It Started with a Kiss

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It Started with a Kiss

Postby Miki Yamuri » Fri May 22, 2015 3:31 pm

It Started with a Kiss

Hi there. My name is Melissa, everyone that knows me calls me Missy. It’s the name my girlfriend Lisa gave me.

I wasn’t always Missy nor female either for that matter. I know there is disbelief, but if you hold on, I will tell you how it all happened.

Many years ago, my name was John Yressu. I was one of the brightest students in my college and was a shooting star to the top of the Nano Electronic and Genetic interface field.

I and another young woman, Lisa Blake, were the top interns on a research project at the college that made it possible to interface robotic prosthesis limbs to a human with near the same effectiveness as the real limb. She and I had made a major break through that insured our PhDs and a guaranteed job at the facility of our choice.

Lisa was older than me by about 4 years and was perhaps the most beautiful and elegant woman I had ever met. I must say I was more than attracted to her. Her family was well placed and she never lacked for anything.

I did my best to let her know I was attracted while at the same time being a gentleman, and a good associate partner. She did go many places and accompany me on many outings. I just never could get that ... girlfriend thing ignited with her. She was always friendly and loads of fun to be with.

I had finished the courses at the college and had to transfer to another college to complete my studies. Lisa was very distraught and actually invited me on what she really called a date. None of our outings previously had she referred to as a date.

It was a date from fantasy. It started with the most sensual kiss I have ever had the pleasure of having. She had made reservations at the swankest most expensive restaurant in the city. We had wine, chicken and fish cooked in ways I could only guess. Candle light and even musicians playing soft music at our table.

We walked in the quiet of the moon light as she softly kissed me. I kissed her back, trust me. We talked about where I was going and how much she had enjoyed being with me. She told me how well we worked together made us the team we were.

She told me that I was the only man she had ever felt attracted to and how badly she was going to miss me. She said then that she wanted to make love to me. There was no way I was going to refuse.

She made love to me. Hard passionate love. A love that I had never had before and knew I may never find again. She brought me to orgasm so many times, I couldn’t get it up anymore. She still gently licked and sucked my softness well into the night.

This is how I fell asleep.

The next morning, she made love to me again before I was even awake good. After our shower and we had dressed, was when she nuked me to my soul.

She sat next to me and held my hand.

She said softly, “John, I want you to know something. I have never been attracted to a man. I don’t like men in that way, I am attracted to girls.”

I know my mouth fell open and my eyes were huge. I was totally flabbergasted ... Speechless.
Before I could think of anything to say, she put her fingers softly over my lips and smiled a sad smile.

A chill ran down my spine. I felt trapped and scared too. This is turning out to be really strange.

She wouldn’t let me say anything yet. She softly continued, “There is no way I could be with you as you are John. For me it is ... abhorrent to make love to a man. You are very special though. There’s something about you ... some special thing, I had to make love to you and there are no strings attached. I just wanted it to be you. I do promise you this ... if there is anyway I can discover to change things with you, we will be together.”

I felt really strange inside like something else deep in me was listening too.

I sat totally mind blown. What is there to say to this? I have been told that the most beautiful girl I have ever met and have fallen deeply in love with, doesn’t like boys. Right after the wildest fantasy date I could have imagined with her.

I said, with much emotion in my quavering voice, “Lisa, I have fallen in love with you.”

She drops her eyes and says very softly, “I know, John, I’m so sorry. I have fallen in love with ... something in you too. I wanted you to know that you are most special to me too.”

I said, “That explains why you never called any of our dates, dates. Also why you were willing to go with me, but not be a girlfriend. Lisa, I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you.”

There were tears in her eyes. She kissed me so sweetly on my lips and said, “There’s a special quality about you John. I am attracted so strongly to that quality. I don’t want to offend you, but there is a ... little girl within you. I love this little girl and if I can find anyway to bring her out, we will be together.”

Oh, man! The shock that ran through me then was tremendous! She somehow knew! I had always had a secret fantasy about being a cute young girl. I had given up my cute collection of panties, rompers, and dresses when I came to college. I had never mentioned it to anyone or attempted to dress up since. I couldn’t understand how she could have found out. I know the expression on my face had given me away totally. Nothing I could do.

Lisa hugs me softly and says, “Don’t worry baby, I will find a way, I solemnly promise.”

Something inside me was overjoyed. I can’t explain it, but something in me was now in heaven and I felt great even though I seemed to be loosing the love of my life and felt horrible at the same time.

I stammer, “H ... how di .. did you ... ??”

She kisses me on my lips passionately and then says softly, “Bye, John. I will find a way. I promise you and her that.”

She leaves before I can stop her. I can’t find her anywhere. It’s like she has vanished from the face of the planet.

I didn’t see her for the month I stayed before my transfer. No one had any information, or even seemed to miss their top research intern. I searched as hard as I could. It was all a painful mystery.

Time passes as time has a way of doing. I always seemed to have enough money to pay my tuition and all my fees. It just suddenly was there. There was even money left over for a few other things. I never was extravagant ... just spent enough to live and saved the rest for a rainy day. The pain of the loss of Lisa faded but was never forgotten. Something deep inside me always remembered the promise ... I will find a way.

I had graduated with top honors and received my PhD amid many cheers. I was well on my way to being the number one Nano Electronic Engineer on the face of the planet.

I had taken the first position offered, so I could get a feel for the actual research being done. The company Tecno Inc. wasn’t a very good one to work for, and I fortunately learned immediately they wanted to take all my work and put their name on it with no considerations for me.

The research was theirs, the key elements that made it all work, I had very carefully hidden ... in my genetic code. This was my break through and I was going to use it as I see fit.

Tensions between me and Tecno Inc grew rapidly. I discovered that I was their number 1 research Scientist one day by accident and that my work was what it depended on to remain viable as a business at the forefront of the field. I made my demands known now as I sought better employment at different facilities.

The company didn’t like this at all. They fired most of the people in the Admin office because I had found out. I didn’t like that at all, either.

I was actually on the way to the Director’s office to quit when the office courier came to me with a registered package. It was from the Top Genetic Engineering Company in the world Nano/Gen.

I couldn’t believe it. I signed for the large envelope and took it back to my office. When I opened it, it was a job offer package that is a scientist’s dream. I was to be the second in command of the Nano/Gen research facility. I sat heavily in my chair, stunned.

I read through most of Nano/Gen’s proposal and was most impressed with their offer. There is no doubt they wanted me and they wanted to insure no one else could out bid them.

About this time, the jerk Administrator came in my office. He was giving me a real load of bull over my demands to Tecno Inc. I got tired of this and of his high pitched wailing voice. As he ragged on, I signed all the acceptance papers and the legal papers in the package. I read the compensation package. It guaranteed me full acknowledgments on any and all research and discoveries, royalties, and a 14 figure pay check for the first 90 days, then unlimited resources. Another fantasy come true. I signed. I didn’t realize I should have paid closer attention to the small print on the legal documents. This oversight, caused the greatest adventure of my life.

I looked up sharply and said sternly, “Get out of my office before I throw you out. I am more than tired of listening to your bull.”

He was totally shocked and screeched, “Who are you to tell me that? I’m your boss and you can’t tell me to get out! I’ll have you fired you moron!”

I came out from behind my desk towards him and said even more sternly, “I think it’s you who will see the unemployment line before me. I am the reason this garbage company is in the forefront of the field and I am the one making the rules here. I suggest you get your cranial computer from your rectal storage compartment and realize ... I’m throwing you out of my office.”

He gasps loudly and runs. The door shuts as I hear him screech, “You’ll never work in this field again ... I swear.”

I can hear laughter from the research floor as the Administrator flees.

I type out my resignation. I explain in great detail the reasons and the personnel responsible for my leaving. When I give it to the Director, he tells me he is refusing it. I just shrug and tell him I’m gone.

I am under no contract directly with Tecno Inc, but I am under contract with the clients of the research I am doing. The clients will follow me to the next research facility and leave this one. When I leave, Tecno Inc is no longer a forefront contender.

I leave ... walk out into the sun ... and go home and have a wonderful drink.

Nano / Gen

I arrive at the main gate, I was impressed with the security. Great pains had been taken to make sure none could get in ... or out ... with out proper authority. An armed guard came to my car window and asked me for my ID while 7 others surrounded my car in a large circle.

I showed the one at my window the Job Package and my drivers license. His eyes got slightly larger and an expression of surprise crossed his other wise stony face for a split second. He stood to attention with a sharp click of his heels and saluted.

He said politely, “Welcome to Nano/Gen, Miss ... I mean Mr Yressu. You may pass.”

I looked at him for just a second before retrieving my papers and license. I thought it sort of strange he said Miss first ... I mentally shrug and put my license in my wallet as the ponderous gate opens.

The Research complex was huge and looked for the world like a Mars base or some kind of large space ship resting on the valley floor. I could see the main dome and all the interconnecting corridors that ran to the 8 other domes in the circle. I could see some kind of shuttle system in operation in clear tubes running along the top of each corridor.

This was the research scientist’s fantasy come true. This was Nano/Gen, the world’s foremost Nano Technological and Bio Genetic research facility on the planet. I was in a daze. I was to be second in command of this international corporation. I silently and in awe drove to the Human Resources Pod. There was one empty space, right beside the owners slot. I had no choice ... that’s where I parked. The security guard at the door saluted and opened the door for me.

I was dazzled by the office. There were plush chairs and thick carpets every where. Polished chrome and flashing electronics dominated the decor. I saw some very strange objects and artifacts in thick display cases along the wall. In the center of all this ... a desk that appeared to be of Mahogany, made an almost complete circle. There was a very beautiful young woman there beaming an absolutely radiant smile at me.

She said in a cheery voice, “May I help you sir?”

I walked over to her and showed her the employment proposal and replied, “My name is John Yressu. I’m here at the request of the company owner about this job.”

She smiles that gorgeous smile and says sweetly, “Absolutely, Mr. Yressu, They are expecting you.”

She picked up the phone and punched a button. She said into the phone “He’s here.” And hung up.

She continued, “Some one will be with you shortly Mr. Yressu, may I offer you a drink?”

I was taken for a second and replied, “No, thank you. I’ll just sit and wait.”

She nods slightly and says, “As you wish.”

I sit in one of the chairs. It moves all by itself and conforms to my body shape. I stand quickly taken by surprise.

I hear the receptionist giggle softly before she says, “Those are genetically designed organisms. They are engineered to be a body conforming chair. They won’t hurt you ... but are very comfortable chairs.”

I respond, “Uhh, thanks.”

I gingerly sit back in the chair. It conforms to my body like a very soft well fitted glove. The chair is the most comfortable one I have ever sat in.

I now look around the room with new eyes. I realize the lighting is Bio Luminescence. Most likely Luciferin ... the fire of the firefly. I can’t believe what it is I am seeing.

As I am pondering the rest of the room and trying to determine what type of genetic construct the different furniture is, a young man in a very expensive suit comes to me.

He extends his hand and says, “Welcome to Nano/Gen. My name is Ron Green and I am the corporate lawyer. I need to look over the Proposal package. While I am doing that I will answer any questions you might have. Come with me to my office.”

I shake his hand and follow him into his office. The door opens when he approached and closed immediately behind me as I entered the room.

Ron explained, “The door has a Nano sensor that detects your body heat. It is interfaced with a biogel that transmits the open and close signal to the door motor. Electricity is supplied to the motor through a biofuel cell. The fuel cells that supply electricity run on sewage waste. No waste, no pollution.”

His office is very plush. All the lighting is bio luminescence. All the chairs are the bio construct ones like in the lobby. I see nano fiber desks and things I can only guess at. The carpet I realize is a genetically engineered grass. Designed to remain thick yet short in a near cave like environment with heavy foot traffic. It receives its moisture from the air. I am truly impressed.

I watch as the examines each page and then signs and stamps it. He asks, “Do you have any questions about the procedure here?”

I reply ignorantly, “No, none right at this moment.”

I see his eyebrows rise slightly and then he looks at me for a moment. He seems to shrug minutely and then continues signing and stamping the papers. What I didn’t realize, was what the procedure he referred to was all about. I was shortly going to find out and embark on a new life altering adventure.

Genetic Gender Bender

Ron finished signing and stamping all the documents. He runs them all through a flash copy machine and has them put on the company computer system. He hands me copies of the originals.

He smiles and offers me his hand again and says, “Welcome again to Nano/Gen. We do hope that your transition will be a pleasant one and I look forward to working closely with you on the new projects.”

I take his hand and he gives me a rather feminine hand shake as if I were the girl. I take his hand and give him a firm hand shake. He smiles knowingly about something.

He continues, “If you will follow me, the owner would like to have a few minutes with you too.”

He leads me out the door and to an elevator. The door opens and I step in.

Mr. Green stops and says, “I do you hope you are happy with us here at Nano/Gen.”

The door closes and I am whisked rapidly to the top of the dome. The door opens.

I am flabbergasted. This is the most elegantly decorated Apartment I think I had ever seen. The thick genetic carpet grass was in every spot on the floor. A huge bar and living room area complete with a bio sofa type critter. Book cases and antique furniture. The opulence truly depicted the office suite of the owner of Nano/Gen.

I step out of the elevator into the main room. Everywhere I look is some new thing for me to explore. I see an area that looks like it has been set aside for an office space. I walk over and sit in the chair in front of the desk. It immediately conforms to my body shape and weight and is excessively comfortable.

As I sit, I look around and attempt to decide what everything I see might be other than it’s original functional appearance. I notice a very pretty table made from what appeared to be wood sitting across the room. I see each curve and delicate swirl of the wood. I am most impressed with the craftsmanship. I start to examine the desk and all the little trinkets arranged on its huge surface. I go to put the papers and my briefcase on the floor beside my chair. It never reaches the floor. I turn and look. The table from across the room was suddenly there under my things. I am impressed ... another genetic construct and very well trained.

I hear a female giggle and a very familiar voice say, “How do you like my little pets? They are very helpful, although they can be annoying at times.”

My heart jumps with joy as I stand quickly and turn. I see Lisa standing there in short shorts and a halter top. She seems not have aged a second since I last saw her. My heart melts as I stand speechless.

She says softly, “Welcome to my company John. I have missed you these last 10 years. I see you have really made a name for yourself in the Nano Electronic industry. How have you been?”

I struggle to answer. I finally manage to say in a quavering voice, “ I ... I have been ok I guess. Lisa, your absolutely beautiful! I missed you so much!”

Lisa says sweetly, “I missed you too. More than you could know.”

She glides gracefully over and kisses me softly on my lips and then around the desk and sits.

I am stunned as I sit back in my chair.

She says, “I have brought you here to be my second in command. We were the best team ever in college and I am hoping to recapture that here. We do all the major research in the Nano, Genetic, and Biological fields. I currently have several thousand Federal projects and many more international projects all going at the same time.”

She opens her desk drawer and removes a box. It is about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide and 3 inches deep and is jet black and very heavily constructed.

As she stands and walks back around the desk, she continues, “I have made a wonderful break through in Genetics and Nano Neural Interface Control. It’s what makes the chairs and tables and carpet possible.”

She places the box on the desk right in front of me.

Her voice changes suddenly and becomes very soft and sweet, “I have also discovered something else. Something I have not shared with the world. I made a promise to you sweetheart and I intend to keep it.”

With this she opens the box. In it is the most beautiful choke collar necklace I think I have ever seen. It has a large Champagne Diamond set in a very finely engraved gold mounting. The necklace itself appears to be made of fine crafted black leather, although I know it isn’t leather. The clasp in back is very unusual. It appears to be made to fasten, but not to unfasten.

She says softly, “This is the first gift I give to you sweetheart.”

I realize something has hold of me. I can feel it in the back of my head. I can’t move or speak. What ever it is, is intense and has me totally held in place. No amount of trying can break it.

She continues in her soft voice, “That is a Neuro Nano Training collar. It is designed to train the Bio Constructs. I made this one in that form just for my new girlfriend ... you. It is genetically encoded to you from your hair samples I had from when we were in college. I am naming you Melissa, Missy for short. It will instantly train you to be female and help you be female after you have been reassigned.”

I am afraid to my soul. I can’t believe what she just said.

She walks back around the desk and pushes a button on the intercom. She says, “Debbie, I need the new substance now. It should have just been delivered.”

I hear her respond, “Yes Miss Blake, they just this second brought it from the lab.”

Lisa says, “Bring it to me and cancel all appointments and calls for the rest of the day. Defer them to Jason, he can handle things for a day.”

Debbie replies, “Yes ma’am.”

I struggle with myself as much as I can. I am totally helpless and can only look at the necklace. I am starting to be extremely afraid.

The door to the office opens and a very pretty young woman walks in. In her hand she has a large syringe. Because of the way I am held looking at the necklace, I am unable to tell anything else.

I hear Lisa say, “Make sure we are not disturbed for anything. Even if the world comes to an end. It can wait till tomorrow. Give anything that comes to Jason. Is that clear?”

Debbie says quickly and nervously, “Yes ma’am.”

Lisa says, “Lock the door on the way out please.”

Debbie replies, “Yes ma’am.” As she quickly leaves and locks the door.

Lisa begins again in her soft sweet voice, “I am over joyed that you agreed to the name and gender change. I had Ron check all the papers and you signed the procedure agreement and the new birth certificate. I did promise you that if I found a way to bring out the little girl in you we would be together. I personally have searched for nothing else since. I have discovered a way that makes Genetic Gender Reassignment possible and here it is.”

I see her approach me and feel something very cold touch my neck. I am scared to the point I wet my pants. I hear a long drawn out hissing pop at the same time I feel a very sharp sting in my neck. I can feel whatever it was enter me and spread rapidly.

I am hot and cold all at the same time. I feel really strange sensations all over my body. I see Lisa pick up the necklace and feel her put it around my neck. There is a click. There is a most wonderful explosion of euphoria I have ever experienced. I am totally lost in euphoria.

A New Adventure

I realize suddenly I am conscious. I feel most remarkably wonderfully strange all over. I can feel the surface I am on adjusting to the changes in the way I am lying on it. It is very comfortable. I remember where I am supposed to be and what happened. I sit up quickly. My center of balance is all wrong for some reason and I go forward and start to fall. I feel hands gently catch me and right me.

Lisa says, “Well now, that turned out better than I had ever hoped. You are adorable.”

Lisa reaches over and brushes hair from my eyes. I am confused. I look down at myself. I am dressed in a cute terry cloth romper and have soft sox slippers on my feet. I see I am a lot smaller than I used to be ... and I am a lot different too.

I look up at Lisa and say softly, “What have you done to me?”

My voice ... that’s not my voice! That’s the voice of a girl!

Lisa smiles softly and takes me by the hand and helps me off the sofa critter.
I feel so light and wonderful. She leads me over to a mirror that was standing by the wall.
Who I see standing in front of Lisa was an extremely beautiful girl. Nice figure, petite breasts, cute pouting lips., round bottom, long white blond hair. She had the appearance of maybe 12. I couldn’t believe it. I had been totally changed! The girl I had always fantasized I was stood there in the reflection.

Lisa bends slightly and kisses me lightly on the cheek and says softly, “I promised if there was a way to bring the little girl out, I would.”

I say softly in amazement, “How did ... I mean ... that’s me?”

I put my hand to my mouth in astonishment.

Lisa reaches around and touches the diamond in my necklace and says softly in a strangely hypnotic voice, “Your name is Melissa. I am going to call you Missy from now on. You are 24 years old. Say your name and age and remember like a good girl.”

I can’t help myself ... my name is ... there is confusion for a second as I try not to remember. I am compelled to answer and I have forgotten my name. Wait! I remember ... It’s Missy and I’m 24 years old.

I say sweetly, “I’m Missy and I’m 24.”

Lisa kisses me on my cheek. It makes me feel so good inside. I realize I am now going to be with her and she with me. She has found a way. She has fulfilled one of my wildest fantasies and fulfilled the love in my heart all at the same time.

I turn with joy in my heart. I look in Lisa’s face. I can drowned in her eyes. I hug her neck and kiss her passionately. Her tongue is in my mouth. The tip of her tongue intertwines with mine. I feel her hand so softly caress one of my breasts. I am totally in Love with Lisa. We kiss for a long time. I very throughly enjoy her caressing my breasts. I enjoy even more the very electric caress she gives me between my legs. We finally break the kiss. I am moist between my legs and out of breath.

Lisa smiles radiantly and says, “Now, Missy, Let’s take a tour of our company. It’s half yours too.”

She takes me by the hand and leads me out into the main office dome. I am shy and thrilled at the same time. I am meeting the world as the girl of my fantasies with the girl I love with all my heart. I am ecstatically happy.
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