The Enchantment

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The Enchantment

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:08 pm

Title: The Enchantment


Michael Stone - 18yo – Played by: Baby Luke
Michelle Stone - Transformed Michael

Leah Archer - 18yo – Played by: Amy Yamuri

Scene: The local Occult Shoppe


Leah and her best friend Michael were in the local Occult Shop looking around at all the weird and strange things they sold. Some of the jewelry sparkled and glowed with a life of it's own. The aromas of all the different ingredients ... and the incense made the store smell marvelous.

Leah takes hold of Michael's arm and points to the spells section. She says with a touch of sarcasm, "Let go see what the high class witches are doing these days."

Michael laughs a little and says, "Sure why not. I mean I always like to keep my spells up to date." as they move toward the selection.

They entered the alcove ... it seemed like the temperature changed slightly and a soft whisper almost imperceptibly wafted past them. A chill runs down their spine.

Leah shivers and says in a soft whisper, "Man, it's cold in here ... and creepy."

There were shelves and shelves of old dusty tombs. Some seem to make ... groaning noises that were felt more than heard. Some gave off an aura of pure unadulterated evil.

One tomb seemed to draw them to it. It gave off a wonderful aura that made them feel really good. It was titled : Love potions, Spells, and enchantments for Dummies.

Michael laughed reading it and turned to Leah with a smirk and whispered, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If its not too much lets get it and have a little fun. If anything it should make for a laugh."

Leah giggles. She picks up the tomb. It was very heavy at first .. then strangely became light in her hands. She opens it ... it seemed to open to a page on it's own.

The Title of the page : Potion #99 - Enchantments for that .. special dream encounter. It listed several types of ingredients.

Leah says with a touch of excitement, "Michael, let's gets these things from the Apothecary section. I think we can make this one. What you think? It says a dream encounter ... I can think of some pretty dreamy encounters." She quickly puts her hand to her mouth as her eyes get big and she blushes very red.

Michael thinks for a second and looks at Leah, "You alright?" he laughs and decides," Now your talking my language. Lets go get all the stuff at least enough for us to try it a couple times." He says with authority as he drags her along.

Leah says in a whisper, "I just had a weird ... waking dream? Was a flash of .. of you and me. We were .. different in major ways. Was so .. creepy."

She followed Michael to the Apothecary section. They gathered all the herbs and liquids they required and went to the Register. The woman behind the counter was dressed in a jet black, semitransparent gown with long flowing sleeves and a deep v neck that reveals her beautiful cleavage.

They put their things on the counter. The woman smiles and says in a strangely accented voice, "Hair of frog?? Guangie root?? Moon's heart? Is someone planning a special encounter?"

Leah giggles and replies, "I want to see if we can .. arrange it."

She takes Michael's hand softly.

Michael blushes and regains composure with a stern short, " Well, yes, were going to try and see if we cant have a little fun with it." stifling back a giggle.

The woman's eyes sparkle brightly as she smiles. She says softly, "Ahh, to be young and have that special ... dream encounter is very exciting indeed. Who, but the wisest of owls know what dreams in the hearts of youth dwell?" She rings it all up and continues, "That will be $25.00. I'm giving you this mortise and pestle, along with this miniature brew pot. It will be big enough to handle this Enchantment."

Leah replies in a giggling shy voice, "Thank you. I didn't have anything to grind up the herbs. What do you mean ... in the hearts dwell?"

Leah looks at Michael in askance and he looks back at her. The woman smiles enigmatically and says softly, “What dreams dwell in the hearts of youth are a mystery even to them.”

Michael thanks the woman after diverting his eyes to the side from her flattering v-neck.

Then as he gathers all the things up he turns to Leah and whispers , "I think its just some spooky words to make it feel more ominous as we buy our "magical" purchase"

The woman laughs softly and says in a soft whisper, "Who is there that can tell the deepest wishes of the heart? For none know what lurks in the shadows of the soul ... not even you. Do come back, we have ... many things to enhance a special encounter." She smiles mysteriously as Leah and Michael quickly exit the shop.

Leah says, "Wow, that was a really creepy place ... but it was a lot of fun. What do you think she was trying ... not to tell us?"

Michael thought for a second and said, "Yeah it was a little unsettling but I really think its just something they do at stores like this. Sure there really is some mystical warning ... ooooooo." He says humorously with a silly face.

Leah giggles pleasantly and takes Michael by his hand. She kisses him softly on his lips and says, "I think this encounter is going to be ... very dreamy." She giggles and blushes slightly pink as she acts shy."

Michael blushes and stammers out, "well, I think we will have a lot of fun to say the least." as he gives her hand a soft squeeze while they continue walking.

All along the walk home, Leah and Michael kissed and flirted and made cute hints at the Dream Encounter. The walk back to Michael's house went by so fast, Leah was amazed.

She remarked, "Michael, seems we used a magic spell to get to your house. It seems we just walked out of the Occult shop ... to your door with no walk in between." She again kisses him softly on his lips.

Michael laughed, " They say time passes faster when you focused on other things." as he looked into her eyes and snuck another quick kiss. " So do you want to get started on this now?"

Leah giggles as she wraps her arms around Michael's neck and kisses him back. She replies in a sweet dreamy voice, "I thought .. we already had."

She kisses him again as she hugs him close. She can feel his body tremble and his parts ... do their thing too.

Michael blushed a bit and then stammered out, "Well umm yeah. Lets get this stuff ready. I’ll put it all in the living room on the coffee table and then we can get started. If there’s anything you want to do before we started, go ahead and do it now while I get set up."

Leah giggles sweetly and gives Michael another sweet kiss. She walks to the bedroom and the door closes. Muffled sounds of drawers opening and closing can be heard. When she returns, She is wearing a cute babydoll night gown with ruffled bikini panties.

She stands and acts cute and sexy as she asks softly, "Do you .. like my new outfit? I bought it just for you?"
She slowly pirouettes and gives Michael a wonderful view. When she stops, she puts her index finger in her mouth and opens her eyes wide. Michael is a bit taken aback at the site before him. She looked absolutely gorgeous but at the same time had a feel of child like curiosity and wonder.

All he could say as he blushed cherry red was, " Well ... um ...yeah".

He gives her a peck on the cheek and leads her where to sit.

They both sit down and Michael says to Leah, " Ok, I’ll start grinding up what we need. I opened the book to the spell. You just have to read to me what I have to grind up and then, after its all set, we’ll do the spell ...ok?"

Leah agrees. She opens a bottle that had something white in it. When she look in, her eyes got huge and she turns her face and scrunches it up as she says, "Eeewww!! This is gross ... looks like eyes or something" She hands it to Michael, "Says you add the .. whole jar."

Michael says with authority, "Alright double check again before I dump it all in." As he gets ready to add it to the cauldron pot.

Leah checks the page carefully and nods. Michael adds the jar of ... eyes. Next, Leah opens 2 other jars and removes 2 pods from each one, then seals the jars. She hands them to Michael. The wonderful smell of roses fills the air.

Leah says, "Those are the Hips of a Velvet Red and a Velvet Black rose. Supposed to add 2 of each ... makes for a balanced spirituality."

Michael Takes 2 of each and puts them in the mortar and pestle set. He grinds them up into a fine powder and carefully mixes them in with the "eyes".

He looks to Leah who is looking back cutely as he said. Ok what’s next"

Leah reads for a moment and picks up a vial filled to the top with a bright red liquid. It was labeled simply 'Lust'.

Leah looks to Michael in a cute way and says softly, "It says you're suppose to add half a drop of ... this lust." She giggles as she hands it to Michael. "I'm not sure how to add ... just a half drop though ... or even what that measurement would look like. Just do your best," She leans over and kisses him on his cheek, "I trust your judgment."

Michael looks at the vial and after assessing it he decides, "I think I can the pour a small drop and that would be enough. While I’m pouring this you look for the next part."

Michael picks the vial up and carefully pulls the top off with a *pop* that shook the vial in his unsteady hands. about a 1/8 of the vial popped out into the brew and, before Leah knew what happened, he put the top back on and set it aside. Then he started mixing up the brew and inquired, "What’s next?"

She takes a blue crystal of some sort out of it's box. It looks like a salt of some kind.

Leah says, "This is supposed to be the heart of innocence. Says we are to add 3 blue diamonds of it to the mix then stir with this silver rod that's supposed to have mithril in it. The book says Mithril is a magical element that has different properties depending on how it is mixed."

Michael takes the crystal and sets it down while looking for a cutting tool.. There isn’t one. He remembers his pocket knife. He holds both the crystal and the knife right above the cauldron. Then he goes to cut off some but the knife slips right across it and the crystal falls out of his hand and into the pot. Michael quickly picks up the rod and stirs in a long slow motion. "Well ... What’s next?" He asks sheepishly.

Leah looks on. She shakes her head and reads more from the tomb. She picks up several packages of some kinds of powders.

Leah says, "It's important that you add only ... a smidgen of these to the Brew. Says it's very powerful and is ... The Essence of Dreams of the Heart."

She hands the packages to Michael. She sits back and looks at the mixture in the pot. It seemed to have a fire within it as it swirled and boiled all of itself. Michael picks up the essence of dreams and opens it totally focused on using his clumsy man hands to get a pinch. He gets ready and puts his fingers in and is about to pull them out.

Leah bends over and kisses him on his lips just as he was about to put the mixture into the small cauldron. Michael fumbles with the package from distracting kiss and a larger bunch of powder is spilled into the cauldron.

He’s not sure what to do. He knows he is adding way more ingredients than the recipe requires by a huge margin. He gets the other packages and puts a similar amount in to keep it even. He gave Leah a playful stare trying to keep a straight face as he waited for her to tell him the next part. He continues to stir the mixture as it begins to boil hard and give off a wonderful and intoxicating aroma.

Leah reaches up suddenly with what appeared to be a very ornate gem stone encrusted knife. She cute off a lock of Michaels hair, and an equal amount of her's. She put it in the cauldron with the rest of the mixture. A plume of acrid smoke rose from the top of the small cauldron with a flash of cold that filled them and made them shiver. There was a soft poof ... the mixture began to produce ... a roiling cloud of vapors that spilled over the side of the cauldron and sublimated on the table.

Leah and Michael look at each other in surprise .. then back at the cauldron.

Leah says in a whisper ... still feeling the shivers deep inside her, "Now that was weird .. and sort of creepy. It says you are to put the Silver / Mithril rod into the mixture to ... stabilize if for 5 minutes. When it smells like Strawberries and Cherries .. it's ready."

Michael Took the rod and put it in the mixture and waited. He grabbed onto Leah and pulled her into his lap holding her tight as they watched and waited for the brew to set.
There were many swirling colors in the Cauldron. A fire seemed to burn in the depths ... as an ice cold vapor formed and sublimate off the top.

Suddenly ... the strong and wonderful aroma of fresh strawberries and cherries filled the room. Leah French Kisses Michael passionately.

She says in a soft whisper, "It's time .. for our fantasy of the heart .. encounter." She kisses him again as she caresses him in his squeaky places.

Michael grabs two cups and fills them both giving one to Leah. They toast as he says, "bottoms up"

They both down the cups contents. Waves of emotions and feelings went through them both. Their vision blurred and they didn’t know what was happening. Their minds cloud and their bodies begin to tingle in awesome waves of pleasure. The intoxicating sweet smell of the brew taking over their noses and minds making them helpless. Leah reaches over and hugs Michael and French Kisses him passionately as her mind fills with intoxicating and intensely erotic waves ... all Michael could do was grab on and hold Leah tightly as they both passed out.

~~~ End Pt1~~~

The Dream Encounter of the Heart


Leah has really strange dreams. She hasn't had dreams of dolls, and playing with toys like those since she can remember

Slowly, She wakes. She feels so safe all snuggled up next to Michael and can feel his arms still wrapped around her. She opens her eyes and .... *GASP!!* Something's terribly wrong!

Michael opens his eyes he remembers his dreams where he was a woman named Michelle. it was a very intense but pleasant dream. He looks down at Leah and himself and realizes something has happened. He looks just like Michelle from his dreams.

"Leah hunny, are you awake?" he asked.

Leah sits up. She has a bit of trouble because all her clothes are so big on her. She looks at Michael and gasps as her eyes get huge. She gurgles out, "Wh .. where Michael?" She looks down at the heap of clothes she is sitting in the middle of. She can't believe how large every thing is ... or how small ... she is??"

She says in a very adorable voice, "Who are you? Where's ... Michael?? Wh What happened?"

Michael or as it would seem Michelle looks down at Leah and just goes about moving her out of the pile of clothes she is in. She picks Leah up and moves her over and sets her on the shirt Michael had fallen asleep on. She, as though it was the most normal reaction goes about folding the other cloths on the floor.

Afterwards, Michelle realizes what she did and turned back to Leah and said as though speaking to a small child, “Leah hunny it is me. I don’t understand what happened, but it’s me.”

Leah is freaking out. She manages to get off the Sofa they we on and stands up. Her legs are wobbly like the toddler she appears to be. She is totally nude.

She squeaks to Michael, "You? How .. did this happen? Th .. that Potion .. w .. ww .. was real!"

"Leah hunny, don’t try to walk you might hurt yourself. All I know is that whatever happened is making me know that I’m not Michael anymore I have become Michelle. I don’t know what this means but it feels soo right. And you look soo cute, I could just eat you up."

Michelle tickles Leah a bit and as though it was the most natural thing Michelle sees the weman’s clothes she had folded and realizes that they fit her. She begins to put them on.

Leah giggles adorably as the now Michelle tickles her. She can't help it. Leah says in an adorable baby voice, "I no gots clothes. Everthin too big. Amma small nows." Leah stares at her boyfriend. He isn't a boy anymore. Leah is totally mind blown.

Michelle, now in Leah’s cute sexy baby doll nighty and ruffle bikini panties, Looks at Leah and says in a motherly tone,"Well, I certainly can’t go out like this. And as for you baby, we will have to do something about that too."

Michelle takes hold of Leah’s hand and makes it into a fist with her thumb pointing up. She pops Leah’s thumb into Leah’s mouth and says, " There cutie, sucking your thumb will help you calm yourself while we get this messy all straightened out."

At this Michelle wraps the shirt around Leah's waist just in case and picks her up to carry her upstairs. Leah doesn't know what to think as Michelle put her thumb in her mouth. She started to protest ... but suddenly realized how nice it felt to suck on her thumb.

As Michelle carries her upstairs, she lays her head across Michelle's shoulder and suckles her thumb as she tries to sort all this out.

Michelle carries Leah up to what was Leah's room to get some new clothes for herself. She notices how cute Leah was sucking her thumb and realizes how much Leah is now her baby. She will have to find some clothes and things for her. Michelle remembers there might be some old cloth diapers and things in the basement, but she has to get herself dressed first.

When they get into Leah’s old room she sets Leah on the floor, Closes the door and coos, “ Be a good girl while mommy gets dressed." and goes about it like it was a normal everyday thing. In Michelle’s mind, she was now Leah’s care taker and she was going to perform that duty to the best of her ability..

Leah can't believe what she heard Michelle say. She coos n goos out, "mommy?? You think this las for ever? Gots ta goo back to the book n see is an antidote. Is no .. gots ta go to th shop n finds one."

Leah discovers she can't help herself. She realizes she is going potty right on the carpet in the room. She is extremely upset and embarrassed as the wet spot slowly spreads around her bottom.

Michelle is exactly the same size as Leah used to be before the ... Dream Encounter. This pleases Michelle greatly as she puts on some cute pink lace panties with frills on them and a matching bra. Then gets a cute pink baby - T and puts it on and a jean miniskirt. As she smoothes out everything and brushes out her hair the mirror she realizes that Leah had an accident.

She finishes up and looks down at her baby and coos, "Oh noos, baby had an accident. Well let’s go see if we can get you all fixed up now cutie."

She wipes up Leah a bit with the boys t-shirt and sops up the carpet before she tosses it aside. She grabs a towel and wraps Leah up in it as she beings to make her way to the basement to find the old baby things.

Leah kicks and fusses. She can't believe she had an accident. She fusses, "I no wanna be thisa way ... I no baby. This supposed ta be a dream encounter ... no baby stuff."

Leah can't imagine what she is going to tell everyone. She is so embarrassed over having an accident she almost is in tears. She begins to whimper.

Michelle Hears her baby fussing and coos, "Aww, it’s ok baby. Wittle girl wike you can’t help it. Mommy is going to get you in some nice thick dipees before it happens again."

She pushes Leah's thumb back in the girls mouth and hopes there is a pacifier and bottle down there to last for breakfast till they go shopping. Michelle is unaware that the spell is making her believe more and more she is Leah’s mommy and forgetting that this is a spell.

They get to the storage area and Michelle notices a play pen sticking out the corner she pulls it out and sets it up right out side the door and plops Leah down in it. " Just stay put hunny till mommy finds all of baby's things. This is so you don’t hurt yourself." Michelle then goes about the search.

Leah stands up using the rails as support. She tries to get out of the playpen, but is unable to climb over the rail. She begins to cry and fuss, "I no baby!! I not wanna be inna playpen."

She watches as Michelle digs out all of Leah's old baby clothes and toys. Leah dreads being diapered as she sees Michelle gathering all the things to diaper a baby. She realizes ... she has no choice or she'll have another accident. Leah is really upset about that too.

Michelle goes about continuing to dig out all of the baby things. She finds a bottle and a stack of cloth diapers and some plain plastic baby pants. Just enough supplies left over to properly diaper her baby a couple times. Michelle makes a mental note on the things she needs to buy. Her baby needs much prettier things.

She carries it all out and begins to properly set up a change mat. Then she goes back in the storage area for a last check around. She needs to get a highchair, and a stroller and lots of cute baby clothes and new diapers, Her baby will need lots she figures as she is digging through the last boxes and spots another thing she will need to get more of. She goes and cleans the last object in the utility sink there and then goes and pops a pacifier into Leah’s mouth with a smile.

"There you go chatty baby" she coo's "Now lets get you all properly diapered"

Leah suckles on the pacifier. She didn't realize how calm and content it would make her feel. She sees her old rag doll sitting on the top of one of the piles of baby things Michelle had brought out. Leah begins to have an over powering urge to cuddle with her doll. She begins to make gurgling noises around her passi as she reaches both her hands toward the doll. She looks at Michelle with big pleading eyes.

Michelle giggles and see her baby looking at the doll while she says matter a factly, "Well my baby, you can play with your dolly when we get you all snug and diapered."

Michelle lifts Leah out of the playpen and lets the towel fall off as she lays her down on the change mat. Michelle begins to coo and tickle Leah as she goes about rubbing cream and powdering her baby and then pinning her into a thick cloth diaper. As Michelle pulls up the plain plastic baby pants she starts cooing baby talk and blowing raspberries on Leah’s tummy. Michelle picks up Leah’s favorite doll when she’s done.

Leah can't help herself any longer. She kicks her feet and screeches in pure infantile pleasure as Michelle tickles her. She Squirms and squeals with pure baby delight at the raspberries.

Finally, between all the wonderful tickles, Leah gasps out in an adorable baby voice, "W ..Wh .. What are we gonna do? Gosta find sompin ta revers this."

Michelle giggles and coos, "Aww, is ok baby we are ganna get you some really cute clothes and rumba panties and everything at the stowe. Yes we are. But I saw you want this, don’t you? You want your dolly." as Michelle presents Leah with her old rag doll. Michelle folds up the playpen and picks it up then carries both the playpen and Leah upstairs.

When Leah gets the doll in her arms ... she losses what ever adult thoughts she had at that moment. The only thing she feels is the happiness she has Cindy doll in her arms. As she is carried back up stairs, Leah hugs and cuddles her doll with much infantile glee. She begins to make the most adorable baby noises like any happy baby.

"How adorable a baby you are." was all Michelle could think as she brought Leah up to the living room and unfolded the playpen and plopped Leah down in it.

Michelle Walked over and turned on the TV to Sesame street and says," There you go baby, you play here and I’ll get this mess cleaned up and move everything upstairs. When mommy’s finished, we can go to the store and get you all sorts of pretty things. Won’t that be fun?"

Michelle begins to go about cleaning the mess of things in the living room. Leah looses herself in the moment. She can't help the feelings of contentment rising in her as she plays with the doll that used to be her most favorite toy. She watches Big Bird and Cookie Monster and the rest play and sing on the TV as she hugs her doll and suckles her pacifier. Leah doesn’t realize she has totally reverted into a baby and is very contented to stay that way. All the thoughts of finding an antidote vanished in a wonderful infantile glee.

Michelle cleans the mess in the living room while wishing she could remember what she had been doing with all these weird things. As soon as she puts the weird book in the bookshelf, what ever the nagging worry was disappears out of memory.
Michelle turns to her baby and says, "Baby mommy has to go get everything from the basement, you be good and play nice. Don’t worry, I’ll be right back." she smiles and reaches down and tickles her baby girl a bit before going to retrieve the things she pulled out of storage.

Leah giggles sweetly as she is tickled. She gurgles adorably, "bebe lov mommy muchies."

Leah looks at Michelle with huge baby eyes as she starts to suck her thumb. Michelle's hearts melts a little as a joyful tear escapes her eye. She goes and gets the things she found in the lower level storage. She brings up the small amount of usable things and then goes and washes out a bottle and fills it with cranberry juice. She begins to prepare a few other things before going to get her baby girl ready for the trip to the store.

Leah sits. She is becoming less and less upset over being a baby as time passes as a very pleasant infantile feeling is slowly creeping into her soul that she is only vaguely aware of.

Leah coos softly, "Moommyy ... I wanna pway wif my Teddy Bear." Leah crawls from the playpen. Michelle had forgotten to raise the rails. When Leah had gotten from the playpen, she begins to crawl toward the Teddy Bear that was lying on the floor at the base of a huge unstable pile of odds and ends. Leah was oblivious to the danger as she pulls the doll from the bottom of the stack. It trembles picariously.

Michelle sees the trembling stack out of the corner of her eye and drops what she’s doing, rushes over and catches the stack in the nick of time.

She turns to Leah and demands, " Little girl! Don’t you ever scare mommy like that again! If you need something let mommy get is for you. You are too young for things like that."

Michelle gives Leah a firm swat on her diapered bottom and moves the pile of things out of the reach of her baby.

Leah gasps softly at the swat. It didn't hurt, but it did surprise her. Leah's eyes begin to tear as she starts to cry. She can’t help herself. She feels just like a baby and babies cry under these circumstances.

Leah sobbs, "I sowwy mommy ... baby wan her Teddy."

She holds her arms out in the direction of the doll Michelle was holding in her hand. Leah looks wistfully to Michelle with huge teary eyes.

Michelle Picks up Leah and hands her the doll then warmly says, " Leah baby, it’s ok ... don’t cry... Mommy is here and she will get things for you. You are just to young to do things like that. Mommy is almost ready to go to get baby all sorts of pretty things. Now you sit tight for a bit longer then I’ll get you ready."

Michelle sticks a finger in Leah's diaper to see if she is wet and finds that she is but only a little and can wait. Michelle then goes and gets the last of the things she needs ready to go out.

Leah sits patiently and plays with the doll. She knows something ... is not quite right .. but can't think what it might be anymore. She hugs her rago doll tightly as she watches Michelle with big eyes as she goes about collecting necessary items from the places they were stored.

Michelle is finally set and has the little bit of items there are in Leah's diaper bag.

Michelle comes up to Leah and says excitedly, "Is my baby all ready ta go to da store?"

She picks Leah up and puts her in the baby carrier she found in storage and makes sure Leah has her doll. So with Leah in the chest carrier and a Leah's diaper bag on her shoulder they head off to the store.

Leah relaxes in her comfy carrier and lays her head against Michelle. She plays with her doll as she tries to think about the thing that's bothering her. Suddenly, the small little light turns into what it was she was trying to remember.

Leah stiffens suddenly and gurgles in a cute baby voice, "M .. MIckel .. I is notta bebe. Wh .. wha wez gonna do? Mjgjicks stuff gon wrong."

Michelle Smiles and then inserts Leah's paci back into her mouth and says in a motherly voice, " It's ok baby, we'll be at the store soon and then we can get you all sorts of cute new things and we get that dipee changed because by then I’m sure it will be time for that too." Then she tickles Leah and continues the journey.

Leah giggles and squirms as she is kissed and tickled.

She coos in an adorable infantile voice, "What about the .. problem? We gotta find a way ta make this diffrent."

She watches Michelle with big innocent eyes.

"What problem is that sweetie?" Michelle asks as she keeps tickling Leah.

When they get to the parking lot of the baby outlet store, Michelle asks, " Can baby say Ma Ma?"

Leah can barely speak between all the giggles from the tickling. She gasps out, "F ... fr.. from the spell w ... we did." Another wave of giggles over takes her. Leah manages to get out, M .. ma ma .. mmaa ma." Then giggles over take her once again as Michelle continues to play with Leah.

"That’s my girl. I knew you could do it giggly baby."

Michelle Coos as they enter the Baby Store. It is huge with wall to wall everything a baby could need.

Michelle is about to grab a cart when she is met by a sales associate who says politely, "Is there anything I can help you with today miss, and what an adorable baby girl you have."

Michelle responds, “Yes, thank you very much. Say hi Leah" as Michelle waves Leah’s hand.

The saleswomen inquires," What can I get for you today?"

Michelle responds, " Well we need the works ... a new crib, a baby carrier, a highchair, baby food, formula, toys, and lots of new clothes for my adorable baby."

Leah sits and discovers she is sucking her thumb. She attempts to stop it ... but finds it in her mouth every time she quits thinking about it. She suddenly realizes ... she is getting wet. She takes her thumb from her mouth and looks down. She is wetting herself and has no way to stop it. She looks up at Michelle ... she can't really help this either as everything starts to catch up to her ... her eyes begin to water ... her lip trembles ... she cries .. just like a wet baby that needs to be changed. **Waaahhh!!**

Michelle looks down at her baby and then sticks a finger in her diaper and says, “I think the first place we should go is to get more diapers and get this cutie changed and into a cute new outfit. First we get some new diapers for my baby."

Michelle coos as they make their way towards all the diapers and supplies.

Between sniffles, Leah says in a whiney voice, "Ma ma ... maa maaa?? Gots ta undo this .. sos we normal."

The Attendant has a large candy pacci ... she puts it in Leah's mouth. Leah is overwhelmed with infantile pleasure at having this pacci. It tastes of strawberries ... her favorite fruit. She sits back and contentedly suckles on this new thing. Leah makes another wonderful discovery ... her feet ... they have toes!! She is lost in this new discovery as she plays with her toes and coos softly around her new pacci. Michelle smiles at her baby being so happy and cute.

The saleswoman had led them to all kinds of diapers, cloth and disposable. Michelle decided that for when they are out disposables would be best so she grabs some girl’s in Leah’s size and asks the attendant to pick out some things she would recommend and show her when she returns from changing her cutie baby.

She takes out a diaper from the package and walks into the changing room. Michelle sets everything up and is ready. She then lays her baby down to get her ready for a change.

Michelle coos, " One we gets you all in a fresh dipee well go gets you lots of cute things. We can just leave all these plain things off and you can just shop in your dipee. Doesn’t that sound fun." she kisses Leah’s feet a little before she starts the changing process.

Leah can't think properly as she is tickled and changed. She screeches and squirms happily at the attention Michelle heaps on her. The more attention Michelle gives Leah, the more infantile she becomes. She is helpless to stop this process.

She realizes what’s happening and She does manage to squeak out, "Michelle ... what about the spell? It go worng .. gots ta change it some how .. goto the .. occult store."

Michelle giggles and happily says while picking up Leah, "Aww, how adorable you are babbling baby words in just your cute diaper."

Michelle pats her baby’s bottom as she carries her out of the changing room back towards the saleswoman. Leah finally gets frustrated and lays her head against Michelle’s shoulder and sucks her thumb in frustration. She has no idea how to resolve this issue. She's not even sure Michelle understands what she's trying to say. Leah also realizes ... soon it won’t matter. She won’t be able to think or do anything except what a baby does. She is helpless to stop the strong infantile feelings and emotions that are over taking her.

Michelle Gets Leah back to the area of the store where the attendant is waiting with several new items for Michelle to look at. The attendant coos at how cute Leah is in just her diaper and then tickles her a bit. She begins to explain to Michelle everything she has pulled out.

Leah coos and gurgles to Michelle in an adorable infant way, "Mommy ... baby needs ta goto the Ocultted place. Needs ta fin sompin. Can we, pleeeeeaaaaasssseee??"

Leah sits and whimpers adorably as any baby as Michelle and the attendant look through the cute outfits.

"Shhh ... honey. It’s ok. We are getting you all sorts of nice things so don’t fuss." Michelle says as she pats Leah's bottom before setting her into a baby seat on the big shopping cart the attendant brought over.

As Michelle gets Leah all buckled in she pushes the cute candy paci with a butterfly guard into Leah's mouth.

Michelle turns to the attendant and says, "That should keep her quite for a bit. She’s probably just a little tired. Now lets look at everything we have here."

Leah is super frustrated. She knows she has to convince Michelle that they need to go to the Occult store and find an antidote. She is really unsure how. She can't help herself. All the frustrations well up suddenly and the only way she can handle it with the infantile emotions overpowering her ... she does what any cranky baby does under these circumstances, She spits out the pacci and begins to cry *WAAAHHH!!!*

Michelle gives Leah a very stern motherly look as she picks up the paci and washes it with a wipe. Then she picks Leah up out of the seat and tries to calm her down by patting her bottom gently and saying, " Now, now baby girl, there’s no need to get upset. We’ll get you a nice bottle soon and you can get some sleep. Now why don’t you try to nap in this comfy chair while I get you some new stuff. One more outburst and I will have to teach you not to fuss. Here, I have some juice for you."

Michelle puts her cranky baby girl back into the chair and buckles her back up and then teases the nipple of a bottle of juice into Leah's mouth. Then she goes about loading the cart with all the new items.

Leah had cried herself tired. The juice tasted really good and she couldn’t help herself. She began nursing the bottle. Her eyes grew heavy and she began having a very wonderful baby dream. Michelle watched her baby fall asleep still nursing and eased the bottle out and replaced it with Leah's butterfly pacifier. Then she went about finishing getting all the items. Bottles, more pacifiers, diapers (disposable and cloth) with lots of princess and cute pink designs. and of course lots of ruffled plastic pants and diaper covers in pink and yellow with and without prints of cute baby things. Lots of cute rompers and dresses and some party dresses for the occasional fancy time.

Michelle picked out a new beautiful pink and white crib with pink bed sheets and all sorts of cute designs. With the crib she got some really frilly pink blankets and a plastic cover and everything she would need. Michelle was happy to find it had a changing table and dresser that went with the set.

After that she went about getting a stroller and some new toys and things including a bouncer and a little baby play set that Leah could sit in and move around a bit. Michelle arranged for everything to be delivered and paid for it all. Michelle filled her diaper bag with everything necessary. With everything all set and paid for she check Leah and found she had a very full diaper. Michelle went to go give Leah a quick change before going back to the house and meeting with the delivery people.

She Carefully picked a still sleeping Leah out of her new stroller and placed her on the changing table to go about the task of cleaning her up. Leah wakes up. She's a bit confused at the coolness of the baby wipes. She can smell the sweet smell of them and her skin tingles pleasantly. She begins to kick and giggle because the cleaning tickles. Leah gurgles happily and truly enjoys what's happening.

She wants to tell Michelle they need to go to the occult shop. All that comes out is an adorable, "Ma .. m .. mm .. Mah mah."

Leah is astounded. She can't get her tongue to do what she wants it to. She tries harder, "Ma Ma ... Masstthhh." The only sound she can make are happy baby sounds.

Michelle Giggles with glee at her adorable baby as she tapes her into a thick disposable diaper with princesses and pink blocks and baby things all over it. Then she pulls out a Strawberry Shortcake romper and starts blowing raspberries on Leah stomach as she pulls the romper on her. Then with her all clean and smelling baby fresh and in new clothes, She pops Leah's Paci in her mouth and puts her back in the stroller. They begin the journey back home. Michelle walks casually knowing they will be there right around the time the delivery should arrive.

Leah can't help herself. She's lost in an infantile euphoria of glee as she kicks and screeches happily at the raspberries. She coos and giggles she is dressed. Leah tries again to tell Michele that they need to go to the occult store ... all that comes out are very adorable happy baby sounds. Leah waves her arms and kicks trying to get Michelle to realize. The only thing she manages to do ... is appear to be a very happy baby.

As Michelle is pushing Leah she is glad that her baby seems in a better mood that nap must have helped. They leave the main mall area and pass a weird looking building. Michelle knows its familiar but doesn't really remember she thinks about stopping but checks her watch and sees it would be cutting it too close and she wants to be back for a all of Leah's new things to be delivered.

Leah sees the Occult shop as they pass. She kicks and fusses and point to the best of her baby ability. As Michelle passes, Leah begins to throw a temper tantrum. She does her best to speak, "Mah .. mmm .. Mama .. gaashhh ththhhaa ookkkkuuultt ffffeeeenn qqqurrrr."

Michelle looks down at her baby and coos, " Oh yes you awe da happy baby aren’t you." Then tickles Leah a bit as they continue their journey. Michelle picks up the pace a bit to make sure they get there with plenty of time.

Leah sits back in the stroller in frustrated silence. She begins to suck her thumb. She can't believe how comforting it is. She watches as they pass her only hope of getting to be a grown up again.

Michelle gets them back to the house with perfect timing. As she wheels Leah through the front door the delivery truck arrives.

Michelle yells out to them, " I’ll be right with you just give me a sec to set the baby in her playpen. I’ll show you where I want everything!"

Michelle Hurriedly gets Leah settled in the play pen and kisses her nose while tickling her and say," Now we have all of babies new stuff here Ill get it all set up and your nursery will look all pretty and we have all your cute outfits and toys. It will be so much fun for you."

With that Michelle Went about giving the delivery guys directions. Leah sits in the playpen and sucks her thumb. She watches with big eyes as Michelle runs frantically to and fro showing all the delivery people where to put everything. She feels something happening inside her. Tingly waves begin as she starts to slowly make a messy in her diaper. She tries as hard as she can to stop ... she has no luck. She is totally frustrated now and does what any baby does in this situation ... her face clouds up and ... WAAAHHHHH!!!!

Michelle runs over fast as she can and sees Leah crying. She picks her up and holds her instantly knowing the problem and coos, "Aww, is ok baby. You just have a tinky dipee. Lets get you aww changed and better."

Michelle tickles Leah a bit as she carries her up to the new nursery. What used to be a guest room was now Leah’s decorated pink baby nursery. Crib, Changing table, dresser, all of it with pretty whites and pinks with frills. Michelle brings Leah to the new changing table and straps her on it and goes about the deed of changing. Michelle pulls out some thick cloth diapers and some pink plastic rumba panties. She changes Leah out of the dirty disposable all the while cooing and tickling. Michelle has her in nothing but her thick cloth diapers and rumba panties in no time.

Michelle fishes out some pink booties and pulls them on Leah. Michelle decided its time for baby to have some dinner before putting her down for her nap and carries her out of her nursery.

Leah is very happy and giggles and kicks pleasantly when she is tickled. She's glad to have her messy diaper changed. The new one feels so comfy. She sucks her thumb contentedly as she lays across Michelle's shoulder. She decides that if this is how she has to be ... Michelle is a perfect mommy. Leah feels her tummy growl a bit as she is hungry.

Michelle sees the deliverymen set Leah’s highchair right where it should be as they enter the kitchen. Michelle puts Leah in it and buckles her in and closes the tray then goes about fixing some dinner for her baby. Michelle gets out a jar of baby food and puts it in a bowl and heats is ever so slightly. She fixes a bottle of formula and sets it aside.

Michelle pulls a chair over and has a baby spoon and the bowl of munchy baby food and coos, " Ok baby, time for num nums. Open wide for your din din." As Michelle works on teasing the baby spoon into Leash’s mouth.

Leah is hungry, but she fusses about being fed. She appears to be like any baby at feeding time. Leah didn't realize this was part of what happened when she was changed into a baby. Michelle manages to get the spoon into Leah's mouth time and again. Leah makes a baby’s mess all over her front and she wiggles and squirms in what looks for the world like a happy baby.

Leah had gone through lunch very quickly and Michelle happily went and grabbed a wet wash cloth and wiped down Leah. Tickling her the whole time. Michelle warmed up the formula bottle and carried Leah and the bottle out to the living room where all of Leah's new activity toys and playthings were laid out. Michelle goes past them and waves out the delivery men as she settles down in the arm chair by the T.V. and gets to feeding Leah baby formula in her arms.

Leah settles into Michelle's arms. She nurses on the sweet formula and can feel it as her tummy warms. A feeling of infantile contentedness fills her mind and her eyes become very heavy. Try as she might, Leah can't keep them open. She gurgles contentedly from time to time sleepily. All of what remains of adulthood in Leah drains away. She now is experiencing the Dream Encounter of the heart. A baby’s total contented trust and love for her mommy.

Michelle's heart melts as she too experiences the Dream Encounter of the heart. She carries her sleeping baby up to her crib. Once there She realizes its right about babies bed time and slips Leah's paci into her mouth and lays her into her crib. She Turns on the night light and baby monitor and goes back downstairs.

Leah has a very sweet dream about her Teddy Bear. She snuggles with Him and he keeps her safe from the boogie man all through her nap. She wakes several hours later and discovers she has wet her diaper. She stands up in the crib with the help of the raised rail and looks around the wonderfully decorated nursery. She doesn't like the feeling of the soggy cold wet diaper.

Leah tries to speak, "M .. mmma .. mm .. bah .. abhhhggggddaa ... Maaa maa"

Her tongue just wouldn't do what she wants it to. She can't help herself, she is so upset about everything at this moment, she cries again ... the sound of a wet baby wanting to be changed echoes through the room.

Michelle is rattled by the sound of her baby and rushes to the nursery.

She picks Leah up and coos," Is ok baby Mommy's here. You gonna be all betta now."

Michelle sticks a finger in Leah’s diaper only to find out she is soaked. Michelle gets right to changing Leah into a little thicker diaper and through the tickling and lotion and sweet smell of baby powder she has Leah in fresh clean diapers and a new pair of rumba panties all pink with baby farm animals on them. Then She lays Leah back in the crib with her paci and rubs her back a bit. Leah giggles and squirms and kicks playfully Michelle tickles and changes her. Leah has no thoughts except how much she loves mommy. She sits peacefully in the crib and enjoys being caressed. In the back of her mind, she realizes she really enjoys being a baby again ... and starts to think that this is truly the special dream encounter she had always fantasized about. She can't believe it ... but she is now starting to believe it. Leah has no choice in the matter. All her thoughts have reverted to baby thoughts. She has totally forgotten about the spell or an antidote. She shivers with the pleasant tingle that runs through her as she becomes Michelle’s baby permanently.

Michelle Watches her baby fall back asleep and decides its time for her to get to bed as well. Michelle feels this wonderfully pleasant tingle run all through her as she becomes Leah’s mommy ... forever.

She goes into her room then the connecting bathroom where she shimmies out of her cute outfit and takes a quick shower. She loves the feel of the water and the way she caresses herself. It is an experience she would usually not think about but for some reason it is different right now. After she hops out of the shower and dries herself throughly, her attention is turned to what she will be sleeping in and she goes to her dresser and digs out a pair of cute lace panties and a cute pink lace babydoll nighty.

Michelle checks on Leah one last time before going to bed.

There is suddenly an empty space on the shelf where a very old book used to sit. Across town in an Occult Shoppe, A woman dressed in a very tight, black, semitransparent gown with a deep V that shows off her Ample cleavage, smiles a deep and satisfied smile as she sees the book appear on her casting table. She knows there are 2 young people who have found their Dream Encounter of the Heart.

She is very pleased.
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