The Gooey Drip - XXX

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The Gooey Drip - XXX

Postby Miki Yamuri » Sat May 09, 2015 1:43 pm

Title: The Gooey Drip - XXX

Special Request Rplay By: Kylie


Jeremy Johnson - 23 - Played by Kylie

Jack Yressu - 23 - Played by Miki Yamuri

Scene: Swimming at a secluded spot at the lake


Jack Yressu was a rather muscular outdoorsy type young man with a large secret. Totally by accident, he had met someone named Persephone. She had granted to him a unique gift.

Jack and his friend had gotten their camping supplies, their kayaks, a large selection of alcohol, and many weeks worth of food, then proceeded to a secluded place on the lake where they could be alone and party.

Jeremy was best friends with Jack since they were in same playpen. But Jeremy had
a terrible secret that he planned on telling Jack in the camping trip. Jeremy knew that Jack was more than his best friend, but not real sure in what ways.

Jeremy was setting up his tent while Jack was starting a fire. " Hey Jack. Tell me
about the red head you said you were porking all last week!"

Jack grins, "I wouldn't say I was ... porking her, but we did enjoy some really steamy
sex." Jack chopped another thick limb with the machete, "She was so lively ... and amazing once she got over the shock of ... it all."

"I wish I had kind of sex life you did!" Jeremy said as he finished putting up his tent. Jeremy walked over and sat on a chair next to the fire. " Jack, I do need to tell you something..." Jeremy said as he looked down at the ground. Jeremy didn't know how to come out to his friend that he wanted to be a girl.

Jack sort of knew already as he reached over and gave Jeremy's leg a squeeze just like he did many of his girlfriends.

"Spill it, Bud. No need to stand on ceremony way out here. Only thing that's listening, besides the critters, is the sun in the sky." Jack glanced at Jeremy before returning to what he was doing.

"I want to be a girl!!" Jeremy blurted out without evening thinking about it. It just
sort of fell out of his mouth as he covered it up in shock. Jeremy couldn't believe he just come out and said it like it was no big thing. Jeremy looked over at Jack and waited for his response. Jack seemed to just stand there with his back to him for an instant.

Jack grins. He had seen the waste band of the cute panties Jeremy was wearing and he also knew about his desire. Having known Jeremy for as long as he had, Jack sort of 'dated' Jeremy more than hung out with him. He was even one of the cute guys that if dressed as a girl, would be unrecognizable as a guy. This admission also made it much easier to do what Jack had planned to do.

Before Jeremy could react, Jack turned and came quickly up to him, undid his jeans and pulled them down. Jeremy's really cute soft pink and lacy panties were now visible. Jack could see Jeremy's small hard on. Jack knew he would take care of that little protuberance shortly. Jack had begun releasing his genetically enhanced pheromones at full strength. Jeremy discovered he was suddenly helpless as Jack took him in his strong arms, and French kissed him like many of the girls Jeremy had seen Jack do this to.

Jeremy helplessly kissed Jack back. Jeremy couldn't help it as he took on the female role and began to feel emotions well up within his soul he never felt before. Even his nipples began to tingle and feel really nice as they became hard.

Jeremy could feel Jack's manhood as it became erect and pressed against him. Jack took Jeremy's bottom in his hand and pulled him close as he gave it the most wonderful squeeze.

Jack took Jeremy's hand and placed it over his humongous erection. A real tingling arousal spread all through Jeremy in a way he had never experienced before. Jeremy felt it as Jack undid his pants and allowed the female side of Jeremy to explore.

Jack pulled his hard member out and pulled open Jeremy's panties and looked in. Jeremy is in shock as he covered his mouth in a gasp! " It's bigger than we we measured it! Holy crap, that's why those girls scream all the time! So your okay that I want to be a girl?"
Jeremy really can't stand up anymore as his legs feel weak and wobbly. Jeremy sits back in the chair by the fire, his heart beating very fast as he feels a flame of true love building inside him.

Jack took Jeremy by his hand and tugs him gently to his feet. Jeremy is surprised at the strength Jack has.

Jack cooed softly in that sexy voice Jeremy knew no woman could resist, "Just relax, sweetie bug, and come with me. I want to explore your ... fantasy with you ... and to be first. I want to be the one to take your virginity."

Jeremy finds he is unable to resist the same as any female as more intense and extremely pleasant sensations and emotions surge all through his body. Jeremy felt so like this was a dream as Jack led him towards the open tent. Jeremy realized suddenly, the only thing he's wearing, is his T and the panties. Jeremy realized he even sort of looked like a girl. He didn't have any more time to ponder this as Jack snuggled in the tent with him and began to kiss and caress him just like many of the other females Jeremy new about.

Jeremy felt so small now as Jack took the lead. Jeremy watched as Jack slowly
peels down his underwear revealing his thick long member between his legs.

" Oh my god, it's huge! Makes mine look like a clit! How long did you know I wanted to be a girl?" Jeremy asked as he is moved moved around in the tent.

Jack gently pushed Jeremy to his knees in the same position he had seen Cindy in not 3 days ago down by Jack's cock. Jeremy hesitates as the urge and desire to please Jack filled him. Jeremy takes Jack's huge swollen cock in his hand suddenly as the urge became over powering. Using one hand, Jeremy slowly jacks it off as he begins to kiss and lick the huge head of Jack's penis. It was huge. So large, Jeremy could barely fit one hand around it.

Jack pushes Jeremy onto his back, removes his panties, then snuggles in really close
between his thighs placing Jeremy's legs over the top of his muscular ones. Jeremy realized he was super aroused, and totally in love with Jack as Jack pulled him closer.

Jack said, "I was trying to come up with a way to have sex with you for years. I didn't
realize you were a girl already. This makes it so easy."

With this, Jeremy feels the slippery wet and hard serious pressure as he is penetrated seriously deeply in one huge thrust. There is sharp pinching pain as Jack's huge member opens Jeremy's body. For a split instant, Jeremy knew this didn't feel like it was in his butt, but he felt it enter him in an impossible way he had never known before.

Jeremy screams as he wraps his legs around Jack and digs his hands into Jacks
back. Jeremy couldn't believe it. It felt so much like he was loosing his cherry as each of Jack's thrusts felt better than the last.

"OMG!! Your splitting me down the middle!" Jeremy gasped out ... and sounded just like any young woman loosing her virginity. Jeremy looked up at Jack and can feel the large penis as it penetrated deeper, like this is right. " I can't believe your going to fuck me like a girl. You are my first!" Jeremy said kissing Jack on the lips.

Jack did just that as he banged Jeremy just like any sex starved female would get. After what seemed like an eternity of bliss, Jack gasped out, "I ... I'm ... cumming." He droped his head and thrusts deeply into Jeremy as he sighs heavily and spasms several times.

This time, the penetration felt so ... different and in the totally wrong place. Jeremy felt the hot, warmth of the huge squirts as they filled him. Jeremy can felt intense waves rush all through his body in strange ways with each of Jack's hot squirts.

Jeremy opened his eyes and looked in shock down at his body. He sees C cup
breasts on his chest as they are quite perky with tiny, hard, gumdrop sized nipples surrounded by a field of brown areola. As Jeremy looked down more, he sees he has a flat stomach, narrow waist, and the cutest hips. Jeremy also noticed his belly button had a solid gold piercing in it of a butterfly with a very large and sparkling Champagne Diamond in middle of it. Jeremy's biggest shock is the vagina where his dick used to be.
As Jack slowly pulled his huge dong out of him, Jeremy gasped out between the intense sensations of removal, " What the hell is going on?" Jeremy's eyes open wide in surprise as his voice had changed too. Jeremy couldn't believe how cute it sounded either. Jack now looked huge. He was extremely handsome and muscular. It's now more than obvious Jeremy had shrunk as well.

Jack smiled as he said, "What's going on, is I just took the virginity of one of the
hottest chicks in town." Jeremy could begin to feel a dripping sensation slowly making a nice tickling way down to his cute round bottom. "And I went all the way with her too." Jack snuggled back close and gave Jeremy one of those kisses ... you know, the kind that makes a girl helpless.

Jeremy comes somewhat to his senses, " What the hell happened! I was a guy just a few minutes ago! What is going on Jack?! You have to tell me cause this isn't normal."

Jeremy stood up and jiggled his new perky boobs. Jeremy turned his head around and looked back and saw his really cute, round butt sticking out.

" How am I a girl now? Spill it!" Jeremy gasped out in his shocked female voice.

Jack's eyes sparkled as Jeremy stood there naked. Jeremy folded his arms and looked back at Jack. Jack thought he had done a very good job as Jeremy was now one of the most beautiful young women in town.

Jack replied, "You wanted to be a girl, Right? And I know this ... person who gave me
this ability to ... make that happen. All I have to do is give off my pheromones and you ... are a girl inside ... now totally, my genetics have been modified, I'm now a breeder."

"So you have been going around town and turning anyone into a girl?" Jeremy asked in a shocked voice. He had to brush his long brunette hair from his eyes as if fell in with all the head movement. " I mean I wouldn't even recognize me anymore! I mean I'm standing up in the tent and I'm still a foot from top of the roof of the tent. How tall is this tent?" Jeremy rapid fire asked questions.

Jeremy watched Jack stand up. Jeremy couldn't help himself as he stared at Jack's huge penis as it still dripped some cum. Jeremy put his hands over his new, very wet and drippy vagina as he felt a super strong urge to fuck passionately come over him.

Jack takes Jeremy into his arms and snuggles close. Jeremy is helpless as Jack kissed
him deeply and passionately. Jeremy feels Jack's still hard penis as it rubs up his wetness. Jeremy gasps, something about the cologne Jack was wearing made him so irresistible as intense sensations rushed all through him, making his nipples tingle and his new breasts throb wonderfully with each heart beat.

Jeremy lets out a little moan as a thought crosses his passion hazed mind, "Wait ... if you cum in me without a condom I could become pregnant?" Jeremy asked in an adorably innocent way.

Jeremy looked up at Jack. Jeremy felt so small in Jack's arms as he almost lifts
Jeremy off the ground.

"You brought a condom right?" Jeremy asked softly as he began to stroke Jack's large cock again. Jeremy caught some of the cum that oozed from the tip and licked it off his fingers. A shiver runs down Jeremy's spine as he felt so much in love suddenly. Jack once again gave Jeremy one of those kisses that makes a girl want it so bad.

Jack snorts a small laugh, "It's way too late to worry over a condom now, sweetheart.
If you are going to get pregnant, you will. It's what happens when young women fall in love, ya know, millions of years of genetics an stuff." Jack gave Jeremy another of those soul bending kisses. Jeremy knew exactly how those girls he knew Jack had slept with felt.

Jeremy's mind clears just long enough to realize, he is lying on his back once again with Jack snuggled between his legs. Jeremy gasps softly and begins to make cute squeaking noises as Jack's huge penis started penetrating him deeply in his new freshly popped vagina.

Jeremy lost his mind for a bit until Jack said, "OMG!! I'm cumming!"

Jeremy opened his eyes wide as he felt the wonderful hot, wet sensations of the
flood from Jack's spasming dick.

"You asshole!" squeaked Jeremy in his wonderfully sweet female voice, "I don't want to be pregnant!"

Jeremy pushed Jack away from her and can feel his huge dick as it pulled free. Jeremy saw large amounts of cum running out of his vagina. Jeremy can't believe Jack could put that much cum in her. This was twice Jack had filled Jeremy's new vagina to over flowing with gooshy white stuff.

"Is this why there is a bunch of girls pregnant around town?! You have to be kidding me!!"

Jack rolled over onto his back, pulling Jeremy on top. Jack said softly, "Every single one
of you wanted to be a girl. I was granted the ability to accomplish that for you. Only thing is though, my genetics have been enhanced and are fixed. I'm not able to ... get or spread any kind of virus. I am now a Breeder. There is a genetic invasive virus that will totally destroy this planet in eighty years. I am one of many that have been enhanced and are the cure. We choose who's genetics are proper ... and if they aren't females ..." Jack shrugged. "You, will have my children, spread my genetics, and almost all diseases will vanish in two generations."

Jeremy watched in shock as his vagina continued to ooze large quantities of cum.

" You could have at least asked me if I wanted to get pregnant! I mean are you going to at least date me I mean we are best friends!" Jeremy said as he started to lie on top of Jack just like any female in his position. Jeremy can't believe what is happening to him.

Jack pulled Jeremy's lips to his and kissed them softly and lovingly once again. Jack
replied softly, "Love, you and me are for life. You will bear me many strong and virus immune children." He shrugged, "Sorry about not asking, but being pregnant is what happens when a girl anna guy are ... in love ... I think I read that in a book or something. Besides, it's not up to you, it's up to me ... the Man who is the breeder."

"I could have never imagined this in my wildest dreams!" Jeremy exclaimed as he grabbed the panties he was wearing and held them up. They were so huge next to Jeremy's extremely small, sexy female frame now. " How am I
suppose to tell my parents. Surprise I'm a girl and Jack knocked me up and I'm having his baby! How is that going to go over! I don't even have anything to wear."

Jack crossed his legs as he dug into one of the pouches next to the sleeping bag. He
removed what looked for the world like a small statue made of some kind of sparkling crystal.

Jack said softly, "You are a girl now Jerry. All will know you as one ... except you can get them to remember you as a man if you want. Wouldn't help your situation any. You belong to me and everyone knows it now."

Jack held up the crystal. Jeremy reached out. Something had taken control of his body. As if in a trance, Jeremy placed his hand on it as well. There is a slow mounting of
light until the whole room is filled with its ethereal emanations, then it returned to its normal sparkling state.

Jeremy saw a small cabinet appear. The doors opened, within were many types of
cute panties and outfits, just for a girl his size. Jeremy noticed other changes around him as reality seemed to shift and dance around in weird and funny ways.

Jeremy grabbed a pair of pink bikini style panties and slowly slipped them on. She
then grabbed a soft yellow babydoll style sundress and slowly slipped into it not wearing a bra. Jeremy could see in the mirror, he was super sexy and looked so adorable.

"Wait, this just changed reality so I have always been a girl, didnit?"

Jeremy heard a text message jingle come from his phone. He ran out of the tent and is in shock when he saw his cell. It was now strawberry pink and tucked into a bejeweled protective cover where his used to be. Jeremy also sees a red Volkswagen bug where his car was, that obviously belong to a girl.

"So you just changed everything, Huh? Is this what you normally do when you change guys into girls like me?"

Jack came from behind and swung Jeremy around. He cooed softly in his irresistable mating voice, "No, this is what I do for the woman I chose and want to make pregnant."

Jack laid another one of those kinds of kisses on Jeremy. Jeremy was helpless as he lost it. All Jeremy could think about was the fastest way to get Jack to cum inside him ...
until Jack broke the kiss.

Jack continued, "I want you to be pregnant a whole lot and have many children."

"So let me get this straight you want to marry me now? I guess your cum did such a
good job on me!" Jeremy giggled a little as she watched Jack's cock begin to grow again. " seriously again! You have to be kidding me!! When are you not hard!" Jeremy giggled again as visions of Jack's penis buried deeply inside him float pleasantly through Jeremy's mind..

Jack said softly as Jeremy was laid back and felt the super hard pressure of Jack deeply
penetrating him once again, "I'm always wanting to. And you will always want to ... and have lots of children like a good little girl."

Jeremy felt the incredible waves of pleasure each thrust Jack did run all through him. His nipples tingled so wonderfully as between his legs opened wider with each wet thrust.

A small tingle of fear runs through Jeremy as he hears Jack gasp out as he thrusts deeply, "I ... I'm ... cumming again."

The hot, wetness of Jack's massive cum once again filled Jeremy deep inside in a place he never knew existed. Jeremy put his hand down near his new vagina. He could feel Jack's hard penis as it slowly moved in and out ... and he also could feel the large gooey drip as it leaked past with each slow inward thrust.

~~ The End?? ~~
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