Magic Teddy Bear

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Magic Teddy Bear

Postby Miki Yamuri » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:52 pm

Title: Magic Teddy Bear


Tommy Preston - 11yo

Mallory Preston - Tommy's mom

Played by: Babyluke


Vickie Blake - 11yo

Kristen Blake - Vickie's mom

Played by: Miki Yamuri

Scene: Tommy's Den


Tommy Preston, an average 11 yo boy and his 11 yo best friend Vickie Blake, stood in the den waiting for Tommy's mom to come back with a package His Great Aunt Harriet gave to him. Vickie was dressed in a cute Snoopy romper and had her hair in pony tails. Tommy was in a T shirt and blue jeans.

Vicky asks in a cute voice, "What ya think she gave you sweetie??" She giggles.

Tommy looks to his friend and then shakes the box a little. It didn’t make much noise. he stated with anticipation, " I’m not sure."

Vickie jumps up and down with anticipation as she claps her hands. She says excitedly, "Well, open it silly. Let's see what's in it."

With no idea what was in the box Tommy took it over to the table to open it. With his friend in tow he opens the box and finds in it something he didn’t expect. He looks in quizzically as he started to examine the contents. In his hands, he held a box that had all 4 sides made of glass and the top. The bottom was thick red velvet. In side the box, perfectly preserved, was a very old, old Teddy Bear. A plaque screwed into the base had this inscription: From the deepest heart come life's greatest truths. The plaque appeared to be made of solid gold. It glittered and sparkled in the light.

Vickie gasps and her eyes get big, she says in a gaspin whisper, "Oh, Tommy, It's beautiful. How old do you think it is? Looks like it old as .. dirt??" She giggles.

Tommy didn’t know how to feel about this, It was nice but what was he going to do with it. He scratched his head and looked to Vickie and plainly stated, "I’m not sure its that old but pretty old still."

Vickie walks to the table and puts her hand on the base. Suddenly ... a goose flesh raising wave ran up her arm and all through her body. Vickie had never experienced anything like it before. She gasps as she step back and puts her hand to her mouth. Her mind is totally confused as many pleasant rushes still went through her.

Vickie says in a gasp, "Th .. that .. that box ... it .. it feels so weird." Vickie shivers visibly.

Tommy saw Vickie's reaction and looked back at the box. He examined it again and then put his hand on the top of the box. He didn’t really feel anything different. He looked to Vickie, "Are you sure?"

Vickie stands all befuddled. She can't think very well. Suddenly, she puts her hands between her legs and makes a cute squeak. She was totally embarrassed as she had an accident right in front of her very best friend. It wasn't much, just enough so you could tell ... but she was completely helpless. Her crotch and bottom had a visible wet spot.

Vickie's expression changed and she poked out her bottom lip. She says in a cute teary voice, "No .. no ... I can't help it." She begins to cry.

Tommy watched as his best friend just had an accident. He couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He put his hand over his mouth to muffle it and between hysterics, he let out some whimsical half hearted apologies but continued laughing and pointing.

Vickie shouts in a whimpering voice, "You're laughing at me ... Stop it .. I couldn't help it .. it jus happened." She cries even more now that her best friend is laughing at her.

Tommy settles down and tries to comfort his friend. Now he feels a little bad but only so much.

He turns to Vickie and says, "Its ok I’m sure your ok ... accidents happen."

With a stiffed giggle he turns back to the box and decides its time to take out the bear. He opens the top and feels a jolt of static electricity. He thinks nothing of it and reaches in for the bear. As soon as he touches it, a wave of indescribable feelings and emotional sensations run through him. He is taken aback and nearly falls backwards. But as he catches himself, he notices something. In a state of shock, he looks down to see a huge wet spot forming on his pants. Vickie gasps and points to Tommy’s pants. The wet spot is growing.

Vickie says, "Tommy, you ... you're doin it too!" She then begins to giggle and tease Tommy about his accident.

Tommy's mom walks in and says in a stern tone, "Vickie, is Tommy teasing you again?"

Both the children turn and face her guiltily. Tommy’s mom begins to smile and her eyes sparkle as she sees them both in wet clothes.

She says in a cooing childish voice, "Did children have .. an accident?? Aww that's so adorable."

Vickie blushes very pink and begins to cry again. She says in a whimpering voice, "I couldn't help it .. it jus happened." She stomps her foot and continues, "It's no fair ... Jus not."

Mallory was tickled pink as she turned to Tommy and asked in the same voice, "Well, young man?? What do you have to say?"

Tommy, now scared to death, started to tear up as he babbled out, " I don’t know ... I ... I couldn’t help it ... s ... s... something happened! I cant explain, ...Vickie did it too."

Mallory says in a coo, "I see you have opened the Teddy Bear. My mother's sister told me and Vickie's mom that this would fulfill our grandest wish. We wished that the 2 of you would become babies again. Tommy, I found your little panties with all the hearts on it that you had hidden under your bed. So I wished you were a girl. It all starts with you needing to be in a diaper. I guess that time is now ... wouldn't you?"

Tommy now is in a state of shock and fear. He doesn’t know what to do as he looks at Vickie and back to his mother while whining, "No, you can’t, I can’t how did you,"

Now blushing deep red he continues whining, “you cant make me a baby." he turns to run but is easily scooped up by his mother who also takes Vickie by the hand and leads them toward the upstairs.

Vickie starts to cry very loud as she wimps, "No .. no .. I don't wanna be a baby. Please don't."

Mallory continues leading Vicky up the stairs as she carries Tommy. Mallory coos softly, "It's not up to you sweet heart. It's up to a mommy. Both of us mommies have agreed ... it's time for you both to be baby playmates."

Mallory takes the 2 children through the spare bedroom. It is now a Nursery for 2 baby girls. She enters the bathroom and places Tommy on his feet. She put Vickie’s hand in his as she shuts the bathroom door.

Tommy feel really strange all over. Between his legs felt the strangest of all. He look into his pants and sees his parts as they shrink away and become ... "GASPING!!"

Tommy begins to shriek as he bursts into tears and began to feel over his body as the changes occurs and he feels the last of his boyhood disappear. He realizes that his voice sounds just like a girl’s. In shock, he looks to his mommy and squeaks, "How could you do this to me."

Mallory places her hands together beside her face and coos, "Because you make such an adorable baby girl sweetie." She then takes both children and hugs them lovingly.

Vickie is totally mind blown as she feels so strange inside. She shrieks in an increasingly infantile way, "Nooo, I no wanna be a baby. I big girl n Tommy big boy too." Vickie continues to cry.

Mallory takes Vickie into her arms and begins undoing her romper. Mallory says softly, "I know you feel strongly against it sweetie, but your mommy and I think this is best. Besides, you and Tammy will be together as playmates. Isn't that nice? The two of you are just too adorable to allow to grow up. Think of it as ... The Adult Conspiracy."

Mallory giggles as she pulls Vickie's romper off. She is standing in her wet panties. Mallory turns to her new daughter, Tammy, and pulls open the front of her jeans and undies to take a look. She sees Tammy no longer has any male gentailia.

She smiles and coos to him as she un does his jeans and pulls them down and his shirt off, "You young lady, will be Tammy from now on. I promise to dress you and Vickie as adorable as I can. Her mommy will be here shortly to help clean and dress you babies."

Tammy looks over to Vickie terrified at what’s going on and she tries to scurry away from her mommies grasp as her thumb makes her way into her mouth. The sucking starts to muffle the crying fit.

There is a knock on the bathroom door, Vickie's mom's voice calls out, "Hello?? Mallory?? Has it happened yet?? Can I come and help?"

Mallory giggles and replies, "Sure Kristen, come in. I am just now getting ready to give them their first baby bath. I'm just now taking their clothes off."

Vickie's eyes get huge as she puts her hands to her mouth. She is scared to death at what's happening to her and Tommy. She can't believe their mommy's are doing this. She watches her mom walk in and sees her standing there in just wet panties, tears running down her cheeks.

Kristen walks to Vickie and hugs and kisses her lovingly. She pulls down Vickie's wet panties and pats her softly on her hinny.

Kristen coos softly, "Ok sweet heart, Mommy will draw the bath for you both. Just relax, you will be diapered and in the playpen in no time."

Kristen begins to draw the bathwater. She pours an amber liquid into the tub ... the wonderful smell of honeysuckle fills the air.

Vickie screeches, "A diaper ... mommy noo ..." she continues to throw a temper tantrum.

Tammy realizes the full force. This is really happening ... his mind starts to get a little fuzzy as his mommy plops both him and Vickie into the bath. The water is soothing and the smell intoxicating.

Tammy’s mind suddenly fills with contentment ... Tammy is practically unaware of everything that is going on ... all she can focus on is sucking her thumb and being good for mommy...

Mallory lathers a very thick wash cloth and begins to clean Tammy as Kristen does the same for Vickie. Both girls whimper as their mommy's clean all of their squeaky places. Kristen pours a clear yellow gel into both of the girl's hair and begins to later it up. While she did this, Mallory left the bath room for a bit, to return with diapers and cute pink baby Bugs and friends rumba panties, and 2 cute pairs of pink and white crocheted booties. She put them on the sink counter beside the baby powder and baby skin cream to prevent diaper rash.

Kristen asks, "Will they be diaper dependant?"

Mallory replies, "According to my Aunt, they will be completely baby on the outside, but still be able to realize it on the inside. That way they know how adorable they are."

Both women giggle as Kristen takes the girls from the tub and dries them briskly with a thick towel.

Vickie says in a very cute poutie voice, "I no wanna be a baby. I a big girl." She pokes out her bottom lip and crosses her arms.

Kristen coos softly, "I know sweet heart, but you touched the magic Teddy Bear all on your own. You are already becoming my baby again and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Resisting only makes it happen faster. That’s why you're this small now."

Again, both women giggle. Tammy snaps back to reality, as she realizes that she has gotten smaller.

Tammy starts to argue, "This cant be what you want, we were, supposed to grow up, I won’t stand for this." but all that came out was a girlish baby babble, " I no be baby u meanie" followed by a tearful pout.

Mallory picks Tammy up and twirls her around several times before gently placing her on the counter. Mallory kisses Tammy softly on her nose and says in a coo, "In just a minute, baby will be in her first diaper. I know you used to enjoy wearing those panties I found hidden in the bottom drawer in you room ... so now, you are a very adorable girl. Look at how soft and long your hair is already. I'll put it in pony tails, just like Vickie's."

She then Lifts Tammy by her ankles and puts a very thick and soft cloth diaper under Tammy’s bottom and sits her on it. She gently tickles Tammy in her tummy as she powders her generously with baby powder. Mallory turns Tammy onto her tummy and put some kind of oils all over her hinny. she Powders her bottom with baby powder and turns her back onto her back. Mallory again kisses Tammy on her nose as She pulls the diaper between Tammy's legs and fastens the diaper pins.

Mallory stands Tammy on her feet and coos to bay, "How does that feel precious?? I can tell you, you’re adorable.

Kristen giggles and coos, "Aww baby is sooo cutttee!!" Both women giggle again.

Tammy looks down and tears begin to flow again as she sees the thick cloth diaper draped over her neither region. She tries to put of a fight but all she can muster is a few baby babble nonsense words and a little bit of drool. She looks to Vickie to try to find some sort of relief.

Kristen picks Vickie up and puts her on the counter. Tammy watches as Vickie is played with, cuddled and diapered as she was. Kristen stand Vickie beside Tammy . She picks up a pair of the rumba panties as does Mallory. The women hold the panties out for the girls to step in. The both notice that the panties have a thick and noisy plastic lining.

Vickie protests in an adorable infantile voice. There are lots of cute gurgles and bubbly noises. Tammy and Vickie could understand exactly what each other said, the adults only heard baby talk. Kristen helps Vickie into her panties and pulls them up. she makes sure they are properly sealed around the legs so baby won't leak when she has to go.

Mallory giggles at the adorable baby talk going on while she slips on the pair of plastic pants on her daughter. She makes sure everything is in order and playfully pats Tammy's bottom. Mallory is loving every minute of it and can tell Kristen is eating it up too.

Tammy turns to Vickie and cries, " What are we going to do? Is there anything we can do?" all the adult hear are gurgles and babble.

Vickie replies a Kristen pick her up and begins to carry her out of the bathroom. "I don't know, what can we do? I feel so .. helpless n stuff. Mommy said it .. the Adult Conspiracy. Guess that's them keepin us as babies."

Kristen carries Vickie out of the bathroom. All the adults could hear, were many gurgling coos and other nonsense noises. The last words Tammy heard Kristen speak before she left the bathroom with Vickie, "Can baby say mommy? Say .. mommy for me sweetheart ..."

Mallory picks up Tammy and begins to carry her out of the bathroom too. She coos to baby, "Mommy has a real treat for you when we get to the nursery. Kristen and I have a big surprise for you babies."

When Mallory enters the Nursery with Tammy on her shoulder, Tammy sees Kristen sitting in one of 2 large rocking chairs with Vickie comfortably in her arms ... Vickie was nursing quietly on one of Kristen’s beautiful breasts.

Kirsten looks up at Mallory with tears in her eyes and spoke with emotion in her voice, "I had forgotten how wonderful this felt and how intimate it is."

Mallory felt her heart melt as she heard Kristen. She smiles and takes her seat in the other rocking chair. Mallory opens her blouse and opens her nursing bra, all the while getting Tammy into position. Tammy hungrily latches onto her mommy's nipple ... nursing away. Mallory coos at the babble and pats Tammy's bottom while feeling the closeness of the breastfeed. Tammy helplessly nurses as she becomes so content. She feels so safe in her mommy's arms. Her mind is screaming to escape being a baby ... but her sprit is sooo .. willing to become the best baby she could be. She drifts off into a wonderful world of baby dreams as her tummy feels so full and warm and ...

Tammy woke up a little disoriented and then realized she was still laying in her mothers arms. She realized she was now sucking a pacifier.

Mallory Whispered to Tammy, " Ohh wooks wike someones up. I bets you all wetty wet."

She coos as she sticks a finger into Tammy's diaper confirming so. That’s when Tammy realized that she wet her diaper without realizing it. Tammy went hysterical calling for Valerie and all it sounded like was some infantile cries of a wet baby.

Vickie wakes slowly. She is so happily content in her baby dream of soft Teddy Bears and a cute clown mobile. She comes awake to Tammie's cries. She realizes she has a pacifier in her mouth.

Kristen looks down and sees Vickie was awake and coos softly, "Hello sweet heart. Mommy wants you to know, you make the most beautiful baby."

She kisses Vickie on her nose and tickles her softly in her ribs. Vickie gasps as she is tickled and then is over come by many happy giggles as she squirms happily in her mommy's lap.

Kristen checks Vickie's diaper and sees she too was wet. Kristen continues in a coo, "Aww baby so wet. Mommy gets her change as soon as possible.

The 2 women stand and carry their precious new baby girls back to the bathroom for a diaper change.

As the two mothers carry their baby girls back to get them changed Tammy decided to try to get Vickie’s attention, "Vickie" she cried out. Between tickles and giggles Vickie heard Tammy and snapped back a little. "Tammy ...Tommy, is that you? What’s going on. I’m in a wet diaper."

The mothers heard the baby babble and then looked at each other then looked back at their babies. Ss they got to the bathroom, they began to tickle and coo at them. Vickie begs her mom not to put her back in a diaper. The only thing Kristen heard, was adorable gurgles and bubbly noises.

When Kristen pulls down Vickie's panties and removes her wet diaper, Vickie says in a sweet baby voice, "Tommy, I don't think they can understand us. I can't believe I wet myself while I was sleeping. I had such ... a wonderful dream. I was all baby too ... just like we are now ... what are we going to do? I can't help myself."

She looks wistfully at her best friend. Vickie is totally shocked ... Tommy had become a very cute and adorable little baby girl. Mallory had laid down her sweet baby girl Tammy on the mat for a change and was tickling her and cooing the whole time. Tammy turned to Vickie and was having trouble thinking straight.

She was in infantile bliss as she let a few words escape, "I ...don’t ... know".

There wasn’t much Tammy could do as her mommy cleaned her and rubbed her with sweet smelling oils, followed by powder and the pinning closed a fresh diaper.

Mallory turned to Kristen and giggled, “What should we put are adorable babies in now?”

Kristen replied, "Here, lets put them in these adorable jumpers. I have a few friends coming over and I want the babies to be soo cute for them when we show them off."

Kristen produced 2 adorable jumpers with plastic lined rumba bottoms. They had little clowns on one ... little kittens on the other. Both were mostly pink with soft powder blue ruffles and lace. Tammy and Vickie were changed and slipped into the cute jumpers.

Mallory turned to Kristen and happily stated, "Aren’t they just the most adorable baby girls you've ever seen." Kristen rubs her nose with Tammy’s and coos, "Yes they are" Tammy cant help but giggle with glee.

Mallory motions for Kristen to follow her as they come to the living room with a playpen set up. "Lets put these cuties with their toys while we go get some bottles of juice and coffee for ourselves." Mallory insisted as she placed Tammy in the playpen with a plop onto her thickly diapered behind.

Kristen put Vickie in the playpen beside Tammy, just as the door bell rang. Both babies jumped with anxiety over what would happen next. Mallory answers the door. There are 6 of Their parents girl friends at the door, all anxious to see how well it had worked.

Tammy turned to Vickie and with a frightened look said, "Vickie we need to figured out something or this is going to get a lot worse."

Moments later the group of women came over and watched the two baby girls babbling. Then the cooing and tickling started. With that Tammy couldn’t make sense of much because her natural baby girl instincts took control. Vickie kicked and squirmed and wiggled under all the tickles and caresses. She couldn't think of anything but what a baby under those circumstances would. Vickie knew too that if the women kept tickling them like this ... both of them would have an accident and wet their diaper again. Vickie lost that thought when one of the women began tickling her on the bottom of her feet ... she was terribly ticklish there.

Through all the tickling and wiggling and giggling what could only be expected happened. Both of the baby girls wet their diapers and only realized it as they finished with the women awwwing and saying how precious the baby girls are. Tammy tried her best to fight the babyish urges but couldn’t do anything but follow suit.

Vickie's eyes get big as she whimpers to Mandy, "I .,. I wet my diaper again ... I can't help it no more."

She begins to cry just like a baby that didn't like being in a wet diaper. Tammy feels the same compulsion growing in her. She wants to cry now too. With Vickie crying and her diaper wet too, Tammy couldn’t help but start crying too because she knew that they both couldn’t help but wet their diapers like babies.

Now more scared than ever trying to cling onto her last strand of thought before all she can do is think like a baby. She tries her best to squirm away and get to Vickie to help her too but all the women just thought Tammy wanted her dolly and thought it was adorable as they scooped up the babies and brought them to a some change mats laid out with supplies.

Vickie cant believe how pleasant the diaper change is this time. Kristen bends over and blows into her tummy making a loud raspberry sound several times. Vickie's mind goes quickly away and is filled with the most joyous infantile glee. She really enjoys being diapered and dressed in the jumper and bottoms with the Clowns on it. She saw herself in the mirror ... she realizes suddenly ... she is a baby now. >>GASP!<< How are they going to get out of this .. it doesn't look like they ever will ... Vicky starts to cry again.

Tammy too is in perfect glee during her diaper changer and loves the attention and cant help but giggle and coo and babble at the caresses and tickles from the women. She is jolted back to reality at Vickie’s cry and realizes that they both have no way out of this and it seems more and more that they will be lost soon. Tammy could just cry along with Vickie ... tears start to well up in Tammie’s eyes as the urge to cry became more and more irresistible

Both babies are brought back to the playpen. Vickie finally quits crying .. she has discovered a Weeble. No matter how she pushes it ... it won't fall over. She begins to giggle as she plays with it. Tammy notices, and crawls over and begins playing with it too. Both girls forget what ever it was they were crying about as they play happily with this new discovery.

Kristen whispers to Mallory just loud enough for the girls to hear, "As long as we can keep them happy for the next few hours, they will adapt quickly to their new situation."

The women giggle as Mallory replies, "I am so glad Auntie found the Magic Teddy Bear. I just love how precious they are at this age and am so glad I can spare them the sorrows of growing up." Both women agree.

The two mommies and other women played with the babies with rattles and tickling and having them giggle while the babies sucked on their pacifiers. The babies were in pure bliss. Tammy knew there was ... something ... but couldn’t make out what it was.

The two mothers picked up their respective babies and brought them over to the couches. With all the women waiting in anticipation Mallory and Kristen slipped up their shirts and undid their bras and coaxed their babies to feed. With that all Tammy and Vickie could do was nurse ... everything else just slipped away as Tammy and Vickie became all the baby girl they could be. Sleep came fast as the breast milk made them feel so content ... they had many sweet baby dreams.

Vickie slowly wakes. She is lying on a soft and thick pillow. She realizes she is in just a diaper and a pair of cute rumba panties with butterflies all over them. She is very wet too. She sits up ... she has trouble doing it and can't really figure why. She tries to stand up ... her legs won’t support her.

She says in a very cute gurgling and cooing baby voice, "I wet ... I need ta be changed."

The women sitting at the table could only hear adorable gurgles, coos, and cooing. Tammy wakes up hearing Vickie complaining about something when she too realizes she is soaked and in a matching pair of rhumba panties. She goes to get up but really is having trouble when she realizes she cant get to her feet and knows she’s in a wet diaper.
She just breaks down and cries. The mothers rush over when they hear the cries.

Vickie crawls over to Tammy and plops on her wet bottom. She gurgles adorably, "I no think mommies can understand us."

Tammy, through her tears, looks to Vickie and babbles, "I no think so me no like being wet. What we gonna do?"

Just about that time, Kristen scoops up Vickie and pulls open the back of her panties and check her.

Kristen coos softly to baby, "Aww, you are so adorable. I just know I'm really going to enjoy having my baby girl back. I know you're going to enjoy being a baby again too."

Amid many tickles and sweet kisses, the squirming and giggling Vickie is whisked up stairs to the changing room.

Mallory picks Tammy up and kisses her on her nose lovingly as she coos, "Aww sweet heart. Don't cry ... mommy's here."

She pulls open Tammie's panties and checks her diaper too. Tammie was very wet.

Mallory continues in a sweet cooing voice, "Ohh, mommy loves how cute you have become. I am so glad I was able to make you my daughter too. I will eventually let you grow up for a while. Let you enjoy being a girl. But you have to know, you’re going to be a baby again very soon after."

She whisks Tammie up the stairs to the changing room too. Mallory enters the changing room with her adorable baby Tammy and begins to go about the changing process. She tickles and rubs noses and kisses her feet as Tammy squirms and kicks like the baby she is. Meanwhile Tammy is squirming and giggling and in cute baby babble trying to protest but she cant and can only really focus on the great feeling of infantile bliss she is getting from her loving mommy.

As the changing draws to an end, Tammy is soo comfy in her new diaper and cute rhumba panties. Mallory watches her sweet baby girl, totally loving what she sees as Tammy's thumb makes its way to her mouth to suck. Mallory could only let out a sweet aww at the display.

Kristen completes changing Vickie by blowing several raspberries into her tummy. Vickie's mind totally short circuits as pure infantile bliss fills her. She kicks and giggles and squeals in sheer infantile bliss.

Kristen says softly, "Mallory, I am so happy you told me about that ... Teddy Bear. OMG!!! I never thought I would ever get my baby back to where she was this adorable.

Mallory turns to Kristen and happily says, "I know I didn’t know Tammy would be so absolutely adorable. I mean I imagined but I guess I didn’t realize the extent. What should we have these adorable babies do now?"

The Women giggle. Kristen says, "We need to take them back down to the den and put them in the playpen. All our friends think they are adorable and want to play with them some." Mallory agrees. They carry the 2 babies down stairs to their playpen. They both receive loving kisses and tickles from the women before they return to the card game. There are many coos and caresses and cuddles for the babies.

Vickie gurgles to Tammy, "What are we gonna do?? I no can walk no more ... n I no can help going potty no more neither." Tears from in her eyes as she continues,” It no fair ... I jus gots ta where I could wear panties wif out havin accident .. now I back inna diaper."

Tammy turns to Vickie and gurgles back, "I no can do anything like dat either. I feel I slipping more all da time. I no see any way ta get through dis."

Kristen appears by the side of the playpen, She turns Vickie onto her back and places a pillow by her head. She props a very large bottle full of red juice on the pillow and puts the nipple in Vickie's mouth. Vickie tries to protest, but all that comes out is what sounds like a gleeful baby enjoying her bottle. Vickie discovers, it tastes very good. She helplessly nurses with her whole heart.

Kristen repeats the same thing with Tammy. All the women begin to coo and giggle about how adorable they are. Tammy deeply enjoys her bottle and nurses hungrily, totally absorbed in joy and infantile bliss. Tammy giggles and coos enjoying the bottle and slipping into her infantile state.

Mallory turns to Kristen and giggles saying, "Oh they will be soo wet soon and we can change these adorable little munchkins again. We have the cutest babies ever."

The women giggle pleasantly. Vickie can't believe how much she is beginning to feel like a baby. Her mid fills with soft fuzz as she slips into a very nice sleep and begins having adorable baby dreams. Her last action before she went to sleep, was to take hold of Tammie's hand. What ever the thought was in her mind, was lost to a cute infantile dream.

Tammy feels Vickie take hold of her hand and wants to say something to her but is finding it harder to arrange her thoughts. She likes holding Vickie's hand and that thought then carries her into a slumber filled with cute baby dreams.

Mallory and Kristen giggle and Mallory whispers, "Look they're holding hands. That’s absolutely precious."

Kristen says softly, "I'll be right back. I'm going to get the camera ... this is too cute not to have pictures of. Mallory kisses both of the babies while Kristen is gone. She returns with the camera quickly.

Kristen says softly, "How many pictures do you want for your album? I'm taking enough to put them in places all over the house."

Kristen begins clicking pictures from all angles. Mallory giggles and places a small Teddy Bear between the children. Kristen takes the shot. The resulting picture showed 2 adorable babies all cuddled up to a teddy bear and holding hands. The women coo softly at how adorable this is.

Mallory replies instantly in a giddy fashion, "Oh its soo super cute. I need pictures like this all over my house too. Im so happy to have my baby girl. And look how well they get along." Mallory stifles a giggle and questions, "What should we take pics of them with next?"

Kristen giggles and coos, "Well, when they wake up .. they're going to need changing. Why don't we take pictures of that? The 2 of them together would make cute ones for my Aunt Harriet. She's the Great Aunt that gave me the Teddy Bear in the first place. I know she will adore them."

After some time, Tammy begins to move slightly and rolls a little and bumps into Vickie. They both look at each other for a second, then Vickie instantly begins crying and getting upset. This makes Tammy upset as Tammy realizes something else and also bursts out a frustrated baby cry.

Mallory and Kristen were sitting on the sofa in the den discussing the future of their babies when they heard them begin to cry.

Kristen giggles and says, "Well, it sounds like they are awake and want to be changed."

The 2 women laugh and begin walking up the stairs to the nursery.

Kristen asks, "You think when we go to the mall, we should have them only in diapers? That would definitely let them know they are our babies for sure."

Mallory giggles, "Yeah we defiantly should its warm enough out. that would be too cute."

Tammy, frustrated, tries to fight something. She knew there was something to fight and is trying to figure out what it was in her befuddled head. Desperately she calls out to Vickie who is crying hard.

Kristen says, "We can take lots of cute pictures of them doing baby things too. I bet their little heads will be so giddy ... they forget they babies for a while." The women giggle.

Vickie had stopped crying for a bit and heard what her mom had said. She can't believe they are doing this to them.

She hears Tammy calling to her, she turns slightly and says in an adorable gurgling voice, "We mus find a annidote. I no can stan this .. amm notta baby."

She sits up with help from the crib rail. Her diaper is wet and this makes her unhappy enough to want to cry more. She puts her thumb in her mouth to stop it. Sucking her thumb has a surprising calming effect on Vickie ... she is astounded.

Tammy watches Vickie's thumb reach her mouth and feels her thumb involuntarily go into her mouth as well while the rhythmic sucking comforts her and takes her mind off her uncomfortable feeling, her mind straightens out a bit.

Tammy squeaks to Vickie, " I don fink dere is anidot for dis. I fink maybe somefing else but I don know."

Vickie takes her thumb out of her mouth only long enough to coo adorably, "We gota fine sompin. is we dont soon ... we be baby for goo."

Kristen says in a loving voice, "That is so adorable. I think they are getting along so nice. It sounds like they are adapting well to being babies."

She then kisses both of the girls on the cheek as she picks Vickie up and opens the back of her panties. She sees Vickie is wet as she knew she would be.

Kristen pats Vickie reassuringly on her bottom as she coos softly, "See sweetie? It's not all that bad being a baby is it? I think you're the most precious thing." She kisses her on her nose lovingly as she walks off with her adorable baby to the changing room.

Mallory comes in and scoops up Tammy. She looks at Tammy and coos, "Aww, who my adowable baby ... yes she is." She Kisses Tammy on the nose and checks her diaper. Mallory continues, "Well, someone has been a busy baby haven’t they?" Mallory coos pleasantly more as she tickles Tammy as she carries her to the changing room.

By the time Mallory had carried Tammie into the changing room, Kristen already had removed all of Vickie's clothes and given her a preliminary cleanup with baby wipes. The tub was running and there were many bubbles building in it. The wonderful smell of Jonquils filled the air. Vickie was protesting loudly about all the pictures her mom was taking. All the women could hear .. were cute gurgles, coos, and adorable nonsense noises.

Kristen lifts Vickie into the tub and holds her in an upright position. Vickie is kicking and fidgeting as much as she is able. To Kristen, it looks like Vickie is truly enjoying getting a bath.

Mallory got down to the business of the preliminary cleaning of Tammy to get her ready for her bath, taking pictures the whole time as well. Tammy couldn't focus to protest very much and all the mommies heard were baby babbles. Tammy heard Vicki protesting but really couldn't call to her through the tickles and such. Before she realized it, she was being put in the bath with Vickie while trying her best to escape. All it looks like to Mallory and Kristen though, is that the babies were playing and enjoying their bath.

Kristen puts bubbles on top of Tammie's head and touches Vickie's nose with a blob. Mallory takes many pictures of the adorable babies in their bath. As hard as Vickie and Tammie tried, they only thing they could do ... was seemingly be totally enjoying being in the tub and playing together. All the sounds they made ... sounded exactly like 2 adorable babies happily at play. The squeaks and gurgles and peals of laughter were unmistakable.

Kristen takes Vickie and Tammie from the tub and dries them briskly in a large soft towel. She puts Vickie on the changing counter and blows many raspberries in her tummy. Vickie no longer had any thoughts except infantile glee as she kicked her little feet and giggled happily. Kristen grabs one of Vickie's feet and kisses each toe and the bottoms. Vickie screeches in total joy as she squirms.

Kristen powders and diapers Vickie as she tickles and plays with her. She stands Vickie on her feet and helps her to stand. Vickie is shocked to realize ... she no longer has the ability to walk. Kristen pulls out a pair of adorable yellow rumba panties with googley glow worm eyes on the front, and soft yellow green ruffles on the bottom.

Kristen asks Mallory, "Do you think the Tweety and Friends dress would go with glow worm?" She picks Vickie up and pats her softly on her bottom.

Mallory looks to Kristen and happily chimes in, "Oh defiantly" as she sneaks a peek at Vickie and then scoops up Tammy in a soft fluffy towel. She holds Tammy, tickling her and kissing her while drying her all up. Tammy is to much in infantile bliss to do anything but giggle and squirm. Next thing she knew, she was diapered and picked up and put into pink rhumba panties. The light pink ruffles were everywhere.

Tammy tries to pull away but is too weak on her legs to do anything about it. Mallory turns to Kristen and in a state of perfect joy says, "I think I have the perfect pretty baby dress that’s all pink and frilly to go with these."

Kristen had just finished putting the baby Tweety and friends jumper on Vickie and tied her hair into 2 adorable pony tails. Vickie was sitting where she could see herself in the mirror ... but was in no danger of falling. Vickie's mind snaps out of the infantile fugue she had been in and realizes time is getting short. She is having more and more trouble getting her body to do what she is wanting it to. She knows she will be all baby before morning.

She Squeaks sweetly to Tammy, "We gotta gets back to the Bear. Is only hope."

Kristen picks Vickie up and whisks her off ... the rest of what she said was lost.

Tammy hears what Vickie yelled to her as she is put into an adorable pink frilly baby dress and has her hair put into pigtails with matching ribbons. As Tammy is set down beside Vickie she notices too that it is becoming harder to make her body function correctly.
Tammy squeals to Vickie, "I no bu how we ganna do it. I amost to baby ta get der."

Vickie leans over and looses her balance. She fall over onto Tammie and seems to be hugging and kissing her.

She says in a coo, "We gotta gets our mom's ta give it to us some hows. I gonna see is ...."

Vickie is interrupted by Kristen sitting her back up and cooing, "Can baby say ma ma?? Say ma ma for me sweetie."

Vickie tries her best ... Finally manages in an adorable gurgling voice, "Ma .. mmm .. Mahh Mahh."

The women both clap their hands and giggle with joy.

Kristen says to Mallory, "So they have already transitioned. Ohhh ... they are so adorable."

Vickie tries really hard. She finally manages to say, "Mmm MA mmm Ma .. beb .. Te ... Teee .. Teeedy."

Mallory laughs happily and says, "Kristen, She's asking for Teddy Bear. That's so cute."

Mallory giggles at how cute Vickie sounds. She turns to Kristen and says inquisitively, "don’t we have Teddy Bears for them somewhere around here?" putting a finger to her chin jokingly.

Kristen walks out of the room, only to return quickly with the Antique Magic Teddy Bear. Kristen holds it out and wiggles it enticingly in front of the babies. She coos, "Baby want Teddy? Say Teeeddyy."

Tammy looks at it and with all her might tries to say it. what comes out is, "Ta..tadi"

Both Women giggle. Kristen scoops up Vickie in one arm and Tammie in the other. The Bear was just out of Tammie's reach as Kristen carried them both to the nursery and put them back in the crib with Teddy. Mallory took many, many pictures as she followed them back to the nursery with the Magic Teddy in her arms.

Both women kiss both babies lovingly all over and then leave them with teddy between them. They both look at it with big eyes.

Vickie coos, "Wha we gonna do now? Gots Teddy."

Tammy whispers best she can to Vickie," I don no I member somefing bout mak a wish I fink. do u member anyfing bout it?"

Vickie leans over and takes hold of the Teddy Bear. She closes her eyes and wishes real hard that They were back to normal and so was their mommies.

Teddy’s eyes begin to glow a soft blue and it speaks in a soft even voice, "Are you sure you want to grow up? There is a lot of pain and suffering you will never know if you stay a baby."

Tammy, hearing the bear sat and thought about it hard. She didn’t know what something in her now was scared about the pain and suffering of growing up ... but now she was afraid of undoing this.

She turned to Vickie and whispered, "I dun no if I wants ta ba little baby but I don know if I wan pain and suffewing."

Vickie had a worried expression on he face. She hadn't thought of pain and suffering. She asks Tammie, "Would it be so bad ... if we were a lil bit older babies? Maybe ... toddlers? Where we could at least walk?" She blushes adorably then continues, "I sorta ... sorta like having mommy give me this much attention. I really did like it when mommy changed me."

She then looks down and blushes pink. he has many strange feelings she can't explain.
Tammy thought about it She realizes that she too liked the attention. This was the moment of truth ... Tammy looked in her mind at everything that had happened. She couldn't deny anymore that she didn't like the attention. She also loved that her mommy was so happy. Inside, it made her happy. Although she didn't like how their mommies went about it, she saw that they were sincere. So Tammy with her decision made, through hard wishing to the Teddy Bear with what she had formed in her mind, "We wish we were toddler babies."

Vickie looks at Tammie. She's still sort of unsure what's in her heart. Without really meaning to she says, "I wish I was my normal self .. but a toddler too. It made mommy so happy to have me as her baby."

Teddy suddenly glows very brightly blue. The children felt a sharp jolt like the first time. Strange waves of really weird sensations went through all their body.

Teddy says softly, "I cannot restore you to your former selves because of the first wish. I can make you have your normal mind. There are exception to how you will act and what you will be able to do. You will be able to talk, walk, and understand like who you were. You will still be babies though."

Teddy suddenly becomes his normal self. The children suddenly realize, they are slightly bigger ... but are able to talk normally ... at least to themselves. Tammy begins to asses herself. She is still a girl and as she feels her outfit notices she is still diapered and then she looks down and is still in a pretty pink dress with ruffles and all just bigger. she looks to Vickie who is also still assessing the situation. They were now Toddlers, and not lap babies.

Vickie stands up ... her legs are now able to support her. She is still unable to figure out how to open the rails of the playpen ... the mechanics of it still elude her.

She says in an adorable, but understandable baby voice, "I can walk ... I sound .. different too."

Tammy holds onto the playpen rails and stands up. She thinks that now its time to see what else has changed.

Tammy figured it was time to see what else the Teddy has done so she called, " Mommy ... Mommy!" in her high pitched but clearly audible toddler girl voice.

Its at this time Tammy also realizes she has the cold wet feeling of her wet diaper. This didn’t come as much of a shock but was uncomfortable. She teared up a little as she continued her mommy call.

Mallory walks into the nursery. She picks up Tammy and coos softly, "Mommy's here baby. It's ok." She pulls open the back of Tammie's panties and checks her. She finds Tammy is wet. Mallory continues, "Baby aww wets ... mommy fix that right away."

She stands Tammy on her feet and leads her to the changing room by her hand. Tammy toddles along like a good baby. Vickie watches with big eyes. Tammie's mom didn't seem to realize the change, but proceeded as if it was normal.

Tammy was amazed that her mommy didn’t realize the change had occurred. Tammy was just taken to the change room and picked up on to the change mat. Then Mallory cooed and tickled and kissed her baby girl. Tammy giggled and squirmed at it all like a happy baby getting her diaper changed. Mallory finishes and redressed Tammy in her rumba panties and jumper and brings her back to the play pen where Vickie awaited.

Mallory plopped Tammy back in and decided it best to check Vickie too. Mallory pulls open Vickie's panties and diaper. She is wet too. Mallory takes Vickie into the changing room, and returns shortly. She leads Vickie by her hand to the Playpen and lift her in. She pats her reassuringly on her bottom and kisses both girls lovingly.

Mallory coos softly, "Ok, girls, play nice." She leaves.

Tammy turns to Vickie and whispers, "I cant believe mommy didn’t notice our change. how does this work?"

Tammy then notices a baby doll that she cant resist holding close to her as she looks to Vickie for a response. Vickie has strange feeling rise in her as she sees Tammy pick up the doll and hug it close.

She takes hold of the doll and tugs and says in a cute whiney voice, "I wanna play wif that."

Tammy's first thought in reaction was to squeal, "No ... is mine ... I saw first ..." as she held the dolly close to her. with an adorable half pout on her face Tammy went about trying to figure out what was going on now.

Vickie realizes suddenly what she was feeling and lets go. She says softly in an embarrassed tone, "I sowwy Tammie ... I no could help it. I don kno how it work ... jus ... we now this ... prolly forever n evers."

Vickie has many infantile emotions rising in her.

As Tammy regains some composer, she whispers to Vickie, " I fink dat aldough we awe older we still babys ... so maybe it still take ober sometimes ... like it just did."

Vickie still really wants to take the doll. Tammie can see it in her posture and can tell she is struggling to keep control. Tammie can feel within herself, all the infantile feeling and emotions beginning to take control. They both have their normal minds ... but it is tempered well with baby.

Mallory comes in with 2 pairs of cute pink rumba panties and matching booties. She walks to the playpen and lowers the rail. She strips both babies to their diapers and puts them in the panties and booties.

Mallory coos, "Now babies are all cute and adorable for the mall.”

Kristen walks in with a double stroller. Mallory picks up Vickie as Kristen picks up Tammie and buckles them into the stroller. They push it out of the nursery and carry it down the stairs.

Vickie says excitedly to Tammie, "We goin out! Mommy no puts us inna top."

Tammy looks a little worried as she turns to Vickie and squeals," Is da way dey wan it, we mak dis choice too, is part of bein baba I fink."

Just then Mallory reaches down and tickles Tammy's belly and cood," Aww looks at da cute wittle girl. One day you may say real words all the time, but your baby babble is just so cute."

She turns to Kristen and says with authority, "Alright lets make sure we have everything. Two adorable cuties ... check, Two adorable cute babies...check," as she giggles and continues, " babies diaper bag filled with diapers, bobbles, wipes, and the lot ... double check, Two fashionable purses ... check. Alright I think we’re all set lets be off."

As they go to leave Mallory sees Tammy squirming a bit and pops a pacifier in her mouth to calm her down. Tammy does nothing but give into the calming rhythmic sucking of her pacifier

Mallory and Kristen walk happily down the side walk with their 2 bundles of joy in the stroller. Many people along the way stop and coo and tickle the babies. They give many complements to the mothers of 2 such adorable children.

Vickie says in a bubbly baby voice, "It gonna be fun bein baby again. I love alla tention." She giggles. Tammy Thinks a bit and realizes that she too loved the attention and the diapers keep seeming to be more and more cozy and comforting. She reaches down and feels her Rumba panties and is even beginning to think the clothes are cute.

She looks at Vickie with a cute happy dreamy look on her face she lisps through her paci, " I fink it be wots of fun mowe I fink bout it. and awso no spocerbilerys" she Giggled.

Vickie coos, "N what spocerbilery did we have b4? Takin bafs? Doin home work? Won't miss that for sure." she giggles.

They had arrived at the mall. Kristen and Mallory blend into the throng with their children. They window shopped in many places. They bought many cute toys and outfits for their babies. Finally , they were in the food court with Tammie and Vickie in high chairs.

Kristen feeds Vickie slowly with a plastic spoon. Vickie is starting to get slightly frustrated ... she can't help but make a huge mess all down her front. She can't seem to keep the food in her mouth. She notices Tammie is having the same problem.

Vickie gurgles, "I no so much like this ... I can't eat proper. ..." she's cut off as Kristen puts another spoon full in her mouth amid many cooing sound effects.

Tammy could barley gurgle out a responses between the big spoonfuls of baby food but was able to squeak out a gurgle, " I fink jus no stuggle go fasta"

To the women, the babies were being just adorable. The seemed like 2 of the happiest babies enjoying their food. They made messes and clapped and gurgled and were giggling with glee.

Vickie and Tammy never grew up. They were always happy little toddler babies from then on. No one questioned the fact they never grew up ... because they were such precious babies .. no one wanted them to. It wasn't but a few weeks after, that they had forgotten all of what they had learned up till they turned 11. The only thing on their minds now ... were the very pleasant, infantile thoughts of toddlers almost 3 years old.

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