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The Sorority

Postby Miki Yamuri » Thu May 14, 2015 5:40 pm

Title: The Sorority


Aurren Liana - 18yo male college student - Played by: elladankenet

Mandy McNotty - 18yo female college student - Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Sitting at the table in the drama class rehearsal hall

Mandy was a very pretty 18 yo girl who excelled at playing in the drama presentations by the college. She came into the large rehearsal hall, dressed in her tight Danskin leotard and slippers. She looked around and saw a very cute guy she had briefly met earlier in the week.

She walked over and asked softly, "Mind if I sit with you?"

Looking up, Aurren saw a cute girl he vaguely recognized. He was wearing a simple gray tee shirt and jeans today, and didn't look anywhere near as sexy as Mandy

Aurren nodded and scooted over so she could join him at the table. "Sure. Your name is Mandy, isn't it? We were in the same orientation class."

Mandy plops her bag next to the chair and gracefully sits. She replied, "Yup," she nods slightly as she
removes a small spray bottle of dream angle perfume and gives herself a squirt. The wonderfully intoxicating aroma drifted lazily around and delicately filled his senses, "I think we have seen each other a couple of times at rehearsals too."

He blinked a bit. "Rehearsal? Oh, I just came a few times to see how it was done. I'm not very interested in performing."

She of course was referring to the Winter Performance. The school held a variety of plays throughout the year. Even though he was an English major, he enjoyed theater and was curious about what show would be done. He was far too shy to audition.

Mandy giggled adorably as she asked, "You do ... like the plays, don't you?" She reaches over and softly ran her finger through his longish hair, "You look like the type who would love to play dress up and act."

The boy blushes, fidgeting slightly as she patted his hair. "I like watching plays, but I've never been in one."

Mandy's blue eyes sparkled wonderfully as she said, "Well, if you would like, I have many kinds of ... outfits and costumes at my apartment ... if ... you would like to come over and see ... maybe?" she blushed a very adorable shade of strawberry pink as she looked shyly at the table.

"That's a kind offer, but I'm still kind of shy... " He paused, looking at her chest. Not at her breasts mind you, but what she wore on her shirt: a pin. "Oh, you're in a soroity? I didn't know freshman could join. Which one are you in?"

Mandy smiled, "Alpha Delta Ki. You know, the Drama Queens." Mandy waved her arm around at all the other girls, "It's our sorority. Want to come and have a look? I'll give you the million dollar tour if ya wanna." She looked at Aurren and batted her blue eyes at him in an inviting way.

Aurren didn't recall the name of the sorority. Maybe it was a small one. "Sure, that'd be cool. Is tonight fine?" If only he knew what he was getting himself into.

Mandy reached over and placed her small, soft hand on top of Aurren's, bent over and gave him a small peck on his cheek, "That would be wonderful. I'll meet you at the commons at 5pms sharp. Don't standa girl up sugar. I have to go, it's time for rehearsal." Mandy sprang gracefully up, and did many fluid pirouettes as she approached the stage steps.

Aurren was surprised by the kiss. My, she was friendly! The class went on as usual, the director instructing actors while giving lecture notes to those not on stage. When class ended, Aurren went about his day as usual, until 5pm, when it was time for his date. Well, not much of a date. In either case, he was at the commons in the center of the university, waiting for Mandy to meet him and escort him to the Greek Village.

Mandy showed up wearing the sexiest and most adorable romper Aurren could imagine on Mandy. It was a soft powder blue and fit her wonderful figure perfectly. She bounded up to Aurren and took him by one of his hands as she gave him a soft kiss on his lips.

She said softly, "Come with me, cutie, I think you will enjoy the tour." She began to lead him off by the hand as she chatted on about most anything.

The boy squeaks at the kiss, eyes widening as the girl he barely knew displayed her affection and began
leading him away shortly after her arrival.

"Oh. Is it far?" asked Aurren.

Mandy replied, "Nopes, as a matter of fact, we're here."

She lead Aurren up the steps to what looked like a well preserved Victorian Stone Mansion. Mandy opened the door and led Aurren into the extremely opulent foyer. The trip hadn't taken long at all. They arrive at the mansion and Mandy leads her guest into the opulent room.

"Oh wow, this is all for your sorority? This place is hug!" gasped Aurren as he ogled the opulence surrounding him

Mandy giggled again, "Of course, silly, sos we can have enough room to put on our things."

She led Aurren through a large oak door into another room. It was filled with very pretty young women in all stages ... of undress.

One cute little brunette saw Mandy enter with Aurren in tow, "Hey, look girls! That one is the cutest one yet."

All the girls stop and take a long look at the new arrivals. The room in particular was a changing room. Although the mansion had plenty of bedroom suites and bathrooms, the changing room was in the style of a theatrical ready room, where thespians prepared for shows. Apparently, the mansion entertained guests on a regular basis. Now the center of attention though, Aurren blushed as the girls in the room stop what they were doing to undress him with their eyes.

"Um, hi... I'ma friend of Mandy's.." Aurren said in a cute squeaky way.

All the girls giggle adorably as one of them walked up to Aurren and took his long hair into hers in two
bundles. She comments, "He's perfect Mandy."

All the girls begin to chatter about very pretty clothes, dresses, and other babydoll type outfits and how he was the perfect one. At the same time, they gathered around Aurren and Mandy. The boy looked around, a bit overwhelmed. They were behaving.. so girly. They were all excited. But why? Surely they got enough visitors.

Aurren asked, for the lack of anything else to say, "Perfect for what?"

A very cute girl dressed in a short babydoll sundress took Aurren by the hand and said softly, "Come with me. I think you will enjoy this."

She took his hand and led him though another door with all the girls following. Aurren found himself in an obviously little girl's room. Another of the girls in just her panties and a top opened another door. Within, Aurren could see some strange equipment and many many adorable outfits all hung neatly in racks.

Aurren had never been in a bedroom quite like this. The majority of it was a typical little girl's bedroom. Part of it, however, included nursery equipment. There was also a corner of the room with other stuff in it that he might have attributed to naughty places. Leaving Mandy behind, Aurren found himself in this room with just the cute brunette. By this time, she was wearing only a tiny pair of bikini panties and a smile.

"Umm.." Aurren started to say in surprise.

The girl giggled as she said, "My names Bambi. I'm the femalinator."

Aurren turned and looked at her inquisitively, "The ... what?"

The almost nude girl smiled as she quickly put something very cold next to Aurren's arm. It made a hissing popping noise as Aurren felt a small sting. Weird sensations ran up his arm, then all through his body.

She said in a very cute voice, "I'm the one who makes sure you are very pretty."

Before Aurren could do anything, the girl had already undone and pulled his pants down.

He yelps at the sting. Had she injected him with something? Feeling suddenly weak, he tottered a bit as she undid his pants and pulled them down to his undies. The girl snatched down his undies and gave him a soft push. To his amazement, he helplessly fell back into a large soft padded place. Several other girls were on him at that point. His clothes came off quickly as his arms and legs were cuffed to some kind of rack.

Another tall girl with red hair and freckles leaned over and cooed softly in Aurren's ear, "Relax sugar pie. It only hurts a little when you change. If you struggle, it hurts a lot more. When the change comes, just relax and let it happen. It will happen whether you enjoy it or not."

The boy found himself on the rack in the corner, cuffed down as the other girls snuck in and ambushed him, removing his clothes. In no time, the boy was naked! "Eep!"

Aurren felt it when the rack he was cuffed to was unlocked, then he was rotated so that he was lying on his stomach. The brunette whispered in Aurren's ear as she lubricated his sphincter well, "Ever wondered how it feels for a girl when we have sex?"

The boy was turned over, unable to see what was going on. He squirmed as the girl applied lubrication to his butt then, she stood back as the table began to activate. Out of the main console extended a long tentacle-like appendage, flexible and smooth and suitably thick and just a tad moist. He feels something press against his rear. He gasps as the thing he could not see began to slide into him. "O-ohh!" Aurren really felt it as the semi-soft, and very thick object began to apply pressure to his butt. His sphincter
spasmed several times painfully before it relaxed and penetration slowly began in a most intense way.

One of the girls came to Aurren and took hold of his thing. She cooed softly, "Aww, sweetie. Seems you have a growth we need to take care of."

Aurren gasped loudly as he felt the horrid cold thing touch his penis, the hissing pop accompanied by a
seriously sharp sting. Between his legs began to rapidly feel super weird as the well lubed tentacle penetrated
im deeply and rapidly in his butt over and over. The boy whimpered and groaned as his member was injected. He didn't know what it would do. Immediately though it fit through a small opening and swelled, ready to be milked by the machine one last time as his crotch began to go numb and the anal tentacle continued violating him.

The young woman in just her tiny string bikini panties made a cute squeaking noise as she picked up a beaker beneath Aurren. He could see several tablespoon fulls of white gooey stuff in the bottom. Several of the girls gathered around and began dipping their fingers in it and licking them clean. Aurren could hear them gasping in pleasure about the taste of the very last of his manhood being taken.

Another small girl with only a pair of white cotton string bikini panties on came up to Aurren and gathered a large scoop of the white stuff on her finger and rubbed it in Aurren's mouth. The salty sweet taste filled his mouth.

The girl giggled, "Now, that should help you transform quicker. All us girls love that taste. We all swallow, and so will you." She patted his abused hinny before walking off.

He groaned a bit as she had him taste his own semen. Within moments, his genitals were emptied by the massaging tentacles under the table, shrinking to a very small and adorable size. It hurt some as he felt something stab deep within his maleness. It was like, it was being stolen away. That was when the girls got up and left Aurren to his abusing. Aurren knew he was loosing his manhood. He could feel his chest as small boobie bumps began to form and his nipples became hard little gumdrops on top of the mounds. To his horror, he knew his genitals had already vanished, this much he could see from the way the girls had him cuffed to the rack.

After what seemed like forever to Aurren, several of the girls returned. One of them had a cute little babydoll dress with matching lacy rumba panties.

Mandy came in and cooed softly in Aurren's ear as she brushed his hair, "You are so adorable. Your genitals have been permanently drawn up inside your crotch. It's now a vagina with what's left of your pee pee as the clitoris. Your panties will fit so nicely."

Aurren is unshackled. He felt so weak after being abused by the machine and those strange shots. His chest and between his legs felt so weird too. Aurren realized his hips had widened somehow and his waist narrowed. He had the most beautifully round and cute butt. Aurren realized he had a perfect female figure.

Several of the girls helped him into the panties and the cute little dress. When they were done, another had tied his hair into pony tails after brushing it vigorously until it shown. She leaned over and whispered softly, "Jus relax. You are no longer gonna bea boy. I promise it will feel really nice inna bit. I went through it too. Mosta us girls were guys at one time before being admitted to this sorority. Sides, "she patted his pantied hinny, You're too cute ta bea guy."

The boy was finally released from the table. Rutted and submissive, he was powerless to prevent them from dressing him up. Up go the panties, his parts carefully tucked inside his crotch and no longer visible. Next came a soft pink babydoll dress with puffy sleeves and a really short ruffled hem, matching the color of his little girl panties perfectly. His black hair was done in pig tails, tied off with cute little pink ribbons.

Mandy finally came in and patted his tush.

"M-Mandy?.." Aurren stopped and grabbed his throat. That couldn't be his voice .... could it?

Mandy took Aurren by his hand and lead him from the room slowly, "You are so cute. I just have to show you off to the dorm." The door opened, and there are a multitude of young women in all stages of dress that turn and looked at him.

One of the girls asked, "Mandy, who's tha new girl?"

Aurren was escorted out of the nursery, followed by the two other girls who helped. Still groggy and sore, he was taken back to the prep room to be reintroduced. "B-but... I didn't want to.. do this.."

Mandy cooed softly, "I didn't either, until my maleness was taken and I realized how much more popular I am now that Imma pretty girl."

She lead Aurren through all the cooing females out into the crowded hall. Many of the girls stopped and introduced themselves. One suggested that Aurren choose a girl's name other than the one he had now ... to keep confusion out of the picture.

The boy blinks. Maleness was taken? Mandy used to be a guy?! His mind whirls a bit.
"I... but my name's Aurren. I have a scholarship, and.."

Mandy replied, "You still do ... only as a really pretty and sexy girl. That's all."

Aurren finally stood in front of a full length mirror. The extremely cute young woman that looked back had an expression of total incredulity on her pretty face. Even the hair on his legs was gone. His hips had widened and his butt rounded. Aurren even noticed with shock that his nipples had started poking through the dress from the growing little mounds that had swollen beneath them.

His crotch, meanwhile, had become tight and uncomfy. He could tell, his privates had shrunk and were
starting to pull back into his body. It wasn't the most pleasant of feelings. The tip of his penis formed a new clitoris. He appeared entirely female now. No one would ever know he had ever been male if they didn't already know.

Mandy took Aurren to the main dining hall. She showed him how to be a cute and graceful female and what to eat and what not to eat and how to eat it. While all the guys were watching, Mandy also showed Aurren how to be sweet and sexy and flirty, but still be coy. Aurren received many of those horrid shots. Each one caused him to become more and more female as his masculinity was stolen away.

Mandy said with a giggle, "For the next little while, we will dress you as a babydoll. It help make the switch flip faster if you have to live the part."

Aurren was overwhelmed by all the training he was getting. He was turning into a very cute girl, no matter what! Of course he also needed a new name. "How about Allie?" one girl suggested. Many of the girls around him giggled and agreed that was a perfect name for a cute little girl. Aurren's name became Allie from that point on. It seemed all the girls in the dorm knew it at the same time.

Mandy took Allie out to the mall. They stopped at an exclusive woman’s store. Mandy showed Allie what a babydoll should wear and what to avoid. She also warned Allie, she would be punished if she tried to resist the change.

Punishment and fear of being outed kept him in line. Aurren, or rather Allie, was taken shopping and they bought many cute outfits for the new girl. While it was all being done, their sorority leader made the necessary changes to get him re-enrolled. Their plan was slowly coming to fruition.

By the time Mandy and Allie had returned, several of the girls had already laid out the next outfit. It was basically a pair of really cute peach colored little girl rumba panties in Allie's size, and a puffy sleeved pullover top that showed off Allie's new sexy curves. He also got another of the transformation shots that sent surges of estrogen and progesterone through out his body insuring he looked as female as possible ... which meant he couldn't be distinguished from any other girl on campus.

The change would be done after tonight. The girls had perfected their process over years of practice on other victims. Aurren -Allie- was the latest in a long line of new Tgirls produced by the sorority. Though there were actual girls, Tgirls were the majority. After a long day of shopping and being worked over, Allie was exhausted and compliant with everything happening to him, as a good sissy girl should be.

Finally, in a voice that was so sweet and female, Allie said, "I'm so tired Mandy.."

No sooner had Allie said that, than several of the girls stripped him down nude. Allie was totally flabbergasted when he realized he now had not only cute little booby bumps, but he also had what looked the world like a vagina. Before he could protest, the girls had dressed him in a really cute and sexy babydoll nighty. The panties were sort of different however... thicker and made more like a little girl's pullups.

Mandy cooed softly as she tucked Allie in her new baby powder smelling bed in her new little girl's room, "You will have really nice little girl dreams tonight. See you in the morning. You will feel a whole lot better about being a little girl then."

Allie yawned and turned over in his new bed. Aurren's last day on the earth came to an end. In his place, a new, very adorably pretty and extremely cute girl was here, Allie, the latest girl of the Drama Queens and a new adorable sissy for the sorority. The soft binaurel tones began to play as the mind entrainment began. The soft voice spoke directly to Allie's subconscious mind, making it impossible for him ... be be anything but the very sexy girl she had become.

~~ The end ~~
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