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House of Femm - Complete

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu May 28, 2015 1:12 pm

Title : House of Femm - Book 1


Mistress Tonya : 19 yo Femminizing Mistress – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Mistress Crysta: 20 yo Femminizing Mistress – Played by: Miki Yamuri

Jack: 18 yo Soccer Player – Played by: Ella Kennet

Allie: The Femmed Jack – Played by: Ella Kennet

Scene: Lost in a very rural, dark, and rainy place as the car breaks down.


Jack is getting very worried. It has started to rain heavily and it has been a long time since he has seen any signs of civilization since he was forced to take the detour off the highway. He looks at the fuel gauge ... it isn't critical yet, but he knows he will have to find fuel soon.

Without warning, 3 red lights come on the dash amid a squealing crunch ... Check Engine, Oil Pressure, and Alternator ... the car stops. Steam and heat explode from the engine. The teen screams in frustration as he tries to turn the car back on. The only sound he hears is squealing, accompanied with more smoke.

Growling, he bashes his head against the steering wheel as he exclaims, "Crud... now I gotta walk!"

Jack sits there, rubbing his temple, eyes closed. He's miles from civilization. His map doesn't even show the road he's supposedly on. All he can see is forest, forest, and black amid the torrential rain and cold. Growling, he takes out his phone and starts dialing 911. No sooner than he started, he stops. He can’t believe it ... No signal ... like every other emergency.

"Just great," he growls, as he opens the glove compartment, digging for a flashlight.

Sighing, he takes it out, flipping it on. He knows he has to walk now. It's cold and rainy, almost sleeting. This will not be a pleasant trip at all. Serves him right for passing up that gas station a few hours back. Again, Jack sighs, as he pulls on his coat and steps out the car. He numbly makes sure it's locked, before turning and continuing down the cold rainy highway, into the forest.
The weather is absolutely horrible. The trees barely keep the rain and sleet off him. Within minutes, he's freezing. Shortly after, his nose starts running and he shivers almost uncontrollably. He is wet and freezing cold. His fingers are so numb ... he almost can’t hold onto the flashlight.

Jack walks for what seems like hours, until he sees a light in the distance. Gods be praised, it's a house! Any fatigue he had vanishes, as he does his best to run the rest of the way.

Half way up the path leading there, he slips, yelling loud enough for his voice to carry for miles, his clothes tearing as he falls in the mud, dazed.

Tonya was sitting on the front glider with Crysta waiting for their next client. Vinney had said he would be arriving any minute. This was the House of Femm ... The most exclusive Feminizing location on the planet. They were the top Feminizing Mistresses in the underworld, and all the big bosses sent their enemies to them for a change of life.

Tonya hears a sharp cry off in the dark sleeting mixed rainy night.

She turns to Crysta and asks, "Did you hear that? Sounds like our boy missed his mark."

Crysta replies, "Leave it to a man not to ask proper directions."

They both giggle softly as they stand. Crysta says, "I have a flash light. I suppose we have to go and get him before he freezes."

Crysta turns on the flash light and both girls leave the porch in the direction of the yell.

Jack is still a bit dazed, when he sees more lights blink on at the house, followed by flashlights. Disorientated, he hobbles up to his feet as they approach him.

Crysta sees Jack first. She calls out in a sweet voice, "Did sweetie hurt herself?"

Both girls giggle pleasantly

He blushes, wobbling a bit, and walking over to them.

Ignoring the gender reference, Jack gasps out, "Sorry, I got lost in the woods. My car broke down a few miles down the road."

Crysta and Tonya see Jack standing in front of them covered in mud. His clothes are ripped and totally ruined.

Tonya giggles a bit and replies, "Now sweetie won't be needing her car for a while. It's dark and cold and we have a nice warm bed for you."

He blushes a bit at the gender reference this time and wonders why they are referring to him as she and her as the girls approach him.

Shivering a bit, he says through chattering teeth, "But my car..."

The girls walk over to Jack and each takes an arm. Jack is impressed at how strong the girls are.

Crysta says softly, "Now we'll sort the car out after we have Missy all sorted."

Tonya pats Jack softly on his bottom as they ... bodily escort him back to the house.
By way of reply, Jack merely blushed and nodded, as they practically picked him up and carried him back. He squeaked a bit when they pat his bottom, though.

Tonya whispers to Crysta, "I think the white ones with the pink ruffles would be adorable ... Don't you?"

Crysta giggles and whispers back, "I think the ones with the pink hearts n red ruffles would be cute too."

Both girls laugh as they open the front door and escort Jack inside. It is a beautifully decorated foyer ... small waist tables an many pictures on the wall ... thick red carpets every where. The air is warm and smells sweetly of jasmine.

Crysta says, "My name is Crysta, what's yours."

Jack blushes, tearing his eyes away from the decor as he looks up at the blonde. "Jack Tobbar."

Tonya giggles in a cute manner and says in a cute voice, "My name is Tonya ... you can call us Mistress."

"Mistress?" he asks with a puzzled look.

Crysta walks down the long hall and enters a room off to the left as Tonya escorts Jack into the Living area.

Tonya says softly, Yes. A little girl always shows respect to her Mistress."

The sound of Crysta's foot steps can be heard approaching

Tonya asks, "Is your middle name Tommy by chance?"

Jack looks up. "Tommy? No, my middle name is Steward."

Jack feels a sharp sting in his neck and hears a hissing pop.

Crysta says softly, "Wow! We have a treat. We can do what ever we want to this one. He's not a contract."

Tonya approaches and kisses Jack on his cheek. She says, "I'm giving you a new name love ... I think we'll call you ... Allie ... Short for Alicia."

He starts to complain, but something stops him. He is becoming confused, he blushes and looks up at Tonya as he asks softly, "Allie?"

Crysta takes Jack by the arm and escorts him to a deep soft sofa and deposits him there.

Tonya says softly, "Allie is a good name for a little girl sweetie. Very soon, you'll agree too."

Both girls giggle

Crysta kisses Jack on his cheek again and cresses his face. There is another hissing pop and a sharp sting in his neck. He blushes, unsure of how to answer as he is set in the chair. This feeling is so confusing, as they kiss and caress him, making him shiver and blush. He has received 2 shots and realizes he is helpless. He can feel what ever it was spreading through his body and a confused euphoria building intensely in him.

Crysta says, "Tonya, she wont take much makeup. This one already has a female looking face.

Tonya bends close and looks Jack in the face. She gently caresses his face with her hands.

She says with a giggle, "She'll be the perfect daughter for us. Well give her the works."

Jack shivers more, blushing as the women play with him.

Tonya says sweetly, “Here is the first Estrogen shot. It’s a triple dose, and this one is the Androgyny blocker ... it’s also a triple dose."

Jack sees her bend over with the shots and gasps helplessly, “Wait ... what ... what are you doing?"

Jack feels the sting in his neck as the syringes give their hissing pops. Chills rise all over his body as he feels a cool rush run through him.

Tonya says, "Now Allie, you must call us Mistress. We will punish a naughty girl if she is disobedient."

With this Jack gets a slightly stinging slap on his thigh. He yelps, whining a bit as he rubs it.

It really did sting. He gasps in surprise, "Ow..."

Crysta says, "I'll go and prepare the bath. Make sure she has the next dose before you bring her back."

Tonya nods her head and says softly as she hugs Jack to her soft breasts, "Now I don't mean to hurt you little girl, but there are rules. You must call us Mistress from now on ... is that clear?"

She hands Jack a steaming cup of what appears to be hot chocolate. The aroma is wonderful. Little did Jack know ... this drink was high in more Estrogen and Androgen blockers. It also had a diuretic ... so little girl would have an accident like a good little girl should.

Jack nods, blushing as he is pulled into an embrace, made to cuddle against the woman. He feels small and shy as she holds him on her lap. She holds the sippy cup to his lips as he tentatively starts drinking the hot chocolate.

He replies shyly, "Yes ... Mistress."

Tonya cuddles the new Allie and kisses her softly on her head.

She asks softly, "Do you like pink better or another color sweetie?"

Jack finishes his drink and looks up. "Actually, I like purple."

Tonya giggles as she pops Jack on his thigh once again. She then replies in a cute voice, " You will call me Mistress young lady ... do you understand?"

Jack nods, blushing and crying a lot as she reprimands him him.

She continues, “I think we can accommodate that. We have lots of cute things in purple.”

Crysta returns and says, "The bath is ready. All the depilatories are added too. Just remember to wash her hair first or she'll be bald."

The girls giggle

The girls each take an arm and lift Allie to her feet. They again bodily escort Allie out of the living room and down the long hall to the left. The new Allie is totally mind blown over what’s happened to him so far. He feels so strange too as all the drugs and Hormones he has been injected with spread through his body.

After what seems like a very long time, Crysta opens a door into a very large and lavish bathroom. There is a large oval whirlpool tub made of bluish pink marble ... a huge counter area with many types of creams and makeup.

On the other side, a very large shower with a sliding door and 12 spray heads at different locations ... steam rises slowly from the tub.

Crysta takes the buttons on the front of Allie's shirt and with out fanfare begins to unbutton it. Tonya unbuckles Allie's belt and begins unzipping his pants. Quickly, Jack feels his clothes being removed. He blushes and, squirms, but not protesting as they undress him.

Crysta pulls down Allie's underpants and caress his privates for a second.

She says softly, "You won't be needing this ever again sweetie. Little girls don't have one."

Jack feels a fear tingle in his heart as Crysta plays with his parts. He’s not sure what she means by not needing it ever again.

The girls laugh as they basically lift Allie into the warm water.

Tonya pours a thick sweetly smelling jell all over Allie's head and massages it in. There are lots of bubbles. She makes sure to get a generous amount on Allie's eyebrows and some on her eyelashes. It burns for a second until Tonya wipes them clear and gives Allie a comforting kiss on her nose.

Allie blushes, giggling a bit at the kiss as the wonderful feeling of euphoria intensifies. He blushes even redder as he is set into the tub, squirming and washed, giggling helplessly at the wonderful sensation.

As Crysta washes Allie from neck down, all the body hair on his body seems to fall out and is floating in the water. Tonya has a funny pen like thing in her hand. She presses it against Allie's nipples. there is a hissing pop and a sharp sting. Before Allie can react, there is another hissing pop and a sharp sting in the other nipple.

Tonya says softly, "That will help you to develop sweet heart. You are now on a high level of estrogen and Testosterone blockers. You will be such a cute little girl in a few months."

The girls giggle again.

He blushes very deeply crimson. The stings actually tickle a bit, he realizes as the girls continue their treatment on him. He looks down at his chest ... it seems that the strange sensation he is experiencing there is they are ... growing?? He sees little pointy mounds start to appear. As they tell him he's to be a girl he gasps, eyes widening. This is a shock to him, and no amount of drugs can make him fully accept this.

Tonya takes a thick wash cloth and soaps it heavily. She gently reaches between his legs and cleans his privates. Jack, or Allie as he's now called, blushes and squeaks, wiggling submissively as he is cleaned. He is truly worried at this point, but is still helpless to stop them.

Tonya says softly, "Don't worry sweetie. We will teach you how to be a good girl. We promise to get rid of this awful thing as soon as we can arrange the operation."

Both girls kiss him softly on the cheek at the same time. He feels a real thrill run through him as 2 of the most beautiful girls he has ever seen kiss him and play with his private parts.

He realizes ... his part isn’t getting hard ... he is totally mind blown and starts to try and get out of the tub. Tonya is surprisingly powerful and very adept at keeping little girls in the bath. Allie’s attempt to get out of the tub only resulted in what looked like an infant splashing playfully in the water.

Crysta walks over to a door and opens it. She enters the room. The sound of clothes hangers and drawers opening and closing can be heard.

Tonya calls out, "She wants purple."

Crysta replies, "Got it ... this is so adorable."

Crysta leaves the room, reenter the bath, and is holding a pair of little girl purple rumba panties. They have 4 rows of white tipped purple ruffles on the bottoms and large ruffles around the leg openings and waist. In her other hand, Crysta is holding a very short, matching baby doll Dress. It has puffy sleeves and an empire waist. There a re large white, purple tipped ruffles around the hem and sleeves.

As Tanya finishes off cleaning him, the unthinkable happens. Looking down, Jack gasps, seeing that he is peeing in the water. He whines some, trying harder to get out of the fouled water.

Tonya holds Allie softly and says in a cooing voice, "It's ok sweet heart. Little girls as young as you have accidents. We haven't given you your rinse shower yet."

With this, Tonya helps Jack out of the tub and over to the shower. She opens the door and turns it on. She sets the water to a nice warm temperature and helps Jack into it. All the clinging hair on his body rinses off except for his head, eyebrows and eyelashes.

Tonya picks up a bottle of Baby Skin Cream and begins to apply it liberally all over jack's body. She picks up another bottle ... It is a facial cream. She applies this to his face and massages it in.

He blushes, wiggling and, unknown to him, cooing some as he is massaged and covered in these creams as he is rinsed.

Tonya says softly, "Ok Missy Allie, step out of the shower so Mistress can dry you off."

Tonya holds out a very large and thick towel. He steps out and into the towel.

Tonya dries him briskly from head to foot as she gently tickles all the squeaky spots she finds along the way. She takes his 2 nipples between her fingers and gives them a squeeze as she pull on them softly. When she lets go, they still poke out in small mounds ... it is now obvious he is growing very small ... but noticeable boobies.

Allie blushes, whimpering and cooing as this is done. It feels really good and sends chills through his body.

Tonya says cooingly, "There Allie, you'll have cute little gumdrop boobies real soon."

She points to the budding boobies on Allie’s chest.

Crysta says in a cooing voice, "I want to eat a gumdrop."

She walks over to Allie and takes one into her mouth. She gently gives it a wonderful sucking kiss. Allie yelps and blushes, squirming a whole lot as Crysta plays and teases her new boobies.

Crysta giggles softly and says, "Oh ... if little girl is good, Mistress will do that a lot. Besides, it helps little girl boobies to grow."

She kisses the other in the same manner

Allie blushes more, nodding and cooing as this is done. He can feel the powerful drugs slowly spreading though him. He is having emotions and feelings he hasn't had before. He really enjoys having his new boobies kissed and suckled.

Tonya opens a cupboard door. She removes what looks like a mis-made pair of panties.
Crysta picks up a tube of some kind of jell from the counter. She squeezes a generous amount into her hands and then takes hold of Allie's male parts. She massages the jell all over in an even layer. She then gently, but firmly, began to tuck his member inside his crotch. When she had finished, only a small bulge marked the spot where his genitals had been.

Crysta says cooingly, "A little girl doesn’t have one of those. Until we can schedule the operation, this is what you will have to do."

Jack blushed, looking down. Cooing and squirming against the massaging, he watched as Crysta did this.

When Crysta spoke, Allie nodded and replied shyly, "Yes Mistress."

Crysta holds out the misshapen panties and says, "Step in."

Blushing, Allie demurely steps into the panties, colored the same as his skin tone. Crysta pulls them up and manipulates his thingy so the very tip protrudes from a hole above his new vagina that the panties made for him. When Crysta had finished the procedure, Allie had a very convincing looking privacy. The girls giggle with glee.

Tonya says, "Welcome to the sister hood sweetie. I think you'll love being our daughter after a while."

With this, the 2 girls give him a sweet kiss on the lips. He blushes, squeaking as the girls kiss him.

Tonya holds out the purple rumba panties and says cooingly, "Step in sweet heart."

He nods, blushing like a sweet toddler, and steps into them. Tonya pulls the panties up and kisses Allie on the nose as she pats her on the bottom.

Tonya says, "Now, being made into a girl isn’t so bad, is it?"

She gives Allie another sweet kiss on the lips

He blushes, nodding some as he is kissed and showered with attention from the two Mistresses. In his mind, he is so confused and scared. He feels totally helpless and is scared beyond reason about the ... ‘Operation’. He is trapped and can do nothing. At the same time ... all the attention and what they are doing to him feels wonderful. Allie has never felt quite this way before as far back as he can remember ... and it ain’t bad at all.

Tonya takes the babydoll dress from the hanger. It is very short and purple. It has puffy sleeves with large ruffles around the arm openings. Its white Peter Pan collar was made of finely woven lace.

She says softly, "Ok, Allie, hold up your arms so we can get you in your dress."

He accepts the order helplessly ... the powerful drugs doing their job perfectly, raising his arms like a good femme. Tonya fits the sleeves to Allie's hands and pulls the dress gently on. It glides over Allies skin with a tickling sensation. Tonya then zips the dress and ties the bow in back.
Crysta walks up with a brush in her hands. She brushes Allie's long hair until it shines. She then ties it into 2 pony tails with purple ribbon.

Crysta and Tonya both take an arm. Allie is escorted to a floor mirror for a full length view of her new self. Allie gasps. The boy he once was is gone. In Jack's place is a cute, albeit slightly tall, little girl with the cutest little budding boobies he had ever seen.

He gasps as he puts his hand to his mouth in surprise. No!! This can’t be ... he hears another hissing pop as a sting in his neck lets him know he has received yet another shot.

The girls giggle sweetly. They know he will be a girl now whether or not the treatments continue. The point of no return has now been passed.

Tonya says, "Allie, you have become such a sweet and pretty little girl. I know you will love being here. I have always wanted a daughter."

Crysta adds, "Yes, and I promise we will take very good care of you for the rest of your life."

Allie nods some, face still blushing. The girls are far stronger than he is and he has no means of escape. He walks shyly over and lets Tonya hug and pick him up.

Tonya asks softly, "Is Allie hungry? Does cuteums want some dinner before beddy bye?"

Allie nods, laying his head on Tonya's shoulder.

Crysta says matter-of-factly, "Those new drugs are very good."

Tonya replies quietly, "That's the reason I wanted to try them out. Said it makes the subject compliant and easily managed."

Both girls caress Allie's head lovingly. Tonya carries Allie out of the bathroom and back up the hall about midway. She turns left and then down a small fight of stairs into the kitchen

There are female maid servants all over the huge room each performing a task in the operation of the kitchen.

Tonya says sharply, "Jenny! I want you to fix my daughter something to eat before I put her to bed."

A petit but beautiful little girl turns and curtsies. She replies, "Yes Mistress."

She then runs off in a cute skip to make the meal.

Crysta asks, "What do you think of the House of Femm Allie? it's your home now."

The girl in Tonya's arms says something that is little more than a mumble. He/she's pretty well drugged up by now.

The little girl named Jenny appears suddenly.

She curtsies and says softly with her eyes to the ground, "Here's the dinner plate Mistress. Jenny hopes she pleased you."

Crysta takes the platter and pats Jenny on her bottom gently.

She says, "You are a very good girl Jenny. You were a very bad man though and it pleases me to see you making this much progress. Since you are doing so well and have pleased me ... I think you and Randy can love play together tonight as a reward."

Jenny blushes as she giggles. She says as she curtsies, "Oh, thank you Mistress. Thank you so much!"

She runs off giggling.

Tonya takes Allie to the table and sets her in a high chair and locks the tray in place. Crysta brings the plate and sets it on the tray before Allie. In the plate, is baby food. Each in its separate pile ... Carrots, beef, apple sauce, and green peas.

Tonya sits beside Allie and has a spoon in her hand. She then feeds Allie like a little baby.

Allie complies, opening her mouth and letting Tonya feed her. As is the case with most subjects, she'll be a baby girl for a while, mainly the first few days, until the Mistresses have her adjusted and can allow her to age some. Allie is unable to help making a mess as she eats. She can’t understand why she is making this mess.

Tonya says cooingly as if she read Allie’s mind, "It's a good thing we put a bib on you sweet heart. You would have made a mess of your new dress It’s ok sweet heart, little girls do this and it’s expected of you."

Tonya points to all the food that Allie had managed to not get into her mouth. Jack looks down, blushing as Tonya points this out, Crysta not far off, snickers.

Tonya takes a soft cloth and cleans Allie's face and hands. She kisses each finger as she cleans it.

Tonya and Crysta say at exactly the same time, "Aww ... so adorable!"

He blushes as they clean him off and continue feeding him.

With the meal done, Tonya takes the messy bib off and leaves it on the high chair tray. She unlocks the high chair tray and again picks up Allie and carries her back up the stairs to the hall. She carries Allie into the room Crysta had originally gone in. It is a Nursery for a baby girl. Complete with Huggie Bear Teddy Bears on the walls

Tonya lowers the rail of the crib and places Allie in the Crib amid the soft crinkle of plastic. She kisses Allie on the cheek and puts a large Teddy Bear next to her.

Allie snuggles up to it and hugs it tightly.

Tonya says in a soft cooing voice like she's talking to a baby, "Nity sweet heart. Mistress be back in the morning. Sweet dreams."

With this, she turns off the light and leaves the room. The soft glow of the glow worm night light fends off the boogy man and adds a warm glow to the room. In no time at all, Allie is asleep in her crib. She dreams of the transformation from a man to a little girl ... she’s not so afraid anymore and is surprised to find ... she is actually looking foreword to being a girl.

End - Book 1

Title : House of Femm - Book 2


Mistress Tonya : 19 yo Feminizing Mistress

Mistress Crysta: 20 yo Feminizing Mistress

Jack: 18 yo Soccer Player

Allie: Jack's Femmed self


At first, Jack had thought it was just a dream. A strange one, albeit, but a dream nonetheless. How else could he be taken in by these two strange women, and pettied until he was little more than some sissy girl? But then, he apparently had another dream. Something silly with him being a fairy princess, or something. For some reason, he liked it, and this too was a mystery to him. But, then he woke up.

All that night, he had thought that he had gotten into a wreck, or fell asleep while driving, to explain his odd 'dreams'. Waking up and finding him in a crib, dressed like a 3-year old and wearing soaking wet diaper inside plastic panties, he realized it was all too real.

Crysta opens the door to the nursery and enters with a joyous flourish.

She says in a cheery cooing voice, "Good morning Miss Allie, did little girl wet the bed??"

Crysta walks over to the crib and lowers the rail.

She looks in and shakes her head, "Aww little girl all wet. Nana take you and get you in a nice soft diaper."

Crysta reaches in and helps Allie slowly out of the big wet spot onto the floor. As soon as Allie tries to stand, Her leg muscles give way. She is unable to stand up alone to her great surprise. Yelping, Jack, or Allie as he's now called, falls to the floor. Did his legs just stop working? He tries to wiggle them, but they give little response, as he is stuck on his wet bottom.

He grunts. "What the- why aren't my legs moving?"

Crysta giggles cooingly, "Aww ... baby faw down go boom??

She walks over and picks Allie up and gives her a kiss on her nose.

She says softly, "The drugs have regressed you so wonderfully well! It's ok baby, till we can grow you back up .. your are our baby daughter."

She hugs Allie lovingly as she kisses her softly on her lips. He blushes, wiggling a bit as she kisses him. This is all so strange. "Baby? Girl?"

Crysta carries Allie out the door and down the hall into the bathroom. She lays Allie on her back on the changing counter and raises a short safety rail.

She bends over and kisses Allie softly and says cooingly, "Nana's going to draw the bath now. This rail keep baby from falling."

Crysta turns to the large marble tub and turns on the water. She picks up a bottle of a very thick pink liquid and pours it into the steaming water. Lots of bubbles appear and the wonderful smell of honeysuckle filled the air. He blushes, wiggling on the changing table helplessly. the thought of this women bathing him scares him some.

He whines pitifully, "But I don't want a bath..."

Crysta returned to the changing counter and let the short rail down.

She kisses Allie on her nose again and says, "But sweetie is all wet and messy. A clean little girl is a pretty little girl you know."

He blushes as she kisses him again. How can he possibly fight her? Crysta gently lifts Allie by her ankles and pulls her panties down. She then set her back on the counter and pulls the wet panties the rest of the way off and tosses them into a pail by the counter.

Crysta bends over suddenly and blows in Allie's tummy making a huge raspberry nose.
He suddenly squeals, just like a little girl, as she does this. He is helpless... and loving it.
Crysta then softly touches the tip of Allie's formed clit in the vagina panty. He blushes, twitching some. His member, the clitty she gave him, has little reaction, as she intended.

Crysta bends slightly and whispers, "Soon, this will be gone and a real vagina waits for you. You will be such a wonderful little girl."

After another soft kiss, Crysta removes the vagina panty. She then lifts Allie into the warm bubbly tub and turns off the water. She takes another bottle of amber liquid off of the side. She wets Allie's hair and massages the liquid in. Allie's scalp begins to tingle pleasantly as Crysta continues to wash Allie's hair.

He blushes, looking down at his thing. It is tiny now, thanks to the two women. At least he still has it, he ponders, as she starts washing his hair.

Crysta coos, "This is to make sure you hair doesn't go away. This bath clean all the dirt and hair from you. This shampoo protects the hair on your head."

Crysta rinses Allie's hair thoroughly. She then lathers up a large thick wash cloth and begins to lovingly wash Allie. She gently caresses her in all her very tender and squeaky places. When Crysta came to Allie's feet, she tickles and kisses each toe.

Crysta coos softly, "Ooohh ... baby girl gots widdo piggies!"

She bends suddenly and blows into Allie's tummy again making another loud raspberry noise ... water splashing everywhere ... Allie squeals, blushing and giggling as she plays with him, splashing water everywhere as he squirms for her. By the time Crysta had finished tickling Allie all over, she had washed her from head to each toe.

Crysta reached over to the wall hanger and pulled a very large and thick towel off.
She pushed the leaver and the water started to go out. Allie became almost hypnotized at the little whirlpool that formed ... Suddenly ... she was lifted out of the tub and held on her feet. Crysta dried Allie briskly all over as she gently tickled her. Crysta then lifts Allie back onto the changing table.

She coos softly, "Mmmk Miss Allie. Don't be embarrassed. A baby is supposed to be unable to help going in their diapers. It's ok to cry if you want when you go. Ok sweetie?"

He blushes, wiggling some. He looks even cuter now then before. He looks up at her, "Cry? But I'm too old to cry."

Crysta coos to the baby, "Oooh cutie, your not even 1 yet."

She kisses Allie on the lips again. He blushes, murmuring a bit as she reproaches upon him. "Y-yes ma'am.."

Crysta picks up a tube of cream. she squeezes a large amount into her palm, she then massages it into Allie's skin.

Crysta continues, "It will be a while before your old enough to be out of diapers sweetie. You will always have accidents. A little girl always does and you'll need to be in pull ups then."

He blushes some, nodding as she explains his new life to him, occasionally cooing and murmuring as she massages him.

Crysta continues, "There are many new rules. Your way too young to do and think lots of things. We won't tell you what they are ... it's more fun to punish baby when she naughty. Makes a more reinforcing impression that you are not a man ever again." with this she giggles.

Crysta lifts Allie by her ankles and places a very thick diaper under her and places her bottom on it. It is very soft and thick ... and very warm. Crysta tickles Allie's feet again as she kisses each toe. She picks up a fresh vagina panty and threads it onto Allie's feet ... She pulls it half way up and stops. He blushes, giggling and wiggling as he is tickled, and the panty is put halfway on him. Crysta picks up another tube of cream. She places a very large amount on her finger tips and then begins massaging Allies shrinking male part. She knows applying this to his thing will make him stay limp until his operation.

She then presses on his member and tucks it partway inside his crotch. She caresses each of his bits and tucks them completely up inside. She pulls the panty the rest of the way up tucking his thing in so the head of it now is his clit over the vagina created by the panty.

Crysta coos, "Such a cute baby girl."

She then pulls the diaper between Allie's legs and fastens it snugly on with locking diaper pins

She tickles Allie softly in her ribs and coos, "Your such a good little girl, you know that?"

He blushes, murmuring some as she finishes with this, having been a bit aroused by her touching him, before she quickly hides his parts and puts them away in his diaper.

Blushing, he tries to sit up. As Crysta helps Allie into a sitting position, Tonya walks in.

Tonya says in a cheery voice, "How's it going with the new baby girl?"

Crysta replies, "The drugs work better than the Lab said they would. Allie has regressed so beautifully to an 18 month old just ready to be taught to walk."

Both girls giggle.

Tonya says, "I have the 2 booby shots for baby. These will give her cute little boobies."

Crysta hands Allie over to Tonya.

Tonya explains in a cooing voice likes she's explaining a difficult subject to an infant, "Ok baby, this shot will begin to change you. Don't be afraid, Mistress promise I am making you into the cutest little girl ever.”

With this, she produces 2 odd pin looking things from her pocket. She puts the first on top of one of Allie's nipples. There is a hissing pop and a sharp sting. Before Allie quits gasping and can react, Tonya performs the exact same maneuver on the other nipple.

The skin seems to .. move strangely for a second under both nipples ... suddenly, cute little booby bumps sprout and stand up pointy. It is now clear that Allie looks just like a little girl.

Both women coo, "Aww ... your just adorable."

He blushes, whimpering some, as he looks down,... near tears. Allie gets kissed on both cheeks at the same time

Tonya says cheerily, "I have good news for baby too. When you wake up day after tomorrow ... you wont have to ever wear this horrid panty again. You will have a vagina all your own."

Tonya caressed Allie softly over the diaper between her legs. Both girls giggle again.
He blushes, murmuring and cooing some as they tease him through his diaper. He whines a bit, hearing the news that he's to lose his privates. Tears well in his eyes. Tonya hugs Allie tenderly and kisses her softly.

Tonya says in a tender voice, "It's ok for little girls to cry. Especially when you get such good news as that."

Crysta adds, "Yes, that's very good news too. Means you are getting rid of that awful boy stuff for good."

Tonya Picks up a pair of white rumba panties with large red ruffles on the bottom and around both legs and the waist. She lifts Allie into them and has her braced against her thigh. She then pulls the panties up over Allie's diaper.

Tonya caresses Allie's new boobies and says softly, "We won't put you in a top. I know your proud of your new boobies and Mistress will allow you to show them off."

He blushes, looking up pleadingly at her. Tonya Sits on the step into the tub and holds Allie on her feet with her legs. She begins to brush Allie's hair until it shines and is very soft.

Tonya says, "I know your excited and want to show everybody what a cute little girl you are. Why don’t we have guests over and let you show off? How's that sound sweet heart?"

He shakes his head, blushing as Tonya holds him in her lap, brushing his hair.

Tonya bends over and whispers softly in Allie's ear, "Are you refusing to be a good little girl? Lots of people want to meet you sweet heart."

His only response and silence, and his blush deepening. Tonya ties Allie's hair into 2 cute ponytails with soft red ribbons.

She hugs Allie lovingly and says, " Oh, I know, baby girl is shy." She kisses Allie on the cheek and continues, "It's ok, Mistress will be here to protect you. Your so adorable ... just everyone wants to see you."

Allie nods some, still blushing bashfully as she kisses him and ties his hair into ponytails.

Tonya says to Crysta, "I'm taking Allie to have breakfast. You need to organize the other Girls and give them their jobs for today."

Crysta nods and replies, "Oh, the one we thought Allie was showed up a little bit ago. I have Jessica and Linda on it. I think they can handle 1 jerk like him ... don't you?"

Both girls giggle loudly. Tonya takes Allie in her arms and holds her. She carries Allie out the bathroom and down the stairs to the babies dining area. Tonya places Allie into a high chair and closes the tray. Allie can hear the lock click securing baby into the high chair. There is no way for baby to get out of the high chair unless someone released her.
Allie squirms some at first, but stops, realizing he's stuck.

How had things come to this, he wonders. One moment he's at the door asking for help, and the next he's being dressed and treated like a little girl. It's all so much.

Crysta enters the room holding a baby bowl plate. In its sections Allie could see some brown goo, some orange goo, and some green goo. Crysta pulls a chair up next to the high chair and sits. She places the bowl on the High chair tray and begins scooping some of the brown and orange goo onto a proportionally size baby spoon.

Crysta says in a cooing baby voice, "heer comes the plane ... lookin for a hangar ... rrrrrrrrroowww!!" and puts the spoon to Allie's mouth.

Allie pales, closing his mouth tightly and turning to the side. When Allie turned her head to the side, it bumped the spoon and made a mess on her face and down the front of the bib she was wearing

Crysta picks up a white cloth and coos, "Baby havin fun?? She makin a huge mess."

Crysta then wipes Allies face gently and scoops up some green goo and brown goo.

She then coos, "The train looking for the station .. choo choo choo." and again puts the spoon to Allie's mouth

This time the spoon finds it mark, and Crysta is able to insert it and start feeding him the laxative and diuretic-heavy food. Crysta quickly feeds Allie with a minimal amount of mess. She suddenly produces a digital camera and snaps a picture.

Tonya enters the room and coos softly, "Aww ... baby is so adorable. Allies is transforming well. I see she enjoyed breakfast."

Crysta gets the white cloth and again cleans Allie's messy face.

Crysta says softly, "I'm going to post these pictures on Our - Tube – Space. Allie is such an adorable baby I must share her with the world."

Our Tube?! They were going to show off how he looked to the whole world? He immediately began fussing and whining... just the reaction they wanted.

Crysta says in a cooing voice as she snaps several more pictures, "Allie will be the internet sensation when people see these."

With this, Crysta turns and leaves the room. Tonya walks to Allie and pops her sharply on her thigh

She says sternly, "Baby will be a good baby. If she's naughty Mistress will spank her. Do you understand??"

Allie whimpers, nodding some while still smarting from his popped thigh. Tonya produces a sippy cup of Red Liquid. It is laced with large doses of estrogen and Androgyny blockers.

She puts it in Allie's mittened hands and says softly, "Here's some nice Redd Berry Drink for you.”

Blushing, Allie nods and begins drinking. Tonya smiles. She knows Allie will make one of the most Adorable girls to come to the House of Femm ever ... and it was all by accident.

Allie blushes, finished with his drink and looks up. She wonders what else they have in store. Tonya shakes her head a bit before she bends over and kisses Allie on her cheek.
Allie blushes, finished with his drink and looks up. "What was that for, M-mistress?"

Tonya replies, "A little girl must have certain hormones in her body. It makes her skin soft and her body more effeminate. All your food and drink is now geared to that end. Your no longer a boy sweetie. Your a girl. Your operation to remove that horrid thingy between your legs is today too. That should make baby very happy."

Crysta enters the room in a flourish ... She twirls around several times and exclaims happily, "Wow! The response to the pictures is amazing!! I just posted them and already had 500 hits!"

Allie' is aghast. Having 500 people know that he's being treated this way makes him nearly faint. The news that he's to be a permanent girl succeeds, and he loses consciousness.

Crysta and Tonya look at each other ... Tonya says softly, " The procedure is set up for Allie now. Since she has fainted ... why not do it now?? When she wakes, She'll be a girl."

Crysta says quietly, "Good idea. Go get the stroller and I'll get her out of the highchair."

Tonya leaves the room as Crysta unlocks and lifts the tray. She gently removes the unconscious Allie from the highchair. Tonya reenters the room with an adult sized baby stroller. Crysta and Tonya gently put Allie in and fasten the straps.

They walk out of the room towards the clinic area pushing Allie in the stroller. They walk down a very long corridor to a double swinging door. Once inside, this is a very well equipped surgery theater, complete with top notch surgeons and anesthesiologists.

Several of the interns lift Allie from the stroller and put him on the theater table and strap him in. They cut his clothes off .. including his panties and diaper. Allie wakes as she is strapped in the frame that holds her in the proper position for the Penilectomy ... just in time ... Allie becomes awake to feel the sting of the anesthesiologists needle.

Where is he? Mumbling, he struggles a bit against the straps, trying to fight the medicine as he's being knocked out again.

One of the nurses has come to the table. She fondles Allies soon to be removed parts. She cleans them and puts lots of betadine on it to help keep it sterile. The nurse comes to Allie's head and caresses it.

She says cooingly, "Don't worry sweet heart. Doctor Cutter is an artist. He will give you a very cute vagina."

She then begins to place all the surgical tools on the tray. Allie watches in horror. One of the masked surgeons comes to the head of the operating table. He places his hands on either side of Allie's head. He picks up a gas mask and turns on the bottles and makes adjustments.

Allie Sees and feels the mask as it covers her Face. The sickly sweet smell of the sleeping gas fills the mask. Allie is held down and has no choice. She knows she can't hold her breath forever ... so do they.

Allie gasps in a deep breath after holding it as long as she could .. she has taken in a very large lung full of the sleeping gas. Allie's head goes fuzzy and real numb suddenly. She can feel nothing. Many echoing voices and weird sounds as she fades to oblivion.

It was many hours before Allie woke up, his first day as a little girl. Blearily, he blinked his eyelids, mumbling some as he woke up in the presence of his two Mistresses.

Tonya and Crysta both were standing at the crib looking in. Tonya bent down and kissed Allie softly on her nose and said, "Welcome back Allie. You'll be glad to know that it's done and that awful thing has been removed. You have a very cute little vagina all the other girls will be jealous of."

Crysta said cooingly, "yes, your now all girl."

Both girls giggle.

Allie turned his head, confused. His memory of the surgery, and for that matter, his life before, was bleary. But, this was expected, as Dr. Alice Strent, the neurologist had explained. Between the surgery and the medications she'd supplied, his mind would be on a downhill spiral until he achieved the mind and functions of a 3-year old.

Allie said n a confused voice, "Huh?"

Crysta said softly as she ran her fingers softly through Allie's hair, "You no longer have any male attributes sweet heart. It will be several weeks before it heals, but you will now know the joy of being a girl. I promise to train you to please and be the perfect little girl."

With this, Crysta pulls open the waste band of Allie's plastic panties and very gently reached in to check to see if her diaper was wet. It was, very much so.

Crysta kisses Allie again and coos, "You will grow up to be the most adored little girl. Now, Mistress will change you and get you into your clothes so you can begin your new life as our daughter."

Allie blushes, wiggling and fidgeting and kicking his feet a bit as Crysta reaches in and picks him up, cradling him like a newborn as she carries him to the changing table, while Tonya chooses his clothes. Crysta gently lays Allie on the changing table and pulls down her plastic panties. She unfastens the diaper pins and removes the wet and slightly blood stained diaper.

Crysta picks up a bottle of antibacterial solution and pours some into a large sterile pad. She then very carefully cleans Allie's new vagina, being very careful not to dislodge the dilation tool. Allie yelps, whimpering as she rubs and cleans his fresh wound.

Crysta says in a cooing baby voice, "Baby will be in pull ups and panties during the day from now on. At night, however, your going to be in diapers."

Tonya comes up to the changing table with a very cute babydoll dress and a pair of matching panties. Under her arms is a pair of Huggies pull-ups with little pink animals all over it ... made just for a little toddler girl.

Crysta helps Allie into a sitting position and asks, "Would baby like to see her new vagina?"

She picks up a mirror from the table and places it so Allie can get a good view. He looks into the mirror, seeing the slit where his manhood used to be. In response, he merely whimpered at the pain the wound was getting from being in the open air.

Crysta helps Allie off of the table onto her feet. He wobbles a bit, looking up at her as she stands him up. Tonya walks over to Allie and bends down with the pull-up held out.

She coos softly, "Be a good girl and step into your pull-up."

Allie nods and does so, putting one leg in, then the other. "Yes T-Tonya, I mean, Momma..."

Tonya giggles as she pulls up Allie's Huggies and picks up a very cute pair of blue, white with pink lace little girl panties and holds them out.

She coos softly again, "Now step into your panties like a good little girl."

Allie obediently steps into the panties, as Tonya pulls them up and over his pull-up.
Tonya then takes the babydoll dress off the hanger. It is very short. It has many little kittens with pink, blue and green ribbons around their necks on it. The basic color of the dress is a soft pastel pink with subtle shades of blue blended in. It has a Peter Pan collar and puffy sleeves with lace around the arm holes and large ruffles.

Tonya unzips the dress and says softly, "Hold up your arms so I can get you in your clothes."

Allie does as ordered, fidgeting some as she lowers it onto him, fitting his arms through the sleeves and zipping him up. Tonya then straightens the collar and several wrinkles from the dress. Crysta and Tonya stand and admire their new daughter. They couldn't believe that less than a week ago, this was the same young man that came stumbling to them in the middle of a cold rainy night.

Crysta takes Allie gently by her hand and walks her slowly to a floor length mirror.

She coos softly, "Ohh sweetie, your such a beautiful little girl! You have turned out to be one our best ... and you arrived by accident."

With this, she and Tonya bend and kiss Allie on her cheeks. Allie blushes, when he sees himself in the mirror, the darling little girl that he's on his way to becoming. He blushes against their kisses, fidgeting some.

Allie asks in a confused little girl’s voice, "Accident, Mommy Crysta?" Apparently, he'd completely forgotten how he arrived here.

Crysta has a brush at this point and begins to brush his almost shoulder length hair until it shines.

She replies softly while she does this, "Yes sweet heart, you arrived here on one of the coldest and nastiest nights so far this year. It has been a real treat making you into our daughter. We don't often get to do this just for fun."

She then ties Allie's hair into 2 ponytails with long pink ribbons. Allie blushes and squirms as Crysta holds him on her lap, brushing his hair.

Allie gasps out in surprise, "Wait, I don't understand ... I used to not be a girl, Mommy?"

Standing in front of the mirror is now a very adorable little girl. No one would ever realize this used to be Jack, or that he was the missing soccer player the city was vigilantly searching for.

Crysta hugs Allie gently and coos, "No sweetie, you used to be a boy ... not so long ago."

She kisses Allie on the cheek again. Tonya takes Allie by one hand as Crysta takes the other. They slowly escort the new little girl out into the main part of the house from the surgical unit.

Many soft female voices can be heard filtering into the hall. Allie’s eyes widening as his memory returns some as Crysta kisses him and they escort him back into the main house.
Alliestammers in an adorable little girl’s voice, "But...but... "

Before Allie can reach the house, he starts crying, crying like he never has since his first infanthood.

As they approach a double archway, the voices become slightly, but not much, louder. They stop at the arch before entering.

Tonya bends down and hugs Allie tenderly and says, "Aww baby, no need to cry. Your about to meet all the ... other girls ... they will be very glad to meet you. None of them were girls for very long either. They are being trained to be Maids and Sex Pets."

Tonya dries Allie's eyes with a sweet smelling and very delicate lace handkerchief.

Crysta says softly, "You'll love being a girl. I promise we are going to take very good care of you."

With this, they take Allie by the hand and lead her into a large auditorium sized room.
He whimpers, fussing as they lead him into the room. It is filled with girls of all sizes dressed either as maids or in very sexy outfits.

As the 3 entered the room, the voices suddenly became silent. All the girls sat in the many chairs lined in rows. Tonya and Crysta led Allie to the front of the gathering and faced them all.

Crysta says in a loud and firm voice, "Good morning girls. I hope all are ready to meet our new daughter ... her name is Allie. Today is her first day as a real girl."

There is a soft hubbub of hellos and welcomes from the girls.

Tonya bends down and whispers in Allie's ear, "Say hello to the girls sweetie."

Allie blushes and looks over to the girls, muttering a quick "Hi" before burying his face in Crysta’s skirt. There are many awws and she's so adorable.

Crysta says in her stern Mistress voice, "All right girls, all of you have reached the 6 month post op period. You are completely healed from your surgeries and we have chosen Masters, Mistresses, or playmates for all of you."

There are many gasps, giggles, and whines of misery. Allie has vague memories of a time before ... they are not clear ... but she knows something isn't quite right. Allie feels safe snuggled in Crysta's loving embrace.

Crysta whispers to Allie, "It's ok sweetie. I promise to make your new life ... very interesting."

End Book - 2

Title : House of Femm - Book - 3


Mistress Tonya : 19 yo Femminizing Mistress

Mistress Crysta: 20 yo Femminizing Mistress

Jack: 18 yo Soccer Player

Allie: The Femmed Jack

Scene: The Femm Nursery


Several months had passed, since Jack became Crysta’s baby girl Allie. The vast majority of his former life has been forgotten, aside from a few habits and mannerisms. Otherwise, he is a perfect little angel.

One of the few problems his body has had since the regression and retraining began, is like so many of the charges, he has a weak bladder. This is no problem of course; the Mistresses love having their little girls in diapers and panties, as is proper for a young lady.

Crysta had dressed Allie in a new babydoll dress and a very thick and soft diaper. The ruffles on her panties is very cute under the short dress. Today is the start of Allie's transition from baby girl into a young femme, to finally fit into the role the Mistresses want him to be ... their young daughter.

The nursery door opens and Tonya walks quietly in. She smiles as she sees Allie asleep in her crib all snuggled up to her Teddy Bear. Tonya walks over to the Crib and runs her hand lovingly though Allie's long and curly hair. Tonya is so proud of Allie as she watches her suck her thumb ... lost in a wonderful dream.

Tonya bends over and kisses Allie on her cheek and coos softly, "Time to wake up little girl. We have some new things to teach you today."

Tonya lowers the crib rail as she caresses Allie lovingly awake. Yawning, the feminized boy sits up in the crib, rubbing sleep out of his eyes as he awakens. "Wha.....?"

Tonya kisses Allie again and says in a cheery cooing voice, "Good morning sweet heart, how is Mommy's little girl today?"

He blushes, smiling weakly. "Good, Mommy Tonya." His name for her, as he was taught to call her and Crysta.

Crysta's voice can be heard calling, "Hurry up girls ... time for the morning Femm class."

Tonya asks in a cooing voice, "Would Allie like to go to a Femm class? You will learn to be a very graceful and cute little girl."

Tonya helps Allie out of the crib and escorts her by her hand towards the bathroom.

He nods, almost eagerly. "Oh, I've been asking to go for days, Mommy!"

As they enter the bathroom, the sound of running water can be heard and the smells of the bath oils are very pleasantly in the air. Tonya unzips and removes Allie’s dress. Allie wiggles a bit, squirming as he always does as Tonya prepares him to be bathed.

Tonya says softly, "Well, today after we give you your bath, you will be attending your first class. Mommy wants you to be a good girl in class .. ok sweetie?"

Tonya tosses the dress into a clothes hamper and then begins to pull down Allies panties.
Allie's diaper is wet from the night. Tonya is so proud of her little girl. He nods some, looking down as Tonya removes his panties, then the wet and soiled nappy.

She reaches between Allie's legs and caresses her new vagina. Penetrating Allie slightly with her index finger.

Tonya says, "You have become such a sweet little girl."

He squeaks, tightening up and wiggling on reflex as Tonya penetrates him. "Th-thankies Mommy."

Tonya helps the giggling and blushing Allie into the tub of warm bubbly water. She takes a bottle of pink gel and pours a generous amount into Allie's hair. Allie's hair had grown to a very pretty shoulder length. Crysta and Tonya kept it in curls and pony tails.

Tonya washed Allie's hair briskly and massages her scalp along the way. This is always his favorite part. Closing his eyes, he enjoys the massage. She then rinses Allie's hair and begins to wash the rest of her with a thick wash cloth, making sure all of Allie's new squeaky places were well cleaned.

He blushes and giggles, submissively laying down as Tonya cleans her. Tonya caresses Allie's pouty boobies and says softly, "I am so glad you came to us. I love nothing more that turning you into this beautiful little girl."

Tonya helps Allie from the bath. She dries Allie in a very large and thick towel. Allie squirms a bit, squeaking as Tonya gets her out and then briskly pats him down until he is fully dry. Tonya tickles Allie gently in every squeaky place she could find and enjoyed watching Allie giggle and squeak with glee.

Tonya asks, "Do you think you can go to class in panties toady? Or does mommy need to put you in a pull up?"

Tonya kisses Allie softly on her lips as she tickles Allie’s vagina. Allie's reactions were typical of all the charges that came through the House of Femme. Since Allie had Gender assignment surgery, his new vagina was especially sensitive in the squeaky, private area.

When posed with a question, Allie looks at Tonya curiously. "I don't have to wear a diaper today?"

Tonya says softly, "If you want sweetie. But a pull up is like a diaper ... but are cute little panties too. Makes it quicker to change a little girl if she has an accident."

He nods. "Let's try that then."

Tonya holds up an adorable pastel pink pull up to show Allie. There are a lot of ruffles and lace with little pink lambs all over.

Tonya holds them out and says, "Ok Allie, step in."

He does so, lifting one leg into it then the other. Tonya pulls them the rest of the way up and pats Allie gently on her round bottom. He blushes some, nodding, now in the pull up.

Tonya coos, "How do they feel cutie? They look so adorable on you."

He looks at them and runs his hand over the silky material, "They feel good."

Tonya turns and picks up a Matching pink smock top baby dress with a Peter pan collar.

She unzips it and says softly, "Can baby put on her dress? Or do you want mommy to help?"

He blushes. "Can Mommy help?"

Tonya Replies, Of course." As she fits Allie's arms through the puffy sleeves.

She then lifts the dress over Allie's head and pulls it down over her body.

As Tonya zips the dress she coos, "You will be the cutest girl in the class."

Allie blushes, lowering his head shyly. "Thank you Mommy..."

Tonya helps Allie into her slippers and then begins to brush her hair. It took a bit to completely get all the knots out of Allie's hair and to put he curl back, but Tonya was masterful. She finishes Allie's hair with 2 long pink ribbons tying her hair into adorable curly pony tails

She then takes Allie by the hand and leads her from the bath room and bedroom. After a brisk 2 minute walk, they enter the auditorium. There are many very pretty little girls all seated in rows of chairs. Most of them are dressed as Maids ... some of them are dressed in very sexy outfits that are obviously meant to enhance the individual’s beauty.

Crysta is at the podium and announces, "I want all you girls to say hello to our daughter. Her name is Allie. This is her first Femm class."

There is a cheerful murmur of greetings in cute many toned female voices. Allie blushes shyly, hiding behind Tonya some as she escorts him to a chair.

Tonya whispers to Allie, "Don't be shy sweet heart. Tell all the girls Hi for mommy." as she pats Allie on her bottom softly in encouragement.

Allie blushes, muttering a soft "Hi," his face crimson.

There is a twitter of female giggles all around the room. All of them remember how it felt to be introduced that first time as a girl after being transformed. Many helped Allie get settled into her desk amid soft twittering questions. Finally, all was quite again.

Once in her seat, Allie waited patiently for the lecture to begin. Tonya leaves the room after giving Allie a soft kiss on her lips.

Crysta says cheerily, "Good morning girls, our first lesson is in the proper way a girl is to sit in a chair. Miss Reldo ... would you be so kind as to demonstrate?"

A very pretty girl jumps up and descends gracefully to the stage. She gracefully sits in the chair with her legs closed and her hands demurely in her lap.

Crysta says, "That's very good. Now, are there any volunteers to show how a girl is to walk in her high heels?"

One little girl leans over and whispers to Allie, "My names Amy, I'm not sure what my job is supposed to be. I've only been a girl for a year."

Blushing, Allie turned to the girl who had addressed him. "This is my first day..."

Unlike all of the other students, Amy actually was a girl. She'd grown up a tomboy and had been brought here for re-education by her very influential family.

Amy says quietly, "Your a very pretty girl ... what's your name?"

He blushes even more and reply shyly, "Allie..."

My family didn't like the fact I was a Tom boy, " Amy pouts adorably, "So they brought me here. Now I'm a little prissy."

Allie nods some. "So you're actually a girl, and not...." Not like him.

Amy looks at Allie for a second with a blink and replies, "Yes, I'm a real girl. I think these clothes are a bit much, but for some reason ... I have come to love being dressed in lace and ruffles."

Amy brushes her hand over the delicate lace of her pinafore and continues, "Your a girl .. aren't you? Your so pretty I mean."

Allie brushes. "Well... kinda. I am now." Meaning, he wasn't before.

Amy looks at Allie for a second. She has big eyes as she asks, "Your not a girl? I wouldn't have been able to tell. Would you like to be ... girlfriends? I mean ... I would like to have a friend to talk to about .. things."

Amy blushes very pink

Allie is also crimson. To him, a girlfriend had always been an intimate love partner, not a true friend. Shy, he nodded his head. "I'd like that."

Crysta says loudly, "Miss Amanda and Miss Allie, do you girls have something you would like to share with the class?"

Squeaking, Allie pales, shaking his head vigorously. "N-no ma'am!"

Amy gasps and replies, "N .. n .. no ma’am."

Crysta stood with a stern look on her face and her hands on her hips.

Crysta says softly, "Why don't the 2 of you come up her and demonstrate the proper way for a girl to kiss? I think the class needs a bit of instruction."

Amy looks at Allie and blushes really red

Allie gasps, blushing. His mind had almost been reprogrammed so he reacted like a little girl being asked to kiss another girl. He thinks ... Kiss a girl?! That's..... he can't even think of what to do

Amy whispers softly, "I guess we really are girlfriends."

She takes Allie's hand softly and leads her down to the stage. Allie is quite bashful as Amy takes him by the hand and escorts him.

Amy whispers in Allie's ear, "Just pretend we’re girlfriends. I'll show you how to kiss."

With this, Amy proceeded to give Allie a very passionate French Kiss. The class is silent except for a collective sigh. Allie nods shyly, letting Amy take the initiative. He squeaks as Amy opens his mouth some and kisses him, becoming limp in her arms as they exchange the kiss.

Amy explores Allie's mouth with her wiggly tongue until she found Allie’s. She then entwined her tongue with Allie's and pulled Allie closer. Allie squeaked softly, blushing pink as Amy pulled him into her arms, while pulling his tongue into her mouth. Amy was a natural at it.

The two girls exchanged a very passionate kiss before the whole class. Even Crysta was standing with her hands to her mouth and holding her tingling midsection.

Crysta clears her throat and says in a wavering voice, "That was very nicely done. Now you 2 can return to your seats."

Hearing his mother, Allie stops, blushing. "Yes ma'am."

Amy Giggles and takes Allie by the hand. She leads her back up to their seats.
Once back, Allie sits down, scooting towards Amy a bit as Crysta finishes the lecture.

Allie whispers softly to Amy, "That was nice."

Amy whispers back, "It was ... very nice." she blushes pink and continues in a very shy voice, "Would you like to be real girlfriends? I would love to practice .. kissing with you.?"

Allie nods in reply, very shy. He really did enjoy kissing her. Never once did the idea of it being weird cross his mind. "Yes, let's."

Amy asks in a really shy voice as she blushes, "would you like to ... sleep over with me? We can share my bed n all. It will be fun."

Amy takes Allie's hand softly as she pleads

Allie nods. "That sounds like fun! You're going to ask mommy Crysta after class?"

Amy replies, "Yes. I will. I'll even let you borrow my princess babydoll nighty if ya want."

With this, Amy raises her hand and waves it simi frantically.

Crysta sees Amy and asks, "Yes, Miss Amanda? Is there something I can do for you?"

Amy stands up and if possible, blushed even more.

In a very shy and small voice she asks, "Can Allie sleep over with me? We're girl friends n all."

There is a twitter of happy voices all through the room. Many adorable giggles too. Allie is likewise shy and demure.

Crysta says, "Ok girls, Quiet down." The room grows silent as Amy Fidgets. She continues, "Miss Allie, would you like to do that too?"

Allie nods shyly. "Yes ma'am."

Crysta replies, "Then it's perfectly all right with me. My daughter is allowed to spend the night with her girlfriend. as often as she wants."

Crysta smiles with a knowing look. She is sure the 2 of them will make wonderful playmates.

Allie blushes, acknowledging Crysta’s wish as he turns to Amy. Amy walks over to Allie and hugs her lovingly as she kisses her sweetly on the lips.

Amy says softly, "We're going to be bestus friends from now on .. ok?"

Allie nods, hugging her back. "Of course!"

There is soft cooing sounds and giggles through out the room

Crysta at this point says, "all right girls, please be seated.”

Allie nods, blushing shyly and returns to his seat.

“Now, Class .... " Crysta continues with class, teaching Allie and the rest how to be cute and adorable little girls.

When this lecture and examples were completed, Crysta says, "All right girls, please take out your books and turn to page 101 please. It's the chapter on the relationships you are expected to have."

There is a rustle of activities as the books were opened. Allie joins the rest of them, pulling out his book and turning to the page

Crysta continues, "Now that we are all girls, There are basically 2 types of relationships we will want you to have. You are expected to please your man as well as your woman. None of us know who our new Mistress or Master may be."

There is a quiet murmur though the class as all the 'NEW' girls murmured about pleasing men.

Crysta says, "Miss Allie, You and Miss Amanda can be the perfect example of a girl/girl love."

Allie looks up, confused ... Amy immediately giggles and turns a bright pink.

Amy whispers in a cute voice to Allie, "Mistress Crysta just told everyone we are in love."

She kisses Allie again sweetly on her cheek. Allie nods, blushing bright pink as Crysta goes on about what is expected between 2 playmates.

Crysta continues, "Now, A girl / girl relation is also known as a playmate relation and has all the same pleasures and benefits as a girl man one. Each one of you will be expected to kiss and make love to your Mistress or Master, or , As in Miss Amanda and Allie's case, your Playmate."

There are many giggles in the class. Allie turns bright pink, looking at Amy as Crysta explains their new relationship.

Crysta picks up her attendance book and thumbs through it for a bit.

She calls, "Miss Tracy, please stand up."

A very petit girl with long black hair stood up far up in the back.

Crysta asks, "You've been a girl for ... 1 year and 6 months ... isn't that right?"

Tracy says in a very shy and cute voice, "Yes Mistress Crysta."

Crysta continues, "I think it's time you learned about pleasing a man. You have been purchased by a Master"

Amy gasps and whispers to Allie, "You think Mistress going to make her go alla way?"

Allie shakes her head, unsure of what will happen. He's never seen a live demonstration of this before.

Crysta pushes the call button on her desk. A very beautiful young man enters the stage from the door in the back.

Crysta calls, "Miss Tracy, will you please accompany us on the stage for a demonstration of a girl Master relationship? Your Master gave his permission for us to view."

Tracy gasps loudly and puts her hand to her mouth. She is obviously not really wanting to go to the stage. Just a year and a half ago, she was one of the underworld’s top burglars ... That is ... until one of the crime families caught him in their vault.

Crysta calls sternly, "Miss Tracy, there's no need to be shy, we are all girls here except for Master Tom."

There is a lot of twittering through out the room as Tracy slowly descended to the stage. She was obviously scared. Crysta takes Tracy's hand and puts it in Tom's hand.

She says softly to Tom, "Be gentle, Tracy's a virgin."

Tom smiles broadly and says in a very wonderfully base voice, "I promise, I will be gentle."

He leads Tracy to a table that had a 6" thick mat on top of it. He begins to kiss Tracy very softly at first ... then with more passion.

Allie is awe struck, mouth open and a hand near it as he watches.

Tracy resisted a little at first, then began to melt into what was going on. The room started to get louder with many gasps and surprised comments.

Amy says to Allie, "I'm a virgin too."

Allie blushes, turning to her. "Really? I am too..."

Amy takes Allie's hand and says, "I guess we both can learn .. Huh??"

He nods, quite demure.

Allie and Amy watched with their mouths slightly open and their eyes wide as Tom undressed Tracy and caressed and kisses her all over. They watched as Tracy lost her virginity and fell in love with her new Master ... Tom.

The whole class was silent except for the quiet gasps and moans from Tracy and Tom.
Tracy's eyes get huge as she gasps loudly. The class watches breathlessly as Tom gives his full pleasure to her. She squeaks softly as he thrusts deep in his surging. Then ... after a few seconds of deep penetration, he bends and French Kisses Tracy passionately as the class claps and cheers.

Allie can't help but stare, like all the rest. He is overwhelmed by the sheer sight of it. Amy is silent ... her hand over her mouth and her eyes wide.

She looks at Allie and gasps in shock, "H .. he .. he went alla way. Did you see??"

Allie nods, silent and awe struck. Amy is pointing and in awe like the rest of the class.

The class watches as Tom helps Tracy off the table and cleans her and dresses her. They walk out the back of the stage area hand in hand.

Crysta says softly and with emotion, "Now class, that's the proper way for a girl to please her Master."

Amy and Allie nod, listening intently as they feel a growing need inside them.

Crysta clears her throat slightly and continues, "Now, the next relationship is Girl / Girl or, Playmate. I think the perfect example would be Miss Allie and Miss Amy. Would you girls be so kind as to join me on the stage and demonstrate for us?"

Allie gasps again. He doesn't know if he's ready for this. Amy gasps loudly too. She had no idea this could happen.

She looks at Allie still with big eyes. She says quietly, "Mistress Crysta wants us to .. to make love?"

Allie nods, blushing very, very shyly. "I... I..... I dunno..."

Crysta repeats with a bit of authority, "Now, girls, There is no reason to be shy. Come down here and demonstrate for the class how a playmate is supposed to please her playmate."

Amy looks at Crysta for a second and then back at Allie

She asks softly, "Be gentle?? Please??"

Allie nods shyly. "If you are with me, I will be with you.... Miss Amy."

Amy takes Allie by the hand and slowly starts the decent to the stage. Amy's ears were on fire and there was a herd of butterflies at war in her tummy. Allie is as shy, sweet, and demure as they come. He looks very timid and insecure as Amy leads him onto the stage, his face and body a bright, rosy pink.

Amy leads Allie over to the table with the thick mat on it. She reaches under the table and gets a fresh sheet and changes it.

Amy turns to Allie and very shyly ... Gives her a French kiss. The room seems to sigh
Allie squeaks audibly, blushing and melting into Amy's arms as he closes his eyes. They undress each other shyly and slowly amid many caresses and kisses.

Amy helps Allie onto the table. She snuggles in between Allie's legs ... and begins to kiss Allie’s new vagina with passion.
Allie squeaks, giggling and squirming as Amy lays him down and spreads his legs. She begins to kiss his sensitive areas. The class watches in enraptured awe as Allie and Amy lost their virginities to each other. The only sounds were the soft squeaks of pleasure from the 2 girls lost in their passion. Allie is very shy, bright pink, and wet when all is said and over with.

Amy snuggles up to Allie and whispers breathlessly, "I love you Allie. I really want to be your real bestus girlfriend ... Ok??"

She kisses Allie with loving tenderness.

Allie nods, cuddling back against Amy. "And I want to be yours." He kisses her back.

Suddenly, the whole class erupts with loud cheers and many clapping hands. All the 'Girls' were standing and clapping and cheering.

Crysta says with delight in her voice, "That was very nicely done girls. For that, I am giving you both an A for the relationship class."

Again, there are cheers and many claps. Allie blushes, sitting up and bashfully covering his very cute booby bumps as he acknowledges the clapping. Amy grabs her panties and gives Allie her panties and they both wiggle into them. From there, both girls hurriedly get dressed.

While Amy cleaned up and finished dressing, Allie blushingly walked over to Crysta. "Mommy, can me and Amy be excused?"

Crysta bends slightly and kisses Allie on top of her head and replies softly, "Of course sweet heart. Both you and Amy are dismissed for the rest of the day. Enjoy yourselves."

She pats Allie softly on her bottom

He nods, hugging Crysta quickly before running back to Amanda. Allie tells Amy that they are excused from the rest of the classes and they can leave to go get cleaned up.

Amy and Allie leave the stage area by the back door into a long hall.
Hand in hand and with an occasional shy kiss, they walk to the bathroom and take a long hot bubble bath.

They kiss and caress and insure that the adage Crysta has instilled in all her girls is met ...
A clean little girl .. is a pretty little girl. Allie giggles shyly, blushing as Amy finishes undressing him and gets him into the water after some caressing. "Mmm.. feels good."

Between kisses, Amy agrees ... it feels heavenly.

Amy asks in a shy voice, "You wanna come to my apartment? I gots that cute babydoll nighty for you."

Amy rinses the soap from Allies body as she runs her hands softly over Allie's skin.

Allie shivers, nodding some. He then stifles a yawn. "I'd like that."

Amy gets out of the tub and helps Allie out too. She dries them both with a huge thick towel. She then wraps Allie in a towel and then herself and wraps their hair in one too.
She leads Allie out of the bathroom down the hall to her assigned apartment.

When the door closes, Amy says, "I'll get our jammie, you go turn the bed back."

He nods, heading to the backroom where he finds a queen-sized mattress with pink sheets. "Alrighty."

Amy disappears into another room. The sound of drawers opening and closing can be heard. Amy walks into the bedroom. She is wearing a very cute babydoll nightgown with string Bikini panties. She hands Allie a Princess babydoll nighty with bikini rumba lace panties

Amy says, "Isn't that soo cute?"

She opens them and shows Allie the thick diaper lining. Allie takes it, thanking her, and starts dressing into the nightie and undies. It takes him a while, but he eventually gets it. "Uh huh!"

Amy and Allie climb into the bed together and snuggle. Allie cuddles back, reaching up and kissing Amy on the cheek. There are many soft giggles and squeaks as they hug and kiss and caress all the squeaky girl places well into the afternoon and late into the night.

Eventually, Allie and Amy grew tired. Yawning, they kiss, before closing their eyes and snuggling into their new love ... they both fall into the happy sleep of 2 lovers.

~~End ... of a new beginning~~
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