realize .. it was for real."

Alex starts to cry as her gender and age were taken away from her. She bawls since she had no choice in any of this … this was just a nightmare now.

Alex bawled again as she didn’t want this from the start. Alex realize she had lost the ability to speak now that she was this small of a baby. She just didn’t feel like herself at all.

Mommy holds Alex to her breast as she pats his hinny softly. She coos sweetly in his ear tickling it with the warmth of her breath, "It's OK sweetie. Mommy knows you didn't ask for this ... but understand, when you grow back up, you will be an extremely pretty little girl. All the boys will love you and you will be very popular. You will have two sibling sisters and the three of you will be known as the triplets."

Mommy then puts her nipple back in Alex's mouth. Alex nursed with a feeling of total helplessness. His mind was fading fast as he transformed into the beautiful little girl that his new mommy wanted for him.

There were massive searches for Alex for a long time afterward. News teams hounded the area along with the police looking for him for several years before finally giving up.

One thing for sure, the little girl known as Alex was growing up to be a really beautiful girl and was well on her way to being one of the extremely popular triplets.

~~ The End ~~
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